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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Yesterday, in one breath, Donald Trump insulted the governors of both New Jersey and Ohio — while Chris Christie was sitting behind him, in John Kasich’s home state — accusing both men of abandoning their jobs while running for the presidency. Unlike him, of course.

“I go back, I still work, you know. I have a job, you know. You gotta do your job,” he said, referring to Kasich. ““He goes to New Hampshire, he’s living in New Hampshire. Living! Where’s Chris, is Chris around? Even more than Chris Christie, he was there, right? Even more.”

He points to Chris Christie, who is off camera, for the governor and former primary opponent to back up his claim.

“I hated to do that, but I had to make my point.”

Chris Christie, in a widely perplexing move — even Hillary Clinton expressed puzzlement — formally endorsed Trump after he dropped out of the race in February. His expression as he did so was incessantly mocked as one of deep Stockholm Syndrome.

Although Christie dismissed the speculation, it’s hard to argue why Christie would rally behind the man who would insult him to his face even after he’d pledged his allegiance.

John Kasich is still running; half of his platform at this point is based on “personal decency.

No such luck in this election.

via The Blaze

Screenshot of Donald Trump via Jared Henning/YouTube

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20 responses to “Endorse This: Donald Trump Mocks Christie To His Face”

  1. OTTMAR says:

    Chris Christie did ask for it, that’s what you get when you kiss (you know what). He is Trumps boy!

  2. Gerry Francis says:

    What a jerk.

  3. Marv Nochowitz says:

    Next will have Christie kneel in front of him and do you know what. That is what happens when you sell your soul to the devil

  4. FT66 says:

    Take that Chris Christie, and that was only an introduction, There is a lot to come,

  5. If Christie wasn’t an opportunistic scumbag I’d pity him. But if he wasn’t an opportunistic scumbag he wouldn’t have endorsed Trump.

  6. oldlion says:

    Trump can have him. Jersey’s had enough.

  7. Wait until President Obama joins the winning Democrat nominee’s presidential campaign. Donald Trump will rue the day as he goes down in flames.

  8. iamproteus says:

    So, Christie, what does it take for you get up off your knees and stiffen your spine and tell Trump where he can stuff his crap? He denigrates you to the entire nation, throws you under the bus, backs it up and runs over you again and you say, “Please, Sir, may I have another?”. What does he have on you, anyway?

    • marriea says:

      Christie is so hoping that if Trump wins the nomination, Trump will ask him to be his running mate. When I saw Christie looking at Trump with those longing eyes after he endorced him, I could only think, dang Christie, it is really that serious?
      How sad this what-a-be is that he would lower himself to be Trump’s lackie.
      But on another note, Thinkthat if Trump won the nomination, and heaven forbid, the presidency and something happened to him, a very ‘remorseful’ Christie would replace him.
      The want of power is more deadly and addictive than heroin.
      Trump has already tossed an insult at his follwers and these idiots didn’t even get it.
      And he will do the same to Christie. Trump doesn’t care, because he doesn’t need his followers nor Christie.

      • jmprint says:

        I visualize Trump hitting Christie in on the back of the head and Christie saying “yesem master”. What a suckass.

  9. JPHALL says:

    Isn’t this the same guy who used to insult and shout down people who questioned him? What happened to him?

  10. How interesting to see such a bumper crop of sad sacks that have sprung up since 2015. It promises to be a record harvest this year; the makers of knee pads are going to have a profitable year like no other in the past.

  11. oldtack says:

    It was rather brutal but Trump made a point that was necessary. These Senators and Governors are on the taxpayer payrolls to function as leaders in the position for which they were elected. This “Campaign” has gone on for almost two years with these people running all over the Nation chasing the nomination while someone else is doing the job for which they were elected. Taking care of BUSINESS comes first before anything else. We have paid these three Senators 174000 dollars a year plus expenses to neglect their duties and flit around after a prize of the Presidency – and the same for the Governors. It was harsh but necessary. Am I a Trump supporter? No. But I support what he did in this instance. He called a spade a spade.

  12. Ekpe says:

    Too much Trump in the system and we don’t seem to be able to digest it. Haven’t we had enough? We are the ones keeping him alive in the press and social media. Ladies and gentlemen can we take two weeks of a Trump holiday?

  13. Get Schwifty says:

    Dare I say it, that’s karma for that fat slob of a New Jersey governor. Chris, go home and get your shinebox.

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