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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

No matter what Donald Trump says or does, a certain segment of the public — we’re not going to call them stupid or ignorant — is ready to support him. To test the boundaries of this phenomenon post-election, Jimmy Kimmel’s “Lie Witness News” team ventured out to ask ordinary citizens about Trump’s (so far) fictional plans to redecorate the White House in the style of his own tacky properties. Like tearing down that musty old building and putting up a sharp new skyscraper with a cool penthouse and a big gold “T” on top.

Evidently Trump will be free to vandalize our national heritage the same way he defaced a national election. You may still be amazed to learn just how much the sheeple will accept.

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13 responses to “#EndorseThis: Should Trump Put A Big Gold ‘T’ On The White House?”

  1. HumansNeedToWakeUp says:

    HELL NO! Leave the White House alone, you big orange-skinned fuckface!

  2. says:

    the DUMPSTER will try to put his useless brand name on the white house and charge $ billions for it . the name connects to the useless DNA that a roach’s DNA is better then the dripping running trud of the DONNY DUMP’S FARTHER AND ALL THE CRAP AFTER THAT POS

  3. jsexton9 says:

    A big scarlet “A” would be more appropriate, and not necessarily with the meaning you might think.

  4. Box says:

    Its still a question? I thought it was automatic that he will paint the front gold, put a giant TRUMP HOUSE across the top and change the street and address to 1600 Trump Ave.

    • idamag says:

      I don’t suppose he would blow up Melania’s Hustler Magazine Photos for decoration or remove Washington, Lincoln, et al portraits and replace them with his own.

  5. ruth-stone says:

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