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Friday, October 28, 2016

Final Results: Obama Wins Popular Vote By 3 Percent

With Florida’s votes counted at last, the results of the 2012 presidential election are just about final. President Barack Obama defeated Mitt Romney 332-206 in the electoral college, and as of Monday morning the president leads the popular vote 51 to 48 percent, with 62,088,847 votes to Romney’s 58,783,137.

The president’s 3-point popular vote win comes as a surprise to most pundits. Although some (such as Democracy Corps’ Stan Greenberg) predicted a comfortable Obama win, many others believed that Romney was likely to tie or even win the popular vote, even if he lost the electoral college.

Despite facing a far more difficult campaign, Obama did not fall far short of his 2008 results  The president carried every state he did in 2008 with the exceptions of North Carolina and Indiana, and — although his 3-point popular vote win does not match his 7-point drubbing of John McCain — with 51 percent of the popular vote, Obama joins Franklin Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, and Ronald Reagan as the only presidents in the past century to win over 50 percent twice.

By contrast, although Romney came slightly closer to winning, he actually won fewer total votes in 2012 than McCain won in 2008 (a reflection of the higher turnout four years ago).

Democrats also won the popular vote in the races for the House of Representatives, by a 50.3 to 49.7 percent margin. Although Democratic candidates won more total votes than their Republican opponents, aggressive redistricting in the past two years allowed Republicans to maintain a comfortable 233-194 seat majority.

Republicans were not as lucky in the Senate; despite being favored to win a majority just weeks ago, Democratic candidates nearly swept the competitive races en route to a 53-45 seat majority.

Taken together, the results add up to a resounding Democratic victory — and it appears that Republicans know it. As Jonathan Weisman and Jennifer Steinhauer report in the New York Times, House Speaker John Boehner told his caucus on a conference call last week that their party “lost, badly,” and that the Congressional Republicans “had to avoid the nasty showdowns that marked so much of the last two years.” According to Weisman and Steinhauer, the members on the call “murmured words of support,” in sharp contrast to their open revolt when Boehner tried to persuade them to compromise on a payroll tax cut extension last year.

So, while it’s highly unlikely that we’ve seen the last of Republican obstruction, it’s clear that President Obama and the Democrats have earned some political capital — and Republicans seem to be coming to terms with the fact that they intend to spend it.

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  • Can you imagine if we had to deal with a “king” as Romney saw himself? OMG. This country wants someone leading us who can THINK. Who is respected around the world. Meanwhile, the world laughs at Florida for being so stupid as to elect a ridiculous governor. I don’t know what planet Scott thinks he lives on but it’s not this one.

  • nobsartist

    The “close” election was another failed ploy by the republiCONs.

  • Proves that Karl Rove , Koch Bros, Sheldon Adelson, Eric Cantor,Fox Militia, and their boss, Bibi Netanyahu, do not matter.

    • RobGinChicago

      You had me, up to the point of bringing Bibi Netanyahu into the mix. You sure make it difficult for Jewish progressives to feel progressive when you bring up the nonsense of Israel controlling the United States.

      • anyasnote

        They do, Israel brought up the WMD in Iraq.

    • barbarahugh

      That’s true!! These are people that thinks they can buy just about anything and anybody , I thank God that Romney lost.Because it shows that not everybody can be bought.

    • Edward Peritz

      No need to destroy your credibility with the non sequitor, anti-semtic Netanyahu swipe.

  • I honestly thanked God that we did not change direction of our leadership. I was really concerned and I prayed that the good lord lead America during these times. I don’t care about reactions from other countries because we will always rally around our leaders, but thank God we did not have to worry about that now. Hooray Obama!!. Go USA!!!.

    • 13observer

      you mean; GO MEXICO!

      • I never understand why right wingers respond to things with short statements. Go Mexico, elaborate Einstein and stop parroting the conservative media. Come up with an original though based on real facts not the bubble facts. You guys just write some bs statement without backing it up sojust get over it and remembedr – 4 MORE YEARS, 4 MORE YEARS, 4 MORE YEARS

        • 13observer

          AMNESTY and WELFARE for everyone! We will just put it on our “OWED TO CHINA” CREDIT CARD! do ya get it now brother bill???

          • Please quit showing your ignorance. Simply compare the deportations under Obama’s use of the increased Border Patrol on the Southern Tier States withe that of his predecessors. Yes, all of them. Then, tell me where your facts are. And, oh yeah -the China Credit Card thing. That’s another fine mess W left us Ollie!

          • 13observer

            shows what you know! Obama’s deportations were simply “window dressing”! How about giving AMNESTY to 1.7 million illegals between the ages of 0-30? That is just plain not enforcing the law to gain votes but at least there is honor among “THEIVES”! So, is he still deporting illegals?? or is he working on more AMNESTY? and how does that help our unemployment problem, already troubled welfare system and our failing economy? Thai isn’t the issue, the issue is putting PARTY before the American people……… trying to broaden the democratic base in allowing criminal activity to go unchecked with the blessing of the President…………the PARTY will pay for this folly just as they did in 2010!

          • You mean like the kind of amnesty Reagan signed into law? No thanks, he was too much of a leftist to emulate nowadays. Did you know that Reagan even made it mandatory for emergency rooms to care for people regardless of whether they could pay, and then made taxpayers foot the bill? Socialist health care 101.

            And of course, let’s not forget how Reagan DOUBLED our national debt even as he FORCED the American people to subsidize the socialist overseas boondoggle known as the global US military empire. And then his leftist heir George W. Bush comes along and FORCES us to pay for “nation-building” and “infrastructure spending” in Iraq, while he takes MILLIONS off the income tax by cutting the lowest rate from 15% to 10% and expanding tax credits. All socialism.

            Of course, the solution to all this socialism is to slash spending, starting with the biggest socialist program of them all, the military. We also need to slash taxes, but only after years of accumulating surpluses that allow us to pay down the debt, because we also have to deal with that situation to preserve our sovereignty.

            Anyway, thank God people like you were sounding the alarm as far back as Reagan and Bush, when these amnesty and welfare problems were first starting to get out of control.

          • Read his comment. Guys with such a mentality will never “get it”.

      • DukeDacat

        Heh. Hehheh. Hehhehhehhehheh. HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A. HOO-HOO-HOO-HOO-HOO-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
        Cough. Harumph.

        By the way ….have a nice say……………………

      • yeah! Go Mexico! Latinos rule!

        • 13observer

          only in Mexico honey….and you fu*ked that place up!

  • allanbrauer

    California is still counting votes. Obama’s lead will continue to grow. In Sacramento County alone, there are still over 100K absentee and provisional ballots to be counted.

  • If the republican “voter-fraud” police – which was itself a humongous fraud – and all the other voter suppression were absent, one can only imagine by what greater margin Obama was favored.

  • 13observer

    oh, did the democrats take control of the house? Didn’t think so!

    • daniel bostdorf

      House will “get in line” ( as Boehner has admonished the House) with moderates…otherwise Republicans will be voted out in 2014 being known as “McConnell obstructionists.”

      The American people collectively understood these neo-republican lies and voted.
      Electoral College:
      332 Obama to 206 Romney/Ryan/Rove/Koch.
      The fascist lost. At least for the next 4 years….

      Senate controlled by Democrats.

      • 13observer

        they won’t get in line. as soon as they stop believing the dems bullsh*t. remember, they did not win by a landslide by any means! if you think “obstruction” is not giving away the farm to illegal aliens at the expense of U.S. Taxpayers with all this unemployment……forget it! Our democracy will not be held hostage by the “party of criminals” who break the law at will. remember, if Obama thinks he has some “mandate from the people…………..he only has to remember 2010 when dems got their asses handed to them for the very thoght they had some “mandate”. as Americans see the dems are the party of welfare and a further BURDEN on taxpayers, the votes will change. when Obama can’t pay down the debt, he will come to the middle class asking for tax increases only to be turned down (no tax on the middle class) remember his campaign promises! Also he can’t leave GUNS alone as he and Hillary are already campaigning (plotting) with the United Nations to take our rights away………………that will really get people INFLAMED!

  • Kitalaq

    Although we the people did not get to get the majority of the House of Representatives it is at least good and great to know that we the people is part of the group that has the ability to think, reason and choose what is best for our nation, humanity, environment and global relations where diplomacy is practiced over warmongering attitudes of some.
    Thank you America for speaking out for inclusiveness of our diverse cultures, traditions, lifestyles etc., over exclusive attitudes of the rich privileged elites within our nation and the world. This years election was really a test of we the peoples ability to fight for its only true voice-Democracy vs Plutocacy. Our democracy is not for sale. Thank you!!!
    I did not know that I was, am and will always be liberal minded person until I started reading news articles about politics with the help of the internet where I can access news media from various sources across our nation and the globe. It is great to think and know that I am not the only one with the simular thinking. Americas vote results made me feel good that I am part of the great web!!! Bless you America!!!

  • S-3

    Maybe we should outlaw the GOP for awhile – at least until we get rid of the crazies, IMHO – not enough sane people on their side, anymore (And I know Dems aren’t saints either…)
    Someday, a third party or more need to take the GOP’s place – so balance can get a fair shake, as far as I’m concerned.

  • OBAMA! OBAMA! Four more years! OWWW!

  • Hello 130bserver,
    I would like to set you straight on just a few things: 1. Your beloved George W. Bush Jr. sold us out to the Chinese; 2. This is a country of immigrants and for your information you and your ancestors are part of that process, just like everyone else. 3. You and those like you can hate all you want, because the real United States of America has already spoke on the subject loud and clear, Barack Obama, four more years! 4. For your information the President elect has a plan to finish our indebtedness to the Chinese in 2013; He has a plan to bring down the deficit; and a whole lot more, just watch look and listen and you will know why America voted the way they did. Of course you won’t care, because you seem to be blinded by hatred. Without even understanding why.

  • Whenever the facts are listed about how bad the GOP lost, in spite of all the built in advantages they had–economy not in the best shape, lots more dem senate seats in play than the GOP had at risk, lots of local governors in control of State Houses that were going to be key states–and those governors more than willing to limit access to voting in areas where the dems were strongest. Add to that all the outside money from the Kochs, Wall Street, Chamber of Commerace, etc. With all that, Obama was re-elected, not only with a large electoral tally, but an impressive popular vote margin; the Dems, not only held the Senate, but added to their majority–the dark money got very little of what they wanted. The GOPs comeback is we kept the House–wow. They did, sort of, actually, it appears that they still lost a few individuals in the House, and except for Gerrymandering, they would have lost the House also. Thus, even their single win is somewhat weak. Still they seem to think it is just a PR problem; if they use the right words, and scream loud enough–it didn’t happen. If Obama has learned anything, he will realize that although Boehner is the “Speaker of the House”, he really isn’t in the traditional use of that title–with the “Tea-Party” nuts and some of the other radicals in his group, he can’t deliver on any promises he might make. Obama has to go over the heads of these clowns, the haters, and our so-called “Liberal Media” and talk with the real people in each of the states. If the public learns what the party of “NO” is all about, we might get something accomplished; or at least, the off-year election in 2014 could be very interesting indeed.. Incidentally, to all of those who keep saying Obama will not let the GOP have any input, how do you explain your two knuckle-heads, McConnell and Boehner–Obama called both of them just after his acceptance speech, and was informed that they couldn’t take his call, because they had both gone to sleep–In all my years, I have NEVER heard of such disrespect to the President of the United States as these two jerks showed in that instance–such patroits–good thing it was Obama (Mr. Cool) they were dealing with–if it were me–I might have sent Seal Team 6 in to wake them up!

  • me987654

    I think there are actually still quite a few more votes to be counted… the final tally in 2008 took several weeks to be finalized

  • OtherTim

    President Obama is only the third Democrat EVER to win 50+ percent of the popular vote in consecutive elections.

    The other two were named Andrew Jackson and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

    That’s pretty impressive company.

  • itsmetack67

    King? no LDS members become gods after death with there own planets to rule.