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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

WASHINGTON — The most incisive reaction to Mitt Romney’s disparaging comments about 47 percent of us came from a conservative friend who emailed: “If I were you, I’d wonder why Romney hates America so much.”

A bit strong, perhaps. But the more you think about what Romney said, the more you wonder how he really feels about the country he wants to lead.

What kind of nation are we if nearly half of us are lazy, self-indulgent moochers who will never be persuaded to mend our ways? “I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives,” Romney said, thus writing off a huge share of our citizenry.

From his perch high atop the class structure, Romney offered an analysis of political motivations that even Marxists would regard as excessively materialistic. He speaks as if hardworking parents who seek government help to provide health care for their kids are irresponsible, that students who get government aid to attend community colleges are not trying to “care for their lives.” Has he never spoken with busboys and waitresses, hospital workers and janitors who make too little to pay income taxes but work their hearts out to “take personal responsibility”?

In defending himself on Fox News on Tuesday, Romney only deepened his difficulty. “I think a society based upon a government-centered nation where government plays a larger and larger role, redistributes money, that’s the wrong course for America,” he said.

Put aside that if President Obama wanted a “government-centered nation,” the stock market wouldn’t have doubled, making many in Romney’s Boca Raton audience richer. In his impatience with those he accuses of casting themselves as “victims,” Romney misses the real story of government in the lives of most Americans. So often, we combine our own exertions with a little assistance along the way — the GI Bill, student loans, Social Security survivors’ benefits, public education — to become self-sufficient and independent.

And Romney said not a word about all the redistribution upward in a tax code that favors investment over labor income. That’s why Romney pays federal taxes at a much lower rate than many in middle class — and why, given his stress on the importance of paying income taxes, he might usefully release a few more of his own tax returns.

  • Mitt Romney – deeply out of touch and wrong for America.

  • bcarreiro

    he likes to eat crow…4Q

  • No Mitt Romney does not dislike American. What he dislikes is most Americans, and in particular those who are not from the country club class. He’s made that very clear.

    • Very True. He always appears to pander to his audience, telling them what they want to hear. Unfortunately for Willard M. Romney, we now have the technology to record everything he says, fact check it and conflict check it against other speeches. He acts like a 19th Century Plutocrat who made his money in 20th Century speculation, but has absolutely NO CLUE about 21st Century Technology
      He reminds me very much of the old story about J. P. Morgan who was once told by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court that what he wanted to do was illegal. Morgan supposedly responded that he knew what he wanted to do was illegal. He was asking the Chief Justice how he could accomplish it legally! Romney wants the power to make the rules for himself and his friends, not the rest of us.

      • It’s Sicking To See A Man Run A Campaign Built On A Foundation Of LIES!!! Romney Is A True SOCIOPATH!!!

      • CPANY

        To add to your point:

        One of the early Vanderbilts, maybe Cornelius himself, when advised by his lawyers that what he proposed to do was against the law said : Law? What do I care about the law? Hain’t I got the power?”

        It’s obvious that the super rich consider themselves above the law. It’s up to us ordinary people to convince them that they’re mistaken.

  • sigrid28

    When I see Mitt Romney, I see a man whose problem is not the entitlements he would deny others but his own sense of entitlement, the idea that he and others like him DESERVE their good fortune. Then it follows in their minds that those without means are undeserving. This world view is practically a handicap for all but the super wealthy, who may never “need somebody,” as the song goes. I guess those who never need anyone or anything don’t get a chance to understand how give and take works in communities where people identify as equals.

    Romney’s sense of entitlement also blunts his ability to appreciate a competing quality with which most Americans identify, the desire to help. It is the polar opposite of a sense of entitlement such as Romney’s. Those who have helped someone in distress understand the intrinsic rewards of such a gesture, as do those who have been helped. The desire-to-help/gratitude equilibrium virtually sustains most of American society–except among the 1% who think they are above such sentimentality (many other wealthy Americans ARE extremely generous). I just don’t understand why Romney would want to be president if he holds this cherished feature of American culture in such disdain.

    In the novels of one of my favorite authors, Charles Dickens, Teflon millionaires like Romney rarely escape the designs of poetic justice. They end up in debtors’ prison or commit suicide when speculation brings down the financial market, as in “Little Dorrit.” In “Nicholas Nickleby,” a young man’s father commits suicide because of failure brought on by speculation. The family’s rich uncle insists that his brother’s children and widow work in miserable jobs he farms them out to, instead of supporting them, which he could well afford to do (where have we heard this scenario before?). Working in the most abominable school in the world, Nicholas finally brings the rod down upon the schoolmaster himself, before escaping with a disabled boy who has been cruelly bullied and enslaved there for years. Free of his miserly uncle’s welfare-to-work program, Nicholas is free to befriend whomever he likes, and reassures the young lad, “The world shall deal by you as it does by me.” The satisfaction of this promise of protection and devotion Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan (devoted mainly to Ayn Rand) will never understand.

    • Outstanding expose of Mitt Romney’s values and character.

    • It’s Not Only Romney Most Of The Leaders Of The GOP/ Tea Party American Taliban Give Less Than A Damn About America Or The American People Their Only Agenda Is Control, Power And Money And MONEY Being Their Number One Goal!! They Get In Office To Get Rich, Everybody With A Ounce Of Intelligent Can See This Is A Fact!!! They Are Not Trying To Help Their Country Nor Their People They Are In It To Help Themselves!! The GOP Was Once A Half Decent Party, But Today’s GOP/Tea Party Are Nothing But Racist Terrorists And Traitors!!

      • Kmad66

        What about all of the career Democrats who are in office? Are they in it to get rich also? Funny how they are exempt from Obamacare. How about instead of those 47% being dependent on government for everything they are able to have a job to give them self worth and to be able to be independent contributors to society, themselves and their families. I’m sure that no one wants to be dependent on anyone else but what has happened is you have generations on welfare that feel that is their only avenue in life. What happens when that 47% rises to 65% how are we supposed to care for them as well? The bigger the government gets and the more dependent we are the less freedom we have. Think about when you were dependent on your parents for everything, you had to live by their rules the same applies here.
        I want my children to be independent members of society. We’ve gone from entitlement programs to help people in need to one that gives food stamps to people who still have money for cable tv, cell phones and two vehicles. How does that make sense? The top 10% of wage earners pay 70 % of the tax bill. I don’t care if a person only has to pay $100 a year in total taxes it gives everyone a responsiblity and maybe if they put forth some money they will care about how it is spent.

        • jarheadgene

          What is your point?

        • CPANY


          What you fail to do is to recognize an elitist prick when you see one. In this election we are presented with a whole array of elitist pricks and they’re all Republican politicians.

          It’s truly amazing the way the Republican Party has been totally overtaken by lowlifes such as Romney, Ryan, Rove, Bachmann and the like.

          It’s a shame the way the party of Lincoln has fallen so far from its original ideals.

          • Kmad66

            What about all the elitist Hollywood pricks who hold $40,000 a dollar plate fundraisers? It’s funny how only Republicans are viewed as having money. If you check Obama’s upbrining he was far from the impoverished beginnings that people think. As for the Republicans being taken over by lowlifes, look at what the Democratic party has become? I’m sure Kennedy didn’t anticipate that the 47 % number. Wasn’t it JFK who said Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.
            I’m tired of people thinking all Repub’s are wealthy people who don’t care about anyone else. I’m not rich, my husband works hard for our family and I was an educator for 15 years. Hardly the image that is constantly portrayed.
            I just want a government who lives within its means, we all would like a new Mercedes but for those of us who live in the real world we understand a budget and that we can’t always have everything we want.
            How come the Democratic Senate has not passed a budget in three and a half years? If Obama was so concerned about the National Debt maybe he would have put forth a realistic budget. Not one Democrat has voted for any of his proposed budgets.

          • Why haven’t they passed a budget? Because republicans obstruct everything that might represent an accomplishment for Obama. Remember their number one goal–not to help the country or improve our finances–to make sure Obama is a one-term President. He gave three quarters of what the obstructionists wanted but they demand 100%. And as for republicans being concerned about the deficit, why didn’t they utter a peep when King George was running half a trillion dollar deficits before their recession hit (not even counting the war of choice in Iraq, an off-budget item). Their policies of more massive tax cuts will only worsen the deficit while they laugh at the “little people” they have fooled.

          • Kmad66

            Then why didn’t anyone in his own party vote for his budget? Are the democrats obstructing themselves?

          • Justin Napolitano

            Kdad66, Simple. the democrats thought Obama gave too much to the Republicans so they didn’t like it and of course the Republicans don’t like anything that comes from Obama and the Democrats.

          • Kmad66

            I was talking about the budgets the President himself proposed and did not get even one Democrat to vote for.

          • Kmad66

            Maybe its because his budgets ran trillion dollar deficits

          • Sick of everything

            Are you just stupid or ignorant?! The GOP either just blocked it or they demanded ridiculous add-ons or riders that had nothing to do with the matter at hand. Richard seems to have a much better grasp of the situation then you, maybe you should clam up and pay attention for a change. You could learn something and then maybe you will stop sounding like the ignorant fool you are.

          • Justin Napolitano

            Kmad66, the reason is simple why the Senate refuses to endorse the Republican budget that is presented to them; it is about fairness and the fact that everything the Republicans sent has a poison pill attached. It goes something like this: we will give a one percent boost to jobs program if you give a 50% increase in tax breaks for the rich. We will help the middle class if you get rid of Obamacare. We will agree to a small increase in Social programs if you get rid of medicare and Medicaid. The Republican idea of compromise is: do it our way. Thank god for the Senate or we would be in the middle of the second great depression.
            We now know who Romney supports and it is not the whole population of the US but just the 53%.

          • Don’t even mention that. the point people are making is not that there are those who make money. It’s that they are looking in the wrong direction. JayZ is rich yet he supports Obama and there are numerous rich folks who are nor crying about the paying of more taxes. take for instance, the athletes, how many are saying that Obama that they have paid their share of taxes. So yes, there are Democrats that have money (Oprah, etc) and to support Obama is a way of saying that they will pay more taxes. Do you see them crying?

          • CAThinker

            I had a similar argument with a more conservative friend of mine. She was decrying all the “Hollywood” money going to Obama and how “unfair” it was to use their “star power” in politics. I told here, yes, the Hollywood elite tend to be liberal – and one of the reasons is that Hollywood is a tough place and for the most part, most of “those” people are rags-to-riches stories (there are a few, very few comparatively that started out in good shape) so when they give, they remember where they came from. Unlike a lot of the Republican donors, Hollywood giving is truly altruistic – they’re not donating to reduce their tax rate, relax regulations, or look for favorable legislative decisions (all of which seeks to improve the rich guys’ bottom line, so it really is greed) – Hollywood donates to causes that don’t benefit them monetarily. Not sure she got understood it…

          • CAThinker

            I had a similar argument with a more conservative friend of mine. She was decrying all the “Hollywood” money going to Obama and how “unfair” it was to use their “star power” in politics. I told here, yes, the Hollywood elite tend to be liberal – and one of the reasons is that Hollywood is a tough place and for the most part, most of “those” people are rags-to-riches stories (there are a few, very few comparatively that started out in good shape) so when they give, they remember where they came from. Unlike a lot of the Republican donors, Hollywood giving is truly altruistic – they’re not donating to reduce their tax rate, relax regulations, or look for favorable legislative decisions (all of which seeks to improve the rich guys’ bottom line, so it really is greed) – Hollywood donates to causes that don’t benefit them monetarily. Not sure she got understood it…

          • Sick of everything

            Open your eyes, Rep have been known as the rich for a reason. Not talking about no bodies like you that register as Reps, it’s the one’s that get elected are usually rich, they only care and support the rich, they get lot’s of money from the rich in exchange for a few favors here and there. No one is talking about you, get over yourself. People think that about Reps because it’s blatantly true and the Reps don’t even hide it anymore. Romney just proved my point by insulting about half the country, get off your high horse and pay attention ya cry baby.

          • Sick of everything

            An educator, teachers. Isn’t this one of the groups that the GOP and Romney are trying to dismantle?? Aren’t these people part of the problem? Dems support teachers. Hummmmm…… A little history lesson for you, every recession we have is under Republican rule, and every time the country has done well is under Dem rule. Rep have created about 24 million jobs in the last 50 some years, Dems 42 million. Chew on that for awhile. Thanks to the Reps rich people have gotten about 300% richer and the rest of us about 12%.

        • Teddy Rose

          You must be one of the 1%. Please answer this question. When was this country 100% employed? At what time was welfare abolished because everybody was working. Please paint me a scenario of what this country would be like if all government entitlements went the way of the dinosaur. You and Mitt seem to have the answer for all the ills that befell this country. Remember George W?

          • Kmad66

            I’m not saying that there will never be a need for help and that it is possible to employ 100% of the population. What I am saying is that we need to find solutions to get as many people self sufficient as possible.
            Unfortunately, our leaders in government on both sides of the aisle will not listen to each other. Collaboration is what is needed. I feel as a country we are more divided then ever before. As an American this worries me greatly.
            I think that there needs to be term limits on every politician, only then will they start making decisions on what’s best for the country and not what will keep them getting re-elected. I’m sure that we can agree that ideas need to come from both sides of the aisle, history has shown us that each side is guilty of obstructionism.

          • Justin Napolitano

            Kmad66, now you make sense, but don’t forget that this article is about Romney and that he seems to dislike 47% of the population he wants to govern.
            The more he speaks the more we know what an elitist aristocrat he considers himself and that the unwashed masses are the problem with the country.
            Keep speaking Romney so that we will know you better.

          • Kmad66

            He never said he dislikes the 47% just that he wouldn’t be able to get their support. Obama said the same thing about small town America clinging to their guns and churches when he was bidding for the nomination against Hillary Clinton.

          • johninPCFL

            And the difference there was that Obama said he was reaching out to those people, whereas Romney said “I don’t care about them.”

          • karinursula

            It was an Republican who said that Obama would be an 1 term President. That was when the collaboration ended.

          • Kmad66

            It was also Obama himself who said that if he didn’t keep unemployment down and cut the national debt in half that this would be a one term proposition

          • grammyjill

            And he would have done it if he could get anything past the republican House. Jobs bill sitting for a year, infrastructure bill sitting for a year.

          • grammyjill

            I think it would be smart to re elect Obama, just because he wouldn’t be looking to another re election. And it would also make the House and Senate get off their duff and work. I am all for firing all the republicans possible right now. What they did yesterday is unforgivable.

          • TO kmad66 we this is all we dems are saying work for the people i;e me not the lobbist thats on both side of the aisle

        • frivolous01

          Ok, one more time. The 47% statistic is a big load of cr**. Ok, you are arguing something that simply isn’t true, or is only part of a much bigger story. Yes, 47% of Americans don’t pay INCOME taxes. However, 30% of that 47% percent does pay PAYROLL taxes. That only leaves about 17% that pay absolutely no taxes (if you fail to consider sales tax) and the majority of them are elderly, disabled, and students. Funny true story, 35,000 of the people that pay no income tax make over $200,000 a year.

        • Justin Napolitano

          Kmad66, baloney! There is not 47% of the population that doesn’t work, it is 47% that do not earn enough or are retired and don’t work, students and the handicapped that do not pay income taxes. Throw in a percentage of wealthy people, that use the tax code to avoid taxes, into the 47% figure as well. And, perhaps the biggest reason is that the income of many people has declined in the last 30 years, relative to inflation, so they have fallen below the threshold of income tax payments. Have you not read the Forbes list of billionaires, where the average wealth has increased by 13% in just the last year? Suppose average workers income increased by 13%, perhaps they would be able to pay income taxes and do a lot with that money to increase employment and forward the economy.
          I suspect that much of the additional 13% wealth, accumulated by these billionaires, is not being invested in this country and is going somewhere else. Maybe they are following the Romney model and have in sitting in the Cayman’s, Switzerland or the Bahama’s? I just can not understand how people can not say there is great income disparity when reading that just 400 people own a full 20% of the wealth of the United States.

          • jarheadgene

            You’re talking about those “fragile” “Job Creators” WE the PEOPLE are supposed to be protecting, according to the “tax break” people.

          • rustacus21

            DUDE!!! Love the logic & facts!!! These are things the avg person is overlooking, but no less crucial. Income inequality went on steroids during the 2001-2009 period & what the solution to bring them back in line? Only a Liberal/Progressive Congress will be able to give the President an assist in getting Democracy back in play to give equality of ‘OPPORTUNITY’ back to ALL Americans. It’s up to Americans though, to make this happen, as the media, being corporate, has no intention on allowing a balanced critique of ‘reality’ to help influence popular opinion…

        • I See You Are One Of The People Rick Santorum Was Talking About Just Another Brain Dead Dumb And Stupid GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Member Who Just Love Kissing Koch Brothers Butts And One Of The One Who Buy The Venom Sold To You By These Low Life Lying Snake Oil Sales Men!! Please Don’t Talk To Me I Don’t Care To Hear From Dumb And Stupid People!!!

          • Kmad66

            I guess you also have a coexist bumper sticker on your car who can’t think for yourself, only believing what mainstream media serves you everyday.
            You never want to listen to anyone who doesn’t think the way you do, I won’t sink the level of insulting people who have different opinions. Grow up.

        • FYI Welfare started in 1930 when the Great Depression 1929 cause by The Republican Party before the Democrats took over and entitlement programs for whites only…..

        • phantomoftheopera

          keep in mind that, within that 47%, are some very very rich people!

          all workers pay some form of taxes–social security and medicare. and many who pay no federal income tax are working–just not making enough to rise to an income where tax kicks in. the idea they are dependent on the government is just wrong. most are doing a lot more for our country that the richest ones, who want more and more tax cuts, even though they are paying a smaller percentage of tax that those who do actual work. letting your money make money isn’t work you do.

        • perplejado

          The Democratically controlled senate cannot pass a budget, the budget must originate in the House of Representatives. See Section 7 of the US Constitution. We all know what chance the President has of getting a budget out of that group, but then again hell may freeze over some day, as the pigs fly over.

        • You sound like you maybe a one percenter, In 2000 president bush got his tax cut, inoder for it to pass, there was a provision for people making making bottom wages with children they would not pay federal taxes. Also the rich got a hefty tax cut. this was a package deal, live with it.

        • Sick of everything

          Most all of our nations problems could be solved tomorrow if it wasn’t for the useless GOP standing in the way of solving this revenue problem. They caused this mess and are going out of their way to block anything that will help turn things around. As far as people paying their share, it won’t be allowed to happen until everyone can make a decent enough wage to be independent. You can whine all you want about the top 10% pay 70% of the taxes, they can afford it that’s why they pay more. This country has done nothing but cater to the wealthy with more and more breaks which results in them making MORE money and them NOT creating jobs like they tell us they will. It’s not the people it’s the system. Everything goes up in price every year, but wages don’t. It shouldn’t take a friggen rocket scientist to figure out this won’t work. Companies are making huge profits, but workers income and benefits have flat lined for years. Do some research before spouting crap.

        • Sick of everything

          One other thing, this statement is really stupid and ignorant:We’ve gone from entitlement programs to help people in need to one that gives food stamps to people who still have money for cable tv, cell phones and two vehicles. How does that make sense? Don’t you think that these people already had this stuff? So you think that because these people walked into work one day to find out they had been fired or laid off, that on top of that they have to get rid of what they had to collect any benefits that by the way they have been paying into for years? You have some serious issues.

        • WHAT!!!

      • To Kmad66 – You obviously didn’t fact check your information you are relying on to insult that 47%. The vast majority of that percentage are senior citizens, living on what retirement income they have – or people needing a little help who are already working, but making under 20K a year. The actual percentage of those not paying any taxes are the poorest of the poor, and that percentage is about 1%. not 47%!

        As for the increase in food stamps. Yes, the number of people needing food stamp assistance has dramatically increased. But that increase is due solely to the collapse of our economy. People who either want to work but cannot find a job, or people who found work, but at a drastically decreased wage.

        I feel sorry for people with attitudes such as yours. You need to watch something other than FOX news – and stop listening to right wing radio talk show hosts. Open your eyes to the “real” world around you.

        • Kmad66

          What has our President done to help people so that food stamps aren’t necessary?

          • You Made 18 Comments And Got 2 Likes LOL You My Thug Is A LOSER!!!!!!!LOL I’m A Nurse You Lying Thug We Get No Food Stamps, No Sec 8, Or Any Other Thing That Some People May Needs This What Keeps Us From Being Like Any Other Third World Country We Help Our People Who Need Help Not Let Them Starve To Death!! So You Dumb Ass Is Sounding More And More Like The DUMB LOSER THAT YOU ARE LOSER!!! I Rather My Tax Dollars Go To The Needy Not The GREEDY!!! LOSER!!

          • Kmad66

            I’m a sensible person trying to make sense of what you are all saying. It would be nice to have discussions with people who don’t use insults and high school terms like Losers!!!!

          • I Guess You Want Me To Pull Out The Violins And Play Heart Stings You Are A LOSER!! You Want Some Cheese To Go With That Whining!! LOL There’s A KKK American Taliban Meeting Going On Your Street Right Now Go Catch Up With Your Fellow Terrorists!!

          • Kmad66

            What kind of Loser calls someone they know nothing about a Terrorist, you my fine lady are what is giving the term Liberal, left wing extremist a bad name.

          • You My Thug Is A Low Life Knuckle Dragging ASSHOLE!!! LOSER!! Take You Low Life Butt Somewhere Else And STFU Talking To Me Tea Bagging Troll!! Stop Sucking Rich People Butts It Not Going To Help You Not One Little Bit!! LOSER!!

          • Romney Is Bush On Crack Meth And Steroids!! We Have Enough Trickle Down Bullshit!!! That Is What Got This Country In Trouble In The First Place!!

          • sometimes the truth hurts.

          • sigrid28

            To one of my favorite posters in this community: Obama needs us to put our energy behind getting out the vote. Votes trump “likes” when it comes to protecting the values we all hold dear. My mom was a nurse, too, Fern. Yea, nurses!

          • alumahead

            For starters, he saved the Midwest with the auto bailouts that saved a million high paying jobs. He’s offered several jobs bills that die at the hands of Republicans in the House. Those jobs, most investing in our failing infrastructure could take another million or so off the food stamp train.

            You also may not understand that many who collect food stamps are working Americans who still qualify for food stamps due to low paying jobs. Think of it like this, we are subsidizing Walmart (and many other big box stores) via the SNAP program because Walmart won’t pay their employees a living wage.

          • rustacus21

            Haven’t U been paying attention for (at the very least) the last 7 years!? If not, there’s nothing anybody advocating for Democracy (U do believe we’re a Democracy, rite?) can explain to U that, by now, would make any sense or even a difference. As a conservative, it seems typical to be lost in all this, but attention to details helps. Just in case U were curious… FERN, I think he understands now…

          • Sweeeny

            Food stamps a.k.a social support services will always be necessary in a civilized society. People will always get sick, economies change etc . People who genuinely need help should get help. Where I’m sure we can agree is that there are also freeloaders who take advantage of any system and they need to be denied access to those systems. Some of these people are called freeloaders, others tax dodgers.

          • Food stamps, unemployment benefits, and other forms of government assistance go up during difficult economic times and high unemployment. Similar increases in government assistance occurred during the recession when President Reagan was in office. Dependence on government assistance goes down as soon as the economy recovers, and it will not be long before we see tha happen again.
            Bear in mind that if Obama’s infrastructure/jobs proposal had been approved by Congress the economic/unemployment situation would be a lot better than it is today, which is why Congress rejected it.

          • If he could have made he same decision regarding jobs as he did with healthcare, he would have done so. The speaker of the house said that he will make sure the the President do not use the money from the withdraw from Iraq to create jobs. If Republicans were not so selfish, more jobs would have been created. The infrastructure plans the President wanted to put in place were met with opposition. So friend, you asked a good question. The answer is what the Republicans have allowed him to do, nothing.

            Listen, if the Republicans knew he was making that decision to go after Osama, they would have blocked it, then criticize. Case in point, Paul Ryan himself criticizes the Obamacare yet secretly and privately petitioned the policy for aid to improve health program in his state. Frankly, that’s how they operate. Again what has he done? Whatever the Republicans will allow him to do. You know, like everyone else knows, it would not be good for them politically, if they join forces with him to make this country better.

        • amen to that! ….. mitt is never going to get the undecided voters now, by insulting the 47%…. those undecided voters have feelings too and do have great respect for others, not like you mitt…. i believe you only care for yourself, your money, your rich peers, and power.

        • John Schulz

          Mitt Romney would be inpeached with in a year. And next year he will be 66, his name Romney has 6 letters. And the year 2013 adds up to 6.

          • I believe MittWitt Romney is the antichrist and Lyin” Ryan is his false prophet. Romney is a member of one of the largest cults in America. He has declared himself as the “saviour” of not only this country but the world. He seeks to start wars against other countries. He seeks to erradicate the middle class and poorer populations and establish a purely elitist entitled country.

          • You have a good point, makes me wonder.

        • It’s amazing how Kmad66 refuse to see it that way. A person who chooses not to see is more blind than an actual blind person. That’s what Kmad66 is.
          Thanks Mike. If I was an independent voter, reading your post after listening to Mr Clinton would make the choice not to vote for Mr Romney.

        • say that aging i don’t think all the ass-hole consevatives on here can here you.Michael Whitehead.

      • tell us what you really think but you said a lot and it was the truth well said. Fern Woodfork.

    • WOW – thank you – beautiful read and SPOT on!

    • Very well said! Unfortunately, my sense has been that Romney wants to be president for the same reason he started a company that pirates other companies in distress for the main purpose of making money for himself. I truly believe that Mitt Romney wants to be president because he has the notion that as president he can rig things so that he and his 1% buddies can make even more money at the expense of the taxpayers.

      In the same way, I’m conviced that was the same reason, George Bush and Dick Cheney ran for president, in addition to George’s strong desire to ‘get’ Sadaam for having tried to kill his dad. There is no other reason in my mind why George and Dick set out so early in their administration to plan for a war in Iraq. Cheney wanted the war because wars are great ways for many already billionaires & millionaires to make even more money at the taxpayers expense by overcharging for all the equipment and services that are required to wage a war…a ground war. You’ll note that his ex company, Haliburton, was awarded a no-bid contract that brought in billions. You may have also noticed that both these men ignored the warnings they were given from the CIA about an very possible homeland attack by al Qaeda. My sense is that that’s because there’s not a lot of money to be made fighting terrorists in an unconventional war that doesn’t require a lot of ground troop support and fighting equipment.

      • sigrid28

        Thanks for the kind words. A Bush-Cheney military ambition could well explain Mitt Romney’s designs on Iran. I understand that Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers share these destructive goals, for the just the reasons you list, but have not been masochistic enough to run for president to achieve them. Why does Romney put himself and his family through this run for president, for which he is proving to be temperamentally and in most other ways unsuited, when he could just manipulate the race from behind the scenes as they do?

        Another woman writing in these threads said she thought Romney was running for president because of dynastic ambition for his sons and/or his obsession about his own legacy as compared to his father’s. If Romney is acting from the agraggate of such deep, practically biological yearnings, why would he not be compelled to do the homework required to perform all the duties of the presidency, especially leading the country in foreign affairs and learning about the characteristics of the people who make up the electorate? Why did he not anticipate the need to submit his tax returns and do all he could to get his house in order?

        As I understand it, Romney prepared for a career at Bain by completing a law degree and an MBA. Yet when he decided to obtain the presidency for himself, he seems to have concluded that back room machinations trumped (this pun is intended) all legitimate, even, I would say, basic qualifications. Which brings me back to the pernicious effect of Romney’s own sense of entitlement and how it may have convinced him that he would not have to suffer the consequences of his own actions–only enjoy them.

    • CPANY


      Easily one of the best comments that I’ve seen in this website. Congratulations.

      • sigrid28

        We are a little community here, and what you say means a lot to me. Even though no college or university of the sixty or so I applied to last year would dream of hiring a published Ph.D. in English with twenty years of teaching experience–and a few gray hairs–these accomplishments did not come easily. I have to work very hard to write well and to keep up with research and reading. But I do so because, like many over-qualified seniors put out to pasture and women who left the workforce to raise children, I’m determined to make the best contributions I can cobble together. Thanks for your acknowledgment.

    • irishtap

      Simply excellent.

      • sigrid28

        Thanks–Yea, Dickens! Yea, Irish writers! Vote Obama 2012!

  • Romney dislikes the America he is unfamiliar with, which includes about 98% of our population! Mitt is an elitist, consumed by greed and arrogance, and completely out of touch with what the average American goes through every day of our lives, our problems, frustrations and hopes. It is not that he doesn’t like America, it is that he doesn’t know the real America.

    • Dominick – you are being far to kind to Mitt….he has bankrupted everyone who has ever had the misfortune of meeting him….he needs to retreat to his feathered nest and let the rest of us get on with our lives….I do not want to be relegated to the roof of his car for 4 minutes, nevermind four years….

  • atc333

    Only Romney know the answer to that, but then each voter can make their own decision on that particular point.

    As far as America “liking” Romney, Whats not to like?

    For me, pretty much everything. Other than coming across as a life sized wind up “Ken” Doll, complete with a chip preprogamed on a daily basis to parrot back what his /programmers believe that day’s audiences will want to hear. He has demonstrated that he is pretty much an opportunistic self centered “tell em what they want to hear so I can get elected” kind of guy, , a “redistribute more wealth to to job creators” so “this time” they will maybe ,invest in job creation types of investments,a ” trickle down economic will work this time” kind of guy:, a” “clueless rich guy who has no concept what most Americans go though on a daily basis to make ends meetf guy, who has thankfully completely demonstrated to all of America exactly ” why we should not vote for him” kind of guy. You go Mitt, please keep reminding us why you should not be our next President.

    Like it or not, if I had to choose between GWB II and Mitt Romney as President, I would have to go with George, for at least we knew what he stood for. Put Mitt in office, and even the Democratic President following his administration would not be able to avoid the massive Romney/Ryan depression resulting from combining trickle down economics with massive across the board Federal spending cuts. .

  • JohnRNC

    He doesn’t want to lead America – he wants to LOOT America. And he’s got a pretty good head start….

  • Germansmith

    We all should be happy Romney has a big mouth…so both feet can fit in it.

    I am still amazed that in an era of phone cameras, open mikes and internet, politicians can be so careless about their comments…..but what really amazes me the most is that somebody with the mentality of us vs them is trying to become president.

    Just when I thought Republicans could not find a worst choice than Bush Jr. …they went and they did….and by the way, I am a Republican who has lost 25% of my income due to Obamacare and Sebelius

    • neece00

      But you will gain it back for the patients that do not have insurance. These patients hurt us all when someone goes to the hospital with no insurance or the patient who has cancer and can not pay the 20000.00+ bill for the treatment. You will gain it back when your insurance covers what it should or the rebate you will get back because your insurance charged you more than it was supposed to. I have worked in healthcare for 30 years and we are so ready for healthcare reform.

      • Germansmith

        I am not a provider, I am a Benefit Broker for employer plans.

        In a bad economy and with the implementation of PPACA, insurance rates for my clients have gone up. Those companies that have not cancelled their plans have passed more of the premium responsabilities to the employees and those with low income have decided to do without insurance….maybe now they qualify for Medicaid!!

        The real problem with our healthcare system is the way we diagnose, prescribe, and bill for healthcare procedures. Most doctors over prescribe tests, and overcharges patients and insurance companies as much as possible (and I know, I see my clients EOB as well as those for my family for insurance and Medicare).
        Ex My daughter had a twisted knee and the orthopedic charged her insurance company $10,000 just for the knee brace (probably made in China for less than $50)….that is where the real waste is !!!!

        Of course Insurance companies and brokers are easy targets. Politicians are not going to mess with Hospitals Asso. and the AMA or lawyers and tort reform.

        The fact is the average profit of an insurance company is about 3.5% and most of them already comply with the 80/20 MLR.

        I was looking forward to REAL healthcare reform, but what they did is insurance reform and adding more patients to an already and still disfuntional costly system

        • CAThinker

          Interesting… I know nothing about health insurance other than what I pay… and from what I hear from my medical provider.

          With all due respect, if the average profit of an insurance company is only 3.5% how do they post multi-million dollar salaries for the CEOs and multi-Billion dollar quarterly profits?

          • Germansmith

            Same as oil companies…It is volume
            3.5% of 2 trillion dollars is a lot of money

            The real costs of healthcare is not only the insurance companies
            They are:
            Innefficiencies and fraud in the system
            Billing complexities
            Over Prescribing of unnecessary tests and medicines
            Need for Tort Reform
            How we have been accostumed to deal and treat with terminal patients
            Brand name drug promotion and usage (when generic would do just fine)

            I will also bet on the fact that doctors and hospital margin of profit is much higher that 3.5%

            Other European countries have a healthy private insurance system but their per-capita cost per patient is far less (in the US is a bit over $8,000 per person (not patient)

            But what the heck, Insurance Companies are easy to hate even as they are probably part of your investment portfolio/IRA or 401K and provide hundred of thousand of jobs and capital investment for the creation of other businesses.

        • neece00

          I do agree that the current healthcare system does not cover all bases but at least this is a start. If we could fix the legal system so a physician can order what he thinks is appropriate and not worry that the patient will sue him at a later date because he failed to order a CT scan. We need to educate the patients to take more responsibility in their own healthcare such as losing weight or stop smoking which falls under preventative medicine. The patients need to ask “is this procedure necessary”. The pregnant mother can let nature take the course and not schedule an induction because I want my baby born on Saturday. The patient should not go to the emergency room for a cough when they could go to their primary care physician or even a walk-in-clinic. The insurance company should not be for profit. The CEO of Humana, Michael McCallister has a salary of 3.3 million dollars. The CEO of Aetna Ronald Williams made 18 million per year. It bothers me when these people are making these figures and yet the 10 year old boy with leukemia is being denied his claim because somewhere, the parents were forced to sign a weaver that allows the insurance to not pay for this coverage. And if you notice, none of this even touches on the un-insured patient which we all pay for at a cost of 43 billion per year.

          • Germansmith

            Profits is what makes the US go around and create people’s jobs and by the way, if you have an IRA or 401K, I am sure part fo your portfolio include health insurance companies

            If we do not guaranteed food or shelter to the same 10 year old child why do we have to guarantee the most expensive healthcare in the world? By the way, we do guarantee healthcare to children, so this sob story is moot, in Florida it is call KidCare where any parent can buy guaranteed issue health insurance and pay according to their income (no preexisting). If poor enough, they can even get Medicaid.

            As we are talking about uninsurered coverage. Are you aware that about a third of people that do not have health insurance is because they value other things more (like expensive cars, TV, vacations) and since they know when they go to an emergency room in any hospital they have to take care of them at no cost to them (taxpayers…and yes responsible people that buy health insurance get higher bills to compensate for that free service)

            If you dislike insurance companies (and brokers like me ) make a living being an intermediary in the system, Do you also mind that Wallmart or Best Buys makes profit selling a bigger necessity like food?
            If you dislike insurance companies, do you also mind the government salaries (and benefits and pensions) guaranteed to CMS employees? How about the salary of the head of CMS (not published) , but a local office administrator makes 90K. This is in a system where they themselves admit there is probably about 500B in fraud and overpayments.

            If you are a health provider, I understand why you hate insurance companies. It is because they put a rein and a limit to healthcare costs that otherwise would be even higher than it is.

      • Germansmith

        And by the way neece000, the rebate is a really stupid idea

        In most states, insurance premiums have to be approved by the state insurance comissions. Any changes in premiums (up or down) have to be submitted for approval (not an speedy process)

        Also in most states is currently illegal to rebate any insurance premium, so laws had to changed

        Do you know how much it cost to figure, determine, generate and send a check to a client (maybe for $20). Give you an example, a client of mine who paid $350K in insurance premiums in 2010 just received a rebate of $1,350.
        What do you do with the money? Do you give it back to the employees that paid a portion of their premium? How about those who left the employment? Do the company keep it all? Is it income or what?…now you need to pay taxes on it as it originally was a tax deduction

        Who ever came out with the rebate idea has probably never understand the nuts and bolts of running a business.

    • jarheadgene

      Sorry to hear of your income losses. I can fully empathize as a tail end Baby boomer I have been laid-off due numerous times due to various corporate raiding…golden parachutes and general fleecing of companies by those on the top rungs of the corporate ladders. I.E. Robert Allen, Bernie Ebbers…etc. In the long run from what I’ve read the Health Care package is better for ALL Americans overall.

  • If this is the best the GOP has to offer then they should just go away. They need to take their class system back to Euope and stay there. TIS country was built so Everyone could try to full fill their dream and we HELP each other not look down our noses at the less fortunate.

  • Germansmith

    It is hard to know the real people when you are born in privilege and in a religious enviroment that until recently practice segregation.
    For me it is also hard to relate to a man that does not drink, ever smoke or chased is the arrogance of being purer than the rest of us.

  • I am convinced that Mitt Romney’s ultimate goal is not to be the President of the United States, but to be the President of the World. He cares about Americans as much as I care about dust on the moon.

    • neece00

      He should just wait because when he dies he will be the president of his own planet and everyone will bow down to him.

    • Kmad66

      And President Obama doesn’t want to be President of the world? He was the one who said that on the day he is inaugerated he would bring peace to our country and that the world, in particular the Middle East would view us differently. Funny how after four years his foreign policy has led to the murder of our Libyan ambassador and two brave Marines.

      • CAThinker

        You must be a Faux watcher… They weren’t “two brave Marines”, they were two brave contractors that were former Navy SEALs. If you’re going to stare at the television you may as well listen too.

        • Kmad66

          Once a Marine always a Marine. And why didn’t our Ambassador have military detail? Especially since our government knew 48 hours before the attack that there was a threat. The White House let the public think this was a protest due to some video when they knew all along that a threat was there. Those contractors acted like the Marines they were to help protect our Embassy. Let’s not downgrade their heroism.
          Interestly Valerie Garrett had a five person secret service detail on her vacation to Martha’s vineyard.
          I do listen but I get information from all sources not just our biased mainstream media. Even CNN had a report from the Embassador stating he believed he was on an hit list.

          • karinursula

            And please tell me who said that the Government knew 48 hrs before the attack.

          • johninPCFL

            Consulates don’t get a marine detail. The embassy does.

          • grammyjill

            All that was know is there MIGHT be a POSSIBLE attack. Not where or when. And the ambassador was and is much loved in Libya so why would anyone think it would be there?

      • frivolous01

        Please provide a link to where he said that he would do these things on the DAY he was inaugerated.

  • ARepublicanNorthlandGrad

    I think you are right Dominick, he is counting on getting the vote of those who hate what america has become. Its no longer their 50’s concept of white america “Leave it to Beaver” world. Truth is it wasn’t all that great for all the whites.

    • A lot of people forget the struggles most of us faced many years ago, and the fact that the problems our young are encountering today are a repeat of what happened to us. I suspect that what a lot of Republicans are fighting for when they say they want to take America back does not refer to economic matters, but to social issues and their desire to go back to an America that no longer exists.

  • Kansan

    Hey, Mitt knows he’ll be able to fix the problem. Within six months, he’ll have all those welfare cases, from the disabled kids collecting Survivors’ benefits to the oldsters, all wearing suits and ties and riding bicycles to cover neighborhoods, house-to-house, as missionaries.

    What could possibly be wrong with that plan?

  • kbcab

    Well Romney sure didn’t earn his wealth by working hard like Obama , Oh wait ! Obama never worked at all did he ? He just spent his life teaching other freeloaders how to screw the gov and public out of a living , and associating himself with communism and convicted terroists and a so-called preacher that hated America , learning the muslim life and reading the quran and all the rest he could do without earning a damn thing on his own , vote for Obama and in the next four years you will have exactly nothing left , then try to get rid of him ..your kids and grandkids will have no future except on public aid , won’t that be great…

    • neece00

      You have been listening to Fox news again, haven’t you.

      • kbcab

        Well I do want the un-spinned truth , how about you ???

        • neece00

          So you are telling me that Fox news is the “unspinned truth”. Well, well, well I have been listening to the wrong news program for all these years.

          • CAThinker

            kbcab’s response explains everything – watching Faux for un-spinned truth??? That’s laughable – nearly their entire crew of political commentators are in the paid and unpaid employ of the Romney campaign… Lends credence to the Harvard study that found the “uninformed” were better informed than Faux “news” watchers…

          • YepThatTell

            You are correct on all points.

        • karinursula

          You wouldn’t know the truth if it hit you in the face. Now you will tell me that the President was on welfare and food stamps??

        • grammyjill

          fox works for the romney campaign. if you want real news from both sides of the coin try msnbc.

          • kbcab

            Do you ever listen to anything except obama , gas prices have doubled , food prices are up 100% , utilities are going up everyday , our embassy’s are being attacked all over the world and our ambassadors are being tortured and murdered and drug through the streets and Obama goes on Letterman and yucks it up with him and campaigns while our military are being killed and twerroist attacks are happening right here in this country under Obama , everything is happening according to his agenda ..Get out of the house every once in a while and make a decision for yourself for a change , that’s the only change we need…

          • grammyjill

            Ok, lets start with gas prices, when the hurricane hit the oil companies closed 6 refineries. That is why those are up. They didn’t need to go up but the oil companies are greedy as hell. The president has no control over that. The price changes come from Wall St not the white house. Same with utility costs. As for the ambassador, He died of smoke inhailation according to the doctors there and here. He was not dragged through the street. What you saw was some of the Libyans taking the man they loved and admired to the hospital. Trying to save his life. Do you even remember that there is a war on terror going on? I say that from a Mom of someone in the military. So, yes I pay attention to all of it. What was the president supose to do? Sit in the white house and wring his hands? He sent marines, battleships and drones. Four have already been arrested and more suspects being questioned. Now, lets talk about Mitt, What he said was out of line and wrong. He proved in that moment that he should be as far away from the white house as possible. And he keeps proving it.I have the position of having seen him as gov. He was really bad. He raised taxes hughly, but called them fees. They even nicknamed him fifi. People were moving out of the state because there were no jobs. I remember Duval Patrick on TV asking people to come home. Romney let the infrastructure fall apart, hugh potholes and they had to close some of the bridges because they were unsafe. He raised the cost of college by cutting pell grants. He had a ton of money coming in and not spending anything so there should have been a pretty big surplus right? Duval Patrick got a 18 billion dollar defict. No one knows where the money went because Romney took all the records with him, including all the computer hard drives. So, you are believing all the lies spread by the republicans, but have you actually checked the facts yourself. If Romney gets in, we will be at war with Iran within weeks. They will push their budget through and according to two independent organizations, Romney’s is mathematically impossible and Ryan’s would increase the deficit by 5 trillion dollars a year for the next twenty five years.And with that power they will be able to push through Ryan’s other plans. No preventitive health care for women, redefine rape so that if the woman was no shot, stabbed or beaten badly it isn’t rape, abortion would stop period, not even to save the life of the woman. You may think I’m making that up, but I watch the House live on TV and saw him. He said”The life of the mother clause is big enough to drive a mack truck through and we need to close it.” They also want to take all contriceptives away from women. I have seen this. Obama may not have gotten everything done that he wanted to but you can’t do it alone, you need congress to work with you and they haven’t. The American Jobs act has been in congress for a year, The infrastructure bill has been in congress for a year( thats about 10 million jobs) and twp days ago the veterans corp jobs and training bill (that is all paid for and was bipartisan) was killed by the republicans in the house. So yea, I will stick with Obama and pray that we get rid of the no working republicans.

          • kbcab

            Grammyjill , thank you for informing me of all this info , and could I ask another favor of you , please stay home on election day and drink some more Kool-aid…

          • grammyjill

            not a chance. I will do everything I can to keep that crook romney out of the white house.

          • kbcab

            I figured you probably would , you can’t fix stupid , but you’ll suffer when it’s to late to matter. Good luck , maybe you ought to ask your child , if they have been in combat, how they feel about a muslim our country…

          • grammyjill

            There are alot of muslims in our country, it’s also their country. But, there are no muslims in our government offices. Our President was born in Hawii in 1961, he was baptised in an evangical church and has attended an evangical church his whole life, was married in one, had his daughters baptised in one. So get off the republican bullshit. You could ask anyone of my 5 children, who are all very smart, and they would all tell you if you are believing what fox and that crowd are telling you then they feel very sorry for you. You should be able to check things out on your own and find the truth, not just believe the lies.

    • It’s amazing how the name calling of the president and your delusional comments, are not exactly working…Suck it up,idiota, your vanilla candidate of the 1%,Romney, is as close to getting elected as myself….Get over it…

      You are pathetic..Keep on drinking at right wing Kool-Aid…

  • johucky

    If Romeny like Americal he would show more emotion for the middle class and lower class instead of degrading them all the time. His campagin is all glitz and glamor with the people in the audiiance who are the same class he is and will of course agree with him. They don’t want to 17% in taxes let the lower and middle class pay it while your money is safe in other countries. Millions of people pay into Social Security still today and if Medicare is going broke the government needs to keep there hands off it. Mr. Romney should be grateful that he is lucky enough to be financially wealthy and can go through each day without a worry. How hard did he work for it he didn’t. I find the poor and the middle class are more eager to help each other with what little they have while the wealthy are to busy shopping while the maid is cleaning the house and the nanny is taking care of the kids and the cook is in the kitchen. You will find the poor and middle class doing all that themself and shopping in the thrift stores for clothing for the children who will be happy with the cloths they got they are new to them. Shopping at the Dollar store and he doesn’t care. America take a good look at this man

  • Anyone that thinks that a man who cannot even run an effective campaign can run a country of 330 million people are stupider even then he.

  • copper1234

    He knows nothing!! His changing his mind and trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes is about as sheepish as the lowlife can get. his flip flopping all over the place is not who I want for president. He isn’t worth the price of a pair of flipflops I could wear on my feet!!!!!

  • tax payer

    I’ll still vote for him because imagine all of Mexico here in our country. Obama will make sure it happens.

    • Es un idiota…Bastante ya…

      • tax payer

        English Please because I don’t understand Chinese.

        • YepThatTell

          Obviously you need to try to understand a lot more than that. I wish you luck.

    • Saphina

      what a foolish statement

    • YepThatTell

      You would, then, vote against your own future and your self-interest.
      Didn’t you have a mother? Do you know women? Do you want women to be economically enslaved? Do you want women to be able to make their own health decisions without having an employer or state governor interfere? Do you even care?

      I can imagine a lot worse things happening here if Romney is elected and the GOP takes over Congress. Besides, the really rich don’t mind using illegals to do their dirty work because they save millions in payroll taxes.

      Immigration reform isn’t the only issue here. Look at a bigger picture. President Obama is a decent, caring man and has worked for ALL of us. Open your mind.

      • tax payer

        I want women to check what goes inside of them, so we don’t have to support the consequences.

        • YepThatTell

          Then tell it to the men, dumbass!
          You are blind because you refuse to see. Pathetic.

        • grammyjill

          well ryan wants to stop contriception also. I expect alot of younger men are not going to be too happy.

    • frivolous01

      You do realize that President Obama’s administration has deported more immigrants in the last 3 years than Bush did in 6? The biggest difference is that he has required ICE to focus on violent, dangerous, and felonious immigrants. You have to remember that the government has a limited amount of resources and has had to prioritize enforcement.

    • grammyjill

      Obama has deported more in the past three years than the prevous president did in eight years. The dream act is for children and members of our military only.

      • tax payer

        Obama is allowing the children that came to this country as children to stay and work or go to school, but he should have put down in his order that the parents had to leave this country or no deal for the children. He is being seen on a Spanish station by Hispanics right now that understand English, so what is the purpose of it being in Spanish since the illegals can’t vote.

        • grammyjill

          Ok so you think the kids can stay but their parents should be deported. Who takes care of these kids? They are all working toward citizenship. Obama has been very good about getting rid of the criminals. And he hasn’t said they can just stay. They have to work toward getting their citizenship or go back.

          • tax payer

            Most of the kids are grown women and men, so they won’t miss their parents. Obama has already made the decision that they can stay, but they can stay with the same Relatives they were staying, when they came here as illegals and remember they still are illegals, but only with permission to go to school and work here and take the jobs of Americans. The parents will stay because who is making an effort to deport them. The Governor of Arizona is the only person with guts to do what the Government won’t do and I praise their sheriff for making sure they are arrested and deported.

      • tax payer

        The Dream Act is for the parents too because do you think they will pack and leave our country. If you believe that then can I sell you the White House.

        • grammyjill

          as i just told someone else, the parents have to work toward getting citizenship or get out and take their kids with them. there are very strict rules. break a law, you’re gone.don’t work to suport your family, you’re gone. but if you work toward getting your citizenship, you get a chance. alot harder than your or my ancestors, they just moved in.

  • Polygamyman

    Romneys entitlemnent comes from his religious roots. Mormonism was founded on delusion Mormons and satanic deception. They believed they had the right to do what they wanted..marrying underage children and practicing polygamy. They controlled their destiny by controlling the local government for nearly 90 years. There assertion that they are the only true church excludes every major religion worldwide,including right wing evangelicals. There dismissal and castigation of every minority persisted for 150 years..african americans were stereotyped as sub human to man and to God (he wouldnt listen to them). They have marginalized woman for 182 years without any conscience. Today a man can not go to his Temple with his wife becasue mormonism sees her as an inferior person without any eternal value. Only when a woman gets married has she any ability to go to heaven..single woman get relegated to the lowest of mormons three heavens (where infidels go). She is not allowed to express her opinions because she has nothing eternal to say, All mormon government excludes woman as unfit. They practice a teleological ethic..’the end justifies the means”. This is why Romney combines his natural sociopathic nature (no conscience) with his dogmatic cultlike faith to be insensitive and uncaring. It is impossible to be any different..put the dog on the roof of the car,assault a held down student with a pair of scissors.saying i like to fire people to make money, i dont need to defend my country (draft dodger), I am above disclosing my tax information because i am superior to the people I seek to govern, I will lie,cheat and steal to put this upstart african american in his historical place.
    The greatest tragedy is that folk who claimed to have been enlightened (evangelicals) are endorsing and following this dangerous anti christ pied piper to destruction.

  • I insist that what drives Governor Romney is the ambition to be known as the President of the United States–rather than to lead the country towards an improved condition. He just does not think in terms of people, but in terms of position, numbers and the different classes of people.

    • CAThinker

      I heartily agree – it’s the only reason that makes sense. There might also be a “daddy issue” wandering in there as well…. For all we know, and what we’ve been hearing about his youthful antics, is that his father might have expected more but was deeply disappointed in him… and that his election to POTUS would be proof to his father that he was worthy… Or something like that…

    • grammyjill

      Duval Patrick, Gov of Mass after Romney said he wanted the job but didn’t want to do the job.

  • Nargis Hameed

    This is an epitome of committing political suicide.
    Sorry dude ! you’ve already lost the elections.

  • I was thinking last night while out with friends about just how incompetant this man is…Who could not run an effective campaign when people are literally THROWING money at said campaign? All he really had to do was keep his mouth shut and let the money work for him….I think that the answer might lie in this concept…part of his psyche is hard-wired to the notion that money that comes freely does not make him as happy and fulfilled as money that he absconds with….

  • Saphina

    Mitt only likes rich people – the rest of us working stiffs are useless to him. He has made that abundantly clear!

  • That 47% comment about moochers and freeloaders finally was the voice of an evil heart..If this clown ever was near speaking the truth of his heart,this was it…Did Mr. Hair Gel have a thought of being in that 47% himself,as being a freeloader with bank accounts Switzerland,Cayman Islands,Bermuda to avoid paying taxes to help our economy..????? Yes,money in USA banks helps those unemployed..Stashing millions out of the USA,let me try that…The FEDS would be on me like white on rice…

    Back up the truck,the party is over…

    • Kmad66

      I’m not sure why people are offended by the the 47% statistic, it is a fact. Why are people uncomfortable with that number. We should be offended that there are that many people in our country are unable to care for themselves. It is a fact that if people are getting cared for why wouldn’t they want to keep that going for themselves.
      How about creating jobs for these people? Their are more people today on food stamps, and more unemployed, underemployed or who have given up looking for work then four years ago. How has he helped?
      Would you want your children staying at home when they are 35 with a family? I don’t want that for my kids. There is a point when help becomes enabling. How about giving people the power to choose their destiny, you can’t choose your own destiny when you are dependent on someone else.

      • CPANY

        You idiot. Deregulation and unfettered capitalism led us into this mess. How many jobs did those Republican bastards destroy so that they could line their pockets?

        You ask “How about creating jobs for these people?” Great idea, shithead. How are you proposing to do that by electing an elitist prick who made his money by eliminating jobs?

        • Kmad66

          Nice using profanity. Can you make a point without insulting people? I wonder if you remember how Clinton forced banks to give loans to people who didn’t qualify? The housing bubble was a big part of this financial problem. Look to the mess of Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac.
          Let me ask you this, how many jobs did Obama create out in the real world? He was a community organizer and spent other people’s money. You people talk about outsourcing jobs. How much of the stimulus money went to China, Finland, Canada, Mexico and lets not forget the $500 million that went to Solyndra.
          He has no business experience, he hasn’t even put forth a budget in the past four years that even his own party will vote for.

          • CAThinker

            Go back in history – businessmen made the WORST presidents: Hoover, and most recently W Bush. Remember Bush? He famously said that he likened the presidency to being a CEO and that the presidents job was to “decide”… Which gave him a free pass to not study or know about anything! With those examples, business experience should not be a prerequisite, it should be a red flag! All things considered, those that devote their lives to the improvement of others, like community activists, are much better suited to govern than those that are only in it for themselves…

          • Kmad66

            But you can’t keep spending money you don’t have. Someone with financial backgrounds know this. Ask any small business owner. Every day we borrow money from China they get stronger and we get weaker. Under this president our national credit rating has dropped and is being threatened to drop again due the lack of plans to reduce our debt.
            What experience did our President have when he was elected. So much of his past was locked and we weren’t given access to it. How come we don’t know more about his life? Why can’t we see his college transcripts and writings that he did?
            In a newly released video he talks about believing in the redistribution of wealth? Do we want our great country to be likened to socialism? How did that work in Russia?
            Just an observation, you spoke of Romney being in it for himself, how about our President going to a fundraiser in Vegas the day our Ambassador to Libya was murdered not in it for himself? How about not having time for a meeting with the president of Israel but having time to go on Letterman and a fundraiser with Jay-Z?

          • old_blu

            You do know that our national credit rating dropped because of the stubborn republicans, right?

          • Kmad66

            Last time I looked the Democrats have had power in the Senate for the past six years. Lets all agree that politicians in Washington whether Republican or Democrat have their own interests at stake.
            Obama was supposed to unite us all, why hasn’t his unprecedented leadership helped to deal with our budget woes and ridiculous deficit,

          • neece00

            The president has tried to work with both sides and he gets pushed back at every corner.

          • old_blu

            I absolutely agree with you they don’t have whats best for America only what is best for their party, and bad for the other. Now they sound like three year olds “they started it”

            I don’t think Obama had a chance to unite us all because the first thing out of their mouths “we’re trying to make him a one term President”, and that has been their main goal, and you know I’m right about that.

            Edit: BTW, Thank you for the civil response it don’t happen often on here.

          • johninPCFL

            And during the TWO years that Dems had the majority in both houses, there was a four month period where, if the two independents voted with them, they could break the GOP filibuster stranglehold.

            Four months out of six years.

          • CAThinker

            Ok… I’ll stop – I can see you got the talking points from the party. No point in continuing this discussion. I think you need to remove yourself from this forum and go find another forum that supports your position – we have no starting point and all yo can offer is drivel. Go away Talipublican troll… get your 10 cents for the two posts you made in this encounter and go away.

          • Kmad66

            It’s amazing to me that no one can have an altering opinion to your own. You talk to me about talking points look at all the posts here. If anyone disagrees they are automatically insulted and called stupid. How about broadening your horizons and speak not only to people who agree but with people who don’t. It’s easy to preach to the choir when you don’t have to defend your position to anyone else. Get educated and try to have a civil, intelligent conversation with another American who has concerns with the direction our country is going. Why are you not questioning this administration? Why does Obama get a pass on everything and not have to take ownership for his policies.

          • grammyjill

            Mostly because Obama has been right out front about anything he is doing or trying to do, and you can go on the website and see for yourself. He has never tried to hide anything unless it was a national security issue.

          • grammyjill

            Actually when things hit the fan in Libya, the president was at Walter Reid hospital with our injuried troops. He never had an appointment to see the president of Israel. He did have an appointment with Letterman and JZ.
            Have you even heard Romney’s policy with Israel? It’s kick the can down the field and see if anything happens.

          • YepThatTell

            Open your eyes and your ears.
            You’re only hearing and seeing what you want to hear and believe.

          • Kmad66

            I can say the same for you, go to sources other that CNN, ABC and CBS

          • YepThatTell

            I do, thank you.

          • I just want to weigh in on the Solyndra. It was a great idea and a great investment. The problem is we totally let china steal our intellectual property and make a competing product with no EPA and no minimum wage and then imported their stolen crap with no tarriffs. We allow this to go on unchecked and on a regular basis. I am happy to have you contributing to the conversation though and welcome you as thinking rational human.

            Please understand that the mess is 30-50 years in the making and it will not be cleaned up in 4 years probably not even in 8 years and especially if we continue on the current course of rediculously polorizing banter about non issues. Kmad66 I welcome you and your cry for cooperation. Not ALL repubs are evil and not ALL are idiots and I suspect that not ALL listen to FOX news, unless it’s for a good laugh. I mean if FOX folk weren’t so serious about the giant lies they are selling they would be funnier than Colbert.

          • grammyjill

            1. Solyndra was a Bush deal. It just happened to fail a couple months after the election. 2. Obama has had 30 straight months of job growth, about 4.6 million. Would be much more if republicans would work and pass the bills to put people back to work. 3. I don’t know where you got your info but I suspect Faux no-news.
            Now I will give you a fact. Checkable fact. Romney was Gov. of Mass. during his time, the infrastructure was falling apart. Had to close some bridges because they were unsafe. He raised taxes alot, through fees. So much that he got the nickname fifi. So, he had a ton of money coming in and not spending any of it. Should have been a big surplus right. He left an 18 billion dollar deficit. So where is that money? No one knows because he took all records with him when he left, including the computer hard drives. Trust him, I think not!

      • AMADAL

        You really are a dumb ass. Those tax cuts for the rich were intended to give the rich more money to create jobs (You know, trickle down economics). Where are the jobs? Oh, right–they hoarded the money and gave themselves $3 million raises and big bonuses. Reaganomics has been proven to be a myth, yet you Repukelican’ts continue to think it works. Again–Where are the jobs? We have been under trickle down tax cuts for 11 years. It really has worked, hasen’t it!!

        • Kmad66

          Can no one here discuss issues without insulting people and using profanity? You all talk about tolerance but only if people agree with you. I like to discuss points of view and respect your opinions why can’t you respect mine?
          Please answer me this, and before you think ill of me, please know I am not wealthy in fact was a teacher for many years. How much of every dollar earned should someone be able to keep?
          Does it bother you that while you are earning a wage and paying taxes that 47 % of the population pay nothing? The top 10% of wage earners pay 70% of the nations tax burden, do you think that’s not enough?
          Do you buy things that you can’t afford?
          Again I ask how did socialism work for Russia?

          • AMADAL

            You obviously stopped reading after the first line. I am part of the 47%. I am retired, however, I did work for over 50 years and paid income tax of 30% or more for all those years. Yet, you think it is OK for people that make more money to pay a lower per cent of their income in taxes. According to you, it’s OK with you that the more money one makes, the less they should pay. Unfortunately you can only think in terms of the amount of money, not the unfairness of the percentage of money. Like I said previoulsy, you are truly a dumb ass.

          • Kmad66

            I never said that the wealthy shouldn’t pay taxes. But how much of a person’s dollar earned should they be able to keep? Would you say that we should be able to keep .50 or what. Even with the Buffett rule our deficit is so high that you could take every penny from that top percentage and it wouldn’t even make a dent in what we owe.

            Thank you for all of your years of work, I want to enstill that same work ethic to my kids, and I try to do that everyday. My fear is that we are spending at such a high rate that my kids are already responsible for over $50,000 of our nation’s debt and they aren’t even in high school.

            Is this what we want for future generations? Can we agree that something needs to be done about our national debt?

          • AMADAL

            I agree with decreasing the debt and making government smaller. It should be done with removing the abuses and fraud as well as removing projects that are not needed.
            Every dollar counts–including letting the rich pay their 30%. SS is all I have to live on. I manage by having no bills. I do not qualify for any assistance programs because my SS is $64 too much to qualify. And I stay pissed of with all the abuses I see every day. Like I said, Reagonomics does not work. It only puts more money in the hands of the rich. Where are the jobs from the Bush tax cuts? All RoMoney is proposing is more tax cuts for the rich. At least Obama has a plan that is working, it’s just slower that some people want. He was expected to bring the economy back in 3 months while it was going down the tubes for 8 years of Bush. Do you really want to reverse this trend?

          • grammyjill

            Obama tried to pass a budget where we spent 1 dollar for every 2 brought in. The republicans said no.

  • Gayle1942

    I think Romney’s new name should be Marie Antoinette. “Let them eat cake!” He seems to think that the only people who matter are people who are part of the 1% just as he is.


  • latebloomingrandma

    I think Ronald Reagan did our country a disservice by boldly claiming that gov’t is not the solution, gov’t is the problem. It made for a great sound bite, but this new attitude set us on a bad course of distrust and demonizing all things government related. The Republican party of today believes this. With Romney we now have this mindset plus the values of Mormonism. He remains quiet about this, and religion really should not be a test for office. I have no issue with their beliefs. Everyone who embraces a religious tradition takes many things on faith. Mormonism apparently has many fine and noble values. NBC did a great profile of the Mormon faith a few weeks ago before the convention. What I have a concern about is this:
    Mormons are rather insular and secretive. They stick together. You are in or you are out. A regular person cannot just wander into a Mormon temple. They really take care of their own flock, no matter what the problem, as long as they are dutiful Mormons. This is a good thing, but this “attitude” or practice is probably viewed that it should be universal. Religions should take care of their own. Get help from your neighbors. Communities should have robust soup kitchens. Go to charities for help. Government should get out of the helping business–that is an “entitlement” mentality. Frankly, the spectacle of the richest country on earth, of their citizens constantly holding bake sales and car washes to pay for a child’s leukemia treatment is kind of sad and touching all at the same time. We Americans have mucho self-help going on.
    If the citizens of “we the people” are not to expect a modicum of services for our taxes, then the giveaways for the rich–oil companies, agribusiness, etc.–must stop also.
    What part of –“to form a more perfect UNION–” do Republicans not get?

    • CPANY


      Please keep in mind that Ronald Reagan was never the brightest bulb on the circuit. He was a popular actor that gained prominence because he came out publicly against the Communists in the motion picture industry and by doing so he did the country a great favor.

      As an actor he spoke in sound bites like “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” The public loved it, so he won election to the most powerful position on the Earth. Twice.

      As to the Mormons:

      I believe that they are the fastest growing religion in the world and that they have achieved their success by befriending the downtrodden. They are the biggest threat to the Catholic Church in Latin America, because their appeal is to the “shirtless ones,” i.e. those who have little or no material goods. In this respect, the Mormons’ tactics are identical to the Communists’ tactics. Ho Chi Minh said “Swim among the people.” Ho Chi Minh was pretty effective at spreading Communism.

      One doesn’t have to be intellectually brilliant. One has only to touch a sympathetic nerve.

  • Carol Ott

    Romney has wanted to be President for a long time and why he keeps campaigning. I don’t think he likes people as stiff and formal as he is around them but he simply wanted the title PRESIDENT.
    He’s already offended China, Russia and London with his stupid remarks and now Americans, as well.

  • 13observer

    The democrats have been stating that “99%” of Americans want to take from the wealthiest “1%” so………… I guess Romney was right……..and he should then lose by 99%………….right?

    • Democrats don’t want to “take” anything from the top 1% or 2%, what we want is a fair shake. We want opportunities for everyone, not just the privileged few; we expect the wealthy to help reduce our deficits and national debt instead of investing or hiding their assets overseas; and we wish to have a President who represents ALL Americans instead of one who despectively dismisses half of the population of the USA.

      • neece00


      • YepThatTell

        As usual, Dominick, well and succinctly said. Thank you.

    • CPANY


      You lie. The Democrats never said “99%” of Americans want to take from the wealthiest “1%.”

    • old_blu

      You’re a liar and a fat mouth.

  • stsintl

    What about the CEOs of the defense contractors who have become billionaires and multi-millionnaires from redistribution of wealth by the government? What about the billionaires and multi-millionnaires collecting interest on the national debt created by the Reagan and GWB tax cuts for the rich?? It is the welfare program for the Romneys and his $50,000 a plate fund raisers.
    If Democrats have been a “tax and spend” party, the Republicans have been a “borrow and spend” party.


    Mittens is a money person. All he cares about is money. Does he hate America? Possibly. As a member of a minority religion that up until a few decades ago was widely despised, he may well harbor negative feelings toward his fellow Americans.

  • 13observer

    I want you to give half of your disposable income to illegal alien criminals residing in America so they can have a “fair shake”! Just because you have MORE than they do, you owe it to them! See……….. its easy to spend the riches of someone else! Obama actually represents more of a …….. “shake-down” as seen in HIS infamous video declaring the “REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH”!

  • SaneJane

    Mitt reminds me of a man who was my employer for many years. He had no clue how his employees lived. I once heard him tell his daughter that bread and potatoes were only in the stores for poor people. He started a business without a lot of money but some great contacts. The business was successful and his goal then became paying zero income taxes. When he was ready to get his money out of the company he and his accountants came up with a plan to sell the company to the employees. First step was to eliminate our pension plan. Next, we paid him $100 million dollars which he was able to roll over into stocks and paid zero income tax on $100 million. Meanwhile, the employees were on the hook for $50 million loan to a bank plus $50 million payable to the corporation (this was cash held by the corp. at the time). As a result we had a $100 million debt for a $100 million company. This was supposed to be a retirement plan for the employees. We could not actually be issued any stock until the loan was paid in full. The company was loaded with debt and went bankrupt taking our retirement with it. Two hundred people lost jobs and retirement funds. Some, like myself had worked there 30 years or more.

    • CPANY

      But, you and the other employees didn’t do anything about it, did you? You just let that son of a bitch get away with it.

      When are the downtrodden going to realize that numbers of people, if handled effectively, can right wrongs?

      Consider some of the successful social revolutions, e.g. those in France and Russia. How was tyranny defeated? It was defeated in many instances by the downtrodden rising up and killing the tyrants.

      • SaneJane

        What are employees supposed to do in a “right to work – hire and fire” state? Also, the way it was presented to financially inexperienced employees was that this will let you retire rich. Only a few ever learned that the whole thing was designed to avoid income taxes. This was a manufacturing company and most employees were blue collar and not exposed to this kind of wheeling and dealing. The 200 hundred employees were divided between three plants in two states. I would like to hear your suggestions for ways we could have handled this.

        • CPANY

          First you chould have retained a lawyer, who would have examined the proposed deal critically. Acts detrimental to the individual’s financial interests can be litigated and with litigation comes publicity. Newspapers generally love stories like this and will offer you what amounts to free publicity.

          What your former employer was doing was to set up an ESOP. That’s an employee stock ownership plan. ESOPs generated a lot of good and bad publicity in the 1970s because they sometimes resulted in the company’s loading the ESOP down with excessive debt, because the purchase price was excessive. That issue could have be litigated and while being litigated the whole deal may have been put into limbo until it was resolved, including the resolution of appeals. That process could have taken years.

          Second, get a union interested in unionizing all of the plants. That would have generated even more publicity, with newspapers sympathetic to union issues creating a public relations mess for the company.

          The main thing is not to be submissive. Make a stink. Yell loudly. As Benjamin Franklin said, “Fart proudly.” You would have probably gotten results.

    • the saddest part of this story is it is legal and common practice these last 20 years.

  • AlfredSonny

    By removing Health Care, does Walter Mitty Romney plan to keep those 6 million violators among the 47% and increase the deficit?

  • jackiejan

    Runaway Romney Runaway
    Run and hide in France, let other young men and women go to Nam and get wounded or die. Have some more cheese, bread and wine while others come home in a box.
    4-5 boys none of them in the service? Is this the Anti American family?

  • jackiejan

    If Mitt gave a D— about Latinos and Mexicans, why is it has never been to Mexico to see his close relatives??????????? He has the money and the time.

    Talk about CRUDE and RUDE, no feelingS, no compassion, Romney was in Florida earlier this year.
    Talking with a group of unemployed people that had lost their jobs and were running out of unemployment he had the NERVE to say he did not have a job either. These people are losing their homes may not be able to feed their kids, some of them the insurance is already gone, THEY WERE WORKING, THEY WANT TO WORK.
    Then Mitt made another stupid comment.

    I did not say that, that is not what I meant, someone twisted my words, the media made that up—–blah blah blah——- HE WAS CAUGHT ON TAPE AND OR VIDEO
    Wonder which one of his homes he will stay in this week

  • 1standlastword

    Thurston…your campaign is truely shipwrecked! Away with you now…away!

  • howa4x

    Like the pot calling the kettle black, Romney talks derisevely about entitilements, when he had an entitiled life. Not many of us are born to a major industrial CEO of a US Car company. Most of us had to go to public school , unlike him who went to prep school, and had a trust fund to live off of in Harvard, while many of us had student loans, and couldn’t get into the IVY league. A dear friend speculated that the Romneys may have lived off of pasta and tuna, because at 18 when she married Ann probably didn’t know how to cook too many dishes.
    The coments he made were to other entitled people. Ones that arrived either by being at the right place, had a door opened for them, or had good fortune. These people see an america that is there for their indulgence and can’t be bothered by the stories of struggling families, who they have contempt for. We used to be called the rabble in older times. The ironic thing is that the republicans feel comfortable talking about the poor in a lothing way, and don’t consider it class warfare. They only yell about that when people talk about their previledged and the income dispariety that hurts everybody else.

  • hotflashweave

    If you listen in context to what the Prez was talking about in the “re-distributing” comments that the GOP is making a dog’s breakfast of, it’s pretty clear to me that he was talking about making it easier for state and local governments to apply resources in government that were overfunded in certain departments to underfunded other departments, that the funds should be somewhat fluid to meet certain immediate needs that would change with time and circumstances–You know, “Redistribution”. Yet I have yet to hear any of the Dems spokespeople correct the premise of this important distinction…Am I missing something?? I also have yet to hear anyone say publicly that Mr. Romney’s 47% comment is not actually anything new, that it continues, in fact, the point that he’s made in speeches that ” If you want free stuff, you should vote for the other guy”. Why aren’t the Dems pointing this out, why isn’t the “liberal” press doing it’s job?? Do I have to do everything around here?? Also, this “American Exceptional” thingie he’s always criticising the Prez about, where was that in his comments to his donors…It’s too rich to be swallowed at all, at all.

  • He is like a live fish on dry ground. flop flip flop .

  • sleeprn01

    Sigrid28, Well said; as this campaign progresses I feel more like a character in either Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged or Aldus Huxley’s Brave New World. Both of which are very frightening scenarios. I think that what Mr. Romney stated in that tape, and there is much more than the 47% comment, is the amount of bigotry and hatred contained in it. To me what is so bothersome is that no one in that room disagreed with him, in fact there was much laughter at his Latino comment where he stated that if he were Latino he would have an easier time getting elected. I’m sure that there are many Latinos who would change places with the absolutely horrible life conditions in which Mr. Romney finds himself. Near the end of the tape one of the audience members suggested that since Mr. Holder is the most corrupt attorney general in American history maybe he (Mr. Romney) could use that against President Obama. I guess that this individual forgot about President Nixon’s 2 attorneys general that were tried, convicted, and did jail time for their corrupt behavior. Even though this tape has given President Obama a boost in the poles, I find it very distressing that indeed there is so much evil in our own country. At least Ayn Rand had one piece of salient philosophy: that evil is not in born but rather a choice that one makes.

  • marriea

    It is often said that actions speak louder than words. In this case Romney words shows what his actions will be. I can only hope that folks who would want this elitist to lead them know that he has shown his hand in a more better way than Obama could hope to debate. I can only pray that people will heed Romney warnings, after all he has spoken.

  • debra15

    What I find disturbing is the mentality of all those people thinking it is ok to sit by and wait to take advantage of a national incident just to criticize Obama’s handling of it without any thought on the dangerousness of their remaks. Romney used that line of thinking as a selling point to convince his supporter that he was one of them. Obama was wrong. Romney does not shoot first and aim later, he was aiming at America with those remarks so that America would blame Obama and vote for him. Having a disaster in Libya or anywhere else in the world is what he has beeen waiting on, so was he willing to do anything to cause it?

    • johninPCFL

      I saw that too. He was talking about Reagan/Carter and noted how effectively Reagan used the Iran uprising against Carter, then went on to proclaim that he’d do the same thing if the opportunity arose.

      I thought back to Romney’s Libya announcement and how the timing was all blamed on his handlers after it all went south. Now seeing that exchange on film, I’m believing that he was chomping at the bit to put it to Obama but the president was taking time to evaluate the situation, so he blasted off at the Libyan staffers who were trying to save their own lives.

  • rpg1408

    I am a retired Senior of 75 who has worked all my life .I have a pension, receive Social
    Security, and use Medicare for my several medical conditions,including cancer. I guess I am one of those “moochers” written off by Mr. Romney as unworthy of his concern. I would like to invite all my fellow moochers to join me on November 6th to cast our votes to show him and the rest of the obstructionist ,nay- saying GOP who really cares about this Country.

    • Kmad66

      Sir, I applaud you in your work ethic. I have a dad just like you, and he is disheartened every day with people who don’t have a work ethic. Mitt was not speaking of people like yourself but rather the mom in the grocery store whose five kids have Nike sneakers and all who have an iphone paying with food stamps.I’m sure we all understand that there are people in this country that work the system that is supposed to being helping people This happens all over, and because of these types of abuses we will not have the money to care for hard working Americans.

      • 113121

        Is this Lying for the Lord? Now remove all the active duty military who pay no income taxes. How many is that? Now add 4000 of the richest Americans who manage to pay no income tax. Now factor in Romney who has at the least a 100 million dollar IRA off shore. And as for your woman with five kids lol this from the party that wants to shut down every Planned parenthood in the country? And you can’t legally pay for anything even toilet paper with food stamps so don’t infer that someone did.Who are you to judge what shoes she found for them or if they were hand me downs? Some people get stuck and for a few few weeks through no fault of their own need some help.
        And everybody pays payroll taxes and all those fees and other taxes.
        47% included all those red state Republicans who will find out what fun it is to pay for medical care with coupons. Get serious.

      • I am astounded by people like you who assume that a mother using food stamps when her kids are wearing Nike sneakers must be working the system. My grand kids wear designer labeled clothing because their mom shops Goodwill and garage sales because she’s thrifty with her money. The cost of having a cell phone nowadays can be as little as you can afford to load on it. And to the other guy who was sure a person with 2 cars and food stamps has to be cheating, my job for the past 13 years has been determining eligibility for free services and I can guarantee you neither of those vehicles exceeded a specified limit on assets. How dare you judge when you don’t have a clue about how these people live! God help you if you should ever find yourself unemployed and losing your home because if you have your way he’s the only one who will help you.

  • Sam

    Part of the trouble with Mitt ‘Don’t Wanna Take The Trouble’ Romney is that he is mentally lazy. Watch out, Mitt. ! It can be a slippery slope from such shiftlessness down into “the 47%”.

  • reptaddict

    The Republican wears no clothes.

  • This guy dug his own grave he is finished !

  • I do not know about anyone else,I was forced to retire and now living on Social Security and a small pension.Like Buffet said his secretary pays a higher percentage of income tax than he does and so am I.So I guess I am part of the 47% of the people that Romney doesn’t care about.

    • YepThatTell

      Vote OBAMA and tell everyone you know. We are in this together.

  • peteserb

    Perhaps he would like to see a nation of self supporting wage earners. This is in direct contrast to the Muslim, Marxist slimeball in the Whitehouse.

  • jarheadgene

    Here is another classic , besides “God Bless America” Romney used to sing on car trips…….

    On top of Mt. Romney I see all the scum,
    they don’t have my money, oh they are all bums.
    Oh look at the peasants, they work hard as bugs.
    they never eat pheasant, or give me a hug.

  • karinursula

    I watched last night one of the network news . They showed a clip where Romney’s mother thanked the US for helping her Husband getting Food stamps and Welfare after they came to the US from Mexico. I’m also one of the 47% receiving SS after I worked for this country for over 40 years. I do not feel like a victim. Romney is out of touch and has no ideas what goes on in the daily live of an average American.

  • montanabill

    E.J., E.J., You know or should know better than to tout the stock market as an economic indicator. Right now, it is being driven by actions in Europe, nothing that Obama is doing, or mostly, not doing.
    Who knows, there are probably quite of few of that 47% who would really like to have a job and pay taxes. If so, they won’t get there by voting for Obama. But we will see when the vote actually occurs. Do people want jobs or fine rhetoric?

    • 113121

      Is that including our active military who pay no income tax? Or Romney who keeps 100 million in an offshore IRA?
      BTW another jobs bill this time for Vets down the tubes even though it had 4 Republicans onboard. You couldn’t even bear to do that little for them.

      • montanabill

        Democrats seem to have this insatiable propensity to want to create spending programs with no way to pay for them except raising prices and costs for someone else. In this case, the costs were going to be put on Medicare. No one wants to deny vets, but at some point (which occurred long, long ago) we have to stop spending money we don’t have. If the Democrats had proposed this program be paid for by cutting spending somewhere else, it would have sailed through.

        • grammyjill

          It was all paid for. Got that figured out while writting the bill. The republicans killed it because they didn’t want Obama to look good. I predict there will be alot of republicans looking for a job in Jan.

          • montanabill

            It was to be paid for by increasing costs for Medicare goods. Wise up.

          • grammyjill


          • montanabill

            Democrats, including the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.), said the measure would’ve been fully paid for through the collection of back taxes on Medicare providers (not quite true) and individuals that owe the federal government more than $50,000. (That money, if collectable, is already obligated.)

            Several Republicans objected to the bill, arguing that its cost violated last year’s Budget Control Act, which capped total federal discretionary spending at $1.047 trillion while Congress works on passing a new budget. Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma said the federal government already had six job-training programs for veterans and there was no way to monitor how well they were working. He said that the way forward was not to increase debt.

            The bill can be recalled, if Democrats can find a way to fund it that does not increase the debt, meaning they have to cut something else somewhere.

            Please also remember an omnibus veterans bill chock-full of two years’ accumulation of health benefits, education and administrative provisions was passed and signed by the President in August.

  • Sorry, but to some extent Mitt is correct. There are a lot of people who are looking for a “free ride”. Take a good look at our welfare systems. Yes there are people who hit bad times and society should help them. So, now we are left with the feeling that Mitt is a snob, who lacks compassion, and a currect President who seems to be encouraging reliance on government. What we need is a President who will stimulate the economy and give us all the opportunity to take care of ourselves. Too bad we don’t have a canidate who can lead us in a more realistic way. But, bottom line, it is up to the people to effect change in our society. We need to take a good long look at our morals, and work toward gaining our pride, not only in ourselves, but in America. I’m sure our forefathers are turning over in their graves. This is not the America they envisioned.

    • amazedwithsomepeople

      “What we need is a President who will stimulate the economy and give us all the opportunity to take care of ourselves.”
      To bad every time the president tryed to help the people of this country, the republician’s block it. Would you rather go back to 2008? If so Vote for Willard. But I can guaranetee you that there will be no job stimulating or anything else to help the less then 1% ‘er.

    • YepThatTell

      I worked for the welfare department in Louisiana right out of college. The $$$ given monthly amounted to next to nothing. What the recipients wanted most – other than help finding a decent job, and child care/transportation to work that they could afford – was healthcare coverage for their children – Medicaid. But our punitive welfare system penalized those who found (usually minimum wage) jobs by cutting off benefits at such a low level of income…it in effect encouraged people to stay within the welfare system because they could at least have healthcare. Don’t blame good people. Blame a lack of vision by those in power who created the policies, and those of us who remained silent for way too long. I think we need to care about our fellow man especially those who are weaker and disadvantaged.

      It is sad how the GOP candidate has played to the most base and mean-spirited people among us as his base electorate.

  • Every time Romney opens his mouth it seems like he says something astonishingly stupid. The 47% he is talking about include those on Medicare, Social Security and those who work for a living but don’t make enough money to pay federal taxes — but they pay about 19% of their income on other taxes — which is a higher rate than what Romney pays in federal taxes — these people do not see themselves as “victims” or “entitled”. Many of the people on Medicaid are the disabled and the elderly who are in nursing homes and school-aged children. Most of those on food stamps are single women with small children, the elderly and the disabled.

  • In watching one of his latest ‘commercials’ he was telling the ‘middle class’ about how he will help them get back to work and how he is going to create thousands of jobs and making a muck of it, as usual, trying to be a regular nice guy. Well Mitty blew it again, he is neither a regular nor nice guy. Regular guys don’t have car elevators, thousands of dollars prancing horses, and money up the yingyang, nor do nice guys treat hard working citizens like ignorant dolts who are not aware of his flip flopping tactics. Bye, Bye Mitty, take your money and your foot out of your mouth and go play in your garage with your horsey!

  • Elarenal

    He is ready to be president, of the great banana republic of the north, not the USA.

    This simpleton has no use for you, or me, or anyone who lives in our neighborhood. We are just in the way.

  • harrietbenjamin

    Bottom line he just has no/none/nada idea of how real life works for most Americans.
    Totally clueless and scary at the same time.
    What do you think he would do if the draft came back and one of his sons got drafted?

  • carsrus

    More of your Bull Shit! Obama, that marxist-maoist, muslim, forked tongued, snake oil salesman, LIAR HATES AMREICA! That fetid commie has done all he can to destroy US, HEED, he NEVER will, as WE, the PEOPLE are planning on defeating this evil shill on November 6,2012 in a LANDSLIDE!

    • YepThatTell

      Did you just wake up in 2009?

  • corryb

    Have we all forgotten that they wanted Obama out from day one? That there are bills on Boehners desk that have not been looked at? They are the people who do not want him to succeed in any thing. Yesterday they voted down the bill for the veterans. What does that tell you? Everything, or almost everything he treid to do they either did not look at it, or voted no, no, no, to EVERYTHING. So how can they say that he did not keep his promises when they do, and did not want him to succeed? THEY ARE THE ONCES THAT DO NOT WANT ANYTHING GOOD TO HAPPEN TO ALL US “MOOCHERS” who pay more taxes then he has. He knows he can not show his tax returs because what is in it is shameful, and the money he got to make here in the States off of thousend layed off people, is now making money for him in Switserland, Cayman Isls. You call him what a thrue and thrue American? He is an possesed selfish rich, out of touch person, who thinks he can do anything. Yes he can. Hide his money, and lie. And tells what he really thinks about you and me at a rich bitch lunchion ( $ 50.000 per plate) About 47 % of the people. He thinks we are stupid> I got news for him, we are smarter then he is for sure…….Give Obama time to finish what he started, and try to get us out of this mess!!!! And vote all the senitors etc out and start fresh. The tea party, tell them to go and make tea, and leave us alone……Stupid. Snotnoses they are!!!!And the reps bow down to them, shows you where they are coming from……

  • cindygirl722


  • Several, I repeat several, spirit-guided, philanthropic and altruistic American millionaires and billionaires like Bill Gates, Buffet and others, may be erroneously lumped into this categorization. Romney’s insensitive statement on 47% of Americans is a vicious shred on the fabric of American society. My heart aches for the rich and kind as they may become suspect. Mitt Romney never apologizes. To him, apology denotes weakness. November 6 please step on the gas.


    Obvious Really

    The plan is to load the country up with debt, lay off the working class, and sell the whole deal to the Chinese for pennies on the dollar.

    Wait a minute. Isn’t that how Bain Capital works? Mittens could get a great commission on this deal.

    • CAThinker

      Nice! 🙂

  • My daughter pays no taxes as she works 6 days a week to support her two daughters while finishing her degree to move forward. How dare this priveleged ass to make his statement. He has no clue who we are. Bye, Bye now!

  • imabrummie

    The article speaks of America, the country Romney wishes to LEAD. On the contrary, he is not interested in LEADING THE COUNTRY, but merely those at the top of the income bracket. In the horrific scenario of him actually winning the upcoming election, would his first act be to hire (maybe one of those dastardly 47 percenters) to come take a grand picture of his A!! sitting pontificating in the Oval Office?

  • alumahead

    What has this man been doing for the last 65 years? He obviously has no idea what is going on in America or the rest of the world. I doubt he could win a foreign policy debate against Herman Cain. Mitt is the poster boy for all that is wrong in America. He is a shining example why we need a well rounded, grounded person to help guide the country. Mitt is simply not that person. Not even close.

  • Mimi2kool

    Romney is clueless about how America works. He thinks he is wealthy because he deserves it more than others, apparently. He seems to forget he was born into wealth, and most of us are not that lucky. Nor are most of us that clueless. “He was born and second base and thinks he hit a double.” (The late, great Ann Richards in describing GWB.)

  • Romney has been successful. Why is he being ungreatful to this Great Country by hiding millions of dollars off-shore to avoid taxes? Some graditude. I don’t want to imagine what else he would move off-shore if he would become President.

  • blueclouds123

    I do not think Romney dislikes America, he just hates having to help others less fortunate. Don’t forget to not pay his fair share of income tax he keeps much of his money in other countries so he does not have to pay. Very selfish and finally his true self came thru on that video while he was talking to other people who do not like sharing their wealth to help others. I wonder how many of them have money off shore, probably, all. Should a person who could become a future president be keeping his wealth off shore? Do not fall for him now saying he will be president of 100% of the people, what a LIE. Count how many times he states 100% while he is talking. A sure sign he does not mean what he is stating. Remember about 2 weeks ago Romney himself said he would be one term president as when he was finished doing what he plans to do while president the country would not want him to run again. Seniors you better take heed and watch your medicare and social security and not vote for Romney. If you are a Ruplican now and nervous about changing your party vote, don’t be, you are the only one who knows who you voted for.

  • blueclouds123

    Just because Romnney tells you he knows how to make money and did so, means nothing. Anyone given the opportunity and contacts supplied by his father could do the same thing. He was one of a large group of people who bought successful companies, inflated their debt which caused them to collapse, then sold the business for a profit. He did not do this alone, when working in a group who have the same business goal you can succeed. It is a good thing he was able to make contact with the right people, and was fortunate to have a father who was a governor with many contacts, which led him to the right people to work with to make money. Does he and his cronies ever think of the lives they destroyed? I think not. He is a superficial person.,

  • blueclouds123

    Stephen good for your daughter and the best of luck to her to aspire and reach her goals. Remember you daughter when you go to vote. Do not be swayed by Romney’s new turnabout.

  • The 47% that Romney refers to are comprised, in large part, by the working poor. As a percentage of gross income, the working poor pay about 6% to 8% of gross income in Social Security, Medicare, etc. It may actually be a higher percentage than that.
    And he does not have to deal with those taxes, because the vast majority of his income is in dividends, etc.

  • 13observer

    They claim to speak for the “Occupy” movement dba the “99%” who demand who demand Obama’s “REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH by means of taxation that steals from the rich and gives to the “99%”.

  • rustacus21

    Like ALL hardcore, unDemocratic (why else don’t they discuss America in terms of it being a ‘Democracy’ & it’s ‘Democratic’ ideals?), tyranny-oriented conservatives, Romney exists in a self-induced delusion that America – the Liberal/Progressive instrument of equality, justice & opportunity – was & IS an accident, awaiting the ‘corrections’ of supply-side, trickle-down conservatism. But if it was going to happen – if it ‘COULD’ work beyond the theoretical propaganda, it would have already (i.e., 1981-1992 & 2001-2009) – the application of Romney’s ‘theories’ resulting in a windfall for the rich & a free-for-all of greed & robbery of the nation’s treasures by those w/’favored’ access, gifted from the SCT-appointed 2001-2009 administration – but a living, unending nitemare for America’s Middle Class & poor, since 1981. So no, I don’t think its a disliking of ‘America’ as much as it a dislike for ‘Americans’ not in his exclusive demographic. Be sure to read between the lines about what he thinks about Chinese workers (Females no less!!!) & how he ‘suggests’ they have some ‘catching up’ to do to create a work environment like the same here in America. THIS is the REAL Mitt Romney! Off-shoring + slave labor = tax free billions!!! What’s not to love about this version of America?! The Clinton model worked better, however & the sooner its RE-IMPLEMENTED, the sooner America & Americans can get back to work on a Polyarchal Democracy model that has natural safeguards against (as FDR said) the ‘unruly nobles’…

  • blueclouds123

    Romney has found a new word – REDISTRIBUTIO N and now he and Ryan cannot stop saying it.What do you think Bain is. That is redistribution on steriods. Romney and his cronies redistribute company employees to the bread line, Romney redistributes the company’s assets, then redistributes the profit to himself and his cronies in Bain. Come on, how stupied does Romney think we are by saying Obama believes in redistri bution as if he and Ryan have suddently discovered something they have never heard of or done AND IS SO EVIL people should shutter at the thought that Obama believes in redistribution. Repubs smarten up.

    • CAThinker

      Reminds me of last time when Palin learned how to pronounce the name “Ahmadinejad”… She couldn’t stop using and would use it multiple times in a sentence instead of saying he or him… Funny…

  • 13observer

    Now the illegal alien criminal “dreamers” who were given AMNESTY by the “WELFARE PRESIDENT” Barak Obama are pissed off because Obama denied them health insurance under Obama’s “WELFARE HELTHCARE”. Are they so stupid not to realize that it would create such a scandal even for the “WELFARE PRESIDENT”? Taxpayers paying for healthcare benefits for illegal alien criminals stealing American jobs with the blessing of the President. Not a topic Obama wants to be confrontrd with at election time. Oh how insignificant the hispanic vote can be…..and definately not part of the “99%”!

  • 13observer

    We value your comments and remember, we just love hearing from you……………… next.

  • 13observer

    All the Mexicans are pissed off because the 1.7 million illegal alien criminal dreamers that were given AMNESTY are NOT eligible to receive Obama’s “WELFARE HELTHCARE”. That presents a problem because the illegal alien criminals who are here stealing jobs with Obama’s blessing can’t afford to send their earnings home to Mexico without U.S. government assistance and “WELFARE HEALTHCARE”. After all, they are here for the “FREEBEES” you know!

  • notafoxfan

    its not that he “hates” america, its just that he doesnt understand why everyone is not in his elite social and finanacial bracket..he has on blinders unless you have 1k as your chunk change!

  • Just saw on the BBC that”The US Senate Criticizes Microsoft and Hewell-Packard for their use of tax avaoidance schemes which run rampant tech world”. What abouy the 1% that would be the place to start for they own, govern and profit fom these companies – ask Rommey

  • In Romney’s notorious 47% tape he also tells the story of how his Dad got support from others in the family to go to college, because they could not afford to send them all. Romney said he sure would not have done that for his brother.
    Romney has long shown a strong self-centered side. He did not think of the boy he bullied by cutting his hair, the unsuspecting motorists he frightened by pulling them over while masquerading as a traffic cop, the companies he sacrificed for his own wealth as a vulture capitalist, the dog he terrorized on his car’s rooftop, the people who could have remained employed and received their pensions if he hadn’t shipped their jobs oversees. The Parisians he badgered on his Mormon mission. (Just kidding on that last one.)
    He is the one who seems to feel entitled. Entitled to do almost anything he feels like at others’expense and then deride them for their misfortune.

  • pattyrk

    At least Romney is not a socialist muslim, ruining our country.

  • wake up america didnt you hear on that tape mitt romney saying if I was Iran I would sneak into this country in a place like chicago or new york and detonate a dirty bomb! a president of the united states? I dont think so!

  • Why can’t we just say what we are all thinking? mr romney and his party are not going to help this President get our econemy out of the hole they dug over the bush years! The question is Why… History will show that the racist policies of the republicans have been a road block to every proposal PRESIDENT OBAMA has put forward. sad to say, but these bigots are so mean that they’ll throw thier own mothers under the bus. they think if poor and middle class people suffer enough under the just say no congress! we’ll blame PRESIDENT OBAMA and fire him. What we need to do is vote out these just say no congressman in the mid-term election, and vote in just say yes congressmen.

  • its shameful that the Gop would Elect some one like Romney to run for the president of the USA
    man what a hell of a choice, and we want the Gop to run america? if you choose them to run this country you dumber than america ever been in the history of time God I hope you have not grown that stupid!

  • maesea

    I don’t think Romney is in control of his own life. Let alone Him controlling the White House.

  • If some one want mitt to run our country they have lost there mine , Mitt dose not care about we as a people remove him from the tv … we do not need to here anything he is saying it has no meaning ……he is a lair ……….. with a smile

  • All of that coming from a teenaged millionaire from inheritance who went through college off of his father’s Social Security Survivor’s benefits. The last time I heard, that’s government assistance redistributed by the government from tax payers.

  • It isn’t a case that Romney or the Republicans/Tea Party hate America. It’s that insanity always strikes out at those closest to it. They are Americans, Christians, and have families. What has happened to them is that wealth and the idea of incredible wealth have driven them insane. They live in a world that the rest of us don’t live in. They have created a reality for themselves that excludes anyone else. They develope a routine, an agenda that balances out their world, and when that routine or agenda is upset, they act out or strike out at those who they feel are against them, those who they feel are their enemies, those who they feel are trying to hurt or destroy them. “Those people”. Nothing else matters. It may seem treasonous, turn coat, or selling out, but it’s really insanity.

  • joyscarbo

    It’s merely about MITT ROMENY. It’s about the republican party.
    It’s about their completely horrible platforms. It’s about their shocking obstructionism. It’s about their birtherism. It’s about their sexism and bigotry. It’s about their extreme greed and constant attacks on the poor, working and middle class. It’s about republican elitism and arrogance. It’s repugnantly unethical and immoral.
    Did you know how much worse this economy is on our soldiers returning from war? The unemployment rate is actually 10.9% nationally, while the general population is alittle more than 8.1%. Both parties sat down and agreed that something had to be done for our military service people who need jobs to support their families. The republicans promised they’d work together. They came up with the Job Corps Act. Democrats actually didn’t contriubut much to making of this jobs bill. The republicans basically write the whole piece of legislation so that they couldn’t complain and obstruct. It went to the floor of the senate for a vote.
    You guessed it, republicans voted against it, creating a filabuster which means the Job Corps Act is a gone and can’t be brought up again for another full year. So our nation’s most valuable resource- our soldiers and veterans- get NO help, thanks to the republicans.

    A quote from an article about this shameless act by republicans:
    “The young men and women who serve in our military return from fighting in the longest wars in American history to the worst jobs market in generations. They suffer higher unemployment rates than the general population … [But] yesterday, in one final vile act before adjournment for the elections, Senate Republicans used a point of order to block passage of the Veteran’s Jobs Act that would have provided a modest $1 billion to hire veterans to tend federal lands or gain priority in hiring at police and fire departments,” Washington watcher Robert Borsage wrote. “Why shaft the very veterans whose service politicians sanctimoniously celebrate at every occasion? Is it because unemployed veterans are part of Mitt Romney’s scorned 47%?” he asked.”

    Who doesn’t think we should VOTE these republican SCOUNDRELS out of office!!?? REALLY??!

  • Ann

    Let’s face it. It seems that what’s really going on is they can’t stand the fact that a Black man is in the White House and they’ll do whatever they can to get him out. Where is the statement of what he will do if he gets in, all we hear is what the President hasn’t done.

  • joelclemmons

    Mitt seems like the type if I run for office enough maybe I will get elected. Or change things we will have to see. The public has the voting power this election will make history.


  • joceandre

    Yes he does dislike America , suggesting to Iran to bomb us, that’s why he has all the off shore accounts.

  • Mitt Romney is only thinking about himself and all his rich friends he just don’t seen to understand that everybody needs a little help sometimes with the work force like it is today and all the low paying jobs its just hard to make ends meet sometimes but, if you’ve never been there you just can’t feel someone else’s pain.


    We should all be responsible for ourselves and our self performance. We should never be looking for a handout. I personally know of many businesses that need workers and can’t find them. As an American, no one is entitled to anything unless they have earned it. If you have paid into the system then you are entitled to it. If you haven’t paid in, you’re not, unless you’re TRULY disabled. Disability claimants have nearly doubled under Obama because he has pulled back the requirements and has pulled back enforcement. Although, I believe when Romney said that, he wasn’t taking into account the social security and welfare recipients that paid into the system and actually are entitled to it.

    When my parents were growing up there was no such thing as entitlements, everyone had to fend for themselves. They didn’t look for a handout and didn’t expect one. How have some Americans become so naive? How long do they think that the system can continue to spend more than it takes in? People wake up!! If we continue down this chaotic path of reckless spending, the system will CRASH and when it does God help us all. There will be chaos and destruction and if that happens there will be no more so called entitlements for anyone!! Some people say, “well then to fix the problem the rich should pay more in taxes”. Do these people realize that if the government confiscated all the money from all the millionaires in the U.S. it would only pay the debt down by less than 25%? Of coarse there would be no more jobs because who has ever worked for a poor man. That’s how bad it is and clearly Obama is OK with this. Not only is he OK with this he is promoting this reckless spending on and on.

    People wake up!! The U.S. is going down in flames and nearly half the nation appears to be OK with it or don’t understand it. What would happen to you if you wrote bad check after bad check? You would go to jail. Thats precisely what Obama is doing.

    I don’t like Romney, but I know if we reelect Obama the system is going to crash. People please wake up and realize this. Don’t allow your great Nation that your forefathers fought and died for, to be ruined by someone who doesn’t understand basic 101 economics. Or……. does Obama really understand that he will crash the Nation and actually has a different plan for you, your children and your grand children?? If we crash they will be forced to a life of servitude. The way of life we all know and love will definitely crash also.

    If you reelect him you will find out.

  • daniel bostdorf

    Romney only likes money. Has nothing to do with America.

    Arthur Schopenhauer states it best about Romney:

    “Men best show their character in trifles, where they are not on their guard. It is in the simplest habits, that we often see the boundless egotism which pays no regard to the feelings of others and denies nothing to itself.”

    Romney’s secret video stated it all….

  • There is nothing wrong in being rich, i personally would not want to be rich, I am content working 14 hours a day 6 to 5 days a week for somebody else, My hourly wage has not gone up in the past 10 years, however the overtime is great, we can work 14 hours a day 7 days a week if we choose. Most of the the people on my crew are making 60 to 85 thousand a year with overtime, without overtime i could not make it, i am so grateful for the overtime. This is the path i choose. I believe only for me if i was rich, my heart would change. I believe some rich people allways want more, and more. I call that greedy The remark Mitt Romney said would be something i might say if i was as rich as mitt. Its hard for Rich man to inter into the kingdom of god, as i said before being rich is a good thing if its from God, The devil has just as much or more power than God only here on Earth, and you better believe the devil is blessing many of his children with many riches. The devil i did this, Godly people without the help of my lord i could of never did this. Know where your blessing come from, God or it may be from the devil.

  • Sick of everything

    I like EJ.

  • maybe if mitt would read the preamble of the U.S.constitution he would get it. Alas he has not because it says.I think something about the govt. and providing general welfare like his daddy received


    Which one is it!!!
    Are they rich and he lived off his rich daddy
    Was he poor and his daddy received welfare???