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Wednesday, October 26, 2016
  • Allan Richardson

    I would love for her to run, if there is enough financial support. Ideally a ticket with Warren and Sanders (in either permutation) would be a winner for Democrats after two more years of obstruction, because it would show the party getting BACK to the New Deal philosophy of FDR and Truman.

    One hitch, however: if she LOSES the Presidency or Vice Presidency (whichever she may be nominated for), she would have to run, or have an understudy of her philosophy run, for her Senate seat (and I am not aware of any Mass. political figure who would be suitable). And it is not at all certain that she or her protege WOULD win, at this time. Of course, if ANY possible Democratic ticket were to lose in 2016, we would have a lot worse problem set than just the Mass. Senate seat.