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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Reprinted with permission from Creators.

Elvis said, “When things go wrong, don’t go with them.”

Depression warps one’s thinking. It saps energy and magnifies problems, making it hard to deal with them calmly. Democrats’ overreaction to the recent loss in a Georgia special election bore all the trademarks of depression.

“Why Do Democrats Keep Losing in 2017?” was among the self-flagellating headlines, this one in The Atlantic.

Democrats badly need a little cognitive therapy to challenge negative patterns of thought. So they lost special elections in South Carolina, Kansas, Georgia and Montana. These were all conservative strongholds. Suppose Republicans had just failed to win in California, Massachusetts, New York and Washington. Would anyone have deemed such outcomes an omen of doom?

“Catastrophizing” is the shrink’s term for treating ordinary setbacks as catastrophes. Depressed people get trapped in a negative feedback loop: “I’m no good. Why even try? I lose. I’m no good.”

Democrats need to break that loop. Sure, it would have been nice had Democrat Jon Ossoff won the special election in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District. The reality is he lost by less than 4 points in a district that a mere seven months before had given the Republican a 23-point win.

Ossoff was a 30-year-old political novice who, unfortunately, lived just outside the district. He put up a really good fight, but imagine what a seasoned politician with a deep drawl could have done.

Democrats set themselves up for heartbreak when they made this vote the be-all and end-all event that would break the curse of Donald Trump. National Democrats poured millions into the race, a factor that may have annoyed wavering locals. It may also have energized the Trump base.

Whatever, putting all their chips on one race and declaring in advance that a win would change everything made Democrats mentally unprepared for even a small loss. But their situation is far from hopeless.

Come the midterms, Democrats will be running in dozens of other suburban districts that are more competitive. They must work these contests with a cool resolve, not desperation.

After all, many suburbs once deemed reliably Republican have gone blue. Trump failed to get 50 percent of the suburban vote. Atlanta’s Cobb County and Orange County in California used to be the quintessence of Republican country. Trump lost in both of them.

And the suburban threat for Republicans goes beyond Trump and his unique brand of offensiveness. Neither the gentlemanly Mitt Romney in 2012 nor the mainstream John McCain in 2008 could clear the 50 percent hurdle in the suburbs.

Democrats in a funk must identify the half-full glasses, starting with the fact that Trump would not be president but for an electoral fluke. He lost the popular vote by a not-insignificant 3 million, and Election Day was the high point of his popularity.

In conservative Montana, a state Trump carried by more than 20 points, a weak Democratic candidate lost to Republican Greg Gianforte by only 6 points. The half-empty-glass view is Gianforte should have done far worse for having physically attacked a reporter on the eve of the election. But that ignores the early voting; the cake had largely been baked by then.

Democrats do have a lot of issues to work out. Their messaging could use significant improvement, and they need to groom strong candidates.

But generic congressional polls consistently show a clear preference for a Democratic takeover of Congress. This is no time for debilitating mood swings.

Democrats felt dispirited and powerless through much of the George W. Bush years. They took back the House in 2006 and the Senate and White House in 2008. Things change, and — depressives take note — not always for the worse.

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64 Responses to Democrats Need To Shake Their Depression

  1. Thank you.

    I am puzzled though. I see the alternatives as being spending money on maybe competitive races and risk energizing the Trumpistas, or not spending the money on the race. Seems like an argument you’d lose on either side.

    • Since yesterday when McConnell stepped up to his beloved microphone and had to announce the Republicans didn’t have the vote to take Trumpcare to the floor, they learned something else when Trump decided to hold a meeting at a huge table in the White House with all of the Senators.

      His attitude flew in the face of the staunchest, hardliner right wing conservatives in the GOP.

      That Trump hates the success of Obama is an understatement. He bandies Obama’s name about in the most degrading ways as if we must erase Obama from memory.

      All I know is that when Obama was president, we had something none of us have now: Hope for a better future.

      • Ms. E,

        First off, in your response to bob(?). Up until now, Presidents didn’t run their own businesses while President. Overseers managed farms Presidents kept away from business.

        Trump’s wealth and businesses so dwarf anything prior as to make the norms and regulations, heretofore standard, irrelevant when dealing with him. I have tried not to be critical because I don’t have a good solution to untangling Trump person and business.

        Let’s leave the politics out of it, since the trolls here won’t agree with that. The big difference between President Obama and Trump is is aura of competence. I doubt even the most diehard troll will assert that Trump looks like he knows what he’s doing. Ryan and Graham(?) have stated that Trump’s floundering. That’s my huge difference.

        • No…it isn’t true. I’ll prove it. Back in 1901 in the Senate there was no Ethics Committee. That didn’t happen until 1964. Prior to that in 1901, Joseph B. Foraker, an Ohio Senator and a lawyer did all of his legal work for Standard Oil Company. Senator Nelson Aldrich of RI, owned and operated street railways while in the Senate. Senator William A. Clark, owner of Montana silver mines was so fraught with charges of fraud, his seat was vacated.

          Twenty members of the Senate back in 1900 included James S. McMillion of MI, Marcus A. Hanna of OH, Chauncey Depew of NYH and Nelson Aldrich of RI. These wealthy men at that time were allowed to keep their holdings in business.

          It wasn’t until President Teddy Roosevelt began to realize the power of these wealthy men in the Senate that it became a transparent issue. This eventually spawned the early 1900s Muckrakers.

          This is politics. It is your U.S. History.

          As for Trump, he is the ONLY U.S. official elected to the highest office who came into the White with 150 lawsuits and a guilty verdict of money laundering to terrorists.

          The reality is that Trump promised to be different. He can’t tell you what Parliamentary procedure in the House and Senate is, what regulatory protocol for elected officials is all about and wants to turn government as you saw yesterday into his private little executive board so he can ignore the fact that we all live under a representative form of government.

  2. Maybe if the left had a agenda more than just hate President Trump or had people that actually live in the district they are running in would help. In Georgia the Democratic candidate couldn’t even vote in the special election. How many millions did they lose in that election.

      • I dunno, the Republicans did pretty well with nothing more than hate President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

        If we’re talking wasted money, I forget right now, how much the Karl Rove Stimulus packages were in 2008 & 2012. That’s one way to get the economy moving again.

        • No, the right hated the policies of obama and they were right and was reflected by all the losses starting in 2010.
          You want to forget the massive loses at the State and Federal level under Obama. Those losses was not a fluke. People saw through the bull sh$t from the left.
          People voted their pocketbooks over the social warrior, identity politics of the left, which by the way, is all the left still is pushing even now.
          It’s the economy stupid! Not Russia collusion, no Obstruction of of FBI investigation.

          • The right only knows hate. Look at who the right are: people who prance around armed with AK47s, fly the Stars and Bars from their bull nosed bully boy pickups they can’t afford on those Republican state welfare checks and coward white males whose only valid reason for living is hate and bullying.

            When Trump AND the Republicans are found guilty of rigging the 2016 election, will you call that a “win” too?

          • Bravo Sierra!
            You are on deranged person.
            “2016 rigged by Republicans” what an asinine statement.
            You are nuts.

          • Hey dickhead. I hate evil. You love it. Admit it. You think lying and stealing is fine and dandy. You prove it by supporting Trump and bashing a squeaky clean president the world loves like Obama.

            Don’t you EVER take the hint? When people outside the US protest Trump, that’s you cue to fall madly in love with that scumball?

          • Only a dumba$$ like you would think Presidential or Senate races are based on gerrymandering. So what happened in those blue states like PA, WI, Mi? Gerrymandering did it right?
            Grow up cuntface!

          • Yeah only someone who could read or something would think the Republicans were illegally cheating. Thanks for explaining that, Ivan.

      • Yet, the Democratic Party has lost all power, except delay because of their pathetic policies.
        The left has the six brain cells and is a joke.

        • The Democrats didn’t lose power. When elections are rigged in Republican states like TX, VA and NC, and the SC has to remind them that voter suppression in ANY form is a violation of the U.S. Constitution, that’s not power lost. It’s power stolen.

          Is that what the GOP is today? A bunch of corporate thieves who can’t play with clean hands in elections?

          • Keep trying douche bag.
            If even a scintilla of truth was found in those states the MSM would be camping in those states. All they can talk about is Russia and yet can’t find the proof.
            You are such a goofball.

          • I always try prickface. The only states where elections are regularly gerrymandered and redistricting is done so frequently prickboy is Republican states.

            We talk about Russia jerkoff because men like you want to allow Putin to rig our elections. That the only way you dirt bags can ever WIN anything…by cheating?

            Grow up prickface.

    • Look at their leaders, all over 75 with no agenda other than looking for a Russian connection. 10 different attempts at showing Russia/Trump and still batting ZERO. The leadership caused their demise and is now hell bent on keeping power.
      Read they spent around $200 per person in GA6 and still got zilch for their money.
      What is worse they have the albatross Obama around their necks. His policies were the cause of the many losses since 2010.

      • Remember when Trump accused Obama of wiretapping? Remember when he back pedaled on that because it was a lie? You boys condone a president who publicly lies and makes the US look like a banana republic? So that must mean you also are a pack of liars right?

        Remember when Trump tried to stop the investigation by firing Sally Yates, James Clapper and FBI director James Comey? What happened next smart ass? When he fired Comey, Rosenstein appointed Mueller as a special prosecutor.

        Jared Kushner one month after a meeting in January 2017 “forgets” he met with a Russian oligarch tied to VEB, a phony money laundering machine Putin claims is a “bank?”

        Obama was so successful that your Lard Ass in Chief, now tries to blame Obama for the Russian hacking. It doesn’t get anymore low life than that.

        Trump had NO trouble during his campaign yelling, “I love Wiki Leaks.” But now? He wants “leakers” jailed? He had NO trouble telling Putin, “I hope you investigate Hillary’s emails.” Now? He makes like he never knew a thing about the hacking.

        Trump is tied to Putin and the ties are as easy as following the money. Why did Trump need to borrow hundreds of millions from the only bank, Deutschebank in NY, that would loan him any money due to his reputation for not paying what he owes? Deutschebank paid a $320 million fine for laundering Russian money that was used to buy shell game real estate here in the US, some of it sold by Kushner and Trump, two self proclaimed real estate moguls.

        Obama never came into office with a guilty charge of money laundering to terrorists. Lard Ass did. Obama never had 150 lawsuits for non payment of debts, Lard Ass did.

        When Trump had to pay back the loan at Deutschebank, he tried to sue them for $200 million, the precise amount he borrowed for a hotel he built. He claimed it was Deutschebank’s fault the hotel was a failure.

        Just like he did here in NJ. He received millions in tax cuts and subsidies for his 2 casinos that were nothing more than money laundering back room business.

        No evidence? Comey, Yates, Clapper and others gave sworn testimony. They have nothing to hide. When Comey told Trump in January that the hacking discovered by the Obama administration wasn’t investigating him, it was because the investigations hadn’t progressed far enough to involve Trump.

        Obama tread a fine line when the hacking was discovered because Trump claimed his campaign was hacked back in October 2016. If Obama had publicized the hacking, Trump would have said Obama “agrees with me” Lies like always. Or, Trump would have claimed it was Obama’s attempt to throw the election to Hillary, who by October appeared and DID have more popular votes than Trump.

        Your boy is going down. He can strut all he likes like Mussolini, do his pouty arrogant mug like Hitler and he will still be found guilty as he was back in 2013 of money laundering.

        • Trump derangement syndrome continues in your weak mind.
          You can’t refute my post to itsfun so you went on a tirade about what you think is going to happen or wish would happen.How funny!
          If ties to Putin are so easy to prove, where are they? Why haven’t they been leaked to media like so many other false stories? There is no there there.
          Only thing going down are more of the Obama policies built on sand.
          Trump will be in power for many years and cuntfaces like you can only watch. How hilarious!

    • Do you LOVE Trump? Then, you must love all evil bastards right? You must be as evil as he is to actually be able to stomach the kind of dirty rotten thug he is.

      We hate what Trump does. He could hang himself from the Lincoln Memorial for all we care. But, when he acts and speaks as if he is the Lord of the Universe, sorry…not on OUR taxes.

      He has no agenda. Everything he has done so far has benefitted him and his pig children most. He signs off ONLY on legislation that will be a circuitous route to pump more profit into Trump Organization.

      The days of presidents being allowed to run a business while in office ended when the Robber Barons of the 1900s got a tad too controlling and did what Trump is trying to do now: Rig elections, rig the system for his benefit and his billionaires and use OUR tax dollars to help them control all of us.

      Trump has used every trick in the book, short of starting WWIII and that too is coming if the investigations get too much evidence of his lifetime of money laundering. He already has been found guity of money laundering once. The U.S. Treasury NEVER should have allowed him to pay a fine out of that.

      • It’s a little hard for the Democrats to actually have an “agenda” when the Republicans are the majority, but, as I said above, if the Democrats aligned with the more moderate Republicans who have finally figured out that Trump is an idiot, we may be able to get a half-assed majority!

    • It simplifies it for the right to say, the dems hate trump. trump is the same as he’s always been and this is the one out of 17 candidates the right chose. No one on the right looked at his back story? Or if they did, thought yep, this is presidential material. So it’s either a matter of being lazy or obtuse. I won’t say stupid because that simplifies it too.

      • So you think the left loves or likes President Trump. The President is as he has always been and that is a American that believes in America being great and successful, not a third world country as Obama wanted. The reason the left only had 2 candidates is the folks on the left knew that crooked Hillary had the DNC under her control and would do all they could to destroy anyone daring to challenge her. The only other candidate was not even a Democrat.

        • Did I say that or infer it? No. I said it simplifies it.
          You’re a perfect example of the main problem with the right. Dichotomous thinkers.
          You had 17 candidates swirling around in that bowl and you picked the one that should have been flushed first. The rest of your comment should be flushed too. Your statements reflect why you like trump. Idiocy makes you feel normal.

          • I doubt if you are smart enough to know why people like the President. You are a perfect example of the liberals. You have no ideas, and just know how to call names and try to sound smart. Actually people that have no ideas are what gets flushed.

  3. The dems have always piled on the despair after setbacks, this is nothing new. We used to have the circular firing squad effect. In the end everyone must get up, dust off and start again.

    • Actually, the GOP took the position that a Senate and House majority meant government takeover.

      Yesterday, when Lard Ass rankled Lisa Murkowski of Alaska as he sat next to her at his pretend corporate executive board meeting, she left the meeting in a fury. When she was asked if she felt she could accept help from the Dems on the healthcare bill she threw her hands up in the air and said, “I don’t know when the idea occurred that Dems should not be a part of all legislation.”

      If the Dems are smart now? They will work Murkowski, Heller, Collins and others who are Republican moderates. oooooooh and how that would really tee off McConnell and Ryan.

      • That’s my thought too…..more and more moderate Republicans are beginning to take a stand against Trump and his cronies! Those are the ones the Democrats need to shake hands with and align with. If that were to happen, the Republicans may THINK they have a majority, but they actually won’t!

        • It always comes down to the good old boys network games. The geezers of the GOP have no worries about losing their seats in the Senate. They don’t really care if their juniors lose theirs. The geezers are firmly entrenched with HMO and Big Pharma campaign donations.

        • In reality, the Senator who has the most to lose if this tax cut isn’t passed for the rich, is McConnell. He is the one, who since the disclosure of the ACA in 2009 has fought like a maniac to get rid of any and ALL healthcare reform. Most of his campaign donations come from HMOS and Big Pharma.

          In reality, this TrumpCare bill should have gone through the Senate Finance Committee. But McConnell knew he would never get the vote of Heller who is a newly elected Senator on the Finance Committee. The vote would have come down to a 13-13 tie, which by Senate Finance Committee rules would mean it couldn ‘t be approved. So, McConnell, the slick strategist he is, bypassed the Finance Committee and tried to get it approved with only the same 13 in that secret meeting before final Senate approval.

          Once Heller refused, moderate Republicans realized to go back home to their states with such a vicious Draconian bill passed during their July recess, they’d be sure to lose their seats in the Senate.

          So it came down to newly elected Senators like Murkowski, Heller and others refusing to bring Trumpcare to the floor and then lose their seats while the old guard keep theirs.

          McConnell, Cornyn, Grassley and the other senior Senators of the GOP had no worries about their seats since they’ve got the backing of HMOs and Big Pharma. The junior Senators don’t.

          Kind of smelly don’t you think? McConnell using the jurnior GOP Senators as sacrificial lambs so his old boys network can stay in power?

  4. At this very moment in time, the Republicans have boxed themselves into a corner with that constant rallying cry, “their base, their base, their base.” Who is their “base?” You know who. Billionaires who pay the most to their GOP campaigns.

    There is a great book I read about the U.S. Senate history, “The Most Exclusive Club” by my favorite non fiction author, Lewis L. Gould.

    In this book, Mr. Gould points out how Senators of the late 1800s and early 1900s “bought” their seats in the Senate. Literally and figuratively. For example, Mr. Gould points out that before the Senate created the Ethics Committee in 1964, all manner of business was allowed even when it was in direct conflict of interest. Back in 1901, there was no conflict of interest or financial disclosure procedures. Lard Ass would have run amok back then.

    But here’s an very interesting vignette from the book, a Texan Senator, Joseph Weldon Bailey a hot head took offense to a statement made by Albert J. Beveridge. When Bailey demanded Beveridge, a hard drinking man from Pence’s state of Indiana, retract his statement, Beveridge refused. Bailey grabbed Beveridge by the throat and the two had to be separated by the other Senate members. Both men were Republicans.

    Been a long while since the men of the Senate mixed it up. But that may be coming too.

  5. Mikeeeee has sick dick syndrome. Too bad that’s a pre-existing condition, right Mikeeee? When men like Mikeeee know Lard Ass gets caught in lies, they go right behind him and hold him up as an icon of virtue.

    I’d be really careful about getting anywhere near guys like this or their families. If they condone the vicious lies Lard Ass tells and then say they respect him, how low on the flotsam meter are they?

  6. When Putin pays trolls, he pays the ones from Republican states ONLY. You know why. These are the low lifes who can’t find jobs. Of course not. They don’t get out of bed till noon.

    Guys like Mikkee love to “think” they are oh so powerful. In reality, they are morons Putin pays to troll sites like these.

    You have to wonder why, if they know, good, honest, decent Americans are never going to condone what we know is wrong and was taught to us by parents and teachers, they seem to think they will take control of our minds by trolling for Putin?

    One thing about Putin. Whenever he is done with any of the people he uses, they generally disappear. After all, they do represent evidence he has hacked social media.

    • They certainly aren’t powerful, they shake in their sh-t at every shadow. They just haven’t realized that we have noticed yet.

      • Bullies always need gullible people. Otherwise, their power is fragile and quite limited.

        One thing I wish the media would stop doing is empowering the Republican Party and giving it more control than it actually has.

        I was a Republican woman for 33 years and I left when I had enough of hearing only vitriolic male voices making all the decisions in 2004.

        Now, I am as likely to poke more holes in Republican rhetoric than Swiss Cheese because I know they do not and will not ever represent me in this representative form of government. So I figure, it’s better to dice and slice them with facts and truth they can’t stand than to ever allow them to think for a split second they have conquered the likes of me.

    • Is this the same Mike aka Dung Beetle?
      I remember him. He scurried in and out always pushing his dung ball.

  7. In my state the republicans run unopposed. When a Democrat does run, he is unknown and campaigns very little. I was told that the disadvantage is the Democrats do not have a media outlet. That is a problem. But problems are to be solved. It is also true that CNN mentioned Hillary’s e-mails 800 times. None of the media takes the reins and does honest reporting. Why? This is not a free market society. Uber-rich have bought large chunks of the media. The not cable people still have to rely in advertising and who buys the advertising? These are the problems. So, if the Democrats can’t solve them – give up to fascism? John McCain was running way behind all the other candidates. He got a bus and went out among the populous and talked to them personally. He became the candidate. People, who can talk to people in all walks of life should be chosen to talk to them. Wall Street jargon and political speak does not endear one to the ordinary people. The people, whose labors have made and kept this country great, should be honored by politicians.

  8. What does the Democrats stand for these days? Wouldn’t it be nice if they introduced their own healthcare bill that fixed some of the problems with the ACA. The democrats have been the please don’t hurt me party far to long and need to grow a pair. If the moderates in congress worded together without regards of party things could do some good but as long as there is nothing on the table nothing can be done. Until such time as when you think of the democrats as standing for something instead of another anti party they and the people of our country will continue to lose.

    • Maybe, Bob, if the Democrats had been ALLOWED to have a couple on the committee, they could have come up with some ideas. Unfortunately, the Republicans are dead set against allowing the Democrats ANY forum with regards to the healthcare plan. Most Democrats go along with their constituents who say that the current ACA is fine, but it needs tweeking. They’re willing to do that, but the Republicans won’t allow it.

  9. I agree with the author….we need to be a little more optimistic. Trump is running himself into the ground slowly but surely. His Republican cohorts are not doing too good either, especially those that want to vote for this new healthcare bill! The most we can hope for is that EVERYONE gets out and votes during the midterm!! This is one of the things WE, as Democrats, have to work on as well as how the candidates present themselves. Spending so much money on Ossof’s election was ridiculous…..we’re going to need that money for the midterms. But, we DID make some inroads into the percentages…..and that’s a good thing! We need to celebrate that and not get depressed.

    • That’s the answer. Voting them out
      In an election where 46% of all registered voters didn’t vote, we were our enemy. That is over 72% registered voters who did not cast a vote for trump.

  10. Unfortunately, our depression is the result of the people who have forced themselves on us to be our leaders. Sorry but Nancy P is about as energizing as a limp piece of lettuce. We need someone like Newt Gingrich was in the late 80s to early 90s – a firebrand who riles up the base and not try to pander every group that wants to be a victim. I am almost like Ronald Reagan at this point. As he put it, I would still be a Democrat except my party left me.
    Let’s have people like Tammy Duckworth in charge – someone who can say “I have succeeded despite what the GOP tried to do to me!”, instead of people who way “We hear you and we feel your pain.” B.S.! Neither Pelosi nor anyone else in leadership positions in the House or Senate have any damned idea what I and millions others like me are going through. These people have been there too damn long and need to get out making room for newer blood that isn’t afraid to take on Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell or anyone else who wants to undo the work of Theodore Roosevelt, FDR, LBJ etc. Let the laborers who built the Democratic Party have their voices heard again!

  11. I don’t think most dems are surprised or depressed about the loss in Georgia. That we lost by a small margin in a deep red nest of goobers is hopeful.. THEY should be depressed by that! What’s depressing is the amount of money spent by both sides , now that’s obscene. The good it could have done spent elsewhere.

    I’m of the mind the right is trying to sell the narrative of us being depressed and boo hooing as it makes them happy to think so. It also fits into that fake narrative that we are vindictive and angry about the election so all of our subsequent actions are about that. Sour grapes couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s about saving our democracy. The right had 17 candidates to choose from.Granted, a good number were flush worthy. HOWEVER, they go and choose the biggest turd in the bowl.
    And we are are suppose to sit by and allow people who don’t even have the sense to choose the lesser of the evils to run things. People who didn’t even do the research to figure out trump is a highly leveraged mediocre business person and reality show host. Props are his life. Lies and double dealing are his stock in trade. Then they wonder why we question their intelligence. White, male and breathing is not the only qualification for president.
    I’m pretty happy watching them all implode. One can’t be an idiot and surround themselves with other idiots and hope no one notices. Investigations move slowly and even more so when they have to cast a wide net. I want them to cast it wide enough to catch all that need to be caught. We’re so use to instant gratification and anything worth doing is worth doing well. Patience. 🙂

  12. The Dems have lost over 1,000 seats in local, state and federal government during obamba’s Reign . . . . and they still don’t get it! 🙂

    America is a Constitutional Republic, not 3rd world developing country. Their socialist programs have added to their Lemming count, but not enough to take over, as long as Conservatives and Independents continue going to their polling place.

    • Yes, the Republicans are gerrymandering, because they are the party of only white people. Not sure why you think that reflects badly on the Democrats, but then you’re not exactly bright, are you?

      • Democrats and Republicans have incinerated around $20+ Trillion on “leveling the playing field”, since LBJ brought us the “Great Society”.

        It seems all we have to show for it is more unemployment, more Black Folks voting for the party that kept them in slavery, more social strife and greater division of Americans.

        To solve gerrymandering, elect more Democrats to State government . . . . . if you can?

        • Yes one side is spending money on cheating but who cares about that when you’ve got a Hot Take™ involving Bothsiderism.

          You cretin.

          • I had to look up the definition of “Bothsiderism” . . . . you do have a few functioning synapses 🙂

            It is becoming obvious to Americans who still retain their faculties (Common Sense) that the Dems will be receiving the ass-end of the boomerang they threw, and soon . . . and yes, correct once again . . . the Left is spending large piles of money, CHEATING . . . and have been for decades.

            Have a nice day.

          • I don’t know where exactly you got the impression I cared about how much more ridiculous you could make your already ridiculous opinion.

  13. Democrats will become even more depressed after they found out CNN really is Fake News. Van Jones said the Russian Collusion story is a Nothing Burger, pure BS. Several CNN employees have been forced to resign. CNN caught on tape saying the Russian Collusion story Pure BS to I crease ratings from gullible fools like most followers of The National Memo. But you STILL won’t get it. Pathetic!

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