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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Echoes Of FDR: Obama’s Inspiring Address Links Freedom With Security And Dignity

Echoes Of FDR: Obama’s Inspiring Address Links Freedom With Security And Dignity

So much for the “Grand Bargain” – or at least for the not-so-grand gutting of Social Security and Medicare that the “very serious” thought-leaders of Washington political and media circles have always found so appealing. Whatever President Obama may have contemplated up until now, his second inaugural address, delivered yesterday on the steps of the Capitol,  bluntly repudiated Republican arguments against the social safety net – and forcefully identified those popular programs with the most sacred American values.

“We, the people, still believe that every citizen deserves a basic measure of security and dignity,” said Obama – not only because it is the responsibility we have to each other as human beings, but because security and dignity, for every man, woman, and child, are the existential foundations of freedom.

“For we remember the lessons of our past, when twilight years were spent in poverty and parents of a child with a disability had nowhere to turn,” he said. “We do not believe that in this country freedom is reserved for the lucky or happiness for the few. We recognize that no matter how responsibly we live our lives, any one of us at any time may face a job loss or a sudden illness or a home swept away in a terrible storm. The commitments we make to each other through Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security, these things do not sap our initiative. They strengthen us.”

In a modern nation, suggested the president, those commitments are indeed fundamental to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This is essentially the same message articulated by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in his 1941 “Four Freedoms” State of the Union address, which included employment, social security, and health care as defining aspects of a truly democratic society.

Every liberal and progressive (and presumably every conservative and wingnut, too) recognized that moment as renewing Barack Obama’s allegiance to principles that have sustained the Democratic Party since FDR. Far from undermining freedom, enterprise, and productivity, as right-wing propaganda insists, the president argued that those guarantees – still cherished by the overwhelming majority of Americans —  have strengthened the nation.

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  1. I found President Obama’s commitment to the preservation of Social Security and MEDICARE comforting, and consistent with his progressive agenda. I was also very impressed with his decision to include gay marriage, immigration, equal opportunity, gun control and even global warming in his speech.

    His speech was outstanding, hopefully Democrats in Congress, and some Republicans, will have the courage to support his agenda and do what is in the best interest of all Americans, instead of defending the interests of a few at the expense of most.

    • I Totally Agree With You Dominick As Always!! 🙂 And Until These Hateful Greedy People That Is The GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Members In Office And Living Here In America Get It Thru Their Heads This Is Just What The More Than 52% Of The American Wants , I Can’t See Another GOP/Tea Party President Getting In The White House For Years To Come!!! We The Majority Of The American People Are Made Up From A Rainbow Of People From All Walks Of Life Wants This Country To Move FORWARD And WE Wants A CHANCE At The AMERICAN DREAM!! Plus WE Will Have Our POTUS Barack H. Obama Back Cause I Do Believe He Has Our!!!:::::::::::::::: ALL YOU LYING TROLLS STFU Talking To Me Cause You Do Know For Sure By Now Whats Coming Your Way!!!!!!!!!

      • When he brough up Sandy Hook and talked about protecting our children, I actually got choked up. He is a wonderful speaker.

      • Actually, it is the Government dependent voters expecting something for nothing from re-distribution of wealth that are the greedy people Fern. Actually, it is the GOP that trys to create a healthy economy with lower taxes & debt for ALL to prosper. Do you understand that concept? Obama & Progressives are more interested in just “certain” groups of people, a perceived social justice, the taking from some to give others.

        • That is what the republicans say, and have said for 30 years. And we have tried their way for 30 years, which led to 2008’s fiasco. Now you are doubling down on that method after all the failures it has precipitated? Reagan always said “a rising tide lifts all boats” but so far it has only lifted the yachts and swamped the life-rafts.

          • You Got That Right My Friend !! These People Really Think We Are Stupid!! They Been Rerunning This Crap For Years And Nobody Gets To Have The American Dream But Them!!! WE The Smart And Wide Awake People Of America Say Enough Is Enough!! This GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Crap Is Just Not Working Nor Do It Add Up!! WE WANT THIS COUNTRY TO MOVE FORWARD FOR EVERYBODY!!!! We ALL WANT THE CHANCE AT THE AMERICAN DREAM!!!!


        • If it was government dependent workers who voted our new president in, Romney would have won by a landslide. The majority of welfare recipients in America are Republicans – and if you haven’t seen in noted on these comment threads enough lately – all the 6-10 states in the country that suck the most welfare dollars are all Red States. And the 8 states that are basically supporting the country by paying BY FAR the most taxes to Washington, while getting the least welfare dollars back are all BLUE STATES. And if you think it’s the GOP that’s trying to lower our debt, you are more delusional than I ever thought was possible. How can that be when EVERY and I repeat EVERY GOP president since the stock market crash of 1929, except for Eisenhower who was an Independent, has governed with SIGNIFICANT and I repeat SIGNIFICANT deficit spending – that’s running up debts on a credit card called THE DEFICIT. while EVERY and I repeat EVERY democratic president that has inherited a deficit budget (and all of them have except for JFK), they’ve ALL and again I repeat ALL have reduced the deficit spending they’ve inherited. And Barack Obama, has done just that, faster than any other Dem – reduced deficit spending by more than 1/2 a trillion – from the 1.6 trillion he inherited from GWB to 1.1 trillion this year.

      • Republican Party consists of three groups of people.
        Paliniots- Their IQs are lower than that of Sarah Palin’s
        Newt-wits- Their IQs range between those of Sarah Palin ‘s and Newt Gingrich’s
        Murdochites- They directly or indirectly work for Rupert Murdoch, and his ilks, and control the other two groups.
        Ask not what Fox News does for the Republican Party, ask what Republican Party does for Fox News[Rupert Murdoch].
        By the way, did you know that the top ten states that get more federal money than they pay in income taxes are all Republican Controlled RED States.

        • Duh??? YES!!! I’m No Way A Dummy I Been Here For Many Years Now, I Seen How These Thugs Operate!!! I Been Voting Every Since I’ve Had The Right To Do So, And I Vote No Matter What, Cause One Thing I Do Know That Every Election Is Important And All Votes Counts!!!! We Should NEVER Have Another 2010 Again In LIFE Not If I Can Help It!!! I Signed Up Over 200 People To Vote This Election!! I Want My Voice To Be HEARD!!!

    • I agree he sounded like he has the best interest of America, and Americans in mind I just hope the others can follow his lead into the future. (i suspect we are still going to have obstructionist) and that’s too bad.

      • Where were all of the obstructionists the first 2 years he was in office?

        Oh, I forgot, he was too busy creating this magnificent health care plan FOR ALL that can afford it.

        • First of all, the Dems didn’t have two years of enough majority to get all the things done they wanted to do his 1st two years – Ted Kennedy died in August 2009 and was replaced by Scott Brown a Republican; when you consider that the GOP used the filibuster rule 400 times in 2011 & 12 it gives you an idea of just what they’ve done to obstruct things since Brown was elected to replace Ted. The Dems did quite a bit more than just getting the best healthcare plan passed, they also saved the country from the GOP’s second created depression by passing the legislation needed to go forward with the auto bailout (which saved 1.5 million jobs and has brought in already more than 120 billion in tax revenues that would have been lost – not to mention reviving the auto industry – the countries largest manufacturing sector of our economy) and they also followed through with TARP which over the past 4 years have created over a million more jobs than Bush was able to create in America during his disasterous 8 years in office.

          • Excuses, excuses. Omuslim had 2 years with a majority. He got nothing done-except healthcare which is going to kill us!!

          • Sorry Lana, not true. Ted Kennedy died 8 months into his first term; Dems only had 8 months of a majority and they used that to rescue the country from a depression by following through on TARP and the Auto Bailout (which Bush negotiated but the GOP was against) and in passing Obamacare.

          • The filibuster in 2010 and 2011 was the second half of his term. Not the first.
            You have to be pretty naive to think bi-partisanship is the way to go after bush.

            By the way, the “health care” deal is the worst on the planet. I hope the drugs that you are on are covered.

            I stand behind what I said about the way the auto industry was bailed out. Another half assed attempt. By the way, didnt Obama realize that the reason GM went bankrupt was because they spent 100 BILLION setting up operations in China?
            So in other words, our government let GM send hundreds of thousands of jobs to China where GM uses pirated software instead of paying for it like they have to here, and then we rewarded them by bailing them out.

            And why did Obama insist on putting 2 idiots from at&t in charge of GM? Was that payback for spying on us for bush?

            Once again, Obama has done nothing about wall street or the corrupt mortgage industry after 4 years. Is that because of the filibuster also?

            Half assed.

          • Why don’t you just stay watching Fox News!. All the BS you are talking about doesn’t work anymore. Just ask Mitt Romney.

        • Yes, nobsartist, Obama was busy creating the start to a magnificent health care plan although I would be among the many who criticize the current plan for its guarantees of obscene profits for big pharma & the fact it is actually a welfare plan for insurance companies. I still thank God that now my great-grandchildren shall be guaranteed access to decent health care (none of my grandchildren have jobs that include decent health insurance). Today’s trend seems to be that more and more businesses no longer have either defined pension plans nor health insurance and the private sector shall soon be completely dependent upon the public sector (which they so malign) for their employee’s benefits

        • i think that if WE THE PEOPLE can encourage our congress and senate to truly work for the people — rather than their party agendas, president obama will do much good work on behalf of this nation in this period of his presidency

      • Actually he alway has had America and Americans, as a whole, in mind his first term; however, just as we ALL KNOW, he WAS constantly blocked at every turn by blantant obstructionistic IDIOTS. They know it all too well now and I promise you, they WILL NOT be able to handle what he is about to put on their A_ _’s NOW.

    • When I listened to his speech, I was also thinking about John Lennon’s song, IMAGINE:

      Imagine there’s no heaven
      It’s easy if you try
      No hell below us
      Above us only sky
      Imagine all the people
      Living for today…

      Imagine there’s no countries
      It isn’t hard to do
      Nothing to kill or die for
      And no religion too
      Imagine all the people
      Living life in peace…

      You may say I’m a dreamer
      But I’m not the only one
      I hope someday you’ll join us
      And the world will be as one

      Imagine no possessions
      I wonder if you can
      No need for greed or hunger
      A brotherhood of man
      Imagine all the people
      Sharing all the world…

      You may say I’m a dreamer
      But I’m not the only one
      I hope someday you’ll join us
      And the world will live as one

    • I didnt listen. I am sick of the rhetoric. If everyone is so concerned about SS and medicare, why dont they just start taxing ALL income? Simple solution. Easier than passing new gun laws or fixing the mortgage crisis.

    • Obama’s agenda was loaded with social issues, not discussing how he will get Americans working again, how he will help to lower the unemployment & debt. As for preservation of S.S. & Medicare, just how is he going to do that, not with good sounding words! He has already taken $716 Billion from Medicare, and S.S. is going bankrupt at a faster pace, & by him ignoring fixing it resposibly, it is becomming more unsustainable every year.

      • You apparently spend a lot of time listening to right-wing lies and distortions. I just have one commen – Social Security is not in the economic troubles the GOP would like you to believe – the SS trust fund currently has 2.7 trillion dollars which is enough to pay out current benefits with the current funding until 2032; which basically means that all the benefit needs is tweeking. No major changes, just tweeking to make it solvent for generations to come. And he DID NOT take 716 Billion from Medicare – those were 716 Billion in savings that can be realized by doing things in a better way – which the GOP has turned around to make people believe he was taking those dollars out of the program. Just more lies and distortions from the party that knows how to do nothing else but that – lie and distort everything.

  2. Until Obama does ONE THING for the AMERICANS that elected him, DO NOT COMPARE HIM TO FDR.

    Action speaks louder than bullshit.

    At this point, he is only one click better that bush.

    That aint nothing to brag about.

    • President Obama helped save the economy from total collapse. His stimulus package, his decision to save GM and Chrysler, programs such as incentives for first time homebuyers, cash for clunkers, tax credits for people that replace old with energy efficient appliances, 18 tax credits to small businesses, and other economic initiatives prevented the unthinkable.
      On foreign policy, he ordered the raid that ended the miserable life of Osama bin Laden, kept Pakistan in the dark knowing full well that notifying them of the impending raid would have allowed OBL to escape, authorized drone attacks against Al Qaeda targets in Pakistan and Yemen, brought justice to Qadaffi, the man responsible for the downing of a Pan Am passenger plane. His decisive actions have kept us safe and his handling of the Arab Spring helped restore the international credibility of the USA.
      Don’t confuse the obstructionism that has characterized GOP policies since President Obama took office in 2009, with unwillingness to pursue worthy goals. Don’t forget who rejected investment on infrastructure, who filibustered the Veterans Jobs Bill, who opposed early withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan, and who opposed closing the Gitmo prison camp.
      Our Presidents are not dictators, they propose policy initiatives, Congress authorizes those initiative and appropriate funding for them.

      • President Obama saved the banks from total collapse and had us pay for it. He has done nothing to investigate how it happened.

        He saved GM and Chrysler? Maybe temporarily, but he did not demand that they hire Americans first so now both have large staffs of engineers from china and india. I used to work in that industry so I know. I also know about 6000 designers in the detroit area that no longer have jobs but I sure am glad that they were able to hire the chinese and indians at our expense.

        None of his homebuyer programs or cash for clunkers or this or that have been anything but half assed at best.

        Plus, his health care policy sucks worse than rayguns did in 1982 except for the fact that now we are all FORCED to buy health care from those crooks.

        Any 8 year old could pull off drone attacks with the right equipment so why do we have to spend 1 TRILLION per year on defense if Obama can do everything from his own private bomb shelter that we paid for.

        Obstructionism? It is beginning to look like that is just part of the plan to me. Notice how it took a matter of weeks to create new gun laws but Obama has done NOTHING to help those ILLEGALLY FORECLOSED ON for the past 4 years. He has done nothing of any real value except for not completely ruining our country.

        • nob, you used to be quite well informed and a good poster. What happened? You know full well that it was the Bush Administration that bailed out the banks. They were “too big to fail.” Well Teddy Roosevelt would never had let them get too big to fail. Neither would FDR.

          • Sorry, I guess facts hurt. I do realize that bush bailed out the banks but Obama could have modified terms and investigated them but he didnt. He also did nothing to prevent 50 MILLION Americans thrown out of their homes and has done NOTHING to improve the job situation for regular Americans that do not work in the financial industry or unions.

            Plus, his health care bill SUCKS.

            Other than that, he is a fine President.

  3. That was the most partisan speech ever given by a President. You can see, things are going to be his way, no compromise. If he doesn’t get his way, he will blame Republicans when something happens. Win, win for him. Lose for America!!

    • Well, seems that the President learned the lesson the repub/baggers were practicing… The repub baggers are not there to govern but to obstruct! Until they are willing to do their jobs they are to be called out as obdurate children…No more sugar coating their BS…

      It is WE THE PEOPLE! Not ideological ninnies!

      ‘Ideology is the science of IDIOTS’. John Adams

          • So is Herman Cain, Allen West, Alan Keyes, and others, and I would be proud to have any of them as President

          • You didn’t answer my question. YOU CAN’T!! Since Republicans have AWAYS compromised with dem Presidents, why wouldn’t they compromise with omuslim?? It’s omuslim that won’t compromise. Things have to be ALL his way, or he blames Republicans

          • It is a good thing that your comments are on-line lana,if you were speaking I would not be able to hear you for all the ringing that is still in my ears from Mitch McConnels words to the Norquist mandate.Neither of which meet the definition of cooperation much less compromise.You and your load of shit will gain no traction with me.

          • It’s about time the Republicans stand up to that bully wimp!! He’s run over and lied about them for to long!! Omuslim won’t budge, so I hope they won’t either

          • She is not well educated. She quit school in because she was pregnant and went on welfare. Since you can no longer make a career of welfare, the state educated her as a nurse’s aid.

    • What??????????? Are you from a different planet? He is the only one it DC who has compromised on a number of issues most recently with the “fiscal cliff” fiasco and Democrats in Congress are upset that he did so!

      • This president has compromised and tried to come together on many issues. If we all remember the healthcare debate on cspan where he tried to get them to come together and work on it but they fight him all the way, on everything not just healthcare.

        • Neeceooo, I thought he compromised way too much in his first term. He had some sort of idea that he was working with people who were rational and could work for the good of the country.

          • I couldn’t agree with you more.It was a nice idea and one always wants to give the other guy the benefit of the doubt,but you don’t compromise with crooks,fascists,or racists anymore than you would put a rattlesnake in your pocket.

    • I have no idea of what you believed qualified his speech as the most partisan ever…
      He said we need to keep our promises to the people who helped build this Country.
      That would be the elderly. And, he went on to say, and make sure we can invest in the
      Country, so our youth can have the same opportunities as their parents had. Yes, he
      did mention climate change, renewable energy, gun control, and equal Rights for
      Gay people. So, you caught Obama being a Democrat! Ah, that is kinda why we voted
      for him.

  4. Those who oppose Social Security and Medicare programs need to realize that these programs bring the money back in to the economy and create consumer demand. On the other hand, the money spent by the weapon systems [more than the money spent by all nations of the world combined] ends up in the pockets of a handful of corporate tycoons keeping their largess in foreign banks.

    • Well, of course Social Security strengthens the Country. It is only the best anti-poverty
      program ever devised. And there isn’t a person covered under Medicare that would
      know what in the world they would ever do without it. These programs didn’t used to be controversial.

    • stsintl, You know what causes the problems. A lot of people don’t. Haliburton and its subsidiaries made out big in the war in Iraq.

    • You forgot the rest of the litany: communist, fascist, Nazi, Muslim. I still haven’t figured out how the president could be all those things simultaneously but that’s probably because I know what they mean and know the differences. Troll on.

  5. I watched the president’s speech yesterday, it wasn’t a liberal agenda it’s a american agenda. He’s looking out for everybody not just the few.

  6. Conservatives love to bring up Medicare and SS needing major changes, as people are living so much longer than when these programs went into effect. So let me see—-older people who now have access to medical care, and have a small guaranteed income to place a “floor” under them to help escape poverty, are now living longer. Therefore, we want to TAKE THIS PROGRAM THAT HAS PROVEN TO WORK—and gut it. Makes no sense. Especially when the affordable care act’s efforts to address health care costs, were labelled as “death panels.” Republicans just love to talk out of both sides of their mouths.

  7. This is a time of national reconciliation. Not more divisiveness.
    We need to come together as a nation and stop trying to resurrect another “civil war” as an attempt to divide this nation.

    President Barack Obama took the oath of office, for the second time, as the leader of a nation no longer in the throes of the recession he inherited four years ago. 2012 best housing starts in 5 years as an example along with a stock market that went from 8000 to 13000+

    Let’s remember the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King as well….for he stood as a symbol of our nation’s commitment to erase poverty, social injustice and disparity between the poor and middle class and the rich.

    Dr. King: “”I am now convinced that the simplest solution to poverty is to abolish it directly by a now widely discussed measure: the guaranteed income….”

    The idea was to guarantee that no one lived in poverty by having the government provide a financial floor, pegged to median — not low — incomes, beneath which no one could fall. King talked about the psychological benefits of a widespread sense of “economic security.”

    We are the UNITED States of America.

    Not Red or blue states. We are the colors of our flag. White signifies purity and innocence, Red, hardiness & valour, and Blue, the color of the Chief (the broad band above the stripes) signifies vigilance, perseverance & justice….The star is a symbol of the heavens and the divine goal to which man has aspired from time immemorial; the stripe is symbolic of the rays of light emanating from the sun.

    I am pleading with the extreme right wing partisans to lay down their weapons of hate, intolerance and support of the military industrial complex war based system.

    We need a system based on peace and international cooperation and global sense of being “one family” caring for the entire planet.

    • I agreed with you. Until you had to go and comment about the far right. You lost me. And once again made it all about sides.
      You see, I have no optimism that those who are able to work and contribute, but who are currently working the system, will rally behind you. And those are people of the ‘left’ and the ‘right’.
      Which is a great shame. Because it could be done. Yes, it really could.
      If humans were not so lazy, corrupt, divisive, ignorant, and rude to each other. [Just read the wonderful rhetoric on this web page. And I, too, become ignorant and just nasty when reading what some wonderful people write on this page].
      It is not just the far right, as you write, that has led to our problems.
      What I do see where I live is many [NOT of the far right but rather self-proclamined liberals], who are able to work and provide for themselves, are NOT doing so. Because they do not have to [the government provides for them and all the children they desire to have]. So why should they?

      I would have a lot more faith in the human animal if I was not being shown on a daily basis examples of young, able-bodied Americans who live off the government. It is because it is more profitable and it is easier for them to do that, than make it on their own.

      I suspect there are others like myself who resent this and react quite badly to this situation. You call me a far-right person. I simply resent that lazy people are rewarded.

      Does this not happen where you live? It’s all over around here – people of all walks of life and nationalities working the system.

      Yep, makes me bitter. And makes me realize that until all decide to learn individual responsibility, there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell of what you wish for actually happening.

      Which is a shame.

      • I agree, there are people in the country who take advantage of the system at the bottom of the pyramid just as those at the top do. It shouldn’t be tolerated from either group as the end result is the same.

  8. To cemab4y:

    Call it what you want, Mr. Troll. Go post at Fox News OK? Unless you have the ability to put together more than 5 words as a response….do you have any capacity for a well thought out backed by facts opinion?

    No….just name calling as usual… Please stop.

  9. Social security, medicare and medicaid are not entitlements and do need to be left alone. We have worked or and donated to these programs all of our working lives. These programs were self sustainable until the politicians came in a few years ago and raided them for their overspending crap. If anything, the lower end of social security recipients need to be brought up to an amount per month that they do not go hungry. Maybe those who recieve social security and still have income from other sources should be cut from the payroll as in a means test. I know elderly who live on 400. a month and others who make 600 a month and are forced to decide whether to eat or own a car, or take medicines. they keep cutting the cola to us, but raise their own paychecks and cut the number of days and hours they work… how does that work?

    • Actually, they are called entitlements. As you noted, we pay into them and are therefore ‘entitled’ to receive the benefits that they promised us. It’s the GOP that’s trying to confuse everyone by lumping together Entitlements (Social Security and Medicare) with Welfare programs like Medicaid and SSI.

  10. Obozo stole that speech from Josef Stalin. He just repackaged it. The problem with all of you leftist freaks is that you continue to ignore the fact that “security and dignity” come at the price of another man who must be enlsaved for your benefits. It’s no secret that all of you mendicants sucking off the system for your living are supporters of the greatest hoax and leftist loser to ever Occupy the White House. Further, it doesn’t matter to any of you morons how far in debt we go regardless of how much we steal from future generations for your benefits today. Screw those idiots in the future who will pay your bills today, right? You leftist freaks, and Obozo, are a bunch of immoral morons.

    Have a nice day!

    “Government is the great fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else.” — Frederic Bastiat, French economist (1801-1850)

    • OMG, you like to cite history. Why don’t you do some studying on how the country has gotten itself out of every big depression. You quoted Antoine Louis Claude Destutt last week. I assume you know what he stood for. I know I made a smart-ass comment about the quote. But that’s like so many “quotes,” it makes it sound like Destutt was a libertarian who was selfish and only concerned about his own life and what he should do to maintain his wealth and social standing. He was much more than that and the quote you used doesn’t do him justice. Libertarianism came about by using some of his principles and adding their own. He was not, precisely, a libertarian. He believed in liberty for everyone, not just those lucky enough to be able to afford it.

      When, by the way, will you learn that calling people freaks, morons, immoral morons and mendicants “sucking off the system,” is not the way to win people over to your side. Quite the opposite. But, I’m sure you are well aware of that, so I must assume that you just don’t give a damn whether you win any followers. You are obviously intelligent enough to make your points without calling those who don’t agree with you belittling names. You may be intelligent, but that doesn’t mean only you have the right slant on everything.

      Have a nice day!

      • Hey Metro! How are you? I am getting over severe bout of flu, but it’s taking a long time. I tried the hot buttered rum thing and I did sleep a little bit. Must up the dosage. Thanks for the tip, buddy! At any rate, as you know, I’m not really concerned with winning friends and influencing people at The Memo. Except you, that is. 🙂 I take it for granted that anyone reading the sheet posted on this Obozo propaganda site is already so far gone off the freak deep end that calling them what they are should not be an insult. Like calling someone from NY a New Yorker should not be an insult to them, should it?

        If your insinuation about “studying history on how the country has gotten itself out of every big depression” is meant to presume that I must somehow believe the Keynesian lies about government deficit spending, than the answer is that I have probably looked at economic history far more carefully than you may be guessing. I simply don’t by the cliche’s that you guys on the left have been force-fed over the decades, and which you regurgitate in perfect Pavlovian style, on que and on time each time, as needed. For example, this lie that somehow FDR got America out of the depression when in fact he prolonged it for a decade longer than it needed to be because of massive government control and intervention in every facet of the economy. He was a disaster. A good snake oil salesman, but a complete disaster. Sounds like someone we know today….. hmmmmm…..

        I am interested to hear from you why libertarians are “selfish”? For that matter, why is anyone that resistst turning over their hard earned wages to your politicians considered “selfish” or “greedy”? How is NOT greedy for politicians to demand MORE of the earnings of other people, yet they themselves spend so irresponsibly? I don’t understand that line of thinking (can one even legitimately call that “thinking”?????)

        By the way… the quote from Destutt is actually Jefferson’s translation of Destutt’s review of Montesquieu’s “Spirt of Laws”. Sort of confusing, I know, but nevertheless 100% appropriate.

        Your response is eagerly anticipated, Metro!

        Have a great evening!

        “Government is the great fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else.” — Frederic Bastiat, French economist (1801-1850)

        • I don’t think Libertarians are selfish. I said the quote made it sound so. I think Libertarians, like every other segment of society and political persuasion, fine people in the main. But there are also some people in each group that are bigoted, mean-spirited and selfish and narrow-minded. Of course I don’t include you in that miserable group. The fact is, we can both write about our opinions (that’s what they are) and quote other people’s opinions and judge what we think they’re worth. That’s liberty, OMG. When they stop us from doing that, then I will worry about the fate of our country. Economically, this country is not in the terrible decline that we are lead to believe. As George Will, that famous “liberal” puts it, “This country is awash in money.” But it’s mostly concentrated in one small group. When they got their tax breaks why didn’t they create the jobs s they claimed they would? Ten years of tax breaks and we have gone through unemployment in double digits. Oh, they did create jobs. Just not in this country.

          Oh, well, I don’t need to lecture you. I’m not worthy to lecture anyone, but I do have the same right to my opinion as you, Thomas Jefferson, Antoine Destutt, or anyone on this web site. That’s part of liberty. There is no guarantee nor often any solid evidence, that any of us are right. Part of what made this country great was the fact that we worked hard and if lucky, prospered. But we also had some responsibility to help those who were less fortunate. If you believe in God and the Bible, that’s what it tells you. Even if some of us, like me for example, don’t believe everything we see in the bible, as the old song goes, we do believe in that. You asked me one time what I contributed to charity. I just wrote checks today for $900. And by the end of the year it will be a lot more. And that’s on a retiree’s wages, which are not high. My Social Security check is near the top end and it is supplemented by a couple of small pensions and I feel fortunate, but there are many, many retirees and disable people living on as little as $400 per month and we have a Republican party that has been hell-bent for decades in taking even that away or sharply reducing it. These are people who worked for sub-standard wages and paid into the SS system for years. And they call themselves Christians? That’s not my definition of what they are.

          As to your quote for the day, how would everybody live at the expense of everybody else? If everybody lived at the expense of everybody there would be no everybody else.

          Glad you’re getting over the flu. I am glad to hear my remedy was comforting. Just don’t start getting the flu too often. Mrs. OMG will get suspicious when you start bringing home liters of rum.

          Have a great night!

          • Metro… still wondering how it is that a person that desires to keep more of his own earnings from his own efforts is greedy, but a politician who wants more of that person’s money is NOT greedy. This is not a matter of opinion. Stealing is not a matter of opinion. It’s stealing. There is no grey area. And there is no grey area on the issue of who really is greedy, the private citizen or the government.

            I don’t think the country is in economic decline either. But for different reasons that have nothing to do with Obozo or any politician. It’s called America’s energy independence that is coming faster than 80% of the dolts out there know. Obozo will be a beneficiary of fracking. But this is NOT to say that we do not have major issues. Our debt to GDP ratio is disgusting and if not dealt with through real spending cuts and constraints, will consume any major economic benefit we could have from energy independence. It must be done.

            Glad you brought up God and the Bible. We don’t disagree on our obligation to be charitable to those less fortunate, Metro. Where we disagree is on WHO has that obligation and HOW it is addressed. The fact of the matter is that, unlike Obozo believes, we do NOT have a collective responsibility. We do have an individual responsibility. Politicians sell you the lie that if you just give them more of your money, they will take care of your charitable responsibilities. WRONG!!!!! Your salvation in the eyes of God is NOT contingent upon the collective. It is contingent upon YOUR personal behavior. Jesus Christ told the parable of the Good Samaritan and made it clear that INDIVIDUALS have a responsibility to help those less fortunate. The Good Samaritan did NOT fulfill his obligation to help by telling the injured man that someone from the government will be by to help. Those of you today that believe in the centrality of government in performing charity are doing the equivalent of outsourcing your charity. You are also doing the equivalent of forcing others, under threat of imprisonment, to also contribute to YOUR charities that YOUR politicians have told you they will take care of through your votes. We have a major problem in America with too many people who believe in the “collective” and not in the individual’s freedom and liberty. Therein lies the reason why Obozo’s class warfare message resonates with so many stupid Americans. It’s all related, my friend.

            Picking up another bottle of rum today. Thanks for the prescription, Dr. Metro. 🙂

            Have a great day!

            “In general, the art of government consists of taking as much money as possible from one party of the citizens to give to the other.” — Voltaire (1764)

    • Social Security, and Medicare did not cause the economy to nearly collapse.
      Like the great rabbit Bugs Bunny once said. “What goes around, comes around.”
      And don’t worry. Us Lefties are going to make sure the fat, greedy bastards that
      think they are too good to pay their part, to the greatest Country in the world,
      will get everything they’ve got coming to them, and more.

  11. The message: “Don’t bother to try hard. Don’t bother to work. Don’t bother to save. Don’t bother to make good choices in your life. Be happy. Have fun. Government will take care of you.

  12. Obozomustgo and montanabill with same ole same ole stuff…comic relief now.

    Hard for you guys/gals to get over the fact Obama was re-elected. Better get used to it.

    Obama’s ideas are strengthening our nation, contrary to your views ever since you folks stared annoying us here… Conason clearly and correctl;y states: “Far from undermining freedom, enterprise, and productivity, as right-wing propaganda insists…”

    oh–you guys recall what right wing propaganda is?

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”—-Nazis Joseph Goebbels

    So…how about we drop the name calling and get back to a bipartisan approach to solving our problems instead of bumper sticker mentality comments and inane postings?

  13. the right’s version of compromise: “do it our way, with a smile on your face…” and “if you don’t want to compromise, then just do it our way, period.”

  14. It was a good speech as usual. He seemed to forget about jobs again. I hope he follows up on some his promises and I hope he understands that not compromising hasn’t worked.

    When he promised a balanced appoach and all we got was a tax increase and more spending, how does he expect the Repubs to trust him?

    If your dumb enough to believe our problems are one parties problem please don’t respond to me!

    • I am not sure that you will find bipartisanship on this webpage.
      Just more adults being rude to each other and doing their best to not find common ground. Blaming everything on the Republicans, not willing to see that’s it’s been all of our leaders over the last 2-40 years that led us into our current mess.
      No – many simply want to cast blame.
      There’s not a lot of working to find common ground to make things better. Not here.
      But I thank you for your last sentiment. It would be nice if more woke up to the reality that our problems are because of all of us. And not just one political party.

      • Amen!! I couldn’t agree more. It’s to bad that most of the people on this site have let Obama and the left convince them regardless of the vast amount of evidence that blaming the right for everything is the way to fix things.

        Both parties have made things the way they are. Bush spent like crazy and Obama has doubled down on that way of running Government. Dodd and Frank were mostly responsible for the housing crash, yet the left totally blames Bush. The right is for big business and the left is for unions, Hollywood, and Ilegal aliens.

        The Balanced approach to cutting the deficit turned out to be a tax increase and 4 trillion more in deficits. Not one person on this site has a problem with that.

        Spending has to be cut now!!! When you say that on this site they repeat what Obama says and tell you that the poor and elderly will die!

        I don’t understand how they believe we can keep increasing the deficit 1 trillion +
        Common sense alone tell you that they must work together and they need to stop blaming and start working!

        • I agree that there is blame on both side for this mess but the scales weigh heavier on the right side with the Republican/Tea Party’s intransigence. Let’s make cuts to the military, take a very close look at corporate welfare, and find ways to maintain the social safety net without gutting it. Of course, that would take political courage and a willingness to work together. The first quality is lacking on both sides, although I think that some of the new Democrats may have it. The willingness to work together is strongly lacking, if not completely disappeared, from the Republicans.

          • It’s totally both parties. In my opinion the President has failed to lead. I will give you several instances. You can’t always demonize your opponent and expect them to do exactly what you want. The far left and far right are battling to destroy us. COMPROMISE and we can survive.

            1) The balanced approach to cutting the deficit..turned out to be a tax increase and 4 trillion more in deficits (CBO Report Jan4 2013)

            2) The healthcare Bill…The republicans would of voted for a bill with tort reform and greater competition via buying insurance over state lines. They had a bipartison meeting and all the GOP ideas were thrown out because the dems had a super majority.

            Let me say this so you know where I’m coming from. Bush II was absolutely one of the worst Presdent we have ever had. His increase in spending (the wars and Prescription drug bill) were way out of line and hurt our country.

            I hear so many people domonize the tea party. From what I have read and heard. they want smaller government and less spending. If some of them weren’t in Congress where would the deficit be? 20 trillion already? The senate and President seem to think a trillion dollar a year deficit’s are OK.

            Some austerity is a must. The far left wants to spend more. The far right want to cut it to the bone! Somewhere in the middle would be good!

          • I think the original Tea Party may have been on the right track. Unfortunately, they seem to have been hijacked by the extreme elements of the Republic Party.

          • I’ve heard that before but I don’t understand how they were hijacked. As far as I know they still believe in less governement and less spending. I’m not sure how anyone could object to that.

            I’ve heard that the House GOP is obstructing. I know they stopped the American jobs act which was a 447 Billion dollar stimulas. God know we don’t need more of that. I know that they are trying to get the deficit cut and everyone know that we need that. I know we can cut the deifcit without hurting anyone.

            They compromised on the supposed Balanced Approach to cutting the deficit, gave in to tax increases but got screwed because the deal signed increased the deficit by another 4 trillion.

            Like I said before. BOTH parties got us into this and now Both parties need to get us out. The president and the GOP need to realize that a compromise is what the country needs on all bills passed. The radical right and the radical left need to stay out of it

          • Joe, it didn’t take long before the Koch brothers were dumping money into the tea party and fringe groups were joining them.

          • Idamag, It didn’t take long for the unions, hollywood and GE to dump money into the Obama campaign.

            Name a fringe group that joined them?

            What is the problem with reducing spending? Our government does a horrible job, it needs to be smaller! It is a little out of control don’t you think?

    • What are you afraid of? The truth?

      I believe his speech was a national call for job creation, so what were you lsietening to?

      Obama inherited the mess from Bush… Obama is cleaning it up with an obstructionist GOP/Teaparty trying to thwart EVERYTHING!

      Do you have any sense of history the past 5 years?

      It has NOTHING to do with being dumb at all….it has to do with being informed with FACTS…not you posting here with same ole same ole disinformstion.

      The neo-con-fascists GOP/Teaparty don’t count anymore.

      Would you simply get with the program and move FORWARD?

      • He didn’t mention jobs once in his speech! He kept the blame game going, and he still has his puppets blaming the right for everything! YOU HAVE NO FACTS!

        The Balanced approach to cutting the deficit turned out to be 660 billion in tax increases and 4 trillion in NEW DEFICITS!!!! (CBO JAN 4 2013) These are the facts! Can we afford that? The mess Obama inherited was 4 years and 14 trillion dollars ago! The facts are he is the first President ever to have less jobs after 4 years then when he took office! BOTH PARTIES ARE TO BLAME

        If both parties don’t work together, retards like you will still be calling the right names and the country will be ruined because of BOTH PARTIES!!! You mindless goofs do nothing but blame and call people names! Your only solution is to kill the right and buy into Obama’s B.S.

        Never have we had such division! Obama promised to work with the other side. He has done nothing except demonize and polarize!

        • He didn’t mention jobs because he already has two jobs bills sitting in Congress waiting to be passed. Why should he waste his time recreating jobs bills when there are already two there – you can be sure that in his State of the Union you’ll hear about it.

          • His jobs bill are mostly more stimulas! 447 Billion! Are you crazy? He KNEW THE BILL WOULDN’T PASS!! His only goal was making the GOP look bad. We can’t handle more spending! Unless they find a bipartison approach to our problems were screwed! Obama’s and your approach of blaming the right for everything and demonizing is not a way to fix things! BOTH PARTIES ARE TO BLAME!

  15. My answer to Plznnn you have the audicity to claim that President Obama wants to take from the haves and give it to the have nots then please tell me where the haves got their wealth if they didn’t steal it from the have not by first electing crooked Reprensitative to pass rules so that the money that the Rich got appeared to be legal, lets take the first War started by the Bush Administration, his partner Vice President Cheney hired a company called Haliburton to supply this ellegal War costing Billions to finance there was also Billions stolen that was never accounted for and there were no Democrats involved, then lets see How about the losing contender for President, Mitt Romney, he and his Republican backers took a Company called Bain Capitol and stripped it of it’s funds, bankrupt it and took it over these jobs were lost forever to China, then he took a company called Delphi, that supplied auto parts to Gm and Chyrsler and bankrupted it, sent the 26,000 jobs to China and held on to the shell of the company and some how got the United States Government to loan him and his friends 10,000,000 dollars which was deposited in an accouunt for his wife and I don’t know how he did it but the loan never has to be paid back and the list goes on and on the Deals that have drained money from the US budget and gone into the accounts of the 1%, these parisites have been involved in defrauding Medicare, Social Security, and other programs to the tune of Billions of dollars, and you guys are constantly defending them claiming that they earned it the old fashion way by hard work, boy what a bunch of Bullshit. All the President has been doing is trying to recoup some of the Billions that’s been stolen by the mighty Rich, give them the money that is rightfully theirs and they won’t belong to the have nots anymore. the only reason you guys defend them is either you have been brain washed by their lobbyest or someone has been greasing your hands, people that accept that kind of money have been known to sell out their country for little or nothing if for no other reason think of what you are doing to your kids future a bankrupt country is no good to anyone, remember what Hitler did to Europe. If you have no industries the people cannot provide for their family and the country will look like the Sahara Desert does protecting them mean more to you than your family’s life and health may God have mercy on you.

  16. Between the idea
    And the reality
    Between the motion
    And the act
    Falls the Shadow

    –TS Eliot

    In this case, the shadow is not lassitude, but the same “double-down” dunderheaded obstructionists. Let’s see whether our overwhelming vote of confidence has given Obama his mojo back!

    FDR wisely noted, “we have nothing to fear but fear itself”. Don’t be afraid of the shadows, Mr President.

  17. Again answering PlZNNN, if you had bothered to check the facts you would have found that Obama during his first Term made several proposals to the Republican controlled congress about jobs and those proposals are still to be voted on, Next you talk about Social Security and Obama not fixing it, well in case you don’t know it SS has 2.7 Trillion dollars in their fund and if we can keep the asshole Republicans from dipping into it anymore and stealing the funds with their fraudulent IOUs I feel that Obama will do what needs to be done to see to it that it remains solvent pass 2032, if only those stinking Republicans keep their flithy hands out of it, brother you need to get your head out of your ass and come up to the real world and not believe all the lying bullshit that the Republicans put out I think they were lying the minute they came out of their moma’s asshole, if you ask me I don’t think they were the natural way and that’s why they are so full of shit.

  18. I didn’t hear Obama’s inauguration speech but Sean Hannity has been spewing bile and vitriol about it so it must have been good. They are saying it was contentious in that he spoke about so called “liberal issues” such as same sex marriage. I think we need to stop gratuitously calling those who oppose gay marriage “conservative” and call them what they are, simple “bigots”. Did we call those who fought to perpetuate segregation “conservative”? I don’t fucking think so. I am disappointed with Obama on a variety of issues but I am glad he “took it too these right wing jack asses” instead of making another “high school commencement speech”. The message is we are not going to tolerate that sh*t anymore. Want to live your loony interpretation of the Bible, be my guest, but speaking in “respectable terms” such as “religious or conservative” about your ability to impose your hateful values on others is OVER! Into the dust bin of history you go along with those who thought segregation was a swell idea!

  19. I don’t believe that anyone on ourside is even thinking about another Civil War all we are asking is equality, a thriving country, Respect for ourselves and for our President by allowing him to do the job he was elected to do, to create jobs, return dignity to the people by allowing them to work at decent paying jobs, use the outrages of money that is being siphoned off to programs that can be eliminated and using that money responsibility to improve our way of life by new technology, improvment in our health systems, the creation of new employment, better living conditions and not inventing programs that only puts millions into the pockets of the few, I agree with the post by Daniel Bostdorf except that the only devisive program is the one that the Republican propose and that is “Divide and Conquer” so long as we are at each others throat we’re not watching what is happening until it’s too late. And it has worked well for them because there are people that want to believe the bullshit they put out and no matter what you say to them you can’t change their mind.

  20. Let me see I live on Social Security and I have a pension that I receive from the Carpenters Union (238.72) Combined I am stilling to survive, besides my rent, I don’t spend much for Gas for my car maybe forty dollars a month, food, since I live alone I have two pets, (a cat and a dog) I like to read the newspaper to keep up with what is going on around me, and then comes the think that takes the bulk of my money, I have Sleep Apnea, Diabetes, Gastric Ulcer, Asbestic poisoning from my years in construction and everyday my breathing gets worse I can’t walk five steps without being out of breath, I take Eigt different types of pills (and at least half are Generic so I pay less for them) and then I might pick up something to help clear my chest of mucus or to control my cough believe me these pills are notcheap thanks to the program Bush instituted so that the Pharmacies would be able to set their own prices and that’s why i worry when they start talking about cutting Social Security and Medicare, they want to reduce our Cola, when we get it we get a sum total of $21.00 increase per month compare tha to when our Representative’s raise of $900 dollars and they want to cut our raise and keep theirs, aint that a bitch. I know there are othrts that earn less than me and I feel sorry for them and wish they would get more, and then are people collecting Social Security that also have a large side income and don’t really don’t need what they are collecting, but they are because they feel that they paid into they want what’ they are suppose to get even though they don’t need, If I was in their shoes I know what I would do but I’m not them, I can’t begrudge them because it’s their money.

    • I was one of those who saved for a good retirement. My retirement fund was underwritten by Enron. Maybe, people like Paul Ryan would have liked to get Dr. Kvorkian for a solution to the aging, but he died.

  21. n ow is the time ,how do we elect Democrat in the House.? will somebody please start a movement to have a progressive radio and TV station in every state? connect with Alan Gore and George Sorro for financial help ??

  22. I agree that every American s The President says these people deserve hould pay their fair share in taxes, after all we all live in this country, drive the roads and breath the air. However I do not agree with Washingtons and the Presidents assessment of immigration reform and a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants, and here is why. The President says that all of these people will pay taxes under American law, however most of these people do not make enough money to put them above the poverty level in this country, which means any taxes that they do pay will be returned to them through the income tax system, plus many of them have worked for cash over the years so there is no diffinitive way to prove how much they have made. Second they will almost all qualify for child tax credits, many with several dependants, so they will recieve much more than they pay in taxes. Three most all of these people will qualify for Medicaid and Income support through entitlement programs, and those that cannot work may even qualify for Social Security. The government is basically creating 10 to 12 million possible welfare recipients out of thin air. As far as gun control on the scale the government wants it will be a disaster for Americas future. Not only will the government create a major black market for arms dealers but without the abilty for citizens to have guns and the freedom to use them our enemies will eventually invade our soil. The United States has enemies all over the world because of our government and American business interests. Our military is funded from money we BORROW from other countries and the federal reserve. Eventually that well will run dry and our military will be without funding to buy manufature weapons, ammunition ect. I for one would like to be prepared country, but that will not happen without guns and people to use them. As for equal opportunity and civil rights we as a country need to do more to promote equal opportunity no matter the race, religion or sexual orientation. When the Constitution was written the phrase “all men are created equal” ment all WHITE men with land holdings were created equal. We must do more as a nation to enforce the context of those words so it reads” all men and women no matter what race, religion, or creed, are created equal.

  23. There is not a Republican government official today who could give a speech like President Obama’s inaugural address of yesterday – Monday, January 21, let alone understand it. There is Not one Republican today, who would have the intelligence, decency and courage to defend such an agenda. They are much too busy, trying to figure out how they are going to “steal” the next election by changing the electoral-vote laws, but ONLY in the states that will benefit them. Such “courageous” assholes!! I’d be ashamed to let anyone know I was a Republican! Suppressing the vote didn’t work, now on to something new and even more despicable. They have not conducted an honest election in the last twenty+ years.

    • You are so right. In numerous posts on Yahoo, I’ve asked the diehard GOP lovers to list for me, One, just One really positive accomplishment that a Republican has made that truely benefits America since Teddy Roosevelt was in office (aside from Eisenhower pushing through the building of the interstate highway system because he was an independent running as a Republian); and know what? No one, has ever come back and listed me even ONE THING!!!

  24. Sure – just keep on spending more than we take in. What could go wrong with that philosophy? After all, it worked for Bernie Madoff – at least for a while.

    Obama is like the guy who says “My bank says I’m overdrawn. That can’t be right – I still have checks left!”

    • Where are the workable proposals from the Republican-held House to address the situation? Until the Republicans/Tea Partiers in the House decides they want to create and offer a budget solution that works for the majority of the people and not the majority of rich people and corporations, there isn’t much that is going to be accomplished. There are ways to maintain the social safety net without gutting it. Offer real solutions, not ideological hard lines.

  25. The Social Contract (John Locke) is alive and well in America and always has been. The greatness of a nation is measured on how it cares for its weak and helpless. As survivors of The Great Depression, Americans know what it means to care for one another. Nobody envies wealth, but wealth without compassion is spiritual poverty. President Obama understands that completely, and Republicans/TeaBags/Yellow Dogs should be made to remember that. The time for the glorification of wealth and the quest for wealth at the expense of the American people has to end. We should all remember Bear Stearns, Chase Morgan, Barney Madoff, Countrywide, AIG, and the Wall Street melt down, all the results of banking/financial deregulations, unfathomable greed, and fraud. Those days are over, and America is moving forward, but we should never forget. America’s next economic battle will be sequestration. Stay tuned.

  26. lana ward, you’re only one sickness away from losing everything you’ve ever earned, plus your cats. ACA will save you and allow you to live the rest of your days in dignity.

  27. His speech can be narrowed to just 4 words more taxes less freedom. Its the same pied piper tune every dictator played from Mao to stalin from Hitler to castro.

  28. During the debates, omuslim singled out Exxon Mobil and blasted them as a corporate welfare recipient who profits off the voters’ pain at the pump–now he has accepted $250,000 from them to help pay for inauguration day!! What’s up with that!! The hypocrite taking money from the enemy!!

  29. The problem America has is mainly education, if not, how can you explain it that the GOP has ordinary people who share their views? I am not american, but i follow american politics everyday of my life, maybe even more than most americans do. If i understand the games the GOP are playing with american citizens, i wonder why any living american can not read the writings on the wall. The most stupid fool of this world knows it that GOP is just the puppet of the one percent. It is sad how this few will drag this country that is loved in all the coners of the earth down.
    However like Obama noted in his speech yesterday, It does not only take voting to make your voice heard, americans should come out and give the president support. Write your congress men, call them and let them know you people support the president.
    From what i see, i think americans have problem of language, they dont even know their left and right speaking in their own language, and the GOP grabs on this. Reading most of the comments posted here by americans, i can tell you that most people in third world countries are far better educated and can understand the very simple arguments american struggle to learn.

    • Very well said!! Thanks for the post! If only there were more of our population reading these comment threads. It’s really hard to understand how so many are so blind that the GOP is doing nothing but pushing for whatever it is they can to steal more money from the country (taxpayers).

  30. Why does Obama have so many members of the Communist Party on his staff? The so-called Progressive agenda is the watered down word for communism and the Communist Party calls themselves Progressives. Why does he take the oath of office but then attack the 1st, 2nd, 22nd and 27th amendments? Why would a president become a president while basically hating the Constitution? Why are soldiers held at airports when they, or anyone, wear badges and pins indicating like for freedom? The reason americans are becoming deeply split is because Communists want a country already spoken for. Progressives should move to Cuba, Laos, China or Vietnam because that is their home. Why do Progressives demonize anyone who disagrees with them? When people dont have God, they have man to take direction from. And that man tells them what to do, how much coke to drink, how much water to use and the listeners become dependents. But there are people who are independent and whole yet they are demonized. Sorry, you didnt fool me and i will fight to keep the country as it was intended.

    • charles, when you make statements, how about names and numbers. BTW, communists are no longer the bogey man. Paranaoids have new ones now.

    • Charles Williams, the Declaration of Independence is one of the greatest documents ever written, but the U.S Constitution is a hypocritcal document based upon its Bill Of Rights and turns the Declaration of Independence on its head. The Bill of Rights does not recognize Africans and indigenous Americans citizens of the United States (Articles 1 Section 2 Subsection 3) and consider Africans in America 2/3rd human. It placed a $10.00 tax on the head of every African transported across the states (Article 1 Section 9 Subsection 1; considered Africans to recoverable property of slave holders (Article 4 Section 2 Subsection 3), and contradicts the Emancipation Proclamation, the Declaration of Independence, the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments. Clearly the 1st Amendment is working since you, me, and everyone on this site is writing freely without persecution. The 2nd Amendment is also clear since we still have our arms (it is military styled baby killing weapons that is in question). You’re regurgitating some Repubican/Tea Bag nonsense regarding the 22nd Amendment (only FDR served three terms, and passed away at the beginning of his third). And, the 27th Amendment is clear in stating that the Congress and Senate cannot give themselves raises while in session, which they have tried, and any violation would be a withholding of their salaries until the session is over. The demons you are fighting is within you. Your soul is in rebellion because of your sins. You’re a racist, drunken, miserable empty wagon making a lot of noise as you roll along. You should read your bible more instead of the Constitution. Seek salvation in the Lord to find peace within yourself.

  31. The way Obama wants it, he will abolish the Constitution this time and then tell people, “now, now, settle down, dont worry i will take care of everything.” Thats called a dictatorship. Why wont you people wake up? Just read history, read the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. I bet you never have yet you blindly follow a communist agenda and youre going to meet unbelievable resistance by the ones who didnt get brainwashed. The result of your thinking will get you North Korea. Look how the communist countries live. Go and see the results for yourself and then come back and tell us how happy that life is.

  32. Bob Williams, good joke wrong format. The history of the GOP reeks with spending, not for America or the American people, but for the wealthy. Republican/Tea Bags are representatives of the rich, not of you or I or anyone else. But, ironically, their money comes from us, the middle and lower classes, from our labor and the taxes we pay for them to represent us. Judging from their history, they have long ago broken their contract, and we need to fire them. The government has a duty to take care of your sorry ass, did you know that? I’d like to see what would happen if you go to Dick Cheney and ask him to pay your mortgage for this month. He’ll laugh in your stupid face!

  33. How the GOP continues to to have any support from the public is beyond me. How can poor and middle class people continue to support people who care nothing for them. It was different when they hid their intension, but now they come right out and tell you they don’t give a shit about you and people still support them, when will they wake up?

  34. It’s sickening to read all the crap posted by right wingers. But, what really pissed me off was Phil Mickelson complaining about his taxes. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!. Greed has no boundaries. I would gladly pay whatever he is paying if I was in his place. I wonder if he votes Republican. Gee, I hope he keeps enough money to feed his family.

  35. Look, we have two roads to travel. We can stand on either side and holler and scream at each other and be unwilling to listen or exchange dialogue or compromise and self destruct. Or, we can decide to put our selfish, self centered attitudes and egos aside and do what is best for the whole and survive. Let’s hope that logic, common sense and the will to survive will win out.

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