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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Could Mitt Romney really run for president again in 2016?

According to Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), the answer is yes. During a Monday evening appearance on MSNBC’s Hardball, Chaffetz insisted that Romney will not only run — but that this time, he’ll win.

“A hundred times he says he’s not, but Mitt Romney has always accomplished what he’s set out to do,” Chaffetz explained to host Chris Matthews. “I think he’s proven right on a lot of stuff. I happen to be in the camp that thinks he’s actually going to run, and I think he will be the next president of the United States.”

Chaffetz, who endorsed Romney early in the 2012 primaries, is not the only Republican to call for a third Romney run. Former Bush administration Assistant Treasury Secretary Emil Henry penned a Politico op-ed which (favorably) compared Romney to Richard Nixon. The Washington Post reported on a GOP donor summit which “quickly became a Romney revival,” and quoted several of the attendees pining for another presidential bid from the twice-failed candidate.

“Everybody realizes we’re devoid of leadership in DC,” top Republican fundraiser Harold Hamm told the Post. “Everybody would encourage him to consider it again.”

The report also notes that MSNBC host and former Republican congressman Joe Scarborough encouraged the crowd “to begin a ‘Draft Romney’ movement in 2016,” insisting that “this is the only person that can fill the stage.”

Such a movement now exists; more than 51,000 people have signed a petition urging Romney to run in the next election.

Despite all of this “Mittmentum,” the odds of a Romney run remain extremely long. Romney himself has repeatedly denied any interest in another White House bid, and after the long string of indignities he suffered during his two presidential campaigns, it’s easy to believe him.

Still, the “Draft Mitt” drive is undisputably a real and growing movement within the GOP. And that must be profoundly sad for Republicans.

For years, Republicans boasted of their “deep bench” of 2016 presidential contenders (a narrative that was eagerly embraced by the political media). But by 2014 the bench has been left, as Salon’s Joan Walsh deftly put it, “in splinters.” New Jersey governor Chris Christie entangled himself in “Bridgegate” as his state’s economy sank. Wisconsin governor Scott Walker is fending off ethics questions of his own, and is no longer even a safe bet to be re-elected in 2014. Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal boasts a 32 percent approval rating in his own state. Florida senator Marco Rubio’s clunky attempts to appeal to both sides of the GOP civil war left him detested by both. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is literally Democrats’ dream candidate. And former Viriginia governor Bob McDonnell is literally on his way to jail.

Of course, Romney has plenty of baggage of his own. He’s still the same stiff, sneering right-wing plutocrat who struggled to fight off the likes of Herman Cain and Rick Santorum before losing the general election by 126 electoral votes. In 2016, he’d face the added hurdles of age (at 69, he’d be tied with Ronald Reagan as the oldest president to ever enter the office), and the fact that it’s been nearly a decade since he’s held a job other than unsuccessfully running for president.

It’s not as though Republicans aren’t aware of Romney’s flaws; many of them vocally and repeatedly pointed them out in 2008 and 2012, when Romney still had a realistic shot at becoming president. That some are now crawling back to him when his odds would be longer than ever speaks volumes about the damaged state of the Republican Party.

Photo: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

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  • Ozboy

    This pretty much accentuates how totally clueless Chaffetz is about real world politics beyond the narrow little tin hat tea party Utah County, Utah that he represents. That of course is the most extreme right wing county in the whole USofA!
    I especially got a big laugh out of his comment about how the Mittster has accomplished everything he has ever set out to do! I guess poor Jason has forgot about the two biggest things that Mitt has failed to accomplish – his two efforts to become President only to lose out to a babbling old fool who still lives off his 40 year old war record, and some unknown, half black community organizer from Chicago!

    It isn’t easy living here in Utah amongst these wild and crazy tinhatters!

    • plc97477

      Utah must be pretty healthy because laughter is really the best medicine.

      • Independent1

        Maybe it’s that laughter that makes Utah the only red state with a longevity projection as old as age 80 (80.2 years).

        • Allan Richardson

          That and all the Mormons staying away from all those drinks, drugs, drags (of smoke) and demi-tasses and eating healthy. The good thing about Mormons and other fundamentalists is that they generally practice clean living. The bad thing is that they try to force other people to live exactly as they do.

          • jmprint

            Cancer doesn’t care how healthy you want to be ask Mrs. Mormon.

  • moelarryandjesus

    Reanimated Corpse Reagan is the way to go.

    • stcroixcarp

      I love it-Romney Zombie!

  • TZToronto

    If Mitt decides to run, he certainly won’t mention that 47% comment–but you can be sure the Democratic candidate will. Will he run on repealing the ACA–only to be met with the argument that it’s exactly what he created in Massachusetts? Oh well, he’ll have Karl Rove on his side, I guess, and we know how prescient he is.

    • Mark Forsyth

      Rove and his gang think that given enough money they can take a turd,paint it up,and make it fly.I doubt that any thinking people would fall for it.Rove has been to the well one too many times.

      • anthonyamerica

        Thank you for this comment;
        Rove is the geek the GOP listens to, receiving $250 million from the Koch bro’s to form a super pack, for Romney.
        You don’t put out that kind of money, unless your expecting a huge return on investments.
        The GOP only see greed and self reward.

        • Mark Forsyth

          Their money addiction corrupted them a long time ago.The Kochs are using them as pawns.

      • CherMoe

        It works for the Republicans, but the rest of the country, THANK GOD, don’t take their marching orders from Faux “news” and the radical religious right. THEY HAVE LOST WOMEN’S VOTES, the youth and the seniors! And, of course, the votes of the minorities wherever they’re still allowed to vote.

        • Mark Forsyth

          That is for sure,but saying that, it would seem that we would win hands down as well we should.But we will still need to get out the vote and make sure that the vote is not obstructed in those places where the people are close to being disenfranchised.

        • stcroixcarp

          But the GOP/Tea Party is out there dog whistling old white men with their coded racism. The white geezers are going to waddle into the voting booths and vote for whatever the GOP drags in.

          • bobnstuff

            They will three or four times.

          • Allan Richardson

            Not THIS old white geezer! I saw through their bovine digestive byproducts many years ago. Vote for Nunn, Carter, and any Democrat you can find, so we can TURN THE LIGHTS BACK ON IN GEORGIA!

      • Allan Richardson

        They did it for eight years!

  • Independent1

    The last candidate America needs is the king of the “snake oil salesmen”; a guy that couldn’t tell the truth if his life depended on it.

    • Mark Forsyth

      Constitutional incapability for rigorous honesty seems to run in that crowd.

  • latebloomingrandma

    Well, there’s always Rand Paul. Debates between him and Hillary would be very entertaining.

  • kingartie1

    The article reads like material for a SNL skit.

    “I think he will be the next president of the United States,” Chaffetz said. Then you should stop thinking. He wasn’t even an appropriate RECENT president of the United States.

    “Everybody realizes we’re devoid of leadership in DC,” top Republican fundraiser Harold Hamm told the Post — today’s candidate for First Place Hyperbole. Mr. Hamm should define “everybody.” Everybody in his church? In his country club? In his office? Also, he should define “leadership.” Does he mean leading us to another uber-expensive war that results in thousands of casualties that the Republican’ts try to deny sufficient money to care for? Leadership to more budget-disaster tax cuts for wealthy individuals and corporations? Leadership to make sure that every pregnant woman delivers a baby, some of whom may be recruited for future Republican’t wars?

    “this is the only person that can fill the stage.” — says Scarborough. Well at least he’s got that right. A Perry Rubio Christie smack down would generate less heat than an 8th grade spelling bee. Romney might make it all the way to college freshman economics.

    Please all you Republican’t brainiacs, do 200 million voters a favor and stop trying to figure out which homeboy is going to be the KochAdelsonGoldmanFox ass puppet. Liberals progressives don’t really mind someone with contrary ideas, we mind someone with PHONY, ARTIFICIAL, SYNTHETIC, CALCULATED contrary ideas. Nominate a free thinker or just stay home.

    • anthonyamerica

      Amen to that.

    • jmprint

      You tell them like it really is, good for you.

  • Grannysmovin

    I questioned Romney’s intention to run again when the photo of his family and their new adopted black grandchild on Romney’s lap – see I am not a racist. The photo of him standing on A line on April 14th – see I file my taxes – the photo shows no one behind him or what he actually had in his hand. My tax preparer files my electronically, does anyone really believe this man does not have his accountant file his tax return? He can not walk away from his 47% comment. In December 2012 during and interview – “He wanted to be president less than anyone I’ve met in my life. He had no desire … to run,” Tagg Romney said. Let’s just hope Romney is not considering a run again.

  • pmbalele

    GOP has selected Cleveland as chosen site to host the 2016 GOP presidential nominating convention. The decision is useless for GOP has tasteless candidate for the WH job. Would anybody in their mind really vote for Newt-adulterer; Rand Paul-so ugly, Paul Ryan-the pathological liar; Dr. Carson who does not brush his teeth; Herman Cain – underwear groper; Santorum-the American little pope, Ted Cruz-Castro’s nephew or Marco – hater of Latinos or Chris – the elephant? Not me. Even FoxNews little Jesus (Bill O’rielly) has stopped campaigning for Repubs. He is now campaigning
    for Hillary.

    • Mark Forsyth

      Careful with Hillary,she is very cozy with Monsanto and their Roundup ready GMO’s She will be required to divest herself of them should she decide to run but it won’t change her perspective.

      • Allan Richardson

        She would still be better than anybody with a name that ends in (R).

  • Dominick Vila

    I disagree with most Republican policy proposals, and a I find their record abhorrent, but I don’t think they are stupid. The GOP is not going to nominate the same loser twice. They are fully aware of the fact that nominating an elitist, a man with a corporate record that was offensive to most Americans, the man that beta-tested Obamacare, and a man who dismissed the needs of 47% of our population, contributed to their resounding loss in 2012.
    The GOP nominee in 2016 is likely to be a man with solid

    conservative credentials, relevant experience, and name recognition. I am convinced that the recent efforts to re-brand the Bush legacy is not an accident. The GOP is paving the way for a Jeb Bush nomination. Their only concern is Jeb’s Mexican wife.

    • pmbalele

      What did you say -Jeb’s Mexican wife is a GOP’s issue. If GOP
      hates Mexicans, Blacks, White women then who is going to vote for them in November this year and in 2016. I suggest we abolish GOP. Like a used car, GOP is a used party now.

    • DurdyDawg

      The only name that stood out for me in your description wasn’t another Bush but rather Jon Huntsman.. He’s got all those credentials but he’s not a corporate puppet so their best bet of taking the white house in 2016 will be eliminated by…. THEM! Nobody wants a rehash of 2012 and you can bet that Mittens will loosen that gigantic pie hole again and insult yet another major portion of Americans unless of course if Rove can learn to throw his voice instead of a fit.

      • Dominick Vila

        The Tea Party will never accept a centrist like Jon Huntsman. For them, he is a RINO. He would be an excellent Independent candidate, but without the big bucks that propel the candidacies of the nominees representing our major political parties he would not have a chance to win.
        The sad truth is that money dominates our political process and has corrupted our democracy.

        • DurdyDawg

          Ain’t THAT the truth! And if seems both parties are addicted to contributions and judge their wins and loses accordingly.. The Pubs believe it’s money that will get them elected and the Dems have the belief that if they don’t fight fire with fire then indeed the pubs will buy themselves in.. The pubs are totally wrong (see 2012 results) while the Dems are losing confidence in the average voter (yet this is exactly how they won in 2012). Sadly this trend will continue until some real advocates come in and eliminate the corporate machne called ‘people’.

  • anthonyamerica

    Proving once again; how much the 1% wants a complete take over of Washington; This is why the GOP makes laws favoring the 1% and does nothing in the way of creating good paying jobs for America.
    Billions spent trying to look like something there not.

  • CPAinNewYork

    The Republicans want to run Mitt Romney again? If they do, it will prove their disconnect from the American people. That reminds me of when they re-ran Thomas Dewey against Roosevelt and Truman in the 1940s. He got clobbered both times.

  • Patricia Robertson

    He will do again because he still there GREAT WHITE HOPE, this time he has to be Hillary Clinton. He couldn’t beat the black man so he have to beat the woman of all people, he has to beat the woman. The majority of the american people can’t let him down this time and give to a woman. You know Ann will be say how much they love the women and want the best for the women so vote for Mitt and let him continue to take all your rights from you. Mitt thinks the world owes him something because he is white and rich, not because he would be the better person for the job because he won’t, he don’t care about job, he just want the title and that all. He would be the puppet on a string, signing everything that comes in front of him and swear that he knew all about it until people start rioting in the street. om where

  • CherMoe

    YES, YES, YES!!! DO run Mitt and Hillary will CRUSH HIM so bad, he will crawl away with his family jewels between his legs, never to be heard from again. PLEASE … and team up Sarah Palin with him. Or Michele Bachmann!!

  • As you said, it says more about the G.O.P. than Mitt.

    In 2008, John McCain’s camp considered him for their V.P. choice, and for whatever reason, decided instead to go with the half-governor beauty queen who couldn’t even recite the name of one newspaper.

    In 2012, Romney, at one point or another, trailed behind everyone EXCEPT Ron Paul and John Huntsman, and the ONLY reason the Republicans who did vote for Romney was because they thought he could con Democrats into voting for him.

    Mitt Romney is their “Okay, good enough” candidate. He’s the one they all flee to when the sad effects of their stupidity and extremism become apparent to them. They have alienated everyone who had even a remote prayer of giving them the presidency again, and the only hope they have left now is to prop up a candidate whose only real accomplishment in the last ten years has been demonstrating that it is always possible to become even more phony than before.

    It probably looks appealing to them because they know that, because he’s so phony, Mitt Romney 2016 actually will be a different candidate than Mitt Romney 2012. Of course. Primary Mitt Romney 2016 will also be a different candidate than G.O.P. Nominee Mitt Romney 2016, just as they were in 2012.

    • Mark Forsyth

      Ya might say that they are down to scraping the crud off the bottom of the proverbial barrel.

  • ExRadioGuy15

    LMAO….(by the way: I call Chaffetz “Butthead” because he looks like a grown-up version of Butthead from “Beavis and Butthead”—-come on, admit it! You’ve noticed that, as well……LMAO)

    • neeceoooo

      agreed, haha

  • Sand_Cat

    Just what the GOP needs: a pathological liar running for office to enrich himself personally, as well as all his other obscenely wealthy cronies, while grinding his heal on the necks of the poor and middle classes.

  • Terri Pastorelli

    Well by all means, if Chaffetz and Rove think Mitt is going to be the next President, why even bother having an election. The only thing that would make Mitt running for President better would be if he had to have Palin as his running mate.

  • doninsd

    Mittens doesn’t have the ‘nads for it. He hates to lose, and he’s still whining over the last time. (See Germany vs. Argentina). I admit though, it would be fun. Can you see it now? ROMNEY/PAUL in 2016

  • DurdyDawg

    I usually join in on forum issues as soon as they become available but I slipped up on this particular one.. I just couldn’t stop laughing.