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Tuesday, March 26, 2019


If Mitt Romney had a penchant in his youth for masquerading as a state police officer — and there is reason to believe he did — then he seems to have attracted staffers with that same peculiar fantasy over the years. During the summer of 2007, months before the general public paid much attention to the Republican presidential candidates, Romney’s 2008 campaign stumbled into a scandal that led to the resignation of a top staffer accused of impersonating a state trooper, and allegations of similar misconduct by at least two others.

A former gubernatorial aide to Romney at the Massachusetts state house who served as his “body man” in the early stages of the 2008 primary campaign, Jay Garrity provoked several reporters with thuggish behavior that led to investigations of his conduct in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. New York Times reporter Mark Leibovich accused Garrity of  waving his car over and ordering him to “veer off” from a campaign motorcade, claiming that he had “run” the license plate of Leibovich’s car.

Then the Boston Globe reported that Garrity was under investigation by the Massachusetts state police after someone identifying himself as “Trooper Garrity” had called a local plumbing company to complain about the driver of the firm’s van. As these charges unfolded, the Boston Herald (a Republican-leaning daily) revealed that Garrity had sported a fake badge and distributed others to Gov. Romney’s staff, which they used to pass police lines and — at least once — to avoid paying a toll.

Three years earlier, Garrity had been fined by Boston police who found flashing red and blue lights, multiple police radios, a siren plus public address system, and a police baton emblazoned with the Connecticut state seal in his illegally parked car, which they discovered downtown in the early morning hours on St. Patrick’s Day. On that occasion, Garrity paid “hundreds of dollars” in fines and the incident passed.

After prosecutors in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire announced that they were probing the aide’s conduct, he resigned from the Romney campaign in June 2007 — never to be heard from again in politics, although he was eventually cleared of criminal charges. Evidently he hadn’t really called in Leibovich’s plate numbers, as a state police officer might have done, which would have been unlawful, but had only pretended to do so.

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29 responses to “Fake Badges And Worse: Mitt’s Other Trooper Scandal”

  1. serge says:

    They’ve shit for brains. So sayeth I…

    • CPANY says:


      You’re mistaken. They’re a bunch of elitist pricks, but they’re not stupid. Never underestimate your enemy.

      • serge says:

        You know, you make a good point, but I tend to ascribe things to certain natural laws (in this case Hanlon’s Razor:

        “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”



  2. William Deutschlander says:

    Well, after all they were only pretending to be law enforcement.

  3. Lynda says:

    That bunch seems to have a problem with dress-up. I too used to play with dolls and wear costumes, but I put aside such childish notions before puberty. Mitt and his crew get stranger and stranger each and every day. I can hardly wait for the next revelation.

  4. DIMITT WRONGLY for the USA President!

    What a crsis that would create!

  5. Elsa says:

    I wonder how often Mit and his staff laughed together over their mean behaviors?

  6. And just think………… Big Money is just liable to insert this kind of abusive wacko in the White House.

    Those of you who think staying home rather than voting, and indignantly crossing your arms and declaring that not enough has been done, too many promises unfulfilled, so you’re going to vote for someone else in your self-righteous snit, will IMPROVE things in this country…….. are out of your minds.

    • DurdyDawg says:

      Well if you investigate.. The greatest weapon they have when they predict a win is how many millions they raised in relation to the opponents.. Sounds to me like money will determine this election unless the people get out, vote then make the lawgivers understand that it will be won by popular vote and not some electoral college. Who we vote in will not be who some of us would have wanted but in reality those who pick for us to choose don’t care whether we benefit or not (the so-called ‘trickle down’ theory).

  7. Oh, so that’s why Willard doesn’t think we need more police. All we have to do is wear our own fake badges!

  8. Blue says:

    Mitt-the-bully-haircut Romney, doesn’t want President, Barack H. Obama, to hire anymore police, firefighters, teachers, because he no doubt has those uniforms, ready to wear along with his evil teenage cronies and university thugs, that wear trooper uniforms when we are all sleeping, so they can get away with God only knows the kind of lawbreaking he is up to in America.

  9. daffodilly says:

    When there were odd rumors about Bill Clinton pre-election, the Republicans were on him like stink on a skunk. And they never let up until Newt and his merry men got him impeached. Is this the treatment that needs be given Mitt the Twit? Are Democrats and Liberterians mean spirited and vile enough to behave as Republicans? It doesn’t seem that will be necessary. It appears Mitt and his cronies will handle that task quite nicely all by themselves!

    • phantomoftheopera says:

      and therein lies another big difference between the republicans and democrats. republicans don’t seem to think that anything is sacred, and lying and distorting everything possible is justified. the dems, on the other hand, being good liberals, believe that everyone has good inside, so one shouldn’t become rabid toward them.

  10. Shirley says:

    This guy is more than scary! There are too many sides to this man. Vote Obama 2012!

  11. deke4 says:

    Yes, Bush said, and I paraphrase, he would prefer a presidency without any checks and balances, and for the most part that is exactly what he had. I fear “The Police State Cometh”.

  12. Laur says:

    Well, didn’t Mittens say something just last week about “what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander”? Whenever a Republican does something or is rumored to have done something unacceptable, any question of the behavior is met with all sorts of false equivalency in the name of being “fair”. I don’t think it is vile for the Democrats to hammer away on this and other stories about Mitt’s bad behavior. The haircut story, the story about Seamus being strapped in a crate on top of the family car for a 10-hour drive, Bain Capital’s looting companies for profit and then shutting them down and putting 1,000’s of people out of work–all of it is not only fair game, but essential information that tells us about what values are behind Mitt’s behavior over time. It paints a portrait of his character as a person who wants to be POTUS. I say that this definitely IS the treatment that needs to be given Mitt the Twit. To not use a weapon that has been demonstrated effective against a Democrat against a Republican would be foolhardy on our part. If there is a weapon at our disposal–use it.

  13. Dam Spahn says:

    This is the best the Repugs can do? A rich dork? Money can’t unbuy stupid.

  14. spamonwry says:

    This Rummney character looks to be another GWBush, with just one exception: he was a successful Wall Street Bandit! If you look @ his background, it’s a little better than shrub’s, but this police impersonation thing is pretty scary. Makes him sound almost like a Hitler youth! What’s most scary ab out this guy is his constant unapologetic mantra of obvious and blatant fabrications, misrepresentation and outright lies. If he gets elected, he’ll do nothing to help our economy or the working people; only the corporations and the robber barons who own. them. You would think that even the endlessly credulous tea partiers and religious conservatives would recognize hypocrisy, but they continue to support candidates who are openly against the interests of the middle class. My guess is that Mittens will be much, much worse than GWB43/Dirty Dicky Cheney were…. The nutcases in the House of Reps will get a real chance to destroy 75 years of progress by destroying all of the social safety nets, eliminate public schools as best they can, and let the American infrastructure fall apart.

    • DurdyDawg says:

      Oil is a successful commodity as well, especially when you can pounce on another country using credit, kick the usurpers out in order to elect specific usurpers that favors selling you their oil at bargain prices so you become the middle man and pass the oil onward according to gawd awful profits.. Sounds like an oil bandit to me. And yes, Mittens is nothing more than what we had in 2000 – 2008 and he will be more than willing to prove it if he somehow turns the corrupt voting ballots in his favor. Expect atrocities’ that you never thought humans would stoop to in this election year.

  15. dljones says:

    What an excuse to write about a non event. What does this have to do with today’s egg prices.

  16. faye says:

    rich state police officer lol

  17. Hillbilly says:

    Here is another thought about Romney. Do any of you remember Romney’s answer when a reporter ask him what was his plans for the Country if elected and Romney replied “If you knew that, you wouldn’t vote for me” . He made this statement during the time they were still voting to see who would be the Republican candidate for President. I can’t remember the time and place when he said this but that reply stayed in my memory. Now is the time for every one to start demanding that the question be answered and see if he answer the question and to also demand that he explain his answer to the reporter. Romney should scare everyone, his actions and his words should even make the people that support him to stop and think “Do I really want to vote forsome one that has done the things that Romney has done to hurt other people or done things that break the law and then say they were just pranks. Do I really want to vote for man that says if I knew what his plans for the Country were I wouldn’t vote for him” because if they don’t think about these things then they are as scary as Romney is.

  18. If he wanted to be in uniform so bad, why was he afraid of wearing a military uniform by getting 4 deferments and running away to France to avoid the Vietnam war?

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