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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The GOP’s latest #Benghazi smoking gun revealed earlier this week illuminated two #shocking details.

First of all, the White House and the CIA agreed on their talking points in the immediate wake of the tragedy of the deaths of four Americans at a CIA outpost in Libya. Secondly, government officials sometimes may use talking points that end up being incorrect or even misleading.

For the party that spent years pushing the myth that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and this lie was somehow connected to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, this latter revelation was especially shocking.

We’ve known the extent of the tragic security failure in Benghazi since early 2013, after the release of the Accountability Review Board report authored by Republican diplomat Thomas Pickering and retired admiral Mike Mullen.

But for more than a year now, Republicans have tried to create a new Watergate that will completely destroy President Obama and Hillary Clinton out of the banal process of bureaucrats shaping talking points. Because nothing is more sacred to the GOP than the sanctity of marriage and talking points, at least that’s what they tell their mistresses.

On Wednesday, House Republicans attempted to get ahead of the announcement that over 8 million Americans have signed up for insurance through Obamacare exchanges while 4.8 million gained coverage since last year through Medicaid. They produced a report that said only 67 percent of people who chose coverage had paid for it, even though all evidence shows that at least 80 percent of new customers are paying.

The report was immediately debunked by anyone paying attention, and the insurance industry itself. And Republicans have even stopped trying to defend it after House Minority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) was caught using bad math on Twitter.


Republicans just hate misleading talking points.

That’s why after five years of Republicans saying that Obamacare would destroy jobs and bankrupt the country, we’re looking at the best year for job creation since 1999 and the deficit at a five-year low.

That’s why after years of using the deficit as excuse to cut off the long-term unemployed, slash food stamps and cut medical research, the House GOP is rushing to approve $300 billion in tax breaks for multinational corporations.

That’s why a judge took a look at the right’s case for voter IDs, which suggests that in-person voting fraud justifies erecting obstacles to voting, and found that it’s completely fake.

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  • Blake

    Their positions are also widely unpopular among the people most likely not to vote in mid-term election. I can’t say I blame the millennials. They have not seen a functioning government in their lifetimes, and they recognize soundbites and talking points. They have no reason to believe in government, but their apathy combined with the Republican agenda is a dangerous mix indeed.

    • Suralin

      Don’t paint all the millennials with the same brush. I, for one, am voting in November, and am encouraging my friends to do so.

      • JPHALL

        Thank you! Please vote for Democratic candidates.

      • FT66

        Bravo Suralin. You are really a citizen who knows the right anyone who is over 18 should practice. It is the weapon every voter holds, and why not use it when required.

      • FredAppell

        Good for you. There’s no greater weapon for Democracy than exercising your voice.

      • IKE SEMAYA

        We all have to push our friends in the Democratic Party and Independents to get out the vote and change this do nothing anti American Congress.

      • plc97477

        Great. I love the youth of today they are so awesome.

      • bckrd1

        Thank you because your generation will be the one to change the way the country is heading. Your generation will be the one to tell the big corps to go “f” themselves that you are not putting up with what they are trying to do to me, you and everyone else which is to make us all an income stream for corporations. Our politicians are doing that for them. I too am talking to every young person i can because this election is just as important as the main one. We must get a congress that will work with Obama.

    • Sand_Cat

      Unfortunately, you may have hit the nail on the head.

  • charleo1

    The GOP, prior to choosing an amateur, G.W. Bush, to play their leading man, had enjoyed a long and prosperous run on their decidedly off Broadway production of “Flinton.” The script, written for, and directed the monied aristocracy. Starred a charismatic William Jefferson Flenton as a small town, Police Chief from Hope Arkansas, that suddenly finds himself running a big city operation. Or, was the operation running him? “I’m taking you off the case, Harry!” “You’re just too dirty!” “I’ll take your gun, and badge, now.” Harry: “She was my partner, Chief.” “I’m on the case, I’ve got an extra badge and gun on my yacht.” Flinton: “Alright, you win.” “But I better not hear of you shooting anymore Nuns, accidental or otherwise, got that?” Harry: “Thanks Chief!” The elite crowd, with their front row seats, and backstage passes, loved the drama. Flenton furiously objecting, then giving in. And the comic relief, as the Chief chased skirts around the office, his rogue band of gun happy detectives, ran the town like an organized criminal enterprise. But as they say, and it’s true. All things must come to an end. And the Presidency of George W. Bush could not come to an end soon enough for the Country, our Allies, and the World. Only the military contractors cried like they had lost their best friend in the world. Because they had, actually. But now the white hot spotlight that comes with winning an overwhelming majority, began to reveal the warts, and ugly defects of a Democratic Party. That had been all too willing to play second banana to a Republican agenda that didn’t come with all the downside of going up against the same folks that had been financing their campaigns right along with their Republican opposition’s. And the similarities began to make themselves known right away in the Senate. It seemed Republicans under Clinton, got their lopsided trade deals, their welfare reform, their, “End to big government, as we know it.” And under Bush, they did anything they damn well pleased. But, suddenly the Dems were being frustrated, and blocked. And just couldn’t seem to overcome the, “Minority,” the American electorate has just made of the Republicans. Want to know what loses mid-terms? Polls taken during the excruciatingly painful, and drawn out healthcare debate, showed American by a 2/3 majority wanted a public option. And more than half supported a single pay, Medicare for all, government run system. While only 1/3 of those earning $500,000 dollars or more per year prefurred such a system. While the top half, of the top 1%, supported only small fixes to a system they thought should be mostly left alone. What I read, and hear most often by the younger generation, is they see very little difference between Democrats, and Republicans. And although they are wrong, at least partly. There is far too much cynicism, and disappointment contained within this demographic, to feel much optimism about this upcoming election this Fall. The Right is 100% negativity, 0% policy. Their base is coming out to oppose. The Left continues to need to give it’s broad, and varied core constituencies a reason to get out and vote for something other than, “Republican Light.”

    • jmprint

      Good Post. If we all take one person with us to the polls to vote, it would improve our odds. Don’t go alone, make it fun, make it work.

      • charleo1

        I love your attitude! It’s much better than mine today.

  • paulyz

    The number 1 Network for misleading Americans is MSNBC. They have been proven to be 85% Opinion, and only 15% Facts.

    • Buford2k11

      At least the Facts are correct and provable, and you have the numbers reversed…

    • browninghipower

      Ok, moron….take your meds, change your depends, and take a nap.

    • Grannysmovin

      Faux News 100% Opinion and Lies, 0% facts. As Reince Priebus said during the 2012 campaign, “We won’t be the party of fact-checkers,” .

    • jmprint

      By who? Can you show those facts? No you can’t! Because you are just like Cantor, Cruz, and the rest of mixed trash that thinks just because they repeat a lie, it will be the truth. LIAR, LIAR, Your pants are on Fire.

      • IKE SEMAYA

        You should remember the lie that is repeated time after time, becomes the truth to some, was instituted by the Nazi’s.

        • plc97477

          Who seem to be making a come back.

          • IKE SEMAYA

            The talking points of the Tea Party & Republicans are the ones who are continuing to talk and alerting the facts. Or even ignoring the facts, !!!!!!!!!!!! That is the who

    • Douglas Johnson

      Fifteen percent real facts is quantum leaps better than the provably false “facts” upon which Fox “News” relies. I can sort through MSNBC opinion, but it takes me forever to sort through Faux facts.

    • ps0rjl

      pauluz, does your mommy know you are trolling on the computer again?

      • plc97477

        She’s probably passed out again.

    • Irishgrammy

      I have read many of your plainly obtuse and totally false posts over the months. To say you are completely incorrect and seemingly purposely ignorant with your totally hyperbolic rhetoric, along with your bogus and ridiculous assertions, is a masterpiece of understatement! All anyone need do is look up facts, read history and watch with open eyes and listen with open ears, which, clearly you do NOT, nor clearly, do you have any interest in doing so which is painfully obvious to read!!! Just attack with the most outrageous lies and disseminate the contemptible fantasies of the far right and spread the false “talking points” emanating from the Faux noise machine by men like Roger Ailes and Karl Rove, Rove being one of the most contemptible political liars/operatives around, as they “give out” the morning marching orders directed to ditto-heads like you. Be honest with yourself, you just love sitting in anonymity posting your mindless/moronic comments for all to see, sticking your finger in everyone’s eye, thumbing your nose at truth and reality …….guess you need attention desperately, and even negative attention is better than none for someone so sadly misinformed and clearly confused!!!

      • Duckbudder

        I gave-up reading Paulyz long ago. Now I just flag, and move on.

      • Paul Bass

        As Granny used to say “Bad breath is better than no breath at all.”


      How about Fox News that is 100% lies, and says screw the facts.

    • ExRadioGuy15

      take your Fascist GOP propaganda and apologies for the Fascist GOP elsewhere, pauly….you’re embarrassing yourself 🙁 ssmdh

    • Independent1

      MSNBC is the most misleading news outlet?? Not according to two surveys done by Fairleigh Dickinson University. Both studies that
      the University ran showed clearly, that Faux News listeners were the worst informed people in America!!!! Even less informed than people who watched no news programs at all. And why, because Faux News MISLEADS ITS VIEWERS INTO BELIEVING LIES!!!!

      Focus on this statement from the study findings: “someone who watched only Fox News would be expected to answer just 1.04 domestic questions correctly — a figure which is significantly worse than if they had reported watching no media at all.”

      Here’s a snapshot on the study:

      Researchers at Fairleigh Dickinson University updated a study in 2013 that they had conducted in late 2011. That study only sampled respondents from New Jersey, where the university is located. This time, the researchers conducted a nationwide poll. The poll asked questions about international news (Iran, Egypt, Syria and Greece were included) and domestic affairs (Republican primaries, Congress, unemployment and the Keystone XL pipeline.)

      The pollsters found that people were usually able to answer 1.8 out of 4 questions on foreign news, and 1.6 of 5 questions on domestic news, and that people who don’t watch any news were able to get 1.22 of the questions on domestic policy right.

      As the study explained, though, people who watched only Fox News fared worse: all else being equal, someone who watched only Fox News would be expected to answer just 1.04 domestic questions correctly — a figure which is significantly worse than
      if they had reported watching no media at all. The study concluded that people who only watch Fox News are less informed than all other news consumers including those who watched MSNBC and even those who watched only local news broadcasts.

  • ExRadioGuy15

    As I’ve said and written many times: the GOP abandoned the truth, facts, logic, reason and common sense long ago in favor of Fascist propaganda, deflection, distortion, projection (a psychiatric ploy) and false equivalence. Projection, by the way, is the worst form of hypocrisy, something at which the GOP excel.
    Something else I’ve said and written many times: about two-thirds of the VOTERS in the Republican Party are Progressives (including the new category I created earlier this year, “secret Progressives”) and Moderates. The problem is that nearly ALL of the GOP politicians belong to the Conservative, Tea Party or Libertarian wings of the party. In fact, Bill Maher said something about this on his show, Real Time, back in December 2011, and it’s the truth: “the Democratic Party has moved to the right and the Republican Party has moved right into the insane asylum”. What it means is that the GOP Progressives and Moderates are truly represented by, wait for it, DEMOCRATS, now! When enough GOP “Progs” and “Mods” realize this and act accordingly (ie, not voting against their own best interests and instead voting for Democrats), the Republican Party will die a furious death.
    GOP Progs and Mods make up one of the three factions of the GOP, all of which who are at war with each other: “Cons” (Conservatives), Teaidiots/ Firebaggers (Tea Partiers/Libertarians) and Progs/Mods. Don’t be fooled when the media claim that the three factions are the “Establishment” GOP (who are mostly Cons), the Evangelical wing (who are also mostly Cons) and the “donor class” (mostly Cons, as well).
    One last ignominity for the Progressives and Moderates of the GOP: they make up two of the six subgroups that the rich, old white male Con power structure of the party consider to be “Useful Idiots”. The other four are: women, minorities, Teaidiots and Firebaggers….

    • catman

      You are correct in your assumption. The people who are going to be hurt the most are those who vote for the for right

    • toncuz

      Problem…those “progressive” Republicans are usually only “progressive” on one issue but feel they MUST vote for another. In other words, “I hate bogus wars for profit but will not vote for abortion”…or…”I believe in a woman’s reproductive choice but will not vote for socialism”. BOTH of these two examples have ECONOMICS involved. But, the Democrats have zero clue how to “divide and conquer”.

      The solution is actually quite simple. Progressives need a real ECONOMIC PLATFORM (for once) that anyone can look at and say, “I can vote for that” (even if it never comes to fruition, like the GOP’s promise of term limits and campaign finance reform that was immediately forgotten when the GOP won Congress in 1994).

      The “Single Tax” is the best idea I’ve seen to divide conservatives for a decade. It means, “tax assets…NOT INCOME”. Of course, some idiot will say, “but we have property taxes”. Yes…but we off-set them with income taxes.

      If ALL taxes were based on assets, there would never be an asset bubble (with great recession) again and unemployment would drop to ZERO as business expanded to reap tax free income on assets that were taxed heavily to make up the difference of ZERO INCOME TAX. This is a progressive idea that conservatives love. I have been touting this for a decade and finally it took Piketty’s 700 page book to convince others that hoarding assets destroys economies and nations.

      • ExRadioGuy15

        The “Asset Tax” is a fascinating idea…but, you can bet that, if it were up to the GOP Cons, they’d find thousands of loopholes, deductions and exemptions to avoid paying taxes on their assets. The current financial problems are attributable to one thing: the Bush 43 tax policies. So long as thousands of deductions, loopholes and exemptions are available, the wealthy and big corporations will use them to avoid paying taxes. So, the obvious answer is to close those exemptions, deductions and loopholes. And, if you’re going to write an Asset Tax law, it cannot contain ANY exemptions, loopholes and deductions….NONE…

        • toncuz

          Well…there should be ONE exemption. A homestead exemption. Anything beyond 1500 sq ft (the average home) per person constitutes hoarding and deserves taxation.

          It’s impossible to hide your 10,000 acres off-shore. Or your factory. Or anything else that you hoard/control that should be used to create community jobs and wealth. A liquor license, air-waves and such are franchise monopolies and should be taxed heavily until used to highest and best use…BUT…at tax free income. This would divide Cons for a generation if progressives push it.. If progressives don’t do this…Cons will…and win elections with it.

          • ExRadioGuy15

            As I wrote in my last comment, an asset tax would be fascinating. I do support a homestead exception, but for ONE home, your actual home.
            Regarding the rental of income property and an asset tax: that would make things WORSE! Think about it—if all you could do was tax the asset, the houses/property, and not income derived from it, the greedy landowners would RAISE the rent. If enough of them do it, it would create a market of artificially-high rents in the short-term. It would take millions of people living on the streets not being able to pay exorbitant rents before the landowners would realize that they need to lower their rents. So, in this case, we’d need a tax on rental property income and the asset itself to avoid high rents.
            But, my point from my last comment stands: not only do we need to have as few exemptions, loopholes and deductions from the asset tax as possible, we’d also need a clear definition of what “assets” are and which of them can be taxed. For instance: if someone owns a small business, is the business considered an “asset”? Or, in the case of factories, would the machinery used to produce items considered to be “assets” as well?
            Those are some of the reasons why I wrote that an asset tax is a “fascinating” idea. Like nearly every other idea, there are ways to pervert it or subvert its intention or intentions. On a basic level, it SOUNDS and LOOKS like a good idea. If written and enforced properly, an asset tax would spur spending and the growth of the economy. But, again, the law would have to be written in such a way so to as not to pervert or subvert the true intention of the law…

          • toncuz

            It’s well understood how owners would try to raise rents to recoup their taxes paid. That’s why “rental value” of anything should be considered an asset. It always was. Most asset taxes would be on rental value.

            Anything that can be monopolized should be taxed. Land, franchises, air-wave rights, liquor licenses etc…

            Now, what would happen is that market equilibrium would ensue. Landlords raise rents, people go to next lower rental housing. In fact…since land is an asset, every inner city, whose taxes are highest would experience an EXPLOSION of renovation or new building. There would be cheaper housing for just about everyone.

            Massive building in cities (where it belongs) would automatically save our green spaces…just another benefit of taxing things properly.

            Taxing assets forces the very people who control the economy to do something with those assets to bring them to highest and best use or turn them over to someone who will.

            And it’s all relative. The reason an average house today costs $230,000 is because we allow property hoarding by speculatory PARASITES who unduly and falsely inflate prices. The average home in America should be around $80,000, not $230,000.

            If Mary builds apartments on her 5000 sq ft inner city lot and John simply does nothing with his 5000 sq ft lot…their taxes would still be the same. Except Mary reaps tax free income and John is just “speculating” by sitting on his property hoping “someone else” increases the value. An asset tax makes the speculators PAY for being parasites on society. This is why an asset tax puts all asset bubbles to an end.

            If we had an asset tax in place, there never would have been the real estate AND banking collapse we saw in 2008…or any other asset collapse that destroys our economy every 15 to 20 years with “great recessions”.

            An asset tax would simply see more houses and factories built, more food grown and all prices come down to true market value as owners now have incentive to use their assets instead of sitting on them.

          • ExRadioGuy15

            First thing to remember regarding my last post: landowners would significantly raise rents, creating a massive short-term homeless situation. The “market equilibrium” you write of would come AFTER landowners piss everybody off by raising rents and creating that chaos.
            I reiterate: in order for your plan to work, the law would have to be well-written and anticipate any financial f*ckery. There’s something else the law would have to address: what about cash? Would savings accounts, IRAs, stocks, bonds, etc., be considered “assets”? Because, you can make a safe bet that, if those things aren’t considered “assets”, the wealthy and big corporations would find ways to hoard cash and wealth that way.

  • toncuz

    “the worst recession in 50 years that was definitely not prevented by,
    and was possibly even the result of, conservative policies.”

    Is that a joke? For twenty years STRAIGHT conservatives have been the majority in Congress with one deregulation and pro-business crime abdication of watch-dog responsibilities after another and the author writes, “possibly”????.

    Bill Clinton presided over a conservative majority Congress. Nancy Pelosi presided over a conservative majority Congress. Why do you think there is no public option? Why do you think Bush and Cheney are not in jail for war crimes?

    • jmprint

      Tell us, please

      • toncuz

        Do the math. One third of Democrats are DLC conservatives combined with a GOP that has literally become the corporate-fascist party (which is what they are called in every other nation) resembling Mussolini’s corporate statist organization.

        That’s a 65% conservative majority for TWENTY years straight. There’s only one group to blame for America’s fastest decline.

        • jmprint

          I was waiting for the reason that Bush and Cheney are not in jail for war crimes!

          • Sand_Cat

            It’s certainly not because they didn’t commit them.

          • jmprint

            Really, so it’s ok to lie to people to start a war to benefit yourself and your buddies? WOW

          • Sand_Cat

            Are you sure you read my reply?

          • jmprint

            aah I get it., sorry.

  • melloe

    I am pretty pleased with what the left has been able to do considering the opposition. Too bad the jobs bills and much more never got passed, that the Republicans try to stop any bill that might conceivably make Obama look good….as it would be a different country. A better country. People literally have to die as a result of their inaction. The turtle and boner will have much to answer for.

    • Dominick Vila

      Part of the GOP agenda included a deliberate strategy to ensure the economy did not improve. Devoid of viable solutions or a vision, their only recourse is to impede progress. They know that a strong economy and solid job creation are the kiss of death for them, and they are doing everything they can to make sure that does not happen, even if doing so means impacting our standard of living, our ability to compete with other countries, and making ends meet. They like to talk about impeachment, considering what they have done during the last decade or so, perhaps we should consider it. Some of the things they have done border on high treason, which is an impeachable offense. From delegating responsibility to attend the daily national security briefings (dereliction of duty that facilitated 9/11), to refusal to consider investment in infrastructure, the Veterans Jobs Act, and every proposal put forth to expedite our economic recovery, the GOP record is one of anti-Americanism that deserves a lot more scrutiny than the “scandals” they have cooked up.

  • atc333

    One of these days the Democrats will wake up and start attempting to pass legislation to rebuild infrastructure, roads, bridges, overpasses, the national electrical grid, as well as invest in research and development of more efficient forms of wind, solar, and tidal energy., as well as education reform. Obviously, If passed, the consequences of this legislation would be the creation of many more jobs, higher employment, and more tax revenues as well as less people on “the dole” as the GOP likes to claim. One issue will be how to fund it, which should be through tax reform, resulting in increased tax revenues, as well as a much fairer and uniform tax structure for the rich and corporations. Obviously. this legislation will result in GOP filibusters in the Senate, and it it even makes it to the House, it will die, as the GOP bands together to protect the rich, and Corporate America,, as well as to block any legislation which would result in the rebuilding of our economy under Obama.

    Therein lies the talking points to get those Americans out to vote who are now simply struggling to survive. Show them a solution, a way to prosperity. Educate these voters with the facts, how the Right wing has nothing more than recycled failed economic theory for 2016, and offer them a real choice, a solution, and the prospects of a better future, and these struggling voters will take the time get out the vote. Talk to these voters, not talk at them. Show them solutions, not failed economic theories. and nothing but politics as usual.

    • Dominick Vila

      The Obama administration proposed investment in infrastructure and in alternative energy sources to no avail. With Republicans in control of the House, and the distinct probability of them controlling the Senate, the chances of Democrats writing and passing legislation to modernize our infrastructure, improve our competitive posture, and create jobs are slim to none. That is, unless a Republican wins in 2016 at which time they are likely to pursue everything we proposed, we special focus on helping their wealthy friends.

      • atc333

        I was aware of this. My point is that the Democrats need to keep bringing it up again, and again, educating the Voting Public that the GOP is the problem, and not the solution. After all, if the GOP House can vote 52 time to repeal Obamacare, the Democratically controlled Senate can repeatedly bring up the same legislation for job creation and rebuilding infrastructure, blaming the GOP for the many deaths caused by collapsing bridges. and other failing structures. Sooner or later the Public will catch on and pay attention as to why no job creation legislation is being passed.

  • ThomasBonsell

    Sure, the right is “pro-life”and cares about the unborn, preborn or to-be-born.

    When the Affordable Care Act began operation, it provided health-care coverage to thousands of pregnant women, but the right’s screaming point was, “Why should I pay for the health care of pregnant women when I can’t get pregnant?” Of course that care they screamed about was pre-natal care for the unborn, preborn or to-be-born. They were silent on the fact that we all paid for the heart transplant for Dick Cheney even though very few of us needed a heart transplant ourselves.

    Those guardian of the unborn, preborn and to-be-born in the House of Representatives have voted about 50 times to take away this prenatal care for thousands of unborn, preborn and to-be-born innocent “babies.”

    Yes, they really care about life.

    • Sand_Cat

      Not only that, but I for one wouldn’t pay to waste a heart on Dick Cheney regardless of whether or not I may “need” on someday.

  • Irishgrammy

    If I hear the word Benghazi or IRS one more time out of the mouth of Darrell Issa, I swear I am going to kick the TV. I have not only watched many of the “episodes” presented by the clown show from Issa’s committee, along with a big bottle of antacids, I have read many investigative pieces written about the Benghazi incident done by investigative journalists, this one from the NY Times the best written by David Kilpatrick
    The money being wasted, the time taken away from very busy people trying to keep this country safe directed ad nauseam by Issa and his far right Tea Baggers on this joke of a committee is beyond insufferable……The obvious “acting” done last week ( Jason Chaffetz of Utah deserves a big shout out for a particularyly laughable acting stint of faux outrage) by members on the committee was some of the most transparent phony outrage I have witnessed in some time of watching these jokers and of course there is Issa making his unsubstantiated charges… will history explain this charade?????……. AND, has the biggest culprit to me, the House of Rep., have the funds that were cut by this Tea Bagger House to protect embassies around the world, have those funds been restored to the level they need to be?????? Hell no…….There are so many complicated issues here, these horrible so called “representatives” continue to confuse, obfuscate, and outright lie to complicate a complicated issue to an even more over stressed American public, as GOPTP desperately try to create a scandal to pin on the President and on Sec. Clinton. All for purely contemptible POLITICAL reasons, while it confounds and bewilders the vast majority of Americans who do not understand the issues and probably care even less! Issa keeps saying along with Faux Phony news and the far right noise machine “Benghazi”, “scandal”,
    “IRS” blah, blah, blah as these idiots well know an uniformed and overstressed populace, believe something “must” be wrong……..well NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, actually. All one has to do is read, inform one self…….It becomes pretty clear….. BUT as with everything the GOPTP is infamous for, lying and distortion relentlessly are the only tried and true methods the GOPTP for a weak political party that has NOTHING else to improve the American condition, and have and will continue to use, and this waste of time will go on and on, and on………… The GOPTP methods and means are a massively huge disservice to the country, and to all those doing their job in very difficult and extremely dangerous places…..

    • Dominick Vila

      This morning I saw evidence on Facebook of what is likely to be the GOP campaign strategy against Hillary Clinton in 2016. Someone posted a horrible picture of a burned body (the face was not visible) claiming it was Ambassador Stevens, with people apparently desecrating the body. The caption was directed at “Killary” and claimed that Stevens was burned, raped, and cattle prodded, while Hillary did nothing. Never mind that the body of Amb Stevens was carried to a local hospital where he was administered CPR to no avail, and that a CIA operative and his team did arrive in Benghazi to help our besieged ambassador. Does anyone recall similar posting after 9/11/01 when 3,000 people were slaughtered on U.S. soil while our “war President” was being whisked from one undisclosed location to another and our former VP was hiding in a bunker? I wonder why we never hear anything about the 12 terrorist attacks against U.S. diplomatic facilities in the Bush era…
      Honestly, you have to admire the courage of a party and politicians whose record on terrorism would be enough to disqualify anyone from ever running again, to even touch this subject. And that they do with great effectiveness. Is it ignorance, amnesia, or ideological leanings so powerful that we ignore the most devastating examples of political ineptitude and focus instead of topics that should not even make the front pages of a local paper?

      • Irishgrammy

        Dominick, you have brought out my biggest point that just sets my hair on fire and is my number one issue with the Democratic Party and any and all Independents, Progressive, Liberals or any lover of TRUTH!!!!!!! I know these obscene right wing groups do this kind of stuff with what you are describing, it is beyond dishonest, it is beyond contemptible, there actually needs to be a new word created for that kind of blatant and extreme vicious lying……………BUT what I want desperately to hear and see happening, is the Democratic Party and others who are responsible and want only the truth no matter where the facts and truth lead, to speak OUT AND CALL OUT THESE GROUPS, LYING POLITICIANS, CHEATERS AND VILE CREATURES and EXPOSE every ONE of them and name names!!! EXPOSE it EVERY time it happens, show the evidence to the truth of the whatever lie is being put out to the public through ALL forms of media, i.e., fight the Hell back! I have just had enough of the viciousness of the right in all they do to diminish the President, large segments of the American people, respected institutions, necessary agencies in government that work hard and are needed to insure the safety and well being of us all, or all those who don’t and never will “support” the GOPTP’s twisted vision of what America should be, and I just can’t stand the ambivalent, bullied browbeaten behavior of the Democratic Party and all those politicians keeping silent anymore. Whose ever Facebook page that posted such a vile and vicious lying lie, he/her should be reported and brought down by the truth of the matter which is easily accessible…….and yes I know this kind of creature will sling his lies back as his sick “truth”, but fighting back is imperative at this time in this country. One can simply go back to Reagan’s tenure, 11 incidents of US Embassies bombed, hijackings, and the bombing of Flight 103 over Lockerbie including the bombing of the US Embassy in Beirut killing 63 in April 1983 and barely 6 months later the Marine Barracks in Beirut bombed with 241 AMERICANS MARINES killed!!!! Lapse in intel????????????????? Reagan incompetence???????? It seems to me there should have been some in depth investigation from congress then, but I sure don’t remember anything to compare to what is going on with this Benghazi insanity from these Republican phonies in congress……And certainly no finger pointing suggesting the most obscene accusations directed at the President and Sec. of State Clinton were ever directed towards Pres. Reagan and his Sec. of State Geo. Shultz!!! It’s just outrageous, disgusting filth from these Republicans and Tea Bagger types and I have had more than enough!

        • plc97477

          I have one problem with your desires. Although the right swears we have a liberal media, there is none. Without a voice to help get out the truth we have nothing. If we did get a voice it would be drowned out by the idiots on the right.

      • pisces63

        I have written letters to George Will and Krauthammer as a rebuttal for their columns and asked for the ones on those 12 attacks under Bush and their righteous indignation for those deaths. Especially the ones in Saudi Arabia a ‘friendly’ nation. Surprise. Surprise. No answer.

        • Dominick Vila

          I hope you didn’t really expect an answer from them. As far as conservatives are concerned, what happened when they were in control of the White House and Congress was an accident of nature. Something they could not control and had nothing to do with. It was the work of a boogeyman, and the best thing we can all do is to ignore and pretend it never happened. Benghazi, on the other hand, was an unprecedented terrorist attack where four Americans lost their lives. In the peculiar world of Republican logic, facts and the Constitution matter when they support their position on issues important to them. As for their record, well, that belongs in the history books and are not something we should be concerned with.

        • docb

          Conservative screamers screen their mail! Do not expect a reply..They do not do that! Strictly hit and run!

          In the past I tried to correspond with some of the most egregious, the only response I got was for donations to the cause or a campaign!

  • Dominick Vila

    The GOP does have an agenda, what they don’t have is a record or a platform to run on. Their agenda has been to impede progress, support or expand the interests of the elite, and tarnish President Obama’s record. Their record, which ranges from 9/11/01 to lies to justify the invasion of countries that had nothing to do with that tragedy, to economic policies that contributed to the near collapse of the U.S. economy, is not something they can mention or run on. Their strategy, from the day President Obama was inaugurated in January 2009, has been centered on relentless attacks, distortions, bizarre statements, and overt lies. Without a credible record their only recourse is to invent scandals, and that they have managed to do with great effectiveness thanks to the naivete of a large segment of our population and a complicit media that seldom, if ever, challenges their claims.

  • Bambi

    Misleading is ok for some as long as you have journalists who back you up and an audience that supports it. It’s the people who decide what is legitimate and what is dishonest. What is misleading and what is spot on. Or at least, it used to be. It’s the journalists that hold the ethics moral compass. It’s the journalists who are charged with knowing and embracing the the First Amendment liberties, where truth and justice serve as the impetus for reporting it. And as long as we continue to allow deception in reporting the news for political gain, where sensationalism trumps the truth, those news agencies and the misrepresentations they willingly embrace without questioning the “misrepresenter” will be left with no redeeming qualities.

  • Jack Hughes

    What’s known as the Republican Party is in reality a 24/7/365/4D propaganda operation with a relatively unimportant political subsidiary attached to it. Unlike a real political party, their “policy” is now subservient to their propaganda instead of vice verse.

    In fact, Republicans have for all practical purposes forsaken actual policy — other than policies that maximize the wealth of the donors who fund the operation — in favor of intellectually dishonest propaganda and mindless pandering to kooks and rubes.

  • bcarreiro

    their 5 point plans always lead back to them.

  • ExRadioGuy15

    In case I haven’t posted this before: the GOP use Fascist “gaslighting” propaganda to fool millions into thinking that they, the GOP, are not Fascists. That’s why the title of this article is true, “The GOP agenda is a talking point designed to mislead the American people”…

  • … & they still don’t know by now? I mean, voters who vote for conservatives? Wha, is there some sort of heavenly (or netherworldly) benefit they get for sacrificing their health, wealth, safety, the safety of their family, friends, neighbors, even their honor & pride? For those who care nothing about them?! For we Liberals, we have an excuse, as the phenomenon of money has only recently started trickling over to Liberal candidates, for the same reason: bend our political system into corruption. So, the solution? We Liberal/Progressives already know… But we can’t do it alone… or can we?!