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Thursday, June 21, 2018


Ben Carson just launched his exploratory committee for a presidential run, and he’s already made some big waves in an interview on CNN — though probably not in a good way, offering his surefire explanation of why a person being gay is really a choice.

Click above to watch Dr. Carson deliver his expert opinion — with a message that’ll give new meaning to “Scared Straight” — then share this video!

Video via CNN.

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24 Responses to Endorse This: Ben Carson On Gays — And Prisons

  1. What a freakin moron.Too bad he didn’t go to prison at age 18. Some guys perform homosexual acts in prison but they (mostly black)would beat him severely if he called them gay.

  2. All through history–lots of young persons have fallen in love with persons totally unacceptable to their parents. Some have been forced to marry spouses of their parents’ choice. Some of those forced marriages have turned out better than could reasonably be expected–some have resulted in one of the two forced spouses killing the other. Today seems to be a continuation of the same problem. Cupid has bad aim– better to just cool it everyone and hope things will work out somehow. Actually world population needs to fall to a number that can be fed sustainably. I suspect best hope for that is very well-chaperoned single sex boarding schools for both sexes from shortly before adolescence until the young person is well settled in a job that pays enough to live on as a single-person household.

    • Along the line of your boarding schools, Samuel Clemens advocated putting boys in barrels at age 13 (I think it was), and feeding them through the bung hole At age 18, you decided whether to let them out, or to drive in the bungs.

      • You mean the Samuel Clemens who used the pen name Mark Twain? He certainly did have a sense of humor. I am trying to be serious. Since we refuse to provide credible (to our youth) sex education, and leaving it up to our youth to figure out sex for themselves is too likely to result in children that the youth who sire and bear them can NOT afford to support, I figure very well-chaperoned single sex boarding schools for both sexes is the system most likely to avoid the birth of babies likely to end up as wards of the state. Since it seems our ruling class would rather buy robots to meet as much of their labor needs as possible and keep all the jobs that pay a living wage for their own offspring, keeping the youth of the 99% in single sex boarding schools until they can be placed in jobs paying a living wage is likely to keep them well-chaperoned until nearly past breeding age. That should cut the fertility rate enough to reduce world population to its sustainable carrying capacity by the time its climate has stabilized, whether at nice between ice ages climate we have had for past several thousand years or at a climate like what dinosaurs had millions of years ago.

        • Many of the rich and near rich do send their kids to single sex boarding schools. Aka, military schools. Try to force people to send their kids to boarding schools, however, and you’d met a hurricane of protests. Re the cost on one hand, and “imprisoning our children” on the other.

          • Cost of such a boarding school run with Spartan standards should be about twice that of average public day school, but still less than cost of unwanted ward of the state out of wedlock children in an already overpopulated world. About imprisoning our children, opinions of those other than the parents of the children can be ignored. If parents of the children are running a mom and pop business and need their children’s labor to make a go of it, it should be possible to compromise, so parents get to keep their children and children spend half their time getting valuable work experience in their parents’ business and half their time mastering 3Rs and getting a smattering of science and social studies. An aim of school should be to prepare students to hold jobs. A job in their own parents mom and pop business should be as good as a job working for a stranger. If parents want child for domestic work like babysitting younger siblings, maybe they should be investigated. The family may need help. If parents just want their kids, maybe ask them to post bond (enough to raise a child to working age) that their child will NOT become either parent of an out of wed lock ward of the state child.

          • Making kids wards of the state, and sending them to government boarding schools, was practiced on some America Indian tribes. Neither the kids nor their parents liked it, and there is no record of any Anglos sending their kids to join them.
            Of course, it would not be your kids or “our” kids sent to such boarding schools, but “their’ kids.

          • I never had any kids because 1) couldn’t afford it and 2) was afraid of getting killed trying to have a kid with no health care, especially knowing both my grandmothers died of complications of childbirth..

            I feel both US and world would have better chance of surviving what we are doing to climate with smaller population. Thus it would be better to delay breeding, especially of the poor, as much as possible to reduce fertility rate. If we go into 22nd century with world population between 8 and 10 billion and a climate as hot as what dinosaurs had, it is likely to cause Armageddon–an apocalypse of famine, plague, and war. If we go through three generations of averaging only one child per woman, that is likely to reduce population to 2 billion–likely carrying capacity of a world as hot as what dinosaurs had. Too big to fail international corporations very much including somewhat over a dozen too big to fail fossil fuel firms OWN our corrupt national government and are determined to grab as much money as they can possibly grab. With 10% overall return on investment and 20% return on equity REQUIRED As the ONLY duty of any too big to fail international corporation, each such corporation must maximize shareholder profits every quarter–their time horizon is way to short to give any consideration for life in 22nd century. They might understand enough economics to understand that an excise tax on all energy regardless of carbon footprint with the revenue dedicated to benefit of only named too big to fail fossil fuel firms, excluding the small enough to fail fossil fuel firms, with half revenue going to buying fossil fuel reserves at $100/ton of carbon content (generous for coal and for tar sands not economically extractable at $80/barrel–inadequate for natural gas and for really good crude oil) as mineral rights and other half going for replacing fossil fuel with renewable energy BUT either in case of petroleum projects getting oil firms started on mass-producing the renewable replacement for oil or in the case of electric power formerly from fossil fuel fired generators streamlining approval for geothermal leases for gas firms to drill for geothermal instead of gas or government sells to utility on 30-year mortgage and splits mortgage payments between buying fossil fuel as mineral rights and reinvesting in more renewable energy. If demand coefficient of energy is still -0.37 as it was in 1968 (Bureau of Labor Statistics), such a deal for too big to fail fossil fuel firms could give them some semblance of cartel prices enforced by government. -0.37 demand coefficient of energy implies that maximum revenue rate is 85%, at 70% prohibitive tariff effect is 25.9% (almost 26%), remaining physical sales are 74.1% of base sales, total tax revenue is 51.87% of base line sales, split 26% of base sales goes to buy fossil fuel reserves as mineral rights only from named too big to fail fossil fuel firms, and somewhat over 25% of baseline sales is available for buying renewable energy equipment to sell to utilities on 30-year mortgages. The mortgage payments should be split between paying as much for coal as mineral rights as fossil fuel firm was getting for selling coal to be burned for the old fossil fuel generator being replaced.with any mortgage payment left after that being reinvested in more renewable energy equipment. The small fossil fuel firms fail. The too big to fail fossil fuel firms get enough socialism for the rich to come out slightly ahead of where they would be if left to fight it out with wind and solar in a free market.

          • I am In agreement with most of your points.
            Although, the proven way to reduce fertility, in most populations, is to raise the standard of living. Parents elect to have fewer children when there is government Social Security and Medicare.

          • In Old Testament times, if a man died leaving his wife childless, his family was required to get her pregnant (usually by making her a secondary wife of his closest remaining male relative) to provide her with a child to support her in her old age. I am really glad we have Social Security instead now. I just wish our right wing could be persuaded to stop trying to destroy it. Unfortunately our 1% seems determined to very much reduce the standard of living of our 99%. And they also seem to be determined to have as many women as possible bare foot and pregnant as much of the time as possible. Right when we need NEGATIVE population growth.

          • Come the zombie apocalypse, or some new Black Death, and civilization collapses (ala The Walking Dead), population growth will turn very negative.

        • Many of the rich and near rich do send their kids to single sex boarding schools. Aka, military schools. Try to force people to send their kids to boarding schools, however, and you’d met a hurricane of protests. Re the cost on one hand, and “imprisoning our children” on the other.

  3. If homosexuals aren’t entitled to matrimonial rights and benefits reserved for heterosexuals they homosexuals shouldn’t have to pay taxes!

    Some Christians–like Ben–are bothered by homosexuals thinking they are “normal” so if they want to deprive homosexuals of basic rights suited to heterosexuals exempt them from having to pay taxes

  4. Gays do not have a right to be married, how stupid, this is America, if they want to pretend that there is such a thing as marrying the same sex, then go to a place where you won’t be laughed at or trashed because of your ignorance.

  5. Donovan you sound as stupid as carson…what rock do you idiots live under…hey Carson, leroy my boy, why dont you go to a prison and see if you come out gay or dead….maybe better yet try ferguson mo….see where that gets ya….

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