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Sunday, May 28, 2017


Ben Carson struggled Tuesday to contain the fallout from his remarks that a Muslim shouldn’t be president — he has clarified that he doesn’t want any candidates to impose a theocracy on America, regardless of which religion they follow.

Of course, this might seem odd coming from a man who began his political career by delivering an anti-Obama speech at a National Prayer Breakfast, and has said during this campaign that his tax plan comes straight from the Bible.

Watch as Carson does his best to thread this needle. And let’s find out if he gets any pushback from his Christian-right base.

Video via The Associated Press.

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20 Responses to Endorse This: Ben Carson’s Constitutional Contortion

  1. The man was a great brain surgery. Maybe he should stick to his true calling and set up a clinic, for those in office, on the right.
    He’s not ready for politics, period.

    • You are right Carolyn he should start on our members of Congress. 99% of them weren’t ready for politics and that is why we are in the mess we are in. And I bet Carson would make a better Pres. than 100% of the other people running for Pres. We need a President that loves this country, is not a Lawyer, and is not a corrupt politican, and is Christian not a Muslim.

      • Perhaps you need to express your views at Stormfront where fear, feelings and hate overrules facts, logic and decency.
        There are for the most part, thinking people here.

  2. The media again is trying to make headlines. We all know how people vote in this country. Our media needs to stop this because it’s not going change how people are going to vote when it’s time.

  3. He said nothing derogatory against those that embrace Islam. The Constitution does not embrace a theocracy of any kind and this There was concern that he would bow to the dictates was exemplified when John F. Kennedy ran for President in 1960. There was concern that he would bow to the dictates of the Vatican and the Pope and run the Country according to the directives of his Faith. He made a televised speech in which he affirmed that he would never let his Faith dictate his Decisions in Government, It was quite a show and things got pretty tense as election time approached.We have many radical groups in the Protestant Faiths I know this because I was reared in one We had strict dogma and we were the only ones that received absolute truth and understanding and anyone that did not walk with us and our belief was consigned to Hell. I would not support one from this sect to be President unless he “left his religion at the door and did the work we hired him to do.
    Keep your Faith but do not let your Faith rule your actions in carrying out the duties of President.

    • Well oldtack why don’t you remind Obama about his carrying out the duties of President of the USA, I bet he will give you the bird

      • Vern
        This post concerns Ben Carson and his statement concerning Faith and the fact there is no place in our Government for a Theocracy. Leave your religion at the door but don’t let your Religion affect your position as President.

        When there is an article here or elsewhere concerning Barak Obama or any other Political figure I will join and give my htoughts on the matter.

        This post concerns Ben Carson, not Barak Obama.

  4. Carson is remarkably unaware of our Constitution and remarkably willing to exchange our Constitutionally protected rights to his religion’s constraints and overreaches. I don’t want a religious person in the Oval Office. I don’t want religion playing any role in government policy.

    • Please yabba yabba Do give me a list of our Presidents that were atheist. All of them had some religion in them and I don’t remember them forcing their religion on us. And yabba I bet Carson knows more about our Constitution than Obama does.

  5. Ben Carson says a Muslim can’t be president because of some of the archaic
    teachings of the religion, and must renounce those teachings to be eligible. So then don’t Christians and Jews have to repudiate some of the archaic teachings of the Old Testament–like slavery, and stoning people for not praying at the right time?

    But there’s actually not any need for that, of course, because the president swears at the inaugural to uphold the Constitution, not the Bible or the Koran. Which brings up the support of Kim Davis for NOT upholding the Constitution.

    Whole lotta hypocrisy going on here.

    • i guess you did not watch Obama being sworn in, or you are another blind Liberal. Obama swore he would uphold our Constitution and he surly has not done it. At least Kim sticks to her beliefs which is more than we can say for Obama.

      • I guess you can’t give me any examples of Obama not following the Constitution, verified by the Supreme Court, or you would have done so.

        The Constitution provides that the Supreme Court has the final say on what is constitutional and what is not, and it has ruled that gay marriage is constitutional. If Kim Davis believes the decision is contrary to her religious beliefs and she can’t uphold it, her only option is to resign. It is the law of the land.

        You right wingers scream and holler when you think some Muslim might put his or her religion above the Constitution, but you approve of it when it’s a so-called Christian doing it.

        Hypocrisy, thy name is Vern Davis.

        • He has gone against the Constitution many times, you need to do some research, but your Liberals don’t look for anything that will show our ruler in a bad way. The only way the SC has a say is if someone takes the dispute to the SC for a ruling, and as you know the SC is on Obama side so nothing get done. I guess if the Muslims start killing gay folks you think it is OK. Religion should not be above the Constitution, and for damn sure Muslim laws should not come before our Constitution. And Muslim law will not let you marry your girl friend.

    • Well Johnny since you are so smart did you know that Obama is Muslim. I guess you Liberals are stupid enough to want a another Muslim as our Pres. I would much rather have a church bigot as President than a Liberal or a Muslim.

      • Where do you idiots get your info? He was a Christian to everyone until he was inaugurated. Then you right wingers started calling him everything but a child of God. Shame on you. You are as bad as Isis!

  6. I want this on the record–he says this is not a theocratic nation.

    The next time his beloved church bigots blather on about God’s Law, we need to hold him to this.

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