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Sunday, October 23, 2016


Donald Trump has infamously claimed that Mexico is sending rapists and drug dealers to America — which set off huge waves of controversy across both the Republican presidential field and his own business dealings.

And so, yes, a media outlet has actually taken a close look at the comments — and not only is Trump wrong, but the actual facts are even better for immigrants than most people could’ve imagined. But then again, when did facts ever stop The Donald — or Republican primary voters, for that matter?

Video via CNN.

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  • Independent1

    Yup! Donald sure is wrong. Fact is, immigrants commit far less crimes, including rapes, than native-born Americans. Native-borns are actually more than 8 times more likely to commit a crime, including rape, than an illegal immigrant. And native-born Americans are actually 3 times more likely to be incarcerated than an illegal immigrant.

    Another fact is, that cities with greater percentages if immigrants, including illegals, are actually safer than cities with less concentrations of immigrants. For example: San Diego which is for all practical purposes right on the Mexican border and has the highest concentration of illegal immigrants of any American city, is one of the 10 cities in America which has seen the biggest decline in crime over the past couple decades as the concentration of illegals has actually increased. And not only that, but California as a state has the highest concentration of immigrants of any state in the nation, including illegals; immigrants make up more than 35% of the CA population; yet only 17% of inmates in CA prisons are any type of immigrant; native-born Americans make up 83% of the criminals in CA prisons and jails.

    But beyond all that, crime in America overall has declined over the past couple decades to the lowest crime rates in almost 70 years; at a time when the Hispanic population as continued to become a greater percentage of the American population. Given that result, how can anyone qualified to to be president of the U.S. make the idiotic comments that Trump made – or actually stand up for his nonsense comments like so many of the clown field of Republican presidential hopefuls have been doing????

    • greenbomb

      I am guessing you have never been to or worked in a prison ! If so your acts would be changing

      • Independent1

        What does my visiting a prison or working in a prison have to do with anything?? A prisoner’s nationality is part of the records kept when a prisoner is incarcerated. All someone doing a study has to do is call the prison and ask how many prisoners are Hispanic. Your post is total nonsense!! FACTS ARE FACTS!! They are not going to change!!

        • David

          You are so right! We need many more disease ridden, drug dealing illegal aliens here. Moreover, they need to vote without identification. We have got to keep reminding them “vote early and vote often”!

          • warrior 0713

            gop tool buying into lies

          • Independent1

            Do you believe in the tooth fairy too?? Sounds to me like you’re a Faux News sheeple that believes all their lies and distortions of the truth. Immigrants crossing our borders are not any more disease ridden than any native -born American. And given that they’re 8 times less likely to be involved in a crime, far fewer of them percentage wise are dealing drugs than native-born Americans. Turn off Faux News, Rush Limbag, Glenn Beak and the rest of those propaganda spewing RWNJs you’ve apparently let brainwash you.

  • Maggie Schafer

    This is exactly the type person that represents the Republican party! Mouth off with no facts, just rhetoric that insults and inflames! He is a perfect example! I remember Romney’s public statement in 2012 – “I won’t let the truth get in the way of my campaign” and he never did! It will be an epic campaign of lies next year and it is already starting! PEOPLE – WAKE UP AND STOP PUTTING THESE MISFITS IN OFFICE!!!!

    • Independent1

      Mitt Romney participated for 6 plus hours in the 3 debates with Obama and in those 6 plus hours, never once completed a sentence where ever word was the truth. Even if what he said was true, he couched it in such a way as to make it a lie!! Republicans are the masters of distorting and fabricating the truth. Mitt Romeny is the words greatest SNAKE OIL SALESMAN!! And also the greatest destroyer of American jobs.

  • Alvin Harrison

    Soon they will throw him out of the clown car….

    • Independent1

      Let’s hope not until he’s done even more damage to the Republican brand by exposing even more of the GOP’s nefarious ways and ideas..

  • Irishgrammy

    The REASON The Donald is doing so well among Republican’s is clear and has always been clear, racism and bigotry and hating the “others”, is a constant with the rabid base of this party and that is exactly who The Donald is directing his vile rhetoric to! He has to know these ridiculous attacks against an entire population will never, ever get him to the White House, but boy is he having fun………….but……..we may all have the last laugh in the end if at the end of the road for Donny, no self respecting company or persons ever do any kind of business with this hot bag of wind, ego maniac, again………Hope springs eternal!!!

    • Insinnergy

      I hope he makes it through to the GOP Nomination.
      I think watching Hillary clinically slice and dice him in a Presidential Debate would be world class entertainment.
      The degree of crap he speaks (without apparent forethought) makes him wide open to complete annihilation.

  • Jerpell

    My God….As a democrat we have the most corrupt lying person running for this office, Hillary Clinton….She is always involved in some type of corruption or illegal activity and as democrats we just explain it away or just stick our heads in the sand…..We deserve much better than Hillary Clinton!

    • Looner

      Sure you’re a Democrat. Now go collect your nickel from the RNC.

    • Independent1

      You’re so full of horse manure it’s coming out your mouth.

    • charleo1

      You say, “As a Democrats, we deserve much better than Hillary Clinton!” Obviously as a, “Democrat,” I’d think you’d make a suggestion. Know what I mean there, “Jerpell?”

  • warrior 0713

    pick any mass murder who is white so what is your point exactly.

    • David

      The point is that these worthless PsOS have no business in this country — unless your a Demorat needing them to be able to vote.

      • warrior 0713

        you are delusional voters fraud if it exist at all is those with multiple homes not the illegal aliens.Wake up media just disinformation misinformation and fluff and movie revues wake up elites derive wealth from ownership of all media and the MIC.Wars are for profits for elites. Read war is a racket free just put title in web browser inform yourself not by me a general who most decorated marine in history a straight shooter.He also prevented elites attempt to overthrow FDR.

      • Looner

        David, seriously could you be any more brainwashed with total lies? It is almost silly how filled with propaganda you guys are, you are a perfect tool for Republicans. I am an independent, but the way Republicans are, keeps pushing me over to the Democrat camp. Even though Democrats have their faults, their faults err on the side of at least trying to help. Republicans hate and want to take.

      • Independent1

        Say, was Dylan Roof a member of your white supremacist club?? Your racism is showing BIG TIME!!!

      • cthetruth

        Worthless POS! Who cuts your lawns, cleans your houses, builds your homes, picks your fruit, etc. all the things that the lazy ,entitled white people think their too good to do any of this kind of work! Lets not classify all the good with the bad.