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Friday, October 21, 2016

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama locked arms with Democratic governors Friday to press the case for raising the minimum wage, an issue the party is hoping will drive voters to the polls in the midterm elections.

Ahead of this weekend’s National Governors Association meeting, Democratic governors met with Obama and Vice President Joe Biden to discuss economic priorities for the year, first among them efforts at both the state and national level to raise the minimum hourly wage.

Democrats in Congress are working with the president to advance a plan to raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. Prospects are uncertain given Republican opposition, which was bolstered this week by a Congressional Budget Office report that found such a hike could result in the loss of half a million jobs.

Nevertheless, several states are also working to advance minimum wage measures either through their legislatures or through referendum — something that could drive turnout among voters inclined to support Democratic candidates but who typically are less likely to vote in nonpresidential election years.

Obama said pushing for a higher hourly wage was “not just good policy; it also happens to be good politics.”

“The overwhelming majority of Americans think that raising the minimum wage is a good idea,” Obama said Friday before the private meeting with Democrats in the State Dining Room. “That is true for independents, that is true for Democrats, and it’s true for Republicans.”

He noted that even as Republican Gov. Chris Christie was easily re-elected in November, New Jersey voters approved an initiative to raise the state minimum wage. In a speech Thursday at a dinner hosted by the Democratic governors’ campaign committee, Obama singled out California Gov. Jerry Brown for signing into law the nation’s first $10-an-hour minimum wage.

Though Washington is often consumed by the midterm battle for control of Congress, Democrats are eager to reverse the current eight-seat advantage that Republicans have in statehouses across the country.

  • daniel bostdorf

    Well…this is a no brainer is it not?

    “Democratic Governors Join Obama In Push For Higher Minimum Wage”

    What else would they do? Mutual admiration society at work…

    Article summary is dead on:

    “Though Washington is often consumed by the midterm battle for control of Congress, Democrats are eager to reverse the current eight-seat advantage that Republicans have in statehouses across the country.”

    THe base of those in poverty can be turned out on this issue…

    • Independent1

      With Congress sitting on his American Jobs Act which would have created several million jobs to spur the economy, President Obama is now pushing to raise the minimum wage as another way to get the economy moving faster again. According to a DailyKos contributor (Kavips), raising taxes is the only historically proven way that would get American companies that are now sitting on trillions of dollars in their bank accounts to start putting that money back into circulation which would also spur the economy.

      As I think both of us and others on the NM have pointed out, it’s absolutely imperative that progressives get out to vote this fall and certainly in 2016 so Dems can once again gain control of Congress – whether it’s the minimum wage, getting a jobs bill passed or raising taxes, none of those are going to happen if the GOP stays in control.

      Although raising taxes may seem counter intuitive to spurring the economy, Kavips article demonstrates that of all the ways to get companies to invest in the economy, raising taxes is the only way that has been over the course of at least the 20th century to do just that.

      Here’s some excerpts from Kavips article with a link to the article at the end:

      Economic Stagpression

      Ironically as we gave our businesses more and more money with lower taxes, less regulation, tax funded price supports, hand-tied their unions, and made free new technology at our taxpayers expense, despite all these perks and incentives, they invested less.
      So what are they doing with their money? Pick up any financial publication and read the headlines. They all will let you know.

      Rather than invest in plants and equipment, businesses are primarily using their funds to repurchase their own stocks in order to boost management earnings and ward off hostile take-overs,
      pay dividends to stockholders, and accumulate large cash and bond holdings. None of which help our economy.

      Raising the tax rates drives re-investment, cuts down on excessive cash. It is the only thing we know so far, that consistently works to drive re-investment. Everyone who insists on cuts and de-regulation, no matter how they spin it, is pursuing a policy that
      has been completely disproven by reality and fact and of course, recent history..

      Here’s the link to see more on this article which is a great lesson in anti-Reaganomics:

      • daniel bostdorf

        great post…!

        • Independent1

          Thanks! Not sure if you get updates from the White House. If not, here’s a link you may find of interest where the White House brings us up to date on what Obama has done using his pen:

        • Independent1

          Actually, today’s email contained this week’s agenda titled “We’re not standing still” :
          Monday – Obama will meet with governors from states across the country and enlist them to make real progress on issues important to Americans.
          Tuesday – Obama will announce the winners of two new manufacturing institutes that will bring new innovative technologies and good paying jobs to illinois and Michigan.
          Wednesday – He’ll travel to St. Paul Minnesota to launch new competition encouraging new investments to create jobs and restore America’s crumbling infrastructure
          Thursday – He will return to the White House to announce a new initiative with the private sector to make sure that every young man of color who is willing to work hard and lift himself up has an opporltunity to succeed

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