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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Fomer Vice President Dick Cheney will host a fundraiser for Mitt Romney at his Jackson Hole, Wyoming home, in an effort to win over Bush loyalists who have yet to open up their checkbooks for the Republican nominee.

According to The Wall Street Journal‘s Patrick O’Connor, the July 12 fundraiser “will be a tiered event, giving donors the chance to pay a little extra for the privilege of dining with Mr. Romney and the former vice president.” The fundraiser will be part of the Romney campaign’s “Victory Fund,” which hopes to raise over $75,000 from individual donors.

“Jackson Hole is a beautiful summer destination and this will be a memorable event,” a member of the Romney campaign wrote in an e-mail obtained by The Wall Street Journal. “We hope that you and your friends will be able to join us.”

Aside from raking in cash, the event will further strengthen the ties between Romney and veterans of the Bush Administration. Romney’s foreign policy team is stacked with former Bush advisers, and his economic plan is essentially Bush’s on steroids. Cheney has said that Romney would do “a whale of a job” in the White House, and the ex-president himself recently offered a tepid endorsement, declaring “I’m for Mitt Romney” as a pair of elevator doors closed on him.

While the fundraiser may excite Bush loyalists, it may hurt Romney among average voters; after all, when Cheney left office in 2009, his approval rating stood at an almost impossibly low 13 percent.

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41 Responses to Dick Cheney To Host Fundraiser For Romney

  1. WOW, dumb and dumber reunited once more. How touching! After Bush and Cheney screwed up our economy royally they try to toss that over to Obama who did exactly what needed to be done to keep our country from tanking completely. One economist on the news a few nights back said that if people would look at what Obama did they would see that the stimulus everyone is bad mouthing actually worked and saved thousands from unemployment not to mention the economy of the US. Before you bad mouth the Obama administration take a look at the actual records and see what he really did instead of listening to sound bites that are thrown at you on television. The story will be a lot different from the stand point of truth. I did and now know what the President did and why. You will have a different look on politics and the people in it if you look at their voting records and what their voting actually did. Romney will bring America back to the Bush era and ruin the country completely. Let’s go forward instead and keep the man with the guts and the brain in office.

    • Von Zang

      This does make the rambling Mormon look pretty bad. He has been trying to distance himself from them but his need for money has compromised him but good.

      Hope Carville and his boys pick up on this move.

  2. why won’t Cheny just die already and leave us alone to fix the damage he caused while he and Bush were in office. He is like gum on your shoe that you just can’t get rid of …yuck!

  3. Darth Vader will not go away at all. With his new heart we will have to endure this creep and criminal for another decade at a minimum. He is like the bunny in the battery commercial, he keeps going and going and going. When will he be gone? Has he not destroyed the very fabric of this country enough with his “Pre-emptive Strike” paper that GW’s father had sense enough to discard as worthless? Maybe Darth and Mittens will go elk hunting and he will be mistaken for an old bull elk. The old master of draft diversion with Neutered running second. Mittens was a missionary. Can you believe these guys sent our young people to war and harms way as sacrificial lambs? Let’s not forget GW going AWOL for an entire year while he was in the National Guard. The GOP sure can pick them can’t they? Bad mouth a real Viet Nam war hero and they missed Viet Nam entirely on deferral or joining a champagne Air Guard unit that Dubya went AWOL from.

    • Maybe Cheney will get a lightning strike. Send him down to Naples, Florida, the lightning capital of the world.

    • Dicky boy is the perfect epitomy of the gutter rats that infest our Government. They are called CAREER Politicians and they infest both major Parties. Dicky boy hid out in the hall of various Government Agencies from his early 20’s like the gutter rat he is. This is the coward that bragged about securing 5 deferments to avoid the Vietnam War. He – the same craven coward that was quick to send several thousand of our young Troops to their death in a trumped up War in order to secure uncontested Contracts for his own Firm Haliburton. He killed thousands ofAmericans and multiple thousands of Middle Eastern residents to line his pockets. These career rats need to be ousted from the Halls of Congress and like Dicky boy they should be tried for Crimes against humanity and be sumarily hanged in Public.

    • One More Thing

      Don’t forget Cheney is sitting on $8 Billion Halliburton snaked away from the Iraqi Reconstruction Fund that was supposed to be used for reconstruction projects that were never started.

  4. Here is the proof

    So all along Mittens has been lying to the public that he “isn’t a Bush follower.” So here is Bush’s mouth piece dragging out the drum to beat on and stick money into.

    There is a rush since Cheney is on borrowed time like the rest of the aging members of the American Taliban Party (Republicans).

    Wonder how Karl Rove is going to lie to gloss this one over.

    • Not much has to be said, Chenny has stuck his foot in his mouth again. Even though Romney is a Republican and I would never vote for that bunch of Heisters. Romney has now dug his own grave by siding with the Outlaws.

      • Question

        Still would like to know what happened to $8 Billion that Halliburton ran off with. This money was to be used for Iraqi reconstruction but projects were never started.

        No one but Cheney knows where the money went and he avoids talking about it. This information has appeared in Vanity Fair Magazine several times but no one has said a thing.

        For all intents and purposes, Cheney should be looking at charges and possible jail time for misappropriation of Iraqi Reconstruction Fund money.

    • Perhaps the worst thing Cheney did was to out Valery Plame, our very effective Covert CIA Operator in South Africa as punishment to her husband who was sent on a mission to validate the “Nuclear Threat from Iraq” and who then investigated and told the truth, that, based on his investigation, there was no evidence of Iraq’s “nuclear threat”. To play politics like that is incredibly mean, damaging to our country and…nothing short of treason! Cheney should be in Jail!

  5. How is Dick Cheney, Bush and the rest of those corrupt jerks from that administration free to perpetrate more criminal actions against the American people??!!!
    Are we- as Americans- sooo incredibly short sighted, amnesic and plain old stupid that we’ve forgotten the what those 8 years did to our country?! I mean…REALLY?? Has everyone forgotten thousands of dead soldiers? And even more soldiers who’re disabled with missing limbs, psychiatric illnesses, shell shocked, battle fatigued and brain damage? And what have our soldiers gotten in return? Poor healthcare and little services to support them.
    Yet Cheney and Bush are still mega rich and mega free to help get another group of even MORE corrupt repbublicans to come into office and beging to pillage the rest of the American people.

    • Anyone this emotionally attached to a simple fundraiser ? Hmm ? Not on stable ground ! Your life teachings seeth insecurity from the seams of your skull ? Ouch !

      • Pardon me??!! Insecurity?! You must get all your intellegence from Fox News Channel and Glen Beck!
        Mitt’s trying to deny he’s with Bush and Cheney…yet those two criminal creeps have come out of the woodwork. Let’s hope you don’t forget the mess Mitt and his crew will do to this country if they’re elected.

  6. Dark Vader strikes a blow for peace and a robust economy. What a piece of stuff. You know what you would get if you crossed Cheney with a pig. Nothing a pig would not sink so low.

  7. Dick the crook is helping Mitt the corrupt ! Like birds flock together ! What else is new ?! Cheers. Venkat Warren.M.D.

  8. Dick is a warmonger. Making his money from going to all the unnecessary wars.

    Mitt Romnay represents the super rich.

    Americans wont have Mitt looking after their interests.

  9. In Romneys view it is OK to wreck a company for profit. That is what capitalism is. Some lose, others win. If he gets in and wrecks the American economy? Some lose, some win. Hey, that is capitalism. He is doing OK.

  10. KEEPING IT THOUGHTFULLY HONEST: the inconvenient truth is: Well, Mr. Cheney, the Chicken Hawk Coward and war criminal comes out of hiding! This guy continues to be an embarrassment to himself as well as has brought shame to office of the Vice Presidency! And his boy Scooter Libby lied for him to cover Cheney’s treasonous actions to Out an undercover CIA American Agent for political games! Disgusting and despicable human being!

  11. Remember, Romney is where ever is convenience for him, it is not about his believes or principals, it is about where the biggest piece of the pie is given, this individual will never do or act in favor of the community in need unless there is something for him, I don’t think the majority of Americans will be so blind not seeing who really this guy is.

  12. William your absolutely right! I often go the the web sight “Conservatives who hate Liberals”. And are slowly coming the conclusion you can’t change the unrepentant heart. In a love affair with Hate and Bigoted Ideology. I call it “Anti-christ”. And the sad part is! It’s done in the words “I love God and Guns”. As they email me with words “*&^%$*#.
    In all the time I have visited this website in the express of love. The words ” we are all one”. Only one person emailed me in the expression and understanding of ” love one another”. William my hope is the greater portion of Our American Family knows what love and our basic needs are all about. In the Gift of the Common Good. As the Agenda of Egocentric spins and spins it’ self serving justifications. In what it defines as a” patriot”. You know! The Obstructing of Our Right to Vote. Cutting of Our Right to Bargain. As we were carried back to the Great Depression and the American Liberty League. Through the Agenda of ALEC. as the Tea Party forestalls the basic needs of Our Nation. As it sets deformation and demonizes against all of Us. The Family of the Good and Honest Living. And it’s really easy to understand the term “Private Equity”. As a thing of “Overt”! The employment contract you sign today. That offers you no “true future”. In the Agenda of that bought a Statesman for thirty Pieces of Silver.


  14. This dick chaney the person that helped stat this recission, him and bush the idiot all these guys are losers who stoled from the middle and poor, make all of them forfiet their entire money to the middle and the poor.

  15. cheney doesn’t care about the american people and neither does romney it’s all about Power!! if lyin’ azz, flip-floppin’ mittens is prez God help us because he’s gonna finish the job the war criminals (bush-cheney) started

  16. with hydrogen at the threshhold of becoming a reality, the oil companys are doomed, the big investors will sell out and of corse the little will loose there investments just like enron did to the
    people who worked there..WE DONT NEED BIG OIL!!!!!!!

  17. Well, there they are. If i only had a heart and if I only had a soul. Where is Bush’s brain, Rove?

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