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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Donald Trump Wishes Mitt Romney Had Reached Out To Minorities

Donald Trump Wishes Mitt Romney Had Reached Out To Minorities

Shortly before the presidential election, birther conspiracy theorist Donald Trump’s three eldest children reportedly staged an intervention of sorts for their father, begging him to tone down his outrageous political ranting. Three weeks after the election, Trump has heeded their advice and turned his fire away from President Obama — and towards Mitt Romney and the Republican Party.

In an interview with Newsmax, Trump slammed Romney and his fellow Republicans for running a “mean-spirited” campaign that drove Latino and Asian voters towards the Democrats.

“Republicans didn’t have anything going for them with respect to Latinos and with respect to Asians,” Trump told Newsmax’s Ronald Kessler. “The Democrats didn’t have a policy for dealing with illegal immigrants, but what they did have going for them is they weren’t mean-spirited about it.”

Trump was especially critical of Romney’s “self-deportation” proposal on immigration, which he called “crazy” and “maniacal.”

“It sounded as bad as it was, and he lost all of the Latino vote,” Trump notes. “He lost the Asian vote. He lost everybody who is inspired to come into this country.”

While Trump now claims that Republicans need to adopt a more inclusive immigration policy, his own rhetoric on the issue has been even farther to the right than Romney’s. In 2010, Trump endorsed Arizona’s controversial “show me your papers” law, arguing that racial profiling should be allowed because “Arizona is really getting crime-ridden. There’s people coming over, there’s killings all over the place, there’s shootings all over the place.”

Additionally, in his 2012 book Time To Get Tough, Trump argued that the U.S. border with Mexico should be guarded with predator drones and a 20-foot-high, triple-layered fence (so much for avoiding maniacal plans).

Of course Trump — with his birther conspiracies, ties to organized crime, and history of sexist outbursts — should not be giving anyone else lectures on being “mean-spirited.”

As per usual, Trump’s latest lecture amounts to little more than a command to “do as I say, not as I do.” With the election now in the rear-view mirror, however, the question is whether any Republicans still feel the need to listen to him.

Photo credit: Associated Press

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51 responses to “Donald Trump Wishes Mitt Romney Had Reached Out To Minorities”

  1. Lynda says:

    Does he mean like he reached out to ‘the black?’ Trump is an overexposed self-inflated idiot. Albeit one with a lot money, proving that it does not take intelligence to make money.

  2. Mr. Romney DID reach out to blacks, hispanics, wi’men, GAYS, & the 47%’ers.

    He also reached out to his ‘own kind’ the 1%’ers/

    People DID listen this time around & they arrived at a majority conclusion, Flip Flopney is a socio-pathe & a habitual liar & he HATES middle & lower echelon Americans.

  3. old_blu says:

    Hey! Donald Dump way to throw Robme under the bus.

  4. Proving once again that money does NOT buy intelligence or class…Trump is as maniacal and out-of-touch as the Robme/Lyin Ryan duo…pathetic, really.

  5. Really? Doesn’t this bozo understand that he contributed to the GOP debacle on 11/6? BTW, it was not only minorities, most WOMEN, who constitute the majority of our population voted Barack Obama. Face reality or go the way of the dynosaurs.

  6. newhopes says:

    Donald is a dinosaur. I especially love (NOT) his trips to Scotland where he has taken local homes, bought and destroyed formerly protected lands with a (yes another) rich folk’s golf course and is now preaching of the evils of wind turbines. The sooner we stop giving him press the better.

  7. zeldaq says:

    trump, what you have to say doesn’t matter now and never did before. you are a friggin blow hard
    and an imbicil. i don’t know why the media keeps wasting time on you, oh wait i DO know why.
    they put your horse shit on the wrong page. it should be on the stupidest cartoon page.
    you don’t know squat about politics, so give us a break and just GO AWAY

  8. To The Donald:
    As a white man of 73 yrs.I have a question for you,In less than a mile from your riches on the boardwalk in Atlantic City there are people living in abject poverty.If you gave some of that money to them to help them a little,it would not only help your image,but you could reduce your taxes.

  9. Brandon says:

    What in the world did we every do to deserve such an idiot in our mist, at least he give us a joke to laugh at every day, he certainly is that.

  10. gargray says:

    Donald Trump is not news any more, keep him out of the news and off TV. Four strikes and he is out, don’t give him another pitch. As a realestate agent he made big bucks off sales, and the government picked up the tab.

  11. stsintl says:

    Why does media pay attention to what idiots like Donald Trump have to say? Just leave them alone in their own PLAYBOY mansions and forget about them.

  12. stcroixcarp says:

    But Romney did reach out to minorities. He offered great affirmative action tax packages to the 1%, and regulation free benefits to the “corporations are people,my friend”.

  13. It is no wonder that the Republican Party is out of touch. With wealthy Jerks like Trump raving to the media, it does not further their cause. They need to shut him and Rush Limbah up. Then the Republican Party can dump the tea party and rejoin the American Mainstream.

  14. ivory69690 says:

    why reach out to any other greedy bastards? deal with it idiots you lost . now get ready to lose some of ur drugs (your money ) because thats next OMG the greedy bastards are going to have to pay a fair share awwwwwwwwwwwwwww poor SOP

  15. a80a says:

    The over whelming loss by the the G O P wasn,t all together Romneys fault , the power brokers in the party,were the leaders in pushing buttons ,in the speechs he made about the 47% ,self deportation, no tax cuts for the rich,trumps brither movement, voter depression,etc.the list goes on .but Romney is the black sheep of the party and gets thrown under the bus.typical G O P logic.

  16. Mimi2kool says:

    Donald Trump showed his true colors before, during, and after the election. He is less than irrelevant now. He may be able to buy more than his allotted 15 minutes of fame, but he cannot buy brains or class…though maybe he should take a class or two….

  17. Peoples425 says:

    I guess this truly is the United States of Amnesia because it’s saddening to think that anyone would be fooled by this fool’s “change of heart” which amounts to little more than change of tactic in order to stay relevant and supported.

  18. peatar says:

    Now that the Donald has thrown Mitt & The Republicans under the Bus, I suppose he’ll ask Mr. President Obama to play with him in Kenya! Stick with a Winner!

    • jarheadgene says:

      YES and this about the time he will be seeking some gov’t assisted bail out or seeking some tax relief or bankrupting yet another subsidiary, to get out of paying what he asked contractors to do. HE is scum.

  19. 4politics2 says:

    Doesn’t The Donald realize that his cringe-inducing statements during the campaign hurt Republicans too? He’ll never be able to see beyond his own ego.

  20. howa4x says:

    Mean sprited are you kidding. Trump calling the republicans that is laughable. Trump is a master at public deception. He trades in wives every 10 yrs, has a show where he publically humiliates people,and made a fourtune knowing the bankrupcy laws. That’s right he used to go bankrupt in construction jobs in spin off companies and then pay 50 cents on the dollar to sub contractors. What a humanitarian. He is a selfish, greedy, liar and to see him as anything less is laughable.

  21. patuxant says:

    Mean-spirited? That is like the pot calling the kettle black. Trump is a loudmouthed fool and if it weren’t for all his big bucks, nobody would even give a crap about him.

  22. patuxant says:

    Ha! How ironic! Trump just told Romney “You’re fired!”

  23. There he goes again.. Mean spirited… Hum, thats been his story from the Beginning. He`s Needs Help…DESPERATELY.. and when he finally gets it.. should take Graham and the Old Fart, Mc Cain along too. They all should just fade away. Why those states allow them to stay in Politics.. Is the Question ?? Please Send them Packing !!! They really have Nothing to Offer the same as Trump and its gotten Old Now….

  24. angel1 says:

    You need to clean up your party my friend, to much stupid with money there, lol.

  25. batavier says:

    The Donald is living proof of the old truism, WHERE HAIR GROWS, NO BRAIN CAN FLOURISH!

  26. Dol5 says:

    I always thought Trump was more foolish than smart. But when he came to Southern California and built a golf course and some other things on our lovely Palos Verdes peninsula, I and a lot of other people began to wish he would go away and stay away. He has a bad habit of being very pushy with regard to what HE wants. Just because he has a lot of money does not give him the right to take over. At least durning the election he preferred to take his mouth to other projects. I wish someone could convince him he isn’t God!

  27. From the distance of Australia it was obvious that the ranting hatred of trump guaranteed the gops would fail ! what a nasty, ridiculous, hairless man is trump.

  28. ChristianMartin says:

    How could we possibly hate a fellow like Trump who brought us such an awesome and original hair style? He is so kind, sweet, charming and articulate too…. . . . . .

  29. who cares what donald trump says – has he not proven he is a jackass?

  30. Donald Trump needs to take an aspirin and a sleeping pill, he gives me a headache when his stupid shows. What a pompus ass!!!!

  31. mbm says:

    “Crazy” and “maniacal”? It certainly takes one to know one. Other than having buckets of money, just what are his credentials on anything? And why does anyone care what he says?

  32. BradLewis says:

    As a former, long time Republican, who fled in disbelief at what the GOP has become I continue to wonder how any intelligent, well informed person can support the current party. While Romney seemed the most sane presidential candidate of this 2012 election even he was so badly flawed it boggles the mind. Like the mad utterings of Trump no one in the GOP was willing to refute even the most absurd, outrageous comments of its members.

  33. jjrjon says:

    Romney has never reached out to minorities in his life, so why start during the elections? It’s beneath him to consider such a thought. Shame on you Trump, go mind your millions and keep your stupid thoughts to yourself. You may be part of the upper One Percent, but you are a prime example that proves there is no excuse for Stupid.

  34. gazzzzzz says:

    Mr Trump, you cannot reach out to minorities and spread racial hatred simultaneously. The republicans used the Hitler approach. Your neighbors are your enemies. They preyed on racial and religious biases through misinformation and out right lies. It is shameful that the republicans claim that they are fighting for their constituents. Fake news, John Beck, Rush Limbau, Bill Oriely and all of the so called crusaders for the American way seek only to benefit themselves and the power brokers who control them. These republicans have been so manipulated that they vote against their own best interest. Romney could not reach out to minorities. He had no wiggle room. Blacks, gays, latinos, Jews, Asians, women and even math and science are all culprits of American values. You should hate these people and these things and hate yourselves as well, spewed the propaganda machine. Only hate yourselves though, because you allowed these people and things to share your country. The republican party is so warped that it cannot survive. It seeks to destroy the many in order to save the few who are in no jeopardy at all. My prayer, Wake up America and become a government “of the people, by the people and for the people.” We are not the few. The people include the few but should not be dominated by them.

  35. Ron says:

    The minorities…want nothing to do with you or the Repugs !

    • jarheadgene says:

      That’s right you Bird’snest head big gasbag BullSh##ter. Romney doesn’t care about anyone but himself, much like you, blowfish mouth scumbag Trump. Trump – SHUT the F**K UP already! Even your kids are telling you. P.S. Your show SUCKS.

  36. william h says:

    The Don is done,like all of his kind, wait for it “The Donald”, Sen.Mrs.Warren!

  37. Cleo says:

    Trump couldn’t even trach out to his own party as shown in the primaries.

  38. ayayaboy says:

    When will Trump keep quiet?

  39. Stella53 says:

    Dear Donald Chump … er Trump: Please reach up just a few inches and pull that dead animal off your bald scalp! And shut up! You care about minorities about as much as Romney and the GOP! Just shut up and go away!

  40. CLOWNED TRUMPED!boycott everything TRUMP!he is such a swell headed guy!

  41. Minell says:

    crazy man, you are the reason, butt hole. you are

  42. kounjd says:

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