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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

WASHINGTON — In this week’s debate, Mitt Romney has too much to do. President Obama has a great deal to lose. Romney’s is the most difficult position. Obama’s is the most dangerous.

Romney needs to use the Denver encounter to reverse the slide he has found himself in since the party conventions. While Republican partisans claim that many of the public polls survey too many Democrats and are thus casting Romney as further behind than he is, the behavior of the Romney campaign suggests it does not believe this. Many of its recent strategic moves have smacked of damage control and appear to reflect an understanding that if the campaign stays on its current trajectory, Obama will prevail.

The most dramatic evidence was the decision to air a 60-second spot touting Romney’s compassion, clearly an effort to counter the disastrous impact of the leaked video showing the Republican nominee writing off 47 percent of the electorate. The former Massachusetts governor’s private words only reinforced months of advertising by Obama and allied groups portraying Romney as a wealthy, out-of-touch champion of the interests of the very rich. Recent polling in swing states has shown that this attack has stuck.

Most striking of all, a campaign that has been relentless in assailing Obama abandoned this approach for a moment in the compassion ad by having Romney declare that “President Obama and I both care about poor and middle-class families.” Challengers are always in a weak position when they have to hug their opponent for validation. This is a defensive move, a sign of how worried Romney is about Obama’s lead in the surveys as a friend of the middle class and the needy.

That’s why the debate is a strategic conundrum for Romney. On the one hand, he has to use it to change his image, particularly among women and the blue-collar white voters he needs to counter Obama’s overwhelming margins among African-Americans and Latinos. This sort of repair work takes debate time and energy away from Romney’s primary task, which is to put Obama on his heels about his record.

Romney will have to pull off this two-step at a moment when his campaign has been forced into a course correction. The polls suggest Romney is losing what he once thought were his biggest assets against Obama: Swing-state voters, albeit narrowly, now favor Obama as a future steward of the economy and are in a somewhat better mood about its condition. With Romney not certain he can count on the economy as the issue to power him through the campaign’s final weeks, he is scrambling to find other themes. This very process undermines the focus of his efforts and gives his argument a scattershot feel.

  • Isn’t it just too late for Romney? After too many lies and changing his mind of important policies, what on earth can he actually say at this point? The people who are going to vote for him at this point- victims of the Fox News propaganda machine- are seem simply to be voting against Obama.

    • They *are* voting against Obama. The entire aim of the Republican party for four years has been simply to stop Barack Obama by any and all means (just ask John Beohner). The problem is that after four years of this, they’re running out of euphemisms.

      • frivolous01

        Unfortunately, you are both right. I know a lot of people on the Republican side. They have given up trying to defend Romney and are now admitting they are voting Republican because the party’s goals are the same as their own. That hard core base will not be swayed. I do think that Romney could still win it because of this. The Republicans are doing everything they can to get Republicans out to the polls and to keep Democrats from voting. If they are successful in suppressing liberal voters then he could still win.

        • CAThinker

          Sad but true… Which should be the rallying cry – no time for complacency!

          • we should be calling random people in red states and asking them to vote with their children in mind and not with tradition in mind. Just cuz granpa was a repub is no reason to vote for a clown in a repub suit… if real repubs want to have a party left they should defect in droves and dump the tea bag movement. I’m telling you the writing is on the wall dump the exteamists or drown in a wave of angst…the baby boomers are dwindling and the gen X types are not going to put up with this crap from anyone…2016 will be a romp and 2020 will finish the repubs for good if they don’t dump the tea baggers and get back to business.

            I just spent three days in nebraska visiting my kids and I noticed that it takes a staggering lack of intellect to be a modern repub…it will not last.

    • BDD1951

      Depends on how many people buy into those lies. How well he can convince them.President Obama has a tendancy to ramble on with his answers. I hope he can keep that in check during the debates.

  • I am well aware that trying to name names on the inaction of Congress is an exercise in suicidal behavior–but that’s not necessary when a set of the important votes can likely be tracked on the basis of political party.

    In short, list and define important proposals and which way Democrats, Republicans, and Independents voted on them.

    Bill Clinton made his mark by using data and trusting the American public with information and simple explanation. He famously did so during the convention for Obama.

    I’m willing to bet that those Congressional figures will be indefensible and irrefutable for Republicans. I wish to Hell they would be used.

  • ryueire

    To be honest, I don’t think there is much chance that Romney can produce a game changer to alter opinion/ perception about him as a person that says anything to appeal to the particular audience at hand.
    I fear more the possible behind the scenes machinations of the conglomerate of Koch/Rove/ extremist GOP factions that might just steal the election with voter fraud. The RNC so quickly firing Sproul and his company may just be the tip of the iceberg. There is the problematic aspect of electronic voting with no discernable paper trail, that makes for 30% of the national vote.

    • I Wonder Just How Romney Going To Get Thru The Debates Without All His Lies!!! This Will Be A Must See!!! Seeing How The Whole Damn Campaign Was Nothing But Obama Bashing And Built On A Foundation Of Lies!!! That’s Why The RNC = FAILED The First Convention in Decades Where The GOP Didn’t Move Up In The Polls Due To All The Lying There!!! Shameful The New GOP Are Now Just Low Life Racist Terrorists And Lying Traitors!!!

      • old_blu

        I agree that is exactly why they are failing now Fern. I can’t wait to see how they back peddle through these debates.

  • For his supporters, sharing the stage with the President is enough to claim victory. Unfortunately for him, he is not likely to convince mainstream America and he will continue to be perceived as the empty suit elitist that he is.

    • Lovefacts

      Dominick, did you really mean the President is an empty suit elitist? Because after all this time, I never took that as your opinion. Now, if you’d said Romney was perceived as an empty suit elitist, I’d buy into that statement.

      • My statement applied to Mitt Romney. Barack Obama was not born with a silver spoon stuck in his mouth, spent a few years working as a community organizer trying to help and better understand the plight of the poor, and is hardly what anyone would consider an elitist. Mitt Romney has been that since the day he was born.

        • Yes Mitt Is The One Born With A Silver Spoon In His Ass And He Been Waking Funny Ever Since!!! Mitt Has Been Selling Out And Gutting Out America For A Living For Money He No Doubt Don’t Need!!!

          • I thought I was the only one who noticed mitey’s walk. Sort of like he has a gerbil up his butt and trying to hold it in.

          • It’s The Silver Spoon LOL

    • Vila’s comment is unfortunate. Obama’s record is enough to assure him victory.

      • Not Really He Needs Our Help We Must Have Obama Back Cause He Sure In The Hell Have Our!! Vote Out All The GOP/Tea Party American Taliban A Watch This Country Recovery Real Fast!!

  • kimberlytheidon

    “Romney will have to pull off this two-step at a moment when his campaign has been forced into a course correction.” For Romney, a two-step involves inserting both feet in his mouth simultaneously. Although this sounds impossible, he had demonstrated he can do it….repeatedly. And hold the posture while keeping a straight face and looking directly at the camera. Unfortunately, all of these talents still fail to make him presidential material.

  • kbcab

    They advanced the questions to be asked at the debate to the candidates because there would be no prompters to use , this was done so Obama could have all the bulls**t lies ready when asked…

    • joyscarbo

      You just watch, kbcab, Obama is going to destroy your boy, Mitt. Mitt can’t think on his feet…he’s proved it time and time again!!! It’ll start with his “deer in the headlights” look, then his upper lip will begin to sweat, then he’ll start stammering and stuttering.
      I’ve been waiting for this for a LONG TIME and have known all along that Mitt isn’t a man who can debate. And no matter what words come outta this fool’s mouth, it’ll all be a disgenuine rambling. He can’t connect with common folk to save his life!!!
      Let me know how it feels to watch your candidate go down in a big ole ball of flames on Oct 3rd. What a mook!!

    • jcbsdriver

      Is it peaceful and happy in that bubble you live in? Come out and play in the real world some days. You would be amazed at all the sights and sounds you will experience.

    • jarheadgene

      Kbcab…..Romney (also a pseudo-anti-christ)cannot distinguish lies from the truth. He has buried himself in so many lies he can’t tell which direction is east and which is west. He is the father of all lies. I will watch with great anticipation to see Romney look like the jacka$$ that HE IS.

    • Justin Napolitano

      That is total BS kbcab. The questions are always given to the debaters in advance so that they can prepare their answers.
      If you want to talk about crappy debaters talk about the Republicans.

  • William Deutschlander

    President Obama can certainly be proud of his record of achevments for the majority of American citizens.

    On January 20, 2009 his administration put in place actions that STOPPED the FINANCIAL DISASTER know as the Republican Great Recession of 2008.

    The Obama Admin. put in place measures that started the RECOVERY of our ECONOMY.


    The Obama Admin. saved the US AUTO INDUSTRY and related suppliers.

    Health care “Obamacare” (ACA) that will cover the vast majority of our citizens.

    The Obama Admin. measures have resulted in industry adding FIVE MILLION JOBS to date.

    The Obama Admin. SAVED OUR ECONOMY. The REPUBLICANS IN CONGRESS OBSTRUCTED additional measures to boost our economy, create more employment opportunity. The REPUBLICANS IN CONGRESS HAVE STOOD FIRM IN AN EFFORT TO HOLD BACK OUR ECONOMY FROM RECOVERY IN HOPES OF POLITICAL GAIN. The Republicans in Congress have FAILED THEIR FIDUCIARY DUTY to our country, their constituents and all of our citizens.

    OBAMA / BIDEN, ALL SENATE and HOUSE seats, Democrats for DEMOCRACY of the people, by the people, for the people, ALL people.

    • Just Think Romney Want To Double Down The Bush Trickle Down Polices Which Started The Recession In The First Place!!!

      • unemployment

        Clinton 5.7% over 8 years
        Bush 5.3% over 8 years

        Obama 8.6% over 3.5 years

    • there are 4,000,000 fewer jobs now than there were 4 years ago

  • BDD1951

    I don’t take anything for granted. With so much unscrupulous money on the republican side they could pull all kinds of shenanagens.

    • joyscarbo

      Exactly, BDD1951, remember the year Gore was elected and Bush was appointed?! Take nothing for granted!

      • BDD1951

        Boy, do I remember. And look what we got.

      • i remmber that

      • Or the time Hillary had more votes than Obama in 2008 , but still lost because of delegate trading with the sleazy Chicago political machine

  • This writer s dead on. when I saw the ad by the Romney Campaign; catering to the middel class and the poor, I knew (and the public as well), they were playing defense. I strongly agree with the writer, the video clearly endoresed all that the Obama campaign has been saying–Romney is out of touch with the middle-class. Not only that, when Romeny himself said, the median middle class income is $200,000.00, this put him even further behind the eight ball.

    I am really dissappointed that Romeny has not put forth a better showing.

  • All I needed to know about voter fraud I found out when I learned about the RNC’s
    connection with Sproul.

  • Pancha_Chandra

    Obama is head and shoulders above Romney in practically every domestic and foreign policy initiative. Hence on the home stretch Obama holds a commanding lead. Negative comments will only backfire. Romney is at his wits end and is making far too many reckless statements. Obama just has to remain calm, cool and Presidential. It is a battle of ideas against material wealth! Ideas will come up trumps.

    Pancha Chandra Brussels

  • TheOldNorthChurch

    E. J. Hit this one up the Middle.

    If Romney plays it smart and attacks the Obama Record, which is mirroring FDR’s 2nd term, he will re-frame the election:

    Unemployment is on the up-swing with layoffs resulting from Obama-Care,

    Employment base is at a 50 year low,

    GDP is on the downturn and we will slip into recession by 1st quarter next year,

    National Debt is a disaster and will top $21 Trillion by 2015,

    US Auto Industry has been Shipped to China along with Green Energy jobs,

    QE3 is turning on Inflation,

    Dodd-Frank has killed Regional Banks that fuel Small Business,

    Oh, one more problem, Al Qaeda has the Middle East in Flames.

    • Dave_dido

      Figures lie and liars figure. I live in Ohio. Thousands of jobs were saved here because of the auto bailout. You can talk all you want about abstract numbers and ideas but here we have experiential, verifiable proof that the bailout worked. And don’t think for one minute that another company would have taken up the slack if GM had gone down. The only ones who would have been able to take up the slack would have been overseas companies. President Obama did the auto bailout because he cares about the working class. Romney doesn’t give a damn about us. That’s why we in Ohio are going to vote for Obama and hand him the Presidency. We know what the GOP has to offer workers: union-busting and laws against collective bargaining. No thank you. We don’t care to live like paupers. We are proud working class people who want to be respected and paid enough to have a decent life. The GOP’s clientele want slave labor and the GOP is all too happy to try to give it to them. We’re not going to let that happen. You’ll see on election day!

      • TheOldNorthChurch

        In actuality he did not bail-out GM. He delayed the Bankruptcy so as to structure it to reward his supporters. GM is still failing as a Company. The latest analysis are concerned of another Bankruptcy as early as second quarter of 2013. The current cost to tax payers is over $18.0 Billion. Seven out of ten GM cars are now manufactured in China. Why?

        Why did the Government not bailout MF Global, American Airlines, PG&E, Thronberg Mortgage, Conseco, Enron, CIT Group, World Com, Washington Mutual, Lemann Brothers, MCI or TWA or United Airlines or U.S. Steel or the Savings and Loan Industry? Because when a Private Company fails it is suppose to reorganize or go out of business.

        • Justin Napolitano

          Please north church go away. You talk in circles. Real people kept their jobs, in this country, and are supporting their families and communities. You, on the other hand talk like the demise of GM, Chrysler and Ford would just be numbers on some spreadsheet. Thanks God for Obama because Capitalism, unfettered, is not the solution to every problem.
          I also have to point out that Wall Street was also saved which probably saved your pension.
          Go away, far away.

          • TheOldNorthChurch

            You appear only concerned about a small segment of the economy.

            Ford did not take any bailout money and remained profitable. GM would have restructured and Chrysler would have most likely still been bought by the Italians. Private Businesses are numbers on a spreadsheet, they should not receive preferential treatment. When they are managed poorly they need to face their demise and be replaced.

            Wall Street should not have been bailout either and doing so if fact is effecting my pension. Without these Large Companies and Big Government sucking money out of the Middle Class and our businesses we would have more capital available. In stead we save our businesses ourselves we our own cutbacks and in returned saved many jobs.

            So perhaps we will see what happens. I for one am staying to fight the good fight.

        • Dave_dido

          You must be getting your news from Fox or some other conservative source intent on downplaying Pres. Obama’s achievements. The reason seven out of ten GM cars are made in China is that China’s new affluence has allowed many Chinese to purchase vehicles. Their favorite car? The Buick. Naturally, these cars are made in China for economic reasons that I’m sure you can understand.
          We’ll have to wait and see about another GM bankruptcy. My guess is that this is simply right wing propaganda.
          As far as bailing out those other companies that you mention, they simply didn’t have the impact on our economy that the auto industry has. Besides auto workers there are thousands of smaller businesses that would have gone down with GM.These are the businesses that supply the auto industry and they,too, employ many workers. In fact, I suspect that Ford would have been in trouble had GM gone down since the same suppliers that supply GM also supply Ford. GM goes down so does Ford’s suppliers.
          The difference between the GOP and the Dems is that the Dems care about the working class. The GOP was OK with bailing out Wall Street but not OK with bailing out GM. And that’s OK- someone has to represent the wealthy people in this country. But let’s at least be truthful about who looks out for whom.
          You can’t bail out everyone- that would indeed be socialism. But when a business like GM, or Chrysler back in the 70’s, threatens to leave huge numbers of people unemployed, I think the government should step in with temporary help.
          Finally, there are all kinds of industries that get government subsidies, from farmers to the oil industry. Why is it that Obama-haters never complained about it before?
          It’s been going on for ages. Want me to tell you why it is now called socialism when the government helps out? Maybe deep down in your heart you know why.

          • TheOldNorthChurch

            I get my financial news direct from the sources, BLS, BEA. As far as the other Companies I mentioned they dwarf the revenues of GM and Chrysler and their suppliers combined. The impact was enormous on millions of American workers and Retirees. I do not support Crony Capitalism and did not support the Bailout of Millionaire donors to the Republicans or Democrats. Wall Street should have had to eat their lunch just like the rest of us.

            Ford would have continued as they did and GM would have been reorganized. Chrysler would still have been bought by the Italians.

            If you have read some of my post you will know that I oppose all welfare Corporate or Individual via the Tax Code. It is time for it to stop. It is call favoritism at the expense of the Middle Class.

            In my heart I know the answer, it is about corrupt power.

          • Dave_dido

            I understand and respect your right to your opinion, but I don’t agree with you. I have been privileged to live in a great country all my life -60yrs. The working class/middle class thrived in this country and we took care of the poor and the aged. Of course we did because we were, and still are, by far, the wealthiest country in the world. We helped businesses when it was in the national interest and we helped areas of the country that needed help- the TVA, the Hoover Dam, the New Orleans watershed to name just a few.
            Now along comes a group called the Tea Party. All of them have lived very well compared to the rest of the world. But they’re not happy. They don’t like paying taxes, and, at the risk of destroying our system that has worked pretty well up to now, they want to turn us into a parsimonious, small-minded country that can’t even afford to see to it that its citizens can all have healthcare without going broke paying for it. As regards your aversion to personal welfare, be glad that you, like Ayn Rand, did not grow up with a physical or mental handicap. Some people truly need help. I want a country that looks out for them. Evidently you agree with Mitt Romney and want a country that doesn’t worry about the needy. You have every right to that moral decision. But I’m hoping there will be more who think like me come election day.
            BTW, I’m sure you are aware that the companies you mention all went under before Pres. Obama took office. Should we have helped them? Perhaps some of them- each situation was different. In terms of good-paying blue-collar jobs, I don’t think those companies “dwarfed” Gm, and they all went under at different times, so the impact was not felt as sharply as a GM failure would have been.
            Finally, I’m curious where you got the info that GM is headed into bankruptcy next spring. I’m sure that info didn’t come from BLS or BEA.

          • TheOldNorthChurch

            The big difference is that I do care about the needy and so does Romney, he donated 30% of is income. It is just that I do not believe the Federal Government should or can do a good job and this activity should be at the local level.

            There is a great charity in San Francisco, Raphael House, it provides family support service and shelter for families and children experiencing homelessness in San Francisco. It is has a high level of success. It does not take a penny of government support.

            The GM info was from an Analyst at Forbes, Louis Woodhill. I look at many sources when I want to know what is going on. I actually read over eight Budget proposals in the past three years, because I wanted to know how we got so screwed up in this country. By the way here is Louis Woodhill’s current project: Getting the Stupid Party (the Rs) to be less stupid.

    • Justin Napolitano

      Wow, north church, and the plague is right behind. Unemployment is not on the upswing and the GDP has been increasing so we are not in a recession. Banks have just reported record profits and we finally have a health care system that cares for all Americans not just those that are rich or have insurance through their companies. Those that refuse to buy insurance, and be responsible, will now have to pony up. The national debt is high because those that have the most refuse to pay their fair share. You are going to be so disappointed when Romney loses because he has zero solutions and the little bit he has said is just plain Bullshi*.
      Just in case you forgot the leader of Al Qaeda is dead as is most of its leadership.
      Go back to sleep and have a happy dream because your nightmares are too scary.

      • TheOldNorthChurch

        August BLS: The number of unemployed persons, at 12.5 million, was little changed in August. Both the civilian labor force (154.6 million) and the labor force participation rate (63.5 percent) declined in August. The change in total nonfarm payroll employment for June was revised from +64,000 to +45,000, and the change for July was revised from +163,000 to +141,000.

        From BEA: Real gross domestic product — the output of goods and services produced by labor and property located in the United States — increased at an annual rate of 1.3 percent in the second quarter of 2012 (that is, from the first quarter to the second quarter), according to the “third” estimate released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. In the first quarter, real GDP increased 2.0 percent.

        National Debt is High because Government Spending has increased from 1.8 trillion (2000) to $3.8 Trillion (2012). 58% higher than Inflation.

        Osama is Dead and that is a good thing, but Al Qaeda has many leaders.

        Who’s really in Dream Land?

  • So wrong. Romney is a very nervous, high strung, uncomfortable debater. It never feels like he’s comfortable in his own skin. And the last thing Barack should do is play defense. The election is still too close for him to lay back. James Carville, in the book he wrote with his wife, mentions that as a deadly sin and a sure way to lose a race. Always stay on the attack. Be relentless. The American people respect that and it keeps your opponent nervous.

    • What mittey can not take is to be challenged. It showed up in the primary debates leading to his $10,000 bet. That’s how to get him to lose his cool. Challenge him on his Bain record which will show a lack of leadership on his part. Show how he was never in the job creator mode but only in a money making mode and how that does not translate into anything usable at the Government level.

  • Romney will seem like he will win the debate,That is until the President brings up Romneycare,bain,and the money hi stocks brought in in 2002.Then he wil get angry and lose it,this will finnally show the country what kind of temprement he has.

  • middleclasstaxpayer

    OK, since your talking about RESULTS, try this:
    1-Democrats took over HOUSE & SENATE on Jan 3, 2007
    2-Dow closed on Jan 3, 2007 at 12,622
    3-GDP for PREVIOUS quarter was 3.5%
    4-Unemployment rate was 4.6%
    5-Prior to Jan 2007, there were 52 STRAIGHT MONTHS of JOB GROWTH
    6-Barney Frank took over House Financial Services on Jan 3, 2007, then FINANCIAL MELTDOWN over next 15 months!
    7-Chris Dodd tool over Senate Banking Committee on Jan 3, 2007, then DUMPED 6 Trillion of toxic Democrat inspired loans on economy (remember-“everyone a homeowner, regardless of ability to provide downpayment or pay mortgage”???)
    8-Rest is history, which Obama has FAILED TO FIX or reverse!

    • Trying why you would pick 1 Jan. 2007 when Bushes term did not end until 20 Jan. 2009. Jobless rate was 7.8 rising to 10.0 in Oct which is the first Obama budget sent to Congress. The Dow opened at 8279.63 on 1/20/09. Nice try to cook the books by cherry picking only parts of the Bush years. Nice attempt to make it look like Frank/Dodd were the sole cause of all the problems. Democrats did not technically take over the Senate until Al Franken was sworn in after the recount in Minnesota on 7 July 2009. As the end of the 110th Congress showed a listing of 48 Dem 2 Ind and 49 Rep I fail to see your Democratic controlled Senate. I will dispense with dispelling the rest of your troll statistics as not worthy of my time since they have no immediate relevance to the conversation.
      Your comments would better serve you on some Tea party page somewhere.

      • middleclasstaxpayer

        Truth is, once democrats took over the House & Senate in 2007, our economy started to tank (WITH DEMS IN CHARGE)……first the housing bubble, created by Liberals, then unemployment rising dramatically, then gas prices DOUBLING during Obama’s almost 4 years….now he wants to Socialize medicine & what’s left of our tettering economy….What a great guy! He should have been born in Communist China or Soviet Russia…..humm??

        • Justin Napolitano

          Oh get real middle, The economy tanked because the banking system and wall street were so corrupt that any one with a pulse could get a loan.
          Wall Street made billions on the housing bubble by packaging crap loans and selling them to other countries, investors and the gullible. They knew they were selling crap and are paying huge fines and reparations because of it.
          Never forget that many rich people made millions of dollars on the backs of the middle class.
          The additional problem is that while the housing market was booming the
          manufacturing industry was going away because of a huge amount of outsourcing. Once the housing market peaked and started downward the manufacturing industry was already in decline so there were no jobs for construction workers to go to. We are still fighting that problem and Obama has done everything he can, considering the Republican Congress will do nothing to help him, to get the economy moving forward. We are recovering but we would be a lot further along if the Republicans would help.

          • middleclasstaxpayer

            You’ve missed the point completely: The housing bubble STARTED because liberals insisted that EVERYONE should be able to be a homeowner, whether they have a downpayment or not… banks were FORCED to make loans with virtually NO collateral (ie: no downpayments). When things tanked, the new “homeowners”, who had NO EQUITY & NOTHING TO LOSE, simply “walked away” from their legal obligations. This all STARTED with liberals insistence on “everyone being equal” whether they were or not. This is also part of an Obama-like plan for “everyone to have the same shot” at success, even if they can’t afford the success they desire, like PAYING their MORTGAGES for TRUE home ownership.

  • Unfortunately, as an ex-Pat in Europe, i shall be missing the live debates, and have to rely on the press and snippet repeats on European T.V.. In the meanwhile, we have other issues to deal with in Europe. – The next thing on many people´s agenda is to try and get nations to enact carbon eco-taxes, and devote some of that to leveraging ona 1 to 10 basis through their parallel public banks to forward finance the local production set up, production, and installation of a broad synergy of energy efficiency and renewable energy measures to systematically slash fossil fuel consumption at rates of up to 6% per annum, assuring a steady stabiliszation of European Zoneparallel public banks and a steady growth in the sustainability and other sectors. This is the E-TALLY program- Eco-Tax As Liquid Leveraged Equity – which will be doing low interest, less than 1%, forward financing- a program stimulating the REuropean sustainability sector with a pan European build out of more than €800 billion p.a. assuring steady recovery and EEC stability. At an estimated €800 billion p.a. pan European leveraged eco tax volume- the build out industry assures a viable “sustainability” sector in the broadest sense of the word while stabillizing the parallel püblic banks with massive injections of taxes leveraged as equity.
    The massive E-TALLY program will return 4 Euros in income, value added, and corporate taxes
    for every eco tax Euro going into the non-deficit equity leveraging program which systematically reduces fossil fuel consumption, and import purchases in the public and private sectors.

    Repaid € TALLY loans can be re-leveraged by the parallelpublic banks for for further clean tech and redeuced energy consumption industrial production, and for buying public and private bonds issued by governments and private sector industries. to maintain a steady, reliable, public banking sector financing system not susceptable to international currency speculation.

    The more the sustainability sector is built out. energy efficiency- renewable energy – the lower the demand for fossil fuels- slowing inflationary pressure on the lowered amounts of fuel consumed, and and the higher perentage of renewable – growing every year– means that it is not susceptable to inflationary pressures like coal, gas, and o oil. il.

  • The President has consistantly shown that he is cool under fire. The President, unlike Romney, actualy believes what comes out of his mouth and that sincerity, and Romney’s lack, should shine through.

    My fear is that the press will be missing in action and will not challange Romney’s lies. Chris Matthew’s at the RNC comes to mind. I do not want newscasters to “bask in the moment” on my dime.

    If the moderator does not do it the President could get into difficulties by too stridently doing it the fact check himself.

    As Romney/Ryan do not have any plans that they want to share fully with the American voters, like which deductions they will eliminate, he will be equiped with one liners.

  • BDD1951

    And what was all these figures on Jan. 1, 2008?

  • Lets start a new argument against the Republicans and its leaders who represent the wealthy elite in this country. I believe that George Bush 43 and his Republican Party caused more damage (trillions of dollars) to the American Economy with his trickle down economics-tax cuts for the rich than the 9/11 Al Qaeda Twin Tower attacks. Does someone knows the numbers? If not, I promise I will research it and let you know. The new version of the Republicans, starting with Reagan who a lot of people admire but who actually initiated the trickle down economics in the 90s for the the first recession that actually cost the election to Bush 41, have caused the American economy irreparable damage in the trillions of dollars. This means that the Republicans can be declared public enemies and traitors of our USA economy!!! and they should be kicked out of Congress and the Senate. May God bless America.

    • I am not exactly sure about the size of the losses inflicted on us by George W Bush, but I don’t believe anyone else has a firm figure either. Some numbers I’ve seen recently look like this: 8 trillion dollars lost in the stock market in his first 6 months in office, 9.5 trillion dollars lost in the housing market between June of 2005 and 2007, 1.2 trillion dollars spent on the Iraq War (some of that during the Obama Administration), 400 billion in the Afganistan, untold trillions in the bank failures due to deregulation, and an estimated 3 trillion dollars in future veterans benefits. To put just the money spent in Iraq in some prospective; $1.2 trillion dollars would be sufficient to resurface 1.2 million miles of road at $1,000,000 per mile! In addition to the benefit of new road surfaces it would provide job tens of thousands of people and give the economy a big boost.
      The greatest cost however are the lives of American service men and women cut short or greatly deminished because of this totally unnessary war. I had a nephew that comminted suicide after coming back from two tours in Iraq and was not able to find work or support for his emotional trauma. I also have a grand son in law who also spent two tours in Iraq as a marine and was unable to find work or support when he came back. He ended going back into the service in the army. The marines would not take him, they want young studs that don’t ask too many questions. After going through basic training all over again he was sent to Afganistan. After just a couple of months there, his vehicle was blown up right under him. He survived but suffered some serious injuries. He was awarded a Purple Heart and given a hard time about the extent of his injuries. He is still in the army stationed state side. Now the Republicans such as Paul Ryan want to cut veterans benefits
      It’s time to vote them out of office, especially in The House of Representatives.
      God Bless America!

  • Don

    I think Romney would be ahead in the polls if he had only kept his mouth shut but both he and Ryan have constantlt put their foot in to their respective mouths about getting rid of Social Security and Medicare and like Hityler tell many lies so that the people will soon believe it to be the truth.

  • Why a defence attitude? Obama has been a really good President of U.S. The best in a century. Facing challenges of the 21st century and beyond.

  • howa4x

    I wonder how Mitt is going to spin the de regulation theme, whether on Wall st which is despised by most americans, or the enviornment, or how he can rationally talk about his famous Let Detroit go Bankrupt headline that has cost him dearly in Ohio. Mitt not only has the 47 hanging out there but also his promises of reapeals of Roe /Wade, and health care reform. He has already tried to back track on Healthcare by saying what parts of it he will keep. Problem is though you can’t have a no drop for pre existing conditions or anything else with out a mandate, and Obama knows that Mitt knows that too. Mitt needs to find a way to make rich people liked again, but can’t use the job creation arguement because they didn’t create any. How will he sell tax cuts for them again? Also what middleclass loopholes is he closing to balance the budget? This is Voodoo economics as HWBush said of Reagan and his trickle down plan. So Mitt wants a 20% across the board tax cut, possibly go to war with Iran for his pal Bibi, and cut the deficit? Mitt is going to need those magic underwear that Mormons wear to get out of this one. This time it won’t be a republican crowd, and he won’t be facing wannabe’s but rather an experienced president that has a long record of accomplishments. All Obama has to do is stay the course of expanding the middle class and chart a direction for all the country. The more Mitt tries despertly to get to the middle in this debate the more the far right gets nervous. If the partern stays true Mitt will say something middle of the road and the right will pound him after the debate at which time Mitt will as usual will recant what he said.That is how I think it will go

  • I love you President Obama. Enough said.

  • In God’s name I ask everyone WHY we need to put another empty suit into the Oval Office? Wasn’t eight, long, murderous years under the “shrub” ENOUGH? Are we too stupid to learn from our mistakes? Never, EVER vote ReTHUGlican!

  • These Civil War’s date back to the 1770’s! The coming of the civil war, what caused the division? And now, 2008 – 2012, the second civil war is concluding towards the next four years of extreme partisanship paralyzing Washington and polarizing America!!!

  • One thing that President Obama should take the time to do is to retrace the steps of the mounting debt and show the American people how the debt accumulated to the $16 trillion mark. Republicans would have us believe that Geroge Bush left office with $10.7 trillion of debt, and that Obama then went out and spent $6 trillion. Most Americans do not know that the first deficit of $1.3 trillion came with the budget for fiscal 2009, George Bush’s last budget, and that this added to the $10.7 trillion national debt recorded in BARRON’S, left a departing sum of $12 trillion for Mr. Obama to manage. This at a time when the economy was cratering. Also… what is never mentioned is that the $1.3 trillion deficit to fiscal budget 2009, would repeat every year into the foreseeable future, until such time as balance was achieved between “revenues” and “expenditures.” i.e., The government only takes in $2.3 trillion/year… but expenses {including the wars} total $3.6 trillion/year. This means that the addition of $1.3 trillion/year for the past 4 years is part of the “Bush-era legacy of debt, and should be added to the $12 trillion debt total as of January 20, 2009, Inauguration Day. 1.3 x 4 = $5.2 trillion, some of which has not yet been spent… {we are still nearly 4 months away from January 20th 2013}. So this total adds up to $17.2 trillion…. That is the Principal + Budget short-fall, and we haven’t even added the “Interest.” Imagine the interest on $17 trillion of treasuries outstanding. President Obama has exhibited remarkable stewardship… the tax revenues were used to cover the costs of running the government. Getting out of IRAQ was a boon. That is $12 billion/month we no longer have to spend. Plus Obama had to assist those who through no fault of their own lost their jobs… If Romney had his way all of the auto industry jobs as well as the jobs that support the auto industry would be gone. We would hav “MAD MAX AT THE THUNDERDOME” on our streets. Also, those who were given mortgage assistance… after all, some 5 million Americans lost their homes to foreclosure since 2008. This is what Obama needs to illustrate in a way that is clear. The charge that he spent $6 trillion on nothing is a false charge. Republicans know it to be a false charge… but then they are comfortable living with falsehood. Once Americans can see where the money went and how the debt is accrued they will know the truth. President Obama spent just over $1 trillion that we didn’t have, but he spent it trying to stop the total collapse of the economy. GOOD INVESTMENT. There is a difference between “spending” and “investing.”

  • Frank Lee

    I love a good horse race, but that’s why I watch horses race. As a lay political expert, I can tell you that voters have made up their minds three weeks before an election, and have largely already decided which way they will make up their mind when they do make up their mind with six weeks to go. There’s nothing Romney can do in these debates, this really isn’t a popularity contest, and elections with an incumbent really are a referendum. People approve of Obama, Romney couldn’t have done much to change that even with a competent campaign and a sane political party behind him. Without those things he really doesn’t have a chance. It’s President Obama in an electoral vote landslide, and time to switch my attention over to the MLB playoffs.

  • “saved” the auto industry ???

    $ 25 Billion taxpayer money destroyed
    60,000 jobs destroyed
    pensions destroyed

    signed , former UAW member

  • daniel bostdorf

    Breaking news:

    Ryan on video 6 months ago…check out Huffington Post…

  • I would like to see a few questions about the voter registration FRAUD by a Republican operative that has spread to at least 11 states. Fraud on a massive scale.


    Are these the values that are taught to them when they go to Church?

  • dalnb

    Over and over in the past three years I have heard it said – “This is not a good time to start a business, to expand a business or to hire new people.” Yesterday I heard a lady on the radio saying people should not be taking part time jobs; this comment came after the unemployment rate dropped below the 18% mark. Is this an indication the GOP is kicking up their efforts to keep our unemployment rates high? They have worked hard at seeing he rates remain bad but as the Obama Administration improves the numbers it signals a slipping “GOP Misssion of Failure” and Republcians will be renewing some of their dirty tricks to halt any National Recovery!