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Republican Rep Offers Fatherly Advice: ‘Some Girls Rape Easy’

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Republican Rep Offers Fatherly Advice: ‘Some Girls Rape Easy’


Freshman Rep. Roger Rivard (R-WI) has broken the one rule Republicans have been trying to stick to since Rep. Todd Akin humiliated the entire party by saying that victims of “legitimate rape” cannot get pregnant: Don’t say “rape.”

In the aftermath of Akin’s comments, Republicans including Mitt Romney unsuccessfully tried to get Akin to drop out of the race. Now the GOP has a new problem.

When disussing his father’s advice to not have premarital sex, Rivard told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that “some girls, they rape so easy,” twice:

“He also told me one thing, ‘If you do (have premarital sex), just remember, consensual sex can turn into rape in an awful hurry,'” Rivard said. “Because all of a sudden a young lady gets pregnant and the parents are madder than a wet hen and she’s not going to say, ‘Oh, yeah, I was part of the program.’ All that she has to say or the parents have to say is it was rape because she’s underage. And he just said, ‘Remember, Roger, if you go down that road, some girls,’ he said, ‘they rape so easy.’

“What the whole genesis of it was, it was advice to me, telling me, ‘If you’re going to go down that road, you may have consensual sex that night and then the next morning it may be rape.’ So the way he said it was, ‘Just remember, Roger, some girls, they rape so easy. It may be rape the next morning.'”

Rivard realized that he’d messed up, badly, and issued a statement clarifying his comments within hours.

Rivard’s comments point to a consistent faction of the Republican Party—including his ally Paul Ryan—that believes rape has not been defined clearly enough and is thus often exploited by women who want to claim to be raped. This offensive leap in logic is required to justify a stand that abortion should not ever be legal—even in cases of rape.

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  1. old_blu October 11, 2012

    I got an idea if you don’t believe in abortions, don’t have one.

  2. hiko73 October 11, 2012

    Well, now I know what it feels like to seriously contemplate murder, if this is the sh!t he says, what the hell is he thinking??

  3. elw October 11, 2012

    Just goes to show how hard it is to hide who you are. The Republican Party of today fundamentally believes that women who get raped have done something to deserve it. They cannot hide that, their party members say things to prove it over and over again and that sentiment is in their Party’s platform. They are the Party of old men with power, old men who basically do not like women, people of color, non-Christians, and anyone else who is different.

    1. SaneJane October 12, 2012

      It isn’t that they don’t like women at all, they just like women who know their place and stay in it. Maybe they just think men are entitled to whatever they want from women. It is beginning to sound like they are denying that rape exists and the only problem is women who won’t accept their subservient role.

      1. hardtimz March 14, 2013

        SaneJane, I know this story is five months old, but you nailed it. I don’t think it could have been stated any better. If republicans could, we would be living in the 50’s or women in other countries.

        1. Allan Richardson April 2, 2013

          Or worse, replaced by robot doubles as in “The Stepford Wives.”

    2. MomsTalking October 12, 2012

      he is right..consentual sex can turn into rape just on a girls say so…it is a horrible position for anyone’s son to be in…the next is the pregnancy by the girl who swears she is on birth control and thinks she can hold the guy to her through a child…there are alot of bunny boilers out there and they start young with their insane manipulations…they do not get locked up…the guys who rape a girl deserve jail and a record to follow them through life(and should be public record with pictures)..I would hate to work beside,live beside,have my kids encounter anyone who was charged with rape and how many are we near??

      1. elw October 12, 2012

        Then I think you should vote for him. I think his views are twisted and wrong and sick. Your sons would not have to worry about someone getting pregnant or blaming rape on them if they keep their body parts to themselves.

        1. hardtimz March 14, 2013

          The comments are great… I just hate I’m so late reading the article.

      2. Kent October 30, 2012

        And maybe Mons Talking should have some serious talk with dad to have a serious talk with son- “namely, i expect you to respect the girls right to say “no”, but if she say´s yes, it is your responsibility to use a condom. Period. Done.
        It is called sane sex education.
        Were I live as an ex-pat vet in Europe, we have sane sex education in schools, and parents are a little less uptight about discussing things like this with their adolescent children. 1. the rule is always “the candy is dandy but liquor is quicker number is out”. 2. In case you both can´t hold back- then please use a condom 1. to prevent unwanted pregnancies. and 2- to prevent any kind of infection with a disease like hepatitus C, (sexually transmitted and often fatal with young people as it can flip into liver cancer), AIDS, syphillus, or gonorrhea.
        In those “sexual education courses” the children are also taught that if straight or gay “date rape” does occur,they should not only report it to their parents, but also go straight to the police.
        As this is generally known, would be offenders in “date rape” seriosly think twice aboout having to spend time in court and follow up juvenile or even adult detention (Over 16 and one gets tried like an adult for the offense in Germany.)

        Oh as for date rape, poor, miserable, Julian Assange is holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London claiming “political asylum” beacuse he is wanted on two seperate charges on non-consensual date rape. Good for the Swedes.(they are liberal about a lot of things, but not that. He is just costing Ecuadorian and Lndon taxpayers money. (Ecuador has to put him up, and the London police have 24 hour surveillance of the place to nab him if he steps out the door. )

        As a father myself, I am confident in saying neither of my now adult children engaged inn on-consensual sex, and neither knocked up, nor got knocked up, and there were no infections. They are both happilly involved with people they care for today and both are in grad schools. I and their mother feel we did sane and humane job of raising them. (both speak English,French, German with a good knowledge of latin in addition to their specific fields of training.) When I rdead the article and looked at some of the ignorant “teabagger” comments on this thread, all I could say to myself was “hoi polloi”.

        1. duchess647 July 11, 2013

          I like your style! Man after my own heart!

  4. Lynda October 11, 2012

    Why are these fellows so afraid of sexuality? They fear the uterus as having some power over them that they just can’t resist. Some other GOP idiot has recently been quoted as saying everything would be OK if women stopped having so much sex. I wonder what he would think if women did indeed cut off cretins like him? It is hard to believe that our society is actually in the 21st and not the 14th century.

  5. bcarreiro October 11, 2012

    Is this really @lolgop cause let me tell you…………know all to well how the SYSTEM fails the victim and allows child molesters/rapists to get out to do it again. For people to make suggestions that have never been there, especially those that are to uphold a standard is downright unethical and disgusting. Come meet with me and i show you what its like to have no justice. @fyibitches

  6. TZToronto October 11, 2012

    This guy shouldn’t get re-elected simply because he’s too, too stupid. Forget the offensiveness of his assertion. How on earth did he get elected the first time? I hope the people of Wisconsin are paying attention to this Neanderthal (forgive me, Neanderthals). There’s no way he should see the inside of the House again.

  7. JimM October 11, 2012

    Oh brother. More lies from the liberals! Either you are too dense to understand what his father was telling him or you just want to purposefully and wrongly smear Republicans.

    Let me explain it to you. Here is a father giving some good advice to his son. He is warning him about the dangers of premarital sex. The particular danger is just one of many he could have mentioned, but it has happened.

    When he says that some girls rape easily, he is saying that while the sex was consensual at the time and no struggle was necessary to have sex, the next morning it could turn into an accusation of rape.

    Now tell me, just what is wrong with that statement? Is he wrong? Is that a totally impossible scenario? I don’t think so. A father wants to protect his son and he needs to warn him about these types of things. No one should be embarrassed about saying such a thing to warn your son and encourage him to avoid premarital sex!

    It is only the liberals who somehow think this is some kind of anti-women statement. Not at all. Neither Rivard nor his father is in favor of rape!

    Perhaps he was not very wise in the way he stated his father’s teaching especially in the current political climate when opponents are ready to jump on anything you say and attach a false meaning to it to smear you and your party.

    Look at elw’s comments:
    “The Republican Party of today fundamentally believes that women who get raped have done something to deserve it.”

    Wow! 2 statements about rape, one just repeating his father’s advice, and all of a sudden it is the “WHOLE REPUBLICAN PARTY”! lol! That is Democrat logic for you.

    But this kind of unfair criticism is true of both sides of the isle. Take for instance, Obama’s comment “You didn’t build that.” Republicans jumped all over that and didn’t try and understand what he was trying to say. They attached a negative meaning to it and criticized him.

    But what he said was right. Oh, sure, perhaps he could have stated it a little more clearly like “You didn’t build that all by yourself” or something like that, but still, he is right. We live in a society where we all benefit from each other’s work and we depend on each other and the services they provide to enable us to live and do what we do. We rely on farmers for the food we eat that enables us to function. Our teachers and taxes for our education helped provide our education that we now use everyday in our jobs. etc.

    And ultimately, we are all dependent upon God who provides the air we breathe, the water we drink, the earth we live on, etc. He created us and gave us certain gifts and abilities. Without Him, no one could even live, let alone accomplish wonderful things. So Obama was more correct than even he realized.

    A little honesty and grace would go a long way in politics!

    1. code October 12, 2012

      So you didn’t even comment on why Republicans want to force their religious/moral beliefs upon others regarding the abortion issue, or if it is okay for them to do this.

    2. Goose October 12, 2012

      It’s not so much what you say but how you say it. Tell your son premarital or no premarital, when Susie says ‘stop’ that’s is exactly what she means. Don’t want to get caught in this dilemma? Keep it in your pants son.

    3. dggrundhoffer October 12, 2012

      Hey JimM So you have daughters and you will tell them the same story . The mindset of people like you and the Republican leadership is anti women and extreme . If you do not speak out against such statements and take a stand. You to are the problem. There is a speration of religion and state. Yet America is based on freedom. You want to restrict in the name of god. I remember history and Hitler did the same thing. Watch out. The Republican platform is my way or the highway. We can not function withhsuch ideals. And God has nothing to do with goverment and the Republican party is all money and power and to hell with the middle class. And finally such statements in the public by a man or women of power is wrong. And you justify it. You are wrong also. I hope I was wrong on my on what I thought you said.

    4. S-3 October 12, 2012

      Stop lying to yourself, please…

    5. Hillbilly October 27, 2012

      Instead of telling him some women rape easily he should have told to be responsible, keep it in your pants and keep the pants zipped up that way you won’t be accused of rape. Despite what men think they are just responsible if woman gets pregnant as a woman is because she can’t get pregnant if he keeps it in his pants,keeps his pants on and zipped close. So much that is being said today by men that should know better reminds of the way things were for women back in the 50’s,if a woman got raped she was the one of trial not the guy that raped her. A lawyer could and would do their best to make the woman responsible for the fact she got raped and when the Police investigated a rape the first thing said to woman no matter how badly she was hurt was”what did you do to make him rape you?Things aren’t much better now for a rape victim so many people want to blame her for the rape when she was the victim and as in the 50’s a lot of rapes don’t get reported because of the shame a woman feels after and now with the date rape pill women are raped and do not know it unless they get pregnant. Rape is not something to take lightly because remember that not only can women get raped so can men.

    6. Michelle Kirkwood February 24, 2013


      Some girls “rape easily”? There’s isn’t a damn thing “easy” about rape for ANY woman—THAT’S the problem with his statement–it’s so f***ed-up on all kinds of levels. His dad should have told him that it’s not just the girl’s responsibility for sex, he has to take responsibility on his end,too. And, no, there’s no conspiracy to smear Republicans—they do that well enough on their own by the stupid,sexist,racist s*** they say. Finally,though, a Repub who actually understood what Obama was actually saying in that instance—-and yes, the Repubs jumped down his throat about it, just like they’ve done with practically everything else he’s ever said or done. I agree with just about everything you’re said, except for that first part. I can’t believe it—a sane Republican I actually agreed with! I’m still waking up from the total and complete shock I’m in!

      1. hardtimz March 14, 2013

        Wow. Too bad we are so late commenting on this article. What ever happened to teaching your children to be respectful of one another…despite there being differences. Always really funny, that in just about every rape case it’s the women fault. Now we have ELECTED OFFICIALS using defamatory language like this …GOD HELP US WE ARE IN TROUBLE!

  8. Barbara DeMoss October 12, 2012

    What is wrong in a nation where insurance companies pay for Viagra, etc., but want to deny a woman coverage for an abortion when one of these horny old men (or young men) rape her? I would be interested in knowing how many of the anti-abortion crowd have taken Viagra and had it paid for by insurance. I would also like to have someone explain to me that if young people have sex, she is a slut but he is only sowing his wild oats. (Wink! Wink!)
    If she says, “No!” it’s rape.

    1. YepThatTell October 12, 2012

      Thank you for asking the question I have been wondering about – I bet there are a lot of those politicians who are happy to avail themselves of Viagra but would deny birth control access to women…I recommend duct tape tightly wrapped around the male’s genitals as the best birth control method for those horny old fatcats who are against insurance paying for contraception and who demonize Planned Parenthood…and who have such obvious contempt for women.

      1. mominwa10 October 17, 2012

        Barbara, I don’t see any contempt for women. You have been lead to believe what they want to to do, to react emotionally to the thought of a brutal, forced rape. They play on our emotions. Stand back and think of a boy that had sex with his girl friend after prom, she wanted it then. When she finds out that she is preggers she tells her parents he forced her. Such a common story. I’m sick of it. You know what the guy wants when he tells you he rented the room. You can have your parents pick you up you don’t have to go. It seems like the morning after pill is needed and more self control. We need to teach our girls to be strong and assertive. That will help. Boys don’t need to be charged with rape later when their girl friend changes her story after the fact.
        Brutal, forced, violent rape is allowed the morning after pill, as it should be. The protocol is: Police and Dr. visit before a shower and rape kit used and then home and the shower. More education of our young women is needed.

        I have boys and girls and see this from both sides. Let us step back and be sure we are not being played before we react. Common sense first. Look at it from every angle, then decidel

        1. Andy S October 18, 2012

          It truly scares me to think that there may be more people–a lot more–that think like you. What surprises me even more is that this comes from a woman!
          “Brutal, forced, violent rape is allowed the morning after pill, as it should be”? A more ignorant statement has never been written. (And I’m including Akin’s idiotic remark.)
          What you’re doing is excusing, minimizing, even rationalizing rape as “not that bad” because all you need is a morning-after pill and everything’s fine.
          Rape isn’t just about pregnancy. It’s a crime of violence and power, not sex. The psychological trauma is well documented, not to mention the ancillary health risks (disease and other injuries, for example). And date rape, as you describe in your pollyanna story about post-prom sex (where “she wanted it then”…unbelievable), is indeed very common. But that doesn’t make it any less serious.
          It’s attitudes like yours that need to be squashed, because the more lax we become about issues like this, the more often it’s going to happen. I just pray it never happens to your daughter, because your only response would be to hand her a pill.

          1. Super M October 19, 2012

            Andy S,
            mominwa10 was talking about consensual sex then crying rape the morning after. That is very different from actual rape. Please read with discrimination.

          2. letmeeatcake November 18, 2012

            it’s not possible to read with discrimination if you have bitten with pc rabies.

          3. mominwa10 October 19, 2012

            Any, read it again. You misunderstood what you were reading.

          4. Nora_M October 20, 2012

            Who says that mominwa10 is actually a woman? Sounds like a Rove plant to me.

          5. RichardMahony November 7, 2012

            Anyone can be raped. Anyone. Young or old, male or female. Women and girls, men and boys. Geriatrics, mature adults, adolescents, children, infants.

            Anyone can be raped. The worst mass rapes often occur during war or in its aftermath, during genocides and so-called ethnic cleansings. Terrible rapes occur in closed institutions such as orphanages, boarding schools, reformatories and prisons, where victims are often repeatedly gang raped without any prospect of escape from their tormentors, or possibility of redress or justice.

            Anyone can be raped. Many young rape victims are repeatedly raped for years in the supposed safety of their home by a trusted adult, or by a sibling, or other family relative.

            Anyone can be raped. Any time, any place, anyhow. It’s time we all make a greater effort to see and understand rape in its proper historical, social and cultural context.

            Anyone can be raped. Anyone.

          6. Paul Zhaurov March 29, 2013

            I wouldn’t mind being raped by a hot woman. Just throwing that out there. I never understand these school boys that rat out their hot teachers that sleep with them. I just shake my head and go, “dude, most people would kill to be in your situation. I know I would love to be you. Yet you go and ruin it: what’s wrong with you?”

          7. jonesky August 8, 2013

            A minor’s a minor, male or female, and just because you, as a presumably chronological adult (if not an intellectual one) would enjoy sex with a “hot woman,” doesn’t mean a 14 or 15 year old boy is mentally or emotionally stable enough to be coerced or manipulated into sex with a woman who clearly has issues if she’s wanting a boy instead of a man. One might ask what’s wrong with you, that you think this is acceptable.

          8. Allan Richardson April 2, 2013

            Including nuns, by soldiers equipped with U.S. government aid, as in Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, etc. during the Reagan years. Guatemala is JUST NOW trying its former dictator for war crimes.

          9. DrHouse5 November 15, 2012

            We’re talking about Regret not Rape as was the OP and his advice is 100% spot-on.
            If you are a guy and you have sex you are throwing your life into the hands of that girl.

          10. lexi001 December 4, 2012

            Your use of “that girl” says it all. Yet another mysogynist.

          11. Paul Zhaurov March 29, 2013

            yet another dumb ass feminist.

          12. Allan Richardson April 2, 2013

            Neither teen girls NOR teen boys are usually mature enough emotionally to make an informed decision about sex, or anything else, without adult guidance. In the prom example, BOTH partners let their hormones get control of their brains. If parents were more understanding, the girls would not accuse rape unless the boy really DID keep going after she said no; maybe in that situation the parent should say up front, “honey, Dad and I will still love you, even if you did this willingly; but unless you REALLY tried to stop him, it would not be fair to put him in jail. Besides, both of you will have to support this child, and he cannot help if he is in jail. You don’t need to lie to keep our love and support.”

            And boys should be taught first of all that they do NOT need to have sex to be considered manly; and also that, no matter how willing she was at first, WHENEVER she has doubts, he should stop immediately, because if not, it is rape, whether she can prove it or not; and that adults, including police, probably WILL take her word even without absolute proof; and besides, even if HE has doubts, or THINKS that she may have doubts, he should quit right there.

            In some states, it is statutory rape if the girl is underage, regardless of the age of the boy; in others, if the girl is underage and the boy is just barely of age; and in others, the “Romeo and Juliet” clause makes it rape if the girl us underage and the MAN is overage and a certain number of years older than the girl. But if force or coercion can be proved (or a jury believes her rather than him), it is rape regardless of their ages, although a JUVENILE rape defendant may get probation.

            Best of all, teach kids that sex is for ADULTS. Even if they do not feel they should be virgins on their wedding nights, they should still hold off until (1) both are over 18, (2) they have a strong romantic bond, (3) neither one plans to cheat, (4) they have made preparations to avoid pregnancy and STD, and (5) they are able to TALK HONESTLY ABOUT THE FIRST FOUR. By that time, they should be at least tentatively engaged, and willing to go straight to marriage if necessary. Oh, and the old double standard, that boys “need” to play around, but girls are “wicked” if they do? That goes against the rational planning I just mentioned! Which may be one reason that so many unwed mothers got pregnant on their first encounter, with someone they planned to marry later, and they had intended to stay virgin till the wedding, but “oops.”

          13. Paul Zhaurov March 29, 2013

            You’re an idiot. She didn’t rationalize rape. She said, use your head and stop jailing dudes for “Rape,” when the girl didn’t actually get raped, but simply changed her story. There is a big difference between an actual rape, and some girl who doesn’t want to feel like a slut, or own up to her role in it. And yes, MORINING AFTER PILL IS A GREAT IDEA IF YOU JUST GOT RAPED OR HAD AN ACCIDENT. That’s why it’s there: To avoid pregnancy. Get off your high horse and learn to read. I bet you voted for Obama.

          14. Allan Richardson April 2, 2013

            The people from whom you get your anti-Obama attitudes want to ban the morning after pill also, and EVEN PREVENTIVE contraceptive coverage. Which, by the way, has been a dogma of the Roman Catholic Church for centuries, now being picked up by Evangelicals who claim that EVEN on an overpopulated planet, God wants every family to have at least a dozen kids! That is the ideology that led to the Duggers! Give them credit, they were smart enough to get a cable network to PAY for the costs of raising that many, but most of those who imitate them will not get those offers.

            Just because Jesus took your sins away, doesn’t mean He took your brain away also.

        2. mbm October 19, 2012

          A shocking and condescending comment coming from anyone. What is more frightening and horrific is this stereotypical, bigoted remark from a woman and mother! A “common story” that you are “sick” of? Just how many have you experienced? Poor judgment, impulsive behavior, dishonesty and lack of integrity has historically been an unseemly part of the human condition-just look at our politicians. To attempt to quantify ‘legitimate’ rape using anecdotes minimizes the brutal, criminal nature of the crime. Rape is rape, just as no means no. Just as Rivard and Akin before him dug himself into a hole with their dehumanizing remarks, step back and look at what you wrote. Legislation cannot be written based on anecdotal caveats and qualifiers such as ‘legitimate’ or ‘forcible’ rape placing the onus of proof upon the victim.

          1. Super M October 19, 2012

            Have you considered writing for lgbt magazines and editorials, they sure can use your great facility for screaming bloody murder and the equally shocking great absence of common sense to further their agenda.

            Rape is a serious offense that carries with it a severe punishment if the suspect is found guilty. Which legal hell hole did you graduate from where the onus of proof is not with the plaintiff? you mean the suspect has to proof that he did not commit rape, failing which he should be judged guilty of rape?

            You write like the one word that you used in your post —– BIGOT!

        3. Nora_M October 20, 2012

          You think girls cry rape when they get pregnant? Try this one on for size, the girl gets pregnant and tells her partner. He says, “Whose is it?” knowing full well that he is her only sexual partner. Did you do that personally?

        4. faster October 22, 2012

          I know there are cases where a young woman yells rape falsely. But maybe none of it would have happened at all if the young man wasn’t so eager to “score.” You seem to have avoided the “angle” of looking at how the boys are contributing to this kind of problem.

          Not ONCE did you mention the need for any restraint by the BOYS. If you were a man, you’d know the locker-room talk about “scoring,” and such. How many boys and adolescents are taught to respect the girl they’re with, by not pushing for sex? If it happens and something goes wrong, it’s because the GIRLS need more education? How about a little teaching on the fact that the girls are as fully HUMAN as the boys are?

          My favorite boyfriend, when I was young, never tried to get too “personal” with me. A minor try, met with rejection, was never repeated. I realized it was because he LIKED me. He didn’t just WANT me. That meant more to me than anything other boyfriends did.

          I wish other girls could grasp how meaningful this can be, to know you’re liked, and not just sexually wanted. Maybe more boys should know how meaningful it can be to behave that well with a girl.

          Our culture is deeply infested with sexist attitudes, most of them against the females. Until the MALES take some responsibility for what they do with their own – gonads – we can’t possibly claim to be fully civilized. Sex takes TWO people. Both of them need to have a strong sense of responsibility for how they use it. Both need to exercise some common sense and restraint, not JUST the girls. I know there will always be young folks who have sex casually and recreationally, thinking “it won’t happen this time,” but that’s partly a flaw in how we educate them.

          We have a society where many young men get a girl pregnant, then boast about it to their buddies, and how clever they were to avoid a paternity suit. We’re raising young men who are making brand new HUMAN BEINGS, and caring nothing about it except as a sop to their manliness. They abandon both their child and its mother. Real manly stuff, that. But that attitude is both widespread and common as dirt.

          The ones who scream the loudest about “morality” are those who scream the loudest against any kind of sex education, demanding to have the only authority to do so with their own kids. And we see the wonderfully moral results, don’t we? Parents are the LAST people with any standing to teach sex education. They’ll predictably pass on their own lousy attitudes. If their attitudes weren’t lousy, they’d be glad to have the schools take on the task.

          Judging by the attitudes of most American males – old and young – sex education is needed for them, even more than for girls. “Legitimate rape?” “A woman’s life can’t be in jeopardy from pregnancy?” These are recent comments by congressional candidates! They ought to know better than to take the locker-room blathering as factual. Yet they do. Somebody sure was asleep at the switch with their sex education.

          But we need more than just better sex education. We need to DO something about the lousy attitudes – most of them against females – that our society is RIDDLED with.

          Those attitudes serve NO ONE. But the harm they do is incalculable.

          Let America’s parents take on the task, then, of curing those lousy attitudes. Any takers? I thought not.

          1. Paul Zhaurov March 29, 2013

            Women are not sexually aroused by a man that does not escalate and sexually dominate her. You as a woman should know better than giving out this stupid advice. Maybe you like living in a society of emasculated men, who are incapable of relating in a sexual manner to women. There is also a massive difference between rape, and what I just described. The difference is social calibration, and empathy. I can tell if a woman is SERIOUS about not wanting to have sex, or if she is just offering token resistance. Sometimes that resistance can seem quite compelling. Only through experience have I learned, that women not only WANT me to manhandle them and “force” the sexual escalation, they actually GET OFF ON IT. That’s why they want it. They erect these barriers for the guy to bust down, because it turns them on. It’s almost like a dance. Two steps forward, one step back. Sometimes you freeze the girl out, then escalate later. In my experience, once I break through those defenses, the sex is amazing. Passionate, rough. The girls love it. NEVER DID I GET ACCUSED OF RAPING ANYONE.

            Learn to play the game. Most rapes come from sexually frustrated dudes with mental issues. By filling their heads full of mush like you are now, you are brainwashing these dudes into unsuccessful behaviors. They become sexually unattractive. This whole notion of “respect” has gone to absurd levels. You pretty much need a signed consent form before you so much as touch a girl. You think that’s natural? That’s absurd, and nobody get’s off on it. Your boyfriend sounds like most dudes who are too scared of rejection, and in most cases it ends badly for them. I’m curious how much you rejected that boyfriend that liked you so much. Poor guy just wanted to get laid, but couldn’t muster the courage. Actually liked you? He probably did, but there are lots of awesome girls out there. No need to get so hung up over one particular girl, that your sense of self hinges on her approval of you. I’ve seen that happen too. Guys get too clingy and emotionally attached, the girls are put off, don’t put out, and the guy eventually just get’s friendzoned. I am of the opinion (Backed by experience) that a solid relationship needs solid sexual chemistry. The guy needs to know how to lead sexually, and make his girl cum. That’s like a pillar that holds things up. No matter how great your bond, a sexless relationship where both parties (or even just one party) are unsatisfied sexually, is bound to fail horribly sooner or later. I’ve seen many dudes get cheated on by their girlfriend, when they were both “waiting for marriage.” It’s just truly a shame the silly ideas society today puts in young people’s heads. They are taught shame about sex, instead of being taught how to engage in it properly, and how to be responsible about it.

          2. lexi001 March 29, 2013

            You are truly one of the most ignorant excuses for a man I’ve ever seen on here, and there are plenty. The only kind of woman you could have possibly ever had sex with (and it’s in doubt you ever had sex) is a woman with absolutely no self-esteem. Calibrate? Do you somehow think that makes you sound like you know what you’re talking about? Passionate and rough? You’re the definition of a rapist.

          3. yodacohen May 19, 2013

            You are so right. I wonder how old the guy is and if he has ever been married. He’s about taking advantage of and using other people, particularly women who don’t think much of themselves. Sexuality is a game for him. The seeds of future rape.

          4. Allan Richardson April 2, 2013

            Paul is apparently “conquering” women with low self esteem, who do not realize they deserve better than him. I hope he grows up emotionally before saddling a young lady with a baby (but I suspect he already has), or worse, she ends up married to HIM and then has to divorce him.

            My wife and I have been married for many years, but she still remembers her first fiance, who TRIED to act like Paul with her but did not succeed, and is thankful that she turned him down. And of course I am DOUBLY thankful of that!

          5. Allan Richardson April 2, 2013

            A well known stand up comic in the 1960’s (whose name I do not recall) once told his audience that some kids learn about sex at home; some learn about it in school; but most learn about sex on the way home from school. Today we can add, by watching TV comedies intended for young adults, and taking things out of context (without any explanation by parents).

        5. tadpres October 27, 2012

          Rape is not always as violent as it’s portrayed in the movies, yet the the psychological damage is the same. Often the fear of violence or humiliation is used to coerce victims. Not every women who is raped gets held down and beaten up. I undertand what you are saying and yes, some women do panic and say they had been raped when it was consensual, but this is rarer than you assume. I speak as a survivor of multiple rapes in my childhood and youth and the vast majority were not ‘brutal & violent’ but they were all forced, and psychologically violent. That is the definition of rape ‘forced sexual acts involving penetration’. The perpretrator used that belief that no one would believe me, and that if I refused, any injuries sustained would be thought of me just being my normal klutzy self. That and the fear of being humiliated by my community as the girl who ‘made things up’ and the only one to report an assault of that nature, combined with my fear of the perpetrator’s retaliatory violence kept me silent for a long time as the abuse continued. Eventually, a braver girl broke the silence, and to my surprise, not just myself, but six other women testified against him with eerily similar stories. Two of them were my sisters.
          This sort of attitude that girls just bring up rape as an excuse to get out from under our parent’s wrath or to avoid embarassment is ridiculous. It does happen, but rarely. The sheer courage it takes to report an incident of this nature is incomprehensible to anyone who has not endured it. Should these victims face more harassment and shame simply because a few drama-filled idiots take the cowards way out of fessing up that they were irresponsible? I think not.

        6. AmandaK October 27, 2012

          Women don’t always report rape, because sometimes they are scared or embarrassed. There are plenty of women who fear that noone will believe them. Rape kits and the morning afterpill aren’t always available. Blaming a victim isn’t a cool thing to do. Which is not to say no woman has ever lied about being raped. I am sure they have. However I am also sure we’ve judged more victims than we should.

          Secondly having had been a rape victim myself on multiple occasions from ages 3-13. I can assure you that I would not have had access to rape kits at that time nor the morning after pill. My last sexual assault was indeed a consentual act. However I was barely 13, vulnerable and homeless. He was 17 and offering me housing for the night. He lied about pretty much everything he told me, I found out later. Some girls are terribly vulnerable…and some men know who the vulnerable girls are and they target them. How would it have looked if I had reported him? I didn’t bother. I didn’t even understand until years later how badly he’d abused me. I was a homeless run away foster kid. He was handsome middle class 17 year old. He ripped my vagina, is that TMI for you? I bled for weeks. He begged me for hours before I said yes. I guess you’d think he was a real gentleman for begging me in the first place. I guess I deserved what I got for running away. Except the girls in my group home slept with knifes under their pillows are threatened to kill me. I just ran from one shitty situation to another. If I could have only gotten a job at 11 or 12 and my own apartment maybe I wouldn’t have had to say yes.

          I think it starts with a little common sense. That kid I said yes to was an asshole, who took advantage of me. Sometimes both kids are drunk. Sometimes people lie. Regardless of the situation, an unwanted baby is an unwanted baby.

          You should see America’s foster care system. The orphanages we call childrens residences. Where they dope kids on antipsychotics and feed us expired food, and wait until we turn 18 so we can be homeless again. Oh yes there is a lot of fun waiting for unwanted children. I am sure you are thinking of adoption. Except we don’t like adopting American children anymore, because their parents have rights, and we want new born babies. So they adopt from China and Africa so parents can’t reclaim their children. So unwanted American babies that aren’t adopted right away go into foster care. There are 800,000 foster kids in the US during any given year, very few are adopted. Why don’t we use our save the fetus energy to love those unwanted and abused children? The abortion debate is ridiculous when our foster care system is so bad.

          1. Paul Zhaurov March 29, 2013

            Real talk here. Respect. You went through hardships, but I’m sure you came out a better person in the end. Diamonds are the hardest minerals in nature, precisely because they undergo enormous pressures. What you went through is not something kids should have to go through. But, it also gave you experience, and resolve. People that come from nothing, often succeed wildly. They don’t have to hit rock bottom to appreciate life, because they already start there. The bad experiences just serve as emotional leverage to claw your way to the top. I respect that a lot.

        7. Lynn Mace October 27, 2012

          I am appalled by your attitude. Do you research information before you make a harmful statement. “such a common story” I am 60 years old and in my entire busy and worldy life I have not heard of more than 3 instances of this behavior. You do females (including your girls) a great disservice.

        8. Amy Robillard October 29, 2012

          It’s a pity there are not legal requirements to be met BEFORE becoming a parent! You obviously do NOT have the common sense to be a parent of either boys OR girls!

        9. Nicky P November 14, 2012

          I know who you voted for…you are so blind and brainwashed by these jerks that you also blame the girls and you are a woman yourself..boy I am so worried about your daughters if you have any…the 1950’s are over lady..

        10. DrHouse5 November 15, 2012

          Feminist Theory only considers the world from a woman’s perspective. This is why Feminist policy and Feminist law end up so hateful towards men.

          This is also why Feminist Theory should *never* be used as a basis for law, at least not if we regard men as people (which Feminist theory does not, it only regards women as people.)

          This is how & why we have law that gives women retroactive rape charges and gives him no possible mechanism of obtaining and providing evidence of consent.

          1. Michelle Kirkwood February 24, 2013

            @Dr. House

            You honestly don’t know what you are talking about. It was feminism that caused major changes in the rape laws, which basically favored men. The truth is, as you well know, it was always easy for men to get away with rape, for the simple fact that 90% of the time they could count on the woman being too ashamed or embarrassed to report it.

            You also obviously don’t know what the hell feminism really is—it’s simply believing that women should have the same basic rights as men—nothing that difficult about it. I’m sick of people who don’t understand or know anything about feminism saying all kinds of nonsense and BS about it. Feminism had some great and positive changes on this society, not just for women, but for men, too—do the research!

          2. hardtimz March 14, 2013

            I like you Michelle…keep up the good fight… we need more women like you.

          3. Allan Richardson April 2, 2013

            Someone once said that the best way to prove consent is to have a signed consent form. Even better, sign the consent form in front of both families and friends, say in church, for example.

        11. wolfboi1970 November 27, 2012

          Wow…how ignorant… ANY GIRL SHOULD BE ALLOWED AND COMFORTABLE GOING TO A HOTEL AFTER PROM PARTY AND NOT….NOT FEEL OBLIGATED TO HAVE SEX i cant believe a woman would say that if a girl goes to the hotel she should expect sex…what a disgrace to woman everywhere…you should be ashamed. I ONLY HOPE…PRAY…YOUR DAUGHTERS DONT EXPERIENCE THE IGNORANCE BY THEIR DATES THAT U IMPLY. you shouldnt be breeding lady…ur perfect argument for birth control.

          1. Paul Zhaurov March 29, 2013

            Nobody is obligated to do anything. If a girl goes back to an isolated place with a boy, and there is a mutual sexual tension and chemistry between them, then they both know what’s up. Stop screaming bloody murder over what amounts to a normal part of human interactions. You are completely disregarding the subtleties and nuances of seduction. And oh btw, every time I have ended up alone with a girl, we ended up having sex. And she didn’t scream bloody rape afterward, nor did she feel obligated to have sex. She wanted to. Because I turned her on. Maybe you’re just bitter because you don’t get laid. I assume you’re a male. In that case, all I can say is, I feel sorry for you dude. You’re a prime example of an emasculated male that doesn’t know his ass from his penis from his face.

        12. highpckts January 9, 2013

          We need to teach our girls to be strong and assertive???? So it’s still a one way street?>? Of course it is! The boys are already strong and assertive when it comes to that! They usually get what they want due to a stronger build and they don’t need to be held accountable because “she wanted it”!!!Abstinence is not the answer! That will never happen! They need to be prepared with birth control and condoms! If the parents are afraid to do it then the schools should be allowed to do it! Sex education should be taught in all schools. Don’t rely on parents because they won’t do that either! You want less abortions? Provide affordable birth control!!

          1. hardtimz March 14, 2013

            Sex education use to be taught in school, now it wasn’t a extensive lesson but it was a starting point.

        13. Michelle Kirkwood February 24, 2013


          Come on, lady—you make it seem like EVERY girl does this, which isn’t the case, and that minimizes the fact that rape DOES take place in some cases. Girls who do that (make up a story about rape) are frankly stupid, as far as I’m concerned,though. And, I’m sorry, but if these politicians don’t understand even the basic legal definition of rape (which they obviously don’t) they need to go right back to school and take a basic sex ed class or something. I also find it strange how you see commericials for pills similar to Viagra for men practically every day on TV, but yet you NEVER see one for birth control pills for women.

          Funny how you don’t hear ONE complaint from men about having THAT covered by insurance, but God forbid, women ask to have birth control covered by insurance, and everybody wants to holler and whine about it. Never mind that asking for BC to be covered by insurance (hello,women will be paying for it themselves,but yet that’s one fact that seemed to get lost in the mix) sounds a hell of a lot more responsible than men getting all kinds of pills whenever they want to jack up their lost sexual potency and “whore around”,which is basically what they’re doing,but since they’re men, that automatically makes it okay—how sexist can get you get? I mean, damn!

      2. Super M October 19, 2012


        I think you should be better informed about the arguments against insurance paying for contraception before you conclude that it’s because of “contempt for women”. Trying to shortcut any argument by stoking women’s outrage is a tired and DESPICABLE tactic often employed by feminists.

      3. letmeeatcake November 18, 2012

        …and some duct tape to put on your mouth. “Silence is golden, but duct tape is silver.” unless you can support a baby, it is best to not sow wild oats, or have wild oats sown. i don’t have contempt for women unless they lack common sense.

        1. YepThatTell November 18, 2012

          That certainly does hold true for the male gender, who, after all, do hold the key to reproduction. Your comment makes it sound as if you preach abstinence which is fine in a dream world but has little relevance to reality. Glad you’re getting caught up on issues discussed quite some time back. President Obama won re-election in case you did not know (praise the Lord!!!!)

          1. letmeeatcake November 19, 2012

            Hey, I live in the real world, sistah. Some people actually can and do learn to exert some control over their own thoughts, emotions, behavior and destiny. But most cannot, and especially if a girl and her boyfriend have been raised by Hollywood to do whatever feels good, yes, the nanny-state will have to scrape her uterus before she is 15 fer sure.

    2. BDD1951 October 12, 2012

      I would also like to know how many of the women in their families have had abortions. I’ll bet there is a bunch of them. Abortions is just a politican talking point to most of them to gain votes.

      1. Allan Richardson April 2, 2013

        A legislator in an anonymous state was approached by his aide while listening to debate. The aide whispered, “Doctor X wants to know what you are going to do about the abortion bill.” The legislator said, “Tell that SOB I’ll pay it next week!”

    3. Gary Godfrey October 12, 2012

      I have never heard of an insurance company that will pay for Viagra, but they essentially all cover birth control.

      1. ococoob October 12, 2012

        Believe it, they do for the treatment of medical disorders/conditions.

      2. ROBERT C HASTINGS October 12, 2012

        Viagra (and other similar male enhancers) were originally marketed for something entirely different; ie. blood flow to the heart. How apt that something developed to save lives is now the butt of so many jokes. Kudos to any school system that will provide students with at least access to contraception and to the morning-after pill, and will teach practical lessons in family planning. Abstinence-only programs have been shown to be a miserable failure. ALL of us want as much good information as we can get before we make a major decision, such as sex for the first time.

      3. Dianrib October 12, 2012

        YES Ins CO’s sure DO PAY FOR ED / VIAGRA ETC

      4. Renee October 17, 2012

        Absolutely not true. I have never once had an insurance company cover my birth control, and I had insurance which was extremely good otherwise. I looked into getting an IUD. Again, my insurance would NOT cover it.

        However, our insurance company covered my husband’s vasectomy AND his Viagra. Yeah, that’s really fair.

        Given that you, as a man, have never had to buy birth control in any form other than condoms…want to do your research before you make false allegations??

    4. highpckts October 12, 2012

      They should invent chastity belts for men instead of paying for their Viagra!

      1. letmeeatcake November 19, 2012

        What a stupid comment. If a guy needs Viagra but can’t get it, a chastity belt is hardly necessary.

    5. pandoradoggle October 17, 2012

      I might be able to help explain whatever it is you’d like to be explained, but first I’ll need to you explain how Viagra is comparable to an abortion. From where I’m sitting, Viagra is a drug prescribed to help remedy erectile dysfunction. What sexual dysfunction does an abortion correct?

      1. Allan Richardson April 2, 2013

        Getting raped by the guy who took the Viagra, maybe?

        1. pandoradoggle April 2, 2013

          As horrific as rape is, getting pregnant is not a sexual dysfunction, and a child is not a disease. You can’t make a woman whole by destroying a child.

    6. Super M October 19, 2012

      Barbara, abortion is the murder of a human life, albeit at the foetal stage but a human life nonetheless. Insurance companies are not about to be party to murder. You prove that the foetus is not a living human being and all of a sudden became one only at the point when it exited from between its mother’s legs, insurance companies will probably start covering it.

      A young man sowing his wild oats is also looked down upon as one horny guy with balls for brains. He does not escape society’s contempt. However the slut generally gets more flak because (1) a woman retains the chemicals (sperm, sweat, secretions) from the men she beds with, (that’s why women get so emotionally attached, the man’s chemicals are circulating in her blood) so she’s seen as some unclean, mixed bag receptacle men disdain (2) women do get pregnant and bear children; a slut is risking bringing a life into this world that she never planned for.

      1. Kent October 30, 2012

        Sir, the phrase slut is reprehensible contempt of a confused girl in puberty.
        If she has been actually cooerced into having sex in any way, it is rape. Therefore a victim and definitely not a “slut” as you put it. Your mind has been infected by the mental illness of Rush Limbaugh it seems.
        Carry those attitudes into the life hereafter and you shall find your soul rotting forever in the lowest of hells along with Limbaugh and the rest.

      2. Terry Sellars February 4, 2013

        Your clear disdain for women is showing in this disgusting statement. The fact that you call ANY woman a “slut” screams volumes about you. I figure you to be a republican conservative for sure, as they have absolutely NO respect for women in general. We’re only here to bear the fetuses for men, right??? Until a fetus can breathe on it’s own outside the mother, science calls it a fetus/products of conception. NOT a baby. Your anti-abortion stance influenced definition of murder just astounds me that your woman hating religious zealot kind still exist. And I will never vote for anyone who believes as you do. Your kind is dying out like the dinosaurs you are.

    7. Nora_M October 20, 2012

      In response to your question, what is wrong is the same patriarchal, male chauvinist crap that has always been there. They just haven’t felt as free to put it on display for the past thirty years. Now, they have women frightened and insecure economically, so they feel comfortable being who they are.

      In Connecticut, a court recently overturned a rape conviction setting free the rapist of a disabled woman with the intelligence of a three-year-old who is incapable of speech and can only move one finger. They overturned the conviction because she didn’t say “no” or defend herself. So, I guess it is open season for the rape of severely handicapped women, guys! If it can happen in New England, it can happen anywhere.

      1. Allan Richardson April 2, 2013

        And recently, a military officer was convicted by court-martial of raping a soldier in his unit, but his commanding officer overturned the conviction and all punishment for no stated reason. This is allowed under the UCMJ. Maybe it was intended to allow combat operations to continue, and punish the offender after the war ended, but it is certainly not showing justice to the other soldier. And thanks to the GOP, she cannot get an abortion in a military hospital, so her military career is over and she will be discharged as a single mother!

    8. DavidW January 11, 2013

      I have never found an insurance company that pays for Viagra. I agree with you everything else though

    9. Paul Zhaurov March 29, 2013

      oh okay, so we have to get written consent before we so much as place a hand on a woman. Great. Wonderful advice. Way to take something as nuanced and complex as human seduction, and impose your retarded politically correct ideology over it. It’s not rape just because a dude is forceful. And, it’s usually apparent when a girl actually wants you to stop, and when she is just giving you token resistance. Also, I don’t agree that women are sluts for sleeping around. I think the term slut is disingenuous. I think of a woman that hooks up with many dudes, as a player. Same as a guy. Nothing wrong with it; it’s a life style choice. There are lots of crazy people out there though, and some girls have no problems crying rape just to get what they want.

  9. code October 12, 2012

    Try to prove date rape when you’ve been drugged! Also, try to prove that your life is in danger when doctors don’t know for sure: I guess you’re supposed to hang in there and hope your health condition doesn’t grow worse & kill you (such as cancer).

  10. code October 12, 2012

    Try to prove date rape with a foggy memory from being drugged! My friend didn’t know for sure she was raped until she wound up pregnant! Try to ride out an entire pregnancy with cancer growing in your body; try to figure out if your life is in danger or not!

  11. Dominick Vila October 12, 2012

    Where do these people come from? The contempt they show towards women makes you wonder if they had a mother, wife, daughter or sister. The worst part of what they say is not so much how medieval or outright inhumane their thinking, but the way they dismiss the ability of women to have high moral values, pride, and self respect.

  12. Goose October 12, 2012

    People with narrow minds seldom learn from their mistakes, or others mistakes. Women can say stop anytime during any consenual encounter and YOU HAVE TO STOP! A smart guy knows that.
    Why is it always a Republican?

    1. july860 October 18, 2012

      because they’re not smart???

  13. adler56 October 12, 2012

    So this clown AND his father both hate women? They’re in the right party for that. Republicans hate women and their policies prove it- they’re like the Catholic church.

  14. Elisabeth Gordon October 12, 2012

    These people are shameful…I am continually amazed that ANYONE can vote for them…they are unconscienable and completely without a moral compass….

  15. Lovefacts October 12, 2012

    Why is any woman surprised by Rep. Rivard’s comments, or Rep. Akin’s? We live in a country where insurance companies willingly pay for Viagra but our government has to force them to pay of birth control.

    As for Representatives Akin, Rivard, and Ryan, along with many others, here’s hoping the people in their districts vote them out of office.

  16. CAThinker October 12, 2012

    OMG – who elects these people??? Geez – if you really want to be represented by whack jobs, vote them in for state or local legislatures where they will do you more “good” and not screw up the rest of the country… Let me guess – this guy is another candidate for a seat on the House Science and Technology Committtee… (right next to “legitimate rape” Akin and “the world is only 6,000 years old” Braun)… These people disgust me…

  17. ARepublicanNorthlandGrad October 12, 2012

    Dumb comment, good advice from the father, all the rest of the comments here have nothing to do with the story, no hate, no Vigraia, no insurance in the story. You brought that to the table. Still you would have to think that our politicians would be smarter. And I didn’t see anywhere where he said it was okay to drug a woman. Sorry for your friend, but the creep probably didn’t even vote. Nor was there anything about “old men”. Posts here are kind of like playing post office.

  18. AliciaSolis October 12, 2012

    This is an example of man and those who support him,that they see no value in women,except to get “laid”…The have zero respect for womankind…None…

    Disgusting men,disgusting comments…They have no shame…

  19. Melvin Chatman October 12, 2012

    Here’s an idea:
    Women, go on Strike – just quit having Sex the rest of this year, and all this CRAP will suddenly vanish

  20. Landsende October 12, 2012

    Rivards father should have told him keep your pants zipped and think with your large head not the small one and you won’t ever get accused of rape.

    1. PubliusNovus October 12, 2012

      I think you’re giving this fellow more credit than he deserves with the “large head”-“small one” distinction.

  21. DukeDacat October 12, 2012

    What kind of an Idiot, tells his underage son …“He also told me one thing, ‘If you do (have premarital sex), ???

    What ever happened to… DO NOT HAVE.. premarital sex to an uderage kid???

    Who in the Hell discusses what types of Rape with an underaged kid

  22. Julieann Wozniak October 12, 2012

    There should be a Darwin award for pollies…even the creationists among them.

  23. irishtap October 12, 2012

    Republicans conveniently leave out of the discussion that 60% of rape crimes go unreported. The GOP has morphed into a lowly cult run by addlepated, Tea Party anti-voter, anti-women seditionists. I would prefer to be able to say I disagree with ‘republican ideology’, but I’m forced to call it what it is: ‘radical idiocy’. It’s time to start the ‘Anti-Stupid Party’.

  24. ExPAVIC October 12, 2012


    Take away this guy’s computer. Roger is spending far too much time in young girls’ chat rooms and teen porno cites.

    If I was his neighbor, there would be a sign in front of his house. “Beware, Wild Dog.”

  25. PubliusNovus October 12, 2012

    Nevertheless, the good Republicans of his district will return him handily to office.

  26. ROBERT C HASTINGS October 12, 2012

    Rape is very simply defined, and why the Republicans want to redefine it is a mystery to me. If a girl says no, and the guy continues, it is rape. Age,alcohol, passion, inexperience are really irrelevent. If she says “no”, then she means “no” and no amount of playing around the edges is going to change that. It seems like we have heard a lot in this forum recently about several Republican congressmen who have difficulty with that, including Akin, Ryan, Rivard and DesJarlais. I would hope that at least their mothers are shocked by what they have said, and their wives should be considering emulating Elena Bobbitt.

  27. rickcain2320 October 12, 2012

    If consensual sex with a girl quickly turns to rape, you’re obviously doing it wrong.

  28. Joan Maurer October 12, 2012

    So he wants to eliminate age in consent? So if you, as a adult, have sex with a ten year old girl and she said it was OK it should not be defined as rape? Does this man have female chidren?

    Alright all you fathers out there what do you think of this?

  29. 1bythebrooks2 October 12, 2012

    OMG! I just read this to my almost 30 year old daughter and we were so dumbfounded that someone could say this bunch of S&*!. Such a double standard, which is all too common in the Republican party! I guess we shouldn’t be surprised!

    She and I agreed. God help us it these idiots get elected!

  30. Harry October 12, 2012

    He didn’t mess up at all. A LOT of young women cry rape for a lot of phony reasons, and this is why so many people stop believing true victims of rape. It’s rather disgusting. Women should be mad at phony stories which go into an effort of extorting, blackmailing or simply ruining a scorned lover.

    1. Sue Copening October 16, 2012

      Harry…. This is a myth created by perpetrators of date rape. After all, someone rapes someone and they report it – what do you THINK they are going to claim? While I’m sure there is the occasional woman who fakes a rape allegation (of course it happens once in a while), I would bet you dollars to donuts that for every fake rape claim there are 1000 or more actual date rapes and stranger rapes that go UNreported. Why? Because most people are well aware that making a false statement to the police is a crime, not to mention that reporting a rape is the beginning of an inconvenient, tortuous walk through the legal system. I’m in my 50’s and have NEVER had anyone I know, say they were falsely accused of rape. I have, however, known dozens of women who actually WERE raped, 4 by their own fathers. That someone could be raped, and then forced to risk her life to carry a pregnancy to term is a horrific thought. Also, if you step back and look at the big picture – IF, somehow, abortion becomes illegal again, but is allowed for victims of rape… well NOW you have a real, legitimate motivation for a false claim of rape, don’t you? Bottom line though, I get pretty disgusted at some of these hypocritical “conservatives” who profess to want no government regulation, but are happy to pass laws so the government can regulate my uterus or who my gay friends can marry. It would be nice if they could pick a philosophy and be consistent.

    2. Brian October 18, 2012

      “A LOT of young women cry rape for a lot of phony reasons….”? If you are aware of so many claims, you may be a serial offender. Seek help, Harry.

  31. Carol October 13, 2012

    This comment is disgusting. I’m tired of politicians thinking an apology is enough to dismiss the things they say. Apology not accepted!

  32. batavier October 13, 2012

    ‘Just remember, Roger, some girls, they rape so easy. It may be rape the next morning.’”

    It’s tough to be a red-blooded All-American stud these days! I mean, if you haven’t got laid by the age of 16, Good heavens!, folks might think you’re gay……

    Courtesy of Born-again Evangelicals and their obsession with sex and sexuality – especially in others!

    You aint truly FREE until you can ignore those purveyors of Middle Eastern Religion, which CHRISTIANITY IS!

  33. Michael October 13, 2012

    Of course, the obvious question becomes: What this guy be saying this if it were his daughter, or a daughter of someone close to him? One after another, after another, after another…old white members of the GOP just can’t seem to help themselves…they must spew forth idiot statements that just perpetuate the GOP’s war on women everywhere (not just in our country). It is if they say this and are too stupid to believe that the media will somehow not re-play it for all to hear. If this loon is married, what did his wife think about what he said, and…if so…if it was ok with her then what does that say about her?

  34. The Prodigal Son October 16, 2012

    Since when is rape (which is the most foul, heinous criminal act performed by a man against a woman)a political issue? Never in the 47 years I’ve been alive have I heard of a political topic as revoltingly disgusting not to mention criminally immoral as rape. What else is going to be entered into American political discussions, debates and or policy? These sorry excuses of air needs to go and get some psychiatric/or religious help and FAST! Because from where I’m sitting, it looks like a whole lot of closeted sex offenders managed to not only fly under the radar, but get elected to public office.

    1. Brian October 18, 2012

      Amen, brother. But when a party starts to model itself on the Nazis, what else can we expect.

      I’ll tell my daughter to arm herself so that when she says no, he’ll know she means it.

  35. mominwa10 October 17, 2012

    Wow, his dad gave him wise advice. I may use that with my boys. A person should be able to speak without worrying about every word being twisted. We do have common sense. Also in reality rape does need to be more clearly defined. I believe that they don’t want more guys being charged with rape just so that a loose gal who got pregnant can get an abortion, sadly it happens. I am aware of many that have used federally funded abortions as their form of birth control. So what do you do? Its wasting tax payer money and it’s a mess. There is no perfect solution except birth control and the morning after pill and they are not perfect. We have to cut money out of the budgets. Come up with something better!

    1. Dagenda October 17, 2012

      So you’re going to teach your sons that if they engage in sex they can blame it on the girl. How about teaching them personal responsibility and using condoms for example.

    2. Dagenda October 17, 2012

      Also I know of NO ONE who uses federally funded abortion as birth control and I have worked in hospitals and clinics for years. If you are talking about money, who is going to pay for an unwanted child throughout it’s life for child care, education, food and health care etc.? It is much less costly to have children when you are emotionally and financially prepared.

    3. quasardrake July 31, 2013

      There IS no such thing as “federally funded” abortions, except in cases of rape and incest, and has not been for many years. Ever heard of the Hyde Amendment? Withing 2 years of Roe V Wade Rep. Henry Hyde created a congressional bill that banned using federal funds for abortions. For a while in the early eighties there were not even exceptions for rape or incest. Are you claiming that you personally know a number of people who have lied repeatedly to get Medicaid funded abortions? Because in most states, just FINDING a provider who is receiving Medicaid funding is next to impossible. IF you find one, you may be able to get one ONCE by claiming rape or incest, but I bet NO clinic will buy that excuse multiple times. Despite claims of Republicans, it is extremely difficult to obtain an abortion paid for with any funds other than one’s own.

  36. gargray October 17, 2012

    Legalized rape is where a father gives his teen aged daughter to a old man with the churches approval. forced rape is where you know she wanted it. It is all rape whether you buy ore trade or sell ore kidnap.

    1. Michelle Kirkwood February 24, 2013

      Wanted what? Forced rape is FORCED rape—what the hell are you talking about? Did you even think before you typed? Apparently the hell not!

  37. mac macey October 18, 2012

    ‘they rape so easy.’. Oh dear. WTF. GOP are so crazy, they have bats in their balfrys.

  38. Super M October 19, 2012

    The word he shouldhave uysed was “cry” —- as in some girls cry rape easy instead of the controversial some girls rape easy.

    1. Hallmonster October 28, 2012

      What makes the comment so creepy, at least for me, is that when I read it I can only hear it with an elongated “sooooo easy” followed by a deep sigh of satisfaction… and with a wistful faraway look in his eyes, perspiration showing on his forehead, he puts his arm around his son and takes another sip from his glass of lemonade and bourbon.

  39. mominwa10 October 19, 2012

    I don’t agree with you mbm. Think in legal terms. You are reacting first and thinking last. Your reaction shows in your words “brutal, criminal nature of the crime.” Really? Think about it? Maybe go back and read what I wrote with just a little distance between the reaction and your feelings. You might have been through something awful and if so I hope they caught the person and punished them and that you will heal as best as possible. But “rape is not rape” Look it up. I’m just saying we don’t want to jump to conclusions too quickly. I know of someone who’s life was nearly destroyed by a crazy prank of a mad girl. She turned 18 soon and couldn’t go back on her story without fear of prosecution. It was really bad. Please take a little bit of the blinders off and see the whole picture.

  40. Marian48 October 20, 2012

    Basically, all of this discussion about rape by the Republicans is CONTROL over women as in the ’50’s. Rape is forcible and basically an assault more than sex!!! I know first hand!!! Most men who do this are arrogant and have total disrespect for women, such as these Republicans who seem to be experts on the subject.
    I lived when abortion was illegal and trust me there were still abortions!!!! A girl in my dorm almost bled to death after having an illegal abortion. I am 100% PRO CHOICE and I am old enough to be a great grandmother, we fought for our rights to choose; and I will protest for them again!!!

    1. duchess647 July 11, 2013

      Me and you both! I know first hand what went on when abortions were illegal, saw girlfriends go to dark dirty back ally places for them and almost bled to death. Women will do what they have to do but it shouldn’t have to be this way. Why is it that a panel of men make the decisions on what goes on in a female body. I might be out the baby business but I have great grand kids who has to put up with such disrespect.so the fight is once again on!

  41. Nora_M October 20, 2012

    Yes, blatant misogyny is on full display at the GOP this year. Poor boys, you know they just can’t help themselves. It is the oral equivalent of blue balls. It just hurts so much, you gotta say it!

  42. Maureen Emerling October 20, 2012

    Very sad when men who know nothing of women issues are talking this – I really think they do not have a clue about real “rape cases”– maybe they should volunteer some time working with women.

  43. abner100 October 21, 2012

    Wow.Can’t believe what I’m reading here.The Christian Taliban are as intolerant and dangerous to women as the Muslim version.Is this the 21st century in America,or the 16th?

  44. AKBarb4u October 24, 2012

    SERIOUSLY…you would vote for Mitt Momoney and Lyin Ryan…????

  45. mtnester October 26, 2012

    In more liberal european countries, many parents just go ahead and put their daughters on the pill as soon as they hit puberty. The society approves that parents realistically accept that, no matter what parents say, sex can, and often does, happen between teenagers, therefore the parents at least solve one of the aspects of the problem (not all of course) .

  46. jlsmn25 October 27, 2012

    Ok I have to put in my two cents. I raised two sons…… ages now 31 and 28. I know people won’t believe this but they never had sex with any girl before they met the one they each married. I explained to them at a young age that if they got a girl pg. they would be responsible for the baby that would be born and they could also get several illnesses not knowing the girls history. My sons trusted me and found the right ones for them. My two daughter in laws could not believe it but one told her mother about it and that is how I know it is true. She came to me and said ” my daughter told me your son had never had sex???? wow that is amazing. So you see people with males need to TEACH them too. It is not right to always hear well she wanted it and the boy can get away with it and be praised for being a MAN…. but the girl is a slut like Barbara says and made to feel ashamed of her actions…. even if she did not want it she will still be at fault.
    I know as a parent you don’t know what your kids are up to when they go out…. but you need to know and you need to tell them at a early age what are the results … and what they will need to be responsible for…… I am not into abortion….. but it is not my choice for someone else…… they need to deal with that themselves so I am pro choice. If someone in fl. has an abortion it doesn’t matter to someone in AK right unless they are related. Girls also need to know they don’t have to have sex in order to have a boyfriend and because their friends are doing it that doesn’t mean they won’t get aids or some kind of disease that could end their chances of having children when they meet the man they marry. So now I know this is more then 2 cents more like a dollar but I had to explain boys do not have to have sex……. either it goes both ways.

  47. Wilbur Moore October 27, 2012

    When you talk to cavemen don’t forget to bring your club! As you can see most of these post are from people who hide their faces and names. This photo of me and my daughter my second born daughter and i will go to jail if some caveman like Mominwa10 touched my child. What a poor excuse for a human! In my 62 years of life i swear young people have become more silly and uninformed, to make it easy just plain stupid!!!!!

  48. Sanga Halo October 29, 2012

    If you read this and are not horrified about women’s rights there’s something wrong with you. This isn’t one man with this opinion, rapists and abusers think all men are like them and get validated when this belief is confirmed. Think about the high stats of rape and sexual assault, now think about every man you’ve ever come in contact with. You have encountered a rapist at some point. We have to get the people who are this sick away from the people who will draft bills that dictate women’s rights.

  49. Sanga Halo October 29, 2012

    First of all, ALWAYS believe the victim. More than likely they are not lying, and if they are accused of lying, somewhere out there the same thing will happen to someone else and they will afraid to tell someone. This is why we have such a low conviction rate of rapists and a high stat for rape.

    Also men, I shouldn’t even have to tell you this, but I’ve seen people not get it. NO CONSENT=RAPE. If they are underage, it’s not legitimate consent, they are not an adult. If they are asleep, drunk to the point of passing out, passed out, etc. Its not consent. A woman doesn’t have to be beaten brutally to make it rape, it’s defined by the lack of consent.

    And if you try to change that definition of rape, you have a mentality of a rapist.

  50. Canistercook October 29, 2012

    Not sure Insurance companies should pay for Birth Control Pills or Viagra except in extenuating circumstances.
    Sex is not exactly a medical illness is it? Guess the drug companies love it.

  51. Canistercook October 29, 2012

    What happened to Medical Insurance being for Medical needs. Guess Sex has become a Medical necessity now. Should the insurance companies be made to pay to provide prostitutes to those without access to sex otherwise?

  52. ivory69690 October 30, 2012

    Republican Rep Offers Fatherly Advice: ‘Some Girls Rape Easy’//// these are the idiots that the goverment and the child protection agent shoul;d be chjecking out them more then likely thy are rapeing their own girls . and surely their wifes all the time also . thy seem to talk about it so easly as if thy know for them selfs about the rapeing . ask them how thy got so informed on these issue,s ? from exsperence ill bet . what better way to know as much as thy seem to know ? by doing it them selfs and maybe and prob. to their own so called love ones . too much knowalge abouty it not to have done it (or still is doing it )

  53. ivory69690 October 30, 2012

    it was rape because she’s underage//// so stupid if the girl is underage then it is a form of rape . where are these ppl,s head ? up their butts . dont matter if the girl is underage and you have sex with them then its rape . its the law. and maybe thy should hold the l;aw to that more . its just a reason that the guy trys to get out of it (and im a guy ). for you ding dongs that might say im a girl thats why i said that . a guy that never raped anyone . thank you . and prode of it

  54. ivory69690 October 30, 2012

    . And he just said, ‘Remember, Roger, if you go down that road, some girls,’ he said, ‘they rape so easy.’

    “What the whole genesis of it was, it was advice to me, telling me, ‘If you’re going to go down that road, you may have consensual sex that night and then the next morning it may be rape.//// so then guys that night you should went home before the rape that night and just beat-off

  55. ivory69690 October 30, 2012

    Republican Party—including his ally Paul Ryan—that believes rape has not been defined clearly enough and is thus often exploited by women who want to claim to be raped. This offensive leap in logic is required to justify a stand that abortion should not ever be legal—even in cases of rape./// or could be that the lil eddie monster look-a-like has done this alot him self ans rather not take the responceablty for it . hmmmm maybe his own kids . i wouldnt put it pass him .

  56. SilverGuardian November 1, 2012

    Interestingly … it really doesn’t MATTER whether the next day she says it was consensual, if she’s underage. It simply IS rape, according to the law. What a cesspool, these guys keep stirring up.

    1. Michael Kollmorgen November 14, 2012

      IF the two boy/girl are roughly the same age, it is consensual sex, even if they are underage. Yes, I know, knowing your consenting, that is being knowledgeable is an entirely different ballgame. And, this is the sticky part. We don’t teach our kids any real knowledge about sex, how to prepare yourself, how to avoid it other than saying NO, which usually doesn’t work.

      But, somehow, they’re supposed to know all this knowledge the minute they go into puberty. And, by the time they reach 18, they are supposed to somehow magically acquire this all between the age of 13 and 18.

      But, the girl has to say NO before it becomes rape at that moment, not a day later, month later or years later.

      And, what boy is going to cry rape when they’re getting a piece of tail? Not too many.

      The law is really self-serving. This all supports the justice/prison industrial complex. All these shrinks, advocacy groups have their hands in the till as well. It’s a huge money maker for everyone concerned except for the accused victims who’s lives are ruined forever.

      I know, I’m libel to get a lot of flak over this opinion. But, this is REALITY. It’s about time america gets a good dose of it too.

  57. parmm November 12, 2012

    They dig it deeper and deeper and don’t know what they are going to put into it.

  58. sumthinfishy November 14, 2012

    Some girls “rape” easy, but so do some boys.

  59. Nicky P November 14, 2012

    Paul Ryan was one of the main reasons Flip Flop, cuts for the rich, company raider to get richer without caring for fired people, Romnesia lost…

  60. Kansan November 15, 2012

    This asshole, like his brother misogynists, Todd Aiken and Richard Mourdock, lost his election last week!

  61. DrHouse5 November 15, 2012

    That is precisely how our laws work. Rape or not is a retroactive decision made by the girl or woman. It is ridiculous, but that is our law.

    Consent cannot be obtained before hand. That is the Feminist policy and it has been upheld in courts. So a man cannot ever obtain consent. Consent this moment does not imply consent in the next moment.

    Evidence for rape is the same as evidence for sex plus her testimony that it was rape so she can change her mind at any time she wishes.

    1. Michael Kollmorgen November 15, 2012

      There is a small but growing trend on an Adult level of the guy having the woman sign an official consent form for having sex. This Document has been contested in court and its been held up as valid and legal.

      I”m not sure if this Document has to be notarized though. Emmm, how do you notrorize a sex act anyway?

      She can stop the sex act BEFORE they have sex, even after signing the Document.

      Once signed and they have sex, she can not change her mind and claim rape later on.

      1. DrHouse5 November 16, 2012

        She can *always* claim rape later on and the police are required by Federal law to investigate (otherwise they are not eligible for VAWA funding which they almost certainly cashed the check for.)

        Please provide links because you very much sound like you are repeating BS.

    2. Chartreuxe July 28, 2013

      As a rape survivor your attitude is offensive in every way. My brutalization and rape had nothing whatsoever to do with changing my mind afterward. You are a complete and utter asshat and a troll who does not deserve the company of a woman.

      Go directly to hell after placing your lips upon my posterior and kissing it repeatedly.

      1. letmeeatcake July 29, 2013

        …the last part of your comment sounds like an invitation to a situation that could go too far…

  62. letmeeatcake November 19, 2012

    Women are usually only as good as the men they complain about. Smokin, drinking, cursin and gettin tatoos. Hey, somebody explain to me why gay gals like other women who have worse habits (and haircuts) than men?

    1. Chartreuxe July 28, 2013

      You’re promoting stereotypes, never a good idea.

      1. letmeeatcake July 28, 2013

        well you didn’t answer my honest questions about things people can plainly see…and you didn’t offer anything to eradicate any false perceptions…dont’ gay guys always complain about how sloppy straight guys dress? all i said was women are usually hanging out with guys that suit them…if her guy is a scuzzy, druggie, drunken, aggressive and and generally abusive, then a poor girl might get raped of even worse. it doesn’t excuse what a guy does…but on the other hand…if someone got KILLED walking across a train trestle bridge or swimming too close to a waterfall YOU would want to give them a darwin award…2/3 of rapes were committed by someone known to the victim. put two and two together…

  63. letmeeatcake November 19, 2012

    I’m so straight, I have no idea why a woman would want to sleep with a man. But if men are so bad, why do women sleep with them? At least a few women must like it.

    1. Magginkat December 20, 2012

      What a weird comment. So straight that you wonder why a woman would want to sleep with a man? Has anyone ever told you that you are clueless?

      1. letmeeatcake December 21, 2012

        wake up maggie, why not expand your tolerance for diversity and accept that some people are straight. being straight isn’t so weird, as you say. i just said i was clueless why women are attracted to men (or me for that matter). the attraction is obviously biological, so i don’t worry much about what women (in general) “want” or “like”. i just try to be a nice guy (to men and women) regardless of where that gets me with the ladies, since so many of them are so hot for bad boys, thugs, druggies, bikers, gangstas etc. i bet for every bad boy, there’s at least two women that sleep with him.

        1. Chartreuxe July 28, 2013

          When we read the BS spouted by that asshat, some of us wish we WERE gay. It’s enough to make turn some of us off men for a moment. That’s the truth, Letme.

          1. letmeeatcake July 29, 2013

            most women who end up hating men ran after too many bad boys when they were younger…lookin’ for love in all the wrong places…

    2. Chartreuxe July 28, 2013

      We ladies do wonder about that at times. If we all turned lesbian at the same time, you fellows would surely be up the creek without a paddle, wouldn’t you? If only we could do that, but we all know we’re either born gay or we’re not.

      Too bad about that, isn’t it?

      1. letmeeatcake July 29, 2013

        we all know people are born gay? what if they found a “rape-gene” tomorrow…i guess that would make rape OK, right?

  64. letmeeatcake November 19, 2012

    That’s right Nora! It’s open season! Friday is a payday, and me and the fellas are gonna go out right after we finish work.

  65. Missllah November 20, 2012

    These people don’t have enough sense to STFU! It embarrasing. Rape is a crime, and this is not 1872 when someone’s family disowned them for having premartial sex. The extreme Right needs to be made to understand how silly they look.

  66. Gene Mariani November 25, 2012

    And just remember, Roger, some guys when they wake up in the morning are still as stupid and dumb as they were the night before! What kind of an idiot is this guy?!?

  67. Claudia Maria Zayas Moreno December 20, 2012

    What a douche!!!

  68. Magginkat December 20, 2012

    Can’t help but notice how much he resembles Eric Cantor, the douche bag from Virginia. I wonder how many young women he has had sex with….. were they underage? Is he speaking
    from experience?

  69. Phyllis Pebbie Bernstein Farre December 20, 2012

    another nasty little man pig

  70. Maryann Mauro Flaker December 20, 2012

    Can these republicans get any more disgusting?

  71. Bruce_in_PD December 27, 2012

    WHERE does the GOTP come UP with these nitwits? You have to get right down to the BOTTOM OF THE BARREL to find these types of sanctimonious opinions within the general population. Do they have a “seed farm” somewhere in Kentucky where they grow biological idiots to run as Republican candidates? Of course, it takes direct acquiescence by the voters to put these idiots into office, so maybe they come from home-grown “Victory gardens”….

  72. Pam Buzbee January 9, 2013

    who is paying for the babies born of viagra there should be an age cutoff! I get so angry when i hear the old she had sex with the entire football team excuse or the preachers who state she seduc ed that man with her womanly wiles. ( this statement was made about a 5 year old who was sexually abused by a 30 year old man>

  73. highpckts January 9, 2013

    These guys just keep crawling out of the woodwork!!

  74. highpckts January 9, 2013

    “That girl”????

  75. Richie T January 9, 2013

    Easy to rape, ?
    It doesn’t matter if it was “consensual or not” “underage”, IS legally rape.

  76. Stella53 February 11, 2013


  77. Calvin McWhorter February 23, 2013

    Sound advice. Same story goes for affairs. Missing a rabbit?

  78. Goober February 27, 2013

    Any non consensual sexual contact should be categorized as rape. Women also do this to men. It happened to me many years ago. Did I say anything..No,,,because our society doubts tales of actions that are usually only perpetrated against women as nonsensical for men to experience. Rape is Rape. You resist, it is rape. You say “Please Stop” and they don’t it’s rape. You say “No” and they continue, it’s rape.

    1. 54StarryNights May 24, 2013

      You should have reported. Men way under-report rape be it male on male or female on male. Until men stand up and start reporting regardless of doubt or fear of mockery by his fellow men or women or society, things will never change.

  79. Paul Zhaurov March 29, 2013

    I agree 100%. In my experience, women will happily lie and manipulate to avoid being labeled sluts. The word rape get’s flung around far too casually, and far too often by naive and shallow girls. If anything, this is a big problem because when legitimate rapes do occur, it becomes more difficult to tell. Kind of like the boy who cried wolf. These dumb little girls are doing a disservice to other girls that actually get raped.

    This guys Dad gave him sound advice: use your head, and use contraceptives (that’s another take away here; avoid knocking the girl up) because BISHES BE CRAY!

    1. Paul Zhaurov March 29, 2013

      oh oh, but he’s a republican, so let’s just attack him, because only liberals care about the little guy. Only liberals are for women’s rights. The only thing liberals consistently prove they are for, is an authoritarian regime where people are slaves to a massive government. Just like in the former USSR that my family fled.

      1. Paul Zhaurov March 29, 2013

        Case in point: A woman in Israel who had a one night stand with an Arabic dude, who claimed to be Jewish. When she found out he lied about that, she claimed he raped her. It was entirely consensual, but now the dude will go to prison for years, because of some dumb racist cunt; no offense to intelligent women.

  80. Eileen Brown April 21, 2013

    Right and since some dunderheads can’t differentiate between consensual sex and rape, don’t have sex with girls under 18 (preferably not more than 4 years younger than you) and think for yourselves. Poor uneducated Rep.Roger Rivard had been schooled by an equally inept father. Watch out people of Wisconsin, this rep is not on the side of women. Maybe WI should find some good female Democrats to run against him.

  81. ann gunther April 25, 2013

    Like Viagra if men could get pregnant abortion would be covered by all insurance. I am truly surprised none of them are out there trying to push a “life begins at the erection” amendment.

  82. hjs3 April 26, 2013

    Frosh. Congressmen are supposed to be a lot like golf caddies..”Show-Up, Keep-Up and Shut-Up.” Apparently this clown didn’t get the memo. More alarming is the fact Congressman Rivard is being paid a base salary of $175K per annum to quote the idiocy of the last generation in his family. Last election and dismal showing with women voters has apparently taught the GOP nothing…Slow learners…

  83. Lynda Groom May 7, 2013

    The man is a pig. It is just that simple.

  84. Mimi May 10, 2013

    Seems like these Repubs can only think about sex!!! Also, trying to find some sort of cover-up by Obama, like Benghazi. Boston Bomber, and anything else their little brains can come up with to trash Obama! Get with the program male-chauvinist pigs!

  85. 54StarryNights May 24, 2013

    How’s that GOP rebranding effort going Reince? Not well, I gather. The GOP is maintaining a strong grip on the title of The Party of Stupid.

  86. astroguy54 July 27, 2013

    Men like Roger Rivard and Paul Ryan need to have a little taste of rape conducted on them so they can finally understand the brutality and dehumanization it inflicts. I bet these two would rape real easy in prison, where they very well might find themselves one day. Fingers crossed.

  87. jonesky August 8, 2013

    Okay, perhaps this is somewhat tangential, but it’s really bugging me. Be clear – a “rape kit” (aka SAFE-Sexual Assault Forensic Evidence kit or SOEC-Sexual Offense Evidence Collection kit) is a means of collecting legal evidence – semen, hair, fibers, any other tissues, and pictures. Such a kit contains swabs, microscope slides, bags, sheets, nail pick, labels and forms. Period. It does NOT include ANY form of contraception, morning after pill, or prevention against STDs. NONE. Some Republican idiots…um…politicians are trying to claim that a rape will not result in a pregnancy because the woman should have a rape kit done when she reports the crime. The kit (if processed in some reasonable time period, which is a whole ‘nother issue) may help convict the rapist, but it does absolutely NOTHING to prevent pregnancy or disease.


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