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Friday, March 22, 2019

This article originally appeared on Salon.

When I saw the email in my inbox with the header “Tucker Carlson Tonight Request” on Monday, I immediately had a strong feeling what it was about. Earlier that day, Rush Limbaugh had been ranting on his show about my Salon piece lambasting conservatives for playing dumb about the unsubtle white nationalism of President Donald Trump’s speech last week in Poland.

Sure enough, the producer was asking me to speak about “the President’s speech in Poland last week, and his trip abroad overall, which she [meaning me] has shared some thoughts on.”

Oh god, I thought, Carlson wants me on his show to play the part of the liberal ditz, to be dished up as a hate object for an elderly audience ready to believe my brain has been addled by my gender and my liberal arts education. Worse, he wanted me to do so in service of mainstreaming an argument that was once the province of white supremacist websites, but has ridden the Trump train straight into more “respectable” discourse: The idea that “Western” people and their “civilization” should be, by rights, treated as superior to all other people on earth.

That Trump was engaging in white nationalist rhetoric is an observation that hardly needs to be relitigated here, as writers like Jamelle Bouie of Slate and Peter Beinart of the Atlantic have laid out the case.  Suffice it to say that the idea that “Western civilization” is under threat from dark-skinned people from former colonies is a popular obsession on white nationalist blogs and with Trump’s close adviser Steve Bannon. Plus there’s the unpleasantness that erupted less than a century ago when Germans got it in their head that “Aryan” people and European culture faced a similar threat.

These associations make it difficult for Trump’s supporters in the media to make a direct case for his arguments without sounding like a bunch of ignorant racists. Instead, pro-Trump pundits use the bank shot strategy: Rather than defending Trump’s ideas directly, they focus on demonizing his critics by invoking right-wing caricatures of liberals.

The message to the audience is simple: You hate those smug liberals, and those liberals disagree with Trump’s message — so you must agree with Trump!

As Tobin Smith, who was a Fox News pundit for 14 years, recently wrote about the channel, “Just like pro-wrestling, the panel opinion programs are carefully staged and choreographed by Fox producers so the viewers home team (in WWE language the ‘Baby Face’) always wins over the ‘Heel’ aka the poor pathetic ‘libtard.’”

So I understood right away that on Carlson’s show I would be slotted for the “libtard” role, a hate object presented to Fox viewers so they don’t even realize that they’re nodding along to arguments that used to be the province of neo-Nazis and other hate groups.

The pre-existing stereotype I was likely to be slotted into wasn’t hard to guess at, either: The liberal bimbo. Fox viewers love the idea that the main result of feminism was that a bunch of dumb girls were awarded educations and jobs that they simply aren’t smart enough to handle, being female, and that liberal politics induces in women an unfortunate naïveté.

If that seems like an exaggeration, I welcome readers to look into Carlson’s obsession with Teen Vogue columnist Lauren Duca, whose sharp political writing he routinely tries to dismiss by arguing that she should stick to writing about clothes and makeup. Also, Limbaugh’s earlier segment about me was all about painting me as a liberal bimbo, by claiming I’m younger than I actually am and insisting that kids these days don’t get a proper education.

It is tempting, of course, to believe that I’m savvy enough to somehow break through all this cultural baggage and communicate my message effectively to Fox viewers. But I’m not actually dumb, no matter how much conservative pundits portray me that way. I know that I’m no match for the Fox News machine — and anyone who thinks they are is deluded.

TV is a visual medium and Fox openly encourages its viewers to make snap judgments about the liberal guests before they’ve even had a chance to open their mouths. Even if I did cover up my tattoos and wear conservative makeup, I would read, onscreen, more as “Brooklyn hipster” than as the beauty queen-turned-housewife that is the Fox News ideal. Even if I was an unparalleled genius at verbal communication, my message has no way of cracking through that hardened shell of hate built up against women who look and act like me.

All of which means the only purpose that could be served by my appearance on Carlson’s show was to become a conduit for a truly repulsive mission, that being the mainstreaming of white nationalist politics with the message, “The best way to put this bitch in her place is to uncritically accept everything Trump says.”

I don’t want to be party to that. Carlson, unsurprisingly, ran with the segment anyway— hey, it’s not like he was going to cover the revelations about Donald Trump Jr.’s apparent collusion with a Russian agents — but without a disobedient woman for his audience to hate, the segment  was less effective than it could have been.

I would also encourage other liberal pundits to boycott Fox News in just this way. Yes, appearing in that arena of hate can help raise your brand profile, and of course that matters in this competitive media environment. But you’re not getting your message out. You’re just being used as a convenient mechanism to deliver ever more extreme right-wing messages. Depriving Fox News of its punching bags is a small step toward restoring some sanity to our deranged media landscape, but one that could reduce the network’s propagandistic power.


Amanda Marcotte is a politics writer for Salon. She’s on Twitter @AmandaMarcotte

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71 responses to “Why I Declined To Be Tucker Carlson’s Liberal Feminist Punching Bag”

  1. I of John says:

    Bravo, don’t play their game. Obviously Fox never looks for a level playing field for both sides. They much rather stage a series of hollow victories to keep their numbers up. Fox does not want a fair debate they want mindless entertainment. I call it the theatre of the damned.

  2. FireBaron says:

    Amanda, here’s the secret to dealing with people like Carlson and Hannity. You appear on the show. They allow you to start talking then start interrupting you. You look at them and say “If you have no desire to hear what I actually have to say, good bye.” Take off your microphone and walk out. It will take him close to five minutes to realize you have left and he and his producer will go apeshit over it!

    • Jim Samaras says:

      Most libs on the show don’t answer the questions directly, deflect and try to drone on with their deflection. Carlson does not allow it. Conservatives never turn down a chance to get their point across on CNN, MSNBC or other liberal leaning stations although it seems they rarely get invited

      • RichFromShowMe says:

        Spot On!

        Carlson has to keep the interview on target in the limited minutes he has.

        Liberals are notorious for changing the topic to something they know even less about . . . . it’s their pre-programmed talking points employed when their premise is questioned with simple Common Sense.

        • midway54 says:

          Sounds absolutely like your lady Kellyanne bumbling for the incompetent buffoon in the White House when she is being interviewed and wasting the time of her host and of the listeners.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            I honestly do not know how Conway has not had her law license yanked. Last week, she tried to normalize criminal intent by saying, “If a man walks into a store intending to rob it and then doesn’t, he isn’t guilty of a crime.”

            Right Conway. A masked man walks into a store intending to rob it and gets a bullet in his ass from the store owner but the store owner is guilty and not the masked man intending to rob him?

          • RichFromShowMe says:

            “If a man walks into a store intending to rob it and then doesn’t, he isn’t guilty of a crime.”

            Your conclusion makes absolutely no sense, unless you subscribe to “futuristic-mind-reading-law-enforcement”.

            To clarify, her statement did not include the guy had a mask on, nor did he get shot by the store owner.

            Yes, “If a man walks into a store intending to rob it and then doesn’t, he isn’t guilty of a crime”, if the store owner shoots him the store owner will have to defend himself in a court of law.

            So, does this prove that Libs only hear what want to hear and understand less when reading it? 🙂

      • pisces63 says:

        Watch how they run on and on and on. Don Lemon walked out on one. THAT made my night, big time. I consider it rude. You know how bad they are when panelists warn them to make their point and do not lie. I watch them lie all the time. Even My 11 year old granddaughter asked once, how do they get away with that? We just saw him say that and now he says he didn’t. Jason, of the funny face, ugly little mustache is my personal pet peeve. He can be counted on to run on ad nausea. Makes up as he speaks and uses imagery from the twilight zone. I know. I heard Rod Serling speaking in the background once.

      • midway54 says:

        Can it be that you are blind to the same performances in interviews of your lady Kellyanne an obvious scatterbrain trying to defend the incompetent in the oval office? Moreover, how can you say your champions are rarely invited to peddle their propaganda? Obviously not given so extensively a visit in terms of time as their appearances in such worthy fora as Alex Jones, Breitbart, World Nut Daily, all home to the “eternal truths” sought by the dependable, vulnerable dupes who eagerly cheer and vote to further the agenda of and soon become victims themselves of the plutocrats: Operation Phornicate

        • Bill P says:

          In a simple answer – yes he is and yes he will be. When challenged on his comment “that illegal voters are why Democrats get elected” Samaras claimed it was “conjecture” not fact and that Trump will do the legwork to prove this.

          • Jim Samaras says:

            Conjecture is the right word as the information is incomplete. All I’m asking for is closure to the whole thing. I don’t know why this isn’t a bi partisan issue

          • Bill P says:

            No conjecture means this “an opinion or theory so formed or expressed; guess; speculation or the formation or expression of an opinion or theory without sufficient evidence for proof.” Your original claim was “It’s the only way the democrats can be voted into office” Nowhere did you state it was your opinion. The way you wrote this was as a definitive statement not your unfounded opinion. If you don’t state in my opinion you are writing a comment that you are claiming is an opinion.

        • Jim Samaras says:

          I’m not blind to the fact that the questions hurled at her from the left are inane Russian collusion questions that have nothing to do with anything the American people want to hear about and it must be frustrating to her. I’d like to hear some regarding his position on issues and acknowledgement of successes he’s had as president and discussion rather than the feeble attempt at “gotcha” questions

          • pisces63 says:

            No, the first was the size of the inaugural crowd. Then something else just as complicated, the total of votes for Hillary. All the rest before Russia. Comey and Lester Holt interview vs his minions’ explanations. We do not need to speak of Russia. Too many others. One of the worse is he never mocked a disabled reporter. I saw it live time. Then video time. Now he and his minions said he always speaks that way. Try again.

          • Jim Samaras says:

            Ok, point taken but are those gaffs from the past more important than current issues in front of the American people? Why not look for positives and talk about that instead? Or would that be considered less productive?

          • pisces63 says:

            There are no currant issues. He has no agenda. He knows nothing. He was in France and I am laughing at the media giving him kudos for this. He has not a clue why, what or when, in regards to Bastille Day and WWI. No one will ask him, though. yet, the black man is still asked for his middle school grades. Obama looked for positives. He was hated, bated, lied upon, hanged in effigy, threatened more than the other presidents put together, including his wife and children but he had focus. Though blocked by the bigoted right led by the head bigot McConnell and still trying to destroy what the black man who won twice did.

            Another point, when you deliberately lie, it is not a gaff. IT IS A LIE!! When you admit truth, then you can get productive. Like an algebraic problem, you have to solved the whole question before you can find Y. They won’t admit there is a problem.

          • RichFromShowMe says:

            Spot On!

            When the Left starts with inane statements and accusations they should expect to be brought back to the issues of the day.

            I can’t wait till a Leftie starts with . . . . . President Trump, just last evening, was in a restaurant and ordered Russian dressing on his salad . . . . and, the “damning conclusive factoid” was that the waiter was a legal Russian emigrant.

            As Representative Sherman, Wackosi, Waters, et al like to say, “Impeach the President”. After months of investigations the only salient fact is that he likes Russian salad dressing.

          • midway54 says:

            She has danced around endlessly in other contexts questions about Trump’s positions. For example, she has no way to talk about the health care legislation efforts, because he speaks not definitively but in platitudes and soothing generalities. Inane questions and questions no one cares about are just dismissive.verbal eruptions to the reality of her interviews and the content. Perhaps you should try listening to the “fake news” more and listen to (or endure) the variety of topics posed to her followed by her usual oral evasions to giving a substantive answer across the media. It will furnish you a rich store of information, which by the way has been taken note of by comedians in their programs mocking her.

      • dtgraham says:

        Oh c’mon now, Jim Simian. I saw a few minutes of a Carlson segment last night with some congressman from the east coast (Ciccidine?). It was just an interruptus talkover-palooza. I got that the topic was Trump-Russia, but I couldn’t tell what they were saying. The congressman was intent on getting his answer and his points across, and Carlson was equally intent on talking over him loudly. It was the shouting match that I mentioned.

        The ticker at the bottom was…”Tucker takes on a Democrat.” I await shoutamania II.

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      • ⭐️Most Accurate Poster 2017⭐️ says:

        OK thanks for your input, Ivan.

  3. bojimbo26 says:

    But , but , Fucker ooooops sorry Tucker is a `celebrity` . And you must NOT upset this `celebrity` or he`ll have a tantrum .
    ( With Respect Amanda ) .

  4. Tucker fits the mold of the anomaly we witness in society of a male of immediate European descent, who has a decent education beyond high school, is quite eloquent and erudite—mostly about mundane intellectual stuff—comes from an upper middle class setting with the usual preferential treatment afforded to such as a societal norm in the Western Hemisphere, and has been immersed in a crass materialist environment all his life.

    His aim in life, like his male peers, is to further enrich himself, to be brass and assertive—and rude if necessary to make sure you know he knows what is best–and to disport himself like a haughty ill-mannered boy who never really matured emotionally, and who never learned to do move beyond the world-view of himself being the center of adoration that others should turn to.

    Bannon, Tucker, those at FOX, and racialists have managed to imprint this rude amoral characteristic on many male viewers who see themselves as being of the same class and “race” as Bannon, Tucker, Hannity, etc. These depraved men have been allowed to set a false standard which many believe to be the role to aspire to.

    It’s no coincidence that the false philosophy of racialism and elitism—so prevalent and refined in Western culture—would find its highest expression in the arrogance of the likes of Tucker.

    Tucker and Steve offer us ideal samples of how corrupt racialism and unfettered nationalist tendencies can deprive a person of a sense of what it means to be human in the truest sense. Again, I offer for your consideration the following epigram by Baha’u’llah, of which the likes of Tucker and Bannon are wholly unaware of and who contradict the essence of the urgent and vital Message being communicated to all humanity, for this Day and Age specifically given the rise in this disease of male and racial dominance that has taken on a new and ominous turn for the worse.

    “O CHILDREN OF MEN! Know ye not why We created you all from the same dust? That no one should exalt himself over the other. Ponder at all times in your hearts how ye were created. Since We have created you all from one same substance it is incumbent on you to be even as one soul, to walk with the same feet, eat with the same mouth and dwell in the same land, that from your inmost being, by your deeds and actions, the signs of oneness and the essence of detachment may be made manifest. Such is My counsel to you, O concourse of light! Heed ye this counsel that ye may obtain the fruit of holiness from the tree of wondrous glory.”

    We can see immediately how far astray Tucker has deviated from this counsel, and can see the direction Tucker is headed—a direction towards a hellish spiritual condition.

  5. everett Gorel says:

    Though I agree with your writing (regarding Trump’s thinly veiled white nationalistic message), I take strong issue with the notion that those who disagree with Fox should refuse to appear on their programs. Otherwise, you are simply preaching to the choir, and you forfeit the chance of winning over even a few people by reason, debate and critical thinking. Have a little more faith in the American people, even if Fox has given us no reason to believe their “fair and balanced” misnomer.

    • dtgraham says:

      The problem with that is the one that FireBaron brought up. Carlson has a unique style in that he rarely lets the interviewee answer a question.

      The moment that you begin saying something that he doesn’t like and, more importantly, doesn’t want the Fox viewers to hear, he immediately cuts off the guest and changes the subject. “Ok, but what about this?” The old saying, stop her before she starts making sense.

      His other more aggressive technique is to full stop you, while insisting that this was a serious question and you’re not answering it. The best anyone can hope for is a shouting match. It’s not worth it.

      • Jim Samaras says:

        I disagree! He cuts them off when they drone on trying to baffle with bullshit. It’s not that he doesn’t want viewers to hear, it’s just a waste of airtime to allow the deflection that occurs in most cases. They make themselves sound stupid

        • Eleanore Whitaker says:

          Obviously, your bully Daddy never taught you that cutting people off before they are finished making their point is rude and discourteous? So let me guess Ruskie boy, in Russia men are always allowed to cut someone off the minute the point they make is all too truthful. Lies much better for you liar boy?

        • dtgraham says:

          If you can find it, watch the Carlson segment from last night with that congressman, for the shouting match that I talked about. I still don’t know what they said.

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      Everett, Fox News is owned by Rupert Murdoch. Here in the NY/NJ Metro area we have always known the link between Trump Organization and Murdoch’s media empire. Both are as corrupt as the Mafia.

      In fact, it is well known here that Trump Organization has not failed to rely on Mafia strong arm types to intimidate anyone who got in their way.

      Now, it appears that Trump hired the very lawyer who has been a Mafia defense lawyer. How very very appropriate.

  6. Jim Samaras says:

    “The idea that “Western” people and their “civilization” should be, by rights, treated as superior to all other people on earth.” I disagree we should be treated as superior however the mass immigration has depicted that third world people have a hard time assimilating to western culture. Until they show the ability to do so we should tread with caution or demand they stay on their own turf.

    “It is tempting, of course, to believe that I’m savvy enough to somehow break through all this cultural baggage and communicate my message effectively to Fox viewers.” If you had a sustainable argument why would you not want to shout it from the rooftops so that low information Fox viewers may see it your way?

    • SeanM62 says:

      Or you could be cosmopolitan and find what is appealing FROM their different cultural viewpoint. Western Culture is not perfect. We can, and should, learn from others as they have learned from ours. You DO espouse a viewpoint much like Tucker – Western Civ is the bee’s knees. Not always so, including your attitude.

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        Samaras assumes we believe he is who he says he is. It’s ironic that Samaras type boys get onto what they know are social media threads that simply don’t fit their belief systems ONLY so they can get a shred of attention their Mommies and daddies didn’t give them.

        Samaras is a Russian troll. He works for Guccifer 2.0 which is a Putin paid propaganda machine. Remember, it is now a well known fact that Putin trolls jobs mainly consist of creating chaos.

        Too bad for Sammy’s ass it isn’t working.

    • pisces63 says:

      You did not assimilate, This was not your continent from North to South America. You did not ‘blend in’!! Where do you get the gall to ask other to?
      Every place you have landed has brought untold misery, chaos, racism, intolerance. Not to say other cultures like the Ottomans, Romans, etc, did not to the same. Yet, once you got here, you preached democracy as you enslaved, murdered, blew up, bombed(a la Black Wall Street, Tulsa). Who wants to assimilate hatred and intolerance. I truly wonder what these continents would be like if you had remained on YOUR turf!!

      • Jim Samaras says:

        Using the term “you” instead of “us” is intimating racial bias. I thought that’s what the libs were fighting against

        • pisces63 says:

          Be facetious on your own time. I am a black woman and by that very obvious fact, I can never use ‘us’ in dialogue. that is precluded by our history here. We have never been a part of ‘us’ at any time in the history of this country. The bias is in the constitution. Jim Crow laws. laws against us getting mortgages. Going to school. You name it. I, to be perfectly honest, have not felt like a ‘we’ since the white teacher called me the ‘n’ word in 6th grade. My granddaughter learned at 3 she was not a part of the ‘we’ narrative.

          • Jim Samaras says:

            I wasn’t being facetious. The mere fact you feel the way you do means that you ilk are a big part of the problem. We are all Americans and the fact that imperfections exist in our history doesn’t mean it should be held against all future generations. If your granddaughter learned that at 3 it means she had a teacher at home and that madam is reprehensible.

          • pisces63 says:

            Yes, in MY household. We are watching the new version of A Raisin in the Sun with Felicia Rashad. This night it was a family thing. My granddaughter was 4, now, was speaking to her younger sister, 2. See the pretty brown ladies!! I smiled, wondering how she understood that. See pretty like mommy, auntie, grandma, great grandma, you and I(syntax has been perfect from day one). Not like the nasty people who do not like the brown people. They do not like the brown president. They make signs. They do not lie his brown wife and children. They say nasty things and use bad words against us. They do not like us. We will no like them. NOT my house. It seems she took to the Brits after Harry Potter. She watched and still watches the BBC. She saw it all there. AS I did in the 6th grade, she learned it from YOU!!
            I can give you the time line for all my children when they learned from YOU. Not in my home and most of all not in my Louisiana born parent’s home. Our baby sister’s first boyfriend from college was white and spent weekends with us on family outings. She cannot stand most of you now, though, just from treatment through her job from YOU!! reprehensible does not cut it. Yet, AG Holder said it right, it IS in your DNA!!

          • Jim Samaras says:

            The BBC is the British version of CNN! Of course she’s going to be told that “we” don’t like brown people because that’s been the left wings’ narrative for many years. That doesn’t mean that stupid bigotry does not exist however it isn’t as prevalent as the MSM would like you to believe. How would you like it if the right started spouting that ALL brown people are ignorant, race hustling ne’er do wells who add nothing to society except live off the public dole? That seems to be the picture that’s painted to your young grandchildren for them to say such racist things. That’s been their plan all along it seems. To perpetuate their narrative to get blacks to relinquish all responsibility for inequality, throw their hands up and succumb to government control!

            So when you say they learned it from YOU what you really mean is they learned it from the white liberal talking heads of the lame stream media manipulating their thoughts. I must say they’ve done a good job too! Might I suggest you let her watch One America News channel where they REPORT the news instead of turning it into an OPINION hour.

            Holder is no better than Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters and the rest of the race baiting hustlers who make a living (and a damned good one at that) getting blacks to believe that NOTHING is their fault and it’s just all the white crackers holding them down. Not only is it sad but THAT is what’s reprehensible about many of the leaders in the black community

          • pisces63 says:

            She was told anything. She realized it on her own and can explain it to you, at 11, today. She can tell you exactly what she saw, the president hanging in effigy. black faces. Beating the effigies. yelling the ‘n’ word. This was from the crowd on the scene during his inauguration. NOT someone explaining. She read Harry Potter at 3, saw and loved the movies and the British accent to the point she sounded British and found BBC and it is still her preferred station. No one manipulates our/her thoughts. My son, for most of his youth had white friends. hy? He did not run the streets and ride in cars but most of all because of Atari and everything else after. He had no problem with white people until he hit 14 when a cop pulled a gun on him because he LOOKED like someone in a drive by. He was sitting on my sister’s porch, next door to my parents waiting to go to bible class. Cops racing up the street, stopped, surrounded my sister’s home, drawn guns, telling him to get off the porch. HE DIDN’T!!! Then when he and his wife owned a home in a predominantly white area for 15 years, this white cop stopped him up to 3 times a week and followed him to his home, a la Dr. Gates to ID him. His job at the time while still in college had this one white guy who would insult him since he was security and he was white collar. My son, owned a home, and bought a new Camaro which was tooooo much for the white guy, he saw my 6’6″ son get out of the car, called him uppity and pushed him. My son called my sister, EEOC officer with our country, she walked him through the steps to follow, he did. Never told me what happened. He now is in his dream job as an engineer, newer Camaro, Better home on the none bigot side of town and has never been stopped in 8 years. He is 44 years old. His sister, our youngest daughter went to BGSU, never had problems with white people. Her best friend from elementary school, after whom she named her middle daughter is still her friend at 36. her friends came home to visit. Still in contact. when she got her first post college job at a bank, some whites walked into the bank and told her they did not want the ‘n’ to wait on them. She was stupid. Needed to go to school. It came from YOU, not my home. As for our leaders. Who gives a sh** what you think. THEY never blew up a church with children. THEY never murdered civil right workers. THEY never trashed a Jewish cemetery, Muslim mosque. THEY never murdered Sikhs because they were too stupid to realized they were not Muslim. They did not go into you church and shoot 9 members just because. YOUR leader think it is using their constitution right of free speech. Reprehensible. We have 3 generations of college grads, my aunt is 90. My 4 sisters and I and our 7 children. We have masters. We followed whom? My parents moved north with nothing in 1947. Owned their home 10 years later. Ran three businesses. Could not get a mortgage my WWII navy vet father nor a small business loan due to redlining and the rules of the federal government. He got our home and got his business going and put five girls through college with no debt. NO!! ANY adverse feelings about white America came directly from YOU!!

          • Jim Samaras says:

            Now you’re GENERALIZING all whites into one category? Isn’t that what the left suggests NOT to do? I don’t hold it against all blacks for rioting and looting their own neighborhoods or their gang members shooting innocents in every major city in America. Please don’t categorize me in a bigoted racist manner as if I personally was at fault. Fact is, if your son is as decent a person as he sounds to be we would have been friends growing up as well. I had hoped Obama would have brought better race relations when I pulled the lever for him in 08 however it seems that he did just the opposite. You sound to have a nice family who should have no problem fitting into any neighborhood in America. It’s one thing to be aware of the racial problems that exist without parroting the MSM’s mantra that all whites are bigots.

          • pisces63 says:

            You didn’t with whom I get information o r assume to follow? The ‘you’ was euphemistic. He did not worsen race relations, he brought them out of the actual racists. You inferred the racist belief of black people, Gangs. riots. shootings like the innocent church people? That’s how it’s done, though. Any wrong done to us by whites was our fault. Racism, already there but brought to the fore, Obama’s fault. I have worked at my job 30 years. There are people with whom I have gone to lunch, visited homes, etc, white, black, brown. They, white, would not speak to me when he won. They spoke in earshot, some of the most ignorant statements known to man, just because he was black, their words exactly. We had an opinion column and they told the most outrageous lies on the man like we knew nothing. when I corrected them to the point of silence they shut it down. Do not tell me about Obama until you get your house in order. I did not do this when Bush won. I did not do it when they were happy the village idiot won. haven’t treated them differently but I notice a decided difference in the proud attitudes from November. I started watching CNN before 2008. Never watched MSNBC. FOX. Just my local news stations or reading my Plain Dealer. Try again.

          • Jim Samaras says:

            What was was “trying” to do was to get you to lose that bigoted attitude with grace. I guess it’s not possible with some. In your personal experiences all I hear are negative comments towards and about whites. Not one where you have had a good one so One must be left to assume you’re part of the problem hun.

          • pisces63 says:

            you were not. You wanted me to deny what
            we deal with, even today. It has nothing
            to do with not liking whites but it does
            not take from experiences. They shape
            us. It makes me better because I do not
            hate Muslims. I do not hate
            Mexicans. I greet a person with a
            smile. Too many people of differing race
            an religions in my universe to hate. Yet,
            I will not forget and because of past experiences, your guard is up. If YOU had said the same of bad experiences
            with black people, I would not call you a bigot. Ask what happened and keep the dialogue
            going. Not you. I MUST agree with you. Won’t.
            Cannot. I am an English
            literature/history major but I took math through trig. Haven’t forgotten the math, either. It makes me who I am.

          • Jim Samaras says:

            Yes….I was. I never asked you to deny anything but I’m certain you’ve had wonderful experiences with white people but never heard one utterance of such. You now make it sound as though your preference is to deal with Muslims and Mexicans rather than whites. Really, I’ve never had any bad experience with blacks or any other color for that matter. I’ve had bad ones with other PEOPLE but race has never entered the equation. I never said you must agree with me however with that said it should be a bipartisan argument that everyone is an individual and should be treated with the same respect they give to you. Being an educated woman where math was a subject you stated try counting the good experiences you’ve had in lieu of the negative. Makes life much more enjoyable imo

          • pisces63 says:

            You still miss the point. After I lost my husband, I had a relationship with a Swede. We just hit it off. He went back home to retire but we keep in touch. You still have a problem and do not get it. I do not hate anyone. I have had bad experiences as have my family, yet that does not drive us. My first cousin loves her Italian. Another cousin loves his white wife and so do we. We even have tons of cops in the family, love them too. Does not mean we trust them all, though. My father’s aunt was married to a white immigrant. Unheard of in the jim crow south and they lived together as man wife in Louisiana, 1930’s, Farmerville. It’s in the family. Turks are in my family. 5 of my grandchildren have an Irish
            grandmother. You really need to get a clue.

          • Jim Samaras says:

            Wonderful to hear that you have had good experiences as well as bad. From your earlier writings I couldn’t tell. I’m a very astute person when given the right information so it doesn’t take much for me to get a clue. You sound to have a nice family, good luck to you and yours.

    • The lucky one says:

      “demand they stay on their own turf” exactly what i have been saying about western imperialism like our invasions in the ME.

  7. svetistephen says:

    Though I suspect I strongly disagree with the writer’s worldview, I sympathize with her decision not to appear with Carlson. I was invited some months ago to appear on a similarly well-known news-analysis show with a strong left-wing bias. The purpose of such programs is to make guests, invariably political opponents, look like idiots, and this is accomplished, among other ways, by the producers editing the footage. These forums are almost invariably rigged (I don’t know this for a fact about Carlson), but the author’s caution shouldn’t be mistaken for cowardice.

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      The only ones today who look like idiots are WHITE MAKES RIGHT wing males. You disagree because you can’t control women. Admit it.

      When right wing men who are the minority go around opening their big mouths, they have no idea how many of the wrongest women they are pissing off.

      Today’s women will not work for 79 cents because a man must always earn more. Today’s women will just as soon make sure grossly insecure men get what’s coming, …one way or the other.

      • pisces63 says:

        Why do you think their wonderful prez usually go for foreign women from countries of subservience.

        • Eleanore Whitaker says:

          That’s a simple one to answer. Trump believes all women except Mommy MaryAnn are stupid. He only looks up to Mommy MaryAnn because she was a cloying, cunning woman who left her lower life status as a cleaning lady to marry real estate mogul Fred Trump. She wasn’t the most beautiful woman of her day. But, as a Scottish immigrant, she was smart enough to know how to sexually hang on to a man by giving him 5 children. Trump has 2 sisters and had 2 brothers. I believe one of his brother’s is deceased.

          In the Trump family from what could be seen in Metro area media photo ops, it was obvious Mommy MaryAnn doted on her fair hair little boy Donny to the exclusion of her other children she left to Daddy to favor with parental attention.

          But, Trump learned much about women from Mommy MaryAnn with whom he spent most of his time in his childhood by forcing his way past his siblings for her attention.

          It isn’t a surprise that Trump and Iskanka were incestuous by the time she was a teen. He was merely reliving his all too near incestuous relationship with Mommy. He publicly told a Cosmopolitan Magazine interviewer, “Is it wrong to be more sexually attracted to a 14 year old daughter than your wife?” His wife at that time was the GA peach Marla Maples.

          Prior to marrying Maples, he spent a lot of time in the Caspian states. A fact he now tries to hide. He met Ivana Zelnickova, a Czech, when she was a model. Just as he met Melania Knavs, a Slovenian born porn model.

          He goes for foreign women because American women today are much too smart to get involved with a slime ball like Trump. He surrounds himself with ambitious immigrant women he knows have no idea he is just using them for arm candy.

          His last conquest with an American woman was Marla Maples whom he divorced in 1994 with much more acrimony than Ivana ever dared. Maples wasn’t about to be shoved under a bus by Trump. Now, he pays $2 million a month in alimony to both. However, their divorce decree is a gag order that forces them to remain silent about their marriages to Trump. This is when he realized it was far easier to keep control of immigrant women than American women.

  8. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    As I woman who was raised outnumbered by brothers 5 to 1, I know males from a very different view than woman who have never had such an opportunity to live in the male world. My best friend is a male mainly because he is immensely educated, is not gender biased in any way and sees women as an integral part of the world.

    Yet, you have some white males who insist they can only take over government and the country by forcing women back into cages of bare existence. No education, no ability to be equal ever and always always never daring to disobey Mr. Man.

    The problem with that is that today’s generation of younger women are not going to allow these idiot males to think for one second we will EVER hand over our freedom to them.

    These are the most grossly insecure men on planet earth. Secure men don’t compete with women. Insecure men like Trump do. The women in Trump’s entourage are either golddiggers who are financially dependent on men their entire lives or they are women with so little self respect that obeying every Trump command is their only freedom.

    The more these grossly insecure men try to force their will on women who are their equals, the more dangerous the retaliation by women will be.

    Here’s an example: Back in the 40s during WWII, my Mom worked in a munitions factory. There was a tyrant male manager who couldn’t serve in the military for whatever reason. This manager decided he would try to endanger these women’s lives by removing some of the only safety equipment that prevented those bombs and weapons from killing them and an entire city.

    So, the women got together after work one night, waited for Mr. Tyrant off the plant property and gave him the beating of his life. He never again dared trying his Mr. Bossy act. He knew the next time, they’d do what they promised…slice off his balls.

  9. svetistephen says:

    You know NOTHING about me yet attack me like a psycho. I am the father of two superb daughters and have always considered myself a feminist. I know all about the continuing inequalities and wish to see them all end up in the dustbin of history. I am also a historian and don’t need your anecdotes. Before you launch into unhinged attacks you might try to be a tad more irenic and seek more information. You do the cause of equality a major disservice by your rabid tone.

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      Show me where in my post I personally attacked you. Obviously, you have reading comprehensive problems, imagined or real.

      Before men like you try to tell any woman what we know about your “patronization” acts, please remember that your own grandmother knew how to get around that.

      I am truthful. Truth and facts to some men in the US today is like poison. But do go ahead and believe you are a feminist. That term “feminist” went out with the 60s Boomer who burned their bras to make statements men back then refused to give credence to.

      Your irenics are phony. Any woman would tell you this. When you live in a man’s world as I have, there is NO man who pulls the wool over our eyes. Man savvy, man wise and man independent. Today’s women don’t need men. We do just fine with our brains and our experience. Lose the attitude.

      • svetistephen says:

        One thing is clear, at any rate, you don’t know the meaning of the word “irenic” and are too lazy to look it up. Of course you have attacked me, along with all other men. You are a bigot who hates men and also suffer from uncontrolled temper tantrums. You need psychiatric help. Your post ha nothing to do with politics but a great deal with you mental health problems.

        • Jim Samaras says:

          Very concise assessment of lil Ellie stephen. Welcome aboard

          • svetistephen says:

            Thank you Jim. Have a good weekend.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            I hope your weekend is like Trump’s …in hiding Mr. Pretentious BS artist.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Hey Greek boy…how about you go the hell back to Greece and help your home country get back on economic track asshat?

            Or is it that you and Stevie both love each other so much you have to pretend you are one in marriage?

          • Jim Samaras says:

            Now Ellie…..if we were roundmouths isn’t that who you champion and hold rallys for? Don’t tell me you’re a hypocrite like the rest of the lefties.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Now Jimmie Joe Johhny Bobby Sue Lee Sammy…You couldn’t possibly be a round mouth at any time in your life. We both know who and what you are.

            You sleazeballs think there will ever be resistance to your BS lies and distortions of truth and facts, that would land you in jail for libel and slander and you know it.

            The only reason you and the rest of your dickbrained morons show up on sites like this one is to prove you actually have balls and hope and pray we will just bend over while you take over.

            The more you pricks lie, the more your lies get you an orange jumpsuit.

            Get this and get it straight. You will never get the last word with me when what you post is pure BS. Now do yourself a big time favor and get the hell off this site.

            You have nothing anyone will agree with who is sane and rational.

          • Jim Samaras says:

            You’re the bosses old pin cushion from the 70’s aren’t ya old girl? A punched out old hand grenade that now can’t attract a man with a fistful of cash. You’re a sad casualty of the mans’ world you now so vehemently detest and your resentment resonates in your personality that make only your cats purr.

            The reason myself and others post here is that I know there’s intelligent life that pops on and off (present company excluded) that appreciates a different viewpoint.

            I will post here or anyplace I wish lil girl. You can’t take away anyone’s 1st Amendment right thank goodness or 2nd either for that matter no matter how you cry and stomp your lil feet

          • svetistephen says:

            Once more humankind’s (or, rather womankind’s) liberator is indulging in bigotry. If part of Mr. Samaras’ family has Greek roots why is that part of your invective? You are a sad sick person whose hateful lunacy constitutes your ideology. Get help before you alienate every person who is compos mentis.

        • Eleanore Whitaker says:

          Awww…Were you thinking that no woman knows your irenic need to sabotage the peace process in the US by using words you wipe your ass with?

          I know what irenic means you pretentious moron. I’ve been a tech writer with more words you’d never figure out in 100 years even with a Thesaurus. You and that Greek anal sex lover Sammy are quite a pair.

          You post nothing but useless drivel you can’t prove in a court of law and then try to make like you are oh so superior. To what? A bag of Trump tricks? Trump? Hitler? Try again dickhead.

    • Jim Samaras says:

      Pay no attention to lil Ellie stephen. She thinks anyone who disagrees with her left wing garbage is a Russian troll, misogynist, racist pig that believes women should be brought back to the 50’s and be taught to listen. Typical over educated idiot who never really got to the position she thought she deserved. Worked under government supervision all her life so knows nothing of what it’s like to be under the gun to actually produce a thing. She’s blaming all the men in her life and now lives with 20 cats. She is mildly entertaining though as her radical viewpoints I believe to be a hoot and find it hard to believe there actually are women out there with that same chip on their shoulder

      • svetistephen says:

        Jim, Thanks very much for your kind, refreshingly sane response. Her paranoia makes her a candidate for the “Guinness Book of Records.” I appreciate your providing a fuller context, the 20 cats included. You’re spot on that she’s a crazed hoot, but I am trying to imagine what it would be like to be stuck in an elevator with her for more than 10 minutes. Again, thanks for your decency.

        • Jim Samaras says:

          OMG! I’d rather give birth to a flaming porcupine than that fate. Keep up the posts of reason stephen as they don’t fall on deaf ears

        • ⭐️Most Accurate Poster 2017⭐️ says:

          Imagine being GRATEFUL for a neo-Nazi’s support. That’s you, right now.


    • ⭐️Most Accurate Poster 2017⭐️ says:

      OK traitor.

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