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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Reprinted with permission from AlterNet.

President Donald Trump was apparently a huge fan of the Steve Bannon interview on “60 Minutes” with Charlie Rose.

Bannon railed against Republicans for not being extreme enough, engaged in anti-immigrant rhetoric and called former FBI director James Comey’s firing the “biggest mistake in modern political history.” He also called the Russia investigation a “waste of time.”

According to the Washington Post, Trump thought it was great. He told “friends and aides he was appreciative of the praise Bannon offered for him and his policies, according to one person familiar with the president’s thinking.”

“He thought that it was an articulate and forceful defense of him, as well as a very strong and very intelligent positioning of some of the core issues of the administration,” a source told the Post.

While Trump hates to be told he’s done anything wrong, hearing the crticism of Republicans who wouldn’t bow to his destructive agenda items and seeing the Russia investigation dismissed on national TV was enough to keep him happy.

For those hoping Bannon’s exit signalled a softening of the Trump adminsitration’s extremism, his response to the “60 Minutes” interview proves he’s exactly who we thought he was.

Chris Sosa is an associate editor at AlterNet. His work has appeared in Mic, Salon, Care2, Huffington Post and other publications. Previously, he was a campaign specialist and media spokesperson for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Follow him on Twitter @ChrisSosa.


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25 responses to “Donald Trump Reportedly Loved The Disturbing Steve Bannon ’60 Minutes’ Interview”

  1. FireBaron says:

    Someone needs to remind Teflon Donnie and Bannon that Congress does not work for the President, regardless of party affiliation. Congress works for the big contributors who convinced the people to vote for them, and no one else!

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  2. Jim Samaras says:

    He brought to light that both sides are crooks and have been for many years. Thank God there’s SOMEONE championing the peoples agenda for a change.

    • The lucky one says:

      Yes there is, Bernie Sanders and there was Ralph Nader before him. He may have “brought to light that both sides are crooks and have been for many years” but he neglected to include the oligarchs that political corruption profitable, people like Trump and the Kochs.

      • Jim Samaras says:

        Bernie is a socialist and Nader had the charisma of a football. I don’t see a profit motive at all in DT. He needs this abuse for money? No way

        • Still blindly loyal to an immoral man. Does amorality and immorality run in your family as highly prized attributes?

          • Jim Samaras says:

            Ha! You think bath house Barry had morals huh? Get enlightened yourself Aaron. I did not vote for a Sunday school teacher, I voted for someone with the chutzpah to drain the swamp in Washington

          • The lucky one says:

            “I voted for someone with the chutzpah to drain the swamp in Washington”

            Well then, when is he going to start the draining? He’s just been replacing some of the sycophants and grifters with more of the same.

          • Jim Samaras says:

            If given the chance I think 8 years from now you’ll see the positive influence they’ve had. The swamp has been filled over many years and will take a few terms of Trump and then Pence to change government from the money grubbing self interest buffoons back to serving the people of the United States

          • The lucky one says:

            I’m sorry Jim but your Fantasy is not one that I share. I’d find it easier to believe that aliens will arrive from space to save us from ourselves. I’m with you regarding the “money grubbing self interest buffoons” among our rulers but can’t understand why anyone would not see Trump as another of the same.

          • Jim Samaras says:

            Lol….I believe aliens to be real Lucky and I can’t understand why people would not see him as a different kind of president what with the entire establishment against him

          • The lucky one says:

            Really? aliens? well to each his own. I don’t give it much thought cause I don’t se that it matters. We do have life on earth which we are destroying with our unchecked consumerism and that consumes my thinking more so than conjecture s about ETs. No, the entire establishment is not against him. Those that profit from oil, coal and weapons of war to name just a few are quite pleased with him.

          • Jim Samaras says:

            I believe it to be the height of human arrogance to think that we’re the only life out there with as many galaxies that exist but that’s just me.

            The establishment I’m referring to are the politicians on both sides. Of course business will be behind him because as you mentioned consumerism is what drives our economy. Until a better way is devised it’s the only thing that does. I agree however that enough should be enough but sales quotas are always pointed upward to keep stock holder prices high

          • The lucky one says:

            I think it’s likely there is some form of life elsewhere in the universe though I think any type of contact between them and us is pretty far fetched. So for me the point is that I don’t care whether there is or not and the point is moot as far as our life on this planet we seem bent on destroying is concerned.

            Big business is behind him (not so much the so-called mom & pop type) because he is a climate change denier determined to destroy the EPA and reduce any restraint on corporate pollution, claims to be concerned with immigration but is pro-HB visas which corporations use to undercut the American professionals they falsely claim lack the proper skills, is anti-union and wants to reduce taxes on the rich. If you’re a fat cat CEO whats not to like especially if you’re in oil, coal, pharmaceuticals or war materials.

            We can debate the merits of consumerism for the economy but I think it’s obvious that it is a key factor driving down the quality of the habitat we live in.

        • The lucky one says:

          Actually Bernie is a Social Democrat who is far more of a capitalist than he is a socialist though he is well left of the present extreme right wing administration and also left of neocons & neoliberal like HRC.

          Nader lacks charisma? And that is why you reject him? In a comment to Aaron you said “I did not vote for a Sunday school teacher”. Correct, you voted for a reality TV performer. True he may be more charismatic in the sense that he is an attention getter, much like a roadside car accident, but he hasn’t 1/10 of the intelligence or 1/100 the integrity of Nader.

          I don’t mean to insult you Jim but I find your comment “I don’t see a profit motive at all in DT.” to be naive to the extreme. How many $100,000 club memberships at Trump resorts have been sold to CEOs and other members of the oligarchy so that they can schmooze Trump? He’s still selling his silly baseball hats for $40 each when good quality baseball hats go for about $20 and he takes every chance to promote them. He hasn’t divested any of his businesses even those that deal directly with foreign governments or those that receive revenue from our taxes. His children take every opportunity to use his exposure to promote their shoddy products and travel the world on our dime exploiting his presidency to fatten their own wallets.

          I could go on but even rudimentary searching will reveal many more examples of Trump’s agenda of self aggrandizement. If you’re interested that is.

          • Jim Samaras says:

            You really don’t expect him to divest his family’s businesses and put their futures in jeopardy do you? He’s there to get our country back in order first and foremost. His businesses will continue to make money regardless. When it can be proven that a move he makes hurts the American people just to make a profit for himself I’ll be in your corner but until that point the benefit of any doubt should be given to him.

          • The lucky one says:

            I would at least expect him to divest from businesses with foreign interests especially since he refuses to release tax returns. Well actually I don’t EXPECT him to do that. An ethical person would do so but it’s quite obvious that ethics is a foreign language to Trump.

            What would it matter what is “proven” Trump will just call it “fake news” and his supporters will swallow it. Look at the man’s history, not what are allegations at this point, just what is known like his bilking of contractors and vendors, the lawsuits he has settled like his phony university, his statements about how he views women etc. etc. Does that show a man who is “there to get our country back in order first and foremost.”? By the time his corruption in office is so well proven that even many of his loyal fans see it will be too late, but it seems like that is our fate.

          • Jim Samaras says:

            I think he’s more “ethical” than any president we’ve had since Jimmy Carter lucky…..if it’s proven then it’s proven but I’d bet my bottom dollar there’s nothing there to prove. His bilking of contractors happens every day in the construction world due to a variety of reasons and since we don’t know details it’s hard to convict. The university lawsuit was a sham that he settled just to take away the distraction but opened up a can of worms. A friend has a school that is now under fire because of that precedent set. He has proven that women are and have been a big part of not only his presidency but in his private businesses as well. If you’re talking about locker room talk it’s just that. Don’t tell me you’re so prudish as to have been offended by it. it was a crude way of saying that as a celebrity you can get laid easier than the next guy and I know that to be true.

            Time will tell who’s right and who’s wrong in this argument lucky and I hope I’m on the right side because you’re correct, our fate hangs in the balance.

          • The lucky one says:

            I think the question is, Have we even had a somewhat ethical president since Carter? I would say no and certainly not at the present moment. Is Trump less ethical than his predecessors? Again I would say overall yes but it may just be that his narcissism causes him to just be more blatantly unethical as in his nepotism.

            Yes some in the construction trade are cheaters and liars like Trump, so what? That doesn’t excuse anything. Some in construction are also mob-aftiliated. I suspect that is also true of Trump but it hasn’t been proven so I disregard that hypothesis when considering Trump’s ethics.

            The only sham about the lawsuit over Trump’s fake university scam is the fraudulent manner in which he portrayed his phony school.

            Am I offended by Trump’s boorish comment? In the “locker room” by some blowhard, no. Coming from the wannabe dictator who purports to be our president, yes I am offended. It may have been said in a “locker room” context rather than at a biz meeting or cocktail party but whatever the context the person making the crude misogynist statement is still the same classless pig.

            I think the country will suffer drastically, already is in fact, from Trump’s presidency but we survived Reagan, Clinton and Bushes so I try to be optimistic.

          • Jim Samaras says:

            You may not like his personality but to determine that he’s unethical because of a few cases that we know nothing of the details behind them except conjecture I believe is unfair. Yes, many in the construction trade are cheaters and liars but to lump him in that category without hearing the other side is reprehensible imo. I’ll give you that hearing that type of language from a presidential candidate is unsettling but as I’ve posted before we hired a hit man to take care of the mess in Washington and hit men aren’t always the most refined gentlemen in the room.
            I think when all the dust settles America will be a better place with power and control given back to the people and taken away from crooks like Pelosi, McConnell, Waters, McCain and their ilk

          • The lucky one says:

            It’s more than a few cases and the lawsuits against him for cheating vendors started long before there was any political angle involved. I’ve been in education so I followed his university scam with interest. Scam is the only way to describe it. Even if he was following through on what he was claiming to provide (it was established that he was not) the use of the term “university” would have been illegal. Even his pretend school marketing didn’t justify use of the term.

            There is not the space here to list all of his lies that have been very well documented including stupid shite like claims about the size of inaugural crowds and witnessing thousands of Muslims in NJ celebrating the WTC disaster. But yes I despise the man on a personal level just as I despise all lying, bullying, arrogant blowhard sexual predators.

            We can disagree on how important those traits are and whether they’re worth over looking in a president but for the life of me I don’t se how anything in the man’s personal and public history in office or prior would lead anyone to believe that Trump will do anything to contribute to “power and control (being) given back to the people”. In truth the people have never had “power and control” and it is only getting worse under Herr Trump.

    • Utter gibberish and nonsense. The only thing—surprise—you finally got right is that both sides has its share of crooks. Welcome to the world of enlightenment, Jim. But, you still are soft in the head regarding Trump. One would think a that after months of Trump’s idiocy that even you would see the light. Alas, that isn’t the case.
      It will do you a lot of good in the long-run to continue to improve your thinking and sharpen your intellect, now that you’re entering the “evening” of a life filled with confusion.

  3. Richard Prescott says:

    Bannon left under his own free will. He was cornered by Kelly and (my opinion) Trump was reluctant to “fire” Kelly. Trump is still delusional about “his generals” thinking that keeping them will endear him to the military.
    So Trump liking what Bannon said on the 60 Minutes gig is no surprise.
    And I would rather have status quo than think Bannon was my “savior”. Bannon champions Mercer’s agenda.That agenda does not include anyone but the ultra rich.

  4. Donald has forever been in love with the macabre, the vain and insipid personalities in America, and enamored with the crooked and depraved. Steve Bannon has all these features, and worse.

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