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Monday, October 24, 2016
  • The Roadster

    Liberty implies a private boundary inside which conditions cannot be controlled by other people and where choices cannot be restricted to those determined by others.

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      I’m absolutely certain Conservatives would never understand it………………..

    • Jim Myers

      You mean like the freedom of a woman to choose what happens to her body? Or the right to vote?
      Or the right to send children to school without worrying about some whack job deciding to have a little “fun” by killing innocent children?
      Or the right to breathe clean air and drink clean water?
      Or the right to work for a decent wage, one that can support a family?
      Or medical care at affordable prices, without any “pre-existing conditions” escape clauses?

      The list is nearly endless.

    • m8lsem

      Which of course means as much as the location of the boundary is set. I feel ample liberty today. I may go where I want (market, church, meeting places), buy what I want (not interested in illegal drugs, for example), and gratefully accept benefits conferred by law toward which I paid taxes for years, namely Social Security and Medicare. I feel very much the benefit of liberty. No one tells me what I must or may not say in this message.
      Of course increasing liberty for the rich in terms of what they can afford to buy or invest in has increased a great deal over the last few decades, while liberty in those terms has diminished for my children and grandchildren. And those who are responsible for that kind of liberty not being more evenly distributed among those who are in one way or another responsible for the existence of that liberty, are as an old saying puts it, sowing the wind.
      When the whirlwind arrives we may achieve relative tax loads more like the 1950’s than the present tendency to revert to the 1890’s in all ways.

      • The Roadster

        Well, you don’t make some people off by attacking others. Attacking those who create goods and services is purely destructive.

  • JDavidS

    “Trickle down economics”…I had hoped that inane notion would have been buried with Ronnie Raygun… Ask a plumber what “trickles down”…

  • ralphkr

    OK, BMW it is then! In real life the choice would be between a top of the line Rolls Royce and a baby since that is about how much a child costs through graduation from high school. Throw in a second RR if a college education is planned.

    • Allan Richardson

      The point is, if you couldn’t afford a BMW without a baby, you couldn’t afford
      EITHER. If the redistribution from poor and middle to wealthy continues, we will have WORSE than fascism, we will have FEUDALISM. And feudalism cannot support a market-based consumer economy, because only the top one percent can afford to consume anything except starvation food, rags, and living in filthy hovels.

      A market economy is like a pyramid: the stones on the bottom support the stones above them and the capstone on top. If those stones crumble, the whole pyramid falls.