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Sunday, October 23, 2016


To whom does Fox News turn to explain just why Republican voters are going crazy? Why, Dr. Phil of course!

Watch as America’s favorite pop psychologist offers his take on the GOP field — and explains how to handle a certain bully whose name everybody knows.

The good doctor also promotes his upcoming interview with the former Olympic athlete who became a high-class escort — and hey, that special broadcast will probably still make more sense than the next GOP debate.

Video via The Kelly File/Fox News.

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  • Dominick Vila

    Who are all the Chinese guys behind the Trump in this picture? Are they the Chinese entrepreneurs he is planning to outsource what is left of our industrial base to?

    • Otto Greif


      • Dominick Vila

        There is nothing racist about the likes of Romney, Trump, and most Republicans investing in China and outsourcing jobs. They don’t do it because they like Asians, Latin Americans, or anyone else. They do it because they worship the Almighty Dollar.
        Reading a from someone like you about racism is truly hilarious!

        • Otto Greif

          You assume the Asians standing behind Trump are foreign Chinese and not Americans because you’re racist.

          • JPHALL

            You are getting more ridiculous every day. How sad!

          • Dominick Vila

            What does nationality has to do with racism? Could it be that you are trying to deflect attention from an issue The Donald has been trying to avoid, with a bit of help from the media: his foreign investments? Could it be that people like you don’t mind Trump being engaged in business dealings with foreign entrepreneurs while running for the presidency of the United States? Donald should be more careful, or even our lame media may decide to look into things that his adoring crowd may not like.

          • docb
          • Otto Greif

            You are trying to avoid your own racism.

  • Otto Greif

    It’s amusing how clueless the left is regarding the Trump phenomenon.

  • DOC

    Dr. Phil is a jerk. She is a 600.00 hooker.