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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Photo by Michele Sandberg.

Retreating to higher ground is not something modern Republicans do naturally. But with Tropical Storm Isaac about to become a hurricane, they’ve been forced to start bailing out of some of their scheduled convention activities. And their first edits were easy.

For weeks, Donald Trump (Birther-NY) has been promising the world’s most predictable “surprise” at the Republican National Convention. Trump’s sketch, likely featuring the fake firing of a President Obama impersonator, was one of the first events cut from the agenda. This was convenient for Mitt Romney, who saw his lame birther joke spark a backlash that has finally resulted in media attention to his race-baiting. Another lucky break for Romney is that Rick Scott, the chronically unpopular Governor of Florida, had to withdraw from a speaking slot to deal with the storm.

The GOP’s presumptive nominee may have to make more cuts as Isaac threatens a direct hit with New Orleans, conjuring up the Ghost of Republican Failures Past. With Mitt’s record of becoming more unlikable as people get to know him, the storm gives him a nice opportunity to make more cuts from the convention agenda that could end up improving his image.

After you get rid of the rest of the birthers on the agenda, Mitt, here are five more speakers to cut now to save yourself some trouble.

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  • old_blu

    This has to be the first convention where the last President of that party wasn’t invited to speak. How come no GWB? hahahahah

    • montanabill

      Some people simply have the good graces to know that their time is over and that it serves no purpose to try to rekindle their own image. On the other hand, we have Clinton and Carter.

      • signalfire1

        I agree Clinton should have stained blue dresses thrown at him everywhere he goes. He’s a disgrace to the office of the Presidency. But Carter has proved over and over again he’s a man of honor and a humanitarian. He was drummed out of office by the Republican party in cahoots with a bought and paid for press, and we ended up with Saint Ronnie the actor instead… followed by a man who somehow ended up the head of the CIA from an oil background, whose best friend’s son was the attempted assassin of Reagan, and who finally got into the White House only to go back on his one big promise (read my lips) and then bequeath upon us his idiot son.

        • montanabill

          Carter is a man of honor (though he has slipped at times) and certainly a humanitarian. I also believe Obama is probably a pretty decent guy (but hard to see through the curtain), however, neither one of them made a very good President. If you were around when Reagan was running, you would know that the press was not on his side. I also didn’t think either one of the Bushes made very good Presidents, but when you consider the alternatives, they were the best choice at the time. It is going to be the same in this election. If Obama is not just inept, then his success at making us a 2nd rate country is genius. Romney was not my first choice, but again, considering the alternative, it is no contest. I want business to feel free to invest in growth again. I want entrepreneurs to feel their possible reward is worth the risk. If those things happen, jobs will come back and the middle class will flourish. It will not only require a readjustment of taxes (a whole new tax code) and substantial cuts to government spending (and there is plenty of room without touching essential services), it will require the economy to come back like it did under Reagan to generate the revenues that will increase government revenues to start eliminating the deficit spending and paying down the enormous debt that will bury us in debt service costs. Only this time, when government revenue increases, I hope it will be used to for that purpose instead of simply growing more government or creating more entitlements.

      • old_blu

        I notice that you said “good graces” and not good sense. : ))

      • jarheadgene

        YHhaawwww MONTANA BILL!!! Clinton is a scheduled keynote speaker at the DNC. Reason Bush and Cheney weren’t invited is because EVERYONE HATES THEM. Their popularity is lower than no ones, except for the Republican Held Congress. And they don’t really like ROMNEY. They just tolerate him.

        • montanabill

          Dream on Jarhead.

      • Gammaanya

        Because he could come DRUNK and fall off the stage, LOLOLOLOLOL

  • widollar

    The great destroyers of the middle class, Romney and Ryan will sadly succeed in buying the oval office by outspending Obama with “rotten to the core” commercials depicting Obama as unfit to lead America. Never mind that Romney and Ryan have no real plans to move America forward because their plan is to give them a very big tax cut and throw the middle class under the bus by shutting down all their social programs.

    • montanabill

      Ignoring your partisan hyperbole, apparently you don’t remember who ‘bought’ the 2008 election by reneging on his campaign promise about accepting government funding, not that reneging on campaign promises an unusual thing for him.

      • Only in a world where deceit, obstructionism, and intolerance are regarded as virtues, and the truth is a four letter word, can anyone believe President Obama did not try to follow up on the promises he made.

        • montanabill

          Those who will not see are truly blind. The truth is really out there.

    • You Got That Right My Friend And You Would Think That All That Money Donald Trump You Would Think He Would Be Trying To Find A Better Hair Dresser To Fix That Birdnest To Top Of His Head Than Worry About Telling The Same Old Stale Lie About Where The President Was Born!! Damn Bunch Of Low Life Liars!! The American Taliban Earn Their Master Degrees In Lying And Chaos!!

    • jarheadgene

      NOT if we can help it. …..VOTE and tell everyone you know about the lies of the GOP and get them to vote for the one and only candidate that cares about the middle class, Obama.

      • Do you go on other sites and spread the word about the Republicans lies? It is mean out there.

        • jarheadgene

          On Republican based sites? Yes, and a lot of them get real mean… to those I give as I get sometimes…I try to turn them around with kindness but they are mostly mean. More often than not I will make an appeal to reason.
          And on very rare occasions I might get an “I didn’t know that.” For the most part they often prove that they just listen to FOX news all the time. What they don’t like, but I always do, is give them links to the dot gov sites or fact check sites. Most I have come across hate the truth and the facts. I have only come across 2, that were outright, out of the closet, racists. Making it very clear that they do not like a black man(not the word they used) as the POTUS. I had to tell them, at the very least I appreciated their straight forward honest bigotry.

      • ya all saw the line up there!! by their fruit you shall know them.they just want to take back the white House they don´t really care about you.they care for just the Party, themselves, their egos and and Rich friends. America wake up!

    • Ed

      Of course they don’t intend to move america forward. They want to go backward to say, 1911. Before Teddy Roosevelt started fighting the “TYCOONS”. A shameful republican the party wishes to disown.

  • Instead of ditching speakers I think they should give ample time to Sarah Palin and , Michele Bachman. Better yet, they should make Todd Akin their keynote speaker.

  • howa4x

    What a cast of clowns. NJ would love to get rid of it’s trash talking governor. If he dosen’t agree wiht you he calls you names in the press. Trump is a immoral clown. Like other GOP hierarchy Rush, married 4 times, and to add on a convicted drug user, Guliani who left his wife when she had cancer, and Newt on his 3rd wife , Trump trades in wives every time a newer model comes out. So much for family values. What’s Gary Bauer of the family research council, going to do? Funny thing these guys are popular with the religious right so I guess the vow of marriage is not a big deal in the republican party. I know Gays in monagamus relationships that lasted longer than some of them. They are all going to make the point that Obama is not one of us, well maybe not one of them. He has stayed married to the same woman and practices the family values that the republicans preach buy don’t do. He is more of a follower of what Christ actually said, like trying to give access to people with no insurance to the health care system, and supporting programs that aide the poor. The republicans who claim to be followers of Christ, loath the poor, and maybe that will be on display at the convention, along with subtle racism. The more rightward they are at the convention the more they drive away women, gays, Latinos, Asians, and independents. Afro-Americans were driven away a long time ago.
    The base is shrinking due to demographics and Jeb is right. Young people who are not indoctrinated by evangelicals don’t think gay marriage is a big deal, since they grew up with them, are concerned about climate change, like being on their parents health plan, don’t like the big banks, or big corporations in general, they want a clean enviornment, and care about social justice issues.
    All the things the Republicans are against. One day the party will be a regional one if they keep on this track.

  • montanabill

    Tell you what Sattler, if you can tell the Republicans which speakers are suitable for their convention by your criteria, how about letting Limbaugh tell the Democrats which speakers are suitable for their convention. Only fair, right?
    I did like your ‘Ghost of Republican Failures Past’ allusion, but then I remembered that the Democrats are bringing back Jimmy Carter. That is the ultimate trump card.

    • awakenaustin

      It must have hurt if you are taking this satire piece seriously. Did you knowingly wince each time you flipped the screen? Did your stomach churn just a little when you thought about it?

      • montanabill

        I winced not one bit. The National Memo does not deal in satire. It deals in inflaming the d. masses.

  • Maybe they should invite Tom Smith, the PA politician, that compared having children out of wedlock to rape…

  • billredding

    Quit knocking Donald. I think about him every morning while taking my morning TRUMP.

  • Hurricane Katrina was a massive DEMOCRATIC failure. ALthough the mainstream media strained mightily to blame George Bush, Louisiana voters were not fooled. Ray Nagin and Kathleen Blanco acted incompetently in failing to implement disaster planes. Blanco declined to run for re-election and a Republican, Bobby Jindal, replaced her.

  • bigspender7

    Whenever a picture of Donald Trump appears I am immediately reminded that he is just egg-sucking, chicken stealing gutter trash.

  • Is that why Jimmy Carter works with Habitat for Humanity, including in New Orleans ? Bush was President and Katrina was on his watch.

  • Ok, Clinton let his pants down. He could have accomplished so much more for our economy . I am still angry with him ! One thing for sure, Clinton will never forget what a stupid thing he did.

  • jarheadgene

    I read that the goverment has shrunk under Obama…not a stat the GOP wants you to hear. As for taxes, we need to return to the Clinton taxes on Salaries above $250k. That will bring in some higher revenues.

  • Donald Trump promising the world What a sicko lol Republicans lies