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Friday, October 21, 2016

Does Mitt Romney Care About You?

Does Mitt Romney Care About You?

The National Memo is conducting a poll to survey our readers’ views on Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s secretly recorded comments on the “47 percent.” We’ll be sharing the results on our site as well as with TV, radio, and Internet opinion leaders.

As election day nears, please take a moment NOW to let the world know what you believe!

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  • Joseph Murratti

    The Kenyan, Muslim, Marxist, Homo can release ALL his past records instead of spending $3 Million to hide them from AMERICA. You FOOL NOBOBY !!

    • Soapm

      Romney’s not that bad of a guy. Calm down, he’ll release his tax records after the election.

  • canopeas

    Obama cannot run on his record period. He has to use the attack the other guy method. He twists thwe truth everytime he opens his mouth. People that really know what is going on in this country and in this world know that Obama is a Joke. He blames all the negatives on anyone but himself and he takes credit for all the positives. Bin Laden was tracked down because of the policies of the Bush administration. Waterboarding was the way the got the information leading to the location of Bin Laden. Obama voted against waterboarding. Yet, he takes all the credit!!!!!!!!!

    That is one example. I will not go on because there are too many to mention. I cannot believe the deception, corruption, twisting of the truth of this administration. It is so clear. How does this guy get away with it? The media would have hung Bush, but not Obama. I am starting to believe he has the powers of the AntiChrist.

    And I do not believe in that stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is 4 more years possible for him? I will surely vomit if I have to hear him deceive us for 4 more years.

    People, please WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Look at his record. Deficit, Unemployment, Real Estate, Job, value of the dollar, freedom of religion, etc., etc.

    Our credit rating…..the US credit rating has been downgraded for the first time in our history. They are going to downgrade us again.

    He keeps on spending. That is really crazy.

    He keeps printing money and raising the debt ceiling. I understand where that is going to take us. Does everybody understand what Obama is doing?

    His record is dismal, pathetic, and selfdestructive.

    Why are people voting for him? There is nothing to vote for.

    Obama’s First Term signature achivement……He passed “The Affordable Health Care Bill”

    Thats would be wonderful if we only had the money to pay for it.



    Cannot pay for it.

    Anybody would be better! President Carter would be better.

    Please do your homework. Obama is a Fake.

    If Bull_ _ _ _ was Electricity, he would be a Power Plant.

    US Citizen

    • You know nothing about what has and is going on. The Repub majority of congresspeople had blocked everything he has tried to do for this Country. Their approval rating is 8% or lower. Worse in History. You Fox trolls need to crawl back in your hole in the ground.

    • AndTheTruthIs

      What I understand from your post: Sounds more like you hate the President because of his skin colour.

      • canopeas

        Typical response. Use the race card for the President’s horrible first term record.
        Say something contrary to what I posted about his record. You cannot, so you use the race card.

        Obama owned both the House and the Senate the first two years. What did he do? Passed his Obama Care and the Stimulas with not one Republican vote. Not all Democrats voted for it. He bribed and twisted the arms of the other Democrats to vote for it. In 2010 mid terms, all those Democrats were voted out………..except for for Pelosi and Reed.

        Health Care and Stimulus increased the deficet. At present the deficet is 16.5 Trillion Dollars.

        The US cannot pay for it. We do not have the money. What don’t you understand?

        Is that raccist?

        Black or white, a bad record is a bad record.

        You live in a fanasy world.

        Grow up.

        • During that same time Romney was lining his pockets with gold from all the outsourced American jobs he did as Goveror of Mass. and CEO of Bain Capital. Why fight for health care. We had over three million Americans with preexisting problem being deined health care because of their problems. That needed fixing first ( The sick ). People like Romney help start America’s jobs problems by outsourcing for greed. Now we are to believe he can help create jobs. That’s like saying a wrecking ball is a house building tool. Farthermore America knows Romney just flat out lied in the first debate. Obama used an old prosuterors trick on him. He is lock into his lies. Watch the next the debate when he try to talk out the other side of his mouth….. Last but not least. When the republicans elected into office say their one and only responsible is to make sure the person elected to the Presidentic, doesn’t have a second term and the only different between him and the last president from his party is color. Yes, you and them has played the race card. Oh yea you need to grow up. An tell your republican senators and congress people the voters send them to washington to take care of the nations business not drag their racist baggage and clog up our govornment. Hold up a jobs bill that every leading economic in this country has went on record as saying it would have created over a million jobs over a year ago.

          • It is a shame you have lived your whole live with no purpose.No meaning except hate.Never understood our great country.Liberal-a terminal illness!

      • It is always about race with you losers!Always blame others.I hate the phoney because he is scum@

      • LKW01915

        DavidR-I think it’s best that you leave this thread. You are displaying such anger and your comments do not add anything to the discussion.

    • RobMe and Lyin Ryan are worse! Better the devel you know than a cameleon RobMe that can rob you in broad day light and take the squander to Cayman Island and Swiss bank. Did you hear what Biden told us? Listen to us and the American people can trust the Obama/Biden ticken than the RobMe/LynRyan ticket that want to bring us back to our knees. We are not going back to the Bush policies. LyinRyan couldn’t give us the specifics because they know very well that they are lying to the American people. They just speak differently to each audience to make them hear what they want them to hear…HELL No we are not going back ..we are going forward with the Obama/Biden 2012

      • canopeas

        You will go back . Believe me, you will go back.

        And you know what? You will like going back.

        So get ready… the Revolution has begun. The Revolution will not be televised.

    • stloub

      More than 10-15 exclamation points used repeatedly…words of AntiChrist…and we’re supposed to take anything you say seriously? Whipped to a frenzy, filled with terminology used by programs described as Entertainment by its own network that has News in its name. Yes, one can get quite pumped up with all that, just like any high testerone entertainment, but it’s not news or facts. It’s Entertainment. Seriously look up the networks categorization of your sources. Sorry you’ve been misled and given a head start on a coronary.

    • Zumba900

      You really need to take something for that. Such incomprehension can be overcome.
      Stop watching Faux will be much less confused.

  • nurseteacher

    I don’t know who you are Mr. Canopeas, but apparently you need a few lessons in the current state of affairs. My 9yr old is more aware than you are. Pres. Obama walked into all these problems left by the last administration. Have you ever even served in the miltary, by your statement concerning waterboarding it is questionable.

    Do you really believe half of what you just stated. I hear peope spouting off about “Obama care” all the time, but since I am both in south and work in the medical field I expect that. I see both sides of the coin and I would still prefer to see the health care provided for the elderly and students dependent on the parents. I believe that many of my republician friends need to reassess where they would be if healthcare was removed from thier grasp.

    We are not broke! We just need those who have had thier pie to start sharing the slices. We have long been a nation of greed when it comes to our own, and reaching out to other nations with our donations, remember charity can be seen in our own bake yard. I should be one of those people that you would turn your nose down at being a single mother but I have seen the benefits of the tax reforms and how they have helped myself and those around me ( single working mom).

    Physician have a problem because, they can no longer get rich of the system we were under, and now have to pay attention to the number of test and procedures they want to charge pt for, by helping to regulate many of these cases the government will be able to help hold down health care cost. Making it more affordable in the long run to care for our aging nation, as well as those working now to support it. Instead of closing or privatizing many state support healthcare facilities due to cuts and the state levels in order to give politicians salery increases.

    The last point I would like to make concerns the rising cost of higher education. I also have a great respect for educators because without them where would we be. To have instructors go with raises for over 6-11 years is not exceptable yet the tuition continues to increase for the students, ‘were is the money going’? I believe educators on all levels should be seen as an asset to this nation, because without them who will educate our next generations.

    There are people out there that still believe the the rich should continue to get rich off the working class. why not help the middle man out, oppertunities are out there for us all, Pres. Obama is trying to extend ways for us all to find them. With a little more support I believe he can do it. So step back and be a part of the solution not a contributor to the problem. Quit standing on color as the underlying race card and look around you and think about your fellow man. GOD will bless you on that alone!

    Looking in the Mirror

    • Your one sided post tells it all.The old blame game.Blame everyone else but the one that compounds a problem.Our money troubles party come from congress during the Bush years.Partly because of Frank?Dodd act.But the truth is Obama has created more debt than any other President in history.Always blame the rich.The havenots always blame the haves.Never saw a poor man create a job.The wealthy pay more than their fair share!!!Do the math,instead of whining.Jesus himself said the poor will be with you always.Why are they poor?Did they finish high school?Its free you know.Dont cost nothing but effort.I personally know people that are in tgere 40,and have never held a job!!Never!!Been on the tax payer all their lives.There whole family!!Their grandparents,aunts,uncles,everyone!!Together they make more money than I do.Obama is a scam!A loser like all his zombies.Nov.will chang all of that.

      • you speak of the exception, not the rule

  • Man!! Some of the people posting are delusional when it comes to Romney and the Republicans. They caused us to be in a downward spiral for 8 years and now, Obama gets blamed for their mess. Blame the Republican Congress that vowed to not put anything through that will help the citizens. They, even, turned down the Veterans Bill that would help our Veterans get jobs. So, you Romneyits get real and pay attention to the real facts.

  • arlanhp

    Romney is not concerned that what he says today ,may not be the same as what he said last week. but he says he will stand behind it whatever it was? ??

  • Wilda Campton

    mitt has several boys , I’m wondering if they served in the military…….. they should have served this country and also do their missionary. he hardlly days much about the arm services. He cannot be trusted. I know that he will make it happen t for his rich friends.

  • Joe Narusiewicz

    I wished Joe Biden would have brought up Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital legacy of outsourcing jobs to China etc while laying off USA jobs and his hiding his taxes with the money he made from it in tax shelters around the world otherwise he covered mostly everything except the Dream Act. I hope President Obama brings all of these things up again to that phony liar Romney in the next two debates.

  • Joe Narusiewicz

    I wished Joe Biden would have brought up Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital legacy of outsourcing jobs to China etc while laying off USA jobs and his hiding his taxes with the money he made from it in tax shelters around the world otherwise he covered mostly everything except the Dream Act. I hope President Obama brings all of these things up again to that phony liar Romney in the next two debates. Romney and Ryan are a bigger laugh than Laurel and Hardy just get out Todd Akin and you get the three stooges. Romney cares about winning because his vanity thinks he is a great man. He flies the flag of China not the USA.


  • Anyone who, like Mr. Canopeas, who feels he needs to punctuate his sentences with a dozen or so exclamation points and fill them with caps has arguments that he knows can’t stand on their own. You might as well not waste your time reading the post.

  • bdeal

    nurseteacher – read the name canopeas slowly. He or she is a can- of- peas. An ill informed follower who repeats anything that Fox “news” blasts out. I think our country started going downhill when the W. Bush bunch got together and started the movement to make anybody that doesn’t agree with their lies and idiot or a stupid liberal. I have stopped reading and also stopped replying to several of my former friends who got on that nadwagon. Some of them are starting to come around and actually are showing some respect for someone like me who takes the time to check facts and dispute their stupid replies. I think Obama can carry the day and we will witness a new world around us in the next four years. I hope we who are so stupid can muster the courage to insist that the Norquists and the other greedy punks get some form of punishment for blackmailing and controlling congress and the hedge funds get pruned so that our commodities are not inflated by their manipulation. What a greedy maladjusted bunch of punks we have seen come into the scene! May the promise of doing what is right pay off soon. I know it will, so keep the faith.

  • We need to get back to making our own products here with quality and hometown pride like we used to do. Greed has taken hold of too many people expecially the rich. We need everyone to work together and do their job to make this big old country work and prosper.

  • Joe Narusiewicz

    Mitt Romney is a liar power hungry politician who is a rich snob running for the 1%….listen to his behind closed doors tape on the 47% again and again and hear his core self..He is a outsourcing tax dodging crook and an enemy to the American worker.

  • If Romney becomes President and we had to deal with a conflick and send our military to war, how would Rpmney feel about sending other peoples children to war when none of his five sons ever service?

  • If Romney is elected its his wife that will run the contry not him; he’s henpecked, have you ever watch hom walk, thats the walk of a mama’s boy.