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Friday, January 19, 2018

Growing up in Jim Crow Arkansas, Bill Clinton saw how the state’s dominant political and racial elite maintained power by suppressing the rights of minority voters who threatened their authority – and as a young activist worked to bring down that illegitimate power structure. So when Clinton says “There is no greater assault on our core values than the rampant efforts to restrict the right to vote” – as he does in a new video released by the Democratic National Committee – the former president knows of what he speaks.

In the segregationist South of Clinton’s youth, the enemies of the universal franchise were Democrats, but times have changed. Not just below the Mason-Dixon line but across the country, it is Republicans who have sought to limit ballot access and discourage participation by minorities, the poor, the young, and anyone else who might vote for a Democratic candidate.

No doubt that is why, at long last, the Democratic Party has launched a national organizing project, spearheaded by Clinton, to educate voters, demand reforms, and push back against restrictive laws. Returning to his role as the nation’s “explainer-in-chief,” Clinton may be able to draw public attention to the travesty of voter ID requirements and all the other tactics of suppression used by Republicans to shrink the electorate.

His first task is to debunk the claims of  “voter fraud” fabricated by Republican legislators and right-wing media outlets as the rationale for restrictive laws. Lent a spurious credibility by the legendary abuses of old-time political machines, those claims make voter suppression seem respectable and even virtuous.

Some years ago the Brennan Center for Justice, based at New York University and led by former Clinton speechwriter Michael Waldman, issued a 45-page report on voter fraud that remains definitive. “There have been a handful of substantiated cases of individual ineligible voters attempting to defraud the election system,” the report noted. “But by any measure, voter fraud is extraordinarily rare.” And because fraud is so unusual, GOP counter-measures such as voter ID do much more harm than good.

As the Brennan Center study noted, even some Republicans know that their leaders have exaggerated stories of fraud for partisan advantage. In 2007, the Houston Chronicle quoted Royal Masset, the former political director of the Texas Republican Party, who observed that among Republicans it is “an article of religious faith that voter fraud is causing us to lose elections.” Masset admitted that suspicion is false, but said he believed that requiring voters to provide photo ID could sufficiently reduce participation by legitimate Democratic voters to add three percent to Republican tallies.

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170 Responses to To Defeat GOP’s Restrictive Voting Laws, Debunk ‘Voter Fraud’

  1. Considering the only known recent case of “voter fraud” was Ann Coulter admitting she illegally voted in a place where she was not a resident, this doesn’t say a whole hell of a lot in favor of GOP claims.

    • Her ego is so big that it has legal residence in the entire US, if not the world, nay the GALAXY! If she could, she would try to vote in a Klingon election (I wish she would; I have heard that they take voter fraud VERY seriously).

          • Actually no, that’s not why it went under. It went under because a fraud dressed up in a pimp costume and selectively edited footage of him talking to Acorn workers that made it seem like acorn was being unethical and that created a fervor in congress so much that Republicans were able to successfully pass a bill never funding Acorn again.

            But funny that you bring that issue up because it’s another example of Republicans trying to find a way to make their false narrative true rather than basing their narrative on the truth. Same example is cited here by the republican in Texas wherein he says Republicand truly believe they are losing elections because of voter fraud which prevents them from seeing the reality which is that there is no widespread in person voter fraud.

            But republicans would rather believe their false narrative than come to the realization that they are losing because people don’t like their policies are actions.

    • Let’s NOT forget that Mitt Romney cast his vote for the Senate election to replace Ted Kennedy while living in his son’s basement .

  2. When the right says they need to be more disciplined in their rhetoric but not change their policies…,they are still running a FRAUD and SCAM game.

    There is no voter fraud and they know it…but they must keep to the rhetoric! Crooks, liar and scam artists are all they put forward…they do noting constructive for the Nation!

      • I am curious which precinct recorded over 100% voter turnout. That is quite a feat, considering the majority of registered voters don’t even bother to vote.

        However, the easiest way I can think of to cast a fraudulent vote would be via mail in ballots.


        Of course, this is one voter option favored by those who tend to vote Republican.

        Just a coincidence, I’m sure.

  3. Voter fraud is occurring and a simple way to ensure one vote per person is to require a valid state or federal id to vote. Id is required in most other facets of life and are readily available. You can’t even get into DNC HQ in DC without id. As for claims of voter fraud being rare, they are incorrect. The only rarity is that they are rarely prosecuted. However, there have been recent convictions in Wisconsin. Rather than screaming racism any time anyone tries to clean up a corruption problem, these people should work to get undocumented people id which they need in most other areas of their life.

    • Do you have any idea how easy it is to get false ID?
      How about a verifiable National ID. I live in Costa Rica, where everyone must have a Cedula; you can’t do anything without it. It is virtually impossible to forge one, and random checks by immigration authorities will turn up anomalies.
      On election day, voters dip a finger into indelible ink: if you want to vote twice, you would need to cut-off a finger.
      Now tell me this, which Party is it that opposes a US National ID?

    • Systemic voter fraud doesn’t exist. Since 2002, voter fraud has been a top priority for the Bush Justice Department. The initiative resulted in only 24 convictions against individuals for voting illegally nationwide from 2002 to 2005, out of the hundreds of millions of votes cast during that period. A voter is more likely to be struck by lightning than to cast an illegal vote. Since it is still a free Country, no thanks to the recent Republican aversion to democratic principles. You may claim anything you want. Pigs fly, tax cuts always pay for themselves, the AZ Legislature is not run by closet Fascists, and the T-Party is a grassroots movement. But just because you say it, doesn’t make it so.

          • Who is Charlotte? Must be a friend of yours! Let’s see–the AZ legislature are fascists, the t-party is a right wing corporate movement and there is no voter fraud. And yes, pigs fly in your world!

          • “the AZ legislature are fascists, the t-party is a right wing corporate movement and there is no voter fraud.”
            Congrats, Ted! Now you finally understand!

        • Oh Tedthetruther, there you go with zero facts, or data or logic to back up your belief system.

          Every single report to date has shown that voter fraud is somewhere around 0.005% of the total vote; Bush’s investigation showed as much, as have many others all instigated by Republicans and when the data didn’t match their hysterical claims, they basically buried their own reports.

          Face it… Republicans are doing everything in their power to restrict voting by people that don’t vote Republican; it’s a despicable, cynical ploy… the last few grasping at straws efforts to keep a dying party afloat.

        • Calm yourself Ted. We’re not taking about racism
          today. So, you can save your denials for when we
          are. What I just gave you are the findings of the
          most comprehensive, Nationwide study on voter
          fraud ever conducted. It was ordered by then
          President, George W. Bush, and conducted by
          the Department of Justice, headed by Attorney
          General, A. Gonzales. What it proves is, when
          an attempt is made to make something out of nothing, what you have is still nothing.

      • Great! Then since it doesn’t exist, not one single Demicrat vote will be lost by Fraud prevention.

        • That’s not what the GOP itself claims. They readily admit the entire issue is aimed at suppressing the vote. Otherwise, with all the real problems facing the Country, why would these GOP run States be inventing a problem as an excuse to muck around with the voting process? And do it in such a way that favors their candidates? But, also discourages citizen participation in the most fundamental conduit by which the State is given it’s authority by the governed. Then, I ask you. Where is their legitimacy, if they knowingly skew the process?
          Which they have owned up to, as their intention
          in this matter. From where then, to they receive their mandate? This is third world garbage. And to see Americans like yourself, that know better, support a basic tenet of democracy being dragged thru the dirt, for nothing but cheap, partisan politics, makes me very concerned for the fate of every American’s freedom going forward. It’s outrageous. So please save your
          smug, snarky rebuttals, for those willing to put
          their ideology before their Rights. If we were truly
          protecting democracy, we’d be pulling your voter
          registration. Then, we’d hear you squall.

    • How does cutting early voting, eliminating voting places, cutting voting hours prevent voter fraud? Why don’t you and your party grow a pair and say what you mean “ONLY WHITE REPUBLICANS ALLOWED TO VOTE”.

      • It’s a start. How does having the Black Panthers threatening voters outside polling places help. But there you go, throw out the race card. You have no constructive solutions so just scream racism. Everyone in the world needs id to survive and prosper. They have id–use it. The problem with id is you can’t vote ten times or in other jurisdictions without fake id.

        • You are right I have no constructive solution to a non-existent problem.
          What about people who do not drive or were not born in a hospital or have remarried or divorced or are widowed and don’t have the documents to prove it or the money to obtain duplicates. Please do not compare needing an ID to boarding a plane with the right to vote. One is a privilege the other is a right. If you pass laws targeting particular groups of people I scream bigotry not racism. Why not enter a Federal ID on a person’s 18th Birthday, if you think ID is necessary. Does not cost the citizens, everyone will automatically be provided the necessary ID to exercise their right to vote.

        • How many polls were affected by the few existing Black Panthers? And how does that compared with the more numerous Republican poll watchers who challenge even more voters?

        • The Black Panthers?? You mean all three of them that have been found so far?

          Why are you Republicans such liars? How many Black Panthers are there in existence today? How many of them have managed to “intimidate” a voter into changing a vote?

          Show us some facts, figures, data or STFU.

          • So you admit there were 3 Panthers in one polling center and they were intimidating the “crackers”. They were charged, found guilty, and then dismissed by Eric Holder because he didn’t want to make felons out of black panthers because of his simpathies. Just averted!

          • No, there were no “Black Panthers” “intimidating” anyone.

            What, you didn’t hear the part about where law enforcement looked into these claims and found that they were fabricated then reported on to you dummies by Fox? because if you didn’t know that, it would tend to make you look kind of stupid.

          • 3 Panthers at one polling station… WAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! Poor widdle Republicans can’t stand the fact that theres no REAL voter fraud going on, so have to take an army of THREE people and turn it into Watergate.

            We get the fact that you’re a racist and scared of everything that’s different from you and Women and liberty and Muslims and you can’t tell the difference between a Sikh and a muslim, but come on… Put your big boy pants on and Man up… The inevitable is going to run you over like a freight train and you are a doomed species… Take it like a Man and get on with your life, but for God’s sake stop whining about everything, it just makes you look weak and pathetic.

          • Hi Mortal. You know nothing about me. I know the difference between a Sikh and a muslim, probably much better than you. I served four tours in Iraq and Afghanistan serving our country. I came home from my last tour minus two legs. BTW, I am an African American–disabled vet. So, I don’t appreciate you calling me a racist coward. IO assume you were a Viet Nam draft dodger or have an otherwise brave background. Good day!

          • I served my country with honor..

            If you are a black disabled vet, then how come you don’t know that the whole Black Panther thing is total B.S and everyone except the most blatant idiots know it? It’s been debunked OVER AND OVER AND OVER again.. If you seriously think theres a “Black Panther” problem then you have wider issues.

            I suppose you think Acorn is also part of the problem, right? Problem is they’ve been defunct for over 5 years and don’t exist anymore, but you and your insane Republican brethren keep harping on about them and introducing bills to “stop” them (even though they’re non-existent.

            Let me spell it out for you in small, easily read words: THERE IS CLOSE TO ZERO VOTER FRAUD.!!! 0.005% is not a problem that warrants restricting legitimate voters numbering in the MILLIONS.

          • No, they save the mob actions for fun activities like the knock out game which you will say does not really exist or happen–just a figment of Fox News.

          • I never said any such thing. We were talking about voter suppression: not street assault.
            You seemed lucid to me, although we disagree on the subject of voter suppression. Now you have gone off subject, and you have become irrational.
            I have no more time for you, Sir.

          • Nice try there, Ted! No, not really, you just seem like a guy who desperately needs some support for his position (however screwed up it may be). But then, I decided no, his delusions are bad enough without me tossing fuel on the fire so I’ll be honest with the dude and tell him the truth…..he’s completely messed up!

        • So your saying driver license or DPS confirmed ID and a voting card is not enough identification that you must have ANOTHER photo ID that you must pay for which will insure you are who you say you are? I can visualize now that once this photo ID to confirm another photo ID won’t be enough until another photo ID is issued to confirm the photo ID that confirms the DPS photo ID, and on.. and on.. and on! And it’s unlikely that you or I can use these former ID’s to vote TEN times! How stupid you wankers are to try and convince us that such stuff is happening. Next thing you know we’ll all have to have another photo ID to confirm that our driver license photo ID is legitimate for us to drive. Sound idiotic? So does a voter photo ID when you already have a DPS photo ID. Here’s YOUR photo ID teddy boy.:

          • YES DIRT DOG, YOU MAY BE AN ASS CLOWN THAT LIKES TO HEAR YOURSELF MAKE RIDICULOUS ARGUMENTS. THAT IS THE PROBLEM, THEY ARE SHOWING NO ID WHATSOEVER! They are showing no id, a simple DPS id would be great. Nobody is asking for multiple id’s, except you. One is enough. Good day loser boy! Go check the mail, the end of the month is here and your welfare check has arrived!

          • If their showing no ID whatsoever then it’s the fault of the people we put in charge to make sure they show this ID (their not just ‘slipping through the cracks, there’s monitors watching out for losers like you) and if they don’t have ID then no vote but if their someone’s grandpa who’s older than dirt and was born in a log cabin or in some maytag card board box and the monitor knows them then they can assume that (1) they are alive,, (2) their in America and (3) they don’t look illegal nor smell like a farm animal or are part of the living dead then they should get the benefit of a doubt .. Simple, huh… So what are you calling the monitors? You know, the ones who’re supposed to be checking each individual for ID.. No, you don’t have to say it as I think they get the drift of what your calling them.. What a lame excuse for such a raving idiot.. and here you and your pub morons are wanting smaller g’ment.. How you gonna accomplish that when everything that spews from your gob has to do with creating MORE g’ment employees.. What a certified nim-nod, and by the way.. the ass-clown? That’s for you.. thank me later.. Now:

        • No Black Panthers threatened voters at polling places. You believe something that was made up to make stupid people angry at black people. Ergo, you are a stupid person. Thanks for playing, now go jump off of a pier.

          No, everyone does not need or have ID. Disproportionately, elderly and poor people, hence more minorities do not have it. You know this, which is why you want to make the law.

        • Three angry black men outside a polling place—-big whoop. I have more than 3 angry white men just in my family!

    • Aside from fraud being almost nonexistent (at least when committed by individual voters), “readily available” depends on your circumstances and your income. Example: little old lady in a nursing home, cannot travel long distances without nursing care accompanying her, cannot even drive herself (thus no d/l), has been voting with no problem for 50 years, registered at age 21, either (a) did not need b/c because family Bible and sworn testimony of family members who knew her personally was sufficient then, or (b) had b/c but has since lost it, and her home courthouse burned down, so the records no longer exist, or (c) was born out of state; has never had natural born citizenship questioned; has remained registered, with signature on file, all these years. NOW a new law says that a NEW form of ID must be obtained, with a photo. No state employees are visiting her nursing home to make sure she gets it (unless it is a very upscale nursing home for mostly white conservative residents); she has to get someone to give her a ride to the issuing agency, whose hours have been cut because of “budget problems;” the new ID also requires a birth certificate (not even family Bibles are valid any longer, and anyway it got lost when her kids helped her move in one of the chain of homes she has lived in); in order to get one she has to mail a request to the vital statistics department in her home state; THEN she finds out that the records burned down in a county courthouse fire; or that she never had one issued (quite common in rural areas during Jim Crow for rural black people); if the records ARE available, the rules in that state may require an in-person appearance to get a reissued certificate; so SOMEONE has to travel with her, hire EMT’s or nurses to go along and WAIT WITH HER in the issuing agency, ON THE CLOCK; she herself is responsible for paying for all of this; and she lives on a $1000 per month Social Security check, which goes entirely to pay for her room and board (after adding Medicaid to it).

      Does this new ID still sound “readily available” for THIS voter? Or is the cost and inconvenience of obtaining the ID precisely the means of “demonstrating” that she is not “really qualified” to vote any longer? Even if her one vote would not swing an election, do you realize how demeaning it is to her to be told “you can no longer vote” even though she is still QUALIFIED to vote, but no longer able to get the PROOF? Maybe it will happen to YOUR mother one day and you will understand.

  4. Why is GOP willing to repeal Affordable Care Act to deprive at least 4 million insured and create a multi-million dollar so-called anti-voter fraud program caused by a handful of possible frauds?

    • Do you realize that the ACA was passed by lies & misrepresentation? It is NOT doing what it was claimed to do. Many people have had their insurance dropped, pay higher premiums, can’t keep their doctor, and definitely did NOT save the promised $2,500.00.

      • Are you more worried about 1,000,000 people who were dropped from insurance carriers who could not meet the minimum requirements than 4,000,000 people who got insured from qualified carriers?

      • Where do you get your facts, pauly? FAUX news?? They are the ones spewing these lies. People are not being dropped and forced to pay higher premiums. ACA is giving everyone the opportunity for affordable health care. Go crawl in your hole and let the rest of the world be insured.

      • Wrong. You realize that this argument, which the GOP was pushing a few months ago, but supposedly forgot to tell the drones to stop regurgitating has basically been completely demolished by the facts on the ground since January?

        I imagine you would be embarrassed if you had the intelligence to understand how factually incorrect you are.

        • Actually, the greatest amount of voter fraud is being committed by the GOP. A number of GOP organizations were found intentionally committting voter fraud last election through a number of diviant practices related to providing intentionally false information to voters:
          One Republican group was calling Democratic voters saying they could vote over the phone; taking their votes and then of course tossing them.
          Another Republican group was doing similar to people standing in line at voting places – claiming they would record their vote for them.
          Other Republicans were placing billboards in some urban areas supposedly telling voters the times and places to vote – with fake dates and places.
          Fraudulent charades such as this went on across the country perpetrated by Republicans.
          Then of course there were several incidents when voting machines provided by companies supportive of the GOP were found to be recording votes for Romney placed by voters who insisted they had voted for Obama.

          Ooops! If you’e wondering how this relates to your comments, I meant to post it in response to elw.

          • That’s one of them. I and I believe there were a couple more. The GOP never leaves anything to chance. If they’re going to commit voter fraud – they’re going to do it up right and make sure they’ve covered all the bases in spades. The more crooks the merrier.


          • Call a computer tech. I think your shift key is stuck.
            The expression is “close but no cigar.”

          • If true, this is horrendous! Please provide some links where I can verify all these instances

          • Do a search on Voter Fraud and hundreds of links will come up – Yeah! there will be a spattering of Democrats in there but FAR AND AWAY it’s Republicans.

            Here’s just a sampling from one outlet: the Huffington Post:

            BOSTON – In the midst of his 2012
            GOP primary campaign for a Massachusetts state House seat, Jack Villamaino hanged the party affiliation of nearly 300 people in his town of East
            Longmeadow. Days later, the same number of absentee ballot requests were dopped off at the town clerk’s office, a list that was almost a “name-for-name match” for those whose registration information Villamaino had altered.

            Earlier this week, Villamaino pleaded guilty to felony charges of stealing ballots and changing the party affiliation of 280 Democrats during his
            campaign for state representative. A judge sentenced him to a year in jail, only four months of which he’ll be forced to serve behind bars.

            WASHINGTON — Eight felony charges against Colin Small, the Republican contractor accused of destroying voter registration forms, were dismissed by a Virginia judge on Tuesday. The
            judge dismissed the felony charges under a probable cause standard during a preliminary hearing, Small’s lawyer said.

            Small, 23, tossed eight voter registration forms into a dumpster in October 2012, when he was working to register voters on behalf of the Republican Party of Virginia.

            NEW YORK – The Times cites Sproul’s Republican Party ties and real voter registration abuse taking place in Florida, Colorado, Nevada and Virginia, key swing states, in the
            November election. Charges include registering dead people and altering and faking registrations. Colin Small, a Republican voter registration supervisor in Virginia, and former Allied employee was arrested last Thursday and charged with 13 counts of voter registration fraud.

            According to the Times, Sproul’s various companies have collected more than $17.6 million since 2004 from Republican committees, candidates and super PACs.

        • Apparently I missed the memo. Please share your proof or fact. Hopefully from some sort of half credible source, and not a CNN twisted mouth snake. Direct me to a real person who isn’t on the government, subsidized by me, plan.

      • So you think it’s better to pay a premium for substandard coverage (basically, whatever ails you we won’t pay for) than to substitute that premium for a policy that actually protects you if you get sick–and cannot be cancelled just because you do get sick? Not to mention that the new insurance covers the condition you’ve been suffering from but your old insurance excluded? Use some logic, for a change.

          • One reason the less affluent (i.e., the poor) didn’t have health insurance was that they couldn’t afford it. Now many (or most) of those who couldn’t afford it previously can now get it because they get subsidies to purchase it. In your dark little heart, would you prefer that your fellow Americans be unable to get treatment for their ailments than be able to get treatment for their ailments? Do you want them to suffer rather than get treatment? If so, why? I’m glad I live in Canada so I don’t have to put up with people like you.

      • All lies!! Obamacare was crafted by a bi-partisan commission of Republicans and Democrats who met 31 times for over 60 hours crafting the bill. It was supported by both parties until Mitch McConnell decided it wasn’t in the best interests of the GOP to support it, so he got together with Boehner to ensure that no Republican would support it once the Demorcats decided they wanted to go with it.

        Here’s some background on that Clueless!!

        After his inauguration, Obama announced to a joint session of Congress in February 2009 his intent to work with Congress to construct a plan for healthcare reform.[71][72] By July, a series of bills were approved by committees within the House of Representatives.[73] On the Senate side, from June to September, the Senate Finance Committee held a series of 31 meetings to develop a healthcare reform bill. This group — in particular, Democrats Max Baucus, Jeff Bingaman, and Kent Conrad, and Republicans Mike Enzi, Chuck Grassley, and Olympia Snowe — met for more than 60 hours, and the principles that they discussed, in conjunction with the other committees, became the foundation of the Senate’s healthcare reform bill.[74][75][76]

        With universal healthcare as one of the stated goals of the Obama administration, congressional Democrats and health policy experts like Jonathan Gruber and David Cutler argued that guaranteed issue would require both community rating and an individual mandate to ensure that adverse selection and/or “free riding” would not result in an insurance “death spiral”;[77] they convinced Obama that this was necessary, and persuaded him to accept congressional proposals that included a mandate.[78] This approach was taken because the president and congressional leaders had concluded that more progressive plans, such as the (single-payer) Medicare for All act, could not obtain filibuster-proof support in the Senate. By deliberately drawing on bipartisan ideas — the same basic outline was supported by former Senate majority leaders Howard Baker, Bob Dole, Tom Daschle and George J. Mitchell—the bill’s drafters hoped to increase the chances of garnering the necessary votes for passage.[79][80]

        Then good ole Mitch decided to can it!!

        However, following the adoption of an individual mandate as a central component of the proposed reforms by Democrats, Republicans began to oppose the mandate and threatened to filibuster any bills that contained it.[50] Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell, who led the Republican congressional strategy in responding to the bill, calculated that Republicans should not support the bill, and worked to keep party discipline and prevent defections:[81]

        Oh! and on the individual mandate, that was a GOP idea from the beginning:

        The 1993 Republican alternative, introduced by Senator John Chafee as the Health Equity and Access Reform Today Act, contained a “universal coverage” requirement with a penalty for noncompliance—an individual mandate—as well as subsidies to be used in state-based ‘purchasing groups’.[56] Advocates for the 1993 bill included prominent Republicans who today oppose a mandate, such as Senators Orrin Hatch, Chuck Grassley, Bob Bennett, and Kit Bond.[57][58] Of the 43 Republicans Senators from 1993, 20 supported the HEART Act.[50][59] Another Republican proposal, introduced in 1994 by Senator Don Nickles (R-OK), the Consumer Choice Health Security Act, contained an individual mandate with a penalty provision;[60] however, Nickles subsequently removed the mandate from the bill, stating he had decided “that government should not compel people to buy health insurance”.[61] At the time of these proposals, Republicans did not raise constitutional issues with the mandate; Mark Pauly, who helped develop a proposal that included an individual mandate for George H.W. Bush, remarked, “I don’t remember that being raised at all. The way it was viewed by the Congressional Budget Office in 1994 was, effectively, as a tax.”[50]

        • Wow. So Obamacare sucks so bad you now have to pretend Republicans were involved. Didn’t realize you were that scared about November.

          • Actually, once in a great while the GOP comes up with legislation that sane people can support. Unfortunately, quite often afterward, the GOP proves the underlying insanity of its supporters by going overboard fighting against the legislation that they themselves devised.

        • You understand that people like Mr. Governor are impervious to fact and truth.
          An outstanding re-cap of the history of the antecedents and history of the ACA.
          Sorry did not get to this sooner.

      • If what you say is true then why is the right wing finding it so hard to find actual people that have suffered the pain you are describing? Each time Fox or a right wing publication highlights some person who claims to have suffered great harm because of the aca, a simple research of that person and their claims reveals that it was all a farce or not nearly the way they presented it to be.

        In fact the Koch Brothers are now using actors in their ads and presenting them to viewers as real people who were really harmed by the aca because they cannot find these true horror stories they keep fear mongering about.

  5. Voter Id laws with no proof of fraud is simply a way for fascist members of the GOP to stop any voter who is most likely to vote for a democrat in any election. How do I know that? Its called using logic and common sense. The GOP has leaned so far to the right that they seem to be wrong on the majority of important issues facing this country. Stripping people of the right to vote is right out of Fascism 101!

      • I gather you’e looking in the mirror as you say that! You and you’re other idiot trolls are about as brainwashed as they come. The stupidity of virtually all of your statements is astounding; virtually all of them could be disproven by a 1st grader.

        • I’d to think your post is pointing at Canistercook or are you to a fan of the retarded right wing, also? Hitler would be so proud of some of the things that they do.

          • Canistercook is a right-wing troll and was suggesting that you are a brainwashed American. I was more than suggesting that it is him that’s been brainwashed by faux news. Virtually everything Canistercook says in a post is pure nonsense. You can be assured that I’m no fan of the retarded right wing (not that I haven’t voted for some Republican candidates in the past, but not for the past 35 years since America’s worst president ever – Reagan began his distruction of America).

          • Thank you. I have run into way to many loons out here. Glad to hear from you. By the way, about Reagan, were you aware that his 1st appointment to the supreme court was my favorite of my lifetime and than his next was the worst one of my lifetime? Always wondered how any president could go from a great appointment to the highest court in the land to the worst of the last 35 years. Scalia is basically an evil little troll who has been damaging the country in any victory by the court on which his side was the victor.

          • Yeah, the economy was booming under Carter, inflation was under control, the U.S. military was at a peak of efficiency and relations with Iran were never better! Then Reagan came along and destroyed everything.

    • And they worst of it is, with Demicrats paying $5 per vote, you can’t collect $20 or $30 on voting day.

      • Where do you come up with such nonsense? If you are going to post out here you should try not to sound completely incoherent. Voter ID laws are bad and have no proof, even remotely, that they are needed. Their only purpose is to prevent certain types of people from voting for democratic candidates.

  6. I am election poll worker. We use the touch screen machine in PA. Some are worried about computer hacking to change votes. This would have nothing to do with voter ID. When we count absentee paper ballots, there would be a potential voter fraud if we were dishonest people. We tally them together. If someone shows up at our polling place and they are new to the place, we ask for ID or their voting card and check if they are in our book. If they aren’t , we call the election office to see which precinct they belong in. If they are in our book, they sign in and we compare the signatures. Mickey Mouse has never tried to vote at our precinct.
    We also have 2 people write down each voters name as they register in. The voting machines also keep a tally. We periodically check during the day if our counts are accurate and when the polls close , we print out a tape of the votes and number of voters. The numbers have to match.
    In a presidential election year, in a country where 100 million people vote, it’s pretty amazing that there is not more fraud. The days of Bosses stuffing the ballot boxes with paper ballots, I believe are gone. The only way to “rig” the election is by keeping certain demographics away. The GOP may think they are subtle, but they are just so blatant!
    PA’s voter ID was tabled and I was happy. I was not comfortable with turning away senior citizens who have been voting for 50 years, have been my neighbors, but now they lack a picture ID. I felt that I constitutionally did not have the moral authority to deny their right to cast their vote. One elderly lady even stated—–this may be the last time I vote.
    For shame, GOP! So much for democracy.
    Maybe we need to go to fingerprinting and using this as your ID. You could hardly vote twice.
    Also, if some are insistent on “improving” voter ID laws, we should go to a format for newly registered voters and have a nationwide guideline as how to ID people just signing up. How about schools signing up senior students at the end of the year before graduation , whoever is 18?

    • At one point in my life I also was a poll worker. I can also say it would have been very hard for anyone to commit voter fraud. Everyone showed a form of ID, they had to sign the register to get a ballot and we were required to compare the signatures. It was a neighborhood site and everyone knew everyone else. Voter fraud is a silly argument made by silly people who have a hidden agenda. Voter fraud is not the problem, getting people to the votes is much more of a real issue but that is exactly what the GOP does not want. The more people who vote the less chance of winning they have.

      • Actually, the greatest amount of voter fraud is being committed by the GOP. A number of GOP organizations were found intentionally committting voter fraud last election through a number of diviant practices related to providing intentionally false information to voters:
        One Republican group was calling Democratic voters saying they could vote over the phone; taking their votes and then of course tossing them.
        Another Republican group was doing similar to people standing in line at voting places – claiming they would record their vote for them.
        Other Republicans were placing billboards in some urban areas supposedly telling voters the times and places to vote – with fake dates and places.
        Fraudulent charades such as this went on across the country perpetrated by Republicans.
        Then of course there were several incidents when voting machines provided by companies supportive of the GOP were found to be recording votes for Romney placed by voters who insisted they had voted for Obama.
        As you grandma pointed out, there’s very little fraud being done by the actual voters, but unfortunately that hasn’t kept the GOP from trying to commit voting fraud in a number of other ways.

        • It is the only way they can win. How about their latest scam, GOP sponsored website that are designed to look like DNCC website where people think they are giving money to the Democratic Party but it goes to the GOP – they have caught 16 of them already and people who sponsor them refuse to take them down.

  7. I hope voter fraud is not a problem. To make sure it isn’t, requiring ID to vote is very reasonable. If we have to have ID for something as silly as buying beer or going to an R-rated movie, it makes sense that we should have to have valid ID to exercise one of our most important responsibilities as citizens.

    • So your saying a photo ID to board a plane, buy booze or enter an ‘R’ rated movie does not count for voting even though the mug shots are the same? How about this: Issue a national voter photo ID and stop charging us those damn DPS and passport ID’s as one national photo ID should be enough.. But wait! It WOULDN’T be enough now would it? You would then demand a confirmation photo ID to insure that the national photo ID was legit. (yawn!) what more GOP idiocy is in the works..?

      • I agree that there should be state and national ID’s that would count for all of these things. I live in Kansas, and here our voter ID requirement is reasonable.

        • You should tell your Republican representatives that then, because they’ve been adamantly against national identification since Goldwater, I would assume on the grounds that i would lead to the Mark of the Beast or somesuch hokum.

        • As should be the entire nation, 1 body, 1 vote.. Simple.and have monitors watching for abusers (easiest job around) because the only abusers and fraudsters are either figments of pub’s imaginatgion or GOP moles trying to emulate real human beings.. Either way their trying to make 0.0005% seem like a mountain.

          • I really don’t know how much of a problem voter fraud is. I don’t think anyone really knows. Florida and Ohio in the last couple of years, as I recall, found many ineligible voters on their rolls. Voter ID is a step toward guarding the integrity of elections. Official state and national ID’s would also really help this process (and a bunch of other things too). The driver’s license was not originally intended to be a citizen ID, and it is poorly suited for that purpose.

          • Why is it you’re never right?? FACT IS: starting with George Bush, not only the federal government but many state governments have spent countless millions in trying to find true voter fraud AND HAVE FAILED EVERY TIME. To the point that, even here in Maine where the idiot GOP 4 years ago tried to implement a voter id requirement which was voted down in a referendom, and guess why?

            Because after more than 2 years of searching, the GOP could not come up WITH ONE, proven case of voter fraud BY A VOTER!!! BUT, they did prove several cases of voter fraud against the GOP by people counting the votes!! People who purposely forgot to add some votes into the final count when compiling the numbers. THAT’S WHERE VOTER FRAUD EXISTS!!! WITH THOSE TAKING OR COMPILING THE VOTES!! NOT WITH THE VOTERS!!!

            And this has happend in state after state – which is why judge after judge has declared voter id laws unconstitutional in state after state BECAUSE THE GOP CAN’T PROVE ENOUGH VOTER FRAUD BY AN ACTUAL VOTER TO JUSTIFY A VOTER ID LAW!!!

          • I think it is you who is not right here. The Supreme Court upheld a voter ID law in Indiana in 2008. I don’t deny that there is voter fraud in election counting either. The point of these voter ID laws is not corrective–it is preventative.

          • I noted that Indiana is one of the few states that provide photo IDs not only free but to the poor. AND that there’s a provision in their law that if the voter doesn’t have a photo ID, they can post a provisional ballot and come back later to prove their citizenship – and they can prove that with verification other than a photo ID.

            Most of the states since 2009 that have voted in Voter ID laws don’t provide them free to the poor and allow voters to prove their citizenship later after posting a provisional ballot with an Id other than one provided by the state (which is at a cost); which is most likely why Judges have been ruling their laws unconstitutional.

            Here’s an excerpt on the Indiana law:

            Indiana provides IDs free of charge to the poor and allows voters who lack photo ID to cast a provisional ballot and then show up within 10 days at their county courthouse to produce identification or otherwise attest to their identity.

          • Really, how expensive is an ID, if it even costs anything at all? Passports are expensive, yes, but state ID cards are not. Why would states charge so much for a basic public service? It does not add up.

            Also, which courts have ruled voter ID unconstitutional? I know Pennsylvania’s State Supreme Court did, but what cases recently have Federal courts done so?

    • No, actually it isn’t reasonable. It intentionally discourages the vote for those less likely to already have access to said identification or to obtain it, which those of your conservative bent, steeped in prejudice and anti-democratic ethos, knows and wants to exploit.

      At least have the courage to admit that you just don’t want black folks to vote.

      • To suggest this is prejudice is insane. Most blacks drive and like white’s have access to I.D.’s. Must admit I would prefer that only knowledgeable intelligent folks voted black or white!

      • Do you live here? I am guessing you don’t, so please don’t act like an expert on things you know nothing about. I presented an ID to vote and there was nothing to it. People should have an ID to vote. There is no excuse not to. It has nothing to do with stopping minorities from voting (not here anyway). It has everything to do with making sure that only citizens vote. If someone does not have an ID, they need to go get one. Again, no excuse.

        • But yet because a minute % somehow slips through the watchful eyes of those who were placed there for that reason, the cons want to penalize all Americans and not once did I ever hear them say, “If you have a driver license or passport then you would be exempt”.. Instead they plow through those with IDs and voter registrations with little regard while sniffing potential abusers ass hairs and because they get high on the fumes, they start imagining that those real IDs and voter registrations are fakes, you know like everyone has their personal forger.

          • Our law here in Kansas accepts state driver’s licenses and passports as valid ID. Again, I had no trouble showing my ID and voting here. Unless one actually wants non-citizens to vote, there is no reason to oppose voter ID, and there is absolutely no excuse whatsoever for adult American citizens to not have some form of ID.

          • Do you realize idiot how many millions of Americans don’t drive and therefore don’t have a drivers license? Or how many millions don’t travel abroad and therefore don’t have a passport? or haven’t gone to college and therefore don’t have a college photo id?

            The fact that you can make a nonsensical comment like “there is absolutely no excuse whatsoever for adult American citizens to not have some form of Id” is so stupid in it’s entirety that it proves you’re an abolute idiot!!

            FACT IS CLUELLESS!! There are millions of people in America, far more American than you, who were born at times when birth certificates were not provided that today’s governments will not accept.

            For these people, millions of them the poorer folks in this country, to have to go out and spend the money to get a photo id FOR A TOTALLY NONSENSICAL PURPOSE, IS PURE LUNACY!!
            Which describes you and your ilk PERFECTLY!!! ABSOLUTE LUNATICS!!!

          • I am well aware of the fact that there are many citizens who do not have any of what you mention. I also know that states provide ID’s for people who do not have driver’s licenses or any other forms of ID. I have seen them. On top of that, it is not that difficult to obtain a birth certificate for those who are natural-born citizens. As I said, if we need an ID to buy beer or go to an R-rated movie, it only makes sense that we need one to exercise one of our most important civic responsibilities. Before you nonchalantly fling insults, know what you are talking about.

          • “It is not that difficult to obtain a birth certificate for those who are natural born citizens.” Just more nonsense.
            I was born 77 years ago about 3 blocks from Midway airport in Chicago. When my wife and I need a passport a few years ago, it cost me more than $300, hours of my time on the phone and over 5 weeks to get nothing more than a raised-stamp copy of my birth certificate. I had several of them but 77 years ago they did not provide ones with a raised-seal.
            Millions of those Americans who don’t drive and curently don’t have a photo ID would be hard pressed to come up with $300 for something they absolutely don’t need. All this is proving more and more that you are as clueless as they come.

          • If ID’s are costly, then that is the issue that needs to be addressed. I am skeptical that that is the case though. There are other forms of ID besides passports, and for me all it took to get a birth certificate was a quick phone call. Voting ID is something that is both common-sense and necessary. If it is tough to get an ID, that, not having to use one to vote, is the issue that needs to be addressed. I am also very skeptical that any ID is costly. Why would states charge individuals so much for a simple public service? It doesn’t add up.

    • I dunno. Robert “KKK” Byrd is dead. And the Demicrats here refuse to admit they’re racist Bigots. I really don’t think Bill the doofuss can help them.

      • It is not Democrats who are passing crazy voter ID laws, eliminating the number of hours and places that voters have to get to the polls and place their vote. President Clinton has a 70% approval rating so most people do not agree with your assessment of his ability.

  8. Well if there is really no voter fraud I wonder why anyone is against everyone registering, showing their right to vote, and being issued a voter registration card. Sounds like a fair solution to me!

    • Sure, and end early voting, and close voter stations in minority neighborhoods, too. Not only fair, but “Fair and Balanced,” right?

        • Not my suggestions: look at the proposed/passed laws; they not only include voter ID, they restrict voting. And even if an individual has ID, Republican poll watchers can hold up the line with challenge after challenge. But only in certain districts. Right?

    • Mainly because it disproportionately affects the poor and those without access to public resources, i.e. mostly minorities. It’s been publicly cited as a way to deny the vote to Democratic leaning demographics.

      Good enough answer for you?

      As usual, the idea of “fair” to a winger is “what benefits me politically or monetarily, to the detriment of those that I don’t like or agree with.

      • wonder if they have to show I’D’s to collect their welfare and food stamps. This is a lame excuse. Utter nonsense!
        We could use their thumbprints!

        • Oh, it’s “welfare” which doesn’t exist, and “food stamps,” that don’t exist either.
          Now, if a person eligible for SNAP was required to show an ID, many would show either their military ID, or their dependent military identification, since so many of our service men and women rely on SNAP to make ends meet.

          • It’s not about ID. That is a Red Herring.
            It is about restricting voting hours/days/sites and the number of voting machines in certain areas. It is about slowing down the lines in certain districts, and challenging as many people in line in those minority areas, as possible; in order to make people leave the line, because they have to go to work, because it is Tuesday and not Sunday.

          • I think I am as good as the next American.
            When some people wait in line for twenty minutes, and others have to spend two hours–because of Republican imposed voting regulations–I object.

            I recently read something about a Republican imposed law in Manatee County, Florida. (I think.) Closed voting sites in minority areas; they will have to travel elsewhere.

          • To a narrow-minded person, that may make sense. For others, the suppression of an untold number of legitimate votes is too high a price to pay to suppress a very small number of fraudulent votes in a very small number of precincts.

          • Well I am not so narrow minded that I think I can have any idea of if there is a huge or very small voter fraud in a voting system involving millions of people. I don’t think anyone knows.

          • Well, cookie, with that comment, you just disqualified yourself to participate in an honest debate. The evidence is abundantly clear that voter fraud is NOT the problem that the right would like us to believe. The time, effort and expense being devoted to this would be much better spent trying to solve the real problems we have rather than chasing after the distractions so popular with the “conservatives”.

          • Are you saying you’re not? It’s that or you are letting the GOP/conservative agenda dictate your thinking. I’m not sure which is worse.

        • Funny only Democrats are against identifying yourself when voting. Wonder why! They use the excuse that the poor and minorities don’t have identification. Most were registered when born and if they apply for government services. Wonder how many would show up with identification if voters were rewarded with !000 dollars!

          • Look, I do not deny that there are well meaning Americans who honestly BELIEVE that voter fraud by individuals (as opposed to vote counting officials) is a real problem, and that voter ID is intended ONLY as an honest attempt to solve that problem. Those who do believe this were TOLD this by state officials who do NOT believe, or care, whether it is a problem, and whose INTENT in creating new restrictive ID laws is PRECISELY to suppress voting by LEGITIMATE voters who have the OLD form of ID. In other words, if you honestly believe this, you have been DECEIVED by people who have DISHONORABLE motivations. And I would hope that you would protest, even though it does not affect you personally (YET! what’s planned for NEXT year?), and vote against these people, even if it means crossing party lines, just BECAUSE they have lied to you and others, and have basically tried to CHEAT TO WIN.

    • People are against it because there are millions of Americans who don’t have the necessary papers needed to get an official picture ID because many of them were born in places that didn’t automatically give out the type of birth certificates that are required. And many of these are people that are more American than you are, who can’t afford to go out and get the paperwork needed.

      I was born in Chicago 77 years ago about 3 blocks from Midway airport. Even at that time the birth certificates published did not have raised seals which are required today to get a passport or even a drivers license. It cost me over $300, hours of my time on the phone and waiting 5 weeks, to pull together all the paperwork that was needed to create a raised seal birth certificate in order to renew my drivers license and get a passport.

      Requiring millions of people to go through not only the rigamoral and expense of getting a photo ID based on the convoluted laws for getting one today, IN ORDER TO SOLVE A NONEXISTENT PROBLEM!! AND ESPECIALLY WHEN THESE PEOPLE DON’T NEED A PHOTO ID FOR ANYTHING ELSE!! IS ABSOLUTE LUNACY SUGGEST BY PEOPLE SUCH AS YOURSELF!!!!

      • And you are probably thankful that you WERE able to get the $300 to renew your d/l and get a passport. If you were only required to get all that paperwork to VOTE, it would mean that it COST YOU MONEY to vote, which is a de facto POLL TAX (now that the de jure poll taxes are illegal).

        • Exactly!! Which is why judge after judge has been ruling the voter ID requirements enacted by idiot Republican legislators UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!

  9. Reducing early voting dates, times, and locations has nothing whatsoever to to with eliminating fraud, yet it is republican officials doing that where they can. Near where I live there is a large University where the republican election official chooses the most inconvenient polling places that can be found. Early voting sites and times of day are arranged against student voters. The republican party places election judges in democratic precincts who intentionally slow down and gum up the process during busy voter times like early evening, by launching nonsensical challenges to voters just to hold up the lines. They have another agenda with all this voter I.D. business though too. It is to cause the poor and minorities to appear to be dishonest and untrustworthy. Their classist followers love anything that suggests that dark skinned people are not to be trusted. It turns out that my late father was correct with his little riddle, which I will share with you now:

    Q. What is the difference between a porcupine and a republican headquarters?
    A. The porcupine has the pricks on the OUTSIDE.

    • That’s what’s so dumbfounding!! That with all the stories being published of GOP chicanery, that more and more Americans aren’t turning against this party of outright mobsters (the American Mafia).

      • It’s hard to believe, but I must admit that their millions of base voters SEEM to believe that cheating, lying, and scaring people away from the polls are all fine and moral as long as it helps THEIR side to win. And yet they profess to be Christian.

        • Yes! And ‘professing’ to be Christian and actually being a true Christian are two separate things.
          If any of these GOP lovers took just a few minutes to compare what the GOP stands for (money above all else, judging/criticizing others, focusing on increasing the wealth of the already wealthy at the expense of the poor, etc) against what Jesus taught, they would see in an instant that those who support the GOP are by far more akin to Devil Worshippers, than they will ever be akin to Christians.

          • But the Good News is, you can open your wallet and pay for all those things to show what Jesus would do. Be sure and empty it, or you might be a Devil worshipper.

    • Yes! They are devils incarnate! The GOP has used the IRS to target opposition political groups, they used the NSA to spy on ordinary Americans as well a foreign leaders, they spied on Associated Press reporters, they ran guns to Mexican drug cartels, and President McCain went off to get his beauty sleep for a fund raiser in Las Vegas while an eight hour gun battle was going on at a U.S. Consulate!

      • What world do you live in? Check your history and see how many Foreign Representatives were killed during Bush’s time in office, more than twenty. Who started NSA spy program, Bush. The IRS also looked at Liberal Groups and running guns to Mexico started when the GOP was in charge. Who lied to get us in a war that got thousands of Americans killed, where is your outrage?

        • I live in the real world Bill, you know the place where power corrupts both left and right, Republican as well as Democrat. I don’t recall posting a defense of the Bush administration. Where is your outrage that Obama has doubled down on these things that so infuriate you about Bush? Take off your left – side blinders and see the lies and abuses of power on both sides of the political divide.

  10. Just to clarify why the parties changed: the Republicans of today (in the entire nation) represent the same ideology that the Southern Democrats of the past represented: black people shouldn’t be allowed to vote, or for that matter, white people who don’t agree with the establishment. During that same period (from Reconstruction to the late 1960s), the Democratic party OUTSIDE of the South was becoming more inclusive, since it rebuilt its Civil War losses by recruiting, in the urban centers, a diverse coalition of different nationalities, religions, cultures, and “subraces” of the “white race” (Mediterraneans who were somewhat “swarthy” compared to Northern Europeans), later joined by black “refugees” from the South.

    In the early days of urban minority politics, there were frequently “machines” that delivered the vote by “herding” voters with little experience to the polls, before the voting population became educated enough to make up their own minds (then they voted the same way, because it made sense to them). Even the Republicans, during Reconstruction, had “carpetbaggers” and “scalawags” set up crooked Southern “machines” which “herded” the not yet educated black voters to the polls. It is pretty obvious that, when the white supremacist Democrats got the voting majority back (partly because of the Klan, and partly because the boys too young to fight grew up and replaced their rebellion-disenfranchised fathers at the polls — remember, no women in the South could vote before, or after, the war), many of the carpetbaggers and scalawags switched sides so they could keep the money rolling in. Then the less educated WHITE voters were “herded” to the polls by machines.

    In the 20th century, the presence of “machine politics” in some Democratic majority large cities, most notably Chicago, led to a legend that long outlasted the reality, that every election had “dead men voting” along with other forms of fraud, and that minority voters did not really “understand” the issues, they just voted for Democrats as ordered. This legend was promulgated by Southern Democrats (who weren’t complaining as long as it was Up North), then passed on to Southern conservatives as they began to switch parties, with the implication that “liberal” Democrats were “herding” black voters to the polls in the Southern cities now that the Klan was not allowed to keep them away, and even teaching them to cast fraudulent votes in large numbers.

    Today, this old myth about “buses full of phony voters” is used to explain the conservative failure to win elections in districts with sufficient minority voting, and thus to justify “James Crow II, Esquire” as it was referred to in “Doonesbury” (i.e. the upscale, sophisticated successor to the old, crude, violent and now illegal Jim Crow). The truth is, to a racist Republican base voter, ANY black vote is a “fraudulent” vote; and to a Republican politician, ANY vote for a Democrat is a “fraudulent” vote, BY DEFINITION.

    Why would ANY voter risk jail time, and (in some, especially Southern, states) lifetime disenfranchisement, to cast ONE fraudulent vote? It’s not worth it. I would be very surprised if there were more than a very small number, IF ANY, illegal attempts to vote that were not HONEST MISTAKES regarding registration status, legal residence in transition, etc. And if any of those got through, it would be because the poll workers were just as confused as the voter was, not because of fraudulent intent by ANYONE.

    On the other hand, the hacking of voting machines, misleading wording of referendum questions, questionable counting, logistical “errors” leading to ballot or machine shortages in “certain” precincts, last minute polling place changes (combined with the new laws that prevent easy CORRECTION of misdirected voters), intimidation by police presence and speed traps on the way to “some” polling places, and many more, have been DOCUMENTED over many years as occurring over and over.

      • You didn’t read the first few sentences. The dirty tricks and vote suppression happened in areas where the SAME PEOPLE, OR THEIR DESCENDANTS AND SUCCESSORS, who called themselves Democrats then, NOW call themselves Republicans. That’s why the white majority in the South switched parties: not because they suddenly BELIEVED in racial equality as preached by the party of Lincoln, but because they did NOT want the racial equality “forced on them” (funny how nobody admits that slavery and Jim Crow were “forced on” the black population) by the EVOLVED Democratic party, the party of FDR/HST and JFK/LBJ.

        If the racist Southern Democrats of the 1870s to 1960s who have passed on were to choose a party today, they would mostly choose to be Republicans. In fact, many of them DID choose to be Republicans before they died, as have the younger generations of racists.

        Labels change, but hate remains under new names.

  11. Okay folks once again I will run this past you.Between the years 2000 and 2010 there were 649 million votes cast in general elections.During that same time period there were 47,000 UFO sightings,441 Americans were killed by lightning,and 13 credible cases of in-person voter impersonation.Thank you,I rest my case!!!

      • You would believe it if you lived in Florida! Especially the Tampa Bay area, which is the lightning capital of the U.S. They even used it as the name of their HOCKEY team!

        • I live next to the radio tower of the University of Costa Rica, on the side of a mountain. Even with land grounds, it has been a ride.

    • And considering all your numbers, it appears that a lot of Republicans must have brains about the size of a pea, since they keep insisting that 13 credible cases of voter impersonation out of 649 million votes cast justifies all their efforts to impose voter suppression.

  12. People this is the time to use (Critical Thinking) as to What? the hell is going on in America. Where? has our Democracy gone. Who? are these People with the thought that ” voter fraud ” is running wild. Smalltowns USA beware of How? public MONIES are being privatize by Peopke called Commissiors, Plutocracts, Tea Partiors, paid-off Republicans and Democracts check out these (1%) ers your Democracy is at risk. Thank You are the magic words in my book. I Love Ya All. Mr. C. E. KING

  13. Interesting to hear that Bill Clinton fought the Demicrats of Arkansas and their illegitimate power.


  15. JOE WROTE: Growing up in Jim Crow Arkansas, Bill Clinton saw how the state’s dominant political and racial elite maintained power by suppressing the rights of minority voters who threatened their authority…
    Yep, all of those DEMOCRAT KU KLUX KLAN members were really something, huh?

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