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Wednesday, September 20, 2017


The economic crash of 2008 clearly didn’t help John McCain’s chances of becoming president. But his decision to “suspend” his campaign at the beginning of the crisis is remembered, along with his “game-changing” choice of running-mate Sarah Palin, as the worst strategic blunders of his campaign. The selection of Paul Ryan by Mitt Romney combines both of these blunders into one massive mistake.

You can discern what the Rove-era Republicans view as their most troubling weakness by noting whatever they attack. Their full-court press on the credibility of Joe Biden proves that the right knows Romney’s choice of Ryan hasn’t resulted in a bounce and carries tremendous downside risk.

For months, Romney had vowed to make this election entirely about the economy. And in the heat of August he chose Paul Ryan and changed the game.

Ryan has none of the tabloid drama of a Palin pick. He’s used to answering questions and humoring reporters. His kids aren’t about to become teen parents and/or abstinence spokespersons. But his arrival shook up this campaign in a way that Romney couldn’t have wanted.

With Palin, the burbling celebration curdled into buyer’s remorse within a few weeks after the Republican convention. With Ryan, that same emotion has taken hold among Republican insiders two weeks before their convention.


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597 Responses to Five Reasons Paul Ryan Is Already a Worse VP Choice Than Sarah Palin

  1. What amazes me is how the Conservative commentators and bloggers are gushing over everything about Ryan as a fiscal conservative who supports limited government. If you look at his record, he supported every Bush/Cheney financial bill ever submitted, including two unfunded wars, the great Medicare Donut Hole, the unfunded Tax Breaks, TARP. The list goes on and on. Oh, wait. Conservative commentators only look for one thing that a Democrat may have done 20 years ago, not continuous congressional records of Republicans when finding fault.

    • yes, it’s been proven the best path to high office is to vote “present” on everything then Surprise everyone when you turn out to be the biggest commie ever elected by our irresponsible media

    • Here’ s the thing Baron. Bush was a liberal in disguise. He still spent less than the alternative would have….Gore or Kerry. But a good point.

  2. I’m starting to think that this guy may be an empty suit. I hated his politics but you never knew what to make of his overall competency because he’s been a bubble boy. If you think about it, he only ever appeared on Fixed News and conservative talk radio where he was always treated as awesome and never asked any serious questions. Now he has to face a number of them and never seems to have an answer. He doesn’t know when his budget plan will come into balance: he hasn’t “run the numbers” on his budget, so he says: he seems very unsure of his 700+ million dollar medicare cuts and can’t get specific: he doesn’t seem to be able to talk about opening the dougnut hole again. So, he’s the wonk is he.

    I remember when Ryan first came out with his medicare voucher plan. Dick Cheney said that, “I worship the ground that Paul Ryan walks on.” Glenn Beck invited him on his radio show and the first thing Beck said to him was, “I love you.” I thought, Jesus, just for screwing poor seniors? Imagine if Ryan had proposed ‘the final solution’ for the elderly. They would have been trying to have gay sex with him at that point.

    • LOL. That Glenn Beck goes straight for the money. You’d think he’d at least take Ryan out for a dinner and a movie before rolling out the old “I love you” line.

      • People who are conservative or traditional or libertarian or classically liberal are going to back the conservative candidate. That’s the way it works.

        If you want to find weird backers and try to stigmatize him, go for it, but it’s lame.

    • Stop the lies. Obama has taken 716 billion from medicare and set up a board of bureaucrats to determine what health care seniors will get. With obama, biden.holder, nappy we have a bunch of criminals running the government. Where’s the budget thats required by law that reid hasn’t passed???????????????

      • You are absolutely correct! Where is the real birth certificate, not a forgery? Where are the college records from Columbia and Harvard Law School. Nobody remembers him, being there. What a darn fraud he is!!!

        • Right on, Hans! Kenyan Nazi-Cryprto-Fasci-Socio-skroopeedoopee-dopoes have no right being installed as president under constitutional law! Just because he won legitimately doesn’t mean… uh, that we should… uh, not be like MAD AND STUFF!

          • Yet one more canard out of the GOP don’t-worry-voters-are-too-stupid playbook. Show me one, just one election that was thrown by so-called voter fraud. You can’t, because there isn’t one. Even the association of *GOP* lawyers has researched this and said that voter fraud is inconsequential. But, you keep trying to throw out those labels instead of facts, it’s still a free speech country.

          • That’s one of the stupidest things I’ve heard. Just look at what happened to Thune. Well ahead in the election, the Indian reservations hadn’t turned in their totals. Knowing the number they needed, the results came in and they had 90% turnout with 90% of the votes going to the other guy. Just enough to win.

            The next time Thune ran he won, because monitors were actually in the reservations. Oddly, the same thing didn’t happen. Wonder why that was?

          • you guys are stupid,ignorant….obama didn,t take millions bush did to fund 2 wars….bush filled it with a bunch IOU,s and gave everyone a tax break to hide it make people happy he was getting out so he didn,t care….lol blame obama everything a repub a## gets in we go to war,,,,14trillion def. isn,t obamas fault….i,m not a huge fan of him but i,mnot an idiot like you guys who knows not a god damn thing.

          • Not counting Bush’s bank bailout at the end, the worst deficit he would have had was 500 billion. Obama thought deficits of 1.6 and 1.7 trillion were fine.

            Yes, it is Obama’s fault. You built that.

          • unlike George W. who also did wonders for the poor (bankers, who lost everyone elses money then got a bonus for it).

          • You people are still in denial, when the Bushes were robbing you blindly, stealing Iraqi Oil and selling it back to you at a premium price, none of you complained, when 9/11 occured, while you people blamed Osama, the real brains behind it was the Bush administration, you people were lied to, again Americans may procliam to be a super power, but in real you guys are just a bunch of ignorant gullible snorts, sorry for the reference. But really you guys are a bunch of ignoramuses, and I feel sorry for americans in general

          • Should we really listen to someone coming from a country with only the fraction of our GDP tell us why we’re failing?

            4 more years of socialism and we may be in the same boat as you. Right now though, we still have a chance to stay as #1, and we’re going to take it.

          • Ah yes, Chicago politics.

            “Vote early … vote often.”

            But that being said, while they did stack the deck a bit, such as 20,000 people being registered to the same non-existent address in Ohio, making sure the military vote doesn’t count, etc, Obama won because he won. The margin was too great to have it be fraud, not across the entire nation.

          • Bush won by Voter Fraud., and just think if he hadn’t of been given the election by the Supreme Court, would we have had a Depression in 2008.

          • That is Commenter Fraud. The votes were recounted and Bush had even more after the recount..

            Bush brought America out of the dotcom bust and 9-11 … came from Clinton and the other…….also from Clinton who did not take care of Obama.

          • If you recounted the vote that Gore wanted recounted Bush would have won. If you would have recounted them all(like the judge wanted) Bush would have lost.

        • you’re a nutter…..still with the birth certificate… was produced nucklehead…..But thats not enough for you is it? for the rest ot populatian even GOP members it is….. but not YOU!

        • He was president of the Harvard law review. And he showed his birth certificate to the world. What more do you want from the guy.

          • He was the only president of the Harvard Law Review in it history, to not present a paper. The only one.

            The endlessly blithering youth who wrote books about himself?
            Can’t write merely one paper?

          • The schools are very corrupt, they hide things. We have a white lady who pretended she was an Indian and got all sorts of promotions. Now the school can’t admit it, that would make them guilty too.

            The new norm in the cheating leftist world of higher education.

            Obama should, just as every applicant for a job, present his academic records. Bush did. Romney did. Kerry did. (A dummy).

        • He was president of the Harvard law review when he went there. He showed his birth certificate to the world for goodness sake. What more do you want from the guy.

        • You need to get out from under your rock…this idea that Obama is any thing but an American is total 100 BS…but if you want to go on and be in the group of the Tin pots on their heads…go for it…and just be another nut case…by the way he graduated with HONORS for Harvard…check it out..

        • Perhaps…you could provide a copy of the “birth certificate that is a forgery”…in the mean time…you might want to check out the year books from both Harvard and Columbia….Obama is in the area of the classes in was in at the time he was there….

          So you can put back on your “tin hat” and go back to the basement and look at the stars…and hope that Obama is flying back to the planet that he came from….

          • Obama, back when he campained for president, used a fake presidential seal for the shills who might be impressed. He insisted on Greek columns at his first big speech. People in his “autobiography” have proven to not even exist.

            This guy has no problem fabricating things. I don’t care about his birth, but don’t tell us he couldn’t do this, he has done much worse.

        • I thought Americans were a lot wiser, but like my old friend said when I asked him about America. He said: “America is full of mental health cases pretending to be right wing conservatives simply to avoid being sectioned.”

        • ggrdro5 & Hans maybe if you looked at another network you would have seen pictures of the President at Harvard and your on news show talks about him being an Activist at College although that’s not true. Havard is not the kind of school for free thinkers. As for his Birth Certificate no matter how many times you Birtha’s see it it will never be good enough and plenty of people remember him being their you guy’s just have selective hearing and vision. Get over it. We are not Harping on Romney being a Mormon, maybe we should..

      • There are no lies except the ones that you are telling. the 716 B is not directly taken from medicare, so seniors won’t see any difference in the quality of care they get. The money comes from effecientcies made like electronic record keeping to avoid needless testing whenever a new doctor comes on, cutting some payments to health care providers( something that Bush did), combating fraud which drains a lot of money out of the system, and this is a ten year plan not a 1 yr plan. Stop doing the republican talking points and passing them off as truth. You act like Romney.

      • ggrdr05, Why don’t you go troll elsewhere and take your merry band of repliers with you. You say Stop the lies and then throw out two big whoppers! LOL. No one is cutting money from Medicare that’s just your cynical spin (right off the GOP talking points). Under Obama’s plan seniors will get expanded coverage, better prescription coverage, and a system that won’t run out of money for at least a couple decades more. Under Romney-Ryan Medicare goes broke by 2016. If you think the private ins. industry, with 30% overhead can do better than Medicare’s 2% overhead, then you are simply a blind partisan hack. Also, there is no board that determines what health care seniors will get. If you can point to the passage in the law where that is, then do so. It sets up a board to *recommend* new efficiencies in health care, it can’t mandate them, it has absolutely no power to do anything more than to do research and recommend.

        So, *you* stop the lies.

      • I thought Americans were a lot wiser, but like my old friend said when I asked him about America. He said: “America is full of mental health cases pretending to be right wing conservatives simply to avoid being sectioned.”

      • The Lies are that Obama has taken $716 billion from medicare…but if you look at Willards plan for medicare…HIS PROPOSAL IS TO TAKES OUT $716 BILLION FROM MEDICARE….FIND IT ON THE WEB AND READ IT…RYANN FULLY SUPPORTS IT TOO…

      • Got a great idea for you…why not write that letter to Sen. Read, and ask him why haven’t you been in session…You can write the same letter to Speaker Boenher Repub Speaker of the House of Reps and ask him the exact same questions….

      • (Reuters) – Mitt Romney’s selection of U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate guarantees a fierce debate about the future of Medicare during the presidential campaign this fall.

        Ryan is the author of several plans to slash the cost of Medicare, the U.S. health insurance program for the elderly and disabled. He would do that by transforming it into a voucher program that would provide seniors a fixed annual benefit, so-called premium support. That plan is overwhelmingly unpopular among all Americans, and especially seniors, because it would more than double their current out-of-pocket Medicare costs over the coming decade.

        The debate already is generating plenty of claims and counter-claims about what is and is not working – often based on misinformation about how Medicare actually functions today. So let’s take a look at the six biggest myths about Medicare, along with the facts.


        Facts: Medicare spending will soar in the years ahead as the number of seniors grows, but its per-capita growth is slower than private health insurance – and it is getting better. “We may be reaching the point now where Medicare healthcare expenses are growing no more quickly than growth of the economy overall,” said John Rother, chief executive officer of the National Coalition on Health Care (NCHC). “That’s important, but it might as well be a state secret as far as the public and Congress goes.”

        The average annual per-capita spending growth rate through 2019 is projected at 3.1 percent for Medicare, compared with 4.9 percent for private insurance plans, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. The 3.1 percent projection even includes higher payments to doctors as part of a long-term solution to the long-running problem of the sustainable growth rate (SGR) used under current law to control Medicare spending on physician services.

        The 3.1 percent projection also is smaller than the 3.7 percent annual growth in gross domestic product for that period projected by the Congressional Budget Office.

        Although we hear plenty about fraud and abuse in Medicare – which is a legitimate area of concern – the program is dramatically more efficient than private insurance. Medicare spent just 1.4 percent of every dollar on administrative overhead, even including money spent to fight fraud and abuse, compared with 25 percent overhead in private plans, according to Richard Kaplan, a professor at the University of Illinois College of Law who specializes in elder law matters.


        Facts: The government funds Medicare, but healthcare delivery is entirely private.

        The phrase “government healthcare” implies that the Medicare program actually delivers the care – as the National Health Service does in Great Britain, or the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs does here. Medicare is simply a government-financed health insurance provider.

        “The government provides the financing, so it’s appropriate to say the government is the health insurance company,” Kaplan said. “But all the doctors, pharmacies, and nursing homes are private. The provider sends a bill – instead of Blue Cross Blue Shield, the federal government writes the check. But you go to whatever hospital you want.”


        Facts: The Romney-Ryan campaign has trotted out this scary-sounding number to deflect attention from Ryan’s voucher plan. But it is largely a false claim because it implies that the health reform law slashes benefits.

        The Affordable Care Act actually delivers expanded benefits to seniors. It closes the prescription drug donut hole over time, with 3.6 million seniors saving a collective $2.1 billion last year; it also expands preventive services, including an annual wellness visit, mammograms and prostate cancer screenings with no out-of-pocket cost.

        Obamacare does cut $700 billion in Medicare spending over a 10-year period. But the cuts are adjustments in payments to Medicare providers, which are mostly meaningless to patients. According to the CBO, the ACA’s 10-year cuts include $415 billion in fee-for-service payments to healthcare providers, $156 billion in reduced payments to Medicare Advantage plans, $56 billion to hospitals, and $114 billion in other miscellaneous cuts far too numerous to detail here.


        Facts: Most Medicare patients do not have trouble finding doctors who will see them, but there is growing concern about access to primary care physicians.
        You are a dissembler, just like your hero, Lyan Ryan.
        From Reuters:

        This issue is monitored closely by the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC), an independent Congressional agency charged with advising Congress on Medicare. The agency’s most recent annual survey of Medicare patients found that just 2 percent of beneficiaries had problems of any kind finding a new primary care doctor willing to accept Medicare – the same percentage of patients aged 50-64 with private insurance who report problems.

        Likewise, just 2.1 percent report trouble of any kind finding specialists willing to accept Medicare, compared with 2.3 percent for patients with private insurance

        • Obamacare does cut $700 billion in Medicare spending over a 10-year period. But the cuts are adjustments in payments to Medicare providers, which are mostly meaningless to patients

          Which means that when Medicare is willing to pay the Doctor 50$ for a 200$ visit he’s going to do what??? Say what the heck, 300.000$ in student loans for med school are nothing?….or just say blow this and no longer take anyone on Medicare…

          Yeah that will fix everything, the Gov promises to pay for your care as long as you can find someone who will accept the 30 cents on the dollar that your care is worth…

      • No You Stop the Lies, we are not all un-informed we read, we listen to the news on all networks and then we sit down and make a good decision about what we believe. Romneys numbers are wrong an just Spin, he’s working for the Insurance Companies, they have Contributed a Lot of Money to his Campiagn.. They wish to get back the great Deal they had while Bush was in Office. They did nothing and recieved a check that was backed by the Government. Romney/Ryan will add 6,000 to dollars to every senior bill with this voucher program. And as for the Budget, the Congress of No has disrupted Congress long enough. New Congress 2012.

        • So it’s ok for obama to receive big donations from soros, unions, etc?? Unions all got waivers for the wonderful obamacare plan that most people dont want. The seniors will not have any changes to their medicare it is the younger generations that will be given choices. The congress passed many bills, why don’t you be truthful it is old senile reid that wouldn’t allow anything to come to the floor. Obviously you don’t care about our children and grandchildren. obama has never worked across the aisle once!!!!!!

    • Well done comment…Ryan is some thing that no one knows about…the Repub love his speeches..yet don’t under stand that his believe is you pass a spending bill….and DO NOT FUND IT….SO YOU TAKE THE MONEY FROM SOME WHERE ELSE TO PAY FOR IT…The problem with Ryan’s idea…it does not work in the long run…but he does not care..he is running for VP and at the same time for his current position in the Hose of Reps….talk about covering your bets…

    • Come on I don’t give a damn who was voted/chosen there are those that would never be happy regardless of who it was. So why not just shut your mouth. Who knows you might be surprised. All the dirty lies have to come out from those unhappy dis-satisfied haters. Romney may not have been my preference but by God I’ll stand with him to beat the illegeal muslim we have now. So put that in your pipe and smoke it

    • Check for the C connection. Cs want the world, and will settle for no less.

      Romney and Ryan have a problem, big problem. And all of the followers of Romney and Ryan have a problem. It is called the Constitution.

      U S Constitution, Section 4. The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on application of the legislature, or of the executive (when the legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence.

      So the US Constitution clearly requires the federal government to protect states from invasion. More than a million aliens illegally pouring across the border into the US each year is clearly an invasion. This is an undeclared war by the Vatican, a hostile, foreign nation.

      Definition of terms
      Vatican – A foreign, hostile government to the US. The Vatican has no allies, only “subjects”. The Vatican does not negotiate with any nation, the history is strictly subjugation. The document the Vatican uses as the “guiding” of the Vatican is the Catholic bible. The Vatican has never, nor will ever accept any document (such as the US Constitution) to be above the Catholic bible. Therefore, peace is not possible. The Vatican is at war aganinst any and all nations that are not of the Catholic dogma. This war is unending.
      Catholic – An agent or spy for the Vatican. These spys and agents may claim to be “citizens” of another nation (for instance, the USA), however, the true alliance is with the Vatican. Thus Catholics are to be treated as hostile individuals to the US. If elected to US office, they take an oath to defend the Constitution of the US. Then they act in compliance with the Vatican. This is treason during time of war. In peace it is sedition. .

      So, Romney and Ryan, Boehner, Pilosi and all the rest of the Catholics (R and D alike) that have joined together to keep the borders open are traitors.
      I have a question. Is there a successful Catholic nation in the world? Please name one. Do not vote for failure, R or D.

  3. Sarah Palin was silly and stupid but probably harmless in the long run like Christine O’Donnell, Sharron Angle, and maybe even Michele Bachmann. Paul Ryan on the other hand IS dangerous because he promotes evil.

    • Palin is only harmless because she’s a has-been that didn’t win. Can you imagine the chaos and havoc she could have rained on the U.S. if she’d won? What if they had won and McCain keeled over? In the words of Woody Harrelson, “I weep for humanity”.

      • Wow….jojo what a great comeback….”Well we can’t argue the writer’s article because Ryan is a real “tool”, so let’s go after Biden and Pelosi.”

      • Yeah, Nancy such a airhead bimbo she just about single handly saved ObamaCare. Frankly, for anyone who thinks Biden or Nancy are bimbos, that says way more about your intelligence than it does theirs.

        • And if you believe what comes out of either one of them then I would question your intelligence. They both embarrass the party especially Nancy.

  4. I see an author with real “extreme liberal” ties.
    I’d never read where Sarah or Paul (as VP hopefuls) ever mimicked “bloviating” Biden in making racist remarks as the big mouth did regarding “chaining blacks as slaves” remark, have you? Therefore, the liberal democrats are “true-blue racists” and that’s something I can’t find to be too proud of.
    And for the African-America Community, to remain silent with such slanderous remarks as that, is beyond me. My hope is that, the African-American Community will wake up to realize that the “liberal/democrat party” is not their friend. — Not with flagrant remarks as that, something Paul or Sarah would never dream of saying nor how they see America.

    Yes, I’d say Sarah and Paul are the much better people for their philosophical values as verses the democrat in the VP Office in 2012.

    • You do realize that Biden stated that Wall Street will ‘put you back in chains’. How does that make him a racist, exactly? Basically you are saying that anyone that even mentions slavery is a racist…how exactly does that work? Are we supposed to pretend that slavery never existed? Your logic escapes me here but then all you are really doing is repeating Republican talking points rather than actually thinking for yourself so I guess logic doesn’t really come into the equation.

      • Go back and listen to Botox Biden and how he said what he said and he used ya’ll. You listen to the lefts talking points way to much.

        • Or ……. Maybe……”WE THE PEOPLE” see that VP Biden has a genuine concern for us “all colors” and there was no mean spirited attitude behind it. “WE the PEOPLE” can discern when we are being patronized. VP Biden does not have a problem with having an African-American boss. UNLIKE the GOP in the HOUSE and SENATE. I took it that he meant it to get a strong point across.

          • I’m sure Biden doesn’t have a problem with Obama being black. Not many people do. It is Obama’s policies that matter. Biden was picked because he is a yes man, a puppet. I’m sure Obama has a headache because of all the gaffs his VP choice Has made but he knows Biden will wipe his butt if ask to.

          • Unlike BOOT LICKING RYAN…..ha ha ha. HE voted for every GW/CHENEY thing coming down the line…that put is in the debt we are. to the tune of $9 Trillion.

      • frivolous01
        Its the audience blundering Biden was talking to — not A Wall Street Audience — you need to understand the inflammatory context his words were revealed at, in front of mostly back americans.
        I found that rather offensive – the party that abuses blacks is the DNC

        • We black people are in awe of your concern for our widdle fee-fees. We would respect you more, however, if you showed more concern for this nation’s welfare.

    • While Romney, Ryan and Republicans were outraged over Vice President Biden’s use of the word “chains” in his speech, where was the outrage when Republican Elected Officials used racial terms like, “boy”, “tar baby”, Foriegn” on and on. How about Mitt Romney has periodically used the slogan “Keep America American – adopted from the KKK was it? What about the underlining racial tone filled with hate and division during the Republican Primary. What about the lies in Romney’s speeches and in his ads that .
      Bye the way Andy Rick Santorum invoked chains last summer to warn Iowa voters that health care reform would lull citizens into government dependency. “They will put you in chains called ‘Obamacare,’ and you will never break away,” Santorum said

      What about Romeny telling Obama to take his “campaign of division and anger and hate back to Chicago.” The implication is that he is the sterotype “Angry Blackman”. Your statement ” My hope is that, the African-American Community will wake up to realize that the “liberal/democrat party” is not their friend.” Does that not incite division, anger and hate? The hate and division and racial undertone comes from the Republicans, go back and watch their speeches and debates during the Republican Primary.

      • The crowd Biden addressed were mainly “african-american” when he made his “shackled in chains” remark. That was about as racist remark as I’d ever heard.
        Then, not one socialist, let alone liberal denounced that kind of talk — not even socialist Obama.

        • That’s because you’re seeing racist where there was none except in the tiny mind of mitt. That room was also half full of lily white people. What he was saying was wall st would chain us up again. And he is right .

  5. Romney chose Ryan as his running mate to rally the conservative base, and change the topic of conversation from his tax returns, foreign tax shelters, and his tax plan to one they believe may be easier to defend. Democrats must stay focused. Ryan is a conservative extremist. Leave at that and continue to hammer Romney where it hurts.

    • Didn’t you see the news yesterday?
      Romney revealed his last ten years taxes … he paid not less than 13% in taxes for all those ten years. So that should put to rest the minds of jealous souls. Most (but not all) folks would love to be wealthy and not beholden to the US Government for a check.
      I applaud all wealthy people who have actually EARNED their money whether through investments, or simple hard work to get there. And find shame in those that envy and hate those that did well for their wealth.

      • No, that is not what happened. What happened was that Romney SAID that he paid not less than 13% taxes in each of the last 10 years. He didn’t actually reveal anything.

        • Isn’t that what I said?
          He responded “verbally for verbal” response.
          Obama and Reid made some outlandish claims and Romney responded, with now the burden of proof on Obama and Reid.

      • Great comment and the left should worry more about what Obama is doing with our money”We the People” than what Romney is doing with his! The rich and small business supply goods and jobs. Earn a living , work hard and you can become rich too.
        They should check into the inside trading that went on that made Airhead Nancy über rich. Where is the outrage over that. Harry Reid is a mormon and über rich, no doubt from inside trading as well, outrage form the left……… None!

        • You would be wrong on that one……”WE the PEOPLE” are tired of two sets of laws…..ONE for 98% 1 for 2%……where have you been? Don’t you watch the news? Dodd/Frank needs to be repealed or adjusted the banks are crushing small businesses with it. DO NOT FORGET the taxes Romney is witholding weather legally or questionably is “OUR” tax money. And “WE the PEOPLE” will NOT just take his word for it….13% my arse.

      • Maybe I missed it, but the only thing I heard was Romny stating that he was pretty sure he never paid less than 13%. Again, where are his tax returns and why doesn’t he make them public like his predecessors and the incumbent President did? A candidate’s tax returns is not an irrelevant issue, they are a reflection of his character and honesty and, therefore, they are very relevant.
        As for whether or not Paul Ryan is worse than Sarah Palin, I would say he is a lot more dangerous. He is Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann with a brain. His plan – such as it is – would destroy the safety net that even President Reagan vowed to protect, Romney’s tax plan would require the elimination of tax deductions that benefit mostly the middle class, and the GOP plan to privatize SS, MEDICARE and gut MEDICAID to ensure the wealthy can continue to enjoy the tax breaks they have been getting is nothing short of despicable. The GOP insistence on deregulation gave us ENRON, Bernie Madoff, AIG, JP Morgan, the BP disaster in the Gulf and other contributing factors for the economic malaise we are currently in. Their tax breaks to the wealthy wiped out the budget surplus that W inherited in less than one year. Romney did not created jobs, he destroyed them for a buck.

        • Also have you noticed that he and his “YOU People” wife are very careful to say we pay lots of taxes……they never throw the word “INCOME” in there. I pay lots of taxes too….they pay more I’m sure I don’t have multiple villas all over the world and car elevators. And cadillacs they all carry sales tax. But unlike them my Income Tax liability is higher even though I make much much less….and I do Earn mine.

        • Not sure what you seen but, Romney did come out and declare that he has paid taxes the last ten years at a rate “no less then 13%”. I’d say the burden of proof of what Romney quoted is on Obama and Reid with those supposed “rumor makers” that created this fallacy.

          Personally, I’m not worried about Obama’s or Romney’s taxes, as I’m more concerned with a sputtering economy under Obama leadership so that others can earn a living and pay taxes as well.

          The issue is the economy not, whether Obama or Romney paid their taxes.

          • when Bush sr. left office we were in a recession, not as bad as this one. It took Clinton six years to pull us all the way out of that. Now we have one that is much, much worse and you expect Obama to have it done in three and a half years. GET REAL!!

      • Jojo, I usually never resort to name-calling, but since you introduced the term “airhead”, it does seem to be appropriate when asking if YOU have any other considerations when choosing the people for whom you plan to vote in an election — that is, besides their possible cosmetic practices and the derogatory names you can pronounce as a label for them. Does that really seem like an appropriate way to choose the people who represent all of us? Instead why don’t we try looking at the records and examining the types of legislation Biden and Pelosi have worked to introduce and/or promote for the benefit of the majority of the people they represent. Compare that with the people who Romney and Ryan have chosen to represent and the legislation and practices they have promoted. Maybe then you could make some better choices in the qualities you look for when choosing the representatives for whom you will vote.

        • I do look at choosing the representatives I will vote for. I don’t always agree with everything they say or want but I find they have way more to offer than the left.
          One, Our government doesn’t have a revenue problem; it has a spending problem that is sucking the life blood out of the economy. Governments don’t create jobs. People with money do. When people with money spend their money, jobs are created.
          WHO’S a better job creator, the US government or entrepreneurs?
          And while we’re on the subject ,Harry Reid is someone I think the American people would like to know how He became a multi-millionaire on a Senator’s salary? Maybe there’s a reason he hasn’t released his tax forms for public scrutiny. Ms. Nancy too as she hides her money overseas. Why doesn’t the left jump on that? Never mind ….. I already know.

          • good one. give the 1% more tax breaks so they can send the savings offishore, like Robmee
            It’s the middle class entrepreneurials who create the bulk of jobs.

          • While tax cuts and spending cuts do not resonate with tens of millions of voters, they must be implemented.
            The Tax Policy Center estimates that for tax year 2011, 46% of households owed nothing in federal income taxes. A CNN Money article reports, that “while the Zero Tax Club includes some very high-income households, it is made up disproportionately of low- and lower-middle-income households.”
            The Index of Dependence on Government published by the Heritage Foundation points out the implications of the disparity.
            “If the citizens’ representatives are elected by an increasing percentage of voters who pay no income tax, how long will it be before these representatives respond more to demands for yet more entitlements and subsidies from non-payers than to the pleas of taxpayers to exercise greater spending prudence?”
            Once the 50 percent number is breached, it’s all over. Many people will lose the incentive to work at high levels because of the taxes they’ll have to pay to subsidize others. Why work hard for diminishing returns, especially when a large portion of their income will be paid out to people who always will vote against the interests of productive people?
            There’s a long history of the devastating effect that dependency has had on people when the incentive to work is jeopardized.
            The Massachusetts Bay Colony, like its predecessors at Jamestown in Virginia, removed the incentive to work by removing the incentive to make a profit. The result? Half the settlers who had arrived in 1620 were dead within a few months.
            William Bradford, the colony’s governor, understood what was causing the economic collapse. The following is from his Of Plymouth Plantation:
            [Every person of the colony] should set corn every man for his own particular, and in that regard trust to themselves . . . . And so assigned to every family a parcel of land, for present use . . . . This had very good success, for it made all hands very industrious, so as much more corn was planted than otherwise would have been by any means the Governor or any other could use.
            There is a great incentive to work when someone is not paying for your food and subsidizing your lifestyle. There is a great disincentive to work when someone is benefitting from your labor without having to do any work.
            Will the November election repeat the tragedies of Jamestown and Massachusetts Bay or will a majority of voters follow the wisdom of candidates who are cast in the mold of William Bradford? The fate of our nation is on the Line.

          • I disagree with you…wealthy people do not create jobs; consumers create jobs via their consumption of products and services. If not for consumers and consumptions businesses/corporations would not be in business…if the middle class does not have enough money to purchase products and services then employers/business will not hire…thus, it is consumers who create jobs.

          • Marleen you can’t get a job from a poor person. Corporations hire people who then have the money to buy food,clothing,cars, homes. It takes the rich to open factory’s , build huge buildings to store, sell what consumers want to buy. If you don’t have the money to purchase products and services then business will fail and nobody gets hired. It takes the rich. Over tax the rich and they leave the country or sell out, shut down , layoff slips handed out or give up completely and you are on your own. The government will be your keeper and with not enough tax money coming in, guess what? You get cut out of any program that might help you.

          • I’m hardly anti-business but Marleen has a point. Right now large U.S. businesses are sitting on record levels of capital because the ones who don’t export have no extra customers. They’re not going to expand and hire if there’s no demand, regardless of how much more you cut their taxes.

            There’s a phenomenon called the velocity of money which explains the multiplier effect that money has as it works it way through the economy. You get a much bigger multiplier effect on national wealth when the money starts at lower income levels. Getting it there is what’s needed right now and that’s where a government stimulus program comes in. It’s unfortunate that the last one could have been structured better and was also partially blocked by GOP Governors. It was too laden with tax cuts which have the least stimulus bang for the buck. Nevertheless, it stabilized things and created jobs but not enough to produce the extra tax revenue needed to begin paying down the extra debt that it piled on as a result. The idea was sound though for that period in time.

          • Business are sitting on their money because of Obama and how the new healthcare law is going to effect them and their employees and how much of an increase their taxes are going to be by the time Obama gets thru with them. Higher taxes , higher the cost that will be handed down to the customers. The poor are and will have to pay under the Obama plan.

          • Poor people spend what they get. What they spend typically goes to a landlord or a grocer.

            Paradoxically the best time for small business in America — the 1950s — was when taxes were highest on ‘unearned’ income, and when executive compensation was slight by contemporary standards.

          • true those are market forces but who will produce all those things that consumers will buy…after all you need an entrepreneur to start a business so there are things that consumers will buy…by the way reading these comment, i think obama will win come november but those who voted for him will surely cry their heart out to death because they made a wrong choice. surely!the only way obama can tur things around is if h will listen and work with democrats the way clinton did work with gingrich.clinton’s success was not purely his, it is because he knows how to listen to sound advices

          • Keep in mind though jojo that those bottom 46% pay State, local, and sales taxes. They still pay a lot of different taxes but income inequality has taken so much wealth out of the bottom 50-80% and sent it to the top that they no longer make enough in their jobs to meet the threshold for federal taxes under the current tax structure.

            A 2011 study by the CBO found that the top earning 1% gained about 275% of total income (after fed. taxes and income transfers) between 1979 and 2007. From 1992 to 2007 the top 400 earners saw their income increase by 392% and their avg. tax rate reduced by 37%. The share of total income going to the lower earning 80% (after fed. taxes and income transfers) has dropped to less than half by 2007. The point is, that there’s only so much wealth to go around. A nation will only realistically produce so much. There is a pie and GDP isn’t infinite. When too much is going to the top, there’s less for others.

            There are a lot of different reasons for increasing income disparity since the early 80’s, such as more manufacturing competition from low wage countries. Two of the others, though, are a serious decline in the value of the minimum wage which also affects other low and semi skilled occupations whose wages are so often pegged to the minimum. In short, minimum wages have been kept too low for too long. You also have a very large drop in labour’s share of the workforce over the years (unionization) with it’s obvious effect on wages.

          • Do you know what the PAYROLL TAX is????

            Seriously, give this “no tax” bullshit a rest. Every household pays taxes. Do you really think we’re stupid enough to believe income taxes are the only form of taxes? That 53% canard was debunked a long time ago.

            Oh, and Marlene Ross is right. Workers create wealth with their labor and consumers create jobs with their consumption. That’s how the world works. Crediting the whole process to people who happen to own the property through which the exchanges are facilitated is inane.

          • Bad analogy.

            The fault with the Jamestown colony was that the settlers were still in a get-rich-quick mode and neglected such basics as getting food. With the Plymouth colony the problem was that they landed at the worst possible time (November) — after the growing season was over.

            America is not now Jamestown in 1607 or the Plymouth Colony in 1620. We do not have food shortages because of landing at the wrong time or because we have been neglecting agriculture. Our economic problem is that we don’t know how to deal with an economic order that can easily meet every human need and no longer needs long hours of mass labor just to meet the most basic needs.

          • Actually the U.S. government does have a revenue problem jojo. Tax receipts are at their lowest levels in 60 years and the U.S. ranks right near the bottom of the 33 OECD nations in terms of tax revenues collected as a percentage of GDP. Over 30 years of tax cutting have taken their toll. A decision has to be made. Do you want SS, medicare and medicaid to go… or do you want the U.S. military to be reduced to a tugboat and a couple of Jeeps…or do you want to pay for it all?

            All capitalist economies are mixed economies and governments certainly do create jobs. Haven’t you noticed that sequestration has turned the Republican Party into defence Keynesians. They’re now crying about lost jobs if government spending is rolled back on the Pentagon.

          • Very well put DT…..JOJO shows that “The mind is a very terrible thing to waste,” especially in the hands of the GOP. JOJO’s comments all smack of trickle down economics…we know how unsuccessful that is for all the reasons you stated above. Hang in there JOJO……unless you are making that $250K annually don’t let the GOP twist you around. The “fragile” “Job creators”(HAH) are scared of your vote….1 person 1 vote and they are done and they know it. “WE the PEOPLE” need to take our Country back.

          • Always the same thing with these people isn’t it. “A poor person never gave me a job.” “Governments never create jobs.” “The job creators…yadda yadda yadda.”

            Politics by slogan.

          • You have made many statements that reflect only rumor or opinion, but no actual proof. I imagine there are many of us who entrust our investment funds to a management firm or mutual funds manager. Many of those investments probably do include some overseas companies. Regardless of their investment history, the legislators that you choose to demonize do introduce legislation to provide opportunities for all and protect the largest segment of our population. In contrast, look at the records of Romney and Ryan. Who do they represent?
            The trickle down theory has never worked. Throughout history, it has never proved to be an effective tool in boosting the economy and providing more jobs. Our latest proof of that was the effect the tax cuts and subsidies provided to the wealthiest Americans during the Bush years, as well as the lack of regulations, which put our lives and our savings in jeapardy. Unless you are part of the top two percent, a vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket is a vote against your own best interests.

  6. Why propose a budget if you haven’t “Run the numbers on it”? So you have no idea whether the budget is god or bad for the country!

  7. AHHHHH the old Jedi….Mind Control…..HAHA….HA…Romney(draftdodger elitist) is such a cult following fool. Just like his religion…..The REAL Christians combat us with the TRUTH and say this….well lets just try to LOOK as close to the REAL thing as we can by changing some of our language and maybe people will believe us to be CHRISTIANS with our dressed up LIES.

    • Harry Reid is a closet Mormon . He is afraid to speak about it since Romney is running. Matter of fact he kept it silent before Romney.

    • you are either an athiest, a gay,or a moron to say christans or other religions dress up their lies. you better get off your drugs, oh welfare is paying for tham, ok

      • lklspeedy you misunderstood my failed sense of humor as I was playing things from the mormon perspective. I am a Christian…so why do you attack in such a manner, with assumptions and name calling. MY POINT was that the mormon church takes lies, tries to
        dress them up and make people believe it is christianity ….IT IS NOT.

  8. Here is an issue that I know almost ALL of us can agree on. The NDAA that Obozo signed last December allows the President to have the power to detain any American anywhere with charge, trial, or representation. For all of you guys on the left that were screaming about the Patriot Act and George Bush’s overreach, I find it odd that I hear nothing but crickets from you on this one. The law is being challenged in court right now and neither The Memo or any other media outlet in the US is talking about it. Gotta go to the UK to find this…

    Hat tip, Tangerine Bolen at TheGuardian UK:

    What makes our NDAA lawsuit a struggle to save the US constitutionTime after time, Obama’s lawyers defending the NDAA’s section 1021 affirm our worst fears about its threat to our liberty

    I am one of the lead plaintiffs in the civil lawsuit against the National Defense Authorization Act, which gives the president the power to hold any US citizen anywhere for as long as he wants, without charge or trial.

    In a May hearing, Judge Katherine Forrest issued an injunction against it; this week, in a final hearing in New York City, US government lawyers asserted even more extreme powers – the right to disregard entirely the judge and the law. On Monday 6 August, Obama’s lawyers filed an appeal to the injunction – a profoundly important development that, as of this writing, has been scarcely reported.

    In the earlier March hearing, US government lawyers had confirmed that, yes, the NDAA does give the president the power to lock up people like journalist Chris Hedges and peaceful activists like myself and other plaintiffs. Government attorneys stated on record that even war correspondents could be locked up indefinitely under the NDAA.

    Judge Forrest had ruled for a temporary injunction against an unconstitutional provision in this law, after government attorneys refused to provide assurances to the court that plaintiffs and others would not be indefinitely detained for engaging in first amendment activities. At that time, twice the government has refused to define what it means to be an “associated force”, and it claimed the right to refrain from offering any clear definition of this term, or clear boundaries of power under this law.

    This past week’s hearing was even more terrifying. Government attorneys again, in this hearing, presented no evidence to support their position and brought forth no witnesses. Most incredibly, Obama’s attorneys refused to assure the court, when questioned, that the NDAA’s section 1021 – the provision that permits reporters and others who have not committed crimes to be detained without trial – has not been applied by the US government anywhere in the world after Judge Forrest’s injunction. In other words, they were telling a US federal judge that they could not, or would not, state whether Obama’s government had complied with the legal injunction that she had laid down before them.

    To this, Judge Forrest responded that if the provision had indeed been applied, the United States government would be in contempt of court.

    I have mixed feelings about suing my government, and in particular, my president, over the National Defense Authorization Act. I voted for Obama.

    But the US public often ignores how, when it comes to the “war on terror”, the US government as a whole has been deceitful, reckless, even murderous. We lost nearly 3,000 people on 9/11. Then we allowed the Bush administration to lie and force us into war with a country that had nothing to do with that terrible day. Presidents Bush and Obama, and the US Congress, appear more interested in enacting misguided “war on terror” policies that distract citizens from investigating the truth about what we’ve done, and what we’ve become, since 9/11.

    I, like many in this fight, am now afraid of my government. We have good reason to be. Due to the NDAA, Chris Hedges, Kai Wargalla, the other plaintiffs and I are squarely in the crosshairs of a “war on terror” that has been an excuse to undermine liberties, trample the US constitution, destroy mechanisms of accountability and transparency, and cause irreparable harm to millions. Several of my co-plaintiffs know well the harassment and harm they have incurred from having dared openly to defy the US government: court testimony has included government subpoenas of private bank records of Icelandic parliamentarian Birgitta Jónsdóttir; Wargalla’s account of having been listed as a “terrorist group”; and Hedges’ concern that he would be included as a “belligerent” in the NDAA’s definition of the term – because he interviews members of outlawed groups as a reporter – a concern that the US attorneys refused on the record to allay.

    Other advocates have had email accounts repeatedly hacked, and often find their electronic communications corrupted in transmission (some emails vanish altogether). This is an increasing form of pressure that supporters of state surveillance and intervention in the internet often fail to consider.

    I’ve been surprised to find that most people, when I mention that I am suing my president, Leon Panetta, and six members of Congress (four Democrats and four Republicans), thank me – even before I explain what I’m suing them over! And when I do explain the fact that I and my seven co-plaintiffs are suing over a law that suspends due process, threatens first amendment rights and takes away the basic right of every citizen on this planet not to be indefinitely detained without charge or trial, their exuberance shifts, and a deeper gratitude shines through newly somber demeanors. But this fight has taken a personal toll on many of us, including myself.

    My government, meanwhile, seems to have lost the ability to discern the truth about the US constitution any more; I and many others have not. We are fighting for due process and for the first amendment – for a country we still believe in and for a government still legally bound by its constitution.

    If that makes us their “enemies”, then so be it. As long as they cannot call us “belligerents”, lock us up and throw away the key – a power that, incredibly, this past week US government lawyers still asserted is their right. Against such abuses, we will keep fighting.

    • This article was commissioned by the Daily Cloudt and appears here by permission of the editors

    • Editor’s note: the article originally stated that the administration lawyers filed an appeal against the injunction on 9 August; this was amended to 6 August on 10 August, at 1pm ET

  9. Mean Mittster Romney

    Mean Mittster Romney speaks in the park
    Save cash afar trying to hide paper
    Sleeps in his long underwear
    Saving up to buy some shares
    Keeps a shock of grey in his hair
    Such a mean old man
    Such a mean old man

    His VP Paul studies the charts
    He never stops, he’s a go-getter
    Takes Mitt out to meet employees
    Only place that he’s never been
    Always hiding something obscene
    Such a dirty old man
    Such a dirty old man

    • you liberals come to this website to hear the truth, than try to lie like your father obam,it wont work only shows how STUPID you are go back to abc. cbs and nbc.

  10. It may be best if the Obama Camp’s strategy is to let Paul Ryan dig his own grave. His deer in the headlights expression does not make for a confidence builder. And his lame Ronald Reagan ‘aw shucks’ doesn’t work either. His performance at the Iowa State Fair showed a guy who can not handle hecklers. That is the first thing Comedians learn before telling their first joke. This guy is not a good pick, unless you are Barack Obama. A friend of mine suggested he looks like Eddie Munster.

  11. Let every Democratic candidate also run on creating jobs with clean energy to counter the greenhouse effect as well. Global warming is a concern for over 65% of Americans. Paint him as Koch Brothers´s “Climate Change Denying Stooge”.

    The lack of foreign experience and insensitivity will also be noticed in Europe. Romneybots went to Israel-to get Israeli-American backing… with a tenuous promise of backing an Israeli first strike on Iran´s nuclear facilities which has U.S. NATO partners very “iffy”. By its constitution, Germany could not get involved in any such conflagration, and the rest of continental Europe would not go along either. It would split NATO. Can´t say I see any strategic sensitivity in either of them.

    I noticed Romney avoided Continental Europe except for Poland- to discuss stationing ABM´s there againts what he still perceives as “The Soviet Union”, another useless Republican obsession. If you want to defend against iranian missile threats, then the logical choice for stationing would be Turkey and Bulgaria.

    Looked at more closely, Ryan proves to be a Washington Lobbyist baby – with as much relationship to the real world as a Barby Doll to maternity. Americans will see him as such- a plastic dashboard Jesus. Good that he is going to help house races for Democrats in many states.

    • hey stooge yes there is climate change, but get real remember the ice age, oh it got warmer ever since. you hipocrits are only making fat ass gore rich, he has 3 big houses, 2 jets he flys around, polosi needed her own jet, maybe she dont smell so god.michell is traveling everywhere on our dime, yes we need more of obam

  12. I hate to think of what will happen if those two get into office. Tax cuts for the wealthy and ending Medicare and Social Security. What is wrong with Republicans they lie endlessly then expect the American people will swallow it all.I am tired of the lies and attacks on President Obama for not being born here or being not a American enough for them. I have never heard such garbage in a politics all my life. I believe in having difference of opinions but not outright lying

    • oh my god your in love with the biggest lyer in politics and you kiss his feet. our country is in trouble. he cant say what good he did so he demonises everyone that disagrees with him
      and you love him

  13. If Ryan is the best the Repubes have, I’m afraid to see the worst….Oh wait….I already have….W and Cheney. And they won’t even come out to support a Romney-Ryan ticket!!

  14. That is the power of GOD that we are witnessing. GOP hasn’t seen nothing yet. God is not a man that He will lie rather is He the son of a man that He will repent. New Jersey governor including Sarah Palin outside the fence is going to finish the GOP, take my word for it. That’s a prophecy. GOP will continue to fumble.

  15. I agree with what was said here about Ryan, but to say he’s WORSE than Palin – PLEASE! Let’s start with the fact that he knows the Queen is not the head of the UK government and doesn’t think that being across a lake from Canada makes him qualified. The arguments against Ryan here are good and I hope the Obama campaign can make the most of them, but to make a statement as stupid as he is worse than Palin simply kills any credibility from an otherwise strong article. Please found your attention grabbers in the real world

  16. After reading this article, I found that all it did was spew the same old Democrat talking points that I’ve heard on TV and from listening to Rush Limbaugh. Is that all you’ve got? This sounds like something Obama wrote or would say on TV. The typical Democrat talking point is mentioned that Ryan’s Medicare plan will cost seniors more than $6000/yr. and puts seniors on a fixed voucher system. What a lie! Don’t you listen to what Ryan said his plan would do? If you are 55 yrs and older, you will stay on the current Medicare plan the way it is. Those under 55 yrs will heave an OPTION for a voucher to go buy their own healthcare. If they find healthcare that is cheap & meets their needs, then they get to keep whatever money is left over from the voucher. If those people don’t want to do it, they can then stay with the current Medicare as it is. Don’t take my word for it though, look up Ryan’s plan for Medicare. Then you will see the truth.

  17. It is not just spending that is killing the country. It’ illegal immigrants that get more benefits than the working men and women. I can not tell you the number of times I go into a doctor’s office to hear the man playing on his I-phone and driving a corvette say, “Yea, I am here to apply for my disability. I hurt my back.” Yet he plays 2 rounds of golf per day. That is another issue. If the US is going to give hand-outs then there is not a need for men and women to think they need to get out and work. I agree, we should cut spending. However, until we cut back on hand-outs to the illegals and food-stamps to low or no income who just will not work or work a while and get fired to draw un-employment. Then maybe we can give America a reason to work again. I am a full-time nursing student and I work for a Physician’s Office. I am 22 and yet I can not get my college paid for or get a grant but the un-wed 18 year old mother who has never and probably never will gets a free ride! That is BOGUS and un-nerving to me as a US Citizen.

  18. Nobody even a dead man could be worst than Palin. Obama was left with 8 years of Baby Bush, 3 wars, housing crash, bank failures, and stock market in a downward spiral. Bush had and knew what was going to happen on or about 9/11 and only hid it to help Papa Bush. Obama has done the best with what was left on his plate. Saying anythying else only shows what side of a color line you stand on.

  19. Eye candy is well, eye candy. Winning primaries is different than running and winning general elections. Looking good and BEING GOOD are very different things. Palin was a female governor from Alaska who had just had a downs child despite options. Ryan proposed budget is scary at best and shameful at worst and as the author points out recreates the “will the real Republican please stand up?” question that the GOP hasn’t figured out means you can’t even get your own members able to answer without falling into interminable squabbling.

  20. oh, the stupidity here. what sense does it make to keep extending our deficits/the debt ceiling hoping to keep the Bluehair vote, when we are Destroying our grandkids’ future? well, maybe it’s smart because GRANDKIDS HAVE NO VOTE. personally, i’m going with the Adult solution, Romney/Ryan. time for the Child President to retire

  21. Ryan is a typical politician. He believes in whatever can get him more advancement at the moment. The guy voted for bailouts & requested the same stimulus money he now trashes. The political winds start to blow from the left, and he will go that way in a second. Romney is running so his kids and grand kids will always stay billionaires after he signs more tax cuts for the highest earners and gets rid of all inheritance taxes.

    • hey stupid the bail out was necessary, but it was given to UNIONS,and other croneys of obam. more to teachers,UNIONS. not to schools, and worthless teachers instead of good teachers. guess your teacher was a tenur teacher that couldnt get fired

  22. At least Paul Ryan has a plan to save Medicare. He is not offering to take away your choices but have Medicare compete with the Private Insurance which will drive not only cost down but provide seniors with choices they don”t have now. Medicare will be there for those that need it under Ryans plan. It just provides options for those that can afford to chose an alternative, nothing wrong with that. Paul Ryans program is financial sound and provides Seniors with the best care, A TRUE WIN WIN for Senior Citizens.

    Not only did Obama take $700 billion frorum Medicare to pay for Obamacare, this action by the President will leave doctors with less compensation for medicare patients and a collapse of the Medicare program as we know very quick. Less compensation for Doctors= Less doctors for seniors to chose from and those that are left will be those that are not good doctors. Less doctors= L onger time it takes to get an appointment= Can lead to possible further health complications and possibly more senior deaths under the ObamaCare program.

    • Gutting is not a plan.

      “senior deaths under the ObamaCare program” Proof please or you’re a liar.

      • he stupid when the people with headache go yo the emergency room, they cannot turn tham away, now i hope you are the one waiting in line with a heart attack, call your god, obam listen to news other than msmbc or cbs, when doctors only get what your gov. says, they will quit. your ny. times reported thousands of doctors will retire with money taken from medicare,[700 trillion] to pay for obam care.

    • The problem with Paul Ryan’s plan is that it assumes that commercial insurers will be willing to assume the risk of covering the Medicare population at all, let alone at a price that his “vouchers” will come close to covering. The Medicare population, because it is older, also is the most likely to need health care services. That means more risk for the insurer, and, therefore, less willingness to cover the consumer, let alone at an affordable price.

      Either Rep. Ryan is ignoring how insurance (of any kind) works, or he naively assumes that the health insurance industry will magically change just because he says so.

      • That is so self evident that I’m surprised you even took the time to reply. Yeah, private health insurance companies will be more than willing to cover 82 year olds with a slew of pre existing conditions after the ACA is gone and, furthermore, will do it at a price that will easily be covered by the 82 year old’s Paul Ryan coupon. Why? Because they’ve had such an illustrious history of doing so in the past, of course.

        You know, in theoretical physics, string theory predicts the probability of alternate universes outside of the one we’re presently experiencing. Which one fulfills the medicare voucher program that the GOP are pushing?

          • That’s quite a compliment. Thank you, but I’m not fit for office syteron. They wouldn’t put up with me. The one thing I can’t stand is getting your leg peed on and then being told it’s raining. I think you get your leg peed on a lot in politics.

            In any event you couldn’t vote for me syteron. I’d be running for the NDP, to be a member of parliament in Ottawa. Thanks anyway for the kind words my friend.

  23. If David Koch hadn’t offered Robme a hundred million dollars to take Ryan, we wouldn’t be watching this thing. This is not the campaign Romney had in mind.

  24. The big blunder is in picking an active member of the House of Representatives. The fellow has never run a statewide election — and the Presidential election is basically 50 gubernatorial or senatorial races, five Congressional races (five districts get their electoral votes allocated as they vote in Maine and Nebraska), and one mayoral race (Washington DC). Ryan can win in a district tailor-made for him.

    The only three active members of Congress to be nominated for VP in the last fifty years (Miller in 1964, Ferraro in1984, and Kemp in 1996) lost their state. Sure, they ran with eventual losers, but just look at how incompetent Gerald Ford was in running for his first elected term as President; he too had never run a statewide campaign, and he showed it. Dick Cheney had done other things than run for office after leaving the House — and at the least he had run a statewide campaign. But he was chosen for his administrative talents and not as a political asset.

    • Unfortunately we suffered the results of that last pic…..The man with 9 lives…still has a chance to be sorry for the lies that got us into Iraq and so many good men and women killed. Men and Women that Cheney the chickenhawk sent into war with no remorse.

  25. How low will they stoop, the Obama Administration that is – Joe Biden sent me another
    email crying the blues pleading, crawling and begging for $3.00. Joe said, “ in the last two weeks of this month, Romney and his allies had an almost 2:1 spending advantage in Florida, Iowa, New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Virginia — and that could be the election right there.” Wow, as if I’m going to lose sleep over his Joe’s dilemma. Joe needs to find a new doghouse for he’s about to loose his bone.

  26. Obama said his father fought in WWII–Obama Sr. would have been 5 years old when the war ended. His other father,LoLo Soetoro, would have been 8 years old. How can any American vote for this lying bum?

  27. And then there is the fact that Mini_Mitt Paul Ryan is also a cowardly Draft Dodger just like
    Draft Dodger Willard Mittens Romney,plus Paul Ryan is little more then Mitt Romney’s Pet Rock. What an empty suit 1% loser. Dump Mitt Romney & Mini Mitt Paul Ryan in 2012.

  28. Oh Good God now the GOP/Tea Party True Believers are reduced to using
    goofy Glen Beck as a shiny example of the kind of insane,ex-drunks loud mouth screwballs they worship along with Draft Dodgers,Tax Cheaters
    Willard Mittens Romney & Pet Rock Mini_Mitt Paul Ryan and Horsey Ann
    and her fancy dancing prancing dressage horsey.

  29. So speaking of hiding things like Tax Returns & Cayman Islands, Bermuda, and Swiss Bank Accounts that’s the Hero
    of the GOP/Tea Party Tax Cheater & Draft Dodger Willard
    Mittens Romney as well here. Where are those tax returns
    and what are you hiding in your Cayman Islands,Bermuda
    and Swiss Bank Accounts from all of us her Mitt Romney?

  30. This is one of themost stupid articles I have ever read. Biden is a complete idiot and Paul Ryan at least seems to have some intellectual capacity to think on his own an not fumble the ball every time he has it. Here is why Paul Ryan would be a better President than Obama. Obama had 100 days of experience in politicsand did nothing, and NEVER stated a legitimate PLAN during all his debates with Hillary and McCain. He never gave any specifics and never made a judgement that he was accountable for until he actually became president. I am sure the RRS never sat in a church over and over with a Rev Wright. I am sue Mr. Ryan or even Ms. Palin never said that the government would put black people back in chains! Scary that people can write stupid articles like this and get attention….

  31. Like Romney, if you hit Ryan with a barrage of wide-ranging FOREIGN POLICY questions, he will look woefully unqualified to be ready on day one. Both of these guys – Romney and Ryan – think the “tough guy veneer” is all you need to be qualified on foreign policy, when we all know how that turned out with GEORGE W. BUSH.

  32. Ryan has much more baggage than Palin, since he has a congressional record to run on. He is a disciple of Ayn Rand and handed out her books to everyone he met. She was an atheist who loved greed and loathed the poor. Ryans budget emulates her philosophy with huge tax breaks for the super wealthy and a cut in all services for the poor. He calls for a strong defense budget but that is because the contractors like Raytheon, Grumman, and lockeed support him. Also it’s the wealthy that have assets spread out around the world to protect, not the middle class or poor. He is most vulnerable on women’s issues where his positions are the same as the now dispised Akin. In fact they co sponsored the same legislation on abortion that Akin is taking flak for. His plan to voucherize medicare will give pause to any voter under 55 since it will happen to them. If the govt gives you 15k to purchase insurance and because of rising health care costs your premeium is 25K you are out of pocket on the difference. That has got to hurt is you are a fixed income senior.
    So in picking Ryan, Romney has given the democrats a platform to focus on him, and not the economy or any other issue

  33. And yet Obama can’t break away in the polls. Looks like class warfare and pretending the welfare state can be paid for by taxing only “the rich” is not closing the deal for this President. Well, at least he has Joe Biden who looks so lucid and serious next to Paul Ryan!

  34. Jason,
    The facts please….NAME the Republicans “already running from” Ryan’s budget. You tend to create paper tigers and tear them down.
    At least Ryan has done some budgets…..Barack Obama has SPENT more in this term than all presidents before him COMBINED; no wonder Obama doesn’t have a budget —- how could he admit to everyone how he is, and will keep, squandering their tax dollars. He would like to take more money from everyone in taxes so he can be sugar daddy in chief. It can’t be sustained. We need to stop the financial hemorrage. Also we need to reinstate the welfare to work that he managed to do away with. I could go on and on.
    I get sent so many pro Obama propaganda items so completely full of holes that I don’t know where to begin to respond. The slant from the media in general is so slanted it’s ready to flatline.
    Everyone needs to ask him/herself : will they and the country be better off if Obama is re-elected? There is no way.

  35. This is just liberal talking points. It would be like criticizing Obama for picking Biden because Biden’s a liberal.

    As a conservative I can say that I don’t give a crap about the rich. I’m not rich. And there is nothing wrong with taxing the rich in general. But it’s a bad idea to do it in the middle of a recession because the rich creates jobs. It’s an unfortunate fact. I wish it was different. I really do. But the fact is that employers are often rich. And I’m for doing something that actually solves problems. Just to tax the rich, because you hate them is stupid, if your plan is to create jobs.

    To the writer of this article: Do you think the owner of this site will hire 1)more or 2)less writers if his taxes go up?

    It’s pretty damn simple. Tax the rich all you want. But do it when unemployment is low.

    • I’m a hardcore libertarian, and economically further from a liberal than most people purporting to be ‘conservatives’ thesedays. But the whole “rich people create jobs” is a farce that must be combatted at every opportunity.

      Yes, it is true that rich people create jobs. A poor person has never given anyone a job, for sure. But the rich don’t employ people out of the goodness of their heart. They don’t say “Well, my taxes are less this year I’m gonna go hire some people with that money”. Either they need people to run their business or they don’t. Either hiring more people will make them more money or it won’t. That’s it. Either there’s demand for whatever they’re selling or there’s not. Cutting the taxes to the rich doesn’t make more people want whatever they’re selling. Hiring more people doesn’t make more people buy your widgets. All it does is make them more profit. Which is fine and dandy, but it doesn’t create jobs. Plain and simple. So let’s stop pretending that somehow if we give the rich a tax break it’s going to make them go out and hire more people. It won’t do diddily-squat if there’s not a line of people beating down the doors to buy their products. And if there was, they’d already be hiring people to fulfill that demand.

      Only one thing creates jobs: DEMAND. You create demand by giving money to consumers. If you want to create jobs, give more money to hundreds of millions of people who spend it buying your products, not giving a little more to rich people who already have plenty and already buy everything that they want. This is basic economics. Demand creates supply. Any body who hires a bunch of people to make stuff that people don’t want, simply because he got a tax break, isn’t going to be in business for long.

      About the only thing you might stimulate by giving the rich a tax break is the employment of high-end cars, homes, and AV equipment, and the like. A relative handful of jobs. And it won’t even do much of that because the rich tend to stay rich regardless — they’re not avoiding the purchase of those things today because the tax rate is too high. In general, if they want that stuff they’re already buying it. If you want to create jobs that really effect most people, give those tax breaks to the people who actually spend all their money (and usually more than they’ve got) — the middle-class.

      Not to mention, high taxes actually INCREASE business capital investment. When taxes are high, the cost of profits is actually higher — you have to pay taxes on your profits. So companies spend more money on themselves buying capital improvements so that they can avoid reporting it as profit and then have to pay high taxes on that money. When you lower taxes you make it more attractive for companies to put that money into the bank as profit because they don’t have to pay as much tax on it.

  36. The United States of America as we know it is so divided and racist that you all can’t and won’t even try to see past your ignorance, even if it means sinking America further in the abyss of debt…. No Republican wants to admit that GW Bush went into office with a large surplus left by a democrat, Bill Clinton. Then he decided to go to war on a hunch of weapons of mas-descruction, which to date has never been found, because they never existed……yet still, while he had 8 years and wasted the peoples money, and put America in a deficit … idiots wanted and expected Obama to have changed things around in 4 years….I think he left the magic wand behind…. There is all the talk about taking the country back and creating jobs…..I am still waiting to hear the plan for executing this quick fix….Mitt Romney is a wealthy snob who cares nothing about the American people or their plights….the presidency means one thing to Mitt and that is to have another feather in his hat….his five sons knows nothing about what it is like to go to sleep without dinner, nor will his grand children have a clue as to what that is, unless they read about it in a book of some sort. His wife has Multiple Sclerosis….my heart goes out to her for her strength within. But, like a lot of Americans out there who suffers the same fate, very few are as fortunate as Ann Romney to be able to afford the health care and attention needed……as for Paul Ryan, it is simply a case of an empty vessel making a lot of noise….Paul is not making himself available to be asked real questions which desrves real answers….it is one thing to stand on a podium and make staements without basis…it is another thing to provide real statistics and facts….I await the presidential debate.

    • Go see obama’s america 2016 and then come back and talk about who cares about this country and who is DESTROYING it.

        • oh there we are 3years later still bushes fault, remember congress voted for threse wars to. and obama owened senate congress and white house he could of called all trops home, remember he was going to close tonoba bay[ sorry cant spell] and dident do anything not even a budget, liberals better get out of la la land

          • Absolute rubbish! How can a President pass anything when you have the fillibuster abuse that has gone on for the last 40 months? The obstruction that the GOP has wrought on this man’s tenure in office is unprecedented; and, shamefully so. At a time especially when all of us needed the GOP to help, not hinder; they chose to put party first – all for their own selfish interests and benefit. And that’s in spite of all of their hot air about putting country first. Bull$h!t.

            The Republican Party used to be respectable, I say USED to be…now, you’re nothing but a bunch of shills for the wealthy interests in this country. Worse still, you don’t even try to hide it. WTF is wrong with Republican voters? Why are you guys OK with a party that can’t own up to its own ineptitude? You never deliver on anything you promise. Thansen below says to check facts: when’s the last time government shrank under a recent Republican? Reagan, Bush Sr., Dubya? None of them. Government exploded and you idiots still talk about spending like a Democrat??? Pull your f-ing heads out…

            Yes, this President inherited a very bad situation; and he hasn’t solved it in 36 months. What a shock. What did it take to get out of the great depression: ten years? More? How exactly do you expect him to accomplish anything when he has a traitorous group like the GOP lurking about.

          • You must of forgotten that the liberals controlled the house and senate from 2006-2010 and it was under their watch that Freddie and Fannie blew up and good old Barney Frank said everything was just fine. You seem to have a short memory!!!!

          • this man did nothing he let reed polosi frank dods barny frank, who said banking and housing had to give loans with no down payment to buyers where are they now barney married his histress, reed is going to retire, dods quit,polosiwell as long as california is dem. she will keep talking stupidly[ like must pass health care to see wht is in it] and i am not a rep. i vote on the man not party. i voted for obama, i am sorry for that.tell me what he did. lie to gays, lie to illegals. lie to churches lie about health care, do you think the rich will hire people if they must spend 5.00 to make 6.00 after health care, would you. you cant just raise prices and expect people to buy. oh now wait we will make minimum wages higher. that is ok. now his unions can ask for money. oh they are exempt from health care.
            he has done NOTHING but play hoops and golfoh wait now he gives free pass to illegals. who break laws, if i dont show id. when i am stopped for speeding or other i am going down town. oh not a mexican let tham go. that is the kind of president you want, i feel sorry for you

          • hey you liberal have you heard about the community reinvestment act? have you heard by the way who didn’t want franny and Freddie to be regulatd? that what cause and the blame is on you democrats

          • You forget that until Teddy died there were 60 Dems in the Senate. And the President and Nancy and Harry refused to allow any GOP amendments to ANY of their pet bills. And do you remember this “most transparent” Congress allowed Nancy to say that “we have to pass this bill to see what’s in this bill”? I just don’t understand why the Democrat Party is so intent on dividing this country. Whether by income, as you have just done, or by race or by immigrant status (Dems try to eliminate the difference between legal and illegal immigrants) or by gender, the Dems want to divide.

          • They had a filibuster proof Senate for a couple of months from the time Franken was seated until the time Kennedy died. A couple of months of which the Senate was at work for 35 days. Nancy Pelosi never said we have to pass the bill to see what is in it. She said “we have to pass the bill so you(meaning the audience) can see what is in it. She was referring to all the silly claims made by the Republicans. There are plenty of videos on Youtube that show this. The people who are dividing this country are those that peddle these silly lies.

          • Bullsheep, CzarPavel.
            O’bama is completely incapable of functioning in the capacity of President and Commander In Chief.
            He’s never accomplished anything except to win elections.
            He’s never run a business, or created a payroll.
            Bill Clinton thrived with a Republican Majority in both Houses, after his first two years.
            He, with the help and guidance of Newt Gingrich, balanced the budget, and created a surplus.
            O’bama’s an Intransigent Ideologue, in over his head.
            We’ll get him out.

          • The only thing that got us out of the great depression was WWII. Roosevelt’s ideas were not working.

            Bottom line the president (Whom ever it is) won’t get us out of our trouble. We need a change in the House and Senate. They are the ones that send the money to the appropriate places. No more lifetime employees. Twelve years at most so we constantly get new ideas in government. The president can only serve 8 years but we allow these characters to have a blank check for service time. Also they should be in our health care and Social security plans so they know what to fix and will have a vested interest in it.

            I suggest voting for whom ever you want for president but vote all the incumbents in the House and senate out if you really want change.

          • Im going to clue in you in on a little secret “backtees”, WWII most definitley did not get us out of the great depression. In fact, the removal of prohibition and requiring banks to become solvent or fail were in large part, the reason we pulled out of the depression. This myth that wars are somehow helpful to the economy is so ridiculous and ignorant its mindblowing. The only folks benefitting from war are typically the people I suspect you support. Its called war profiteering and its gone on for centuries.

          • Obviously it has never occurred to anyone that the “filibustering” and “obstructionism” republicans are accused of is the message their CONSTITUENTS ARE TELLING THEM. WE ARE TIRED OF YOUR SPENDING SPREE AND WE’RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!! The congress members are actually REPRESENTING AMERICAN PEOPLE, NOT ACTING AS HOLIER THAN THOU GOVERNMENT GODS!!!!!

          • He had a democratic majority in both houses for two years, during which he could do whatever he wanted. He chose to raise health care premiums. Funny how people tend to forget that.

          • I agree with you a 100%. He took us out of a ditch. He got health care pass, gave the orders to kill Bin Laden, stabilize the banks, save the car industry all without the help of Republicans, 29 months of job growth. He deserves another 4 years!

          • Obamacare dooms us to far worse than today’s 16 trillion deficit, passgage having been obtained deviously with massive hidden costs. All he did with bin Laden was say yes or no, not a single significant other input by Obama. He continued the bipartisan steps on the banks and auto companies in place before his inauguration, subsequent adjustments doing more harm thasn good. The job growth story is a smoke and mirrors story. He created some jobs at ludicrously inefficient expense, but what actually has hppened under Obama is hideous job loss: jobs that used to be but now gone with the wind, unemployed no longer counted because they gave up (thus improving employment rates), good jobs replaced by marginal jobs and counted a wash, full time replaced by part time and counted a wash, unemployed put on bogus disability and counted a wash, and try 20% not 8.3%.

          • He had full control for his first 24 months and what did he do besides shove thru obamacare that most of the country doesn’t wasnt and spent 800 billion giving it to solyndra and on and paying off his buddies with OUR TAX MONEY.Plus the demons were in charge for the last 2 years of Bushes admin and they caused the housing meltdown obama has never worked across the aisle ONE time in 3 1/2 years.

          • Well, Czar, I know you look forward to being Commissar. The problem all around is that the Left wants a new system of government, a scary one. Even Obama himself has complained publicly that the Constitution is unworthy.. All these guys take oaths to protect and defend the Constitution. So, it is not the Republicans who are the traitors. Just as W had to deal with the fight against physical invaders, less than eight months into his first term, so does Romney have to do battle with the the kind of thing Mao Tse-Tung talked of in 1949 in his book “The Pepole’s Democratic Dictatorship”: “These classes, led by the working class and the Communist Party, unite to form their own state and elect their oen government; they enforce their dictatorship over the RUNNING DOGS OF IMPERIALISM – the landlord class and their bureaucratic-bourgeosie, as well as those representatives of those classes, the Kuomintand reactionaries and their accomplices.” So, class warfare is from the Left playbook. Our Constitution has delivered the best nation in history anywhere. All today really needs is a few Democrats to realize that one should be a Patriot first and a Democrat or Republican secondarily.

          • I wouldnt call the USA the “best nation in history anywhere” because that just isn’t true.

            More like the attempted self appointed Dictator of the world, who blathers on about Democracy and Freedom and blahblahblah while at the same time slaughtering innocents in countries they have no right to be in.

            So I think the US is nowhere NEAR the best nation in history anywhere, just its arrogant over-entitled people think that.

          • American exceptionalism is a fallacy. It’s been replaced be low class imbeciles who love Hank Williams Jr and spend their time watching reality shows. Disgusting.

          • You are so ill informed on so many levels. Go back read some economic history about the Great Depression. You willl find that it was politcal blunders by the progressives that resulted in the lengthy recovery. FDR’s Treasury Secretary even admitted as much saying, “We have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work. And I have just one interest, and if I am wrong … somebody else can have my job. I want to see this country prosperous. I want to see people get a job. I want to see people get enough to eat. We have never made good on our promises… I say after eight years of this Administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started… And an enormous debt to boot!” – Henry Morganthau, FDR’s Treasury Secretary, May 1939

            It didn’t work then and it’s not working now! The single biggest problem we have is that we have allowed politcal entrepreneurs to prosper at the expense of market entrepreneurs. This is currently called crony capitalism. The only difference in the political parties is who their cronies are. In every instance the consumer/taxpayers are the big losers as they are forced to pay higher taxes so that they can pay higher prices for shoddier goods and services. The bailout of the U.A.W. is a prime example. GM was not bailed out the U.A.W. was bailed out. They are the only winners in that scenario.

            You could also do with a study of the Von Mises theory of Interventionism. in brief it states that government intervention in a free market economy creates problems which result in calls for more intervention, which creates more problems, which results in more calls until the whole economy turns into a huge cluster f#ck.

            The economic history of James J. Hill, Cornelius Vanderbilt, and John D. Rockefeller, all market entrepreneurs is a good example of the Theory of Interventionism. The companies they founded were brilliantly run and were so efficient that their competitors could not keep up and felt they had to get the government to change the laws so that they, with their poorly run companies could get back in the game. They successfully got the the government to tie these 3 well run companies with enough regulations so that they would have to charge closer to the same exhorbitant rates that political entrepreneurs were charging. As usual the consumer and taxpayers got royally screwed.

            When you favor incompetence over competence by handicapping competence you have recipe for a declining society, just what we are experiencing today. This has been going on for more than 100 years regardless of which party is in charge. Whenever you attempt to equal things out by shackling the best and the brightest all you do is lower the bar for everyone. The correct path is to encourage the least competitive to get better. With this everyone improves and even though everyone is not equal, everyone benefits, both individually and, society as a whole.

            I am unsure why you tout the second worst and the mishandled, and misnamed, great depression for your example unless you are attempting to show what not to do in a recession. The worst depression this country ever experienced was after WWI, in 1920-21. The GDP plunged almost 25% in 6 months. Unemployment went to 11.7%. No one talks about this worst depression in US history because it ended so quickly and completely. It only lasted a year and half. President Harding cut the tax rate, cut government spending (cut actual spending not just cut the rate of growth in government spending as we call cutting spending today) and let poorly managed businesses fail if they could not succeed. In less than 2 years we had the “roaring 20’s”. FDR turned a less severe depression into a 10 year ordeal because he did the exact opposite of Harding. Harding famously stated that, “We need vastly more freedom than we do regulation” He unshackled free enterprise, lowered the overhead cost that government burdens society with and the results speak for themselves. Businesses were able to keep a greater portion of the fruits of their labor and thus a great period of productivity occurred.

            Lest you think that this was the cause of the crash in 1929, let disabuse you of that thought. The crash occurred for the very same reason our most recent economic woes occurred. It is called the bursting of the bubble. It has occurred many times through out history always with the same result. It occurs when investors lose their sense of proportion regarding the intrinsic value of their investment and respond to the bigger sucker theory. If they stopped to think about it they would realize that they are paying too much for the investment but since people seem to be in a buying frenzy the assume that there will always be a bigger sucker than they who will pay more than they. People always come to their sense eventually and the bubble bursts. The first such phenomenom was the Great Dutch Tulip bubble in 1637. Our most recent problems are the result of the bursting of the Real Estate Bubble.

          • Uhhh… LKLSPEEDY, correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the Republicans have filibuster power during the time both houses belonged to the dems?… I’ll wait for your response while the crickets are chirping.

          • Uhhh… LKLSPEEDY, correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the Republicans have filibuster power during the time both houses belonged to the dems?… I’ll wait for your response while the crickets are chirping.

          • Dude, if you’re going to rant, and can’t spell, at least you could learn to use spell-check. It takes all the wind from what would normally be a debatable diatribe, and reduces it to the mumblings of an illiterate, fool. You evidently know nothing about how the Military works or what a SOFA is, (no it’s not a couch), it’s a Status of Forces Agreement and it was originally signed by Bush. In it, are the terms for keeping Military forces in a country and the terms for taking them out. Obama followed the terms of the SOFA when he got our troops out of Iraq.. Are you talking about Guantanamo Bay? If so, you’re right on that point, he should have been closed. As to never submitting a budget:
            As per law, Obama has submitted a budget for each fiscal year he’s been president — fiscal years 2010, 2011 and 2012, according to a quick check on the Government Printing Office’s website, where the documents are posted. It’s as simple as that. Once again, you should do a little more research

          • @LKLSPEEDY, yes you rememeber that thing called the ACA, or as you call it, Obamacare, yah, that was passed on his watch, and the reason why the budget doesnt get passed, ill point at the republican party, they can vote to appeal the ACA 31 times, but cant agree on a budget, you want your reason why you dont see progress, look no further then the 2010 congress, where the republicans voted in folks under the theme of JOBS, JOBS, JOBS.
            You know how many jobs bills have been put forth by Republicans? give you a guess, now guess how many have been rejected by the same group? Goal? One term president so the lobbyists and corps can continue controling their credit cards. And as for calling all the troops home and stuff, a) we shouldnt have been there in the first place and b) you cant just bring home troops like that, there are responsibilities and reesources needed to get those out, sure we could leave all the equipment and pull out in a hurry, but really, we leave enough behind in those operations.

            And he would close Gitmo, but guess who controls that string, the pentagon, congress and the senate commitees, check your highschool civics class, the laws dont work with obama saying do this and the US jumps to it. its gotta be passed by a republican congress and a mostly democratic senate. You want Gitmo closed, tell your party to stop saying no when he tries to do it.

        • sam 7 comments collapsed
          Collapse Expand No need to wait until 2016. It will be definitely better than what the Bushies and Republicans left us with after 2008
          Sam, you can count, Right? $16 TRILLION DOLLARS DEFICIT, is $7 TRILLION dollars deeper in debt, than what Dubya left us. Is O’bama waiting for his replacement to make a positive change?
          The guy is completely incapable. Romney will take care of it.

      • Just because you saw it doesn’t make it real, honest or accurate. But if that is your source of information and you choose not to look further, that is the perspective you have. Just don’t force it on those of us that actually do the homework, read analyze, are intellectually honest and use the scientific method.

        • I do a lot of research and obama is the most corrupt president in my lifetime!!!!! He was mentored by frank marshall davis who was a communist and it just the tip of the iceberg. You need to check your your facts.

      • It’s getting to the point where GOP lies, including those by Ryan and Romney are so well know that the rest of the country just automatically doesn’t believe anything the Conservative media puts out anymore. By putting up with (and excusing) years of lying and nonsense, the GOP is finally loosing its credibility. So, no, GGRDR05, we’re NOT going to go see “Obama’s America 2016” because we so strongly suspect it’s a bunch of horseshit. We’ll just wait for the reviews to come out in the Mainstream media telling us what garbage it is without even considering wasting our time and money going to see it.

        • Regardless who financed this film or any film,in this case a documentary on what people “don’t know” about Obama,if the information is valid and can’t be disputed,then it and any other documentary can be cited as a source of information.If you haven’t seen the film,then don’t comment until you have and then site what is not valid information.I have seen the film and would be very eager to hear from someone who also saw the film on what is not factual in the film.

          • a movie made after a book isn’t a fact.
            when does the american people stop believing rumours for facts and take more care after the people who realy need it.
            most of the richer americans are selfcentered and don’t know what is going on in the world.
            allowing guns to be freely sold because it should be a right that people can shoot each other for no less reason then greed or hate is just plain ignorant.
            more the 30 million folks without access to healthcare could be avoided easy by cutting 10 % of defense spending.
            the usa makes his own enemies in the world because it wants to have a say in almost everything.
            that is america’s real issue

          • In this particular case,I’m not concerned about guns,or healthcare,or defense spending.I didn’t make any reference whatsoever about these points.All I wanted to know is if you saw the film.I also asked if anyone in this forum had seen the film and if they could tell me what is not factual,that’s all.I didn’t say I liked or disliked the film,I just want to know if anyone did their homework and investigated the facts.

          • My description of the film’s use of facts vs. analysis/speculation is below. Hope you find it helpful.

          • 30 million with no access to health-care is a sheer lie. its 30 million who choose not to buy health-care and expect someone else to pay for it.
            Its a system where government expects doctors to owe 200K dollars when done with their residency, then pay 80K dollars for malpractice insurance
            Its a system whereby government mandates and regulation caused the overhead of a Pediatric office to climb from 50%, to m80% or more, driving up and away the charges, which cannot be levied from the Title 19, so they must be levied from the employed/insured, which causes businesses to shrink benefits offered or shrink themselves.
            Thank god i am not an American doctor anymore.

          • funny how many Americans wants to become like the Chinese – with a government that owns and manages everything.are Americans thinking now that china has better economy and will become the new leader in the world economy that is why Americans are trying to change their government from democratic into socialist or communist?are you so tired of your freedom that you now want a government who will feed you with food stamps.that mantra of government for middle class – sounds like Karl Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao Tse can never create a social system with middle class providing for basic needs.if that happens you need a socialist government to do that – a government that controls everything.

          • Actually, it sounds like Canada. And every other country in the world. One more case of U.S. “exceptionalism”: the entire world “except” the U.S. considers freedom from disease, maiming, terminal suffering to be more important than the freedom to own a senator.

          • the 30million who “choose not to buy health-care” must be spending all thier loot on something else — maybe food, shelter. Perhaps you are not the only who is glad you are no longer an American doctor. Your total lack of compassion and comprehension of what is really going on here is astounding. People have been dying every day because they did not have insurance available to cover needed medical care. I was in that position at one time and I can tell you that not having health insurance is not a choice. I got lucky. The scheduling nurse did an end run around the system and I had major surgery as an outpatient. People don’t choose to lose thier jobs and thier medical insurance along with it. People don’t choose to have a medical history that makes them ineligible for insurance at any price.

          • You are the liar. You act as though everyone has a great job and plenty of money. Well that is not the case. It is sure not the case with republican indifference to what happened to people when the Bush republicans wrecked the economy. Now republican governors are firing more government workers and doing their best to bankrupt a state hospital where I live. All in worship to Grover Norquist. Republicans make me sick.

          • Frank your a close minded bonehead. America believed the lies and rumors of hope and change and look where it got us. Who says just because one president had 8 years in office it then takes 8 years to fix the probelems? I would like to see some improvement! Ihave close to 30 years in govt., and don’t want this out of control monstrocity trying to regulate health care. Those who live overseas are pleading with us not to make the same mistakes they have with govt health care. Do we listen? Of course not! It is all about getting re-elected, so we promise the world to the voters.

          • The only boneheads are you and the other brainwashed Repug Tea Part sheeple. Please find some other board to spread lies and bullshit on, like Free Republic.

            BTW, about health care; I live in Canada, where we have a health care system, and where people who have chronic illnesses like myself get excellent health care free of charge, unlike in the USA. Turn off Faux Noise and talk radio, take a trip up north, and check out our health care system for yourself instead of acting like a brainwashed stooge.

          • Wow Neville, you live in Canada and get great health care! Maybe you should check out your great mental health care too!
            Again, it is about how much the govt should be involved.
            Maybe you should mind your own business and worry about Canada following us down the crapper!

          • Reply to vadan….

            You have got to be the most ignorant person in the U.S… Please stop. Our northern neighbors are going to think we are all a bunch of rightwinged, teabagging hillbillies! Its better to appear to stupid and ignorant rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt.teabagging hillbillies! Its better to appear to stupid and ignorant rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt.

          • You didn’t say it correctly.The correct way of saying it is “rather than open your mouth and remove all “shadow of”doubt.

          • Having just visited Canada, I can say that the government comes across as intrusive into peoples’ personal lives on health care in a way that we would never put up with in the US.

            Furthermore, I know someone whose Canadian mother in law died because she was put on a waiting list, and her cancer went untreated there. She would be alive today if she had either lived in the US, or had crossed the border for more prompt treatment in the US, as many Canadians do now.

          • I’m Canadian and our Health Care isn’t the greatest but no one and I repeat no opne loses their home over paying their medical bills. About the waiting on months for Cancer treatment where a lady died ,how many Amerians have died because they could not afford health Care or prescriptions for their sickness. I live down in Florida for 6 months of the year and just in our Park there are many people who are suffering as they can’t afford Medication and we have a man in the park who is suffering from Diabeties and is loosing his toe’s one at a time. I was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer tumers and I was in them hospital in three days and I been cancer free for two years. As I said our Health System is not the greatest but we are happy at what we receive.

          • I’m Canadian too fox38 and I have no idea what he/she was talking about in regards to our health care being too intrusive in people’s lives. You can make other criticisms, but how is it intrusive? You can go to any doctor or hospital you want. That person was a one time visitor who is just repeating U.S. right wing talking points designed to fool Americans. My own personal experiences with the health care system, and those of my family and friends, have been positive but I can’t speak for others. There are always exceptions and screw ups like the woman in his/her story.

            Btw, I think that it’s great enough but that’s just me.

          • So Republicans only lie?What ever your smoking let me know the name of it and where I can get it.It definitely puts the brain in a stupor.

          • Further to Neville Ross — Canada is also one of the strongest economies in the world right now– much stronger than usa. Do you wanna know why? Because of liberal policies — strong government regulations.
            And on top of that we have government run healthcare – no one is denied access and we are all very very happy with it.

            US is one of the only countries in the world without universal healthcare. There is a level of selfishness that abounds there that truly is mind-boggling.

          • You obviously have no understanding whatsoever of macroeconomics. Canada was a very successful country until Trudeau ran it into the crapper. Canada’s recovery from Trudeau’s mismanagement can be credited entirely on its oil boom. Freedom is still dying in your once-great country.

          • interesting as we all have ‘THE facts’ I have read many comments (from various places) from Canadians who claim they HATE the healthcare…so, who to believe?! You can have 10 people who swear by it, but I can have 10 who say it sucks! people just have to go with “their” gut.

          • Well, I can tell you this much Lisa. In polls most Canadians support their health care system as is, but it’s been partly due to a false choice, and that is beginning to change a little. People here always look south and nobody wants to adopt the American health care system, even the ones who are becoming increasingly dissatisfied due to wait times for some non emergency procedures.

            I watched an interview 2 days ago with Jeffrey Simpson of the Globe and Mail on a political talk show up here. He has a new book on how to address some long term problems in our health care. He started out by saying that adoption of the U.S. health care system was a non starter and that’s not what the book was about. That’s a typical comment and emblematic of how even the critics think. People are beginning to realize that there are more than just two options—-our system and yours. There’s a move afoot to take a closer look at some of the European universal systems, with the idea of possibly borrowing some of their ideas, so long as they meet the 5 pillars of the Canada Health Act… that everyone is covered regardless of your station in life and money isn’t asked or required for full care. Britain not so much because their National Health Service (NHS) is almost identical to our system. However, you will see here fact finding missions to places like Sweden and France by Canadian politicians and medical experts from time to time. I personally don’t expect to see any changes here any time soon but maybe in the future.

            Lastly, I have to add that I cringe if I happen to see another Canadian blogging in here and making smug remarks towards our American brothers and sisters (despite some of the content of this post). If you’re interested in U.S. politics and are also a liberal/progressive who empathizes with the American Democrats, fine, but you have to watch what you say on another country’s blog site. You have to have some common sense, class, and politeness towards your neighbour.

          • what is interesting about this comment is….I have also read comments from people who live in Canada – and HATE the health care system. It’s all about “your own gut feeling” really. For as many people that I can find who HATE it and swear it’s the worst – YOU can find 10 who say the exact opposite!

          • Canadian health care is just great. As long as you don’t really need it anytime soon.

            And Canada’s contribution to pharmaceutical research/development is nil. They get their drugs cheap, freeloading off the US healthcare system – which is also where Canadians go when they really need something.

          • Fred, is the fact. The present administration don’t even try to argue. That tell you something? Otherwise, they will use their power to contest this film. Don’t be an ignorant. Everybody know Romney’s religion. Do we actually know his religion? There’s no specific. Why we have a President that you really don’t know his background. Someday we just wake up and ask ourselves “What Happen?” This is America and we put American in!

          • Why don’t Obama come clean and give his prior college grades and where he attended Why did he take so long to show his birth certificate. Why does he espouse all those muslim sayings, why did he bow to the saudi king. why dont he wear the american flag does he feel he slights the muslims. He is a way out socialist and does not believe in capitolis democracy.

            Tom Former WW11 Marine

          • Why does he even need to show his bc? Why don’t you ask for Romney’s or Bush’s or McCain or Hillary even? This is purely a racist, ignorant statment. He is christian — how many ways do you want him to say it????? Give me a break — fear and ignorance. I hope you aren’t teaching this to your kids.

          • How is it racist? That makes no sense. I am NOT an Obama supporter, but one thing I DID like…is that he is black and that shows how far we have come – finally having our 1st black prez. I would have voted for Herman Cain in a second (tho, sadly he is out) So, is it also racist to ask Mitt Romney for his tax records? I mean, the President of the US is supposed to have a birth certificate. so grow up and don’t act suspicous and dodge it for 2 YEARS! The 1st people who started the BC thing anyway were the Clintons, when Hilary was running against him in the beginning.

          • It is not racist to ask Romney for his tax returns since every other presidential candidate since his father ran has released them. And on one has ever asked any candidate besides Obama for his BC or college transcripts. Why do you care what his grades were?

          • First of all,the issue isn’t why someone is interested in what Obama’s grades were in college.I never investigated any President’s grades.The real issue is why Obama spent a small fortune on legal fees to have all his grades and transcripts sealed from the colleges he attended.He’s the only President to ever do that.Are you going to try to tell me that’s normal?By virtue of the fact that he had them sealed,yes I do want to know now.If he didn’t have them sealed,I wouldn’t care.No matter what you or anybody says,there is definitely something fishy.You can’t dismiss this as just some ho hum.As President there has to be transparency.What possible reason could there be to have his grades sealed?Saying he just felt like it doesn’t cut it.So according to your logic,The President,Vice-President and those in the Senate shouldn’t have to disclose their tax records each year because who cares.WRONG!There has to be transparency no matter who it is.

          • The answer to that is he didn’t. I could find nothing from anything from a mainstream sight saying he spend millions to seal. Actually, by law all records are sealed.

          • Thank you for the comment.If what you say is true,then I stand corrected.I didn’t say he spent millions though,that would be ridiculous.However,that still doesn’t answer the question why he refuses to make his college records public.True,everyone has a right to privacy,however,I find it very unusual especially if someone is the President.

          • Why don’t you explain why President Obama needs to show his college grades. He graduated from Harvard magna cum laude and was President of the Harvard Law Review. But you racists want his grades. Did you want Bushs? Did you want Clintons? Did you want anyone elses. Your racism is all over you.

          • Hey bro,do me a favor,this “racist” card is getting old,I mean really old.You gotta start coming up with something different.Be original for God’s sake.Racism this and racism that,give it a break already.Someone said this
            “he’s a racist”,someone said that ”
            he’s a racist”.Is it possible for you to discuss something without always using the word “racist”?Seriously,is it?So,according to you,if someone asks to see Obama’s birth certificate or his grades at college,they’re “racist”,please,give me a break,grow up already.And if someone wants to see Romney’s tax returns,they’re “racist”also?Hey,second thought,you gave me a great idea.I’m going to be like you.”HEY!Anybody here in this forum who wants to see Romney’s tax returns is a “RACIST!”.You’re a racist if you want to see Romney’s tax returns.How does that sound?Intelligent, isn’t it.And as far as Obama’s grades at college,the issue is what’s there to hide?Why would Obama spend a small fortune in legal fees to have all his college grades and transcripts sealed?He’s the President of the United States,and there should be transparency on anything since he holds the highest office in the country.This is the first time any President did this.Something doesn’t add up no matter what you or anyone else says.You can put any kind of spin on it you like,common sense alone dictates this is not a normal act.If you want to respond to what I said,don’t start with this racist nonsense again.

          • Number 1. What good is health care if there is no country to have health care for? Hence defense spending. It is not a friendly world out there.

            Number 2. When they outlaw guns only outlaws will have guns. It is a proven fact that gun ownership reduces crime.

          • “A movie made after a book isn’t fact.” Really? What about the movie Black Hawk Down after the book?
            Just another dumb fact-less opinion

          • Thanks for the heads up comment about “Black Hawk Down”.It appears people have convenient amnesia about movies like this based on fact.

          • By the way,did you ever hear of the book PT-109 by Robert Donovan and who it was about?It was about President John Kennedy during the second world war.A movie was made based on the book five months before JFK was assassinated.So I guess nothing in this movie was based on fact.Oh well,I guess history has to be rewritten.

          • the book was based on Obama’s dreams of my father – is that book not fact when that was his autobiography? as for owning guns, dont you have one? guns is about my right and your right to defend yourself.not all gun owners are wackos…rich people being self – centered, really?i new some rich people and they are not what you are telling.maybe there are some rich who dont care for others but not all rich are thing i know, many rich people are highly spiritual!

          • Unfortunately, the man who made the movie did indeed use some things from Obama’s book BUT then chose to psychobabble it with his own interpretations. A slanted opinion movie just like the movie makers not particularly successful books.

          • well i think i agree with you, because that unsuccessful book you are telling is a book written by OBAMA…does that mean OBAMA really is not successful.hey you said it yourself! as for psychobabble, the book is the psychobabble… Joana Bauson

            Joana Bauson

          • President Obama’s book Dreams of My Father was a best seller. Repuks just want to have more republican loons stupified with their vile hate.

          • shows you know nothing about your chosen candidate, the book was an autobiography of OBAMA, republicans will never make a book about him…LOL

          • When the thugs come to your house to take whatever they want and to rape your daughter and your wife….you’ll be defenseless being the unarmed idiot that you are. A wiser man will be prepared and ready. We don’t live in utopia and as economic conditions worsen, you will wish you would have exercised your right to protect yourself and your family!

          • America’s real issue is it is going bankrupt; the president has failed on most everything he has attempted except for using taxpayer money; all his promises made in his campaign have never come to fruition. He is a liar, but those of you who evidently support this man don’t care that you are lied to on a daily basis. Our foreign policy has been literally shot to hell; our national security is in danger; he has and is reducing our military; the fighting men and women in Afganastan have their hands tied when it comes to fighting back – Generals are complaining that they go to fight – not be murdered. I suggest that you go see “2016′ and then tell us where it is misinformation or untrue.

          • That is exactly what I keep asking myself about stupid liberals like the ones posting here. When are you going to get your head out of Obama’s arse and see the truth? He is an illegal Muslim that conned and sweet talked idiots like you into believing he could be a President. He has neither the learning, experience, or brain power to run a McDonald’s let alone America. Thanks to you idiots we are in a pile of **** up to our eyeballs, and YOU want to make it over our heads by keeping him in office!! I wish all of you would pack up and move to Iran, or some other country that has people with the same intelligence as you. Namely: ZERO!!!

          • If you and everyone else would read what I said you wouldn’t be sending me these type of comments.I didn’t say it was a legitimate documentary nor did say if I liked or disliked the film.I’m only asking any person in this forum if they had seen the film and if they could tell me what’s not factual in the film,that’s all.If you can tell me what’s not factual in the film great,I want to know.

          • The entire world has laughed at the film as a bunch of half-truths, innuendo and downright lies. The American public would rather believe the lies from a politician than accept the truth at face value. What a shame!

          • I saw the movie, and the facts r staring you in the face. Look what he has done for the past 4yrs, exactly what u see in the movie. He believes that people who work hard and make something of themselves should not be proud of what they have accomplish. That is wrong!!!! He is dividing the country between blacks and whites and hard working American people. If that is the kind of Country u want to live in than give him another 4 yrs and we will be like Greece I promise u that!!!!!

          • Neville, actually sir you are an angry, ignorant uninformed fool and you are displaying that for the world to see. US Healthcare DESTROYS Canadian helathcare and no American would ever take a trip up “up north” for medical treatment. However, terrorists and other dregs of sociaety will come from all over the world for free handouts !

          • i wonder if we are going to see a movie on Mitt …and then we can have a conversation on all the so-called truths

          • The film, which I saw on Monday, presented known facts about Mr. Obama, plus a fair amount of analysis as to the well concealed nature of Mr. Obama’s character and objectives. Mr. D’souza draws that analysis together into a hypothesis that fits what we’ve seen of Mr. Obama’s actions as President so far, and his recent statements as to his goals for a second term–especially what he had Medvedev convey to Putin in what he thought was an unobserved moment.

            My favorite scene in the film was the interview with his Kenyan half brother George, who really comes across as a thoughtful, decent guy, and quite unlike Barack.

          • “Well concealed nature of Mr Obama’s character”….how does that work?” How exactly does someone in public service conceal his character??? So the half brother you determine in one short movie clip is more thoughtful and decent than his brother? That is an amazing leap of deduction!!!

          • The information is not valid. D’Souza totally lied about the Ex-Im bank. It receives no federal funding and the loans can only be used to buy American made equipment. It is actually a good thing done by Bush appointees not a bad thing done by Obama. Even the people at the bank are calling out his lies.

          • frank1fm—- I saw the film. Go on ASK.COM it does dispute every facit of the film as exagerated assertions, like the whole Romney Campaign, lies and assertions.

          • Was proven false and misleading by fact checkers two days after the movie premiered. However, some people want it to be true til they ignore the facts…

          • Hello my friend:How are you?Good I hope.Let’s see,I’m on page 109 of my Merriam-Webster dictionary.Half way down the page I see the word “cite”.According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary,the word “cite” is spelled “c-i-t-e”.It is a verb,according to the dictionary.They also list “cit-ed” and “cit-ing”.Lucky we have the dictionary police looking on this site checking everyone’s grammar and spelling:)

          • You are correct though,I spelled “cited” as “c-i-t-e-d” and “cite” as “s-i-t-e”.Hmmm..Thanks for the heads up.

          • Frankie:

            In all collegiality, let me say “NO, you can’t do it that way.” We are living in the path of a tsunami of propaganda, and the only way to cut it down to a manageable number of data is to make some judgement about sources. In particular, once you find a source pushing a deliberate deception, ignore it henceforth.

            An example: some odd person or group thought it was worth financing a trip to Kenya to interview Obama’s granny on his father’s side and emerged with proof that he was born in Kenya. Trump and several others have referred to this interview, conducted in English and translated to and from Granny’s mother tongue by persons whose credentials for such a task are unstated.

            How could you possibly confirm this yourself by direct evidence? Especially when it was on a long list of things that needed checking?

            I saw a video-in-a-video of a group of scholars who did not have a dog in this fight in my judgement (and what else do we have to go on?) who said they had asked her if she remembered when Obama was born. She said “Yes, I remember.” Then they asked where she was at the time and she said “I was right here.”

            Life is too short to spend any more of my precious time on any person or group who tries to sell me this exchange as a smoking gun.

          • You have a valid point and in some aspects you answered part of my question as to what in the film was not factual.Everybody has their own agenda today.I’m sure you’re aware of the book PT-109 by Robert Donovan about JFK during the second world war.A movie was made based on the book five months before Kennedy was assassinated in 1963.I saw the movie when it came out and remember where I was when JFK was shot.The point being,it was a documentary made about JFK during the second world war and while he was still alive.Propaganda was alive and well back then as it is today.However,today it takes on a whole new level.True,one has to be wary of spurious sources.As far as wasting your time on something,that’s relative to each individual and where one’s priorities are.It’s impossible for any individual to know everything about what’s unfolding in the world today,the information is too overwhelming.I guess we’ll all have to just pick and choose as to what’s important to us at the time and hope we don’t fall into a sink whole that devours our precious time.

          • Apart from the evidence, we could always ask ourselves how credible the story is to begin with.

            Obama’s mom was obviously a misty romantic, but not nuts, nor even what we used to call ‘hippy dippy.’ She didn’t wander off to join a weaving co-op in the Third World, she got her PhD and went there on salary. (And did some important work on microfinancing, which was pioneering at the time.) We women tend to get pretty down to earth when it comes to birthing. We don’t opt for the dirt floor of a hut in Africa in preference to an American hospital, nor do we whimsically decide to sacrifice the citizenship of our children. Even immigrants, even illegals, want their children to be born in the U.S. of A. Also, by the time Obama was born, she was separated from his father.

            Was she part of a plot to raise Obama to be a Manchurian candidate? Puleeze!

          • “If you haven’t seen the film,then don’t comment until you have”.

            Good advice. I remember all the right wingers that were saying that when Michael Moore’s films were the topic. All my conservative friends went and saw the Moore movies, THEN commented. Yep. that’s how it went.

          • I saw the film and totally agree with frank1fm as the film is based on statements from articles and books written by Obama and by interviewing people identified in those articles and books. The film maker traveled to the places identified and did a tremendous amount of research. The film makes no political statement and does not tell you what to think – he gives you the information and tells you to make your decision based on the direction you want the country to go.

        • Okay Mr Green we won’t confuse you with facts, just read BHO,s books and you will get a better picture of what he is about. You can read?As far as the Koch brothers go BHO has his Michael and that socialist billionaire and I am sure you go to see all of Michaels movies.

        • I know,real hard facts are not your cup of tea huh?Those mean old Koch brothers,they made a bunch of money,with that bad old capitalism didn’t they. They should be shot for that.They should have to give all that to the non workers who by their own design are poor as shit house rats..Yeah,that’s what we need.Now who should we vote for to achieve that…Hmmmm,oh yeah, vote for your moron again,he’ll prove the film is right,that’s all he needs,just one more term.Then you will know fact from fiction.I gotta go,I’m due back on earth.Been real………visiting here…in your world….

      • Then, if you’re relly brave, watch Bill Maher eat Dinesh D’souza alive and debunk everything from that Koch bros. sponsored lying piece of celluloid. You have been suckered, sucker!!!

      • Dinesh D’ Sousa is a skilled propagandist, nothing more. I have watched him for years attack other Democrats, so I know that he comes from the extreme right wing of the Republican party. But when he assumes to know the mind of the President, and makes assertions based on the politics of a father who abandoned him & had almost no contact with him, a bunch of poor relatives he barely met & ignores Obama’s own record & life of service, he can only be called a fraud!

      • Seriously? It’s a mockumentary filled with racist Reich wing lies made by a guy from India. But you people dig that stuff. Leave the intelligent decision making to the adults.

      • Hey, you neocon asswipe, I’d suggest that you not be so free with the Obama bashing on this site, as you have a low number of likes compared to eagleize, and your side will most likely lose to Obama this year anyway.

      • Obama is the man to hellp us and dont for get it . look at it back in 2008 at the way thangs was . war was on becouse of Bush our boys lost there lifes. for who? FOR NO ONE BUT THE BUSH’S NOW Obama came in at the time that BUSH TOOK US FOR LOST OF JOBS . Bush is the one that DESTROY.the USA IN EVER WAY. LOOK BACK AND SEE THAT IS RIGHT SO 4 4 4 4 MORE YEARS WE CAME THIS FAR WITH OBAMA. WE HAD Bush for 8 and 23000 boys dead

        • You just keep your head in the sand! You might want to get your facts straight, the demons were in charge from 2007 to 2010 when the housing market crashed thanks to the dems that thought everyone should have a house , even if they didn’t qualify!! Good ole barney said freddie and fannie were just fine. Unlike obama, Bush does love this country! obama is the man if you want a marxist in charge????

      • @ggrd05 The movie your referring to (Obamas America 2016), was written and produced by a conservative and financed by the Koch Brothers. If you go on ASK.COM, it will tell you that this movie contains extreme assertions by Dinesh with no subsitive evidence of those assertions. There are very few facts and those are not daming. A vote for Romney and Ryan will DESTROY this country. But, there are those, like you ,who will believe the lies and assertions and vote against your own interest just out of hatered for this president.

      • Yeah ok…but we don’t have to wait. The economy was losing 800,000 jobs per month when Obama took office and had been since 2006, when Republicans controlled both houses of Congress and the US Presidency.

        The economy under Obama is now gaining 75,000 -250,000 jobs per month and has been for over 24 straight months. QUITE AN IMPROVEMENT…YES? That’s progress and improvement in anyone’s book. But it doesn’t stop there. The Republicans rushed into 2 wars at a cost of $4 trillion taxpayer dollars and over 1,000,000 human lives. The Republicans did not finish either war….Republicans never finish what they start…they simply quit and walk away like 3 year olds. Obama inherited these quagmires and ended them as soon as he was able. Obama re-engineered the war in Afghanistan and did so very effectively. Obama took out the USA’s #1 enemy, Osama Bin Laden. Republicans let Bin Laden run free at Tora Bora.

        Obama has taken out 10X the number of top Al Quaeda as Bush and the Republicans. Obama has brought health care insurance to 30 million Americans who had none. Obama has prevented doctors from turning people away for pre-existing conditions. Obama passed financial reform….Bush simply balied out Wall st. with no reforms. The list of Obama successes goes on and on.

        The problem isn’t Obama or his many significant accomplishments, the problem is that you are brainwashed and that you bought into the Republican lies and deception. The problem is your consciousness is dull and your perception weak. You have still not taken full responsibility for yourself as is evidence by your post. OBAMA HAS DONE NOTHING BUT HELP THIS COUNTRY. YOU AND ALL OTHERS THAT VOTED REPUBLICAN AND THAT VOTE REPUBLICAN ARE THE GUILTY ONEs.

        • If you believe all the **** you just spewed, you are pathetic!!!! Obama hates this country and has done everything he can to destroy it. As far as health insurance that is a personal responsibility and NOT the government. I don’t believe in a NANNY state. Everyone needs to work for what they have. Quit the handouts that are destroying this country financially. I for one have paid for everything I have, I have NEVER taken a handout. That’s all the demoncrats do.

          • yeah ok Jethro. Like I said…your consciousness and perception are skewed by the fact that your heart is deeply wounded and is closed. That is why you think like a prick…and why you lack empathy and compassion like all Republicans. Empathy and compassion correlate directly with one’s IQ level also. So it is not surprising that the lower IQ Republicans display this trait.
            I for one am probably 10X as intelligent than you are and have been working in this country twice as long…so I don’t need to hear from some country bumpkin southerner about work ethic. Another problem with you and all other Republicans is that you live from and act from and form your opinions from a position of perceived victimhood. None of you Republicans actually take responsibility for anything you do or say…you simply blame it on the government or on the media or on your parents or someone else. Anything but take self responsibility. Your psyche and your mind are completely transparent and read like an empty book to me at my level of consciousness and intellect. It is not difficult as all you Republicans are alike….you are like the Borg…you have not yet developed individuality at your level of evolution (which is not very high let me tell ya)
            You are brainwashed by Fox News and Rush Limbaugh who told you how bad Obama is and your inherent racism caused you to latch onto those false memes. Anyone with an IQ bigger than their shoe size can see that Obama inherited a hornet’s nest of problems from the incompetent Republicans. Obama has done a masterful and excellent job with what he inherited. Everything I posted is true. I posted facts and figures and numbers which can be checked and verified. In typical Republican fashion, your response is stupid and reflects the mind of a 4 year old. You reacted out of your storehouse of negative emotions and did not provide any facts or figures for verification. Typical stupid republican narcissist.

          • You seem to forget the demons were in charge from 2007 to 2010. The unemployment in 2006 was 4.6, maybe you should get your facts straight instead of listening to georgie soros,msnbc,etc. You can blame the demons for the housing collapse as good ole barney said everything was just great, and the dems wouldn’t allow anything to be done and oh by the way the fannie, freddie debacle all started under billy when the dems thought everyone should have a home even if they didn’t qualify or could afford it. I have great compassion for people less fortunate that I can help, unlike the dems who give little to charity(biden). Conservatives are far more charitable with their OWN MONEY! If you have ever read the BIBLE it clearly states if you don’t work, you don’t eat. I’m sure I have worked many years longer than you and again I have never received 1 single handout? How about you?????

      • That’s just a hollywood movie, you fool, I guess you believe in the monsters from outer space too!!!…Go find some thing else to do with your time.

      • For chrissakes, did you put as much stock in Michael Moore’s films? No? Then why are you citing this one as GOSPEL when D’Souza is Moore in far-rightie clothing!?!?

      • That movie is a far stretch from truth. It implicates and doesnt deliver fact. Jus the idea lone that they didnt want him westernized so sent him to live with his grandparents in Hawaii is goofy. Hawaii is part of the US, which is westernized. Grabbing things like his dad or his dads friend or his minister doesnt equate to anything solid. His actions in the past almost 4 years defy what this movie claims by far

        • I don’t know what world you are living in?????? He and everyone that surrounds him are radicals and he thinks he is above the law as does his ag.

      • No. I have no intention of wasting my time at a republican anti-American anti-President Obama, anti-middle class, anti-social security, anti-medicare anti-the poor right wing nutjobs lying film. All I need to do is spend some time watching Fox News barfing and I won’t waste any of my time watching that right wing barf of lies either. Be a right wing simpleton for the GOP of greed and corruption. Eight years of G Bush was enough for me to never vote for a republican again as long as I live. The lunatics have taken over the party and it ain’t pretty.

      • The Weasel who made that turd of a film was on “Real Time” and Bill Maher ate his lunch…Could not defend cogently and honestly a SINGLE assertion made in the film.

      • No! Clinton is a very bright man and most definitely knew how to work in the government and balance the budget. What you do is put blinders on to have tunnel-vision to prevent the truth from reaching others that you already know. If you don’t know you are not a very bright person.

      • and dont forget he started to listen to rep. in his 2nd term that is when he got us on the right track. this croney we have now just plays HOOPS and GOLF. while reed and polosy screw up our country, [ops i forgot he bought his own party to vote for OBAM CARE. remember the louisana purchase]

    • Sir, Obama himself promised to turn it around in four years, so… Is he an idiot as well? Please don’t claim that Republican opposition stopped him. Obama engaged in more deficit spending in 3.5 years than George Bush did in 8 years!

      The rest of your post sounds like the standard Democrat party playbook. I would add a few more personal attacks and insults though.

    • Go check your facts. Romney gave away his family money when he went to school and lived in crappy apartments just like most college kids. He must be an idiot and slacker to do Harvard Law and Business school at the same time. I believe Obama went there to, so is Obama an Ivy league snob too? I would love for you to cite an example of how he is a snob. I know for a fact that he gets his hands dirty and helps people do yard work and cutting down trees (and not to be paid for it). He was such a snob he donated his govenor salary to charity! Gasp! How evil and heartless! Stop being jealous of people who work hard and succeed and go do it yourself. This is America and anyone can move up or down economically if they want to. Heck, Obama did it but won’t let anyone see the records about how he did it (school grades, scholarships, law school papers, etc). Michelle Obama’s wardrobe is as much or more expensive than Ann Romney’s (she is a cancer survivor too btw) but Michelle is gushed over for being so fashion savy and Ann gets spit upon as being a snob. Obama is the one who PROMISED he would fix things within 4 years and unemployment is higher than when he took office and so is the debt. So who is the dolt and empty suit?

      • Only difference is Mitt Romney got admitted because his dad was a State Governor and able to donate achunk to the school. Guess how did Bush and Mitt gor into Yale. I am sure Harvard would not give admission if your mom is a nurse, or a middle class mom like Clinton or barack. need more explanation?

      • when Obama took office unemployment was 9.3% Now it is 8.3% Mitt would not show how he made his money. How sweet of the sucking Republicans! But truth has to come out!

        • funny that when Obama passed the stimulus unemployment was 7.8 so not sure whereyou got the 9.3 under Bush. You should go back and listen to Obama because in his own words he needed to pass the stimulus to keep unemployment under 8%. That worked well. I guess then you would be the sucking Liberal?

        • why should he show anything more than he needed, all you want is another feather in obam hat to say hay hees rich where is obama school records, it took 2 years to see a phoney birth no school records, oh must be an exchange student, fron keyna, couldnt even give his brother money .dont even donate to charity, but spend my money

    • now you are tlking like someone who wants things handed to tham, work a little harder maybe you are a little baby yet. i work for 10.20 a hour i have health care,I PAY FOR IT
      i am from a family of 11 and i needed to quit school to help out,my dad worked hard but things were tough. he didnt cry for FREE stufF. i dont eat steak every night,but i dont go to bed hungry. i tell you what come here in pa. bet you get a job next to me or maybe you
      want everything FREE. get real grow up

    • After Obama talks there is more said than done. He talks a good show but there is only empty rhetoric and bad policies. He is a danger and threat to the country, not that he means to be but is because he is arrogant, naiive and full of himself.

    • You seem to forget that there was a recession when Bush took office in Jan. 2001. This was brought on by the collapsing of the dot com bubble. The same bubble that put tax money into Bill Clinton’s revenue stream. The tax cuts that Bush spearheaded stimulated the economy and produced an increase in the tax revenue for the fed gov’t. Unemployment was under 5%. Then all of the bad loans to people who could never afford them (yeah, the same ones that Clinton and the Dems said had to be made) started to fall through. And remember, Bush’s last deficit was, in total, about 600-800 billion. Obama’s lowest deficit was 1.4 trillion. If in fact Ryan is an empty vessel, why are the Dems so worried about him?

    • Bush publicly warned the democratic congress about the risky real estate caper well in time for preventive action. It’s on video. So quit saying he caused all this. You know the history of Janet Reno making it a crime to deprive minorities of housing (did this about 1995), a large measure of these were unqualified lendees. Also I have a clip showing Bernie Frank in 2004 saying Freddie and Fannie were just fine after inspector general people testified of F and F’s accounting problems. No, Romney’s children did not experience want like Romney’s dad did in early years. That’s what the goal of America is, to allow chances for personal prosperity. Romney reached the finish line of a race we all want to win, so don’t disqualify his participation. You almost assert the Romney spent his life like Prince Harry. Better look at the chom kid in the WH today. Or John Kerry who is worth billions from other’s efforts.

      • Bush encouraging Freddie/Fannie to lower their lending standards is also on video. Check out his “Ownership Society Speech” on Youtube. The info can also be found in the WH archives.

    • Let’s assume everything you say (and think) about Bush is true. Didn’t we elect Obama to fix it, rather than make it worse?

      It’s interesting that you define wealthy as having more than $10 million. I define wealth far below that.

    • W went to war in reaction to the 9/11/01 attack on the homeland by Islamic terrorists. His intel may have included errors, a problem all military commanders struggle with. (Slavery ended here faster thanks to Robert Lee’s poor intel). W says the WMD issue was because he thus got the facts wrong. But there were journalists on the ground who reported that the WMD ended up in Syria. Other journalists today say these weapons are in fact in Syria today. These wars did get in the way of our economy, but he made his best call. Obama has done twice as bad as even W in padding the national debt. As for your empty gratuitous slanders, these guys are wholesome capitalists and stand opposed to unwholesome anticapitalists who are just fine with replacing our Constitutional Republic with I cringe to think of what,

    • One added comment to your excellent analysis.

      GW Bush didn’t go to war on a “hunch” of WMDs in Iraq. His Neocon advisers and the Israel lobby had this orchestrated for some time just as they are pushing Romney to involve the USA in another war for Israel, this time in Syria and Iran. Bush’s adviser and now Romney’s (Robert Zoellick said as much). Elect Romney/Ryan only if you want a repeat of Bush/Cheney.

      The tremendous fiscal and credibility damage that Bush had wrought on our country, means the GOP needs to be ostracized from the White House for years.

      Obama isn’t perfect and missed some major opportunities for openness and to require accountability from the bankers but mistakenly let them slide when what they needed was prison. Solyndra was a mistake too. Too many embedded Trojan horses with cronies there too.

    • You’re absolutely right!!! It was that liar war-mongering Bush who started the fall of America. Now the Republicans are blaming the Democrats for the mess they created. And they thought voters are not aware of this, hmmm….

    • Hello,

      Remember that good number of democrats authorized the use of force against Irak and voted for politics instead of principle. That included senate votes from Hillary Clinton and 2004 presidential candidate John Kerry.

      The president ran on a antiwar, anti-torture, anti-corruption, hope, change and everything anti-Bush campaign just to continue most of his predecessor’s policies. Record drone attacks and killing of civilians with these dehumanizing machines, increase militarization of Afghanistan and the middle east, support for the Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Yemen regimes when they viciously cracked down on their peaceful demonstrators while going to war on Libya, bypassing congress, and wanting to go to Syria at any moment now. The Patriot Act is still in place, American citizens have been unconstitutionally killed without due process, Gitmo is having a 40 million dollar renovation, SOPA and PIPA were stopped because of online activism, not because of White House opposition. Where are the Bush era antiwar activists? Probably in the same hole that the Tea Party was while Bush was running five trillion dollars in national debt. The incumbent has lost my vote and 2008 support.

      On one thing we can agree, Paul Ryan doesn’t seem to have his political philosophy compass in good working condition.

      Have a good day.

    • Who really is destroying this country is CORPORATIONS! they have gotten a hold of politicians and it smells like lots of money. Since there is high speculation about the 9/11 attacks and the true about what really happened just will never come to light. Bush wanted to create a war because war is a great business. He did whatever it took in order to brainwash the American people and instill FEAR in order to justify this war against who? It didn’t matter who an escape goat. People wake up is not the right, is not the left it is the CORPORATIONS manipulating them both and you and me. And we are letting them.

    • You need glasses to see life for the truth. The truth is not found in emotions. It’s based on facts. Obama stole billions from the American people. I don’t care if your Republican, Democrat, or Independent. He flat out stole five hundred billion dollars in one, just one, instance alone and gave it to SOLYNDRA who went bankrupt six months later after every executive got their bonuses. That’s not go green, that’s giving away the green! How many people who truly care about making alternative energy would have wanted to get some, just some of that money. IT IS FIVE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS. MY GOD, is ANYONE LISTENING. I LIKE PRESIDENT OBAMA… I DON’T LIKE HIM AS PRESIDENT. This isn’t high school. He’s not class president. He makes a mistake…my bad… He’s in charge of this entire county and their well-being all my president is blame everyone else but himself and then tell us, you and I, we’d had it easy and we need to toughen up. He stole five hundred billion. Forget the back door deals with the Russians… Forget not balancing a budget of Americas money for the last three years which is required by law…. Please, folks… if you don’t know you facts… research them. I love America. Who cares what anyone party is…. Obama would be good at lunch get together but not as a President… WE CAN’T AFFORD it. Gas prices alone is killing me. We need a leader that can lead…. not blame… leaders don’t blame. They lead.

    • “which to date has never been found, because they never existed……” Actually we do know that existed at one point because Saddam Hussein used them on his own people and in the war with Iran. You may say that we did know if he still had any but we knew for certain that he had them at one time.

      “his five sons knows nothing about what it is like to go to sleep without dinner” so you are arguing that being such a poor provider that your children go to bed hungry qualifies one for being the leader of the country? Your brilliance is blinding. I prefer to have someone of proven competence be President rather than our current selection, someone of proven incompetence.

      “it is one thing to stand on a podium and make staements without basis…it is another thing to provide real statistics and facts” You mean like the current speach giver in chief? You can hardly criticize Ryan for this without tarring President Obama with the same brush as he is notoriously long on verbiage and short on sspecific solutions.

    • U r an Idiot. Obana was elected to fix the problem, not complain and blane everybody and everything on why the economy is so terrible. Its like u get hired at a job and your job is to fix the mess the other person left behind, and you do and come in a year you have not accomplishing fixing the mess that was left behind and u starting blaming the person who left that mess what do u thing would happen to you. Your employer would respond back to you and tell you ” we don’t care who made the mess we hired u to fix it, if you can’t we will get somebody that can. Will that was what Obama was elected to do. He had control of the White House for 2 1/2 years and he could do anything he want and the Republicans couldn’t stop him. Why didn’t he pass the Dream Act like he promise the Latino’s. He pass a stimulas that promise Americans jobs and he pass a Health Care that is going to hurt the middel class and the poor. Why because he said it was not a tax and yes it is, so middle class and the poor will be hit hard. Let me ask you a question have you been hired by a poor person for a job? If you believe so much in this President than be prepare for us to be like Greece. All u Liberals and Democrats for years all u can do is blame the Republicans u never can admit when u r wrong or take responsibility. That is why I am not a Dem. any more. They use to be for the people and honest but now its what they can take from the American people and make them feel like they can’t accomplish anything on their own unless the government is telling what to do. Very disappointed!!!!! One thing i know for a fact, Government can not create jobs, they can create goverment jobs but what about people that can’t get jobs in the government what do they do when their r no companies creating jobs. Good Luck with your President and next 4 years. Be prepare to stand in line for your hand out from the goverment because that is what is going to happen!!! Good Luck

    • have you had your head in the sand for the last 4 years?? This country’s deficit is WORSE and myself with less “money” because prices such as gasoline are soaring ( last week it went up 20 cents/gal) , the same brand of groceries are higher than they were 4 yrs ago, So has he done anything to correct the problems. NO !!!!!!!!!! because the only reason he got voted in was because actors like Oprah and other actors handed the campaign MILLIONS of dollars. He did not have to travel the U.S. for campaign contributions he sat back and let the rich just donate.
      Lastly, he did not have the experience in politics to even know what the h— he was doing
      His last campaign slogan was CHANGE–THAT’S RIGHT–WE NEED CHANGE NOW — GET HIM OUT OF OFFICE–so that I won’t have to declare bankruptcy just so I will not lose my house
      oh — did we ever find out for sure if he is a Muslim and has ties the Taliban,etc. Remember-his middle name is Hussain just like Saddam Hussain !!!!!!! ????????

    • Bitter eagleize.
      Calm down,a sewer rat could do a better job than your beloved obuma. So bitter because you’re not rich.I don’t care if he or anyone else owns all the gold they can hoard.I’m just worried about me and mine.Spend a little time thinking of what this marxist is trying to do to the once great country that gives you the right to write something stupid,and less time worrying about what names you can call a guy that’s legally made a shit pile of money.It’s called capitalism. With guys like you voting for Karl Marx junior,it won’t be around long,so remember what a great concept it is,or soon……was.

    • Like you and the rest of the Demoncraps know anything about what makes a Good President and it is not BOZO/BIDEN. This election is not about Bush, its about a muslim & Mr. Romney/Ryan. People make money because they have the brains to do so, which BOZO/BIDEN lack in big capital letters. BOZO is making over 4 Million a year for ea. year he is in office. He is the only President that did not have a working job before his political days. His score was 8%…..The other Presidents all had a score of over 50%. Romney has expertise in running companies. BOZO has expertise on how to spend the legal citizens money, and knows nothing about how the WH should be run. He plays golf, takes trips, and criticizes the American people & tells the foreign countries he is ashamed of the United States. As far as we GOP people believe…..BOZO can go back to Kenya, his birth place, at once would be too late.

    • I like how democrats like to say clinton left left office with a large surplus. Look at the national debt. It grew while clinton was in office. How do we have a large surplus & a higher national debt? It doesn’t add up. Twisting numbers to make figures look different is nothing more than a political game. Look at another fact. During clinton’s term, fannie may & Freddie Mac were making interest only loans, meaning the consumer could get a loan & only pay the interest for seven years. Loans were made during Clintons term but the full loan payments (which people couldn’t afford) came due during Bush’s term. the stock market was at historical highs until the housing market crash. A little common sense would have shown very few people could afford the homes our gov’t was pushing them into.. I love how when Clinton ran on of his campaign promises was “everyone deserves their own home.” I was raised to believe we don’t deserve anything but our chance. What happened to hard work & saving equals our own home?

    • You seem to quickly forget some facts:
      1. The only reason the budget was balanced during Clinton’s tenure was because he ended up with a Republican congress and they are the ones who balanced the budget…not him. That’s how Bush Jr. ended up with a surplus in the first place and then a Democratic Congress spent it all. Shocking.

      2. Bush voted to go to war and a Democratic Congress backed him. A President doesn’t have the authority to go to war without their approval so they are just as much to blame.

      3. I’m sick of the comments about Romney being “rich”. Have you seen the bank account records for Obama? Him and his wife are BOTH lawyers so they have plenty of money so stop pretending that Obama knows or even cares about the middle or lower class. How do you think he pays for all of his marketing and that super cool logo he uses? People don’t give those things for free. Trust me, Obama knows not one ounce more about going hungry since he went to Harvard Law School and you don’t get in there without a ton of money.

      Did Bush Jr. suck as a president? Yes. I was never a big fan and to be honest I was intrigued with what Obama was selling in the first election. Of course the more research I did, I quickly realized that Obama was saying a whole lot without saying anything. He’s a great public speaker with a great speech writer and that’s about it.

      The few things he did promise to do…he’s failed. Bringing home the troops – FAIL. Creating More Jobs – FAIL. There are more of his promises he’s broken but I don’t have enough time to write them all out.

      Then Obama and his Democratic Congress SHOVED his health plan down the throats of America and never once asked for our opinion. Even in the face of HUGE adversity and public opposition, they STILL passed it into law. The only reason it wasn’t over thrown by the Courts is because they found a loop hole. They can’t “charge” you for health care…but they can TAX you as a penalty if you don’t purchase it. Have you checked that little factoid out? Or are you too busy blindly defending Obamacare based on the lies the media is putting out there?

      Nothing in life is free. The people who are already getting “free” health care (paid for with my existing taxes through Medicare and Medicaid) will STILL get free health care. The only people it affects is the rest of the middle class who can’t AFFORD to purchase health care but now we’re going to get TAXED as a PENALTY if we don’t buy health insurance! How is that fair?

      So please go check your facts before you start pointing fingers.

    • I await with bated breath the vice-presidential debate.

      Won’t it be fun if Joe Biden can bait Ryan into spilling the beans about the — let’s say “eccentric” — neocom fantasy about Christian world domination?

    • You do have some valid points.However,wasn’t former Senator Ted Kennedy wealthy?And what about former Democratic Gov. of New Jersey Jon Corzine,he was worth over one hundred million.So these two Democrats cared if people went to bed hungry and Mitt Romney doesn’t care.WOW!Thanks for the heads up.And Romney is the only one who wants another feather in his hat,Hmmm…and of course Obama didn’t want a feather in his hat.At least you’re objective.As far as jobs and the economy,there is no quick fix and neither candidate can produce jobs,I don’t care what anybody says.We are a consumer driven economy,people are afraid,including myself.I’m an Independent and glad I am.If I vote for someone and they don’t produce,guess what,I vote them out next time.I don’t say he’s a Democrat or Republican and vote for him again if he doesn’t produce just because I’m from the same party.I didn’t see you mention anything about the sixteen trillion dollar budget deficit we have.Any reason?Let me ask you a question,how high do you think we can let the deficit grow?Give me a figure,like maybe twenty trillion dollars,how about twenty five trillion,how about thirty trillion,how about forty trillion,how about fifty trillion,how about forever?Give me a figure.Who’s going to pay for it?Me?You?Or how about our government just declare bankruptcy and start over.HEY!That’s a great idea I just came up with,just declare bankruptcy!Anybody can do things with someone else’s money,that’s a no brainer!Do you have any idea how many jobs Obama could have created and the billions in revenue he could have generated by his no energy plan?He refuses to have America an energy independent country.The Solyndra philosophy.Five hundred million down the drain.He says “People,drilling isn’t the answer.”Hmmm..I guess Saudi Arabia and all the other middle eastern countries aren’t aware of that.Maybe someone should tell them.Wait a minute,maybe someone should tell Obama.

    • really?you are waiting for the presidential debate? why do you still have to watch it if your mind has been set to voting for Obama…you want to see how Obama will trash Romney…well you might be in for the surprise of your lifetime.Romney is not saying anything about his plans on how to create 12 million jobs for now but I am sure he has a plan…people in business are always used to plans because they always have visions on how to do things.there might be people like Clinton who are good talkers but you know Clinton was successful because he cooperated and worked with astute Republicans in Congress like Newt Gingrich…

    • You said it exactly 100% correct, unless you’ve had to look for a real job, get rejected hundreds of times, barely have enough money to pay the rent etc then Romney and his team won’t have a clue. They talk about entitlements, social security I paid 33 years into social security that isn’t a handout
      I’ve never received unemployment , I delivered newspapers (at 56 years old) in NJ from 3-8 in the morning so my family would have something to eat. By the way the newspaper distribution co no longer pays out a gasoline supplement so I had to spend 12 gas daily on 28 net earnings ,so Mitt explain how you improve those workers conditions, the reason why there are millionaire is because most have found out a way to not pay their workers livable wages. I worked all over the US and have seen the same thing everywhere, illegal immigration doesn’t help either, it drives down wages. Many illegal immigrants work delivering newspapers that was a major reason why they don’t pay the gasoline subsidy anymore. What needs to be done is check everyone papers and those who shouldn’t be here need to be deported. That would open up thousands of jobs.

    • The democrats were for the war to you piece of obama loving crap. bill clinton was a failure for not taking osama bin laden when he could have. the democrats has ruined America with it’s welfare programs and foreign aid.

    • Tell The Navy Seals who went into Iraq early and often the WMD’s never existed. Ealeize should look at some facts before he speaks. Romney is wealthy because he worked hard at it. We used to applaud that hard work. Now we say he has not paid enough taxes because politicians that eaglize votes for say so.

    • Let the GOP do what they can, by 2020 the demographics will be overwhelmingly against them.

      If Obama can lock down this election, and the Democrats win in 2016, George Bush will be the last Republican President in the history of the USA.

    • Sir! I refuse to believe the Republicans would field dishonest or disingenuous candidates who simply make as much ruckus as possible in order to play to the most base instincts of the electorate and that they do this in order to grab power for power’s sake or use it to enrich themselves and their acquaintances. I also refuse to believe their quite wonderful worldview about setting the markets free and getting rid of the reach of elected government does, as all the statistics show, make the rich richer at the expense of the majority of the populations both at home and abroad, who become increasingly powerless and that their candidates are more a part of a global rightwing elite than a part of the American people.
      No, sir. Just look at how salute that goddamn flag. Constantly. You can’t fake that. No, sir. No, sirree.

    • Well,your wait for the first presidential debate is now over.Hope you watched it.I did.By the way,who did you think was going to win the debate?

    • I don’t know what planet you are on but have you thought about how President Obama has cost the American taxpayers 1.4 billion dollars for his 226 staffers that earn over $100,000 dollars a year and his flying all over the country on America’s dime playing golf and fundraising while First Lady Michelle catches another plane with the girls to meet him at a later time. The media is quick to point out that Mrs. Romney wears a sweater or blouse that is four to six hundred dollars when Michelle wears dresses costing thousands. President Obama makes 72,000 dollars a month in investment revenue on top of his Presidential salary. He gives 532 billion to Solyndra and companies like Tesla Automobiles. Where is the approval of the American people? Is your head stuck in the sand?

  37. Palin wasn’t a bad pick. She energized the ticket and gave it a boost where for a brief period McCain was actually winning. The press couldn’t have that and so you had setup questions in her first interview asking her what her thoughts were on “The Bush Doctrine.” When she sought some clarification, she got none. Of course the truth was there were four different things that had been called “The Bush Doctrine.” All the interviewer had to do was tell her she got it wrong when she guessed the wrong one.

    Ryan is a strong pick. Not sure what the difficulty of the author is. He’s well versed in politics, young, and isn’t afraid to point out Obama’s faults … something the press won’t do. Obama is running like it’s 2008 as if it’s a choice between his vision and the failures of the past … not admitting that he’s been “The commander and chief” for the past 3 1/2 years … and his policies are the failures.

  38. talk of lies! Which do you believe on the death of Osama bin Laden, The gov. backed story, or the account from the NAVY seal that was there? No doubt in my mind. Once a proven liar,, always a liar in all matters. Obama has not told a true statement since he has entered office, not his promises, not his demeanor, nothing! He is a smug arrogant typical know it all politician that talks loud, but is a born looser! It will be great to see him fall in the 2012 election!!

  39. This article seems pretty detached from reality…

    Simply put, if Obama’s record is so impressive, he wouldn’t have made personal attacks on Mitt Romney the centerpiece of his campaign.

    Obama’s signature acheivement, Obamacare, was passed using every crooked rule in the book and is massively unpopular. Republicans are actually salivating about a referendum on Obamacare. After all, the prediction that a Ryan pick would cost Romney among seniors has already turned out to be false.

    Just imagine, Obama may become known as the Democrat who threw away the health care issue for the party.

    Democrats have risked everything on the far-left ideologue Obama and now I think they realize how far-fetched and silly it was to do so. Of course, their only recourse is to press ahead but I guarantee they secretly rage against Obama for his failure to moderate his views on numerous issues.

  40. If there is ONE THING the democracts are good at BLAME, BLAME, BLAME GROW UP GET A BACKBONE Quit crying like a bunch of babies My goodness its been 3 years already. Obama Started another big War He has spent Millions in Afghanstand.Also There is no one more stupid than Biden How many times has this man stuck his Big foot in his mouth. What a complete idiot. He makes the americans look like they can’t talk. I know before Obama pick Biden as a v.p. I saw Biden on t.v. once and i thought that has got to be the dumbest man on the face of the earth, then Obama pick him, go figure. The only reason Obama picked him was that he didn,t want someone smarter than him. I guess he figured that it would make him look smartAnd that his v.p, wouldn’t upstage him. Well Mr. Obama I have to give you credit for that.

  41. Look At RYANS legislative record” for the FACTS ~! he voted & wants to Privatize social security, sending your $$$$ to Wall street……. Check out the Daily beasts for line by line, of his lies to america…………… unbelievable, GWB incarnate.

    • hay stuppy he wants to give you the option, give your money to obam to spend or control your own. i hope obam dosent stop to quick or you will be going to hospital to get your head removed from obam but, maybe obam care wont pay, hehe

  42. Hey it’s one thing to reap the benifits of the previous adminastration, and something else to make things worse, than they were. We would have been better off if Obama had NEVER BEEN IN OFFICE.

    We are a scandolous & traitorous organization & We need your help !
    Join our party as we block progress in america{Fillibuster central} bringing the middle class to its knees!
    We the rich in order to form a more elite union, have vowed to privatize Social security, creating a 1 class world.
    We Need You ! As pawns & peons to create our 1 class partyy!
    lets leave the working class behind & create a better nation for us the chosen ones.
    Since the year 2000 THE NEW TRUE GOP !

    Must have a minimum of $20 Million liquid to join !

    Sorry teapartiers, you win some you lose some.
    The NEW GOP is paid for by your taxdollars for the benefit of Rummy Ryan/ GW Bush & Family, friends of Mc cain palin, & the Dick Cheney Burn america for Good fund.

    • are you liberals to stupid to know you had the fillibuster, with both houses and white house,obam budget didnt even get his own partys vote, zilch none zero, do you understand

  44. It seems like the dems on this site want to still support oblamer and blame Bush I’m not saying Bush hasn’t made mistakes but remember he came after Clinton and was also hit with 911. As much as people don’t want too say this but as soon as it looked like BO was going to be president the economy went to crap and has stayed there for almost 4yrs . BO just can’t get it done that’s all so like BO said if I dont get it done I am a one term president even he knew what the rest of us know it’s over.

  45. Five Reasons the Public Votes for ANYBODY but Obama
    1. Obama couldn’t run a lemonade stand without a government grant..
    2.Couldn’t create a job without spending 10X the amount in Taxpayer Dollars..
    3.Bows before any head of state he meets..
    4.Look at the Chicago murder rate.(What a community organizer!!)
    5.Spends Trillions of TaxPayer Dollars we don’t have…etc.etc.etc

  46. We are toast. The 100 million on welfare are certain to put their own self-interest ahead of the country. Same goes for the undocumenteds. Who do the jobs Americans refuse to do. Once they push us over the tipping point and Obama piles on another $5t so we are up to $20t in 8 years, thanks to the loyal Obamians what is left for us to do if interest rates go up? If they go up to 6% that will consume half the federal budget. Just in time for the undocumenteds to collect their social security they deserve. And that the Obamians will willingly give generously. Once the rich are consumed thoroughly who will there be left to consume? Meanwhile the national police and fire union that the Obamians are pushing just might decide to go on strike. And certainly will want their pensions that are quickly costing more than real police and firemen. No hope. No hope. We are toast. Our goose is cooked. And half the voters (the Obamians) are celebrating or demise. With more celebration to come. Once they open up the voting rolls and ban recounts.

    • You know,we really are toast.I’ve been saying this a long time.However,we are toast in more ways than you think.What can we say that is definite.If Obama gets re-elected,at the end of his second term the budget deficit will be up to twenty trillion at least.If Romney wins,it is going to be next to impossible for him to reduce the deficit either,I don’t care what anybody says.More entitlements,more federal jobs,more people on welfare.Once these programs are in place,that’s it,you can’t take them back.Then there’s the immigration issue.God help the USA.Under the Obama doctrine,we as a sovereign nation relinquish our right to protect our borders.No other country in the world adheres to this insane doctrine,none,period.Then there are the new immigrants coming into the USA from countries that hate America.I don’t want to hear from anybody that says this isn’t true.If push comes to shove,is their allegiance going to be with America?I think everyone knows the answer to that.

    • How do you know???? I guess you haven’t read his BIO. He is a self made million aire, and this even after he donated all of his inheritence to charity. I assume you have worked for poor people all your life.

  47. Both the Democrats and Republicans must be laughing their backsides off in private.

    First of all, they get to cheat you.
    And get the cheated (namely, you) to defend them despite of their crimes.
    And divert your attention by getting you to fight against each other.
    And they get to go scot free!!!

    Just wake up and do your own thinking instead to thinking what other people (criminals) want you to think.

  48. Clinton’s SURPLUS is fiction…
    Bill did get D close , running a -4m$, (-4b$)
    his last year…with Newt’s help…

    Ike in 1957 was the last Pres to reduce the National Debt on a year by year basis,,,

    Don’t believe me
    look up DebttothePenny;
    on the Treasury Dept site

    then look at the Debt History tab for the facts

    • Yes, however there’s a reason for Eisenhower’s success… Many people/experts look back at the 50’s in America as the most prosperous time in our history for all socioeconomic groups. But, guess what??!!! The active tax rate during that time period for the Top 1%ers was 91% !!!! (It’s the truth, look it up) That tax rate has been whittled down ever since. That’s right, like it or not, the rich need to realize that it is in their best interest for society to spread the wealth around so the Guillotines don’t come out!! And, with all that tax paid into the system, they were STILL rich. History tells us that it truly is in the wealthiest’s best interest to keep the little guys happy so that they stay rich, and their heads stay resting upon their shoulders.

      • what do you want, give it the ones who sit at home sucking their thumbs, and spending food stamps. and for a president to say you dont need to work to get welfare,wake up,and get off welefare

      • Umm, that brief rate applied to the top small portion of the high end earnings of high end earners but was designed to force patriotic investments, which it did. Thus, virtually no one paid such a rate and it soon left us.

  49. When I started reading this article I immediately got the feeling the writer was extremely biased. As I continued reading there was no doubt that the slant was for Obama all the way. When will these people stop with the excused? Put the belame on Bush. What will happen if Obama wins and the country continues on this downhill journey? It is still Bush’s fault. For God sake, when will this president start taking responsibility and admit he has brought this country down to its knees with the hugh government spending, abandoning his allies, apologizing for everything the U.S. has done, spending taxpayers money on long vacations for both his family and friends, mocking the military by wanting wounded veterans pay for their own health insurance. In almost every instance he has done the wrong thing. With the aide of hindsight I can honestly say he has steered the ship of state into stormy waters without a plan of weathering the storm.

    • Another ‘fact free’ analysis by one of the ‘cognitive dissonance’ crowd; a group of humans whose existance is the cause of almost all evil in the world as emotions (often outraged and confused) are used a blind to prevent thoughts, facts and reason from getting in the way of ’emotional identification’.
      Hence Imperialism (we do it to better the darkies; ala White mans burden); we don’t invade (mostly) Middle East nations for the Oil we need we do it to free the many people we accidently kill (collateral damage). And just plays golf is responsible for REpublicans doing ANYTHING they can to stop Obama achieveing anything (ala Limbaughs ‘praying for America to fail’.
      Combine that with a Right whose answers to everything is to push racism (all groups other than whites are trouble makers , inferior, evil and don’t deserve, even as US citizens the protections of the US Constitution. Only non whites are racist (against whites) despite the clear historical record,
      Ignore the reality that the Republicans have destroyed out economy, our reputation as a nation. Obam ais NOT the saviour and he is NO commie. He is just a competant Leader of the US Warmachine Republic (Empire) and he and ALL the GOvermenet and their corporate allies are our enemy (Ron Paul is the one right on the issues of state fascism and the endlesss wars (drugs, Terrorism) but to vote for the far worse Republicans who would cause ANOTHER war, kill of our still sick economy and open the gates for totalitariansim as opposed the authoritarianism we all live with now.
      Pleas wake up and stop disaster. Vote democrats not FOR Obama but vote AGAINST crazies in power. If the Romney Cultists win it will be worse then George W and Cheney. Much worse. Just say NO!

  50. Ask Mr Ryan if he plans on recovering the 800 billion dollar golden handshake given by ex President Bush to his friends in his final days of office. The money disappeared and was not used to help the economy but restore the positions of one or two who had gambled the US wealth away. How else have the extremely wealthy managed to remain extremely wealthy?

  51. Republican’s need to stop saying Country first, because we know that’s Bull. We have watch for 3.5 years fillibuster after fillibuster in the Senate. Congress has done nothing for 3.5 years, but try to find new an inventive ways to draft bills about womens issues. They have voted No on any and everything if they taught for a minute it might help the economy. So No we don’t need to go look at crazy movie made by even crazier people then the one’s someone put into office to disrupt the President’s time in Office. If any of you had a really cared about Jobs you would of been screaming at your Congressmen to get together with the Dems and hammer out a deal that would be good for the Country. All any of you are really after is the Presidents Job. So find, just call a spade a spade. You should know that Campanies Only care about thier mainline, Profit. Not the American people and if you are looking for them to care about you if by chance Romney/Ryan should win, well think again. A Company is not a person and the people who work in the Big Offices get paid to come up with ways to make a profit in this Country or some other Country. The Romney/Ryan ticket owes a lot of Big People and don’t think they are not going to collect. Vote for President Obama and a new Congress if You really Care for America.

    • It is Country First, as other forms of government are oppressive, boring, and ugly. No, wait, we get all these immigrants, up front and sneaky, both kinds, because we are enslaved and dull, and an uncute place to be. My mistake. Still, I guess I will stay with Country First, just in case I have been right all my life in believinf this to be the Land of the Free.

  52. I bet the Republican’s are going to want to have different rules if they should win the office of the President. The Republican’s want to go back in time to President Regan , but want to skip the Bush years as President. It don’t work that way, Bush sent this Country into a downward spiral, that we still haven’t recovered from. Now the Republican Henchmen and Congress and the Senate have been working for the past 3.5 years to keep us in this Depression. And they have the Nerve to make a Movie Warning People about if the President should be Re-Elected how about if we Re-Elect the Congress of No who caused our Credit Rating to go down, caused nothing, but drama all the while they have been in office. New Congress is what we need not a New President.

    • I definitely agree. We need a cooperative Congress. When this president had a majority it didn’t help because of the Blue-dog Dems who rode in on his coat tails and voted with the GOP. Bush had left the country in such a mess that Obama thought everyone would work together to solve the country’s woes. Instead Republicans were meeting ( on inauguration day) to decide how they would NOT cooperate.

  53. Because you’re scared of him? Because there’s no one on SNL that people will think is actually Paul Ryan? Because he destroyed Obamacare in a five minute speech? Because his “radical” budgets are the only budgets to pass either house of congress since President Obama took office?

  54. I don’t believe Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney after reading and watching highlights of the Convention where they just lied, i don’t understand how a person can just lie to the American People looking then in the eye.
    And the sad part about that is some of them believe that crap. Paul Ryan is not a mormon, they seem to think its ok to lie to a non-mormon, so i expect Mitt Romney to Lie, but not Paul Ryan.

    I think to days Republicans have made a big mistake by signing Grover Norquist Tax pledge, and excepting Charles and David Koch money. Norquist says you are toasted if you vote for tax increase, or revoke you pledge, on 60 mins.
    I read and article where Charles and David Koch said all the money they donated to the Republicans, they will get what they want, or they will stop donating money to the Republicans.

  55. Here’s another idiot who thinks he can spend hisself out of a hole. Romney has told you what he must do to bring the economy back. Rescend all the legislature that has frozen our energies. Take back the 714 billion dollars that was put into Obamacare. Extend and make permanent the Bush tax cuts. Reduce taxes on businesses. Suspend and end all inheretance taxes. And that is a very good start.

  56. Palin was not the problem, McCain was the problem. McCain is a “true” RINO…..McCain and his staff destroyed the campaign. The best pick for VP by Romney was definitely Ryan…..Ryan would make a better President than Romney…..A grasshopper would be better than the Muslim Brotherhood Leader Obama………

  57. you better get your politics straight, both houses and white house controll THEY HAVE A PHILIBUSTER CONTROL, not rep. the crickets are chirping

  58. The author of this wishful thinking piece is Jason WHO? Sorry dude, it’s not JUST that I disagree with what you wrote, it’s that the quality of the fiction you wrote just plain S-U-C-K.S

  59. Never ending narrow, rigid, intangible, subjective view from the Left. The economic numbers just won’t support them, so they run on emotions. A lot of poor people will vote for Romney because they know their future lies in a stronger economy.

    • Yes, the numbers do support these claims. You have your head buried in Faux News Facts, not reality. A vote for Romney is a vote for the 1%. A vote for Obama is a vote for the middle class and probably your ability to be a part of that middle class. Four years of Romney , if he and Ryan get their way, will finish the job of destroying the middle class that Regan started.

      • Haven’t watch any news program in years. It’s all a side show distraction. The real news is in flowcharts, spreadsheets, demographics, law reviews and Congressional transcripts. I have a degree in Business Administration and three years of study in economics. The rest has been 30 years of ignoring the network fluff and watching the trends. Not in my wildest, most optimist dreams will the numbers support our current economic model. Much of our debt is structured so it will never be retired. It has become a perpetual cash cow for the 1%. The one percent that includes much of Congress, Democrat and Republican, as well as business, Democrat and Republican. The rules benefit the people who make the rules the rest of us must live by. The government serves only the government. It is not our friend.

  60. @GGRGRO5 , so what your saying the liberal congress control the private corperations, and not the federal banking commision, you know the ones that are supposed to be controlling and maintaining things like the credit card fraud, the housing fraud commited by the banks, Barney Frank, Freddie Mack, Goldsman Sacs. all these things have nothing to do with Obama, and everything to do with the congress and senate that have passed laws the last 20 years to deregulate and allow them to do exactly what happened and then expect the goverment to bail them out becuase of stuff they did, Remember TARP, and go check your tax forms when the stockmarket crashed leaving many folks 401k cut in half or worse in some cases. You blame the president for this. Blame the senate and congress commitees that do this for the good all fashion capitalist values. No one cares if they get rich, but folks need to look ahead and behind and see what really happened. Now i agree that Obama and the goverment should have arrested and investigated a bunch of the banks. But it didnt happen, you know why. becuase technically they pay the fines, and the make more money. Thats the reality of the short memory.

  61. Well, this article’s Paul Ryan slam does’t have the bite of the one Obama pulled on Jack Ryan six years ago, improperly and sleezily leaning on Obama opponent Jack Ryan’s divorce judge to released sealed records so voters (and Jack and Jeri’s children) could read the enticing alleged details of Jack and his ex- wife Jeri’s appetites. Obviously, Obama takes it for granted that Republicans like Romney don’t play so low and thus has no fear that anyone will buy copies of the customer records under “O” at Man’s Country Chicago. Never know, Mr. President. Republicans may prefer to be gentlemen, but you never know. Or did you already buy them all with the originals of your school records? You got into Columbia on what grant program? There are no teachers or students who actually saw you there because why?

  62. The surplus was because of the prior president George H.W. Bush put into place. Clinton did not change one iota of his policies,however,he took all the credit which is typical of a bottomdweller.

    • HWB was a good president. He cleaned up the mess created by Reagan.

      But his son squandered them all away for the next Democrat to pick up the pieces.

  63. Why are we Americans arguing about the Republicans and Democrats? In my opinion, both sides have done a poor job with our government, economy and foreign affairs. Quit wasting time taking party sides and fight for America and our future. Don’t spend beyond your means, work hard, educate yourselves and vote for people who believe and act on the same principles.

    You can’t come together if you are always picking each other apart. Unfortunately both sides have lost sight of this.

      • Yea, let do another great leap forward. That was a great plan. No wait, how about his cultural revolution, that worked out so well too. I liked Chiang Kai-shek much better than Mao, maybe we could get Chiang Kai-shek’s wife to run for president here in the USA, heck she understands America way more than Obama and I know she would do a much better job. You sound like a normal democrat.

  64. Yeah. Clinton left a surplus and Bush led the country into the Iraq war under a dubious pretext. And while President Obama could certainly not be expected to to return the country to surplus and low unemployment in four years; it now appears as if we are going in the WRONG direction on both fronts. The President has increased the national debt by nearly 50% and unemployment remains at the 8.3% that it was his first month in office. Moreover, the job growth has slowed and the unemployment rate might be increasing this fall. And it is rather pointless to malign Mitt Romney as a wealthy snob who cares nothing about the American people. Unless you have some special insight into the man (which I’m sure you don’t) you are clearly just spouting an uninformed opinion. Also hilarious is your assessment of Paul Ryan which I ‘m sure is informed by your many personal interactions with him. Perhaps you may want to check out what Erskine Bowles had to say about him.

  65. I “like” this Ryan guy. He goes around blaming Obama for not “fixing the economy in four years” what he allowed GWB to destroy in 8 years. But when he questioned about those things, he has an “explanation” for them. However, he does not want the American people to listen to Obama’s explanation. Who does he think he is?

    • Yea, them damn republicans anyway. We can always blame them for everything even when Obama said he would have this country turned around with his new plan. Get a grip on reality. His plan didn’t materialize, if there ever was one. Let’s see, he has doubled the debt of this country without doing a damn thing. How is that better than Bush? Are the kids home yet? No, they are still being killed over seas in some useless confrontation that was suppose to be done years ago. He did not bring them home, he sent more. How is that better than Bush? Our unemployment is up, now how is that better than Booshe? Housing is down and on and on and on. How is that better than Bush? I voted for the guy and he pulled a fast one. He talked the talk and failed to walk the walk. He’s out of here and anyone who vote for the idiot again needs their head examined. He is a zero.

  66. I am to the point where I am so sick of people either flat lying about the candidates or making up storied hoping the uniformed people out here believe their nonsense. I have had all of Obama I can stand and he has done the absolute worst job a president has ever done. What a doorknob. He has failed in every category, but the worst is how he has raised the deficit to a point where our grandchildren’s, grandchildren are going to still be paying the damn interest. It did nothing for the economy except make it four times worse.

    If we go back and look at who has done a decent job over the last few decades, it has been the republicans. I get a kick out of the idiots who want to chastise Romney for being successful. Like they wouldn’t spend some of their money if they had it to spend. What hypocrites! If the all of the rich peoples money were dynamite it wouldn’t be enough to run Obama’s cabinet for a month. Where do they think our government gets it’s money? Yea, lets tax the rich because they should not have so much money. They should share it with everyone. Only a democrat would ever come up with something so stupid. It is as moronic as gun control.

    Yea, that worked so well in Canada, the UK, Australia and other places where they took everyone’s guns and crime went up 20 to 30 percent. Look at the struggle Canada had in order to get their rights back. They were lucky and managed to get their right back, so far Australia is struggling with three times the crime rate they had before the idiots convinced the people just how far the crime rate would go down if everyone had to cough up their weapons. I want to see someone in the white house who can run a business for a change just to see if that kind of knowledge will allow us to move in the right direction. I get sick of hearing about the republicans and Bush causing all of these issues. might as well blame it on me for all the good it does. It would be nice to see the parties work together for a change and compromise on some of the more important issues. I suppose November will tell us all we need to know.rr

    • I wasn’t aware of what you said in reference to Canada and Australia.Interesting.Crime actually went up?That is amazing.I didn’t see anyone challenge your claim.The opposite happened of what they were trying to prevent.

  67. The article mentions that the Ryan Budget would “strand millions of seniors who use the program to pay for medicare deductibles and nursing homes”. Please read the budget again, it doesn’t affect anyone over the age of 55. I don’t know many 54 year olds in the nursing home. Please tell the facts.

    • His cuts to Medicaid are what they are talking about. And you better believe these cuts will definitely affect current seniors because they take place in the first year of his budget. These are the “facts”!

  68. Is there or has there ever been a worse vice-president than Joe Biden. C’Mon, people wake up, the United States needs a change in leadership. We have a president who has no clue about how to solve the economic problems. He also has no respect for the laws of this land. Obama is willing to sell this country to get re-elected. He is destined to make this country the weakest country in terms of military power and economics if given another four years to screw up. Yeah, he smiles in your face like the snake oil salesman he is and you buy into all of his lies and false promises.
    He is the media darling for some reason. That one I fail to understand. Has the medial not watched television or followed the news during these last 3. something years. The bias by the medial is appalling. They will do anything to get Obama mentioned. Even went so far as to indicate Michelle Obama was one of more beautiful women. Gads, miss butts sister is certainly no winner but they wanted here mentioned for some reason, so got stupid.
    Mitt Romney is a businessman who made his way. He has the knowledge and the means to solve our economic problems. Obama had some slick government job and has no clue about running a business or for that matter running this country.
    Wake up, America, this country can still be saved but you have to open your eyes and see that a change is needed.

  69. Why is this crud on a Sports Illustrated web page to start with? Stick with sports news and leave pro-Obama web pages to fend for themselves just as this so-called president should have to fend for himself based on this past accomplishments (sic)

  70. Can there really be any VP choice than Joe Biden??? God forbide anything ever happening to President Obama. We would have that trashy mouth running our country. What could be worse?
    There really isnt anything wrong with Paul Ryan He is needed in the capacity in which Mr Romney choice him. Why did Pres. Obama pick Joe Biden? He is a stone a_____ idiot. or he is a token !!!!!

  71. We need someone in office that is respected. Pres. Obama is leading our country on a path that will
    not be good for anyone. Its happening a little at a time. There will be a day when we will be standing in lineto get a piece of bread.We certainly will not be standing in a line at Wal-Mart to pay for something. There will only be dreams.

  72. What a left wing rag. Paul Ryan will make a great VP. Anybody but Obama. USA is dead broke now. I can only imagine what this commie will do in the next 4 years. He has just about suceeded in destroying the free enterprise system. Go GOP

  73. How could anyone be worse than Biden? Even the most dyed in the wool democrat would have to admit that he would have to be a certified vegetable ( organic of course)

  74. The last 5 comments at 325 mark is what most people think. Obama is a one term man.
    Biden is an old fool with no energy, mostly for decoration.

  75. It amazes me that a president who promised he was going to give it up if he didn’t cut the budget in half, and didn’t honor any of his other promises, is running at all. So many units in government are abusing monies, and doing everything they can to cover it up; even when they are caught red-handed. You really all know exactly what I am talking about; I didn’t inhale, I didn’t have sexual relations type BS. Man up. Say you screwed up. Stop trying to hide and just do what is needed. Clinton was a pretty good president, lied alot, but did a pretty good job. I give him that. But I do believe that the country is now divided badly. I do believe that it is so divided that we have to change the way things are going and get some new management in place. I watched the democratic speeches tonight, and all I heard is how there will be more government involved in our lives. I heard no one say that we, the people, built this country ourselves, and came here for freedom to worship as we wish and the American dream. I did not hear the name of God even mentioned. In fact, everyone was told NOT to mention God. Please don’t argue this point till you check out the facts. I believe that Romney and Ryan will be our best bet out of this mess. I can’t say I agree with everything they want to do, and I can’t say I wouldn’t speak to my congressman to change some things, but I do know Romney is business minded and with both Romney and Ryan working on this deficit, with budget and business experience, we certainly have a better chance of rising up then putting someone who spends way more money then we have and wants to have more government programs that use tax dollars that will take us deeper and deeper into debt. I might even say that Obama might actually believe in what he is doing, but I don’t want to live in a socialistic country where no one will want to be a scientist or doctor because this kind of government puts everything in a pot and divides it up, building deficits and taking away the American dream of working hard to get where you want to go. I am just sick over the mess we have right now. I can see this country going down like dominos. Where do you see Obama taking us in 4 more years? Okay, so gays can get married, we have healthcare that will go bankrupt, we will have more government programs in place…….what good will any of this do if we go bankrupt and no one wants to do anything with thier lives because someone else wants to take it away. It is all a matter of time before we are at the bottom of the list, and our great country will topple like the other ones that should be looked at carefully as they topple one by one. If you vote for Obama, our country will soon cease to exist. Wake up people before it is too late. May God be merciful on us all.

  76. Like Mitt’s campaign said they are not going to let the truth or fact check dictate their campaign. It’s all about the big lie theory. Just repeat the talking points over and over and idiot’s will believe anything. But it’s a fact republicans can’t name 2 of Obama’s policies or executive orders that are destroying the economy, but they can tell you talking points by memory. Unless you are Clint and accidently wash the talking points from your hand, then all you can do is talk to an empty chair.

  77. I want to see obama unseal his school records. They guy spent millions having them sealed because he enrolled as a foreign exchange student. Also, who here can say they are better off now then they where 4 yrs ago? Plus, why is Obama and Reid still in office? They both violated federal law for the past three years for not passing a budget. Why are people not calling for impeachment?

    Just seems to me that all Obama can do is bash his opponent, because he has not record to run on.

  78. What proof have we that Wallstreet and Detroit were
    in danger of collapse, in 2009? Merely the word of

    Upon the first breath of 2009, from board room to
    board room, from bank to mortgage house to credit
    company to dealership, the murmurs were spoke that
    the Most Junior of Senators, newly promoted, with
    the Most Junior of Auditors and Accountants, newly
    appointed, were afoot in Washington, with soft hands
    at the helm and a soft touch on the purse. All, so
    easily moved by a quavering voice, a sad song of woe
    and a teary eye, that any CEO so daring, could open
    the hand on the purse and be lent moneys by the
    buckets full. The word of the fools in the House so
    White spread far and wide until the rush on the
    treasury, became a stampede.

    Now, to defend their treachery, the Keepers of the
    Loose Purse parade before us as if heroes who stared
    down the wolf at the door, rather than rubes who
    fell for the carney at the vault. And where of the
    moneys they so readily lent? So desperate were the
    beggars of Wallstreet and Detroit that the first
    billions paid were not to the wolves at the door,
    nor the creditor at the window, but to the manager
    on the bonus, and the CEO on the yacht. Our money by
    the trillions, cast upon the wind, to no account,
    save those of braggerts, eager for another hand in
    the till.

    Why would the wolves of Wallstreet and Detroit
    defend the fools in the Whitehouse? If you had a
    Soft Touch in the Oval Office, wouldn’t you want him

    And of the Most Junior Senator and his most Junior
    Accountants, who trumpet themselves the heroes of
    Wallstreet and Detroit? They parade before us,
    wearing their deceit like medals won on an actual
    field of battle! They wave their ignorance like
    ribbons before an adoring throng of fools.

    Still, I got to give credit where credit is due.
    Democrats, and none better than Barack Obama, sell
    sh!t for chocolate better than anyone alive. They
    can wrap it like candy, but I wouldn’t touch it,
    and I damn sure wouldn’t eat it.

  79. why don’t you read Wikipedia about Romney, you believe the negative write-ups of the democrats about him and yet not investigate who he is?

  80. i never thought that the idea of communism is so alive in the US today…i guess truly you are ready for the CHANGE that obama HOPEd

  81. In my neighborhood (and neighborhoods around the country) the ROMNEY/RYAN ticket SIZZLIN’ HOT! We conservatives (and even my neighbors who are disillusioned Dems) are absolutely THRILLED that Romney picked Ryan. ‘Nuf said. See at the voting booth.

  82. What is the deal with your obcession with Dick Cheney?
    Did you know that the Congress, particularly the Senate is
    responsible for the budget of the United States?

    Didn’t think so. The Vice president doesn’t handle budgets much.

    The title, about Palin, makes zero sense, by the way.

    Like those American titles that make no sense in Britain.

  83. pretty neat little shell game Mitt/ Ryan are trying to play …Mitt created Mittcare but now wants no-body to have it …and Ryan created his own Austerity for America but now trying to run from it ….but we all know by now , that if they win ( god forbid) they will sell out America and run away with the money they lined their pockets with

  84. Ignorance and hate is alive and well in the Republican party. Even Ray Charles could see that hatred is driving the platform of the GOP and not even a freight train can stop them and their quest to dethrone the Democratic Party. Laden with lies, slander, and old antiquated ideals and policies is what the Repulicans feel will jumpstart the economy, create jobs, and sustain Medicare/Medicaid, and once again restore diginity to this country in the eyes of the American people. Let’s face it; all we want as Americans is to once and for all look at the content and character of a leader, Democrat or Republican, not the color or his skin. Think about if you were a White American who did not have food to put on your table and a Black Amercian had the wherewithall to provide that food for you and yours, would you not take it just because he/she is a Black American? No! I could go on and on with scenarios of racial divide but the bottom line is it is about the whole country 100%; black, white, jew ,gay, Muslim, immigrant!.. If you were born on this soil, it is about you being an American and afforded the opportunity to achieve the American dream!

  85. You are as ignorant and uninformed as you write. Do you know the definition of communism? Have you ever live in Cuba? I hope the day comes when you actually need health care and can’t get it. I also hope that you lose your house and your job so you want have shelter or food to put on your table because you truly do not want to be a part of the CHANGE our President has brought to reality!

  86. The Republican bills are dying in Harry Reid’s desk drawer. In 2010 Republicans voted in folks under the theme of “stop the reckless spending, and don’t ram Obamacare down our throats”. That “shellacking” as your dear leader even put it, was a direct reponse to Obama’s policies and the way Obamacare was handled….but you can go ahead and continiue believeing the lamestream, in Obammee’s back pocket media, like the rest of the kool-aid drinking trolls.

  87. Bill Maher is a libtard disgrace. I feel bad for miserable trolls like the pot-head Jew and yourself who wake up every day hating your own country. Please move to Europe, you’ll feel so much better.

  88. The CRA had little or nothing to do with it. Most of the subprime loans were given to those who would have qualified for a conventional mortgage by lending institutions not covered by the CRA. The Freddie/Fannie regulations were killed when the Republicans were in power(2005) and the Dems had no power to stop it. It passed out out committee but was never brought to the floor by the REPUBLICANS! Freddie paid Republicans like Newt big money to kill it all. Bush even encouraged Freddie/Fannie to lower their lending standards(Bush Ownership society speech). He even gave a shoutout to Franklin Raines. Watch it on Youtube.

  89. And that surplus was going to buy up all the national debt by 2014. Bush not only spent that he also spent almost a trillion owed to SS in interest payments.

  90. Obam took that money to close the doughnut hole in the unfunded Medicare part D. Other cuts include cutting Medicare Advantage(which adds nothing but cost). The Republicans also voted to kill Medicare Advantage in the 90’s nut never enforced.

  91. out of $16T deficit = More than $10.5T was done during Republican presidents and additional $1.5T unpaid Bills were left by Brush for Obama for the wars and for bailout promises.

  92. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan atleast have experience and ideas of their own. They are a far better choice than having lying obama re-elected to a second term. Who invents the games as he goes along. Who kisses the hand of the king of Saudi arabia, bowing to him, waiting for a hand out! Who would use any and every mean to gain his end. He can flip flop faster than you think. Who wants a similar system of governance to that of saudi arabia. Whose father, a kenyan, that left him in the US and went back to kenya. To cut a long story short, Obama has no experience of his own and has to rely heavily on others. Even a simple thing like Osama bin laden being killed, he cannot get the story straight!!!

    • What ideas does Mitt Romney have of his own? He’s pretty much flip-flopped on every issue since he started courting the lunatic fringe of the GOP

    In the years since the repeal of the priesthood ban, a number of official steps have been taken to correct prejudice within the Church. The Church published a new edition of the Book of Mormon in 1981, replacing a promise that the righteous would become “white” with a promise that they would be made “pure” (2 Nephi 30:6), but leaving intact a handful of other Book of Mormon scriptures correlating dark skin with spiritual accursedness. In 1990, Helvecio Martins, an Afro-Brazilian Mormon, became the first man of African descent to be ordained as one of the Church’s General Authorities.

  94. I’ll never forget the feeling, the shame, and the embarrassment as an American citizen as I’d watch “W” in front of the television and ask myself, “am I the only one that knows he’s dumb?” And the followup of trying to bring in Palin, and I’d ask myself, does anyone know she’s ignorant to the ideals we hold dear as citizen of this great country of ours? Then I finally realized, the only way cooperate America can regulate and pocket American money is by putting a very ignorant person in the driver seat, so they can more easily have access to whatever monies they could get their hands on. This is not only embarrassing, it’s played out, it’s old, and if it’s Obama’s fault for Bushes mistakes, then he should be allowed the time to make it right. And let’s be clear on WMD’s that were never found,. They were there, it just wasn’t made public. Rumsfeld may still have the receipt in his pocket for the sale of those WMD’s, I’m just saying. The game is old. People are starving. And the economy is wrong, because it can be made right, by those we hold in power. The lies are killing us. The lobbyists have about as much compassion as a rock. This is old. God Bless America.








  96. Obama is an opponent propaganda writer’s dream. He is guilty of so many acts and attitudes that would enrage people and have them scream for impeachment if Romney used this ammo instead of harping on strictly one thing, the economy, which majority of the idiot voters don’t understand. I don’t know if he is naive or if his party is interfering but the GOP might as well vote for Obama for all the good they are doing themselves – and the country will go down the drain.

  97. Romney couldn’t have made a worse choice than Paul Ryan. Ryan spends all his time trying to get Bills passed, where women can’t have abortions for any reason. This is disgusting. I’m so sick of men telling women what they can and can’t do with their bodies. When was the last time you saw a pregnant man?

  98. I bet the movie 2016 was bankrolled by the GOP/RNC/FOX/KOCH. I am not going to watch it. I sincerely believe Obama is a pure hhuman being more interested in doing for the Americans.

  99. Although I agree to most of what you said Steve, I have to differ with you as to the cause of the most recent recent recession. Of course the real estate bubble was a big part, there were other factors. Wall Street investment vehicles such as derivatives, short sells, etc played a large part. If there is such a term as the “perfect storm” this was certainly it.

  100. hahahahhahhahahhaahha we love sarah palin and of course this wonderful young man and his family and lets look at slimmy creepy biden trying to cop a feel of the biker woman and trying to get a toughy from behind talk about war on woman if a rep had done that all hell would of broke loose with the damn liberal press nut noooooo they cover hey what about obamas school records passport information and all information on this conn social number and on and on. this obama as far as I am concerned is illegal as hell and has preppurtrated the biggest hoax on the american people with the assistance of the liveral press. shame on the lot of you nazi bastards.

  101. This is why America fails in education..people going to a movie as if it were a college course…Remember Loose Change…or Zeitgeist.. I Saw the Obama Movie..entertaining..but then so was Micheal Moore’s movies…but in the end they are just entertainment…I saw documentaries that ties Bush in with the Illuminati. I would be nuts to believe that, but some people do..

  102. As we pick nits about Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan, they may not score perfect on an arbitrary scorecard. But they know far better how to create personal success for you with some pride and a really bright future. Than Mr. Obama, who thinks you will be satisfied for life with a wallet full of food stamps, WIC cards, Medicaid cards and housing vouchers. Maybe neither is optimal, but we know that Mr. Obama couldn’t cut it, even with Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Reid’s support. So an alternative approach may be good idea.

  103. You are full of it, you Liberal drone, Sarah Palin was the only thing that saved John McLames sorry ass, If Sarah Palin was on the top of the ticket and running the show we would had President Palin she would have cleaned that skinny Marxists clock, then she would had cleaned up all this corruption and crony Capitalism of the Permanent Political class. Why do you think they tried to destroy her, they knew the jig was up if she was in the equation, both establishment parties were threatned, get a clue!

  104. The official at the American embassy in Cairo who condemned the video should be fired for apologizing for our exercise of freedom of speech. Americans have long been free to criticize and satirize all religions, all leaders, all presidents (George Washington was mercilessly satirized when he was president), all beliefs. We take that right for granted. The attacks in Libya and Egypt show how little we have in common with intolerant Muslims.

    If President Obama doesn’t understand this, he is unfit to be president and deserves to be condemned alongside such appeasers and apologists as Neville Chamberlain.

  105. Of course the liar hypocrite Ryan sought stimulus funds for his home district. For all his railing against the evils of government and against “big government, Ryan and his family have made millions from the government as government contractors.

    That’s right folks Mr wonky “I’m against big government” and “I’m a against Obama and his stimulus” has been a government contractor for years and has made millions.

    What a sham artist this guy is….a sham artist and 1st class liar and hypocrite. The Romney/Ryan ticket is immoral unethical by anyone’s standards.

    • What a sham you are . Learn some real facts. He is trying to save Medicare, social Security, and our economy and yet you whine.

  106. Says the guy who works for the rich man who pays his salary. I do agree, though, that we stick our nose in too many places we shouldn’t. The ONLY reason i considered voting for our curent loser (thankfully I did not drink the kool-aid) is because he seemed like he would get us out of that pattern. He seems to have made it worse. Got us involoved in someone elses civil war… on the side whose followers killed our Ambassador.
    No a movie based on a book is not necessarily fact. By that logic, then you must be willing to agree that “Inconvenient Truth” and anything by Michael Moore is not necessarily fact (but I bet you fell for those lines….)

  107. Just look at the last two democrat VP pics: Joe Biden, a racist gaffe-prone moron, and John Edwards, a sleaze bag disgraced philandering trial lawyer. I’ll take Ryan over those two based on personal integrity alone.

  108. just look at this guy – Paul ryan. barely lost his 1st set of baby teeth and you think he can handle a president’s job if somehtign happens to Romney. My 11 yr old can do a batter job than Paul ryan.
    Paul ryan is cluless and GOP is insulting us americans by picking people who are cluless, ignorant, stupids. Last time it was Palin and now its Paul Ryan.
    Why cant they get someone like huntsman who has great foreign policy experience, experienced overall and MATURE.
    GOP is catering to media and people on the way right. living in dark ages… grow up.

  109. Romney is a child inside who just wants a new shiny object. he probably has a 10 mil bet with one of his club buddies that he can be a president.
    With billions of dollars raised, Romney is treating this as one of his businesses. he doesnt have a clue what it means to monthly budget when milk prices go up by 30%. heck he doesnt even know how many cars and houses he has. so why does he care about 47%.
    Romney said at the convention ” i deserve better”. Seriously – a guy who is worth 250 million + some blind trusts + swiss bank accounts says he deserves better. how much more do you “deserve” ? what about us poor people ? you just said you dont care about us – the 47%.

  110. “Republican wants to admit that GW Bush went into office with a large surplus left by a democrat, Bill Clinton.”

    Clinton’s Administration changed the formula of Government Owned Property. Prior to Clinton, a 10 billion dollar aircraft carrier hit the US Governments Financial balance sheet as an EXPENSE. During Clinton’s 8 years in office, the US Government inventoried all US Government owned equipment, any item 500 dollars or more, using the collected data to measure total ASSET VALUES. From there….his administration applied a CAPEX DEPRECIATION FORMULA rolling that 10 billion dollar air craft carrier back onto the books with a slightly used, depreciated value. So using this formula….the 10 billion dollar carrier that pre-Clinton, was written off…..Clinton’s administration added it back onto the books as an ASSET with a depreciate value of 8 or 9 billion dollars, don’t know their exact depreciation formula used but….I can guarantee all Government owned property had a very soft depreciation value. Yosemite National Park……the valule of the park was factored at the then pricing of 199x…..well above the US Government’s initial acquisition cost made way back when the Park was acquired by the Feds.

    Doing the old FUZZY MATH….Clinton’s Administration cooked the old GOVERNMENT PROPERTY BOOKS…..adding Trillions back as surplus…against the deficit.

    I know….I served in the Military during Clinton’s term……we had to spend countless hours upon hours completing the data gathering that rolled this all up into a nice little LIE for America. It can only be done once…..Clinton seized the opportunity and the rest is history.

    It’s too bad….the BIASED PRESS and the UN-EDUCATED PUBLIC….have no idea this was done during Clinton’s term.

    • Having problems following this. No fixed asset hits any balance sheet as an expense. That’s only for revenues, liabilities and equities. You only inventory things being sold, not all gov’t owned equipment. Depends what you mean by “inventory”. Any item of $500.00 or more was capitalized regardless of it’s length of life? For long term assets , you wouldn’t want to expense them in the first year when their useful life may be decades and their cost was significant.

      With real estate like Yosemite, market might be a more accurate figure to carry it on the books as opposed to cost. Property improvements are added to the book or market value when they put the asset into a state of being beyond what it ever was when first acquired. Otherwise, it’s expensed as simple maintenance.

      So previous administrations were actually writing down aircraft carriers right away. As strange as governmental and not-for-profit accounting can be, I didn’t know about this. I thought things were more standardized than that.

  111. To the idiot below who thinks that cutting 10% of the Pentagon’s budget will cover ObamaCare has his priorities in the wrong needs of America! We need to continue spending for our troops and give the Armed Forces EVERYTHING they need to protect our freedoms. Cuts in many of the federal budget (i.e. DOE, GSA and other freedom and Contistutional killers) will provide for healthcare. Do the math… cut programs and then support healthcare!

  112. Obama reminds me of the Starkist tuna commercials of the late 60’s
    early seventies.

    You know the one where Charlie the cool, suave guy decked
    out in a beret and shades keeps prepping for his big moment
    of being selected as a Starkist tuna?

    As the fishing line drops a sign is attached to it rejecting him
    that says “sorry Charlie”….then the voice over says that
    we don’t want tunas with GOOD TASTE…we want tunas that

    I’m a retired senior born in 1948. I get 2 checks a month,
    my health care is paid for and I will be eligible for
    Medicare in February. Why? Because I paid into
    both systems for 40 years.

    I count myself in the 53% still paying taxes on those checks
    that I worked and sacrificed to get.

    I’m down with the Party of No telling the Party of Poor
    Little Old Me to stop blaming and take responsibility
    and start paying your way before its too late.

    We tried smooth and indulgent….time for tough and frugal.
    Obama, Biden, Reid, and Pelosi are driving us over the
    cliff more recklessly than Thelma and Louise.

  113. Unless we all go completely out of our mind, our country will no be destroyed. I think there are enough of us out there who believe in the sacred ideals of what principles of democracy stand for. These are indeed spiritual ideals and it’s when we completely loose sight of this fundamental fact that you can kiss all hope goodbye.

  114. It is well known that John F. Kennedy won in Illinois as a result of voter fraud, mostly in Cook County (Chicago). Similar fraud also gave him Texas. Without Illinois and Texas, Kennedy would have lost fo Nixon.

  115. Sorry Lenzy, every recount done by election authorities or by the press afterwards showed that Bush won. The idea that Gore ever led in Florida is complete fiction.

  116. Actually, it was Republicans in Congress that forced Clinton to take the steps needed to turn the economy around. The Republicans currently in Congress would have done the same for Obama, but he insists on persuing his socialist agenda instead.

  117. This is the biggest bunch of crap written about Ryan I’ve ever seen. What is this useless site, some liberal-funded propaganda machine? Why don’t I see an article in here titled, “If We’re 2 Years into an Economic Recovery, Why has Food Stamp Participation and Filings for Unemployment Not Yet Peaked?”.

    Since when is taking logical, sensible steps to balance a budget (i.e. not spend more money that you take in) considered “extreme”? I suppose “mainstream” is to just keep spending money you don’t have until eventual economic collapse? The liberals are so out of touch with reality, it is no longer even funny.

  118. Romney is just that poor politically! He is a green grass in the snake that Americans should not elect. This shows that Obama may win in a landslide garnering 68% of the votes with Romney just getting less than 30%.
    Romney seems a businessman who has succeeded and who is using his money to trick Americans who at heart love Obamaas an all inclusive leader.
    Romney is trying to speak against what Obama has achieved of which people are happy with making a fool of himself.
    He even got Ryan who seem interested more in gymnastics than politics of the day, he want to show of his biceps and muscles more than what America need.
    Romney sentences start foolisly with “He said this and that” He said that and this making the audince feeling nothing new but owling!

  119. Obama and his team fear Ryan. Check you tube “ryan obama exchange” .Obama was completely silenced. SELECT “Paul Ryan: Hiding Spending Doesn’t Reduce Spending”

    • Why would they fear Ryan who voted in favor of excessive spending throughout Bush’s Presidency? As far as President Obama having the economy fixed, he didn’t count on the GOP obstructing progress at the expense of the American people. Every one of them are guilty of seditious and treasonous behavior and should be removed from office. They had no problem spending like fools while Bush was in office yet they all appeared to suffer from amnesia once President Obama took office. They don’t give a damn about the voters and their obstructionist behavior has proven that repeatedly. If they had voted for the JOBS bill with the Democrats in Congress, our unemployment rate would be approximately 1 to 2% lower. There were provisions for spending on infrastructure but they’d rather see bridges and roads crumble to the point that they will cost more to rebuild than possibly have President Obama get any credit.

      The greater portion of our debt each year comes from spending during 2001 to 2008. It will continue to impact our debt for years to come but the GOP is trying to revise history as if Bush never held office and PBO is responsible for the entire debt the nation holds. Thankfully, there are far more people who see through their despicable behavior since 2010.

  120. The FACT of Obama’s Failure and Inaction is:
    -23 million unemployed Americans worsened by Obama authorizing 800,00o illegals to compete for the scarce jobs. Outsourcing right here in America.
    -16 Trillion debt with 1 trillion/yr deficit spending. No Obama budget.
    – Using his office to enforce Gay marriage w/c is States rights.
    -told NBC’s Matt Lauer that if he didn’t have the economy fixed in three years, then “there’s going to be a one-term proposition.”

  121. I’ll try to stick with the article rather than name calling like some of the people who posted here, with the exception of one note. Typically, it is someone making reference to someone who is white as being racist, this being said, using that as an argument belies the racism that you already have in your heart. Try to see the world as it is and not from the standpoint of a person jaded by the past. Yes, racism does exist, but it is more likely that a person who has little experience at a job and little experience in a job similar will do well. That is an argument from logic rather than emotion.

    I look at everything that is “fact” carefully from both sides and I have to say this is little more than media bias. Each slide has been read and commented on in turn here. Take if for what it is. I found only one valid point.

    1. Ryan had more experience in politics than Obama. Obama was senator for only 1 year of his first term. NEVER have we had such inexperienced leadership. (Paraphrasing President Clinton). Perhaps that lack of experience contributes to the other problems this country is having. If being President only requires some OJT, perhaps I should send in my application for the job. Also, Ryan was RIGHT for listening to his constituents who wanted the additional stimulus funds. That’s called listening to all of the voters. So, at least he is non-partisan when it comes to serving the voters in his state. Any politician should do that. It can help get them re-elected. To politicize THIS point makes little headway as to why he is a bad choice. Sarah Palin, on the other hand, was an idiot, much like Joe Biden.

    2. The budget that has many Republicans “running?” Wow! That argument holds no water and is, in fact, grasping at straws. If Ryan has them running, then I guess Obama has a democratically controlled senate either ignoring or shocked into silence. Some Republicans voted for Ryan’s
    plan, no Democrats voted for Obama’s. ’nuff said about that.

    3. Totally agree with the analysis of medicare. Perhaps this speaks to Ryan’s lack of experience as well.

    4. I may be mistaken, but the fourth point on this article is a regurgitation of the third with a slap at Romney for agreeing with some sections of Obamacare. I won’t go into the Romney area, simply because this article is losing some of its focus. Republicans HAVE to go with someone that will satisfy their base and appeal to the moderate Republicans and Independent voters. Its called an election strategy. Obama is doing the same thing with trying to appeal to those who are religious and like him but are concerned about some of his policies. The logic of saying something negative concerning a candidate could also conversely be applied to Obama concerning gay marriage, and he was using his appeal to those who are religious to soften that blow, but I digress.

    5. Again this last excuse for why Palin was a better Choice than Ryan was more a stab at Romney than an actual case against Ryan. It also, again, begs the question, what was wrong with Obama’s plan? The vote on Ryan’s plan was in the same session as the vote on Obama’s plan. The Republicans and Democrats voted on party lines when it came to Ryan’s budget, but they were unanimous on voting against Obama’s budget.

    • President Obama was a U.S. Senator from 2004 until elected as President. Prior to that, he was a State Senator for 8 years. As far as foreign relations goes, he had more experience than Ryan. As a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Obama made official trips to Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa. He met with Mahmoud Abbas before Abbas became President of the Palestinian National Authority, and gave a speech at the University of Nairobi in which he condemned corruption within the Kenyan government. He also co-sponsored a bill on Nuclear Proliferation with Sen. Lugar and traveled to meet with many of our allies to further rid the world of nuclear weapons.

      Palin had zero experience with foreign relations prior to her being chosen as V.P. Her own staff often remarked on how little interest she had in not only state policies but national policies. If it didn’t concern oil, she wasn’t interested. However, Palin, the so-called energy expert had to have explained to her why gas prices increased only four short months before McCain stupidly referred to her as someone who knew more about energy than anyone else in the country. She’s incapable of answering questions on her own and has spent tens of thousands of dollars per month on advisers via her PAC in an attempt to appear informed. Not once has she appeared on any of the weekend news shows unless it’s with Fox where she gets the questions in advance. All this is verified in her emails along with her obsession regarding her popularity to the point where she neglected her duties as Governor. Ryan, although I don’t care for his policies, is a far better choice than Palin.

      Ryan was correct in listening to his constituents regarding stimulus funds, however, he denied asking for them until the proof was revealed, backing him into a corner. He’s proven he will lie about anything & everything, just like Romney.

  122. Think people, think, use your brains!

    Romney is about himself, 14% in taxes – really, and he’s not ashamed and then those that he claims “don’t pay taxes” are victims? what an empty vessel. Romney believes the poor and those that make less money should pay more taxes because they lesser people – so called victims. As for Ryan, he is a shameless arrogant fool who has no business in public office.
    And that movie about President Obama, why wasn’t the movie made and released when he was just a senator? why wasn’t the movie made and released 4years ago when he was running for president? why wasn’t the movie made and release 3years ago, why wasn’t the movie made and release 2years ago … Fools ! If you don’t have the brain capacity then you stop making a fool of yourself like Romney and his partner. Do you seriously think our CIA and FBI are sleeping?

    I salute the great men and women who have saved our great country and those that died to defend our great country – God Bless America and God please help us not to destroy ourselves.

  123. You forget that the IRS stated that Romney satisfied his taxes. He also gave $4mil in charity donations, and just over $1mil to to his church. By the bylaws of the mormon church, in order to remain in good standing you MUST give 10%. If he stayed in good standing with his church he gave away 1/2 of his income before he even paid taxes. In answer to your question, the reason that the movie was not made while he was running for office the last time, no one knew what to expect from him and it takes a while to make a movie. The release date, obviously, is timed to influence the election. Very similar to the release of the movie in 1999 “Bowling for Columbine” and the 2003 movie “Farenheight 9/11” it is typical political strategy. It is just the first time Republicans have used the tactic. I do, however, totally agree with your sentiment concerning God. It is a shame that the DNC booed when He was included into the platform.

  124. Pretty disgusting article, in my opinion. I don’t mind pro-candidate opinion pieces, I have even been known to enjoy reading E.J. Dionne on occasion. But even opinion pieces should be kept to the truth and with minimal distortion when ‘reporting’ on the candidate’s platforms, messages and budget plans.

    ” The first version of the plan would cost seniors around $6,000 more a year than current Medicare.”

    So, the first draft, not the one that passed in the house and not in the current platform… So.. Not relevant. Was the editor having a day off?

    That would be as accurate as describing the DNC position as being fundamentally communist because one of their members once mentioned Marx in a positive light at one point in their past.

    I should also point out that with QE3 on the way the resulting inflation will likely cost *current* seniors $6000 more per year on the current plan…

    “The corresponding Medicaid cuts would strand millions of seniors who use the program to pay for Medicare deductibles and nursing homes.”

    Blatant lies. Every plan proposed by *either* party to reform medicare has carried the proviso of not affecting current or soon-to-be seniors. They always have the option to remain on the current plan.

    Seriously. Where was the editor?

  125. Paul Ryan is a great choice and the ones who say different is in obama’s corner anyway. Mitt Romney is no dumb guy who chose Ryan by drawing straws. I have faith that Mitt Romney will be the next to be in the white house with his loving wife Ann.

  126. hmmmm, I have not seen the film (yet), but have heard the exact opposite of what you are saying. I hear the facts DO add up – bigtime. so, maybe more people should go see it and then decide. Even if I was pro-Obama, I’d still want to see what it was saying about him. Knowledge is power. I want all the facts. i mean look at Michael Moore….there is alot of proof his movies are BS!!

  127. Seriously?!? You’re going to hit Ryan on foreign affairs experience?? What’s was Obama’s foreign relations experience? ZERO… and his multiple failures in foreign affairs proves it.

  128. God forbid we cut government spending!!! There hasn’t been a tax break for ANYONE, much less the rich in 12 YEARS!! So, get off the class warfare bandwagon and face facts: The government is spending TOO MUCH MONEY, that they DON’T HAVE.

  129. Ryan is a typical Republican. Smash the middle class, and suck up to the wealthy. It is also typical to try to reverse these ideas (even though he still would like to implement them) when surprise!, the people don’t go for it. Too bad. He is personable and attractive, but a demagogue through and through.

  130. Ryan has less foreign affairs experience than Romney?
    Does this mean he will already be calculating the number of troops needed to subdue the rampant threat the Republic of Ecuador poses to the US in order to avoid another Baltic genocide?
    One also wonders how long it will be til the US under Romney acts to stop the atrocious levels of satanic activity which are now practised every day upon youngsters in both the Republic of Narnia and the principality of Hogwarts. Truly this has to stop and only a strong leader with a will to stand firm can……..blahblahblah

  131. To eagleize:I totallly agree with you. To ggrdro: Do you belong to the very privilged 1% that doesn’t give a shit about anbody else but your bloody greedy self or are so blinded by racisim and hatred that doesn’t see the truth( I have one queston Where are the f#$%@% weapons of mass destructions?)
    I think you are just dumb refering to that film is like thinking Fox News or Sarah Pallin has any brains Oh wait maybe you, maybe you do/

  132. FACTS:

    What then is President Obama’s economic silver lining? A look at the state-by-state unemployment numbers over the past three years suggests ironically enough that the silver lining may be Republicans. My analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics unemployment reports for 2009 and 2012 and the current political party makeup of state governments plus the District of Columbia (raw data here) yields rather lopsided results. (For purposes of my analysis, “control” is based on a party holding at least two out of three of the following: governorship, upper legislative house, and lower legislative house. ”Complete control” means holding all three.)

    9 of the 10 states with the lowest current unemployment rates are under Republican control, including six under complete Republican control, one of which is North Dakota with the lowest rate of 3%
    5 of the 10 states with highest current unemployment rates are under Democratic control, and the four worst are all under Democratic control, one of which is Nevada with the highest rate of 12%
    8 of the 10 states with the greatest improvement from 2009 to 2012 are under Republican control (and 7 of those are under complete Republican control)
    7 of the 10 states with the worst performance from 2009 to 2012 are under Democratic control
    10 of 17 states with current unemployment rates greater than the national average are under Democratic control
    The state with the greatest improvement from 2009 to 2012 (36%) is Michigan, under Republican control
    The two states with the worst performances from 2009 to 2012, Louisiana and Idaho (the rates actually went up,) are under Republican control, but their current rates are still less than the national rate of 8.2%
    States under Democratic control saw an average decrease of 7.7% in the rate of unemployment
    States under Republican control saw an average decrease of 15.3% in the rate of unemployment, virtually double the improvement of states under Democratic control

  133. The best thing about McCain’s candidacy was Sarah Palin. If the old geezers of the Republican party had bothered to do the research on her 18 months of governing in Alaska theywould find she had accomplished more in that time than most of the other governors in this country. If Palin was president now I can guarantee you 2 things: We would not be in the mess we are in now, and (2) She would not “cross the isle” to appease – as McCain would have nor as the RINO’s do now. I admire Sarah – she sticks to her beliefs, believes in our Constitution and would lead by that document, believes in God, Country and family. Rove-Republicans want to make all the choices – frankly I think its time for Rove to retire.

  134. 5 Reasons this article is both ridiculous and moronic.

    1. It makes little sense
    2. It’s full of baloney
    3. It reeks of liberal bias
    4. It makes little sense
    5. It made me glad I only read it once and that’s a few minutes of my life I’ll never get back…


  135. Paul Ryan is one of the few people in Washington that will openly talk about what a disaster or nation is headed for if spending isn’t curtailed, and solutions found for the unfunded entitlements (social security/medicare). Washington isn’t kicking a can down the road anymore, it’s quickly becoming something way to big to kick, and will soon block the road all together. Why can’t people wake up and see the financial disaster that is heading for this country?

  136. Not Ryan,sorry he cant help Romney.U have toput Rubio in as VP to take the latino vote,whi latino and black latino…….Swallow ur pride and change Rubio,then after 8 Rubio can run fo r president…..Think ahead .

  137. Please,stop talking like an idiot for God’s sake.Where do people like you come up with these statements?Really.Imagine yourself on national television making those remarks.Or,better yet,imagine if Obama would have made those comments in his first debate with Romney the other night.What kind of intelligence factor would the American people have given him if he did?Please,give me a break.After reading the Greek philosophers,Aristotle,Plato and Socrates,I never could understand how people like you think.Your mind isn’t wired correctly.

  138. I trust everyone here saw the first Presidential debate.Independent of the fact if you support Obama,Romney or neither,you can’t expect to win a debate like this with no record to back you.You can run all the negative commercials you want.You can be the slickest talker in the world.When the showdown finally comes at the OK Corral,if you don’t have bullets in your gun,you’re dead meat.Wait till Ryan debates Biden.Biden is schizoid.If anyone here doesn’t know this now,you will when you see the debates.

  139. Both Republicans and Democrats have a hand in the mess we’re in today.That’s why I pride myself as to being an Independent and always have been.I pledge no allegiance to either party or candidate.If I vote for a candidate and they turn out to be a bum,I vote them out!I don’t care who it is.

  140. When we were silent when the third parties were eliminated from the debates, we screwed ourselves.We were silent when theLeague of Women Voters was pushed aside in the role of bringing us fair and unbiased debates.We screwed ourselves. Glass- Steagall was slipped away and we said nothing.
    The American people are slowly but surely being dumbed down.Our government is being controled more and more by the rich and the richer people who never send their sons and daughters to war to be killed and maimed.We get our racist juices flowing ,mainly by a right leaning media system. We really don’tknow the facts….only half truths and well worded lies. We have lost our ability to discern for ourselves the real truth. We cannot face the reality that there are people in high places that are capable of atrocities beyond our imagination.These people should be in jail,yet they are allowed to leave office and retire to anominity.We are smarter than that (at least I’d like to believe that we are).It is ,however,assumed that we will accept the lie if we are imbued with the lie and supporting lies often enough. This tactic is being perfected and is now considered science.
    The America we knew ,or at least we thoughtwe knew,is no more.WE HAVE BEEN BRAINWASHED. 911 was an inside job that killed 3400 Americans AS PLANNED. It is hard to wrap your brain around that TRUTH.
    This government is corrupt beyond fixing.When we talk about taking our country back,weneed to look at ourselves and ask, “Are we part of the problem or part of the solution?”

  141. It makes no sense why Ryan was chosen over Rubio. Rubio is much less grating that Ryan. Rubio would also have pretty much guaranteed Florida. Ryan is scary to a lot of older voters, not a positive for Repubs!

  142. Well, Sarah’s got a great pair of legs, but apart from that they are both charismatic hacks for low information rubes and yahoos who never fail to vote against their own interests.

  143. In the last four years he just hasn’t improved the economy, he has made it worse. Fact!! You can spin it anyway you want but 6 more trillion in debt, gas prices doubled. Food prices have skyrocketed. Income for middle class has decreased over $4000. What about these facts are not getting through to you?

    • Income for thje middle class has been dropping long before President Obama was elected. It is due to GOP policies which favor tax breaks to the wealthy and union busting. It was the efforts of the unions which made the middle class. Food prices have gone up 25% in the last ten years. Nothing unusual there. Yes, gas prices did double in the last four years, but that is the result of free markets, supply and demand. President Obama has led us to change direction and invest in alternative fuels and systems. That is the right way to go. Sometimes it is difficult. This is one of those times. Look at the huge number of cars with alternative fuel systems. I think it is great. We are still the greatest and wealthiest nationon Earth. $75 trillion in net worth. We could pay off the debt in a heart beat. “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.”

  144. McPain never could attract more than three journos at his campaign meetings while Sarah attracted huge crowds and half the voters…Without Sarah, the old retard would have scored less than 1% of the votes! She was stabbed in the back by RINOs and that alien Manchurian candidate who have stolen trillions and even used a billion on his personal vacations for his effeminate self and the gorilla he use as a beard!

  145. Disagree. Ryan did very well in the debate on Thursday in terms of maining a good manner and being calm while responding well, especially for the final statement. He also asked some strategical questions that Bidden was too old or slow to respond quickly. Also, Joe Biden showed too many times his ugly face, forgetting that he was on the national TV–some of those faces were too ugly to watch, e.g., grin his white teeth!

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