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Saturday, February 23, 2019

The Birther Queen, Jacko’s Rabbi, And More: Five Elections Overshadowed By Wisconsin

The national media is still obsessing over Governor Scott Walker’s victory in the Wisconsin gubernatorial recall election, but he wasn’t the only well-known politician on the ballot on Tuesday.

Here are five key races that got overshadowed by the Wisconsin recall:

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58 responses to “The Birther Queen, Jacko’s Rabbi, And More: Five Elections Overshadowed By Wisconsin”

  1. britguyny says:

    I heard a rumor that Ms. Taitz was born with mixed race due to an extramarital affair her mother had with a local carpenter and that the family had her skin pigment changed due to shame.

  2. ObozoMustGo says:

    Dont forget the original “birther” Hillary Clinton, who exposed the story during her 2008 primary run against Obozo.

    Have a nice day!

    • carolknows says:

      bozo please go back to class or you’re going to be held back and have to repeat third grade

    • Bigspender says:

      As BOZO has said many times, he doesn’t intend that his comments make any sense – which clearly they don’t. His goal is merely to stir the pot and rile up the rest of us leftist nutjobs. Nothing more than that. Right BOZO?

      • ObozoMustGo says:

        Hi Bigblunder! I hope you are well today, my lefty friend.

        To answer your question, sometimes what I post is tongue-in-cheek, but others I just post the truth. Both seem to have the same effect! 🙂

        Have a great day, Bigblunder! 🙂 🙂

    • Postman27 says:

      A little spin going on here. No, it was a Liberal Democrat, Philip J. Berg, who worked on her campaign that put that idea out there. Yes – her campaign was the first to look into the allegation that Obama was not born in the USA. Their investigation revealed the opposite – so they dropped it. That’s when the right wingers picked it up and ran with it. Sorry Obozo; no cigar…

      • ObozoMustGo says:

        Postal.. Hilary was the original birther. You can parse words by saying it was someone in her campaign, but in the end it was her campaign and she was the head of the campaign. And she did NOT discredit or run away from the allegations. In fact, she fed it and gave it credibility. You leftist nutjobs like to think otherwise and blame Repubs but the facts state otherwise.

        Have a nice day!

  3. howa4x says:

    This is really too bad. Since the Republican primary for president ended there has been no comedy on network due to the sumer schedule. This would have provided laughs all summer long!

  4. Bigspender says:

    Further proof that BIG MONEY can buy elections today. And Donald Trump’s newest birther bitch queen. What a pair those two would make, eh?

    • priscela says:

      obama has billion dollars-nearly now- he fundraising the california; california is bankrupt; fundraising san francisco -oakland and san jose; 2million plus each night-omg; hes into money also hes into money form the gays in southern california.-foold em once-shame on you-fool me twice shame on me for not beating him for the first time.

      • Bigspender says:

        Was there a time when you were capable of speaking english? Or any other recognizable language?

        • Regina M says:

          Hey got the message didnt you? At least she was not speaking Kenyan or MOO-SLUM.

          • EdC says:

            So what wave link are you and space chick prisela on, and why is it aproblem that Obama can raise a billion dollars for the presidentual race, when Rove and the Kock brothers are each planing to spend twice that much, for a Guy that isn’t smart enough to know that if ties his wet dog to the roof and subjects him to sixty mile an hour chill factor, that the dog might just get sicker. But I guess you think that if he cuts middleclass wages that they will get richer.

          • Postman27 says:

            So, what’s the problem with the language? It’s not unusual for a child to be able to speak the native tongue of a parent or foreign relative; although I haven’t heard our President claim that ability. By the way, Moo-Slum (I presume you meant Muslim?) is not a language; it’s a religion. Your bigotry is showing…

          • Are you wearing your KKK White Sheets while blogging? Maybe the eye slits are not centered and that makes you blinded

          • lkreu says:

            what a bigot you are Regina – as for the fund raising, I guess you didn’t hear that Romney will probably raise at least 10x that amount. I don’t see you stating that. I never heard the President speak any other language but it would a good thing. I bet you believe yourself to be a good christian. What would Jesus say about your speech?

      • bobblues4ever says:

        we’re talking about a 7-1 spending defecit in the Wisconsin election? and you are ok with that? Just plain STUPID.

        • EdC says:

          Of course they are OK with that They don’t think that these same flip flopping turncoasts will turn on them even thought they have already told them so. Whatta be rich people are always sucker, thats why most rich people are rich they sucker in the whatta be’s

      • Postman27 says:

        Do you know anything about what’s going on in the fund raising area? The state of CA is not giving funds to President Obama, individual CA donors are. And considering the amount of money from the Republican Super PACs that he will face between now and November, he needs to do a lot more fundraising in order to compete. Thank your Supreme court for that bit of idiocy. The only one being fooled here, is you. Use your vote, don’t sell it.

      • lkreu says:

        You do realize the money is coming from persons not the state itself, don’t you? How old are you? You better go back to school to learn to spell.

  5. harryh51 says:

    Thats a LIE redistricting did not place them in the same district Ratman moved there after the redistricting thinking he could beat Pascrell easier than running in the heavy GOP district. Plus the only one surprised by Pascrells victory was Rothman. Good Riddance.

  6. You know it’s sad there are still people out there who believe such crap. Oh, but wait, as Barnum said famously in either the last decade of the 19th century or beginning of the 20th century, “there is a sucker born every minute.” That’s why folks such as this lady and mouthpieces like Rush Limbaugh and Donald Trump have audiences. A

    • Regina M says:

      What is really sad is that some choose without hesitation to believe what ever faction of the government they choose to side with as the “truth tellers”. Have some gumption and personal initiative to investigate and decide for yourself. What does the media say? What do the facts say? what evidence is there? Is anything documented? What is the source of this information?
      It can be scary to discover something you think is true turns out to be false as teeth, but it is better to be in possession of the truth instead of hanging with a group of braying sheep.
      I was a registered democrat for almost 50 years, but with some of the “crap” as you call it going on, I can not honestly place my faith in a group that advocates anything to do with socialism, marxism, and luxurious spending while too many Americans are desperate to survive. Michelle has over 25 personal servants,,totally unecessary, unless she is socially and mentally slow. They have taken million dollar vacations many times a year (taxpayer funded)…unecessary with our economy as it is. She named her daughters as chief of staffs to have the taxpayer fund their last trip…unecessary.. and it makes her a LIAR!
      Sorry, I dont buy that kind of garbage, I throw it out!

      • Bunny says:

        Where did you get this information ? ? ? I have not heard of most of this ! Most of your comments sounds more like the Republicans.

      • Postman27 says:

        Regina – the only “crap” going on here is your present belief system. What you wrote here as fact is absolutely ludicrous on it’s face. Sounds like you’ve invited yourself for dinner at the FAUX News(?) trough and asked for seconds on the koolaid. Both of our political parties have their problems, but these claims are outright La-La land stuff.

      • AIMPOINT says:

        Kind of hard for you to see black people living in the White House?

        Teabag much?

      • For all these accusations show us your facts. That does not mean some off the wall WEB SITE, bogus email chains and other BS that gets floated. The saying that ‘If you hear a LIE enough times you will believe it! Sounds like another one has fallen into that trap.

      • Maggie says:

        Do you have facts to back up these claims. Did other presidents take vacations and how many? Did you get your information from reliable sources? You need to study more. Marxism was that the people worked for the government and the government owned everything. Socialism is the government works for the people and provides for them. Is there something wrong with providing medical care for those who are not millionaires or have their insurance paid for by their employers. With 8.3 percent unemployment that means many people have no insurance. If you had no insurance, you would have to pay about $14 00/month for it. I knew a couple who had a four-year-old with leukemia. That is when there wasn’t the treatments that are available now. They had to do with what medical expertise was available and could not take him to other places that had more advanced medicine. When the survival of the fittest changes to survival of the richest what does that say about our society. When multi-national corporations own the government it is no longer a democray, but an oligarchy. Now show me your qualified facts. I do not believe you were ever a Democrat.

      • robair says:

        How do sleep at night knowing that you are a complete lie and really dont have any fondation in your words . you lady unfortunately are a part of what is wrong with our country . Treason is wanting a U.S. president to fail from day one as the GOP stated on day one . The canine feces coming out of your face defines you .

      • kproctornh says:

        Regina, you have every right to be concerned, to question things you hear, to support whoever you believe has your best interest at heart and the contry’s. But please, a lot of what you say in your post just doesn’t ring true with anything I hear or know. I hope you will investigate them further. We all like a good conspiracy….but it would just take too many people of both parties to conceal that President Obama is not a U.S. Citizen. You would have to believe that Hawaiian officials “are in on it”. I don’t believe the Obama’s have taken more vacations than any other President. And just like other Presidents, they are entitled to security and support while away from the office. I do not believe your point about Michelle Obama having 25 servants. I am sure there are many people employed at the White House for a variety of jobs, but I don’t think I would classify them as personal servants. She would not need to name her daugther as “chiefs of staff” to take them anywhere…and when they travel, I suspect that they do so at our expense. Oddly, and I did not know this until hearing the White House Chef say this Saturday on NPR, the Obama’s are required, like all Presidents, to pay for the cost of their meals. I haven’t independently verified it, but he was asked that question and confirmed it. There is no limit to the personal vitriol and hatred that people will spew about someone they hate and never haver they had more opportunities on TV and Radio and the Internet to do it…..but we do not have to believe it all. Again, you have a right to believe what you want, I only ask that you verify much of what you say, and from a variety of sources, so that you can be sure it is accurate.

      • lkreu says:

        Regina, please post your facts for us. I/we would love to see them. Since its been 4 days since you posted this crap, I guess you have no fact. Million dollar vacations, boy oh boy.

  7. LaFayetteJ says:

    If our elected officals do stop outsoursing jobs and bring back all the already outsourced jobs the TAX BASE that keeps everything going will be destroyed !!!

    Outsourcing all the support money to foreign countrys needs to be stopped !!!

    We should be drilling for oil in our own country, not allowing other countrys to do so …

  8. PamelaT says:

    someone desperately needs to fix her face and make up. She looks like she is drunk or high.

  9. judester610 says:

    are those shoulder pads? and watch your comments about donald. he is in an ultra-important battle with miss pennsylvania. we don’t want him to get sidetracked with birther issues.

  10. Barb Hicks says:

    Oh, so people still believe our illegal president was born here? Good grief, guys, do some research. You believe everything you are told.

  11. those people need to be committed to some nut house

  12. those people need to be committed to a nut house along with newt.

  13. Dan Twyman says:

    If Orly Taitz stopped talking and went back to Russia, the world would be a better place

    • EdC says:

      Although what have you got against Russia. If Reagan hadn’t closed the state mental hospitals and she were a Democrat, they would put her in aplace where she couldn’t hurt herself, but that could be said for several hundred other REpublican whacko’s. Palin, O’Donnal, angle, Brewer, Bockman, the list keeps going on and on, and we haven’t even started on the men yet

  14. arlanhp says:

    Thanks Thomas Jefferson for a good, if not great constitution. It has endured 230 years now. I was told several decades ago, that we had the oldest constitution in use in the world.
    Iv’e also heard it said that a Dictator was the best form of leadership ?????? if you can find the right dictator. (never Happen) I have also heard it said that a true democracy cant work. WHY ?……..because the rest of us outnumber the butcher. Think about it. Thanks again Thomas for our time proven two party system. I don’t think our constitution stipulated a two party system. It just allows us to vote on our representation. This has evolved Into our present two party , or teeter totter system. It is the best in the world, and time proven. Our failure comes when one party wants to be the dictator. A teeter totter wont work if one participant bales off. It can also fail when one end wants to over load their end. It is obvious our government is not working. Was Thomas wrong? I think not. We must realize there are valid thoughts on both ends of the ride. In our present predicament we must accept the fact that the unions have a right to exist and be heard.
    Richard Nixon signed the papers giving federal worker the right to unions. Congress failed to establish good guidelines for their exsistance. and the unions have failed to use common sense. Unions need parameters. At the other end of the see saw, we need the money changers, although the Bible has stories about the evil money changers. It is obvious that they need regulation to keep our balance. We can only vote for one President and one Vice President on our national ballots. All others are elected by states. Many good men have been elected and served well. In our present congress we have a bunch of losers who don,t know how to “see saw” or get along with the buisness at hand. Vote them out if we want to servive. It is up to the voters,not washington, We may need a new second party. We don’ need four parties.

    • johninPCFL says:

      In our system today, the plutocrats decide which candidates we will be given the option to vote for. We don’t select the candidates, the big-money controllers do.

      Similarly, we don’t decide what’s important in the elections. The plutocrats do that for us too. The Republican plutocrats have decided that abortion is critically important (in this election) to the future of the American republic.

      Similarly, we don’t decide how many parties will field candidates. Notice that not a single tea-party candidate ran with a ‘T’ on the ballot? That’s because the plutocrats have decided that choosing amongst too many candidates is too hard for the idiots that are voting.

  15. Sure wish there’d been some actual content more than what amounted to captions for the photos. It’d also be nice, once in a while, to see a political report that doesn’t inject the writer’s own bias. E.g., it’s only the writers opinion that the tobacco industry’s massive spending in California led to the tobacco tax’s loss at the polls.

    Remember, correlation doesn’t equal causation. It’s not that I disagree about the California referendum, it’s that the reporter states an opinion as fact – he begs the question.

  16. Why are you s0 buggoted

  17. Don B says:

    Ms. Taitz needs to produce her birth certificate, as well as proof of her citizenship before she runs for office. I haven’t seen it! Isn’t she foreign born to begin with? Where’s this
    “bbbbb….I mean Witch from?”

  18. emadis41 says:

    Mean queen,is there some quirks who believe her, shee only fall short?
    Get over it, you retarded. the Egyptian has black kings dynasty 3000 years ago and in the 21st century you still harbor racism and hate anyone who is black?
    You neither people of sensibility nor faith, for God created all people as equals.

  19. Barnum said; “There’s a sucker born every minute, and two take him.” All of us sitting out in Moderate Land, are not sucker’s were looking at the Birtha’s, Republicans, and Dems, with a close eye, yet talk to me after the conventions and we see who Romney picks as his VP, if conservatism is the order of the next 4 yrs, look out in 2016 when they get there ass handed to them by the liberals that walk out of the woods from hiding. At this point I’m tired of all the people who know what the President should have done, or do; the Republicans for there do it my way or else…..America was an experiment in freedom…looks like that experiment is over and the only one’s that are free is big money so go ask them who should be President and Congressman for your state. Then just try and live were and how you can.

  20. Mulligatonney says:

    Here’s some truthful crap for you… OBama promised to reduce our National debt by 3 trillion dollars by his 3rd year in office. In fact, the national debt has increased by 5 trillion as of his 3rd year in office. That is an 8TRILLION DOLLAR swing. His administration has been anything but what was promised to us during his 2008 campaign and has created a trail of broken promises, deceptions and ill-advised ideological forays into this Republic. What about the “transparency” he promised during his campaign? What about the “posting of every bill on C-Span” 72 hours prior to a vote? Have you forgotten? I have not… He is not getting a second chance with me. I think when we realize that, irrespective of Republican or Democrat, when a politician does not do what he says he is going to do, for whatever reason, he should not get a second chance. And when we vote accordingly, we may be able to get some respectability back into our government. Plainly speaking, when a politician fails to live up to all the big promises he makes during his campaign and is voted out of office as a consequence, other politicians might be less likely to make stupid promises they cannot keep just to get himself elected. If there is no consequence for promising ridiculous things to win an election, then ridiculous people will continue to promise those ridiculous things because they know they can win with it. Ignorant voters are a real problem – our educational system has failed them. As for intelligent, educated voters who are perfectly willing to vote for a man who has directly lied to them – well, maybe we would be better off with the ignorant voters…

  21. Cliff says:

    I have a curiousity about the birth issue also, but I’ve found that when I’ve asked questions about it, (If I can find any sources of info), I am snickered at and looked on as if a mental defect of some sort. If I push the issue, people are now to the point of throwing around this name “Birther”, and I’ve noticed that the Democrat leaners have got propaganda out now teaching everyone that there is not much lower than a Birther. I find this offensive. When did it become a lowlife thing in this country to ask a question?
    I don’t care what you think of me! I will continue to ask until someone gets off their snooty horse and answers my questions to my satisfaction. I am not so stupid as to just take your word for it because you think your higher station is all you need to lead the sheep.

  22. She’s caused nothing but trouble since she came on the scene. Why hasn’t someone looked into where she’s getting her money. She’s trying to spread her crazy all over the west since she was an utter failure in Florida.

  23. Wow, California dodged a bullet with Oily Taint. Down the toilet bowl with her .

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