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Monday, October 24, 2016

On Solemn Anniversary, Dick Cheney Attacks Obama Over Bin Laden

On Solemn Anniversary, Dick Cheney Attacks Obama Over Bin Laden

Former Vice President Dick Cheney is once again attacking President Barack Obama’s national security record, this time on the 11th anniversary of the devastating terrorist attacks that took place on the Bush Administration’s watch.

Through a spokeswoman, Cheney told conservative website The Daily Caller that “If President Obama were participating in his intelligence briefings on a regular basis then perhaps he would understand why people are so offended at his efforts to take sole credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden.”

“Those who deserve the credit are the men and women in our military and intelligence communities who worked for many years to track him down,” he continued. “They are the ones who deserve the thanks of a grateful nation.”

As usual, in his rush to attack the president, Cheney skipped over the key facts. Obama has never claimed “sole credit” for the killing of bin Laden; as Media Matters for America points out, he has repeatedly thanked and praised the troops and intelligence officers who made the raid possible.

Furthermore, a key portion of Obama’s speech at last week’s Democratic convention was dedicated to thanking our servicemen and women. Republican nominee Mitt Romney made no such gesture — something that Cheney wouldn’t know, as he did not make the trip to Tampa (much to the relief of his fellow Republicans.)

That Cheney would attempt to use intelligence briefings as a weapon to attack President Obama — on September 11th, of all days — is especially outrageous. As Kurt Eichenwald revealed in a New York Times op-ed, the Bush White House received repeated briefings about an imminent al Qaeda attack in the months leading up to September 11th, culminating with the infamous memo titled “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.” Despite these increasingly alarmed warnings, Cheney and his cohorts did nothing.

Perhaps if Cheney and President Bush had better participated in their intelligence briefings, we wouldn’t be mourning the loss of 3,000 Americans today.

Photo credit: AP/Manuel Balce Ceneta, File

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  • Once again Cheney is trying to rewrite history. He and Bush will go down in history as the do nothing administration that assisted in the death of all the people on 911.

    • carsrus

      Bull S–T!

      • Nice argument you make there, carsus. Well though out, well spoken, I don’t know how any 3rd grader could ever debate you.

      • browninghipower

        Oh please blow it out your ass and then place your head up there.

      • mrbristle

        F-OFF loser!

  • Yes, idiot, and Obama has praised repeatedly the work that was done by our military. You, though, were sitting right there when 9/11 was about to happen and were so wrapped up in yourself you and Bushy boy refused to listen to the warnings you were given. Shut your fat lip, stay home and do no further harm to this country.

    • i so agree with that cheney needs to go and hide in a hole he is an angry old man and very hateful he needs God in his life

      • barbarahugh

        I so agree too !! He got a new heart and a second chance in life do something good for the human race Cheney GET LOST !!!! With the new heart grow love and peace so you can be a more loving person . President Obama is my President and
        unfortunate yours too , President Obama do not need you as a person that is so hateful to everybody but yourself .

      • Cheney needs The FEAR of God in his life.

      • He sure does especially with his heart condition. He’s an evil man I always thought more evil than Bush.

        • Cheney is infinitely more evil than Bush. Bush is stupid! Plain and simple. Cheney was an evil-minded manipulator of Bush’s stupidity.

        • S.J. Jolly

          The Republican bosses imposed a condition to GW Bush running for POTUS — that he be harnessed to a right-wing warhorse, Dick Cheney.

      • marriea

        He has already forsaken God. He is now the devil’s child; hell he has probably already overthrown the devil. He will have good company with Adolph Hitler, Attlia the Hun….

      • Maybe so, but it would seem that GOD has abandoned Cheney on account of his wickedness. Why else would he be so miserable and defiant a liar one heart murmur away from his grave.

    • my words exactly

    • Cheney Needs To Take Romney On One Of His Famous Hunting Trips!! Then After That Is Done I’m Will To Buy Cheney A One Way Ticket Overseas!! LOL Kill Two Birds With One Stone!! FUCK Cheney!!!

      • Edsanjuan

        Fernie girl: “FUCK Cheney”??!! Where’s the hypocrites at DISQUS (the “reviewers”) that allow such language ??
        Then again, what can we expect from you, Fernie girl??
        Tsk, tsk, tsk ….

        • Fuck You And There’s A Banana Boat Waiting To Take Your Ass Back to Wherever You Came From Tea Bagging Bitch!!!

          • Edsanjuan

            No, Fernie girl: You take the banana on that “banana boat” taking you to hell … and stick it up your ass. LOL !!

          • Tell It To Your Mother Tea Bagging Bitch!!

          • Fernie baby: You are such a pathetic moron !!

          • No It’s Your Mother That Is A Ignorant Bitch Just Like Your Stupid Ass!! Little Tea Bagging Fag Ass BITCH!!

          • LOL You Still Only Have 77 Likes After 210 Comments Can’t You See You bring Nothing Here With Your Trolling Little Banana Boat Tea Bagging Bitch!!! LOL

          • Why You Keep Trying To Talk To Me Is Amazing When You Know I’m Just Going To Cuss Your Ass Out!! LOL You Just Stupid!!

          • You Just A Little Sissy That’s Why You Only Try And Bully Women Take Your Fag Ass Back To Where You come From Little Tea Bagging BITCH BOY!! You Can’t Bully ME!!

          • Fernie Stupid: You are a pathetic MORON !! LOL …

      • grammyjill

        He could take Palin,Ryan and a few others along too!

  • highpckts

    Look at his face!! Where are the fangs! He is such pond scum! I didn’t like him when he was in office and I like him even less now!

    • Edsanjuan

      highpckts: I see you are as “elegant” as always, huh ?

  • LOL! Dick Cheney should be in prison! If Bush had kept his eye on the ball, he would have gotten Bin Laden! Go away and hide in a hole somewhere Dick Traitor! 9/11 happened on YOUR WATCH and you did nothing to capture Bin Laden. Go away angry old man!

    • carsrus

      Obama and Holder WILL be in prison!

      • rustacus21

        For the person who, in 2001, was ‘SUPPOSE TO BE’ in charge of the anti-terrorism task force & who habitually dismissed & ignored one Richard Clarke (read about it in “Against All Enemies…”), he’s the last person positioned to criticize ‘decision-making’ when his was ‘absent’ at THE most crucial moment in our nations recent history! & while neither person named above “CARSRUS”, has been indicted, Cheney currently & his boss, along w/others of ‘THAT’ administration have international arrest warrants pending, for ‘REAL’, ‘ACTUAL’ war crimes. The ‘charges’ against the President & Attorney General are fabrications of racist dementia, propagated by the Fox network. Some children will believe anything…

      • Justin Napolitano

        Carsus, your back spouting BS, like you always do. I have your check ready so you don’t need to write any more. Yours truly RNC.

      • patuxant

        Don’t think so dummy…

      • oldtack

        Fox News – 2,422 comments
        Washington Post – 1045 comments
        The rest of your time is probably spent listening to Limbaugh or Ingram.

        As for the five time draft dodger Cheney – I think the person that approved a heart transplant for this cowardly bastard should be lynched.

        • DenZu

          To have a heart transplant, you have to have had a heart… Cheney never did.

        • Edsanjuan

          oldtack: You are almost (not quite) as foul-mouthed as Fernie WoodCock….

          • Your Mother Asshole Tea Bagging Bitch!!

          • Edsanjuan

            Fernie, my dear girl: I was not talking tp you. I was talking to old_tack because he still has half a brain, while you only have a pea for a brain. So you, Fernie WoodCock, shut up that big, UGLY mouth of yours…. LOL…

          • But I’m Talking To You Tea Bagging Fag Ass BITCH!!! Go Fuck Yourself In The Ass Bitch!!

          • Fernie: Go and do that to your mother, you stupid MORON !!

          • Stupid Little Fag Ass Tea Bagging Banana Boat BITCH!!!

          • Dear Fernie: Learn English, you fucking MORON !!

        • grammyjill


      • Ummyeahsure. Right after Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld are tried for war crimes in Geneva.

      • ronlar

        IDT so!



    • TZToronto

      I hope, for his sake, that Cheney has a list of countries he shouldn’t travel to. There are plenty who are ready to arrest him as a war criminal.

    • ralphkr

      Uh, Stella53, have you forgotten that when Bush was asked about the status of the hunt for Osama Bin Laden that he replied that he neither knew nor cared to know where Bin Laden is. I don’t if that was because Bush was close friends with the Bin Ladens (the plane flying them to safety out of the US was the only one allowed in the air while all other civilian craft were grounded) or because Bush was completely fixated on Saddam Hussein. You know, I do wish that Bush had just been honest and told the US that he was gonna git Saddam because Saddam had tried to kill Daddy (that I can agree with) and not come up with the BS about WMDs.

    • The Fact Is He Wasn’t Looking For Bin Laden 9/11 Just Open Up A New Door To Hoard As Much Money As They Could !! We Still Would Be Looking For Weapons Of Mass Destruction If The GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Had Won The White House!!!

    • He Will Be As Soon As Him And Bush Leave The USA!!! They Are Waiting For Both Of Them!!

  • the head of the bush cartel needs to keep a low profile, in case america does a real investigation into his shenanigans on 9/11. the statute of limitations might not be up!

    • suddencall

      Sooner the better. Should have already been , but people won’t support the Obama administration and Obama has had his hands tied for the 4 years that should have done for the republicans responsible for this black opp.The voters seem to be begging , to be refugees . So before long Mexico will be welcoming them and their measly lives will never be the same. finally they will live the way they deserve to live. .

  • and if Clinton didn’t let obozo go, maybe 9-11 wouldn’t have happened either.

    • What the hell are you talking about. Barry Levy it’s President Obama, got it. not obozo. You are not posting on Liberty, have some respect or stay off.

      • Edsanjuan

        Mary: Do you mean “respect” as in the “respect” being shown to ex-Vice President Dick Cheney on this cesspool of useful idiots, or do you mean some other kind of respect like the one shown to our National flag by Odumbo and Moochie ?

    • fastfootedd

      If your for the Republicans and will vote for them no matter what their crazy plateform is and who they have running to lead our country well than your an idiot. Nit and Lying would be worse for our country than the duel of Bush and Cheney, which is hard to imagine any worse than they were. I’ve made my selections on what they bring to the American People not based on my party affilations. We can not afford another Bush/Cheney i.e Nit and Lying in the office. Obama has done an incredible job with what he had – FACT – the republicans have stone walled his every move to get our people back to work in order to make him a “One term President” stated by the majority leader of the house (republican) To me that should be considered TREASON!!! Despite their efforts the REAL DATA show the country has been moving in the right direction. We would have been in much better shape FASTER had the Republicans bothered to get out of the way. We need to move in one direction and not scrap the current leadership and go back to policies that got us in this mess in the first place.

    • DukeDacat

      Again, this says it all………….
      “That Cheney would attempt to use intelligence briefings as a weapon to attack President Obama — on September 11th, of all days — is especially outrageous. As Kurt Eichenwald revealed in a New York Times op-ed, the Bush White House received repeated briefings about an imminent al Qaeda attack in the months leading up to September 11th, culminating with the infamous memo titled “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.” Despite these increasingly alarmed warnings, Cheney and his cohorts did nothing”.

  • He is the ultimate politician – that comes from a party that claims to hate politicians. They are so good at throwing a verbal bomb when one isn’t warranted. Why do people listen to this POS! He deserves no respect – he failed on 9/11 & outed a CIA operative & he is saying the current President doesn’t respect the Intelligence Officers? Why don’t interviewers just laugh at him, when he says these things. He has zero credibility.

  • I guess I missed the part where obozo told us that he got Bin Laden, when navy seals didn’t even want to say who took the shot.

    And then there was obozo talking about his military, It isn’t his, it is the military that serves and protects the USA, and he is a temporary leader of those forces, and should never forget that,

    • Barry, the reason the Seals do not give out the information on who took out Osama Bin Laden is for their own safety. By writing the book, the writer made a clear assessment of the situation and decided that our President has so defanged the enemy that it is safe to come out of protective cover. Again, it was for the money. Something that would have been unthinkable under Cheney (recall the outing of a CIA agent under Cheney). It must have been galling to live under Bush and realize that he was making so much money off the Saudis that Bin Laden had political immunity but that changed under a real president not interested in economic alliances with the enemy.

    • metrognome3830

      Yeah, I think you miss out on a lot of things, Barry.

    • DukeDacat

      One more time Levy….. Again, this says it all………….
      “That Cheney would attempt to use intelligence briefings as a weapon to attack President Obama — on September 11th, of all days — is especially outrageous. As Kurt Eichenwald revealed in a New York Times op-ed, the Bush White House received repeated briefings about an imminent al Qaeda attack in the months leading up to September 11th, culminating with the infamous memo titled “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.” Despite these increasingly alarmed warnings, Cheney and his cohorts did nothing”.

  • Dick Cheney can suck it!!!

  • WOW!!!!!! coming from the administration that sat around for 8 years and did nothing to capture Bin Laden and who sent innocent Men and Women to Iraq for no damned good reason except OIL. Cheney and Bush should be behind bars not pointing their dirty fingers at anyone else!!!!!!

  • Mark Ginn

    What amazes me is that some nutjob hasn’t capped his ass. Maybe there’s just not that many of them that are Liberals. And the right calls the Prez “Evil”? What a joke.

  • Just another cheap shot — not surprising when you consider the source: a man so evil his own heart has tried to kill him four times.

    • Nice… I wonder where he got that new heart… it keep poking in his chest. This man that shot his friend in the face, is EVIL!!!

      • Edsanjuan

        Eddie: What a disappointment that your name is also Eddie !
        It has been a while since I last read such a stolid, ignorant and abhorrent comment as yours: “This man that shot his friend in the face, is EVIL!!!”
        What an awful and stupid thing to say!!
        SHAME on you, Eddie !!

  • Teddy Parker

    He continues to discuss the military, how ironic in that he sought and received approximately five deferments to avoid the military during the Viet Nam war. How pathetic…

    • Dmullins84

      I’m a retired military man and unlike most of my military friends purely despise the man. Unfortunately the Military votes approximately 65 -75 % Conservative. Why i’ll never know.

    • oldtack

      Right on! As a veteran – I would like to meet Cheney in an alley -one on one.

      • Edsanjuan

        oldtack: You can not resist making your pathetic comments and concocting your sad diatribes.
        If Cheney and you met in an alley …. BOTH of you would get a heart attack before throwing the first punch !!
        So, lighten up, everybody! This “forum” reeks of hatred: hatred towards other people that do not share your views, hatred towards conservatives, hatred towards “rich” people (especially this one !!)
        What a shame …

        • grammyjill

          I have a damn good reason to hate that S.O.B. He sent my child to war so his company could get more money.

          • grammyjill: That’s pure, unadulterated BULLSHIT and you know it !
            You only THINK that’s what happened because that way you can have somebody to hate (your own words) for sending your child to war.
            I rest my case: This cesspool of leftists reeks of pure hate (in all kinds and flavors) towards everybody that does not agree with you useful idiots or does not hate the people you hate.
            And the Divider-in-Chief has succeeded in creating class warfare and class hatred so he can “divide and conquer”, but on November 6th he will get his skinny fanny beaten so badly …

          • grammyjill

            You believe what you want. But Cheney’s company Haliburton got alot more money because of that war, FACT. There were no WMD’s, FACT. Instead of protecting the US, which they did have the info about, they went after Iraq, FACT. My son now has PTSD because of Iraq, FACT. I hate that lowlife heartless scum for personal reasons, FACT. Our president is not trying to start a class war, just trying to get Clinton tax base back in. People like you and Romney are turning it into class war. I don’t mind rich people. Know a few, nice people, they can’t stand Romney either. They think he should be looked at under a microscope.

          • Edsanjuan

            grammyjill: I rest my case. You admit that: “I hate that lowlife heartless scum for personal reasons, FACT.” Cheney had NOTHING to do with your son’s PTSD, in the same way that Obama has NOTHING to do with any returning soldier’s PTSD.
            Get your biased head straight and get the hate out of your heart. It will damage only you, and not Cheney.
            THIS is what is true about what you said: ” Our president is not trying to start a class war…” ; you are correct: Obama is not “trying” any more; he already succeeded at that and now he leaves it to his useful idiots (who really, really think that you can make “poor” people rich by making “rich” people poor) to propagate hate towards “the rich”.

            P.S. – Your other obtuse comment: “Know a few, [rich] nice people, they can’t stand Romney either. ”
            Grammy, that is such a LAME comment, come on !! What woulld you say if I came back with this (also) lame comment: “I know a few black people, very nice and good friends, and they can’t stand Obama either”
            You see ??!!!
            Oh, brother !!

  • If Chenney and is buddy George would have stayed awake on the job especially after they recieved info and warnings concerning the coming attacks they may not have even happened ….but instead you ignored that warning all in an effort to build up to attack Iraq…..Desmond Tutu was right, Chenney along with Bush ought to by tried as war criminals…….its a safe bet if they were leaders of some country other than than the USA they would be…….

  • dellmartin

    Cheney is as evil as they come. For him to try to portray President Obama in a negative light when it was Cheney and his lapdog W who were the ones that had an opportunity to prevent 9/11 from ever happening, is beyond despicable.

  • Elsa

    I have just one word for Cheney – Liar

  • Dick Moron Cheney, he has never taken sole credit, those are your words. Just like your company who robbed the American Tax Payer throughout the Iraq war. You want to see just what t low life Dick Cheney is, google “Iraq for Sale” you will see how Halliburton and KBR did little to protect our military and stole from our government. It is told throught the eyes of the people who served. I believe in my heart Dick Cheney created this war just to make himself and his friend rich and if you watch that movie and not feel the same way, then you have your head in the sand. President Obama has praised our military and those who went in to get Bin Laden again and again!!!!!

  • fastfootedd

    Man I thought this guy had a change of heart ;)’ and by the way – how and the hell did he even get heart transplant at his age and so fast. Once again, it’s all about the money – the rules don’t apply to those with many dollars. I wonder who he paid off to jump to the top of the list Satan his father. This guy should have been tossed into prison in his earlier years wit hwhat he had done – it is truly amazing he could even get into politics let a lone become Vice President. He is EVIL.

  • Mendacious popaganda. Vintage Cheney.

  • Dick if you and george and that bitch condi and karl had read your daily briefings the twin towers would still be there so shut the f up you weasel! You and george and cond and rummy and karl all should have been sent to prison to rot you filthy demented old ahole so you should thank obama he didnt pursue treason charges against your lame ass. Now go have a heart attack!

  • fgrammit

    seems like getting a heart transplant has not chnaged him any he is still cold heart scum. He should have gotten a brain transplant

  • fastfootedd

    He’s not called DICK Cheney for nothing.

  • The only reason the Bush/Cheney presidency is mad is because our president decided that their business deals with the Bib Laden clan and the Saudi Government were unethical, unlike the previous administration. As an oil man, Cheney must have hated saying good bye to all those oil credits when their arrangement to keep Bin Laden safe collapsed.

  • One would think that since Cheney was recently given a life-saving gift of a heart transplant that he would use it to guide his thoughts. Guess his mind is so evil that it has overcome any goodness that might come from that new heart. Wonder who died so this mean-spirited war criminal can continue to spew his vile lies?

  • shadowg

    Navy Seals deserve some credit ,and of course, the Commander and Chief, President Obama deserve credit for Killing Bin Laden.

  • There is a reason they are reluctant to travel abroad — and it ain’t an aversion to the French. The could be seized at any moment and dragged off to the Hague. That would be both justice and entertaining….

  • jarheadgene

    DICK CHENEY….WHAT A TROLL YOU ARE…..IF, if , if. You say! AS IF you have anything enlightening to share with The President. You DRAFT DODGING insignificant CHICKEN HAWK!
    You still have a chance…….R E P E N T for the kingdom of heaven is at hand ! Even your new heart shows no mercy, no character, no soul. You are still heartless, you are scum of the earth, you greedy little DESPOT ! You had your day in the sun, You can do one of two things ….. REPENT, realize the loss and grief you have caused this country and beg it’s forgiveness for being such an honest to GOD Piece of S**T and ask GOD to forgive you for your sins against the USA and against HIM, and live the rest of your life trying to help all those in need. Leave nothing, spend yourself before ALMIGHTY GOD all your money all your power all your body, spend it for your immortal prize ! OR……… Just go back to the rock you crawled out from under, in Wyoming and wait for your judgement. NO ONE wants to hear from you again unless it is in apology.

  • Blah, Blah, Blah..

    Cheney would LIKE to take credit for Osama Bin Laden, but he can’t…

    Wah, Wah, Wah there, bullsh*tting “Deadeye Dick” Cheney….

    Just ANOTHER repubican whiner folks…

    Nothing to see here…

    Nuff Said..

  • Today, NPR reported yet another book detailing how the CIA warned the Bush administration and how Bush’s handlers dismissed those warnings in favor of blandishments from DoD. I cannot blame Bush for ignoring what his handlers deleted from the daily briefing.

    I can, however, blame him for selecting such incompetent, yet self-important handlers including Cheney and for lacking both the curiousity and the wisdom to seek independent input.

  • DenZu

    I hope Cheney stays in the limelight… Every time he opens his mouth it reminds us and I hope those who defended the wrongful attack on Iraq of how incompetent the Bush administration was….
    As for taking credit for missions of war, Dick should be reminded of W’s fighter jet landing on the aircraft carrier with his pompous attitude and ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner in the background…
    A boy with his toy putting good American lives at stake.

    • Randall Marlowe

      It was not a fighter jet but a Navy Transport Plane, C-2 I think. Randall J, Marlowe, Buenos Aires. Since he was in the USAF reserves and i think he was a pilot, the Navy was never going to let him fly one of their Carrier Planes!! Randall J. Marlowe, Buenos Aires

      • DenZu

        It doesn’t matter what plane he was occupying… It was his chest pumping attitude that he completed the Iraq mission …. A prefabricated war resulting
        in unnecessary deaths, a trillion $ spent and thousands of new jihad members willing to attack us…..
        Bush and Cheney were an embarrassment and while Bush hides in Crawford with no GOP willing to bring him in this election process, Cheney continues to say vile things…. There’s a room in hell waiting for him when his latest heart gives out.

  • hopsing001

    All they can do is attack since they have nothing to bring to the table but things they was left unsaid or hid. After all, it was on Bush’s watch that 911 happened. Was he skipping anything, maybe like a brain. After all he got us into a war that has now lasted longer than any other war and cost billions of dollars. Cheney needs a brain refresher course. He is way past being sensible or intelligent.

  • Dick Cheney is pure evil incarnate. Saying President Obama didn’t kill bin Laden is like saying Hitler never killed any Jews…

  • endive2012

    The man has no shame. Are we sure he wasn’t lobotomized while he was getting his heart transplant?

  • JohnThorpe

    How does he get these messages out from his “i’m hiding from the bad guys, just like I hid from Vietnam” concrete bunker?

  • angloir

    This man is an arrogant ass. He trumpets his patriotism yet avoided any military service. He waves a big flag but has a “No Fly” zone and almost military style protection around his home. He has government pensions, private pensions, government medical care but opposes it for anyone else. Lastly, how did he get a heart and what deserving individual lost out to him? Kick all these people out…send them to a camp somewhere. I understand that the Federal Government has a very good one in West Florida.

  • Cheney; give it up and retire, for good!

  • Cheney; give it up and retire, for good

  • I thought he died months ago.

  • Hey Dick – NO ONE’S LISTENING.

  • Dick Cheeney is as bad as Bush , Rommey and Ryan alway blaming others

  • Adi Boru

    I hate this old big ass and his stinking mouth !!!

  • Stay tuned Fox news is about to do some more brain washing for you.

  • The fact that the Bush Cheney admistration ALLOWED the 9/11 attacks to occur in the first place. Then they go Ron Artest and declare war on the wrong person and country failing to capture Bin Laden giving up the chase before the end of the first term says that he is either senile or just a damned liar.

  • Evildoers such as Dick (lying) Cheney will have their day of reckoning.

  • Chrysippus

    Why in the world is this has-been, Dick Cheney, given any credence? He is responsible for the deaths of thousands of American servicemen and women, and has visited carnage on perhaps a million or more innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan. Why doesn’t he just go away, and take his snarling visage out of my sight?

  • imaware

    first u blame the intel community for so called faulty info concerning “weapons of mass destruction” and now u give them high praise?


    I don’t know why people always called Dick Cheney “Darth Vader”…just look at him. He’s clearly Emperor Palpatine.

  • coxel

    Trying to make a political move on this day , what a Dick Head..

  • tommoulton

    If it went wrong he would get the Blame for that! So what about the Credit? It seems with the Republicans, things only matter ONE WAY!!!!!

  • Michelle Hackler

    What right does Cheney have to say anything about how President Obama runs his white house after the mess Bush and Cheney left the country in when their administration ended. Instead of dealing with bin Laden Cheney and Bush chose to invade Iraq and occupy the country, when it had nothing to do with 9/11. Obama has dealt with bin Laden and he is no longer a problem. The rest of the terrorists have to be dealt with in a way that makes them fear to use their methods against us and the rest of the world. But we cannot invade countries to do this. It may have to be on a drone by drone basis hopefully with the permission of the country where the terrorist resides. If the country does not cooperate then the terrorist will be dealt with depending on the threat he poses without the countries permission. But invasions are a thing of the past. Lying to invade a country like Bush and Cheney did should never happen. Nuclear weapons in the hands of Iran and North Korea are more of a problem for Russia and China, then they are for us and Israel. An atomic war in the Middle East would be a disaster for everyone involved. All of these countries major population centers are in a very small concentrated areas of each country. The delivery of two or three atomic weapons would destroy to each country involved would destroy it and make its land unlivable for hundreds of years. Right now Pakistan has nuclear weapons and it could use these against Israel even if Iran doesn’t have the weapons. This atomic war could spill over into Russia. The same with North Korea having atomic weapons. An unstable North Korea using atomic weapons could spill over into China and disrupt its economic sphere of influence. The resulting radiation could spill over into China’s urban and rural areas. Again our nuclear might can make North Korea a waste land. China and Russia need to see that it is in their best interest that Iran and North Korea do not have atomic weapons because their nuclear power is more of a threat to them than to us.

  • Macthegent

    This ungrateful bastard Cheney is a peace of bad work. It is so obvious in his treks in news reports, he is attempting to give President Bush credit for the Bin Ladin killing. It is so outrageous what this guy Cheney is up to. Even, when President Bush said himself, ‘he was not worried about Bin Laden and where he was. Plus, in the Republican convention, attempts were made by Bush’s brother Jeb Bush. When he lied and said, ‘my brother kept us safe’. What was he talking about, when did 9/11 happen? What Cheney should be worrying about at this time is, when he dies and goes to hell,which he surely will go. Will he go to hell a second time as a result of the new heart transplant that sustained his life? For all of the turmoil and distruction he has perpertrated on this world and this country. Going to hell for him once is not nearly enough. The devil could not punish him enough with one visit there alone, two times for him in hell would partly do the job. Take notice Cheney, the devil is waiting, and don’t keep him waiting too long. He has a special pot heated and steaming for you………………….You are so deserving…………………………..Mac

    • TZToronto

      He’s not going to hell. He’s just going to be dead, dead, dead. Just like the rest of us. Mark Twain said that we should lives our lives in such a way that even the undertaker will be sad when we die. Can Cheney claim that he has lived a worthy life? Oh, he’ll say that he has, but he hasn’t. Instead of doing good, he’s done as much bad as he could possibly do. . . . I’m only sad that the heart he received could have been used to save some more worthy person.

  • Pierre Del Prato

    Sour grapes from a man who, had Bin Laden be dealt with on his watch, would still be crowing about it today all these years later. Mr Cheney may have received a donated heart but he is still
    consumed by anger, bitterness, hate and anger all of which are eating at his soul. Pray for him. God knows he sure needs it.

  • hsieh4145

    this teleprompter-in-chief did try to get sole credit for the killing of Osama. Cheney is 100% correct on his comment about this incompetent-in-chief. Many people forgot that liberal Clinton was given many chances to kill the Osama, but he chose to bypass it. Stop blaming the Cheney and Bush.

    • DukeDacat

      hsich you might want to read……….. Again, this says it all………….
      “That Cheney would attempt to use intelligence briefings as a weapon to attack President Obama — on September 11th, of all days — is especially outrageous. As Kurt Eichenwald revealed in a New York Times op-ed, the Bush White House received repeated briefings about an imminent al Qaeda attack in the months leading up to September 11th, culminating with the infamous memo titled “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.” Despite these increasingly alarmed warnings, Cheney and his cohorts did nothing”.

      • hsieh4145

        Stop citing extreme liberal news media as your supporting argument. Use your brain. When you use liberal op-ed to argue liberal’s view, you already makes yourself sounding unwise. Did you know Clinton was offered many chances to kill the Osama? What is your opinion about Clinton’s negligence?

        • johninPCFL

          Look in the mirror. Well, nevermind. Your brain’s obviously gone.

          • Edsanjuan

            johninPCFL and hsieh4145: When these liberal (useful) idiots like johninPCFL and so many others on this cesspool can not refute an argument like the one put forth by hsieh4145, they AUTOMATICALLY answer with: ” never mind. Your brain’s obviously gone.”
            hsieh4145: this is the best they can come up with, you know why? Because these are retards that never allow facts to get in the way of their pre-conceived opinions …

          • johninPCFL

            Yeah, “use your brain” is just too much to expect from hsieh4145, or apparently for you. His arguments are basically “Clinton didn’t invade the wrong country like Bush did, and that was bad.”

            So, Clinton avoids invading the wrong country, lying to the country about it, and sends 70 cruise missiles to kill OBL (before OBL did the WTC and became the most wanted man in the world.) But he didn’ start a war so that was bad.

            Clinton informed GWB about the chatter from the intelligence community. GWB ignored it. That’s his choice. The chatter continues, the volume and intensity increases, and GWB continues to ignore it, even ignoring the daily intelligence briefings about it. That, also was his choice. Clinton shot misiles at OBL, GWB continued to bow to and kiss his relatives as Cheney led them through the WH setting up our “energy policy”. Google “bush saudi kiss” and take your pick from among the 4,000,000 matches.

            Then, when the attack occurs he keeps reading “My Pet Goat” instead of saying something like “kids, something important has come up and I have to leave”. Then, after Valerie Plame’s husband makes hash of his claims that Iraq has uranium, he publishes her name to the world. How many “assets” (i.e. people in foreign countries that we rely on for internal knowledge that happened to know Plame) were then murdered so GWB could get his approval from daddy by invading Iraq?

      • What you say is true and on point, however you are basically talking to the braying jackass scratching himself on the farm fence.

    • I’ll just assume you’re drunk. Or high. Or both. Easier that way.

  • hsieh4145

    this teleprompter-in-chief did try to get sole credit for the killing of Osama. Cheney is 100% correct on his comment about this incompetent-in-chief. Many people forgot that liberal Clinton was given many chances to kill the Osama, but he chose to bypass it. Stop blaming the Cheney and Bush.

    • johninPCFL

      Ah, bullshit. Every time Obama speaks about it he gives full credit to the men who risked their lives to carry out the command.

      At least Clinton sent 70 cruise missiles at binLaden, BEFORE he murdered 3000 Americans. GWB and crew never even tried AFTER the murders. Look up ToraBora, dumbass.

  • Bud

    Why is this guy so full of hate?

  • jazznj

    Won’t we EVER be rid of this guy? I hope every night when he lays his empty head on his pillow that he thinks of the thousands of young Americans he and George Bush sent to their deaths in two useless wars and almost devastated this country with their unpaid wars and taxes for the rich, that he – and now Bain Mittens Romney – now have the pure unadulterated gull to attempt to shift blame to President Obama. It will take decades for this country to recover – if it ever does – from the damage Cheney and Bush brought upon this nation.

  • Looks like Cheney is living up to his nickname: TURDBLOSSOM

  • ChristoD

    This is the same asshole who made all the decisions for Dubya for two plus years. Dubya was the decider my ass. He should be tried for high crimes and misdemeaners and dereliction of duty for the death and maiming of thousands of American and so-called coalition troups and Iraqi’s. In addition he is the jerk who when told that the National Debt was becoming astronomical on Dubya’s watch stated that we just print more money. By the way Tricky Dick(head), how come you dipsticks didn’t get Bin Laden on YOUR watch ?

    This guy is beyond pathetic. I KNOW he will rot in hell when it is your turn to meet our maker. He is a pathetic excuse for a human being

  • 95photos

    I wonder if the gag order could apply to a Vice President. The more that idiot opens his mouth, it makes it obvious that is why our country went from a wonderful place to live in under Clinton and a disaster under Cheney’s administration with Bush as his puppet.

  • Cheney, along with Bush and his other White House buds from that time, should have their faces on an international post office wall as WANTED. I can’t help but think they knew damned well in advance that something like 9/11 would happen and they let it happen so they could go to war. They should all be tried for war crimes in the Hague.

    • Dmullins84

      And to stop and think, the State of Florida gave us all this problem by voting that A** Hole into office assisted by the Supreme Court. Actually I still believe the election was stole. Had not we gotten them rotten Bastards elected this country would be much better off today. Look out people you are on the road to vote two more Conservatives snakes who will be out to make a name, and we’ll be in another war the first year they are in office if they win. They already are on their way and given a good start with Clint Eastwood and his empty chair.

  • Ray

    Once again a prominent Republican proves beyond a shadow of doubt that he is completely out of touch with reality.

  • What do you expect from a low class low life like Cheney. Thanks for the Medicare part D I now have to pay for a** w***.

  • What a douche-bag!!

  • 1Mel2

    Cheney is desperate to resurrect his dreadful failure as the leader of the first a W. Bush administration. Is it possible that any thinking American can take his new diatribes seriously.

  • noelster1

    Mr Cheney has cost this country dearly. It is certainly time for him to disappear.

  • ryueire

    Cheney shut your effing gob, if you werent the greedy wealthy entitled vice prick that you are you would have died long ago of a heart attack. A villainous and f*#king traitorous moron! No heart no guts. Just garbage.

  • mack5485

    Obama did something you bums never did. Jealous?

  • Can we still try him as the traitor he is?

  • Maeve152

    Go back to Hell Cheney. You wouldn’t know the truth about anything even if it hit you in the face. You were warned about the attack but you were probably too busy to read your messages or to listen to your aides. Guess you were out on a hunting trip. Your best bet is to go take a nap or weave a basket. You were a loser with your pals Rumsfeld and G.W. Bush and you still are a loser. A war based on a lie is what you will be remembered for….just be greatful you weren’t shot for treason. You have to take responsibility for the tragedy of 9/11. Pointing the finger at someone else just doesn’t work. Unbelievable!!!

  • “Failed VP jealous of relatively successful President. News at 11.”

  • cyndi2c41

    It is so sad the way that hatred keeps showing its ugly head. We have another 100 years to put behind us before we get it right. Cheney and others like him got all the advantages, and should be showing the high road to take but insist on a low road into he…

  • Chetthejet

    You were warned ahead of time that something big was going to happen, and you chose to ignore it. We have been safe since Pres. Obama took office, and he had the courage to issue the order to get Bin Laden, and he has repeatedly given credit to the brave men who killed him. You need to keep out of the business of the United States, especially since we had the mos devastating attack in our country since Pearl Harbor while you were n office. You are also the one who shot your friend in the face! You should have been tried for war crimes like the UN wanted to do. You are disgusting! You are no longer in power(thank God), just keep your stupid thoughts to yourself.

  • How does a war criminal get such publicity in the United States of America. He needs to be jailed, tried, convicted, and sent to guantanamo.

  • Fairplay4

    The man received a new heart from a generous donor but he continues his old nasty ways. What a waste of a good heart.

  • Cheney was a full participant in what turned to be the 8 year destruction plan of the Bush Administration for the United States of America.

  • Does he have any top teeth???…..Can’t stand his lear or his politics!
    The DNC doesn’t need to spend any money producing any anti-Republican commercials…
    Just periodically place photos of Cheney and Bush on social network pages and television!

  • dick chaney is a jerk…i hope he dies soon

    • Edsanjuan

      Maryann FLAKE: Lady, your name is very appropriate because you ARE a “flake” !!!
      BUT, much more than that, you are an asshole and a heartless moron for uttering words that, even on this cesspool called “The Memo”, would only be uttered by one “Fern Woodfork” (look her up!).
      Shame on you for your mindless, moronic “I hope he dies soon”.
      SHAME, SHAME on you, stupid idiot !!

  • Dick Cheney is a jerk, he doesn’t deserve the air he breathes…I hope his new heart gives out and we are rid of him for sure

  • adriancrutch

    That was the IDEA! Let it happen… Now we’re up to our ass in war debt. Cheney’s spokeswoman is his nurse who was changing his diaper during the rant! Bush had a bloodred frosting YELLOW CAKE to commemerate 9/11.

  • I think dick channey LOOKS EVIL HE JUST NEED`S SUM HORNS.

  • mack5485

    You and your cohorts let America down. It is much tool late to create a diversion to possibly overshadow your negligence, ineptitude and failures to get the job done the first time around. It should never have happened. If you had done your job right and listened to the intelligence, we would not be mourning today. So go away, go lie down somewhere and drown in your own misery caused by you and only you. Just make peace with yourself because history will not be nice to you. So do not make it any worse and give your President the benefit of the doubt and the praise he deserves. If you had done what President Obama did you would have been enshrined in every hall of fame there is. Your fellow politicians would even have qualified you for a stone image on Mount Rushmore. Everybody would be cheering for you; even me. Oh well, you missed the opportunity.

    Yes Bin Laden is dead and you did not play a part. Get over it. Too bad you are suffering for lack of a part, because we the people don’t care who killed him as long as it has been done.

    Let’s pause and reflect today, Sep 11, like we should.

  • Americanmom1

    We were attacked on his and Bush’s watch maybe he should look at himself before attacking our President.

  • geewilly

    Cheney continues to show us what a loser he truly is…. maybe if HE and Bush had taken THEIR Daily Briefings seriously Osama would not have succeeded in attacking New York..

  • Mimi2kool

    Cheney is a loser. He did much more harm to this country and its way of life than good. He should just keep a low profile and stop reminding us of what he and Bush failed to do.

  • TfrankB

    A vicious SOB. Also a dangerous man. Can’t wait till he meets the Lord.

  • Randall Marlowe

    Is there no way to shut up this stupid A__H___? I would think that someone in the GOP would have the sense to put him out to pasture, for good. Worst VP we ever had, thanks to G.W. Bush. Randall J. Marlowe, Buenos Aires

  • The only thing I want to hear from this miscreant is any testimony he might give in his own defense at the Hague.

  • Who knew Cheney was a comedian?

  • carsrus

    Cheney is RIGHT as usual! Obama is a wimp, Bush had planned the Hero Seal’s attack, and this moron just followed through! Not only that, Obama just REFUSED to meet with Bibi Netanyahu, a disgraceful slap in the face to us Jews! He HATES Israel just as much as he HATES our Great Constitutional Republic! This marxist-maoist shill is never going to destroy this Democracy, WE, the PEOPLE will destroy his agenda at the polls on November 6,2012! God Bless the US of America, and let her flourish under President Romney and VP Ryan!

  • R

    1. President Obama did not take “sole credit for the killing of Osama Bin Ladin”, he gave the military Full recognition.

    2. Since we now know that President Bush, and his Puppet Master Dick Cheney knew about the attacks before they happened, I think he should SHUT UP, unless he wants to be Prosecuted for being an aide to Terrorists!

  • Cheney is a contemptuous prig. His version of reality is steeped in a bitter brew of delusions and hallucinations . As hard as it is for me to say this, I pity the fool and wish that his family can find him the help he so desperately needs before he hurts himself or others. OOOPS he’s done that already.

    • I hate to be a pedant Neil, doubtless Cheny is contemptuous of those who do not share his paranoid, deranged view of the world, but he is a contemptible human being (giving the benefit of the doubt with my last two words there).

  • Don´t forget the followig by Cheney “advisor” Daniel Snipes at the “Middle East Peace Research in March of 2002.
    We should invade Iraq to:
    1. Install a government friendly to Israel. (Using U.S. military force?)
    2. Open up and control the Mossul Oil fields.
    (under control of “me and me” Halliburton)
    3. Outpump Saudi QArabia
    4. Destabllize OP’EC
    (That wax the Snipes strategy from the Middle East Peace Research (linked to Mossad) in Langley Va. Close to Cheney.) That was the “real reason for ivading Iraq. The lie about W.M.D.s made to congress about Saddams chemical and nuclear w.m.d. capacities – to get the approval of both houses for the war, was a lie fabricated by Mossad Hq in London at Cheney´s request.
    Cheney´s “me and me” greed for Halliburton lead to the 2nd Iraq war, where Halliburto also got a lot of troop support contracts without any competitive bidding at all- enriching Cheney and Bush in the process. Still stinks like corruption to my nose.

    Goodness,when Obama is re-elected, he will permanetly sink into the cesspool of corrpupt history where he belongs.

  • KathiLee

    It’s like we’re living in Orwell’s 1984. Truth is Lies. Peace is War. Giving credit to our troops is taking credit for it for ourselves. Disgusting.

  • Cheney’s new heart transplant, paid for mostly by us taxpayers, hasn’t changed the man at all. You would think that when a man is given a second chance at life he would mellow out and be thankful. Not this man, he still has the “War Mongering” mentality instead of a smart way to deal with terrorism much like what President Obama is now doing….

  • debkam1108

    One would think that now that he really has a heart he would have changed! I guess not. President Obama has never taken credit for killing Osama Bin Laden. He has always given credit to the seal team and all others involved. Why doesn’t he just sit back and count all his ill-gotten gains!

  • Carloss49

    Dick Chen Cheney is an idiot, it obvious he didn’t watch Obama’s speech the day Bin Laden was captured. Anyway what did Cheney do to capture Bin Laden? Not a dam thing in more than seven years

  • CBwdsk

    Uh, Dick: mission accomplished… on someone else’s watch. Please go about your business and leave the accomplishing to those who are, well, more accomplished.

  • Absolutely outrageous of Mr. Cheney to attack OUR president on this solemn day! What is his problem? Is he not getting enough press and attention? That must be it! Thank God he is no longer in or near the White House anymore!!!!

  • Cheney.. Shut-the f%^& up and disappear. If you and George-the-lesser had taken advice and been on the ball, maybe 9/11 wouldn’t have happened at all. Why not blame Condy? She was National Security Adviser, or have you forgotten?
    How in medical phenomena did you get a heart transplant?

  • Go back in your hole cowardly worm! You and jr. will answer for the innocent lives you destroyed as well as a healthy economy.

  • Why is it being kept under wraps about Cheney and Bush being war criminals, and not able to leave America for fear of being Jailed!!!!!!

  • Bin Laden was their friend. George W Bush was also directly involved.

  • Obama has never taken sole credit for taking down Bin Laden. He began his announcement of the event with fulsome praise for everyone involved. Cheney’s vitriol reflects not reason but partisan passion and just plain mean spiritedness.

  • cliffjos54

    Why can’t this POS just die. They took a perfectly good heart and put it in somebody who never had one. That heart could have gone to somebody who deserved it. Will this senile old fool never learn to keep his mouth shut. All he ever does is remind people of what a worthless piece of crap he really is.

  • Mr. Cheney should shut up and go home…, but then remember he was talking to a conservative news outlet and he was simply throwing red meat to the listeners of that conservative news organization whose listeners are probably undereducated and extremely religious or perhaps simply racists who dislike Mr. Obama for being black. That is why I said yesterday, we need to educate the base of the Republican to prevent that their highly educated elite mislead and openly lie to their ignorant base. That is what Sean Hannity, Mark Lavine, Larry Odler, and other right wing conservative talk shows do and you hear people calling them and agreeing with with them, and one says: how can their listeners be so naive!!!. Obama all the way. Truth to be told it is very likely the Bush-Cheney Administration knew of the actual timing of 9/11, but ignore it in order to give them some excuse for their war with Irak which according to Tipp O’Neal they were planning about a year before 9/11. Mr. Cheney needs to stay home and live out his retirement instead of talking nonsense. May God Bless America.

  • If only Obama attended briefings maybe we would take out al qaeda’s number 2 as well…oh wait, we just did! Seems like someone is more proactive than Bush and Chaney ever were. Proactive is NOT starting a war in a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 as they did only to serve their own personal agendas.

  • patuxant

    Cheney, Cheney, Cheney or shall we say “Dick”? What can you expect from a guy who sent buckshots into a friend’s face and ended up having the A-hole say it was his fault not the Dickman. What a arrogant SOB! He should be tried for treason!

  • alumahead

    Hypocrisy, thy name is Cheney.

  • Justin Napolitano

    The best thing Cheney could do for the Democrats is back Romney.
    Romney/Cheney, what a team!

    • joevyusi

      They do have the same feathers.

  • Cheney can just crawl back under that rock he’s under and stay there, we don’t care what he thinks or says. Looser!

  • Carsus, you are seriously delusional.

  • mrbristle

    Hey Cheney, STFU and crawl back into whatever hole you emerged from. Do us and the rest of the world a favor and fade away into the sunset and disappear from our world. Despite being the recipient of a new heart, you still remain a heartless, self serving POS.

  • Excuse me, I thought Dick Cheney was already disgraced and dismissed. Why is anyone reporting as “news” whatever nonsense issues from this washed up blowhard?

  • joevyusi

    These guys had chased Bin Laden for about seven years, Did they really want to catch him? They can in one year period if they really want to killed or put him in prison. Is it not in their favor if the guy remain at large? They can capitalize on the situation.God bless America.

  • Well it sure sounds to me like Cheney wants credit!! The fact of the matter is that we have lost lots of men and women in two wars , Afghanistan and Iraq but Osama Bin Laden was killed on President Obama’s watch!! Cheney needs to keep his comments a little more subtle and respect the Commander in Chief! Cheney had his chance and they blew it!

  • From a scumbag that served in an inept administration that told us we were safe and then ignored German intelligence that warned terror attacks were imminent. Does this man have a conscience or a heart? Pun intended.

  • TZToronto

    As far as I know, there is no statute of limitations on murder. Apparently there is no statute of limitations on treason, either.

    “Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open Court. The Congress shall have power to declare the punishment of treason.”

    I think that being involved in the 9/11 attacks (e.g., knowingly allowing the attacks to occur or actually planning the attacks) would constitute levying war against the United States. Giving aid and comfort to America’s enemies is also a possibility.

    I wouldn’t even report his lunatic ravings. At best, he’s irrelevant; at worst, he’s responsible for 9/11. I’m leaning toward “the worst.”

  • Why do the press continue to give coverage to this man who has the blood of tens of thousands on his hands. He is a national disgrace.

  • moopley

    Not to mention the thousands that have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, thanks to Bush and Cheney and their lies about weapons and confusing Americans that it was Iraqis responsible for the attacks on the Trade Centers. I am still waiting for those two to be brought to justice. Not too mention how did someone Cheneys age and health get a heart-lung transplant over a younger more viable not to mention decent human being.

  • ronlar

    What an asshole he is! It’s all about trying to answer criticisms of some of the poor decisions that were made during his tenure.

  • If Chaney hadn’t help Saddam Hussein gain power originally we wouldn’t have had needed to be in Iraq in the first place. If Chaney and Bush hadn’t dropped the ball on the info about Osama Bin Laden, we might have avoided 911 and all that entailed. If Chaney was able to see who is really to blame for all of the crap that happened to our country –he would go climb into a hole somewhere and stay there. Instead he mouths off –passing the blame –again!!

  • Thomas Jones

    Dick Cheney is an idiot. He is responsible along with George Bush for the 9/11 Attacks in 2001 and for the Iraq War fought against a sovereign nation for no good reason. Anyone who listens to that fool Cheney is as crazy as he is and deserves to be ignored. What an ignoramus.

  • JSquercia

    AND thanks to his hunting buddy Scalia we STILL don’t know WHO was at that Energy Task force Dick conducted .Perhaps it was there that the plan to attack iraq for its oil was hatched There are stories about how the Big Oil Companies divvied up Iraq’s Oil Fields

  • My husband worked in the Pentagon in those years on the very plan called Terror 2000 whereby terrorists would highjack planes with the goal of flying them into American buildings. They succeeded on 9-11, thanks in part to this traitor Cheney who either kept the information from President Bush or actually thought we would never be attacked. Cheney belongs in the World Court’s prison, awaiting trial for his lies and propaganda. And he’s still at it!

  • Donna26

    It is hard for me not to express my contempt for this man, and the previous administration that was on watch when our country was attacked. I prefer not to sink to their level. Our President has praised our military, and the men who rid the world of the mass murder, Bin Laden, over and over. HE never took credit. Any idiot knows that the President doesn’t put on a uniform and arm himself and go to war. I guess he doesn’t remember Bush, and Romney, for matter saying that killing Bin Laden was not a priority. Well… I remember… and I remember all their lies that got us into the war in Irag, which caused the debt to sky rocket… so stop blaming Presidenty Obama for your mistakes!!!!

    • lana ward

      Bill Clinton had 3 or more chances to get UBL. He wouldn’t do it, he didn’t want war on his watch. He knew war would make his popularity drop and that pompus bitch couldn’t have that happen. Then 9/11 happened shortly after George Bush took office. The military tried on Bush’s watch to get UBL. ALL OF BUSH’S strategies paid off on the muslims watch–and he tried to take all of the credit

  • tao99

    Dick Cheney is a very sick man.He is unable to differentiate, between truth and falsity. So he wanders around, telling false tales, that he wishes to be true, but aren’t. The poor old guy should simply be ignored. He’s fried.

    • lana ward

      Bill Clinton had 3 or more chances to get UBL. He wouldn’t do it, he didn’t want war on his watch. He knew it would make his popularity drop and that pompus bitch couldn’t have that happen. Then 9/11 happened shortly after George Bush took office. The military tried on Bush’s watch to get UBL. ALL OF BUSH’S strategies paid off on the muslims watch–and he tried to take all the credit for it!!

    • Edsanjuan

      tao99: WOW !! You, sir, are AMAZING !!
      When you said “He is unable to differentiate, between truth and falsity. So he wanders around, telling false tales, that he wishes to be true, but aren’t. The poor old guy should simply be ignored. He’s fried.”, ha, ha, you just described, to a “t”, President Barry Hussein Soetoro Owebama !!!!

  • carsrus

    The replies to my comment shows that u libtards are filty, dirty, hate filled racists and bigots! Only marxist-commie democRATS are so vindictive and full of pure vengeance!

    • johninPCFL

      Well, and the teabagger nuts you represent.

    • mrbristle

      Excellent self assessment a-hole!

  • Yes, Yes, I remember during the RC when he said .” Whoops, my bad! His partners in crime were scared to invite him because, well, a nut talking to a chair is one thing and a bunch of nuts just talking is another, but a nut shooting off his mouth and his guns, somebody could get shot in the face. Oops Imjustsayin!

  • “smooth as ExLax” Dicky Boy. Next you’ll tell us that you and the Bush man kept us safe. As I recall 9-11 was on your watch. Seems your heart has started to effect your memory.

  • It is outrageous that this man was so motivated to start a war with Iraq that he literally dropped the ball in protecting our nation on 9/11, yet criticizes the President who finished
    the job he fumbled.

  • Cheney’s mendacity and abusiveness are such prominent features of his character that we often overlook one that had as much if not more influence on the qualityof his public service: his incompetence. He helped lead us into two unnecessary wars — and has never repented his disastrously bad judgement. He is utterly lacking in self-doubt or wisdom, and is exactlythe sort of person who should never ever be allowed to exercise power, or to influence its use by others. We make the mistake of thinking that if he is mean, he must at least know what he’s doing. He’s shown us that he doesn’t.

  • lana ward

    Had Bill Clinton gotten UBL when he had 3 CHANCES to do so, 9/11 may have never happened. If your gonna blame anyone–BILL CLINTONS YOUR MAN

    • johninPCFL

      Yeah 70 cruise missiles aimed at the RIGHT country and no lost servicemen was a FAR worse proposition than a land invasion of the WRONG COUNTRY lasting 10 years and costing thousands of lives.


  • bucktoui

    “Perhaps if Cheney and President Bush had better participated in their intelligence briefings, we wouldn’t be mourning the loss of 3,000 Americans today.” They ignore it by design to have THE NEW PEARL HARBOR ATTACK. Look up PNAC you’ll see what I was talking about. And Obama made big mistake after killing Bin Laden he didn’t put on pilot jump suit and land in one of Airplane Carriers; Obama disappointed Dick so bad so that why Dick came out saying stuffs to show the Black Guy that this white man still in control.

  • Lord please help us to shut up people like Cheney.

  • stsintl

    What Dick Cheney is trying to indirectly say is that he and Carl Rove were not responsible for not being able to track down and kill Osama Bin Laden for seven years. It was the fault of the US military and US Intelligence that they couldn’t do it. Never mind, he was so busy getting Iraq war started that he didn’t have time or interest to hunt down Osama Bin Laden and focus on Afghanistan war. The fact that neither him nor G. W. Bush were invited to address the Republican Party convention is the proof that the RNC is ashamed of these Paliniots’ record.

  • Cheney is like the dinosaurs old and extinct he needs to keep his old mouth shut and keep out of politics we all already know he would love to get us in another war and spill our children blood on foreign land for no other reason but for oil.

  • phillips1

    if you had not wasted lives, time and money terrorizing iraqis and giving away the store to
    shiites(?), perhaps you could have taken credit yourself. after supporting the shah and saadam i didn’t get that at all, despite Hussein’s brutality.
    rear your nasty head during election season by all means. you are in no position to help him get elected. besides he can barely help himself.
    as far as i’m concerned your party is an antiquated deceitful obstacle towards democracy and world progress. if gore had not been cheated in florida the world would be a better place. i did not appreciate those eight years of government one iota.
    obama for four more years is safe rather than sorry.

  • Americans should be calling for an investigation into Dick Cheney’s finances after bankrupting an entire nation and bringing it to the presipice of an economic depression by profiteering off of two wars, faking like they were looking for Osama binLaden, and profiteering off of a historic disaster, hurricane Katrina. That coward went into hiding even before Bush went into hiding when the WTC was attacked while men and women were fighting with terrorist on an airplane to keep it from crashing into the Pentgon. Bush/Cheney and didn’t resurface until the next day! He has some nerves even showing his face, or he’s overwhelmed with jealousy toward President Obama for doing what he and Bush couldn’t do or was unwilling to do in seven years. Cheney would be wise to keep his mouth shut because anything he says could recall some horrible memories. HAS SOMEBODY FARTED OR IS DICK CHENEY TALKING?

  • Chenny is an evil man

  • The terrorist attack happened on Cheney’s watch. What did he know and when did he know it ?

    He should stay in hiding and keep his mouth shut. He should not antagonize his food taster.

  • bigsurmac

    The only serious complaint any American could lodge against the Obama/Biden administration regarding National Security issues is:

    All of these and other actions are Federal Felonies, with all well-established in public records.
    The only possible justification for the Obama/Biden administration and officers of that administration to not file Federal Felony charges against Cheney would be an attempt to “keep the peace” and develop a harmonious working relationship with GOP House and Senate leadership — Which is not going to happen, with the totally partisan corrupt political actions of the GOP.
    In point of fact — Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell could justifiably be charged with felonious fraud for accepting federal funds in salary and expenses to fullfill his constitutional duties, under oath, while repeatedly publicly stating his Number One priority is the political defeat of the Obama/Biden ticket in the upcoming November elections. This has been the well-known Number One priority for McConnell for the entire 2009-2012 period. His actions, on the Senate floor and off, clearly demonstrate his failure to uphold his oath of office and 100% politicizing all of his actions while receiving compensations to fulfill the duties of a United States Senator.

  • Ian_in_England

    What would you expect from this sadly unconvicted criminal? He is an Untermensch of infamy.

  • Ian_in_England

    What else would you expect from this sadly unconvicted criminal and infamous Untermensch?

    • Edsanjuan

      Ian: You are as pathetic as the Nazis that used that same word to describe the Jews.
      So, do you really sympathize with the original users of the word ?

      • Ian_in_England

        Of course I don’t. I just wanted to convey my contempt for Cheney.

  • 1guy2

    Put this wicked,ungodly piece of humanity in prison,where he belongs. Still wish I could have done his heart transplant.

  • Al

    Why would the Dark Lord Cheney be bothered with mere facts?

  • The bounce in attention he got for the heart surgery is waning. He has to find some way, however idiotic, to have people notice him again. He’s not growing old gracefully.

  • Mr. Cheney, take care of your heart. We know you hate Obama, you faked back injury durring President Obamas swearing because your old heart would not let you stand for a black man. Osama Bin Ladin is dead. Obama did not let him slip away like you did. Was it a financial strategy or you were not capable? You made millions of dollars in Iraq but you are still bitter, money does not make you. You need a good heart. Wish you well. Thank you.

  • He, Dick Cheney is 9/11. He planned it. He made it possible, undetected. He put the Arabs in the planes that hit the two towers which he couldn’t in whatever exploded inside the Pentagon which ended up opening a rat hole. Hence, there was no plane debris to be found on the outside of the Pentagon. And the Philadelphia flight never was; again no debris except for an undamaged Arab passport conveniently ‘recovered’. Is there no one in the United States of A(IPAC) who can challenge him publicly or are they all scared shit of what this limping ‘dick’ can still do.


  • wackyjacket

    Obama has given credit to the military and the intelligence community many times; having said that, the buck stops at Obama’s desk and nothing was going to happen until Obama said “Lets go get him”. After all the good work done by the military and intelligence, authorization was given by the commander in chief and it happened.
    I think the intelligence specialists found Bin Laden during Bush’s terms but for some reason no order was ever given to go get him. The only thing Cheney is mad about is that Obama gets any credit at all. Everyone else did good but Obama. What crap! Obama has taken his due credit, but has mostly recognized those who were in the trenches.


  • dggrundhoffer

    Cheney is has harmed the country enough. Abused his office to profit his company Halliburton. Worst VP ever. Now he is pushing his daughter into politics to continue his agenda.

  • sonnyd8

    What a sad statement for this man to make. He is not as bright as I thought he was.

  • If Cheney lived in any other country he would be taken to trial as a war criminal. Wonder how much money he’s still making from these wars?

  • gamanami

    Cheney has a angry and bitter mind…what comes out of his mouth is poison…..he made enough money while in office. that cost us too much…Bush was his patsy…he led him all the wrong way ..time for him to shut up..he is evil

  • Will THIS man EVER go away????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • marriea

    This is Cheney at his best, try to distract attention away from his and Bush complicity in 9-11. Cheney was in it for the money. Bush was in it for the noteriety although I suspect he gained finacially for that ill-concieved war with Iraq.

  • bwmconst

    Cheney is a dumm ass, as we recently found out they ignored far more warnings about Bin Laden, than previously though…Sadam was the enemy to be feared, or we can’t raise oil prices, the way we want OPEC to do…What an absolute *$$hole, 3,000 dead, eceonmy in ruins, bankers are rich, how many armed forces families ruined, how many soldiers KIA and grieviously wounded…Yes, those guys learning to control aircraft in the air, but don’t want to learn to land or takeoff…Yeah, they’re harmless malcontents… Bush and Cheney an IQ of 23, no heart ( just need a pacemaker), and an ego 666, that is .333 power, .333 intellegence to manipulate, and .000 for heart and compassion, gee missing that last .333 isn’t important is it…Seems someone said “love ‘ye one another”, “faithwithout works is dead”, yeah the the guy could have been wrong , huh…

  • Have you ever noticed how Cheney’s lips curl, whenever he’s speaking? Well that; dear friends, is the devil speaking – nothing else but venom can come out of a mouth like that. One would think, that under the circumstances, bad heart, and old as dirt – that a sense of compassion would be foremost on his plate. Especially, when he has more days behind him, than of course, in front. But with evil personified deep in his heart, we can only assume, that Mr. Cheney, will go to his grave with a “snarl” on his lips – and nothing the undertaker trys to do, will even begin to remove it. My wish, is that please; may he have a “closed casket”. Amen

  • Did Cheney mention he is wanted for war crimes prosecution in several countries, particularly Spain? And who “let him go” w/o prosecution? Obama. If you doubt this next fact, check your computer. Cheney and Bush have to be careful which U.S. states they vacation in. Some states have a standing warrent for their arrests-war crimes. Cheney authorized the use of uranium alloy ammunition. Bullet (or bomb) races out of chamber and starts on fire due to high exit speed. Penetrates tank shielding. Enters tank, creates more fires, releases deadly poisonous gases, nuclear radiation. Soldier, if not instantly killed eventually goes home. Gets married or if married, children are born with deformities, some without eyes. Nuclear dust in Iraq enters water supplies, gets carried by the winds. Southern Iraq will be nucclear “HOT” for 4.5 billion years. Increse in Iraqi cancer rates 7-10 fold (not percent) since before and after the war. How many metric tons of nuclear ammo were used in Iraq? Depends on which source you read. And some will say,”why did 9/11 happen?” Ask Bush and Cheney. Think they know!!!!

  • Don


  • ridemybroom

    this man is so envious of Barack….he needs to crawl up a hole and sufficate….talk about letting America down….he and Bush both knew what was coming down and then they continued to let it happen…im just surprised Obama hasnt gone after these 2 ….the paper trail is out there how they let this stuff happen…they should be tried for creating 2 wars and the destroying of America…what a bumbling idiot Cheney has become…be gone…..( POOF )

  • Here we go again. For all we know it was Dick Cheney himself who orchestrated 911. If he wasn’t then his own attitude contributed to the execution of 911. For one thing… those buildings did not fall down do to a fire ignited by crashing airplanes. I have been in those buildings many, many times over many, many years. I used to live on Staten Island, and crossed the harbor on the Staten Island Ferry everyday. I used the subway system that ran right underneath the World Trade Center. So… either the terrorist were crafty enough to set detonation charges in the buildings prior to the plane crashes… or they had help from somewhere else. They did not pancake collapse as a result of an airplane crash. If that were the case, there would have been rubble from the falling buildings all the way to Canal Street. They would have come down on top of every building along the path. Dick Cheney and his cohorts have contrived a lie that sounds good to their own ears… but we are not fooled. Nobody who watched the vido-taped implosion could be fooled into thinking that was not engineered by explosives experts. Cheyney wants to blame President Obama??? He is a damn lunatic. Perhaps Cheney should be committed for his own good. This just goes to show how BANKRUPT the republicans are. They run with any damn lie that forms on their lips, and use the lofty-sounding title of their office {i.e., former V.P.} as a cover for their dirt. Cheney should be arrested and made to prove himself innocent.

  • A book was written several years ago, “The Ugly American.” A new book is being written as time goes, “The Ugly American revisited.” Cheney and Bush, think will be in the book as main characters. I grew proud of this country. Reality sets in as I get older.

  • If Cheney was referring to the real facts that racism is in full affect in America because they are trying to place blame on President Obama because he is black. But think of all the stuff done in this country by the white presidents it so much I dont even have the room to write it. But it happened on the Obama Administration watch and yes Bush started it so our current president closed the deal. I see why Romney didnt invite the last Republican President or VP to RNC didnt want any ignorance there. If someone told me that hey the world trade building are going to be attacked I would’ve had my attack jets already in the air….”Mr. Bush, how do you feel about the problems in the Middle East?” ………….”well if you get on that horse you better ride it”(in my Katt Williams voice)

  • “Perhaps if Cheney and President Bush had better participated in their intelligence briefings, we wouldn’t be mourning the loss of 3,000 Americans today.”

    The Republicans say they are better at protecting America..well, except for that ONE time…


  • Hutchbilly

    If Cheney had not been working so hard to cover up how he and his buddies would carve up Iraqi oil, he might have been able to listen to a few briefings himself before 9/11. And someone who values the importance of security wouldnt be releasing the name of Valerie Plame, a person working directly with detecting WMD’s……but I guess you can’t get close enough to him to tell him these things without getting a face full of birdshot….

  • How long was his brain deprived of oxygen? Maybe if he watched something other than FOX he would have a better understanding of what is going on in the world. He seems to be as confused as ever.

  • Yes, another neoconservative draft dodger (I served during Vietnam and went to college after getting out of the military). He was the head of a major corporation to bilk billions out of two wars in the middle east. He wrote a book putting all the blame for misguided decisions and mistakes on others. A truly trusting individual. :-p

    • Edsanjuan

      Ronald: When you say “… putting all the blame for misguided decisions and mistakes on others.”, do you mean Obama? Of course you do ….

  • guess even with a new heart, he still doesn’t have a good one? who cares what he says anyway.

  • Cheney is a bitter old man who will be remembered in history for taking us into a thoughtless and reckless war in Iraq that did nothing but kill Americans and thousands of innocent men, women and children.
    The war did nothing more than bring in huge profits for Haliburton, Cheney’s old company. Bottom line, he’s a war criminal.

  • depesto

    I never heard Obama even attempt to take “Sole credit”
    for taking out Bin Laden. I have heard Cheney distort the facts so many times, I wonder why the press even takes notes.

  • devilindetail

    I have often said, if bad behavior is not punished those who get away with it are likely to repeat. Thank you Dick Cheney for proving my point. I believe there are still active warrants out for your arrest if you step foot inside Europe. Just a word to the wise, stay secluded in your bunker in Wyoming where no one has to hear or see you again.

  • bwmconst

    Send Dick Cheney to Guantanamo, with the rest of the nut-jobs….

    • Edsanjuan

      bwmconst: 1) You mean to THE Guantanamo that Obummer wants to close ??
      2) The “nut jobs” are in the White House (… until Jan/20/2013 !!)

      • bwmconst

        Yeh, you’re right nuts are like balls, and Cheney and Bush don’t have any…Like I said all “Dick” and no balls…So let’s send ’em to one of their secret prisons, in eastern Europe…They are so full of shit, we should tap ’em for methane, or maybe light a match when the fart, and watch head for Mars….

  • bwmconst

    OK, here it is short and sweet, “ALL DICK AND NO BALLS”

  • onedonewong

    The fact that Barak decided to just “skip” over 55% of his briefings as if he’s back at Harvard tells you about his inability to learn the job as president. He still thinks that as a quota he doesn’t have to pay attention or be accountable

    • bwmconst

      Barak might have missed some, but this from a guy who missed it all, while busy fabricating WMD sites out of support trailers w/ air compressors…Shuddah stuck a hose up his #$$ and got a blow job….

      • onedonewong

        That’s what happens when you inherit a decimated CIA and a hollow military…thank you Bill Clinton

  • adler56

    I’m praying for a battery failure on this airhead un-american doofus.

  • Me, Myself and I

    President Obama has not and is not taking ‘sole’ credit for the demise of bin Laden. He has given much credit and honor to the men who did the actual killing. However, as Commander in Chief it is within his right to take sole credit for giving the order to do so. For making it happen on his watch, something Bush and Cheney were unable or rather UNWILLING to make happen.

    Speaking of which, when Cheney and Bush could have prevented 9/11 from even happening they poo’d poo’d the intelligence that came their way and ignored the warnings… and then started a war based on lies.

    So Cheney -/s/t/f/u/- no one cares what you and your fellow war criminals, Bush et. al., think or what you have to say.

  • I just posted with refernces that can be verified n internet and other ublic sources-not my findings or conclusions but those of people invlved in entire process includingscientfic findings and seems hat is being flagged in spite of beingdocumented-the cenrures9ewe do not have a feree press or freedom of expression needs o be fltersd cneasily verify the websites thatI qoted yet falg he comment can see serendipity dot com andFankolson dot com or google FrankR olson and will be able to put bothtogether also go to theUS investigation of theUSS Maine and hen you will observe a pattern goingback to when bankers took over our country ca also go toPublic law referces such as house joint Resolution192 of June 5 1933 and readall of the ugly dees where we wre made slaves and mortgaed pesonally as slaves to intenational banks we are not Free-Our social security nummber is our “bond number as in bondage” and the government borrows money(govermnet being the creditorbanks to a USA that has been bankrupt and in bondage and salvery since 1871 its firs decalartion of bankruptcy and whenEnglnd took us backas a colonyallowing us to pretend freedom in exchange of being the hitmn for its banks TheUSA Federal Reserve is not agoverm=nmentagencyit is oened by thehuge baners inEngland. and we have gone bankrupt in 1871 ,1893,1913,1933 1992/3 2005/6 every President behind these bankruptcies seems somehow to be working against the uSA furher diggingusinto bondage to ehBritish Banks-every president murderd was trying to get us out by getting back our US Treasury as thomas jefferson declared hewho owns the power to print money in America owns America-LincolnMckinley and kennedy all tiredto break us out of that bondage-can see many you tubes with nfo go to seendipity dot com farmkR Olson tis explains role of cia in all of theseperverse acts against theUSa, go to he history of rothchcildson yu tb i hit this raesure incredibly wellexplained with he cnnections of cia and how it is a corporation not a Us GovernetagencyI cold not believe what it expalined all docmented-go toHouse Joint Reslution jne 5 1933 a confirm or sauts of bonded chattelowned by bans We arebeing lied to-further the money that was used to bail us out from bankruptcy i 1933 part of it was robbed by or own leaders ad given toHitler to start the war with our ow money robbed by our own leaders reead Wall Stret and The rise of Hitler and Wall Stret and The rise of lenin both financed by th banks thatown us as slaves

    • Factual, but incoherent. And you skipped the part with Prescott Bush as Hitlers Banker in the U.S. And what about Woody Wilson letting Banks draw up the Federal Reserve Act in secret meetings? He later said “I let a monster into the house”.

  • Can some one please tell me where the grownups go for political discussion? I just cannot respond to every ignorant dill hole that says our President is a Communist, Socialist, Fascist, Nazi, Dictator, or eater of household pets. I would like to think that there are a few Republicans out there who have more to offer than lies, hate, and insults. Anyone?

  • It seems that Tin Man still has no heart, Curious George{Scarecrow} Bush still has no brain, and Dorothy is still homeless.

  • oldtack

    I just spoke the truth Ed – I do think he should be tried for war crimes and hanged. Maybe I should have phrased that better. Next time.

    Have a good evening

  • Cheney was the most powerful and the most evil Vice President in the history of the United States.

  • Perhaps he needs to tell us why he and the mentally challenged George W Bush, made us ALL pay their deals with their former protege and associate, Usama bin Laden, and accused as usual those that are not at fault for the outcoming on September 11, 2001, of business between the three of them (Bush-Cheney-Usama bin Laden) going wrong!

  • iheardu2

    Fmr. VP Cheney has a new heart doesn’t he?

  • iheardu2

    Cheney has a new heart doesn’t he?

  • SOS different day, please go away! You and your kind (John Mccain)got us into this mess,period!

  • Asnak

    I want to know, Why do Republican Party and Fox Network continue to associate with Cheney? or haven’t they realized that Cheney is of no relevance in American politics today? Well, I think if they have not, it is about time now for them to smell the coffee and cut him off from their politics. After all, he was no good Veep and had the worst record in history as Veep at the time he left office.

  • ndaneh

    I don’t blame the rogue. He is blind by his ego to say the facts. He is filled with hate and ashamed to give thanks let alone acknowledge the accomplishment of this administration in getting ride of America;s worst nightmare (Osama Bin Laden). This country is drained of valuable resources because of Dick’s lies and manipulation of the facts only to drag America into war with Iraq to berich himself and his likes. Instead of shutting his mouth,he chose to say inflamatory nonsense only to anger the opressed. If he were gone six feet under, he shouldn’t be quacking.

  • hsieh4145

    I like teleprompter-in-chief’s new slogan., “Forward”. this incompetent-in-chief forgot one word “lean” in front of the “Forward”. When you put these two words together, you got “lean forward”, which means “bent over”. This is not what I am signing for. I am out of job for more than 2 years. Where is the hope and change? Change to bad? At least it applies to me. I don;t want to be a zombie. Hence, I will not support this incompetent-in-chief again.

  • hsieh4145

    You are right that I am drunk and high because I am out of work for more than 2 years now. I have nothing to do but drink and smoke. I believed in “hope and change”. It changed to worse after this jerk-in-chief taking charge. I don’t want to be a zombie anymore, do you? I am not better after 4 years of this incompetent-in-chief. I cannot stay as zombie forever. I need another change. Time is now.

  • Tell Cheney he had his terms and a chance to keep us safe and he and Bush blew it . Bush said he did not know where OBL was and he stopped looking. Does Cheney know there is a tape of Bush saying this. I thought he had a new heart.. (sad)

  • bwmconst: Huh ??!

  • Ian: “Contempt”?? I would call it pure HATE !!
    Admit it ….

  • lana: Pure, unadulterated BULLSHIT …

  • Brucey: “… HE JUST NEED`S SUM HORNS.”??? !!!
    Go and learn to write in English, you moron !!

  • john: “The problem with our Democrat friends is not so much that they are ignorant, but that they know so many things that aren’t true ”
    – Ronald Reagan –

  • Mary: AGAIN,do you mean “respect” as in the “respect” being shown to ex-Vice President Dick Cheney on this cesspool of useful idiots, or do you mean some other kind of respect like the one shown to our National flag by Odumbo and Moochie ?

  • Mr Cheney, you got a new heart from a good samaritan and l believe you need a new brain so that you can start thinking in the right direction. On September 11th, Mr big mouth went into hiding and worked on your repeated daily briefings about an imminent attack on your beloved country.

  • Too bad your transplant was a success. At least physically you have a heart. Now if they had only attached the blood flow to your brain. Try to keep your mouth shut because every time it opens, something stupid comes out.

  • Lilrascal15

    You are a national embarassment to our country. You had nothing to do with Osama Bin Ladin’s demise. Why would you take any credit in Bin Ladins demise. You should have been watching for attacks on our homeland, instead of trying to lie about your part in any Bin Ladin killing. Stick to you guns Cheney. Shoot one of your friends, and shut your lying mouth!

  • I am so ashamed of you now, as I was on 9/11. You were a coward then–and now. AND a blow-hard. Go home, retire, and keep out of public life. I never figured out how you made it to the Vice-Presidency. You and George seemed to be blinded by the obvious threats, but chose to ignore them. Many thousands died on 9/11, and many more thousands have died in Iran due to the false war you people started there. I am ashamed you were ever in office. You were and are a discrace.