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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Surveying our political wreckage, Bill Maher observes that the culture of the American presidency under Trump is coming to resemble the kind of backward dictatorships that we used to despise (and most of us still do), with surging nepotism, corruption, pomposity, and authoritarian tendencies. Topping it all off is the absurdly exaggerated praise routinely heaped upon the president by courtiers and other toadies, which increasingly sound like the mad encomiums to the “Dear Leader” that have long made North Korea an object of world ridicule.

To mark this decline in national dignity, the HBO host has established a new “Ass-Kisser of the Month Award.” You won’t be surprised by the runners up — including Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro and former campaign functionary turned lobbyist Corey Lewandowksi — or the winner, who currently works in the White House. But it’s still funny to watch these already debased personalities grovel before their orange idol. (With Jim Vandehei of Axios Media, Rebecca Traister of New York magazine, and former New York governor Eliot Spitzer.)

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15 Responses to #EndorseThis: Bill Maher Trolls Trump’s Preposterous Sycophants

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  1. This is a largely correct assessment. His family members have far more influence over his decisions than do his appointees, and we call that nepotism, and their are laws that make that illegal, but as with other laws, there are loopholes. By just calling them unpaid advisers, the law does not apply. He, by using his private clubs and other places, where the taxpayers are paying the room and board of his security detail and other public officials at the going price, he has found a way around the prohibition against making a personal profit from his office. He fired Comey when Comey said that his faithfulness to the laws he was hired to enforce, overrode his loyalty to the person of the President. He has said before that he admired the leader of NK because he actually has the power to simply execute all who do not agree with him – this is even worse than the purges by Stalin while he was consolodating power prior to WWII. The last clut leader that we had of real note was Jim Jones, who had this totally devaote following that they were willing to drink of the koolaid when his prophesies failed, and before they did that some of them took the lives of those who had come to investigate him. From his speech, he seems to have expresssed a similar desire to get rid of all who would investigate him and his loyal followers. As I and others have said, he seems to have run to be Tyrant but do to the fact that we do have laws and a Constitution that limits the power of the President, he is doing what he can to actually become Tyrant by just bulldozing any and all opposition by whatever means possible.
    I think that as a liberal and critic of this President that I have ample reason to fear retailiation and am only wondering if I can get political refugee status in either Canada or Mexico, and if I do get this, will there be Trump hit squads that will pursue me wherever I might go. He is the only President ever to has excused members of his staff, both, public and private from the ethics rules that have applied to all in the White House, and by doing this he has removed them from those required to report unethical conduct which they observe, including that of the President himself. That is scary!

        • But that’s the point john. The RW can’t defend Trump in a rational world or forum so they try to change the subject.

          Though the accusations, Pervert, Sexual Predator, and Liar are particularly ironic when defending Trump.

          • OK . . . OK . . . I admit I don’t watch Mayer so I don’t know whether Spitzer is a regular, or not?

            Spitzer did add class to Mayers’ show 🙂

      • From what I just read, Spitzer’s problem was with prostitutes, which some can call a perversion, but in realistic NV, it is legal except in the major metro areas. Friends got an all expense paid trip to a casino in Reno, and while they were there they got me a coffee cup that said it was from probably the most famous brothel in the world other than the “Chicken Ranch” in the great moral state of TX. I also got a T shirt that represents that I am a Quality Control inspector at the Ranch.
        Against the wishes of the Evangelicals, a bill was introduced in PA last session to make prostitution legal – that was for public health reasons, the same as it is in NV now. If they locked everyone up who had gone to one of these legal places, or across the border to the ‘boys towns’ in the border cities, and called it a perversion, then all of us Marines would probably qualify, as would at least half of the adult male population of the US. Even now we hear at least rumors of very respectable men taking their young sons to a prostitute so that they can learn by experience about the ‘facts of life”. Where and under what circumstance did you loose your virginity. Mine was when I was 14 and working flipping burgers in Estes Park, CO, when one of my bosses girl friends took me on a hike and found a place to sunbathe in the nude in a little clearing in the forest. She was a teacher from a small town in N. CA, and that made here guilty of statutory rape, but I did not complain. Then 10 years later while attending CO State U. I learned that under state law women reached age of consent at 18,while men did not reach that until they were 21, and I never, in my 5 years there (BS and MS) hear of any female students even accused of statutory rape. Then there were the female students who just pulled trains – far more frequent than you might suspect; then, when I was a TA, I was surprised at how many female students who wore mini skirts with no under ware – is advertizing all that good? When I saw that happening, I just took off my glasses and had trouble seeing beyond the end of my nose.

        Boys will be boys. Spitzers real crime was investigating Trump.

        How much did playboy trump spend to settle paternity or date rape suits? Paid by Trump Charities?

          • When ever and where ever a professional conference or convention where they will be mostly males with high rank and money you will also find a corresponding convention of prostitutes that make themselves and their services available, usually in the hotel or conference center bars, so some sweetie will come up to you and check to see if you want company. Just bisiness as usual. Some of them will be cops who will bust you for ‘solicittion’ which sometimes have fines which almost amount to black mail. While prostitution is officially illegal in Vegas,go to a convention there and you will find that as far as law enforcement goes, it is worth a wink and a nod – studies have reported that somewhere between 10 and 25% of the women in Vegas are engaged in the ‘sex trade’ depending on how it is defined.

            I just googled his name, and up came about 10 items on his prostitution history, and none even mentioned anything about him using underage girls which are also quite available in NYC and other major cities.

            In college towns there are always some co-eds who are putting them selves through working on their backs. They are usually the ‘safe’ ones because they can go to student health to get STD tests. I knew several while I was at CSU, and at TAMU, the way that the Corps of Cadets would make the money that they gave to charity was to go to the Chicken Ranch and rent a few of the workers, bring them back and put them up in rooms in the dorms, and this was well known to the very conservative administration. That was before it ‘integrated’ – became co-ed.

          • It is just one ot those things that is a big deal to some people, but if I condemned him I would be a hypocrit, just as most of the men who take this a big issue. What I would like to hear about is when Trump was a playboy and got freebees and then, how much he has had to pay them for their silence, or even how many headboards he has had to replace when the number of notches got to that critical number. How about these 3 marriages to eye candy – did he try them out first? I tried my 3 wives out first – two of them at their insistence. No big deal. I only paid for it a couple of times, and was probably date raped without complaining several times. Now, I am just off of meaningless sex. That is partly because of my sex addict gf who would take on all. She probably gave away a million worth before she probably discovered that it had commercial value. The estimate is that about 10% of all adult women are sex addicts, but men talk more about it.

    • And I just read the The Week Magazine that he praised the Filipino president, Duterte, for his actions in killing drug users and dealers, plus he told Duterte during a recent call that “North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un was a ‘madman’ and said the U.S. had ‘two nuclear submarines’ off the coast of North Korea. The locations of U.S. nuclear subs are normally kept secret.”
      This proclivity that he seems to have in that he gives away American secrets is scary….he has no curbs on what he says and doesn’t realize that he’s supposed to keep his big mouth shut about these things! Again, we’re going to end up in a war somewhere in the next year…..either that, or his budget will put us in another big depressions!

      • “Or”? Try “And”!

        Also, people will -die- under this nonsense, but according to the rich-asshole clique, they aren’t people because they aren’t rich!

        On to Maher; I hear tell he used a racist term then duly apologized. Alright. Look, there’s no other way to say it; Bill Maher is a bit of a douche. So was Chevy Chase. Like Chase, Maher makes himself somewhat more bearable by dint of his professional chops.

        I’m just going to leave it at that.

  2. For anyone chuckling at the ass-kissing done by certain other leaders, please remember how much mileage Putin got out of playing to Trump’s ego, and just how wretched the man’s reaction was when Macron denied Dumpster Fire’s attempt at a manhandling handshake.

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