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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Florida Man Lands Gyrocopter On U.S. Capitol Lawn As Protest

Florida Man Lands Gyrocopter On U.S. Capitol Lawn As Protest

A 61-year-old man landed a small gyrocopter on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol Wednesday to protest the permissive campaign finance system enabled by the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.

The pilot, Doug Hughes, is a mailman from Florida. He was immediately arrested upon landing the aircraft.

Video via CNN.

The Tampa Bay Times has published an in-depth profile of Hughes. He was first driven to political action two and a half years ago when his 24-year-old son committed suicide by crashing his car into another man, killing both men.

His plan involved flying the copter at a low altitude and a mere 45 miles per hour — too close to the ground and too slow to be overtaken by any airplane — while wagering that government officials wouldn’t actually shoot down a 61-year-old who had publicly declared his non-violent intentions.

“I’m not promoting myself,” Hughes previously told the paper. “I’m trying to direct millions of people to information, to a menu of organizations that are working together to fix Congress.”

(Video via Tampa Bay Times).

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  • charleo1

    First, they need to take this Patriot out of jail. And then, give him a medal for being an American that cares enough about this Country, and the people therein, to take a stand for real freedom. And not that phony freedom they keep carping about on Fox News, either. Then, since Mr. Hughes cared enough about this issue to risk losing his own freedom, in the interest of what he considers protecting ours. I think the least we can do, is all Mr. Hughes asks. Take a look at this growing movement, and what they are doing right now, to stop the sale, and purchase of American democracy.