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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Ever since he dropped out of the Republican primary race last March, everybody has missed Dr. Ben Carson, the outspoken, very right-wing, and frankly weird neurosurgeon with the inspirational life story. He is now a surrogate for Donald Trump, the man who accused him of all kinds of grave offenses when they were political rivals. And today on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, the surgical whiz offered yet another clue that he may actually have removed his own brain.

Defending Trump isn’t easy these days, and Carson displays much spirit in the attempt. But a question from British correspondent Katty Kay badly irritated him — and the courtly physician’s outrageously rude responses (it happened more than once) are funnier than any of the jokes he attempted.


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26 responses to “#EndorseThis: Ben Carson Is Back — And As Entertaining As Ever”

  1. stsintl says:

    The problem is that Ben Carson needs a brain transplant, but unfortunately he can’t operate on himself.

    • Box says:

      You are only saying that because he is black. But white hillary, sure you say nothing at all.

      • stsintl says:

        His black skin is not the problem. The gray matter in his head is the problem.
        I voted for the black president twice, who saved the auto industry jobs, created 15 million new jobs, brought back the economy from deep recession, created by “White” Dick Cheney’s deep tax cuts for the rich, deregulation of the banks, and two illegal wars.

    • Jmz Nesky says:

      Hell they couldn’t ask him any questions that he would answer as he was too preoccupied with riding around on his personal choo-choo.

  2. Bob Eddy says:

    Oh my goodness! Sara Palin is back! Let’s not listen to experts, let’s use right wing bullshit! I need heart surgery, I think I’ll see what my dog walker is doing

  3. Dan S says:

    Wow Dr. Carson drank Trumps koolaid. He doesn’t want to say if the women are lying ? This is not the time to talk about Judeo Christian ethics & morality? He thinks the nation is a train going off the cliff ? The conductor is Trump himself who’s created a very hostile divisive hateful campaign. He’s taking the GOP with him but that’s on them. ????

  4. Jon says:

    I wonder if he would have made sense and developed a sense of decency if they had shut off his mic. Indecent, incoherent, insensitive, and rude. Great appearance doc.

  5. Jim Samaras says:

    He’s absolutely right! The media is focusing on everything except the issues that truly MATTER to the public. Suddenly everyone is a moralist I see……If Trump were to fix the economy, bring 5,000,000 jobs to this country, force immigrants to enter LEGALLY, make a serious dent in the national debt and end the threat of ISIS in 4 years who would care about this subterfuge?

  6. Box says:

    Suppose the women are not lying, does it make any difference to the question of whether of such a candidate would be a good president? Clinton bragged he screwed 2000 women, and immorally so because he was married. Who said he was a bad president for it? How did it change anything in terms of what was good for the american people? Dems say it didnt change anything so why make groping an issue now?

    What I see is media is trying to chew up the precious time with small matters and avoid the big ones that would make a difference in who someone might vote for.

  7. DOC says:

    Dr. Carson please just go home vote for Trump because you are the perfect COON.

    • Box says:

      Who is the perfect racist now? What a thing to say about your fellow american.

      • DOC says:

        You like the Dr. Any man that took the beat down Trump put on him and now he in Trumps camp. He is a Coon. You calling me a racist is silly, a racist has power over people I have no power over anyone. Dr. Carson has no pride as a American or a black man.

      • He’s your fellow American. To me and others in the black community, he is an anomaly of the worst kind, and you possess strange tendencies as well.

  8. Box says:

    Everyone is chiding Carson for not wanting to talk about morality but all he said was there are bigger issues to discuss AT THIS MOMENT.

    But tell me how its moral that Obama invites Cocks Not Glocks to the white house and celebrates the promotion of free dildos–and over the Constitution?

    How is it moral that the FBI covered Hillary to protect Obama?

    And how is it moral that Obama claims “executive privilege” over Hillarys problems when he is in fact included in them?

    And how is it moral that Hillary withheld emails between her and Obama, “due to a concern?”

    How is it moral that Hillary lies at the debate that she defends the 2nd Amend when in truth she is going to attempt to take guns by executive order?

    How is it moral that Hillary stands up and says how much she is going to do for americans but behind your back she hates you?

    How is it moral that Bill admits to screwing 2000 women while MARRIED? And how is it moral that Hillary doesnt leave him thus condoning the ugly behavior? Why would she stay with a clear and obvious immoral man, the same one who she said she intends to give a new job to in the WH?

    How is it moral that you believe Trumps ladies but not Bills, under the watch of Hillary?

    unending list! Before you accuse, look at yourself.

  9. Ken Walker says:

    What is it with black Republicans, Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas, West? They’re all as batty as s***.

  10. Oh my, the former surgeon who left his brain in the operating room is back. What a sad case he has turned out to be and it’s not due to old age. Something about the blending of conservative politics and a distorted understanding of Christianity, mixed with a healthy dose of a fanatical outlook, produces a toxic mix that devastates one’s ability to think rationally.
    Unfortunately, certain sects of Christianity(as with certain sects in Islam) contribute a great deal to the devastation of the minds and hearts as seen with Christian and Islamic fanatical elements, among both the white supremacists and ISIS, and others.

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