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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Five 2016 Contenders Who Are Throwing Romney Under The Bus

After Mitt Romney lamented that President Barack Obama had won re-election due to giving “gifts” to African-Americans, Latinos, women, and other members of his coalition, many Republicans have taken the opportunity to distance themselves from the failed presidential candidate.

Notably, most of the Republicans who have spoken out against Romney’s misguided election postscript are considered to be rising stars of the party — and potential presidential nominees in 2016. Although it seems premature to discuss the next presidential race, as Benjy Sarlin points out in Talking Points Memo, the immediate aftermath of a presidential election goes a long way toward forming the field for the next one. After all, almost exactly four years ago today Mitt Romney penned a New York Times op-ed titled “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt,” which would come to define his entire campaign.

With that in mind, the reaction to Romney’s “gifts” remarks may well be the first litmus test for the 2016 Republican primaries. Here are five potential candidates who responded by throwing Romney under the bus:

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  • pattyalt

    Thank God there are some reasonable republicans left in the party. I will never vote republican again until they weed out the tea party crazies. In my voting life, I have almost always voted for the republican party. No more, unless they start caring about this country more than their party and egos!!

    • I Don’t Believe A Word The GOP/Tea Party Say Or Do NOTHING!!!!

    • sean_stout2001

      While I agree with what you said, I would say, never vote party lines. Vote for the person. Never vote for an echo.

      • Sorry, I would have agreed with that 25-30 years ago but the way the GOP makes outcasts of anyone that doesn’t follow its misguided… Money above Everything… agenda, although I’ve voted Republican in the past, I wouldn’t vote for a GOP candidate if his name was Abe Lincoln. (As much as I totally respect President Lincoln)

  • MissStef

    This is a breath of fresh air. The GOP has been hijacked by a bunch of crazies. I’m as liberal as one can get but it’s nice to see that there are some normal, rational Republican politicians left. Although I think they are few and far between.

    • Be careful, don’t get too pleased…GOPers will say anything they think will make them look more electable even if they don’t really mean it and it’s totally against their principles…

  • These five really didn’t have to do anything. Willard gladly ran out and laid down in front of a whole row of busses without anyone’s help. Every time he opened his mouth, he forgot that whatever he said would end up being heard by all 300+ million Americans before he finished the sentence.
    This is what happens when you get a guy who knew he was smarter than Dubya, but didn’t have a handler like Karl Rove to keep his mouth in check.

    • Riobound

      Seeing the Carl Rove results of the last election cycle, Romney would still be in the same place … OUT. The world, let alone the people of the U.S., are grateful for the monumental smugness that surrounded the GOP political machinery.

  • The potential consequences of an austerity program designed to balance a budget through spending reductions to avoid a modest increase in the tax rate applied to the wealthiest Americans is likely to have the same results as the demands for austerity imposed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel on other European countries. That is, the collapse of the economy, record high unemployment, and social chaos.
    Our social programs are not the reason for the problems we are having, Social Security and MEDICARE are funded through FICA taxes, not the general fund. Social Security is not only solvent, it is still running a surplus. MEDICARE does use general funds to offset the consequences of the 2003 Part D reform, but that circumstance is not a major factor or the reason for deficit spending and the accumulation of debt.
    The United States government was running a surplus in FY2000, that surplus evaporated as soon as the Bush tax cuts were put in place. Pretending that those tax cuts had nothing to do with the resumption of deficit spending is an outright lie. Those irresponsible tax reductions are the reason receipts are insufficient to cover outlays. To make matters worse, the alleged goal of the tax breaks which are, purportedly, designed to stimulate the economy and create jobs, never came to fruition. Smoke and mirrors, deceit, and greed, facilititated by ineffective regulations and financial controls created a bubble that proved to be as flimsy as a house of cards, and that eventually collapsed on its own weight. If that was not bad enough, it produced one of the most dismal job creation records in modern history.
    Republicans want us to ignore the root causes of the fiscal and economic crises we are finally overcoming and, incredibly, continue to insist on the retention and extension of some of the fiscal follies that created the worst recession since the Great Depression.
    Nobody is proposing to go back to the tax rates that were in place when President Eisenhower was in office, or even the tax rates we had in the Reagan era. What is being proposed is a modest increase in the tax rate for the wealthiest Americans identical to what was in place when President Clinton was in office. Those tax rates, coupled with the benefits of an unprecedented period of industrial, technological and economic expansion, created a record 23 million new jobs and benefitted every segment of our population, including the wealthy.
    Suggesting that the way forward is to balance the budget on the backs of our most vulnerable citizens, seniors and the young, so that multimillionaires and billionaires can continue to enjoy tax breaks that for most of them make little difference in their investment portfolios and plans, is mkorally wrong and economically untenable.

    • May the Spirit of Wisdom rest upon you Dominick. You have said it all. Can you get a space on the floor of congress and tell these R’s the truth.

      • Shrapnel5

        I think that Dominick could teach the Congress a few things about what their job is suppose to be and who they work for.

        • onedonewong

          Let him start with the messiah

          • Sorry Onedonewrong, your on the wrong blog. Republicans blog is over and defeated. We support the POTUS and the American people. Give it a break sir………YOU LOST!!! Now lets focus on the American people.

        • 13observer

          so after feasting on Domonick’s droppings, what’s for lunch. Boy Dominick is a prophet……………..NOT!

      • 13observer

        boy are you a “boot licking” suck up or what? You sound like such a suck-ass that it makes me sick. Get a life!

        • and you are little punk and coward who will not even put his name to any of these statements. You lost punk and will wallow like the little piece of slime that you are for the next 4 MORE YEARS. Before you make another bs statement put your name to it coward. You, onedonewrong and bozo are all tough using an alias.

          • 13observer

            certainly not hiding behind any alias! as for being a coward……… will find i’m not as “sensitive” as the left with their “politically correct” bullsh*t……….. besides, i am confident knowing i could kick the fu*k out of your worthless ass! I’m sure you would TAKE an ass kicking if it was for FREE, like most of the 47 turned out to be 77%ers that whore your votes for the crumbs you live on!

      • 13observer

        May the spirit of the Lord heal the HOLES in your fu*king head!

    • sean_stout2001

      And don’t forget the whole 401K debacle. 401K started out as a way for corporations to put Exes, pensions into a tax-free account, then it got “into the wild” (people other than the rich started using it). People that are not corporations, and there are a few of us, have an average of 12K in our 401K. Because of fees, fines, and processing, there is nothing left for the non-corporate people to retire on. I think.

    • TheHawaiian0941

      I will copy this and share it with my friends on Facebook as well as via email.

    • onedonewong

      Unfortunately Baraks plan for the US economy is no different than his idols were in Germany in the 30’s and 40’s. Hitlers plan was the same demonize the producers of the economy and force everyone to embrace his master plan.
      Hitler had no respect for his countries laws and Barak has no respect for our country’s laws or constitution. Hitler considered himself a god and barak believes he’s the messiah

      • jkelley76

        Y’all lost fool. Dont go away mad, just go away. My first suggestion would be school to educate yourself of history

        • onedonewong

          Obviously you have never opened a history book let alone understood history

      • You represent your party well. Please keep this up for two more years so that you do not try to lie and say you never took this position. As we said about Romney we will not forget the flip flopping and we will not forget the hate of the middle class and your willingness to hurt the middle class all because you hate the POTUS. We will finish the job in 2014……..with votes to remove the rest of you idiots who are still focusing your hate for that black man in the white house and not the good of the American people.
        Keep it coming idiots!

      • This bs of your’s makes me laugh because I know noone could be that stupid to compare President Barrack (not Barak) Obama with Hitler. Then I read some other comments on other sites and realize you are living in the world known as the “Right Wing Bubble” where statements do not have to be based on facts. Just remember dummy , 4 MORE YEARS, 4 MORE YEARS.

        • onedonewong

          Are you trying to contend that barak isn’t a socialist and a card carrying one in the 90’s that he preached reallocation of wealth by force and that Hitler was also a socialist just like barak???
          maybe a history lesson would be something you should invest in so you can post intelligently

    • THE PROBLEM IS Norquist and the TEA BAGGERS…………that’s all the REPUKES Listen to………………Give me a CHRISTIE and I might vote Repuke for the 1st time since Reagan……….He is a NO NONSENSE GUY that will tell it like it is to EVERYBODY…………HE WANTS WHAT IS GOOD FOR THE COUNTRY ……….NOT A SELECT FEW…………………..RUN AS AN INDEPENDENT CHRISTIE AND I BET YOU WILL TURN ALL THE TABLES UPSIDE DOWN…………….CHRISTIE IN 2016

    • 13observer

      who will pay for all the promises Obama made to illegal aliens. I’m sure AMNESTY or any form of it will not be on the table…..otherwise the “paybacks” become quite obvious to all Americans. Of course latinos in America want their friends to join us illegally or not……..just like “pimps” want their whores on the street! People engaged in “ILLEGAL” activity don’t care about the laws, PERIOD! Oh you may think that my example was offensive……… but just like the criminals engaged in illegal activity, I don’t give a fu*k! Besides, I’m not Todd Akin so if I screwed up and offended women or men…..again, just like the criminals engaged in illegal activity, I don’t give a fu*k! If it is “OK” for them… is damn well “OK” for me!

  • The republicans will never get it together until they all learn to get along within thei party! You know what; I LOVE IT! HPHLMAO!

  • Lovefacts

    Susana Martinez said, “That unfortunately is what sets us back as a party, our comments that are not thought through carefully.” And that’s the Republicans’s problem. It isn’t what or how they say. It’s how they view the middle class and working poor and their positions on issues that matter to us–taxes and entitlements.

  • alanegross

    All five of those quoted Reps. offered comments that are intelligent, even compassionate and aimed at unifying the country (and more selfishly at moving the Republican Party back to the win zone in the middle.) However the usually biased, one-sided National Memo attempts to continue the polarization with the pejorative “under the bus” headline that minimizes instead of celebrating these reconciling comments. And please don’t dismiss my comment as poor loser right-winger — au contraire , I campaigned hard and contributed deep for Obama in both elections and am relieved and delighted that this great man has another opportunity to move all of us in this wonderful country ahead together. Of course, he will need a lot of help from Congress and from us.

    • Riobound

      So? What would you have titled this article? The headline grabbed my attention to the point where I wanted to read it.

      Perhaps, “5 Republican Intellectuals reflect on moving past Romney’s POV of America” would have been better? Or would the obvious oxymoron be too humorous? [ tongue-in-cheek mode off ]

  • These five Republicans knew all this from day one, before Romney was ever selected to represent their party, but chose to stay silent. This reminds me of a pack of wild dogs attacking an injured member of their pack. They should have spoke up when they had the chance and not after the fact.

    • hilandar1000

      Yes, this “pack of wild dogs” mentality is even more revealing of their true character — and it’s certainly NOT good. They are more than willing to devour their own, if it suits their own selfish agenda.

      • Riobound

        Does a “pack of wild dogs” enjoy tea? I’m looking forward to that dog fight.

        • hilandar1000

          Not sure if it’s tea they enjoy. I think their preference would be something they brew themselves that is hallucinogenic.

  • Don’t you think these people throwing romoney under the bus are a little late. The election is over. The gop lost big time. Where were these 5 characters when the election process was in progress. A day late and a dollar short gop.

  • Looks like the Republicans have returned to Earth after 4 yrs of orbiting the planet.

    • Mildred, I wish I could believe that but what I’m afraid of is that these 5, just like the majority of today’s GOP, will say anything that they think will make them look good to voters (more electable in their eyes)…even if what they’re saying is nothing more than a charade…

  • jr_06498

    This must be a good lesson for our future presidential candidates, STOP SAYING ANYTHING UNTRUE, VERIFY WHO IS REALLY YOUR VICE PRESIDENT, Romney never learned a lesson from the worst experience of John McCain, when he pick Sarah Palin as his Vice President. DON’T forget the words: ” TELL ME WHO IS YOUR FRIEND, AND I’LL TELL YOU WHO YOU ARE”.

  • Nancy Pelosi wants campaign changes. Go Nancy!

    We need a redistribution of wealth and income to middle class
    Affordable homes health care education
    Get $$$$ out of government  Here is how

    A. Fed Fund Election—6 months—3 primary 3 general—free equal tv time—a debate week=12=adequate to evaluate candidates—No $ used—Outside limited to little
    B. No need to campaign —BAN–all govt employees from accepting anything with a financial value
    Progressive Flat Tax by group—14,000B Income is plenty to pay our way and pay down debt —huge Estate Tax —problem is 50% get 87% —change tax code—there are 1300B in exemptions That is why GE paid no tax in 4 of 10 years
    Simple—The people will love it

  • commserver

    Jindal is just changing his spots. He isn’t really changing his positions.

  • commserver

    A one-issue comment. How about other issues that separate the Democrats and the GOP-Tea Party?

  • commserver

    Christie is interesting and can be a real challenger since he is from the Middle Atlantic states.

  • commserver

    Christie is interesting. He will be a challenger in 2016 since he is from Big State that fluctuates Blue and Red.

  • commserver

    Rubio is just another Romney. Who knows what he is really saying.

  • bstockinger

    Until Republicans actually change their voting behavior in Congress, it doesn’t matter what they say about Romney. Judge a politician on what they introduce as bills, how they vote, who pays for their campaign, who they pal around with, and lastly what they say in unguarded moments.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I’m not planning to vote Republican again until the party starts thinking about something else than how they can keep their money in their own and their big donors pockets. I’m not happy about them letting everything else in the country and planet go to ruin.

  • The Repubicans come off like a bunch of bullys

    • Actually, to me, today’s GOP congressional reps come off to me as hoodlums…looking for any way that they can take more of my tax it starting a war so their buddies in the defense industry can rip me off by overcharging for everything associated with running a war, or pretending to give me a tax cut that saves me 500 dollars but puts 10,000 or more in the pockets of the 1%.

  • sean_stout2001

    On Susana Martinez, no offense intended, but I understand a Hispanic female being a Republican about as much as I understand a black, gay man being a Republican (and I hate to say it, my best friend is a black, gay male Republican. I am a white, gay male Democrat. Now, if we can get be friends and talk and be nice to each other even though I just don’t understand his political views, why can’t everyone else?)

  • sean_stout2001

    Kelly Ayotte…I just don’t like her. Not passing judgement or anything like that…I just don’t trust her “look”. She looks like a soccer mom, like my sister, but then she talks. Talks without thinking. She channels Rush Limbaugh. There is nothing I want to hear from her. She can tell me I won the lottery and I would have to call the lottery commission and make sure. You know what I mean?

    • Not sure I’m that familiar with her but what you describe exactly fits a snakeoil salesman…which is just what I always considered both Romney and Ryan….they were trying to sell the country something that it would have wished it never got once it would have arrived.

  • sean_stout2001

    Marco Rubio, Et tu, Brute?

    • ExPAVIC

      He has bought in

      Marco the confused Cuban, is so much an opportunist that he cannot accurately recall the year his family “fled” Cuba.

      Like it was five years before Castro took over so there was no real flight from Cuba.

      The second sentence of the GOP Platform states that candidates are allowed to lie to further their position.


  • tuns222

    The GOP is always using scare tactics to sway the public.

  • All those who have thrwon him under the bus, I am sure were the same ones who were backing him. They should not do that. Sympathise with him. Don’t you see he looks like a sorry soul. He should pray and ask God for all the wrong things he said during the election of black, hispanics who made up the 47%. Hope he and his family don’t fall into the same category later on in life. He has to remember the things that you say comes back to bite you in the butt.

  • imabrummie

    I am glad you said they are throwing Mr. Bendyboots UNDER the bus as I am sure he would not know what to do if they threw him on one. Never mind, he can run home to mommy who can tuck him in and give him a pacifier . . . after he has finished counting all his money!

  • karinursula

    I just wonder where those people were when we found out about the 47%? Could it be that they were still hoping that Romney would win? I’m with Fern, I don’t trust them either.

    • I’ll second that..I don’t trust any of today’s GOPers…they’ll say anything if they think you’ll vote for them even if it’s totally against their principles..

  • I guess my biggest disappointment is that the IRS doesn’t seem to be doing anything about what are some obvious signs that Romney has filed what should be some very questionable tax returns. To me, a major issue is how did Mitt create a 401K with over 100million in it when all he could have deposited into the 401k over 15 years was 450,000…there is no way that 450,000 could have turned into 100 million plus in 15 years legally. Romney had to fraudulently lowball tons of stocks that he dumped into the 401k which magically turned into millions when he had valued them as worth pennies when he filed his returns. Why isn’t the IRS following up on this??

  • alanegross

    Dear Riobound: That the pejorative headline grabbed your attention underlines this and many other contributions to P and P (polemics and polarization!). Very few if any columnists, bloggers and certainly no talk show hosts are even close to neutral, moderate or thoughtful and if they were, their ratings would plummet. Perhaps I was naively hoping for commentary here and elsewhere that focussed more on creative analysis of ideas and concepts than on individual character. Sometimes it’s not so critical who said it as what was said. Howsabout “”contenders who are throwing Romney’s proposals under the bus? ” Even that head might lose your readership?

  • Shrapnel5

    The Republican party has become a party that is under the control of corporate America and lobbyist and for that reason alone they do not see the people, so they disregard the voter, because they are blinded by green.

  • Shrapnel5

    The time has come to make these political parties do what they were elected to office for, I think that the voters should flood their offices and e-mail telling them it is time to resolve the problems we have facing this country and to stop the childess behavior. We also need to tell them that if the corporations are more important to them, then the people of this country then should give up their seat in the Senate or House along with the government pension, free health care and any other benefits they get and go work for those corporations and have them pay for their health care, and their pension, so the taxpayers will not have to any more, this would cut some of the deficit.



    First the Old GOP guys tell Bobby Jindal to get his skin lightened, now they tell him to go back to the doctor and get it darkened.

    Guess that is how the Republicans will entertain the minority (now majority) voters. Will Sarah Palin learn to pick tomatoes too?

  • The True come from the Same GOP People.Say Stop Divide The American People.How They Are Divided in The Congress and House Of the Speaker(GOP),They Do With The American People too. Divide and you win,But They Lost.

  • Martinez, Ayotte, Jindal are non-starters. Christie needs to loose 150 pounds. His appearance is off-putting. Plus he’s too unpolished. He’s a good local politician but not on the national stage (unless you’re going for an eating contest). Rubio won’t get the white man’s vote. They need to stop beating up on Romney. The Republican party lost the election with a platform that alienated women, Hispanics and any one without a trust fund, 7 figure bank account or massive portfolio. They lost the election by a rancorous nominating season and weak ground game in vital states and their infamous hubris that only they hold the answers to America’s salvation (as they see it). Republicans may not see a viable presidential candidate for many years. They need to start by supporting Hispanic and minority and women candidates on the state level to build an infrastructure. They need to rethink their puritanical and Biblical take on social issues and at least not make it the centerpiece of their platform. They need to stop worshiping the sacred cow of Cash and realize they and not only Democrats were the architects of our economic plight. GW combined the fateful perfect storm of tax cuts and deficit spending and Republicans were silent. How popular would the Iraq war had been if Bush required funding with taxes? Would Republicans or even Democrats support the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan or even Homeland Security after 9/11 if it required up front funding through taxes?



  • antiquelord

    Perhaps one of the reasons Romney lost was because of his intent to provide “gifts” to select privileged groups to be paid for by those beneath them. In a time of economic crisis what is the fairness and rationale for exempting those who are able to contribute at least their fair share let alone at a progressive rate? Are we one nation to pull together or are we becoming the well off vs. the underlings?

  • Quit SCHMOOZING Ayotte…… are either his girl or against………………..quit riding the bar MAN UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t forget your Benghazi fodder just blew a BIG WAD in your FACE……………..LOL


  • jkelley76

    Unfortunately, their views and ideas will not change, not now or in 4 years from now. Watch out though, they will disguise their views and ideas with “Thought Out” answers.
    Remember the saying.. a leopard cannot change it’s spots.

  • rjeannie

    Any respect that I had for Jindal and the others is totally gone. The Republican party should remain united. I would rather vote Democrat than vote for those backstabbers.

  • real talk

    What make the writer of this story think that anyone who throws Romney under the bus is some kind of star they are anything but and I will not vote for the clown who ever it is .