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Thursday, October 18, 2018


The gang on Morning Joe all felt very dirty this morning, as they reacted to Sarah Palin’s recent comment, where she blamed President Obama for her son’s arrest for alleged domestic violence.

Track Palin, she said, not only suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder as an Iraq War veteran — but his PTSD was really President Obama’s fault, because the troops “have to look at him and wonder” if they are respected.

Said panelist Donny Deutsch: “It’s one of the most offensive things I’ve ever heard any politician say, basically,” to claim that Track Palin allegedly punched his girlfriend because “Barack Obama is somehow connected. I mean, shame on you, Sarah Palin.”

Lead host Joe Scarborough commented: “I think actually the Trump campaign needs to send her home, and let her take care of her family problems, and not make it part of his campaign.”

“She doesn’t need to be on the campaign trail,” he added. “She needs to be back with her family, and needs to stop being a distraction to Donald Trump — and stop trying to raise money, and exploit Donald Trump for money.”

Video via Morning Joe/MSNBC.

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