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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The FBI and U.S. intelligence agencies are examining faked documents aimed at discrediting the Hillary Clinton campaign as part of a broader investigation into what U.S. officials believe has been an attempt by Russia to disrupt the presidential election, people with knowledge of the matter said.

U.S. Senator Tom Carper, a Democrat on the Senate Homeland Security Committee, has referred one of the documents to the FBI for investigation on the grounds that his name and stationery were forged to appear authentic, some of the sources who had knowledge of that discussion said.

In the letter identified as fake, Carper is quoted as writing to Clinton, “We will not let you lose this election,” a person who saw the document told Reuters.

The fake Carper letter, which was described to Reuters, is one of several documents presented to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Department of Justice for review in recent weeks, the sources said.

A spokeswoman for Carper declined to comment.

As part of an investigation into suspected Russian hacking, FBI investigators have also asked Democratic Party officials to provide copies of other suspected faked documents that have been circulating along with emails and other legitimate documents taken in the hack, people involved in those conversations said.

A spokesman for the FBI confirmed the agency was “in receipt of a complaint about an alleged fake letter” related to the election but declined further comment. Others with knowledge of the matter said the FBI was also examining other fake documents that recently surfaced.

U.S. intelligence officials have warned privately that a campaign they believe is backed by the Russian government to undermine the credibility of the U.S. presidential election could move beyond the hacking of Democratic Party email systems. That could include posting fictional evidence of voter fraud or other disinformation in the run-up to voting on Nov. 8, U.S. officials have said.

Russian officials deny any such effort.

In addition to the Carper letter, the FBI has also reviewed a seven-page electronic document that carries the logos of Democratic pollster Joel Benenson’s firm, the Benenson Strategy Group, and the Clinton Foundation, a person with knowledge of the matter said.

The document, identified as a fake by the Clinton campaign, claims poll ratings had plunged for Clinton and called for “severe strategy changes for November” that could include “staged civil unrest” and “radiological attack” with dirty bombs to disrupt the vote.

Like the Carper letter, it was not immediately clear where the fraudulent document had originated or how it had begun to circulate.

On Oct. 20, Roger Stone, a former Trump aide and Republican operative, linked to a copy of the document on Twitter with the tag, “If this is real: OMG!!”

Benenson’s firm had no immediate comment. Craig Minassian, a spokesman for the Clinton Foundation, said the document was “fake.” He said he did not know if the FBI had examined it.

Stone did not respond to emails requesting comment.

A spokesman for the Clinton campaign, Glen Caplin, said the document was a fake and part of a “desperate stunt” to capitalize on the leak of Democratic emails by Wikileaks.

The developments highlight the unusually prominent role U.S. law enforcement and intelligence agencies have played in a contentious election and an ongoing debate about how public they can or should be about their inquiries.

FBI Director James Comey, a Republican appointed by President Obama, touched off an outcry from Democrats last week when he alerted Congress that agents had found other emails that could be linked to an inquiry into Clinton’s use of a private email server when she was Secretary of State, effectively re-opening an investigation he had closed in July.

(Editing by Kevin Krolicki, John Walcott, Toni Reinhold)

IMAGE: U.S. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speaks about the FBI inquiry into her emails during a campaign rally in Daytona Beach, Florida, U.S. October 29, 2016.  REUTERS/Brian Snyder

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132 responses to “FBI Probing Fake Documents Distributed To Damage Clinton Campaign”

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  4. Jinmichigan says:

    So we are supposed to be able to trust the FBI now? Right.

  5. Grannysmovin says:

    Why is the FBI investigating this, they are in “Trumpland” and can no longer be trusted to do their job responsibly. I wouldn’t let them investigate a bowl of rice pudding.

    • rvn_sgt6768 says:

      So true Granny, but think of the end game here ok? If we can destroy the credibility of one of the pillars of the Constitution (rule of law), then we are moving so close to destroying what makes us (US) Great. No rule of law then all of drumpf’s troubles simply go away win or lose. This is nothing more than an accelerated plan of what the Koch Bro’s have been doing city by city, county by county, state by state. Fred Koch was one of the founding father’s of the John Birch Society. Many of their beliefs parallel repuglicans. Show me where and when the repuglicians have done anything to help anyone other than themselves in the past 30 years. They can not govern, get along with anyone else either here or abroad, turn on their own in a heartbeat. Truly a basket of deplorables.

  6. says:

    where are we living ? A democracy??????????/ if this is a democracy where the FBI can side with a Russian PUTTHEAD to fix a PRES. race all while the GOP gang of pinheads and idiots do all thy can in lies to make someone look bad (and admitted it ) its not a democracy . its more like a dictatorship being run by so many from with in and with out the country . and then there are these millions of brain dead people that seem to think its ok to do this wanting a Pres. that rape’s and beats women (has charges of raping a 13 year old girl ) has con , fraud and scam case’s in court not waiting to be heard puts down women all kinds of races and faith of people . puts down war hero’s and VETS all the time being a 5 time draft dodger coward even putting down the POPE . this country’s people seem to all have went retarded at once . and wont understand how stupid and brain dead thy are till its too late . then thy will cry and who will thy blame ? thy are so stupid thy wont blame anyone that is at fault thy will blame the DEM party for them being such big moron idiots . go figga

  7. Jake Hawkes says:

    I have lost all confidence in the FBI.
    They need to clean house over there and start over.

  8. loveofcountry says:

    The FBI cannot and could not move forward with an effective and though investigation because Loretta Lynch thwarted their efforts.
    Honest FBI agents were outraged that they were not able to do their job. The FBI is not political. An acting Department of Justice meeting with an actor in an investigation, they tried to do this secretly, they banned all journalists and cameras, but someone was able to see and take iPhone pictures. Our country has been corrupted starting at the top. This is why Trump has such appeal. People are just sick and tired of hidden agendas and no transparency.
    Hillary did this to herself.

    • jmprint says:

      Non-transparency Trump is not a better choice. The republicans have been altering documents since the Benghazi investigations, trying to pin anything on Hillary. Gowdy altered a classified document, and “Clinton Cash” is full of innuendos, and the agents that are involved are Trump supporters, trying to find facts in a book that is fiction.

    • loveofcountry says:

      Ask yourself this? is there anyone that could convince you that Hillary is dishonest. Anyone. If your answer is no,
      I think you just do not want to believe.

      • RED says:

        So, moron, yeah there are plenty of things that thinking people can critique Hillary Clinton for. Unlike sick Cons we are not blind followers. But I understand why you ignorant Cons have trouble seeing that since it so contrary to the make-up of a sick Con. But the critiques of Hillary Clinton we have are real substantive issues, not made up right garbage that is sold to morons who couldn’t find their own hometown on a world map. And the problem is not just the laughable & ridiculous right wing nut job conspiracy theories, it’s also that your frigging solution is Trump? Seriously, your solution to a politician who has taken lots of money from donors, like EVERY OTHER POLITICIAN, right or wrong, and your solution is elect someone who is the most ignorant, damaged, narcissistic, sociopath ever? Really? It’s “hey Hillary took money, so let’s take our chances with a moron who might start nuclear war and the annihilation of the human race.” Only ignorant sick Cons could be so frigging stupid!

        • loveofcountry says:

          Nuclear annihilation of the human race? Do you mean the nuclear deal that Obama made with the Iranians that gave them a billion dollars? By the way, Trump is not a politician. That is why his appeal is so wide spread. We are sick of lying politicians on both sides.

          • Jim Samaras says:

            Gimme dats will vote for their EBT cards, Sect. 8 housing, & gubbmint checks.
            Vagina-wielding fascists will vote for another vagina-wielding fascist.
            Illegal aliens will vote for amnesty and citizenship, then become gimme dats.
            University-indoctrinated snowflakes will vote for Socialism and safe spaces.
            Gun grabbers will vote for disarming citizens while they keep security forces.
            MSM followers will vote against Trump; he said something bad 10 years ago.
            Socialists and Communists will vote for Communism.
            Globalists will vote for a One World Socialist Government.
            Tree huggers will vote for spending trillions on the Climate Change hoax.
            Brain-dead hippies from the 1960s will vote for Utopia and legal pot.

            Every group is voting Hillary for their own self interest without regard for others and certainly not for America’s best interests. And certainly not because they love Hillary.

          • sharkbait4711 says:

            Let’s run down your list – which is highly inaccurate and your ignorance is clearly showing.
            – Govt assistance – do you realize that 27% of those on govt. assistance are our own military? 57% are medically or mentally challenged. Less than 7% don’t actually deserve the assistance they receive. So by all means let’s cut govt. assistance to all our military families and handicapped so we can get that 7% off welfare. Oy vey you’re a moron.
            – Vagina welding fascists – so a narcisist 3rd leg swinging a$$hat that rapes women is acceptable to you?
            – Illegal aliens – if you’re not a 100% native indian – shut up.
            – Intelligent educated individuals understand the principles of economics and that Repubs trickle down is a big trickle don’t. See Bush/Cheney Admin and the recession that stupid unfounded theory put us in.
            – President Obama nor future Madam President Clinton has never stated – “we want to collect all guns”. They support common sense gun laws and so do most Americans. The NRA thugs continue to spew forth lies about collection and yet NONE of that has happened nor will. Get a grip. I can’t buy a grenade but I can buy a AR that will kill more than a grenade with a single clip – how on earth does that make any kind of sense? It doesn’t. I’m a concealed weapons permit owner and have quite a collection myself but not AR’s – they are dangerous and shouldn’t be sold to the general public at large and especially without a background checks.
            – Trump has said and done horrible things all of his life. We only need to go back 10 minutes to see this – not just 10 years.
            – Democracy not socialism or communism – there’s a difference look it up – google it since you obviously missed this in high school – assuming you at least have a high school diploma.
            – Climate control is not a hoax – if you stepped out of your Mom’s basement you might figure this out on your own but its doubtful. Big Oil continues to perpetuate lies about this too.
            – Medical marijuana should be legal but Big Pharma can’t put a patent on a plant so they have perpetuated all the lies about how bad it is. It’s not a gate-way drug but cigarettes have been proved to be and yet they are still made and sold.
            – You state every group voting for Clinton is self serving but yet you appear to be supporting the biggest self serving jerk we’ve seen in our life time. He manhandles women, he hasn’t paid taxes in decades, he’s left hundreds of people unpaid for work he’s capitalized on – latest was a former campaign manager that he owes over $700k to – and he’s in bed with Russia and its autocrat leader Putin. Oh Agent Orange’s own economic plan has been reviewed by several economic strategists left and right and would give himself and those at the top more reductions and up our federal deficit.

            So please tell us all who exactly is self serving now??


          • Jim Samaras says:

            Okay, fair is fair. Let’s run down yours

            Clearly numbers can be manipulated in anyones favor. 57% more African-Americans are on welfare than before Obama. Manipulation? Perhaps, but so are yours

            Vaginas… rape stories as valid as the stories of HC on a plane with young ladies en route as sex slaves

            Trickle down economics work better than Socialism…see Venezuela

            How about sticking to the myriad of gun laws already in place and intensify jail time for criminals who use them during a crime. Or are you afraid the African-American populace will be unduly persecuted?

            Horrible things….HC was a nun when she laughed about her defense of an obviously guilty rapist of a 12 year old girl? Threatening accusers of her husbands, ahem, indiscretions? We don’t have enough room here for me to continue….

            Democracy nor socialism….today’s democracy is nothing short of socialism/communism as seen by the Democratic party who’s sole intention is to pander for votes. Very thinly veiled as democracy.

            Climate change is nothing more than todays Y2K except longer lasting with no end and a great profit center for insiders on the left.

            I’m of the belief that all Marijuana should be legalized and could be persuaded to agree with your assessment that Big Pharma and their lobbyists could be the culprit and if you don’t believe HC is in bed with them then put the pipe down.

            Tell me why a man like Trump with all the ability in the world to live a stress free existence for the rest of his life would want this job other than his seeing the injustice being perpetrated upon the American people by both sides of the isle


          • loveofcountry says:

            Thank you for taking the time to write this. Unfortunately it will fall on deaf ears, or blind eyes. Very difficult to get through to these poor people who have been brainwashed. I say this with compassion. They just will not wake up.

          • Jim Samaras says:

            You’re right love, it will with the regulars. I’m here on the chance there are ones seeking both sides of an argument and make an informed decision. It amazes me how many will vote for and make excuses for this waste of skin, HC

          • jmprint says:

            And they will see right through you as we all do, you are just a white nationalist, praying on honest, hard working individuals to hopefully find someone to brainwash, ain’t gonna happen. Those that know Trump and weren’t going to vote for him anyway, will not change their mind, this bogus FBI investigation is not going anywhere. There will be agent that will lose their jobs, because they are over zealous and think they can use our government to continue their with hunt.

          • I Am Helpy says:


          • jmprint says:

            Just because YOU can’t deal with true facts, doesn’t mean anyone is asleep. The only reason Trump is running for President is because his business in failing and he needs the presidency to make his dream come true of having his name splattered all over the world, with no consequences. You are being used, but don’t min, because of your own dream of making America whitely supreme.

          • I Am Helpy says:


          • sharkbait4711 says:

            I’ll continue with facts and agree they can be manipulated one way or another –

            BTW – it’s very clear to me you are a racist based on your multiple anti-black responses but I’ll continue –

            Let’s talk about welfare again and those on it…
            Of our entire population – those on welfare according to US Dept of Ag:
            35% of our total population receives some sort or welfare.

            340,000+ receiving welfare are vets
            900,00+ receiving food stamps are vets

            40.2% White, 25.7% Black, 10.3 Hispanic

            Pre-Obama in 2007 – 38.8% White and 39.8% Black so the numbers do not support your claim of more blacks being on welfare before President Obama took office. In fact they are down.

            Let’s look at Kentucky as an example to further point out how ridiculous your statement is. No offense to any Kentucky residents.
            Out of 4.4 million residents, with 81% white and 8.3% black – 21% of their pop is on welfare in a mostly white state.

            Re: Vagina’s – too many men, including Trump, get away with rape on a regular basis because most women are too afraid to come forward and be berated by individuals like yourself. Trump has a very long, lengthy recorded history of his vile behavior. A lot has been suppressed by litigation and his sue happy mentality.

            Re: Venezuela – you can’t be serious to bring this country up. Trickle down does not work period. Trump and those elite idiots like him put in gold toilets instead of paying their debts and taxes. They don’t hire – they fire. Trickle down is what put us in the biggest recession in over 50 years.

            Re: Guns – so you’re ok with selling a gun without a background check to anyone that wants one? I agree we need criminal justice reform too and the privatization of our jails is one of the biggest jokes in law enforcement.

            Re: Climate change – on record we’ve had the warmest air and water temps and the ice is melting at record rates. All facts. We need to use less oil and more solar and renewable energy if we want to continue to occupy this planet without dire consequences.

            As to why Agent Orange is running – Trump is an egotistical narcissist that craves power and being President would be the ultimate notch in his belt so he can continue his tax dodging, womanizing, deplorable behavior uncontested by anyone.

            Peace out!

          • I Am Helpy says:

            OK thanks for the straight-up racism, you sack of garbage. You gonna lose!

          • Jim Samaras says:

            Do you EVER bring anything to the party except bigoted racism coming from a downtrodden black man?

          • I Am Helpy says:

            “You’re the REAL racist for pointing out my racism!!!1” is something that racists always try, but has never actually worked. It’s baffling.

            You gonna lose, loser!

          • Jim Samaras says:

            You’re a short load and the reason why many dislike black people, your ignorance being the standout. You are a disgusting moron!

          • I Am Helpy says:

            Oh no! racists don’t like me?

          • Jim Samaras says:

            You have no friends other than the “pants up don’t loot” crowd you loser…lol

          • I Am Helpy says:

            Yes I get that you’re racist as hell. Sorry you’re broken!

          • loveofcountry says:

            No one should dislike people because they are black or any other color. Stupidity is color blind.

          • Jim Samaras says:


          • Jim, you and “loveofcountry” have deviated so far from the article’s theme that the two of you are just blathering about whatever pops up in your collective and connected heads.

          • You were a Muslim a few days ago. What are you today?

          • Jim Samaras says:

            I agree love but Helpy the Septic Filler is a special kind of stupid that MUST be called out on his obvious racism

          • loveofcountry says:

            That made me laugh. So helpful with the sad retoric here.

          • jmprint says:

            And you are a deplorable. Satan loves your ilk.

          • That’s right, Jim. Let that racism of yours leak out like the FBI leaks. Those sentiments of yours were always near the surface but you’ve cracked and can’t contain your true self. That’s what adoration of Trump and the GOP will do to every weak-minded soul like yourself.
            Now, why don’t you let the other shoe fall ,and give us the Sieg Heil. No need to pussy-foot about your inner feelings. Be a man for once in your life and profess your allegiance to whatever racist group you subscribe to. David Duke proudly announces his allegiance—Why can’t you follow his example??

          • Jim Samaras says:

            Whoa Aaron, we have never had a problem before. Don’t be the typical black man that sides with another black man just because he’s black. My argument with Helpy the Septic Filler is for one reason and one reason only. The fact that he can never add anything to a conversation except crying racism in every rebuttal post with absolutely no reference to race in mine. So please don’t chastise me for calling things the way they are with another poster lest I lose the respect for you that I have acquired over the past few months.

            We must be able to converse on Wed. going forward under a new Trump presidency

          • We have a problem primarily because you insist on identifying yourself foremost as a white male, and only secondarily as a human. What do you mean by “typical black male”? That presumptuous designation confirms the stereotype that is firmly entrenched in your head. For that reason, you, and you alone, have chosen to erect a barrier between yourself and me.
            Your knowledge of black people and me is predicated on a firmly embedded notion of the inequality of the races—an ideology formalized by members of the human race who migrated into Europe after having left their original homeland as Modern Humans in Africa. So, ipso facto, you are a product whose ancestors originated in Africa, yet you’ve evolved the notion that you and I are separate. I’ve been careful to show you a different perspective for months now, but you insist on a faulty set of misinformation.

            Let me try again to help clear the mist from your mind.
            Knowledge is of two kinds: Divine and Satanic, as described by Baha’u’llah in the Kitib-i-Iqan on pages 69-70.

            The former wells up “from the fountain of divine inspiration; while the other is but a reflection of vain and obscure thoughts.”
            “The source of the former is God Himself; the motive-force of the latter the whisperings of selfish desire. The one is guided by the principle: ‘Fear ye God; God will teach you;’ the other is but a confirmation of the truth: ‘Knowledge is the most grievous veil between man and his Creator…’ “.

            Jim, if you would compare your comments and those of Trump, the GOP, and many others, you will note that you all base your comments on man-made ideologies and knowledge borrowed stealthily from others to buttress your position; I try to provide something more inclusive and uplifting, making an effort to quote directly from the Writings for context. The GOP message, the Constitution, information obtained illegally about someone’s emails do not make for an objective bases, and have no connection with Divine Knowledge and the inspirations derived therefrom. Such disclosures by the FBI, the false and numerous assertions by Trump are byproducts of a satanic mind that is informed by Satanic Knowledge. Any true Christian, Jew, Muslim, or otherwise would have to acknowledge the veracity and Wisdom welling forth from Baha’u’llah’s Words, some of which I’ve included above for your consideration.
            Don’t hesitate to contact me, but don’t bring a “typical black” mindset with you, or I’ll have to remind you again of your error in thinking about black people as “typical”.

            I hope this is clear enough for you. As for AgLander, “itsfun, etc., this is probably like the Theory of Relativity at this stage in their development.

          • Jim Samaras says:

            I must remember the way many of those on the left take things. I did not take into account some of the overly sensitive folks who can’t read into some of the things I’ve written. When I wrote that I had in mind the tendencies that all ethnicity too often agree with their own in any given situation. I grew up in a Jewish neighborhood for example and noticed early on that there was a “clannish” attitude that permeated the way of life. Later I associated with Italians, Greeks and Latinos that all exhibited the same behavior. Is it stereotypical thinking to be aware of some behavioral traits of human nature? I meant no offense to you or anyone else on this site with the possible exception of lil Helpy. LOL

          • loveofcountry says:

            Why would anyone dislike black people. We are all brothers and sisters and you are being lied to by the left. As Trump said, what do you have to lose. Are you better off voting for the status quo? Nothing, I say nothing will change if she is president.

          • Jim Samaras says:

            All are individuals love. I dislike ignorance and bigotry. Some here show both and I call them on it. The world will not end when DJT is president. But it just COULD get a whole lot better while HRC will continue our demise and respect in the world bringing us down to a society like that of the third world.

          • jmprint says:

            About as much as you bring in the racist white wash BS.

          • We’re waiting for you to bring some common-sense to these discussions. How many times do you need to be reminded to get off the merry-go-round? You just go around in circles never once reaching a conclusion—just endless and mindless prattle.
            Your worship of Trump and the GOP is irrational and childish.

          • jmprint says:

            How many of those EBT card holder do you think are voting for Trump. Most republican states are sucking of government tits> Most dickhead will vote for Trump, because they are dickheads.

          • I Am Helpy says:

            HOW DARE OBAMA something something A BILLION DOLLARS

            I get that you know nothing about history (or any other topic), but Ronald friggin Reagan is the guy who traded weapons to Iran, not Obama.

          • loveofcountry says:

            Do a little research into why Ambassador Stevens was in Benghazi.

          • I Am Helpy says:

            You believe literally anything, no matter how stupid, don’t you? Incredible.

          • kep says:

            I think believing anything you are told would be a description of a liberal commie, like you. Too stupid to think for themselves.

          • I Am Helpy says:

            It’s weird that you keep calling people commies, in as much as 1) it’s an extinct ideology that nobody in America cares about except for old white people, and 2) YOU ARE LITERALLY DOING THE BIDDING OF A MURDEROUS EX-KGB SPOOK YOU GULLIBLE CRETIN.

            I hope that helps! You’re a dangerous moron!

          • loveofcountry says:

            I think the term is “progressive”. Commie has to much baggage.

          • I Am Helpy says:

            Right. The term for conservatives is just “racists”.

          • kep says:

            There is some comfort in knowing that if the very worse happens, and Hillary manages to buy or threaten her way into the Oval Office, and everything goes to hell, which it will, stupid people like you won’t survive. You couldn’t find your own butt if your handlers didn’t tell you where to find it.

          • I Am Helpy says:

            OK thanks for illustrating how you’re the kind of garbage that wishes harm on other people; it’s not like that’s a surprise, though, as you’re a Trump supporter.

          • I Am Helpy says:

            PS: Hillary is going to win because there simply aren’t enough angry & stupid racists in the electorate – and that number is only going to drop over the next few decades.

            I hope that helps!

          • jmprint says:

            Because he applied for a job, as an Ambassador, and that’s where his assignment led him to.

          • jmprint says:

            Once/if elected he automatically becomes a lying politician, he already has the lying part down to a T. Then what, are you going to do, impeach and try to find someone that doesn’t lie?

          • You’ve really gone over the edge. It’s a long way down, Wiley.

      • Jinmichigan says:

        25 years of scandals and not a single charge. What does that imply to you?

      • jmprint says:

        Why do paper need to be altered to prove your lies?

      • I Am Helpy says:

        There’s plenty of things that would. You inept losers haven’t managed to find one shred of evidence in thirty years, though, and even if she was dishonest I’d still prefer her to a thin-skinned unbalanced lunatic who wants to ethnically cleanse America.

      • Budjob says:

        Love,Ask your Fascist self this,how do you feel about supporting a candidate,that has to appear in Federal Court,on December 16th,2016 charged with the forcible rape (four times) of a thirteen year old girl in 1992??!!

    • I Am Helpy says:

      Uh actually it’s because they based their investigation on a book full of easily debunked nonsense. Half of the “facts” you KKKomrades keep citing come from Clinton Cash but were so obviously fake that even the publisher – RUPERT MURDOCH – couldn’t bring themselves to print it, and they were removed. But don’t let that stop you bending over for Putin!

      • kep says:

        KKK was a democratic organization

        • I Am Helpy says:

          Yes, “was”. These days it’s Republican. Not sure what that has to do with the imaginary crimes of Clinton, but you people are incoherent lunatics at the best of times. Sorry you think you can hand-wave away the racism you endorse!

    • Uh, Oh—you made a slight step forward, now you’ve moved backwards again. The idea is to make progress in your thinking, and not go back and forth.
      Otherwise, we never know if you’re coming or going.

  9. RED says:

    Director Comey has proven a theory I’ve had for a while and have suspected to be accurate. Of course, we all know that cops are lying thieving violent thugs but I wasn’t sure being educated or part of the FBI helped to maybe weed out these types of individuals. Turns out, nope, anyone in law enforcement from the ignorant backwoods county deputies all the way up to the Director of the FBI, the personality disorder that makes people want to destroy families and lives, i.e be police thugs, holds true

  10. Blueberry Hill says:

    I said all along that emails can be altered and faked and manipulated. Glad to see they found some that are and now I hope they catch the ones who are trying to wreck her campaign. She has committed no crime, and that just drives them nuts. They are crooks themselves and I guess they just assume everyone is.


    Others have not.


    • Budjob says:

      Blueberry,Let’s not forget the fucking FBI!!

      • Blueberry Hill says:

        Isn’t that the truth. We cannot even trust the FBI any more. I believe they also manipulate so-called evidence in some cases. I guess I’ll not believe in them any more, and I was naive enough to have faith in them, but that was just blown away. They just bend to the will of the Trump Trash.


        • loveofcountry says:

          But wasn’t he such a good guy when he complied with your agenda. Can you see your hypocrisy?

          • kep says:

            They’re liberals. They only see what they are told to see. Without someone telling them what to think, they just walk around in circles, muttering to themselves.

        • kep says:

          Seems Hillary has already bought or threatened the AG, and the FBI works for for the AG. Hmmm. I wonder why Hillary gets away with so much criminal activity?

    • kep says:

      You are a blind stupid fool

  11. rvn_sgt6768 says:

    The problem for Clinton is the cabal of FBI agents in the section of the New York District who hate her so much they will believe anything from anyone. These malcontents need to exposed and be investigated and if found guilty of not following their directives and laws then they need to be tried or released from duty with no way of either retiring with government benefits of transferring to another government job. Actions have consequences. If they had any integrity at all, even an ounce, they would have already quit stating they could no longer uphold the oath they took as agents.

    • loveofcountry says:

      Why would they hate her so?

      • jmprint says:

        Why would the hack DNC emails and then try to tie it to the Russians?

        • loveofcountry says:

          Because they hate that the truth has gotten out.
          Why are they not desputing the emails? They cannot. So the Russians released them. A way to devert attention.

      • esmensetoo says:

        They are extreme partisans. The FBI has always been headed by Republicans and long been recognized as harboring very far right conservatives among its staff — and it has a long history of interfering in our democracy. Especially so in the era of extremely right-wing J. Edgar Hoover.

        Their abuses of power during the Viet Nam era are notorious and brought demands for reforms.

        (Plus, many people now at the top levels of management, as well as retired members who are still influential with current members, and have political connections to Republican operatives like Guiliani, are baby boomers who still seethe against members of their generation who did not support that war — people like Hillary Clinton.)

        Under Comey’s weak management, the reforms meant to prevent Viet Nam era abuses seem to be falling by the wayside — some, at least, current and former members of the agency are apparently back to their old anti-democracy ways.

      • kep says:

        Hillary is a corrupt, lying bitch

        • loveofcountry says:

          Well that got right to the point!

        • Budjob says:

          kep,and your buddy Turnip,is a child rapist! Touche,Motherfucker!

          • kep says:

            You sound like a Hillary supporter. Nasty and vile. Did you pull that nugget out of your butt where your head resides? Whereas, there is no doubt Bill Clinton IS a sexual predator , with lots of proof. He is also above the law.

        • Budjob says:

          Kepster,At least,she isn’t a Fascist/racist/mysoginist/chiseling/draft dodger,is she?

          • kep says:

            Amazing you can use those words, considering you are a liberal commie Hillary supporter. It’s the Democrats that are hiring thugs to disrupt Trump rallies. It was the Democrats that formed the Klu Klux Klan and we’re supporters of slavery in this country. Bill Clinton is a sexual predator and Hillary threatened his accusers so they would not pursue charges. Hillary defended a child rapist, and destroyed a 12 year old girl to further her career. And what would you know about military service? I doubt you, like Hillary, have never served anything but yourself. Trump WILL win, and Hillary should be in prison, along with the rest of this corrupt regime.

          • Budjob says:

            Wrong Motherfucker,Would you like my RA number to provide the evidence of my VOLUNTARY service to MY COUNTRY!! You’re so fucking stupid,you probably don’t even know what an RA number is! As an added insult,by your posts,it sounds as if the best part of you ran down your Momma’s leg.

          • kep says:

            So you served in the North Korean army. Good for you, comrade.

  12. sharkbait4711 says:

    Madam President Hillary Clinton! Anything less would be a bought and paid for lie and disgrace to all Americans (even the deplorable) and to our democracy!

    It’s very sad that the corruption runs so deep and in every direction. GOP’ers can’t win on their own merits and have to rig, gerrymander, suppress, leak fake documents, lie, lie, lie and align themselves with one of our biggest nemesis – Russia. WTH??

    Do you ever notice that the one’s screaming the loudest about injustices are usually guilty of what they themselves are screaming about? Deflect deflect deflect. SMH…

  13. Mama Bear says:

    The FBI should be totally shut down and locked out until November 9 at which time President Obama should fire every last one of them and strip them of their pensions. Period.

  14. gococksri says:

    I no longer trust the FBI—and, never again will—any more than I trust Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin. As far as I’m concerned, we’ve got FBI agents colluding with Rudy Giuliani and the Trump campaign to rig the run-up to this election. Giuliani and his involvement with FBI leaks deserves an investigation per conspiracy.

  15. Jon says:

    It is an interesting set of supporters Trump has brought together. Russia, the KKK and all other hate groups, evangelical Christians, the NRA, the FBI, and the Republican party share a common interest and are united as one to accomplish their shared mission. Elect Trump so Russia’s useful fool can do irreparable damage to America. Stop them. Vote blue up and down the ticket.

  16. loveofcountry says:

    How is it that the Clintons who were broke now be worth 200 million dollars?

  17. Budjob says:

    FBI,The United States of America,equilavent of the Russian KGB!! What a bunch of scucbags!!

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