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Sunday, October 23, 2016
AFP Photo/Mladen Antonov
AFP Photo/Mladen Antonov

Today, environmental protection is an almost entirely partisan issue. Republicans aren’t only reluctant to enact any environmental legislation — they’ve even attempted to get rid of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) altogether. That’s why Republican Kansas governor Sam Brownback’s recent accusations that his Democratic challenger Paul Davis doesn’t care enough about conservation sounded so odd. Today’s Republicans usually haven’t been on the right side of the environmental debate.

But it wasn’t always this way. Here are five Republicans who actively worked to save the environment.

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  • Dominick Vila

    Comparing the Republican party of today, to great Presidents such as Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Ike is an insult to their legacy. If any of those illustrious Americans were running for office today, they would have been labeled RINOs or socialists in hiding.
    The Republican party of today, especially the Tea Party faction, are the exact opposite to the values and causes embraced by the Republican party before the Reagan era. To his credit, even Reagan protected what he called the “Safety Net”, which is today a target of those who don’t hesitate to dismiss the needs and rights of 47% of Americans, while doing everything they can to help those who already own 2/3 of our national wealth accumulate a little more.
    For modern day Republicans commitment to protect our environment means an undue burden on oil and coal companies, unacceptable obstacles to deforestation, abuse against ranchers who profit by letting their cattle eat in public lands, chemical dumping in our rivers and lakes, and the right of every entrepreneur to pollute if that’s what it takes to make an extra buck.
    Needless to say, there are other dramatic differences, ranging from concern about the expanding influence of the arms industry to who belongs at the back of the bus.

    • bobnstuff

      I have been told in a number of times on line that pre Tea Party Republicans aren’t Republicans anymore. The far right wing Republicans are the only true Republicans and the rest of us should go away.

    • bhaggen

      Comparing the Democrat party of today, to great Presidents such as Jackson, Wilson, Roosevelt and Kennedy is an insult to their legacy. If any of those illustrious Americans were running for office today, they would be labeled Libertarians in hiding.

      • Sand_Cat

        Jackson and Wilson were both vicious racists. They’d make perfect Republicans today.

      • Dominick Vila

        You are correct in saying that the Democratic party of today is not the same it was in the days of Jackson and Wilson. The roles, when it comes to moral and human values, have been reversed and today’s Democratic party is much closer to the views and values embraced by Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt, while the GOP is much closer to Jackson and Wilson. Thank you for the reminder.

  • latebloomingrandma

    After reading a biography of Theodore Roosevelt, I am convinced were it not for him , the Grand Canyon would probably have condos and roller coasters in it. Any place that is not preserved from rampant capitalism , despite it’s beauty, is apt to be exploited, if a dollar can be made from it. Thank God for the evil government’s National Park Service, and other departments that preserve our nation’s treasures. .

  • Sand_Cat

    Probably none of these guys could win a nomination for county clerk in today’s GOP.

  • Barbara Morgan

    Today’s Republican -Tea party politicans and their base would be ready to hang the 5 Republicans in the article if they were still alive and active in politics because they even with all their faults and in Nixon’s case wrong doings they still put the Country and all the people first not just the rich and themselves. None would be able to even run as a Republican today because they put people and the environment ahead of making the rich and themselves richer.Today’s Republican politicans aren’t really Republicans they are Kochians, people who are puppets for the three Koch Brothers, Robert Anderson, Adelson, Romney and the rest and their strings and speech are all manipulated by these people so their agendas are passed allowing them to get richer while the rest of us get poorer, including their base.

  • Allan Richardson

    The term “conservative” has been turned on its head. Instead of conserving the environment, the health of the American people, the “general welfare” or prosperity of regular working people AND the poor, and the right to vote, they only want to “conserve” the right of the very rich and the religious fanatics to destroy all of those things.

  • rkief

    Are all of the environmentally-concerned Republicans really dead and long-gone? Undoubtedly,there are some GOP stalwarts – who are environmentally aware and concerned, but – who don’t have the political courage to buck the party line. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for their green votes.

  • tdm3624

    That gives me hope that someday I may be able to vote for a candidate who is pro-gun AND pro-environment. Maybe some day.