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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

If you thought the anger of Occupy Wall Street protesters at the influence of money on politics, or maybe that Wall Street bankers are so unhappy with the president, might mean Democrats would face a brutal fundraising environment this go around, a House GOP aide has news: Dems are “crushing it”:

President Barack Obama’s approval ratings are in the dumps, and so is the economy. Wall Street’s cash cows are angry at the Democratic Party and its sudden embrace of populist rhetoric. Almost no one thinks Democrats have a shot at winning back the House next year and Republicans have an excellent chance of winning control of the Senate.

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3 responses to “Crushing It: Democrats Raking In The Cash”

  1. KennethAlexander says:

    Its the people – and little of other party members who will overflow DNC campaingn cup and give Obama another term to correct this mess and check all the mess makers. The people is speaking and will be heard.

  2. merman says:

    I am giving generously to Dems. The current crop of Repubs scare at the local state and federal levels scare the bejeesus out of me. With them in control at all levels of government I see a caste society developing much like India where a small percentage of the population is extremely rich and powerful and literally lives for free off the backs of the workers who toil in poverty or starve to death on the streets. I see no economic turnaround with the Repubs in charge, and limited opportunities for higher education which used to be the path to prosperity. Without moderation and balance at all levels of government democracy as we know it will cease to exist. As it is its on life support now, in the process of being overthrown by a plutocracy who wants to govern the country like a corporate boardroom – beholden only to the short term interests ($)of the stockholders = (big banks; big oil and billionares) instead of considering what’s in the best interests of all.

  3. dmcrane says:

    I almost laughed when I read the other two comments. Both of those reasons are my reasons also to give to the Democratic Party when I, on Social Security, can barely afford anything extra. President Obama may not be perfect, and I don’t agree with his stand on some things, I’m totally against Keystone XL for instance, but I have no intention of biting off my nose to spite my face. I think he tries very hard to do his best, and I don’t think he does it from greed but a sense of how much responsibility he has on his shoulders for the average citizen. When the Republicans make fun of him for being a community organizer, that is one of the highest calling cards I look for in a human being. Anyone who thinks getting things done by people who aren’t paid to be there (organizing volunteers)is easy has obviously never been on the front lines of helping to make the lives of others better. My sister’s kids can stay on their parent’s healthcare; my son who lost his job and is on unemployment has insurance he can afford for his pre-existing conditon; my RX costs have dropped, terrorists have been taken out with no collateral loss of life, wars have been ended. Thank you, Mr. President. I didn’t have this many things to be happy about from the office of the President in the whole 8 years George Bush was in office. You get my widow’s mite and my gratitude.

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