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Tuesday, October 25, 2016


John Oliver tackled one of the most important issues that people aren’t talking about, on his Sunday night show: The need for regular maintenance and funding of America’s existing roads, bridges, and other key infrastructure — and the fact that nobody wants to actually pay for this vital need. So to get people interested, he came up with a way to actually make it exciting.

Click above to watch Oliver’s special movie trailer, with an all-star cast — for a film where disasters won’t happen — then share this video!

Video via Last Week Tonight with John Oliver/HBO.

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  • Kanawah

    This is the republicans standard approach all the way back to Nixon.
    ignore the infrastructure, and cut taxes on the rich.

    It is time to raise taxes on the rich, and rebuild our infrastructure.

    • Allan Richardson

      How about some creative marketing? Like the HOV (high occupancy vehicle) or carpool lane, designate the worst crumbling roads and bridges as VIP highways, only to be used by Lexuses, BMWs, and other high end cars driven by people with $1 million or more annual income (and sell a high priced vanity tag to allow a vehicle on these highways). Build high end housing subdivisions with $10 million homes downstream from unsafe dams. Etc. etc.

      After enough millionaires have died, maybe politicians will get the message.

  • mah101

    Somebody needs to make that movie, then use the profits to fund infrastructure improvements!