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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Sunday on ABC’s This Week, Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren blasted Democrats for focusing on Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women” comment from the second debate. “…binders and things, I mean…” she said. “I know that the Democratic Party is running with that, but… women have heard so much worse…”

This curious defense of Mitt Romney’s anachronistic attitude toward women is definitely true. Women have heard a lot worse—especially from Republican men in this election.

Todd Akin (R-MO) says something worse nearly every day. When he told a reporter that women have a way of preventing pregnancy in the case of a “legitimate rape,” even Republicans seemed appalled—though many have returned to supporting his campaign. Since then he’s accused his opponent Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) of not being “ladylike” and acting like a “fetching dog.” His advisor latter clarified the comment by making a joke about what breed of dog she would be (“Bullshitsu”).

Luckily for Akin, he isn’t alone in today’s Republican Party with his dismissive attitude toward women.

Wisconsin state representative Roger Rivard recently said, “Some girls rape easy”—twice. And Republican Tom Smith, who has a serious chance of unseating Pennsylvania’s Senator Bob Casey, compared his daughter’s own decision to keep her child born out of wedlock to what a rape victim might face.

Former comedian Dennis Miller, who appeared with Mitt Romney last week, is just one of the chorus of Republican men who have lambasted Sandra Fluke for having the temerity to believe her heath insurance should cover basic reproductive health care. Birth control is an issue—the GOP believes—that should be settled by a woman’s employer. Can’t get much worse than that.

The GOP’s platform calls for banning abortion with no exceptions—not even the life of the mother. Congressman Joe Walsh (R-IL) briefly insisted that there is no instance where an abortion is necessary to save a mother’s life. He recanted, but hasn’t changed his belief that abortion should never be legal.

Mitt Romney—like just about all of the GOP now—believes in defunding Planned Parenthood because a tiny fraction of what they do helps women decide when they want to have a baby. He also believes in a fetal pain law that could ban abortion after the 20th week, forcing women to carry dead fetuses to term. Yep. That’s worse.

Yes, Ms. Van Susteren, women have heard so much worse. But they really should be able to expect so much better.

Photo credit: AP Photo/Jeff Roberson, File

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46 responses to “Dogs, Women And Rape: Women Have Heard Worse?”

  1. mac macey says:

    Just because you’ve heard worse from the GOP doesn’t make anything they, like Akin, seem worse or better. Its all bad. Democrats get my vote.

  2. WhutHeSaid says:

    I know that quite a few women will vote Republican this year, but for the life of me I can’t figure out why. Perhaps they try not to see the extreme disrespect that the Republicans have for women’s rights, like a person who does their best to overlook another person’s faults until they are forced to confront them. It happens, I guess.

    The extreme positions taken this year by the GOP are regressions to the past that ignore the battles that so many have fought to get to the point where women are nearing the parity they deserve. My suggestion is that if any woman feels the need for self-inflicted pain, please find a sharp stick to poke yourself with instead. It will not hurt nearly as much, and will leave intact the rights of millions of women and girls who may not wish to make the same choice.

    • Melvin Chatman says:


    • wesley rasmussen says:

      More than likely because they are “good Republican women” – meaning, they are subservient to their men, do what they are told, and are probably considered best when barefoot and pregnant. No place in that ideal for abortion, is there?

    • CPANY says:

      You’ll probably have figured it out by the time you read htis response.

      The reason that old white people and women may vote Republican is race. Romney and Ryan threaten Medicare and Social Security and have a medieval view of women. I can understand Romney’s view of women: he’s a devout Mormon. The Mormons are about as hidebound as you can get. They didn’t accept blacks and other people of color into their religion until 1987.

      Given the Mormons’ historical antipathy toward blacks and other people of color, why would anyone in those racial categories even think of voting for Romney? Given Romney and Ryan’s views on Social Security and Medicare, which seem to equate those programs with communism, why would anyone retired or just over the age of fifty even think of voting for Romney?

      • WhutHeSaid says:

        Yes, I’ve considered the vile and despicable Tea-Bigots and their feverish hate for a black President, yet this can’t possibly account for ALL of the votes Romney is getting — at least according to polls. There has to be something else at play here. It’s like the hens voting to hire the fox to guard the hen-house. Could there really be that many ignorant bigots in the US?


    • grammyjill says:

      In NH we have a republican running for Govenor who would outlaw abortion for ANY reason and take away just about all rights from women. HE WILL NOT WIN!

  3. Mimi2kool says:

    The word of the day is “Buffoon”. For definition, see dictionary, where Akin and/or other prominent Republicans are pictured.

  4. Nomoresmoke says:

    With characters like Todd Akin and the Mitt Romney ticket we would really have neither a republic nor a democracy. We would have a war state and an empire. We should pull the plug on both.

    “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”
    – Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)

  5. jarheadgene says:

    Anyone close enough to these guys to KICK THEM IN THE NUTS ? C’mon ….REALLY? Where did these cavemen come from? Their Mama’s ought to be REAL PROUD.

  6. He is why I don’t understand how anybody could vote republican. He is soooo ignorant!!!!

    • CAThinker says:

      Not just anybody, but women? How do women square their best interests with the Talipublican platform? The pundits are claiming that NitMitt polling is improving because undecided women are moving to NitMitt… Have they not been paying attention? Yes, I get it’s the economy, which is a popular Talipublican retort to why women “really” vote – but it seems to me that control over their bodies is essential to the personal economy of women… I don’t get it… just don’t get it…

  7. gargray says:

    I think a lot of republican women will vote for Obama even when the husband will think they are voting for Romney. Women are not stupid. Where do men come from? born from a women.

    • jarheadgene says:

      Go to places like Independent Journal and see HOW Some women can be OUTRIGHT …..let’s call it what it is …….. STUPID!!!!

  8. mimi2kool There is no word in the dictionary to describe something like Akin… He is way beyond believeable. How many others in the GOP feel this same way ..yet.. their Leader, Mitt, talks about getting Womens Rights in Iran, Iraq etc. This is what I believe the American Indian would Label.. Talking out of the Side Of Their Mouths with a Split Tongue ! A Nice way to call Mitt a Liar.. Woman , remember you ARE a Human Being just like the Men, with the Right to make choices for yourself.. don`t accept what Men want to decide for You. So many Women suffered and fought for your rights to choose. Vote carefully.

    • CPANY says:

      There is a word: Neanderthal.

      • Bungarra says:

        Hey do not badmouth one of our possible relatives. Have a look at the latest in DNA, some of us may have some DNA from that group.

        What you mean is just a typical exceptional claiming white male with delusions of grandeur who regrets that women have the vote and slavery has been abolished in most of the first world. (Not so sure about some immigrants in the USA and sex workers in the first world.)


  10. It is monstrous to me that insurance companies are allowed to pick up the cost of Viagara and Penis pumps but not birth control…

    • Jane Hawes says:

      PBS used to run a women’s talk show called “To the Contrary.” They addressed your question once, and a panelist said, “Men have to have their pleasure.” That’s probably as good an explanation as there is – especially since most insurance-company CEOs are men.

    • Cairndance says:

      I worked customer service for an insurance company that handled the CHAMPUS (military insurance) contract in the late 80’s early 90’s. Women’s mammograms and birth control were not covered benefits,
      I think we all know who was deciding on the benefits!

  11. Davekzy1 says:

    Adkins also want to overturn the 17th admendment!

  12. I am a mother of three daughters and four grand daughters, I have three sisters, these men scare the heck out of me. I am old enough to remember when men thought like these men do, when a rape was always the woman’s fault, we made less income than men and we were never take seriously. If you watch old flim clips from President Kennedys news clips every time a woman ask a question every one would laugh, encluding the President, We never want to go back words, we have work to hard to get where we are today.

  13. Janet says:

    Republicans are most vile in their attitudes toward women. I had a friend who is Republican, and he showed his disdain for women by the utterances coming out of his mouth. Overall, he seemed like a nice man, but it became obvious to me that all he thought women were good for was the bedroom and the kitchen. Women don’t need men such as these in their lives, and more and more women are learning to discern from the spoken and written words exactly what is on the Republican Party’s agenda.

  14. howa4x says:

    The comment by Akin can be traced to a doctor in the 1870’s who was the first to say that if a woman didn’t enjoy it she can’t get pregnant. Imagine going back over 100 yrs to retrive a comment. This is probably the doctor he keeps talking about. This is the last roundup of the white male power structure. It is an all out assualt on the single women of this country because if you are not married, the republicans believe you are a filthy slut hungry for sex, and why should the taxpayer foot the bill for this. This sentiment can be heard daily by that bastion of morality, Rush Limbugh, the convicted drug user, whose 3 divorces show he has a woman problem, or Glen Beck or any the rogues gallery of Republican talkikng heads. Paul Ryan, Akin’s co conspirator will be one heartbeat away from being president if the women of this country sit back and let Romney win. Thats right it’s the women who are the ones that have to most to loose in this election, so get out and vote!!!

  15. anyasnote says:

    R/R will win, Americans are too stupid to vote for themselves. They believe in power of money and commercials. USA is already sold, we are just going through the motions of voting – Billionaires and Israel owns USA.

    • TZToronto says:

      Why do you bring Israel into this? Are you as anti-Semitic as you sound?

      • anyasnote says:

        No I am not – I am married to a Jew (I am not a Jewish) and he is from Israel.
        Don’t believe everything you read or hear. Paper will take anything you write on, your ears will hear all the sounds that out there, but common sense is rare and analyze and check all the facts for lies, truth or distortion is up to an individual, not commercials, money and party. I vote on issues not parties and most of all MY COUNTRY. Parties come and go and TRUTH, HONESTY, INTEGRITY IS NOT A VIRTUE OF ANY POLITICIAN. They all self serving.


  17. Sierra111 says:

    Sandra Fluke can hold her head high. It’s the sleazeballs who denigrate her who are scum.

  18. ralphkr says:

    The city (population 12,400) where I went to high school had two teaching hospitals. A small Methodist hospital and a much larger Catholic hospital but many, many Catholic women went to the Methodist hospital to give birth because the Catholic hospital strongly enforced the rule that if a choice had to be made between saving the mother or the baby that the mother must be sacrificed so the baby could live to be baptized and saved. Most husbands would far prefer to have a living wife to take care of the children rather than be a widower with a newborn to care for (and we also have much stronger emotional ties to our wife than to an unseen fetus).

  19. The GOP loves women. They believe every woman should have the nicest kitchen possible to do their work.

  20. JOE says:

    the republicans talk of what they will do and denia women, is it not what the muslim world is doing to their women

  21. E. L. says:

    Please let him speak, let them all speak. We need to know their thoughts and ideas. THEY are the finest representatives the Republicansd can offer, Think about all thweones that believe this crap but are too smart to talk. They rule the HOUSE, please vote to remove them.

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