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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Five Prominent Republicans Who May Be Snubbed At The Convention

Although the full roster of speakers for the next month’s Republican National Convention won’t be announced for several weeks, NBC News has reported that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will deliver the keynote address.

While Christie is basking in the media spotlight, however, several other notable Republicans will be left out in the cold. The convention is designed to be a four day coronation of Mitt Romney, any deviation from that message is frowned upon. That is why these five prominent Republicans are likely to be snubbed at the August convention:

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  • bcarreiro

    keynote: we the people should see where these republicans are investing in…if it aint america then move to the other side and see how long you all last. lets address that!!

  • howa4x

    Looks like a rogues gallery. Christie will be the biggest(litteraly) person to speak

    • DurdyDawg

      Yeah, like a hundred pounds of peat moss in a fifty pound tater sack.

  • ttekcloc

    Why is it that you dont see any black people at any Rep functions

    • catball

      Because their smarter than most.

  • ttekcloc

    why is that you dont see any black people at Reps functions

    • jarheadgene

      Too many are smarter than that, and don’t want to be known as an “UNCLE TOM.”

      • 1standlastword

        Herman Cain wouldn’t mind

    • Brawny71

      Are you kiddding? Every four years when the convention airs on TV, they zoom in on them as if they sat in a secret prize seat or something. It’s hilarious. That and a buttload of babies and toddlers.

    • DurdyDawg

      Because their pockets aren’t lined with green.

  • jarheadgene

    I don’t want to see MR BUSH ever again ….Until He calls out CHENEY for the scum that he is! MR BUSH please read the BOOK of ESTHER, You may identify with King Xerxes constantly being manipulated by Haman….he may remind you of CHENEY. NO WMD’s in IRAQ. If you were part of it all and not duped, as I suspect, then SHAME , SHAME, SHAME on you Mr. Bush. FYI Esther is in the BIBLE not the Book of Moron, I mean Mormon.

  • They don’t want Bush there because it will invite comparisons between him and Romney, and remind everyone that the last time they elected a businessman, it didn’t end well.

    It’s going to have the opposite effect, however. Instead, people noticing that he and other high-profile Republicans will NOT be in attendance, and it won’t be hard for everyone to determine the reasons why for themselves.

    • They Might As Well Invite Him, Hell Romney Hire Most Of His Old Staff!! America Needs To Wake The Hell Up If Mr Strip And Ship Wins It Will Be Bush 3rd Term!!!

  • I don’t care who speaks or doesn’t speak at the Republican National Convention. I deserted the party long time ago, because it has become a safe haven for racists, birthers and intolerance. However, I still personally like the Bushes.

    Greg Takor

  • Gammaanya

    Did they snubbed Adam West??????? Not black enough or too light??? I thought he was the darling of the Repukes. He identified 79-82 Communists Democrats. Did he change his spots??? Marco Rubio, paid off his debts now on his fat paycheck, so maybe we can ask for advise how did he do it??? Nah, I will ask Michael Vick about how to train my sweetheart pittbull to be better dog that she is now (she is a very good dog – lazy and I think Michael would have beaten her to death or shot) so I will skip that too. Oh, I know, I will ask Bush how was the Presidency besides awesome and make him famous, did gave him any higher IQ than a single digit he have now. He look sober enough to make a comment. LOL I guess that they have enough of black Congressmans (incl. Michael Steele) to push Romney agenda, they no longer matter. What the GOP did to Steel, he still kisses their butts and bash Obama. Nice combo, they still snub him. I wonder how long and how far the black Congressman have to go to be recognized as an equal??. Stupid as stupid goes and you can’t fix stupid. Chris Christie the goodyear tire man will start his speech. “Now what I tell you is take it or leave it, but I am telling you Mittsy is the man and you shut up and vote Mitt, the rest of it is none of your business how he will reign in his Kingdom. It’s none of your business, just remeber it’s none of your business, just remember it’s none of ……………………….stupid.

  • alumahead

    I can’t see how a GOP voter can take any of their candidates or speechifiers seriously. I hope they all show up and blather away incoherently like Word Salad Sarah. Maybe then conservative voters will finally wake up and realize THEY are the problem, not their candidates.

  • ObozoMustGo

    Yet another waste of pixels from another useful idiot at The Memo, Hank Decker. Hank, does the Obozo campaign propaganda machine send you your marching orders the night before publishing, or early in the morning? Just curious……

    Uhhh… where’s ever growing list of prominent DemocRATS that are snubbing Obozo at his convention? More and more of them dont want to be caught in the same state as that bum, let alone be seen on TV in the same building at the 2nd coronation of your messiah.

    That’s a bigger story than who’s gonna speak and who isn’t at the Republican convention.

    Besides, who the hell wastes their time watching any of that choreographed crap from either side anyway?

    Have a nice day!

    • catball

      I believe that the t-party republicans are reproducing the policies in part of the Third Reich. They have an obsession with ID cards, the distrust of the public,the violations of the people’s rights, the hatred of gays, the toxic racism, the open oppression of women.I thought fascism would be the one to take root in this country but I was wrong it’s communism. Refuse to comply—-it is the only way to preserve democracy.

      • ObozoMustGo

        hairball…. you are steeped in the mythology of the left, and there is no hope for you. Go back to your bong now. It’s calling you…………

        Have a nice day!

  • DurdyDawg

    Can you imagine? Donut mouth not invited! .. I am surprised. Goes to show the birther BS is just that.. BS!! Otherwise Romney and his herd of minions would be all over it. One lie down, many more to go. (somebody should fire the frump, uh! I mean trump over his wet dream).

  • Most Of These Nuts Are Tea Party Crazies!! Why Would A Black Person Attend An Event Where The People Really Don’t Like You Is Amazing To Me!!

  • ed

    The next President of the United States Mitt Romney & best choice for VP Condoleezza Rice, they would make great leadership for our nation. Remake America! This nation is for all Americans get behind your people and support them. They have the wisdom and business ability to make America great again!

  • romney campaign may soon collapse. Americans are not happy with the hiding and deceits.