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Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Rand Paul is firing back at Donald Trump for his insults: He’s denouncing Trump for causing politics to sink so low — and wondering how anyone could think this “clown” is fit to be president.

But just think, though: A few years ago, that was the same stuff people used to say about Rand Paul.

Video via New Day/CNN.

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  • Carolyn1520

    LOL Brought to mind “I Think We’re All Bozos on This Bus” by Firesign Theatre.
    Paul denouncing Trump for causing politics to sink so low. 😀 Now that’s rich.

    • You’re right on target by citing Firesign Theatre to describe the current crop of GOP chipmunks. They are all on the same bus, dressed as clowns, and calling each other a clown. What mind-bending stupidity they love to adorn themselves with. (Looks like the Clown-in-Chief(TRUMP) is driving the bus).
      And a wee, yet strident, voice in the back of the bus(Carson) is asking permission to move to the front. How lamentable and forlorn
      he appears.

  • Jinmichigan

    Hard to keep all the clowns straight. But you gotta love that pet squirrel living on RANDY’s head.

  • oldtack

    Trump did’t cause Politics to sink so low.
    Trump just showed the Nation how low politics had sunk by denouncing and EXPOSING all the rest of these Clowns as the bought and paid for high paid Prostitutes they are.

  • Daniel Jones

    Takes one to know one.

  • DOC

    Trump is the RING MASTER.

  • Otto Greif

    Trump will cut your taxes, you people should be backing him.

    • And I have a bridge to sell to you. Are you interested? I’ll give you the special GOP rate.

      • Otto Greif

        Go read the Trump plan, then go jump off a bridge.

        • Looner

          Trump will cut HIS taxes. I think you already jumped off a bridge ….. Head first.

          • Otto Greif

            He will cut yours as well.

          • Looner

            Well yeah, he will with the income bracket I am in …. But the middle class will get a 2.3% break in taxes, higher incomes will be 11.7%. Hedge Managers will virtually pay no taxes. And where will the money come from to run the country? More putting it on the US credit card like all Republican presidents do ( yes they do). Then as the interest piles up, they blame the subsequent moderate to liberal president for a rise in the national debt. And none if you can figure that out. Fill up a credit card, lower taxes, crash the economy … Then blame it on the next president that has to come in and fix it, or just charge it up more. And on and on. Instead of thinking you are on the team with an R after their name like it is some sporting event, actually read articles written by economists. It would do you a load of good, instead of rah rah rahing for your team without knowing what is REALLY the truth. Most economists say that Trumps plan is absolute rubbish, and he doesn’t even understand it himself.

          • Otto Greif

            You should take your own advice and read some real economists since it’s obvious you don’t know what you are talking about, most economists believe capital gains taxes should be lower, if not abolished completely.

        • What a nice immature response. You’re such a good boy and a devoted follower—-like the rats who followed the Pied Piper out of the town of Hamelin, only to perish.

    • Independent1

      As one would expect coming from a fake conservative, Trump’s budget would give huge tax breaks to the rich, miserly tax breaks to the middle class and even tax breaks to the hedge fund managers. And also as usual for at least the past 45 plus years, would add trillions to America’s current debt – potentially creating problems with the economy.

      As with the vast majority of Republican budgets – it’s really unsustainable and as usual too would most likely lead to a recession or two to add to the GOP’s long list of 14 recessions and 3 depressions since 1900 (out of the 20 total recessions/depressions).

      See this NYTimes article:

      Trump Plan Is Tax Cut for the Rich, Even Hedge Fund Managers

      Donald Trump’s tax plan, released Monday, does not live up to the populist language he has offered on taxes all summer. When talking about taxes in this campaign, Donald Trump has often sounded like a different kind of Republican. He says he will take on “the hedge fund guys” and their carried interest loophole. He thinks it’s “outrageous” how little tax some multimillionaires pay. But his plan calls for major tax cuts not just for the middle class but also for the richest Americans — even the dreaded hedge fund managers. And despite his campaign’s assurances that the plan is “fiscally responsible,” it would grow budget deficits by trillions of dollars over a decade.

      You could call Mr. Trump’s plan a higher-energy version of the tax plan Jeb Bush announced earlier this month:similar in structure, but with lower rates and wider tax brackets, meaning individual taxpayers would pay even less than under Mr. Bush, and the government would lose even more tax revenue.

      For more go here:

      The author of the article claims that the rich already pay taxes on a large portion of their income; which may be the case for the clueless rich, but a large portion of the wealthy (especially the upper 5%) have long since figured out how to shelter large swaths of their income from reporting that income on their tax returns. I’m not sure if the author of this article is really naive, or just trying to pull the wool over somebody’s eyes. When large numbers of the Fortune 500 companies (almost 200 of them) can get away with paying zero or very close to zero in taxes, and large numbers of millionaires are paying zero in taxes or very close to it – these people ARE NOT paying taxes on all their income.

  • greenlantern1

    Ever hear of police officers Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo?
    They were murdered by Jerad Miller and Amanda Miller!
    Their ring leader was Cliven Bundy!
    Angered when Rand Paul met with him?

  • tro

    This is Ron’s Self-mirror spech.

  • Keith Wilbur Peck