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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Five Things That Republicans Will Blame For Romney’s Loss

(AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

On Tuesday night, President Barack Obama was re-elected to a second term, winning an overwhelming electoral victory over Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

While Democrats celebrate, however, Republicans must begin to pick up the pieces and determine what went wrong. While there are plenty of good, reasonable explanations for Obama’s victory, Republicans are far more likely to jump head first into the finger-pointing that tends to follow electoral defeat.

Here are five things that Republicans are certain to blame for Romney’s defeat in the coming days:

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  • WhutHeSaid

    Who The GOP SHOULD Blame:

    The Tea Party. With uncompromising and bigoted zeal, the Tea Party has done more than anyone to damage the brand of the Republican Party. Home to racist ‘dog-whistle’ politics, this collection of activists has reminded America about many of the more sordid aspects of it’s not-so-distant past. The Tea Party champions exactly what America dislikes about politics: dirty, dishonest, guttural, and racially charged hate only partially concealed by feigned patriotism and silly hats.

    Perhaps the Tea Party has done something for America after all: By showing America that backwards-thinking, racially motivated haters still aspire to take America to an unwelcome place, the Tea Party has unwittingly helped to foster the change that will carry us all forward into the 21st century.

    R.I.P. Tea Party.

    • foolsdance

      Well said Whut. I certainly hope that they are indeed dead, or at least rendered completely irrelevant as a small splintered faction.

      • David Clark

        The only Tea Party people I’ve known are quiet, reserved, respectful, and polite. They just don’t want high taxes or to fund immorality through the government.

        • WhutHeSaid

          You mean quiet, reserved, respectful, and polite like Allan West?

          Hmmm … I see what you mean. Not.

        • Gammaanya

          Joe Walsh??? Murdock, Akin, Bachmann, Palin ?????? U R sore loser and it shows. I have not met yet ONE polite, respectful etc TP

          • David Clark

            I’ve only seen Bachmann, Palin and West be respectful. They may disagree, as I do, but I have never seen them throw out inciteful or inflicting names like is so often done on the left. Our entire perspective is from way right but understand that the nation has changed to the left; we can’t change that fact. The right is what is in our hearts and minds; we cannot convince you of our deep convictions but respect your opposing positions.

          • That’s because of two things: You are either wearing earplugs that filter stuff, or they are, as you so honestly admit, saying things you agree with. Things that would have been rendered disrespectful if done and said by those who profess to be Democrats. Who in their right mind can agree wit anything Palin says. That’s something that I will never understand.

    • old_blu

      You are absolutely right, I have never voted along party lines until this time and the only reason I did was because of the tea baggers.

      • grammyjill

        In NH we only voted in Dem. women! We are now being called the amazon state. We have no men in any office. WOW!

        • old_blu

          You guys did great you where the first ones to show up as a blue state too, what an amazing thing and a history changing election.

          RIP Tea Baggers

          • grammyjill

            I can’t wait for our ladies to take office. We finally got rid of Charlie Bass. What a crook he was. I’ve been working against him for about 15 years. Now I’m writing letters to the republicans still in office to remind them who they work for, not Grover Norquist! I’ve already written one to McConnell telling him he failed his interview. It’s fun!

    • Ed

      Sorry, As one of my college professors once said” Insects can take 500 times as much radiation as humans, which is why cockroaches will survive.”

    • S-3

      Here’s hoping – we need this gridlock to end if Congress wants any respect from us normal people – besides other things!

      • grammyjill

        We got Anne Kuster in Nh who wants to freeze income for congress until they pass a budget and Elizabeth Warren from Mass that will back her up. Change is coming!

        • Since as soon the members of Congress are sworn into office, they start campaigning and raising money for their reelection instead of working on the Country’s problems.There needs to be some way to stop that and make them work for us in Congress instead of always campaigning and raising money for reelection. They are to busy raising money and campaigning to do the job they were elected to do.

          • grammyjill

            Start writing encouraging letters to them now. If you don’t see progress change them to poison pen letters. I have John Boners email and I don’t think he likes it.

    • Your comment is exactly the kind of thing I would expect someone who can read the National Memo and not have an aneurysm would say. You hit some key points here. You brought up ‘dog-whistle’ racism, threw ad hominem attacks, said they are full of hate and haters, made them sound outdated, you also added Obama slogans “change” and “forward” (nice touch), and of course, brought up the current century.

      • WhutHeSaid

        Well, I hope that doesn’t make me a bad person.

  • Lies , distortions, contradictions, inconsistencies, slice of racism and extremism should be blamed for Romney/Ryan and the GOP’s downfall.

  • and Rush Limbaugh blasted Christie as “fat” and a “fool.”… Isn’t that calling the kettle black.

    • CAThinker

      I once heard something about a pot, kettle and black… Can’t place my finger on it though…

    • latebloomingrandma

      He must have been looking in the mirror when he came up with that one. If anyone in America can stand up to Limbaugh, it would be Chris Christie, and I hope he does. I hope he says true to form and does NOT go back to the altar of Rush for forgiveness. Let him keep sputtering around for his hateful rhetoric to justify his obscene income of $40 million a year gig to the idiots who listen to him. It would be great if one of the effects of this election would be the downturn of the extreme right on radio and TV. I can dream, can’t I?

      • foolsdance

        Now wouldn’t that be wonderful! I am amazed at the things faux news and rush have gotten away with feeding their viewers – the list is so long it’s ludicrous: muslim, marxist, communist, socialist, nazi, illegal alien, dumb, destroyer of America from within, Obama personally killed Stevens in Benghazi, living on the down low… it really is pathetic, once you stop laughing at them.

      • Limbaugh said he was leaving the Country if President Obama was re-elected.Wonder if he has started packing yet?

        • lavorne46

          He better be careful what he speaks because he can leave but not tbe way he thinks.
          He can drop dead any second with his demonic spirits.

    • mbethind

      After the terrible Hurricane caused such enormous destruction, Christie showed that he did, in fact, care about the people in his state. Christie has no reason to apologize in any way for wanting to help “his” people. He gave credit where credit was due and continues to work for them. Christie may be “fat”, but he is no fool. If he works for America over the next four years only half as much as he is working for Hurricane survivors he will do this country proud.

      • lavorne46

        That is so true. Christie has a mind of his own and care deeply for all people. God
        will bless him and who knows he could be our next president. To ignore those rich
        dumb dumb haters show Christie has plans for the future.

    • nobsartist

      he would have had to add “drug addicted pedophile”

    • WhutHeSaid

      Limbaugh is quickly becoming more and more of a liability for the GOP. I predict an extended pill binge followed by an attitude adjustment when the Republican Party starts pushing him back in earnest — as they must do to survive. Look for Christy’s response to draw the first blood.

    • He’s been projecting so long, I figure he does it to practice his drug-fueled projectile vomiting.

  • nobsartist

    The John Birch Society?

  • 2hheels2

    No one should blame Christy, Romney had a campaign of lies, they were proven to be lies. The American people will not let a politician bold face lie to them without some accountability. The other thing is Voter suppression, I think they made people mad enough and they stayed in lies for America. We thank you

  • Canistercook

    You forgot to blame being a Mormon. Responding to some of your readers I discovered that they were also very anti-Mormon.

    • bubbee07

      I learned new math when my kids were learning it at school, and I understood it.
      I learned Chism-Bop in the 60s when it was all over TV, and I understood it.
      I tried to learn Fuzzy Math from Paul Ryan, and I will never understand it.
      If it doesn’t add up, it doesn’t make sense, so why should I support it?
      I will never trust someone who asks you to trust him after he’s elected, but cannot explain his views prior to that time … especially someone who looks like a used-car salesman. (My apologies to used-car salesmen.)

      • Canistercook

        Funny I thought at his last few campaign attendances Obama looked more like an auctioneer than a President “going, going, gone”. All our money and prestige in the world!

        • All our money and prestige left while Bush 2 was in office and President Obama has restored our prestige and is trying to replace the money that Bush 2 spent on his 2 unfunded wars, and saving banks that were to big to fail that still have fully paid back what they owe. There are several countries that have charged Bush and Cheney with being war criminals, that is why our prestige left this Country. Canistercrook doesn’t want to remember why this Country was in such a bad shape in 2008 and again in 2009 before Obama took office. because of his buddy Bush 2 and his party the Republicans. The Republicans in Congress are the reason things have not improved more than they have. They were so determined to make President Obama a one term President that they were willing to let this Country go into default to make him look bad. When they realized they were hurting themselves more than they were Obama, they decided to cooperate and not let the Country go into default,

          • Canistercook

            Don’t hold your breath! GM is on the verge of bankruptcy again but the bailout did buy votes.

      • To me Romney didn’t add up after he answered the question”what are your plans for the Country if elected” during the Republican primaries and his answer was”If you knew that, you wouldn’t vote for me” I didn’t vote for hm.

  • Canistercook

    Wonder if we have proven a Black can win the Presidency but not a woman or a Mormon!

    • puzzled21

      No, a women can and will be if Hillary runs in 20016. Hopefully a Mormon cultist will never sit in the seat.

      • Canistercook

        And I guess you don’t think you are a biased bigot. All religions are cults, some are just bigger than others!

        • puzzled21

          Biased? If you mean that I believe in Jesus Christ as the way, the truth and the light. Yea, I am biased. If you mean that I believe through the blood of Christ, I received my salvation. Yea, I am biased. If you mean that I can go visit the graves of all those other religious leaders/figures,including John Smith, because they are dead and Christ is alive and seated at the right hand of the Father. Yea, I am biased. You obviously have no relationship with the Lord, hence your statement, all religions are a cult. If you spend some time actually studying Mormonism, you may be enlightened, however, I doubt it,. It is hard to consider any other information as relevant when you have developed this myopic view that if it doesn’t fit into your narrow minded way of thinking, that it is just no good. People like you, who have convinced themselves that they, and only they, know how things should be done., although well meaning, are a detriment to society as they refuse to acknowledge that there are multiple ways to accomplish the same thing, let’s come together and chose the best way collectively. If you pray to the Father, the next time you do, repent for equating the Death and Resurrection of his dear son to a cult. My Father has already made it perfectly clear in his word, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is Lord.. Peace

          • Canistercook

            Guess you don’t know that the actual name of the Mormon church is The Jesus Christ Church of Latter Day Saints or you would not be so bigoted against them. There are a heck of a lot of uneducated voters around unfortunately. I don’t need religion to prop me up but I respect all who do, including Hindu’s, Buddists, Bahia’s, Mormons. Catholics, Baptists, Jews, Muslims, etc., providing they don’t denigrate someone else’s faith. Unfortunately there have so many killings in the name religion by all groups, including Christian groups.

  • Ed

    Loved hearing Sarah cry “This is Catastrophic!”

  • holyreality

    The most popular goat is having a moderate candidate.

    Every GOP loss calls for yet more extremist candidates.

  • mstlgx1957

    Romney lost because he was trying to sell us a bogus bill of goods by trying to convince the middle class that he had our best interests at heart. That was the public version. The truth came out that he didn’t really care about us at all. That monologue was not meant for the general public, and it is so ironic that the grandson of a democratic president (Jimmy Carter) was the one to put Romney on “front street.” I would say that President Carter had the last laugh, after being accused of being such a horrible POTUS. He had to wait almost 40 years to get it, but it probably still felt just as sweet. Now which title would Romney rather have? Being called a bad president, or a wannabe president? He and Donald Trump need to go off together and nurse each other’s wounds.

  • mstlgx1957

    Besides being multi millionaires, Mitt Romney and Donald Trump have something else in common: Two super-rich white men who will probably never be able to become President of the United States

  • For me, I believe that Mitt Romney, continuously altered his position to appeal to the audience he was speaking to, as did George W. Bush who preceded him. We need candidates who tell the truth about their political views, and what they want to do if elected. Mr Romney wanted Americans to trust him to do the right thing. Those days are hopefully over.

  • A political analyst summed it up well this morning…… “The Republican Party is a Madmen Party in a Modern Family world.” The voter turnout demographics speak volumes. Continue to blame these other people and/or natural disasters but until the Republican Party recognizes that there are folks that inhabit our country that aren’t white men they will fade slowly into the sunset. Congratulations President Obama!…. Let the work begin!!

  • Facts matter. Romney spent too much time validating the extreme members of his party. Lying about Jeep lost him the old rust belt and the 47% comment was also a major factor. All-in-all Mitt can only blame himself for the failure of his campaign. I also feel that his choice of Ryan was an error and an indication of a flawed character.

  • Mimi2kool

    The top two reasons that Romney lost were Romney and Ryan. America may have been temporaily dazzled, but it was not fooled. America does not support extremists of either party, contrary to what the GOP believes. Americans are pragmatic and logical, much to the chagrin of the Republican party.

    • july860

      and sane

      • foolsdance

        Actually, if you read a lot of the postings by his supporters, on other websites, you will rethink the ‘sane’ part a little bit.

  • The Republican Party needs to blame…. The Republican Party.. more specifically, it’s more insane, lunatic fringe contingency.

    When you have people like Akin and Mourdock spouting theories from the Dark Ages about Women and rape; when you have apocalyptically stupid people like the Tea Partiers with their “take your filthy Government hands off my medicare” and their not so thinly disguised racism; when you have people that cling to a belief like “Obama’s a MUSLIM!” or that his birth certificate was forged, or Obama’s from Kenya even in the face of factual and overwhelming PROOF, your party has a SERIOUS problem.

    When a large percentage of your base uses belief and personal opinion in place of FACT and reality, you end up where the Republicans are today; lost, over-run by religious nutjobs and faced with an increasingly delusional base.

    Make no mistake; the Republicans are in REAL trouble right now and they know it.

    • Sand_Cat

      Unfortunately, it’s the United States that’s in REAL TROUBLE, not the Republicans. Consider that – despite an “overwhelming” electoral victory – one hell of a lot of people in this nation voted for a racist, insane, delusional, and just plain mean party led by a pathalogica liar whose obvious main goal was to pay even less in taxes than the pittance he does now, and who cares nothing whatsoever about the people or Constitution of the United States. What did the party offer other than greed, fear, selfishness, and HATE, all projected on their opponents?

      The Repugnant party could vanish tomorrow, but – as the old saying goes – you can’t cure stupid, and we still have to cope with that. The icing on the cake is that Obama asked the serial liar and parasite capitalist to work with him, and he probably really meant it! It’s a nice gesture, but when you pick up a venomous snake, you still get bitten, whatever your intentions.

      The icing on the cake is that President Obama asked the multi-headed, venomous, serial liar to work with him, and he probably meant it. This is why Republicnas “accomplish” enough in one term to keep the Democrats busy for decades trying to undo the damage, and they never really complete the job, after which the Republicans blame them for failure to fix the Republican-caused problems.

  • atc333

    1) “Severely Conservative Mitt”.
    2) ” Etch a Sketch Mitt”.
    3) ” 47% Mitt” .
    4) “Moderate Mitt”.
    5) “Magic Mitt”; all things to all voters.

    The issue ultimately facing all voters was simply: Which Mitt would actually show up on January 20th, 2013?

  • Stephen Johnson

    If it’s Hurricane Sandy, GOTPers should ask themselves what caused this unusual and terrifying storm in the first place – an Act of God or global warming.

  • When good sense is made into Nonsense, the Tea party is involved.

  • Summarizing the reasons in the light of, well, reason:

    1) Reality came up too soon for our tastes.
    2) What’s this man doing trying to GOVERN, he needs to stay in lockstep!!
    3) Black men are black!
    4) Everyone needs to do as we say and say as we do!
    5) Ya shoulda let us cram our hands up yer ass even higher, puppet-boy! (crap, we need another George, get Jeb that ‘botomy before we get some thinker tryin’ to run our bizness. Stinkin’ Presidents!)

  • Melvin Chatman

    They forgot – “STUPID”

  • I’m expecting the G.O.P. to break apart into two factions again just like in 2008.

    Mitt Romney will get blamed by both sides; by the Tea Party for being a flip-flopping weenie, but also by rank-and-files and moderates for choosing Paul Ryan as his V.P.

    You should probably also expect to see a lot of fingers being pointed at Todd Akin, Dick Mourdock and many of the other hardline windbags that opened their traps about things the G.O.P. didn’t want the voters even thinking about.

    It’s the Tea Party that’s ultimately going to suffer for it. If they don’t disband and start compromising to try and cover their own asses, they’re going to get swept out in bulk in 2014.

  • If I didn’t know these fools were trying to be serious and actually believe the tripe they are spouting, I would have found the whole thing very funny. It almost made me think I was watching an SNL routine. That’s how stupid the whole conversation was. Faux News watchers and believers find boogiemen under their beds every night because Limbaugh and buddies them them they are there. Can’t these fools think for themselves, do they really have to be told how and what to think by some drug hyped fool. I really don’t know how anyone with a brain can watch, listen, and stand up for this complete idiocy.

  • binomial

    The GOP should blame themselves. They are the ones who went along with the “Tea People” and the far right to act like an American Tabiban, attemptihg to force their own religious, anti-science and anti-eduation views on everyone else. The Party gave in to the Bachman and West types in Congress, and the majoriy of citizens balked at it. They also thought that by repeatedly telling folks falsehoods that enough of the faithful would simply believe it. Far, far too many did, but thankfully not enough.

  • Oh, and I forgot one thing, when Peter took off his glasses and so seriously said “it is a great great day and something I look forward to every four years” I have to admit he was right…IT WAS A GREAT GREAT DAY IN AMERICA! President Obama was re-elected and Faux News can stop acting like complete faux serious news people and admit they are just hacksters for the Tea Party and Far Right Republicans. They really need to get over themselves.

  • Republican needs to change. You guy lie so much left and right. Guys this is modern world. Watch out what you guys says anywhere. Peoples are much smarter than you guys. You cannot hide lies. The way you guys dress up with suit and tie similarly you guys needs to clean up before come to public.

    • foolsdance

      ummmm… what?

  • It has been clear to me that for the past 2 years, the Republican goal, and above ALL else, was to make Obama a one-term President, even if it meant to disable or block his ability
    to do anything beneficial for this country that he could receive credit for. What’s good
    for the country, or it’s people (corporatios are NOT people) be damned.

    Well, Obama is about to start his second term, so NOW what is their scheme? Do you think maybe, just maybe, they’ll actually participate in any discussions requiring compromise
    on THEIR side? Do you think maybe, just maybe, there won’t be a republican filibuster every time a bill their opposed to is ready for a vote? (R) over 200 (D) 1
    Did you know that a filibuster only has to be a threat to do so? I think a filibuster should
    be forced to be executed, and maybe more bills would actually come to a vote instead. “Threats” of a filibuster is simply bullying tactics.

    • grammyjill

      So far Mitch Mcconnel and John Boner have both said they will work with the President as long as he does everything they want. Time to send them poision pen letters!

  • Even Democrats should be outraged that Black Panthers showed up at polling places. Romney is not blaming that event on loosing PA, but it is an illegal activity that any law abiding citiscen should be concerned about. Of course since it was OK last time, it will be OK again. What if it were White Supremests? Then the Democrats would be howling. But I would agree with them. It is disapointing the doubel standard exhibited by both sides.

    • grammyjill

      They were there to try to keep true the vote away. Sometimes you have to use intimadation to keep the intimadators at bay.

    • Citation needed for your allegation. Absent that citation, you’re lying.

    • The people from True Votes ( white group), who back Republicans, were told to leave polling places yesterday because they were trying to scare voters so they would not vote. So Bill since you are making charges against the Black Panthers where is your proof? If you can’t prove that statement then you could be sued for lying about an organization. I read several different newspapers today about the election and what happened at poling places yesterday and not a one them mentioned the Black Panthers. So post your proof of wrong doing by the Black Panthers. Also for your information it was Bush 2’s Justice Department that dropped the charges against the Black Panthers before President Obama was sworn in to office.

  • Jack Wormer

    Any time you let Teabaggers inside your playpen, there’ll be screeching, crying, hair-pulling and other mucosal traumas that only an Octomom can seem to handle…..

    • foolsdance

      Make that past tense, Jack. Octomom went into rehab, and a batallion of nannies had to take over.

  • grammyjill

    Well, Ann Coulter finally got something right. She said if they didn’t run Christy, Romney would be the nominee and they would loose.

  • wesley rasmussen

    For all the lies, religious fanaticism, racism, and downright hatred displayed towards not only the President but to the women of our nation, even though the nation as a whole rejected the Republican cardboard platform, it is still astonishing that the entire middle section of America, the “Bible Belt” and other regions, took it all in, hook, line, and sinker from all the stinkers. Michelle Bachmann, the real person who holds a dual citizenship and ran for President, won her seat for another four years on the House Intelligence Committee. Other “nutcases” who have made the news managed to lie and cheat their way to keep their spots. Are the Red states too gullibble, or are they just those among us who want to establish a national religion – namely THEIRS? That is something we should all be on guard against.

  • Seriously, Limbaugh called Christie fat and foolish?

    Apparently, the Limbaugh household contains no mirrors.

  • FAUXSNOOZE reports.

    Enough said.

    Gee, I held the door to my polling place open for two women. Guess that makes me a Black Panther.

  • Why even post a picture of this irrelevant woman?

    She is a non-entity.

  • Well, the republican/tea party got what they asked for, backed him with more money than Croesus had, and now they’ll whine about it. If I were the Koch Brothers, I’d be putting out a contract on their guru, Karl Rove: ” Two billion oil bucks and this is what you brought us?”

  • Since Republicans will point fingers they better not forget Ryan as being one of the reasons they lost and the millionaires like the Koch brothers, Anniston and Murray who were sure they could buy the Presidency for the R’s by threatening workers so they would vote for the R’s and most of all Karl Rove. Now the election is over I hope that the millionaires that sent out letters because Romney requested it, threatening employees jobs if the “right people were not elected” and giving them a list candidates they wanted them to vote for. No matter what these rich people say it was voter intimidation . Murray went as as far extorting money from his employees to contribute to the Republican party, this is the same greedy so and so that made his workers go stand behind Romney as if they supported him, then docked them a day’s pay. They especially need to hand him some big jail time, he is being investigated for that docked pay.

  • Theus Oliven

    Why is a black man standing in front of a building intimidating to people?

  • Mar

    GOP should thank people like: Trump, Palin, Coulter, Limbaugh, Hannity, Boortz, Cain, Gingrich, MaConnely, Cantor, Buchannon, etc, that spew hate, insults, disrespect, rudeness for anyone that don’t agree with them or think like them.

    This is the face of the GOP that painted a picture of incompetence, hatred for his country, cry baby in chief, a boil on someone’s behind, a foot stool, not respectful enough to be called President, unintelligent because he uses a teleprompter, show me your birth cert, school transcript, lying about not wanting to reach out and work with the other side, making sure he’s a one-term President, etc.

    It would do the GOP well to unload these people because all they do is stir the pot of hate, and this is not going to entice anyone to join their side. Romney did himself in because in his candid moment his true feelings were revealed about the 47% of his fellow Americans as being lazy moochers that only want a handout because we feel like victims that want to be taken care of. Well Mr Romney, that’s what happens when you have China buy out a perfectly profitable US company (Sensata), making margin, and make the American workers train their Chinese counterparts so that they can collect their severance after losing their jobs. Now how do you think that helps the very people you want to be President of.

  • 101strac

    Gee, has anyone heard from obozomustgo? I’m beginning to worry.So many months of nonstop bullsh.t,about the President and now, complete silence. It’s so unlike him. Nothing, short of lockjaw could ever shut him up. Gosh, I hope he hasn’t gone and done something foolish. I’m sure in four years the repub party will have something for him to do.So many floors to sweep, and so little time.
    Congratulations, Democrats everywhere, and crossovers too.

  • Mar

    The GOP should blame people like: Trump, Palin, Coulter, McConnell, Cain, Gingrich, Limbaugh, Hannity, Boortz, Buchannan, Bachmann etc that stir the pot of hate and hurl insults of disrespect if you don’t think or believe as they do. This doesn’t make one want to run to your side.

    This is the face of the GOP: The President doesn’t reach across the aisle to work with the other side, he’s incompetent, a foot stool, a boil on someone’s backside, not American, show me your papers, birth cert, transcript, a communist, unintelligent, retarded, not respectful enough to be called President, to make a one term President, do everything to obstruct and waste time to prove he’s in over his head, etc.

    Mr Romney did himself in with his 47% comment that showed his true candid self, that he thinks are lazy moochers that want to be taken care of and just want handouts like food, shelter and free healthcare. Mr Romney when you move perfectly profitable companies like Sensata to China, making margin, and making the American workers train their Chinese counterparts so that they can collect their severance and then lose their jobs, but you still collect your payday, then Mr Romney what do you expect. How do you think this helps American workers that you claim to be so concerned about? This is the face of the GOP.

  • Pesky hurricane?
    What’s wrong with that concept.
    People’s homes destroyed, Massive damage to the power grid, stores destroyed, people killed, Over 20 billion of dollars in damage Critical care patients from Hospitals had to be taken to hospitals in Pennsylvania. Hospitals that weren’t damaged and had room. they were still having to move patients out of Hospitals yesterday. The back-up generators were running out of fuel.
    Mass-transit, major damage. At one point, the rain was so heavy on the Jersey side of the Hudson, the Lincoln Tunnel was a drain. On the Manhattan side, water was coming out instead of going in.

    None of the Members of our forces pay taxes. People that have worked their whole lives building this country, and barely surviving on Social Security don’t pay taxes. Hundreds of his millionaire buddies, don’t pay taxes.
    Romney’s wife;
    “I have no idea what you’re … They’re not numbers to Mitt and I anymore ..

    Romney vowed to “sit down with Democratic leaders as well as Republican leaders — as we did in my state.”
    In his one term, Romney issued more than 800 vetoes, over 700 of which were overridden

    Every time they open their mouths over something like this, it costs them more votes.

  • jebediah123

    Forget about Romney— most people won’t even know his name in 6 months. I don’t know about you, but I’m waiting for the next Republican primary debates in 2016. If they will be as hilarious as they were this year, it’s going to be a real blast! Nothing like a little comedy to brighten your day. Sarah Palin, we love you!!!

  • lavorne46

    Mitt has to accept his own irresponsibilty so does is republican party. You have to be
    accountable. Obama has a vision fulfilling one’s life purpose. If you can see beyond
    your present circumstances, if you can have hope for the future, you have true riches,
    no matter how much money you have in the bank. The Bible encourages us Jeremiah:29:11
    I know the plans I havd for you ,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not
    to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future””.
    It doesn’t matter what you currently have or don’t have, as long as you can see what
    you have. Hope and faith will bring fulfillment. The republicans had the wrong
    purpose trying to buy election with all that wasted millions based on lies. It all
    backfired because it was done out of hatred, racism

  • puzzled21

    Yes I am aware of that. I am also aware of the fact that everything that glitters isn’t gold. The name is not the issue, the policies , practices and tenets are. As far as uneducated voters is concerned, I would say that each side feels the same way about that. For your edification, I don’t rely on a religion, I put my life in the hand of Christ Jesus. I am a Christian, which translates into acting Christ like, to love you even though you might hate me, to care for you if need care, regardless of how you have treated me. To show the same love for you that Christ showed for me by giving his very life for my salvation. All of those religions you named, the founders of each, Hinduism, Bahia, Mormonism and Buddhism can be visited at their grave sites. My Father is alive not dead and that is the difference. A lot of atrocities have been done, by man, in the name of God and religion, that God has no part in what soever. Blame man for his propensity to allow his personal feelings to over ride doing what is right for personal gain, not God. I will pray for you.

  • howa4x

    America is a centerist country with slight moves to the right and left depending on policies and events. McGovern showed the democrats through his canidacy that a left leaning party will not win. Republicans now need to realize the fact that a party that is anti government, anti enviornment, and anti minority coupled with the fetish about women’s reproductive rights will not win. We are not a country of white male protestants anymore, and appeals to anger and racism won’t carry the party to win in all 50 states. If the republicans fail to change they will be the grand old forgotten party. They need to rid themselves of Karl Rove, Groover Norquist, Rush Limbough, Ann Coulter, Hannity, O’Reiley, Beck and Palin. People who misread the electorate so badly that they lost any credibility they meagerly had gained. Fox news has to now eat some crow. They predicted a Romney landslide on election night. Paul Ryan called Hannity and asked him to get the vote out. This is how impartial they really are. What are they going to do now?Have a shrinking audience? Young people don’t even watch it, the same with a growing minority population. Republicans have to look in the mirror and ask: who are we?The party of yesterday, or the party of tomorrow.The answer will determine their fate

    • This needs to be restated.

      They need to rid themselves of Karl Rove, Groover Norquist, Rush Limbough, Ann Coulter, Hannity, O’Reiley, Beck and Palin.

      GOP seems to be made up of

      Bible Thumping Rape with a Purpose Supporting Tea Party Pledges for 1 Percent of America

      Until that changes… Dems win hands down. I want my GOP Back.

      • howa4x

        What happened to the fiscally conservative, socially moderate GOP? Why did you turn the party over to the bible thumpers? I think there should be a new party called the republicrats made up of fiscally sane and socially moderates from both parties and throw the ultra left and ultra right out the door

        • CAThinker

          Hey – I proposed that in a different thread… Let’s do it!!! 🙂

          • howa4x

            If the people of Iran can have a Green movement through the net we can create a new paradigm here. Let’s all work together to change the dysfunctional culture and create a new dynamic energy. One of cooperation and understanding of our differences

  • They have the nerve to even suggest that the so-called member of the New Black Panther, standing at the door was participating in voters’ fraud. Did they accuse the CEO of the resort in Texas, who publicly threatened to lay-off employees if Obama wins, as committing voters’ fraud? Again, the hypocrisy of the Re-publicans. These are the people wanting to run the country. Can you see it now? I believe God has given Obama a second term to open more doors of opportunities to more people. Doors that would have been closed if he did not win a second term.

  • ….and to think that he still won. Had to be a bigger margin of victory than “08

  • Limbaugh is a tool, and who cares at all about Murdoch. Both of these guys make the GOP look stupid everyday. Christie would make a fine GOP leader, but I would totally understand if he did not want to associate with the current pack of losers in the party.

  • Good for Chris–Ahhh! Bi-partician is what is all about. I wish he was a Democrat. GOP better watch who you insaly. We’d Love to have Christe on our Team
    Celtic Happy don