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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

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Over the past few weeks, the Romney campaign has relentlessly accused President Obama of “ending the work requirement” and “gutting welfare reform.” The ads have proven effective for Romney, driving a wedge between Obama and white working class voters and inching the polls in Romney’s direction.

They also happen to be completely false.

But don’t just take it from us and the fact checkers. Here are five Republicans who have admitted that Romney’s welfare attacks have no basis in reality:

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60 responses to “Five Republicans Who Don’t Buy Romney’s False Welfare Attacks”

  1. CrankyToo says:

    Romney’s a lying POS, but he’s a boy scout compared with his running mate, Paul Ryan.

    • CPANY says:

      Yeah, but Ryan is effective, even though he’s a lying piece of shit.

      Wake up Obama and go after Mitt the Shit and Lyin’ Ryan.

      • edwardw69 says:

        I believe Mr. Obama is awake: he’s waiting until the final stretch, and then Mr. Romney will know the feeling of having a piano fall on him.

        • Soapm says:

          Lets hope he doesn’t wait too late but these 5 exchanges would make a nice clip for the convention. “Romney wants us to trust him, then he lies and will say anything to get elected. Including trust me”…

          “If Romney lied this much while in business, no wonder so many American’s lost their jobs after his empty promises of job security and benefits”…

        • S.J. Jolly says:

          If Obama were up to dropping pianos on political enemies, he would have had far less trouble with the Republican controlled House the last 2 years. and Obamacare would be far less of a “camel”.

    • If Romney is a lying POS, then what does that make Obama?! LOL OMG you are so out of touch with reality

      • CrankyToo says:

        Here’s my reality, lady. I’m a 60 year old white male. All four of my grandparents stepped off the boat from Sicily onto Ellis Island at the dawn of the 20th century and built large, hard-working families. My father and five uncles (on both sides of my family) fought in War World II. I, myself, enlisted in the United States Air Force nearly four years before the end of the Vietnam conflict, and I served all the way up thru the end of Gulf War I, retiring with more than 20 years of honorable service to this country. My background is in military law enforcement and various security disciplines. I’m heavily armed, and thus represent a lethal deterrent to anyone who might threaten my family or my castle. Although I’m an agnostic, my wife is a very spiritual Christian woman whose religious beliefs I encourage and support. We own a real nice home in a nice neighborhood. My wife drives a luxury car, but I need a full size SUV (to pull my rather large boat around). We’ve got great health care coverage and have salted away enough money to live out the rest of our lives in relative comfort.

        Most people would read this and think, “that guy sounds like a card-carrying Republican.” And they’d be right – I am, indeed, a registered Republican. The only difference between me and a Republican like yourself, is that I’m not stupid enough to actually VOTE Republican, because to do so would be to vote against my own interests. And my advice to you is this: pull your head out of your ass and purge your mind of all that bullshit you’re being fed by Fox News. If you’re able to post an inane comment (such as the one you posted above), then you obviously have the technology to check your facts. May I suggest you put that technology to use and start Google-ing what you’re hearing from the so-called Republican leadership. And once you cut thru the lies they’re feeding you, if you’ve got an ounce of grey matter left, you’ll arrive at the same conclusion I have – that Obama and the Democrats represent our best hope for the future. This ain’t rocket surgery, Darlin’.

        • Sea Dog says:

          I too used to be a ‘Republican,’ Cranky. Retired LawEnf & Military. Then discovered the only thing they cared for were their Big $$ Buddies.

          • CrankyToo says:

            Always nice to hear from a brother in arms, Sea Dog. I’ll see you at the polls – and don’t forget to bring your friends.

        • Cranky, first of all, let me say thank you for your service to this great country of ours. My father served in WWII also. What does all your possessions and size of house and boat have to do with anything? I have a house and a car and health insurance through my job. No, I didn’t think you were a card carrying republican from your first paragraph. You merely described your background and possessions…not anything of your values and morals.

          However, my head is not in my a$$…did I say I watched FOX news? No, I didn’t. You ASSUMED that because I hold a conservative opinion. And I hope you know what happens when you A@@ume!
          Yes, I check my facts, honey, and what I see is a bunch of lies spread by the democratic media. I am a conservative, religious woman, and part of the working poor. Voting republican is in my interest because those are my values. When you realize that others can hold a different set of values than yours without trying to degrade them you will be a better person. It’s good your wife is Christian, it will help you in the end because she probably prays for you often, and I will too!

          So, now it’s time for you to share your wealth with your neighbors because you have more than I do. True, it ain’t rocket science honey, that makes it easier for you!

          • CrankyToo says:


            My possessions have nothing to do with anything. What I was trying to convey to you in that paragraph above was that I pretty much represent the ideal Republican demographic – an old, white guy, a veteran with a house full of guns (and bibles), sitting on my perfect little piece of the rock with my health care and my toys and my other creature comforts, and a few investments producing some capital gains. Why in the world would a guy with that profile (who’s a registered Republican into the bargain) not vote Republican in November? I can give you a dozen excellent reasons – each one backed up with irrefutable, indisputable facts.

            You implied that our President is a bigger liar than Mitt Romney. Can you tell me one lie he has told? Can you tell me a single thing you’ve heard which can be shown (or has been shown) to be a lie (i.e. blatantly untrue) and which is attributable to Barack Obama?

            And while you’re chewing on that, give me one good reason to vote for Mitt Romney or any other Republican this November. Hey, I’m open minded – sway me.

            I appreciate the fact that you’re appreciative of my service, but there’s no thanks necessary. I considered it an honor. On the other hand, if you absolutely insist on demonstrating your gratitude, do me a favor (and your country, too) and vote Democrat from the top of your ballot to the bottom. Then we’ll call it even.

          • Cranky, you are right, all your possessions have nothing to do with the facts, which is why I questioned their inclusion. All those possessions don’t represent the ideal republican demographic, quite the contrary. That OLD notion that the Repubs is just a big ole white boys club went out long ago. Get with the times and quit believing what you hear on the TV. Men with lots of possessions…look to Wall Street or Hollywood…and there will be Dems there too! So maybe the parties have turned around and you just didn’t realize it.

            Why would a guy with that many possessions not vote Democratic in November? I see your point.

            Oh, and btw, do you like spending at least $70 or $80 a week to put gas in that SUV? I know how much it costs because I used to drive one. And if you want to see President Obama snicker at you because you drive a big gas guzzlin SUV I can point you to it on YouTube.

            Since you only wanted one lie that President Obama has told I will only give you one, however, there are many. One thing he said when running for president was that each bill that reached his desk would be up on the internet for 5 days for the public to view and read. What bill have you seen on the internet? The healthcare bill…they rushed that through and I don’t even think all of congress read it. So, that’s a proven lie! If you don’t believe me, look that up on YouTube too.

            I didn’t spend a lot of time chewing and I don’t think you are open minded at all, however, on the off chance that you are…I would say Mitt Romney’s record of saving companies and putting people back to work is a good one. Take it from someone who was recently unemployed for 10 months…you don’t want to be one of those millions that are unemployed.

            Well, since I am the giver of the gratitude for your service and you are the receiver, you don’t get to pick how I give that gratitude. You’ll have to be satisfied with the “Thank You” or not accept it…as I will not be voting Democratic this November.

          • wayneonly says:

            Cranky, I have always had an open mind about politics and have voted sometimes Republican and sometimes Democrat. Must make me a Independent. I hate labels, but let me say that I am a Christian saved by Jesus Christ and am pro-life. With that said, I cannot understand nor can I relate to the radical Christian right(?), nor can I support the Romney/Ryan/GOP policies. I have watched the traitorous GOP controlled House of Representatives(?) thwart any economic recovery for the American people all because they have vowed to make President Obama a “one term” president. That alone, in my opinion, is TREASON. We should not allow them t get away with treason by electing their candidate.

            But that is not the only reason not to vote for Romney/Ryan and any GOP candidate. The GOP has become so out of touch with the “real” American people that they no longer represent the middle class of America. In their quest for control of the White House and the Congress they have sold their integrity (if they ever had any) to the wealthy and the big multinational corporations. They have lost the reality that the working class of Americans is what made America the ONCE greatest manufacturing nation, the ONCE leading technology nation, ONCE the best educated nation, and ONCE the leader in freedom. But this nation is in decline, being taken over by the GREED of the wealthiest and Congresspeople who no longer represent the people. And we (the voter) have and are letting it happen by being influenced by the “big money” interest that are “buying” our politicians and buying our votes with the slick campaign ads that we so easily fall for. It is time to take the advice given murder detectives, “Follow the money”.

      • Sea Dog says:

        What does it make Obama? President. Which he’ll likely remain for another four years. That’s ‘Reality’ there, Qumquats……

      • Ms. Alphonse, If you or your daughter were raped and ended up pregnant would God want you to carry that child to term? Would you?

        • Yes, I would. Even in that horrible, horrible situation I would. I don’t believe in murder and aborting that child would do just that. Why punish that child with death? God doesn’t believe in murder…He said “thou shalt not kill”… So my answer is yes, I do believe that God would want me to carry the baby full term. If in the end I hadn’t form some bond with him/her I could always put the baby up for adoption.

    • A fake boyscout,hiding fed’s dough (Bain bailout money!) outside his own country!What a patriotic boyscout!indeed.

  2. Don Larson says:

    Clearly, the most out-of-touch – – square peg — and hapless Candidate in many years. No wonder Members of his own Party were chanting, “Anybody but Romney,” during the Primaries. No wonder the Speaker of the House can’t get excited by him. Further, is it any wonder that the Neo-cons and the Tea Party felt cheated; as he rose in the Primaries. And, lastly, in a last ditch effort to shore the poor guy up; the Ultra Conservatives brought in a Popular, but High Risk, Vice Presidential Candidate. Good Luck with that!

    • Gary Jones says:

      It won’t be luck with Biden, Schwartz, Pelosi and Reid as speakers at the DNC. A lineup of morons that are in deniable overdrive. By the way Don, I’m a conservative democrat that has signed up 500 ex-patriots that will not chance using absentee ballots and fly home from Asia a week early to vote. Obama and the Progressive Party will lose this election by a landslide and democratic s, conservative democratic s and centralist will be the silent majority. Obama doesn’t represent this country or it’s people and it you heard the military personnel you would know why! Our president is a joke abroad and his policies stink of High Treason.

    • LarryCivic says:

      Step back from the Kool Aide little buddy. You’re headed for a horrible hangover November 6th.

    • Gilbert says:

      WoW! Paul Ryan does strongly resemble Alfred P. Newman, the face of Mad Magazine, right down to the ears. It is a shame that so many Americans could fall victim to the Romney-Ryan Pact-of-Lies. As for Mr. Romney’s business prowess… Al Capone probably created far more jobs, and did so during the Depression, and there is Pablo Escobar, and “el Chapo,” the current Mexican Crime Lord. Can’t say he isn’t creating jobs. Maybe we should make him President? Romney has got to come better than that. All of us aren’t stupid.

  3. howa4x says:

    What do you expect: the truth?

    • A Republican pollster (I can’t remember his name) admitted a couple of days ago they will not let the truth get in the way of their campaign strategy…no wonder Romney hides his tax returns, rejected Ryan’s MEDICARE plan, is no longer talking about his tax plan, and can’t make up his mind what the best approach is on the issue of rape and abortion.

  4. The worst part of the welfare work requirement issue is that the request for waivers came from the Republican Governors of Utah and Nevada!

  5. David Tremblant says:

    Not content with being a thief, a racist and a fascist, Romney insists on including a stinking liar to his mediocre, when good, CV. What a looser!!!!

  6. Mitt can huff & puff & blow my house down, but he will not Show his Tax Returns because he will be ruined, finished, as a Presidential candidate. Most people know that. They will remember that and this very act of “spit in your face” will be the doing in of Mitt Romney!

    • Regina M says:

      It is so odd, but just reading comments without knowing what party submitted them is a really quick tell all on who ya all are!
      The dems are having nasty, name calling fiestas about Mitt Romney and vice versa!
      What the hell is wrong with you people? Your supposed to be supporting, defending and protecting your country and your constitution,not some man or human! Ya know why? Because both these candidates, and All presidential candidates are nothing more than politicians at heart. make promises and tell lies. To point out one tells more lies is just plain stupid and pointless! We all know without a doubt that Barry is a liar..he has had his turn at bat and struck out completely! There is NO ONE that can refute that with any solid evidence or documentation to the contrary! So dont even go there!
      All you have is hope and your political faith that your “party” will be on top in the end. Bully for you! Not good for this know it and so do I! WE have had to vote for the lesser of two evils in many elections,and this is no freaking exception! For those of you that think Obama is the messiah incarnate, join the mooslums with that concept, because they call him “their messiah”.
      For Gods sake with the freaking tax returns! Are you out of your ever loving minds? It does not concern you a damn bit that Obama has ALL his records sealed and paid thousands to keep them that way? He can say his personal life is no one’s business, and if you buy that, elect a complete stranger as leader of this nation with a mysterious and suspect backgroun,d and believe every stinking thing he tells you! After all, he is not really a politician, but a simple community organizer that will NOT salute the flag of this country.THAT ALONE IS ENOUGH FOR ME! That he will not commit to this country as a dedicated leader and loyal American is so bullshit it is laughable to me that anyone, aside from our enemies, would support him!
      Remember, you are making you bed now,enjoy the lying down in it if your time comes.!!

      • No2GOP says:

        Wow! The pablum you just spewed is so old and tired, yet you cling to it as if it’s gospel. You’re a pathetic little troll with no grasp of reality – or the truth. Fox News loves you!!
        If you had any shred of credibility, or intelligence, you would source your material for us so we could joyfully point out your ignorance for you. It’s evident you can’t see it, but, trust me, it’s on full display in your petty, baseless, stupid post. Please do us a favor and go back to remedial Civics class and don’t come back out until you have some modicum of understanding about which you speak.

  7. So now we know that being Mitt Romney Means Never Having to Explain his LIES, and being A TAX EVADER !!! Long Live the Fighters for Truth and for Right!!! Obama 2012….

    • Soapm says:

      We can make him explain his lies if the press would hold him more accountable and force him to give details. The GOP has made an art out of getting elected by not specifying your true intentions or beliefs. I have to respect Akin for at least being truthful…

  8. Bobbie9 says:

    Have Republican’s all been brainwashed? They can’t see anything wrong with anything any Republican does or says. I don’e agree with everything in the Democratic platform, but I think about the Norquist pledge and I get fighting mad. Old Mitch McConnel said, “Our number one goal is to make Obama a one-time president.” When asked about it on the PBS News Hour yesterday, he denied ever saying it….Darn it! I heard him say it with my own ears.

  9. Emmanduka says:

    My advice to voting Americans is, make no mistakes, otherwise, George Bush era will come back in full swing. I hope Americans are clever enough not to believe Romney and Ryan lying machines.
    Americans cannot afford to return to the George Bush deceit that drained American economy;De-regulation,show of power,unpopularity, unnecessary and unprofitable wars, lobbists,gambling, taking unnecessry Risk in government governance as proposed by Romney in his acceptance speeche, Patiently watch and read Paul and Romney acceptance speeches, if they impliment such programs, American will face more than two wars before the end of their four year term.

    Ameriacans be wise follow Obama now and see light at the end of the Tunnel.

    God bless America.

    Emmanuel Nduka, writes from Canada

  10. billy says:

    Being a Texan and as much as I could not imagine Rick Perry being president, now I know I might have been wrong. At least what you see is what you get with Perry. No hypocrisy with him. Can’t say that about R&R(Romney and Ryan).

  11. Terry Rickaby says:

    What about the 55 Democrats that don’t support Obamacare?

  12. Gary Jones says:

    To all the progressive democrat s there are a lot of democratic s that are embarrassed and a shame that Obama and his morons are in charge of the party. I’m a conservative democrat that voted a split ticket for the best person running in either party for the USA and the people. But there is nothing I see that Obama has did for the country but divided it, using race, gay marriage and class warfare. Our debt is staggering, No budget in four years, promises that are ridiculous and no way to pay for it. Anyone with a day of accounting 101 or economics 100 know that you can’t spend your way out. I’m a conservative democrat that has signed up 500 ex-patriots that will not chance using absentee ballots and fly home from Asia a week early to vote. Romney may not be the best candidate but he’s miles ahead of Obama.

    • mikecoatl says:

      You are no Democrat and probably never were. Spamming the same retarded comment over and over again won’t make the bile you spew the least bit true.

  13. DocinPA says:

    Here. Let me help you. First of all, these new rules are in direct contravention to Section 402 of the TANF law. As for the rule change, BED REST and PERSONAL JOURNALING are now considered “work”. Good luck with that here in PA.

  14. Peaches says:

    I cannot understand why Romney and Ryan keep saying things that are easily proven to be false.
    Maybe the base doesn’t care simply because they dislike President Obama so much. However, R&R
    aren’t going to pull in enough support from the Independents they desperately need if they keep lying.

  15. CRNJ says:

    Romney talks a lot, but never says anything…

  16. Ryan would have a shot at winning this election, Romney doesn’t

  17. wayneonly says:

    I am writing this on Labor Day 2012, a day we as a nation have set aside to honor the men and women who work to make this nation the greatest nation in the world. They should be our heroes, yet America has misplaced it’s priorities. We no longer honor the men and women who produce, who teach, who protect and serve, who struggle daily to teach their children honor and integrity, and duty to home and country. Instead we exult the wealthy (whether earned or inherited), the athlete who can demand enormous salaries for throwing a ball, or hitting a ball, or putting a ball in a hoop or hole, the actor or singer or supermodel, or the politician who can make you believe they know what is best for you and the nation. But it was the working men and women of America who made this nation once the greatest industrial nation, once the greatest technological nation, once the most educated nation, and once the nation who promoted freedom and honesty and integrity. And we need to honor them every day of the year.

    But our nation is in decline, and our priorities have shifted. We worship the athlete who fails to set a good example for our children, the actor or singer who indulges in drugs or alcohol abuse, and the politician who betrays the people for the wealth offered by the lobbies or the campaign money of the wealthy who “buy” their vote. Maybe that speaks most for the reason in the decline of America. America has shifted it’s priorities. America has focused on the wrong heroes. It is time that America (especially Congress) recognizes the working “stiff’ as the real heroes of America.

  18. S.J. Jolly says:

    Romney is willing to say things he knows are false, to appease the Republican base (i.e., the Tea Party Republicans). I predict that a Romney White House and a Tea Party Congress would be a very unhappy marriage, on both sides.

  19. Only five? But what can you expect from the party of liars.

  20. osaycanuc says:

    IF you want the TRUTH about this issue, you must read:
    “Ending Work for Welfare: Bogus Measures of Success”, Robert Rector, Heritage Foundation
    Otherwise, just continue to be uneducated, biased, and wrong.

  21. Lance Tsan says:

    Even Mitt cannot believe his own lies anymore

  22. Lance Tsan says:

    Lying scumbag with bags full of douches. He can’t even file proper taxes

  23. Romney the Crook,hiding taxes himself!and not paying taxes in all those years offshoring!it takes one to know one…Mitt needs beyond spanking from Ann Imelda ,You People Marcos, Romney….

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