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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Corey Lewandowski could barely suppress a knowing smirk this morning when the gang on Fox and Friends asked where “Drain the Swamp” — that popular campaign slogan, chanted lustily by Trump followers — now stands among the priorities for the incoming administration. Lewandowski delivers a surprisingly candid answer, perhaps because he knows where this conversation is going.

See, the former Trump campaign manager, CNN commentator, and Koch brothers minion is about to move from his New Hampshire home to Washington, D.C., where he plans to open his own little consulting outfit in that same ole swamp, collecting big bucks from special interests that want him to carry their contracts to the White House.

Yes, raking bucks is at the top of the Trump agenda now for family and friends of the president-elect; government reform, or “draining the swamp,” as the orange-colored con man bellowed at every rally — well, that’s sunk to the very bottom, just as we always expected.

Did someone say “Duh”?

Ignore the hosts’ ritual Trump butt-smooching and instead savor these few precious minutes on Fox, possibly the first and last time Lewandowski says something so painfully honest about his master on Murdoch’s network (or anywhere else).