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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Do You Have A Question For Senator Ron Wyden?

Do You Have A Question For Senator Ron Wyden?

On Wednesday, July 24th, National Memo Editor-in-Chief Joe Conason will interview influential Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) on national security, domestic surveillance, and much more.

We want our readers to be a part of the process. If you have a question for Senator Wyden, please take a moment to share it with us in the box below.

Please enter your email address and zip code below so we can send you the interview!

  • FredAppell

    Conason should ask Ron Wyden what makes now any different than yesterday or a few years ago? Why care about what the NSA is doing right now when you guys voted for the Patriot Act in the first place then had a chance to let it expire and kept it instead?
    People are always only sorry after they get caught and that’s what happened here. All this surveillance is suddenly a bad thing only after the government got embarrassed by the leaks.