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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Last night, Cartoon Donald Trump staged a glorious return to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to defend his dismal polling numbers in Wisconsin, threaten to “spill the beans” about the host, and hint that Ted Cruz’s supporters “will have to be punished.”

When Trump’s animated doppelgänger first appeared on the show last week, Colbert announced he had “invited a slightly less cartoonish version” of the real thing, and the conversation didn’t disappoint. The pair bickered about Trump’s acting like a 5-year-old — “I know you are, but what am I?” — and his tic for litigation — “I’m rubber, you’re glue. I have a lawyer and I will sue.”

And no, it wasn’t nearly as cartoonish as real life.

Have we fallen into an alternate political universe in which cartoonish outrage means political viability? Do voters, deep down, just want a show?

If Cartoon Trump’s namesake makes it to the Oval Office, we’ll have four years to find out.

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10 responses to “Endorse This: Stephen Colbert Interviews Cartoon Trump — ‘You Probably Hate Him’”

  1. Phil Johnson says:

    Crickets….. what a concept. Silence. At last.

  2. dpaano says:

    If Trump gets into the White House, we can all plan on moving to Canada. He’ll probably change the name of the White House to “Trump Palace” and have one-armed bandits in the White House lobby!! Should be interesting to watch!

  3. Otto T. Goat says:

    Who knew this show was still on the air.

    • bobnstuff says:

      Late Night with Stephen Colbert. It’s on at 11:30 pm Major network. Big Time TV. I know that if it’s not Fox you don’t know about it.

    • Keith Garevich says:

      Hey, Otto T. Goat…you are truly a goat for backing tRumpf, if that’s what your comment means.

  4. Keith Garevich says:

    Hey, Otto T. Goat…you represent the idiots that would vote for tRumpf. And you, sir, are a goat!

  5. yabbed says:

    Trump is a goofball but if I were a Republican I’d prefer him to the religiously affiliated Cruz. I do not want a President of the United States who believes he was “anointed by God to be President”.

  6. phylin says:

    Donald Trump – To Sue or Not to Sue

    What can be done about Donald Trump
    as more and more sponsors are now quick him to dump?
    He will be missed when from the screen he finally fades away
    and TV viewers can no longer hear him bray.

    When children are told to bed they must go
    they beg to stay up for the Donald Trump comedy show.
    But when they see his ugly and bloated mug they are terrified
    and leave the room for somewhere to hide.

    When he cannot think of what else to do
    Donald considers who or what to sue.
    He sued ex-wife Ivana because he was scared she might be mean
    and about his habits spill every single bean.

    When he sued Scotland in Edinburgh’s many bars
    drinkers toasted him until they saw stars.
    Now with suing a country he is not content
    and is threatening to sue a continent.

    When asked what gave him that idea
    he replied he always detested Oceania.
    His only explanation was that because
    P.M. Tony Abbott had expelled the Wizard from the Land of Oz.

    Medical specialists examine his ailment with resolve
    but so far his disorder have been unable to solve.
    We can only hope the world’s most unrelenting suer
    will soon crawl back into his Donald Trump sewer.

  7. Jerpell says:

    Now that’s funny…..I hope he will also interview the “corrupt criminal Hillary” I’m sure that will also be funny to watch!…Don’t you just love our choices on this go-round!

  8. TiredOfTheHaters says:

    No he won’t. Trump is the most corrupt politician ever.

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