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Thursday, October 27, 2016

On the same day that Mitt Romney cracked his birther “joke,” new evidence indicated that he and his partners at Bain Capital have used questionable methods to avoid federal taxes – including a scheme that transforms corporate stock into untaxed offshore “derivatives,”  and a practice that converts management fees into capital gains, which are taxed at a far lower rate.

While nobody has asked to see the Republican candidate’s birth certificate, as he said at a Michigan rally on Friday, everybody has a renewed interest in examining the tax returns he continues to withhold.

The complex and tricky tax shelters used by Bain Capital continued to emerge from as lawyers and other experts examined the hundreds of pages of previously confidential company documents uncovered by the Gawker website in an exclusive series this week.  The authenticity of the documents was confirmed by a Bain spokesperson, who said that the company deplores the public posting of its proprietary materials.

In a sense, the latest revelations about how Bain protected its vast income from taxation are scarcely surprising to anyone familiar with the world of private equity where Romney made his fortune, estimated at $250 million or more. Avoiding taxes is among the most important attractions of that industry for the wealthy clients it aims to attract.

But several experts who have looked over the new Bain documents have warned that dubious legal tactics may have been employed by some of the company’s investment vehicles, including several that are listed on the partial returns that Romney has already released. Those experts, such as Victor Fleischer, a law professor at the University of Colorado, and Daniel Shaviro, who teaches tax law at New York University’s law school, have raised questions about both the equity “swap” and fee conversion maneuvers.

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    Mittens RoMoney is nothing more than a lying, sleazeball.

    A sweet talking, crooked, typical American Taliban Republican dressed up to look like a normal politician. One hard look is now showing how bad this guy really is.

    With the help of Karl Rove and his buddies who lie and distort the facts, there is the outside chance that he could be running the country right into the ground.

    This is not an issue of political leanings, but is a question of good versus EVIL. RoMoney is an evil person who will screw us all. He is bad for our country.

    • Romney Hood Would Finnish Where Bush Left Off!! Run America Over The Cliff Where’s There Will Be No Coming Back For Years To Come And The 5% Wil Get Richer When We The 95% Will Suffer And Most Will Be Living In The Streets!!

      • your wrong that a wrong way of looking at thing there are more of us than there is of them fight fire with fire if you stuck your tail an do nothing.they win. vote them out.

        • You Are WRONG AND A LIAR ALSO Save The Crap For Some Another Tea Bagger LIAR Like Yourself!!

        • You Are Right About One Thing The GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Members Will NEVER Get No Votes From My Friends , Family Nor Me!!! NEVER!!

          • Edward53

            Fern, when you drink beer do you ever drink long necks?

      • And you ignore the trillions in new debt for our children, doing nothing to shore up Medicare & S.S. while taking $716 Billion from Medicare, higer taxes & regulations on businesses causing them to leave the U.S. and loss of jobs & tax revenue, the 42 straight months of over 8% unemployment, more poverty & people on food stamps, people having “less” income during Obama’s Recovery than under Bush’s recession that ended in 2009, Amnesty for 1.7 Million Illegals while 23 Million Americans are unemployed, ???

        Obama has you buying into the class warfare to take your minds off all his failed policies, please think about what is going on.

        • You Are A LIAR Just Like The Party You Vote For!! So Stop Talking To Me With Your Bullshit And Save It For Your Tea Bagging Friends!!!

          • No it’s Stephanie Cutter who lies and of course NBC ABC MSNBC ..They were caUGHT AND EXPOSED AS lIARS

          • It You And People Like You Who Are The LIARS Michael !! Why Don’t You Just Go Play In Traffic And STFU!! Romney Hood And His American Taliban Are The LIARS Along With Yourself!!

          • Edward53

            Honk, Honk said Fern, the goose.

          • Punk Ass Bitch Go Suck Out Of A Horse Ass!!

          • Honk Honk Said Your Father As He Was Picking Up Your Mother Off The Whore Road She Was Working!! Punk Ass Bitch!!

          • Michael, Fox (faux) news has been chastised for false reporting.

          • Edward53

            Fern, why is your neck so long? Do you have an adams apple because if you do you must be a tranny.

          • Hey Asshole Go Fuck Yourself And Finnish Sucking Koch Brothers Asses!!! Low Life Asshole Bitch!! Your Mother Is A Tranny Stinking Ass Thug!!

          • Edward53

            Damn, Vern, you’re making me hard with all of your rough talk. You’re turning me on, honey.

        • If Any Of His Polices Failed You Can Thank Your Low Life Do Nothing American Taliban Members Of Congress Who Are Hell Bent On Destroying This Country For The Profits It Makes For Them!!!

        • GOP/Tea Party Has Started A Class Warfare Years Ago, You Are Only Buying In To The Bullshit These Thugs Have Been Lying About Along With Everything Else!! They Are Just Low Life Knuckle Dragging LIARS Like YOU!!

          • Edward53

            Was your real name Vern before you had your sex change?

          • Edward, brilliant remark. You must have thought that one out all night.

          • Fern, I agree.

        • Finally lets get this trillions of newbudget debt lie straight. One. There is no new trillions of dollars in budget debt. The trillions your talking about comes from the Bush debt for his two wars, Medicaid Prescription Plan and his famous TAX CUTS for the RICH. That extra $20.00 in my paycheck each week sure helps me alot.

          Look up this administrations budgets and you will be surprised at what you find. Also the first TARP bailout came under George Bush. You remember him. He who shall not be named by anyone in the Republican Party. So unpopular he’s the first former President not invited to a Party’s Nominating Convention because he was such a LOSER. Look it up and stop repeating the CRAP that FOX NEWS spreads for Rove and his associates. Who left the unemployment levels skyrocketing to the MOON and beyond. Lets see was it George Bush the draft dodger?

          Do any of you people actually think you can undo 8, count them 8 years of devestation in 2 years or for that matter 4. Do you actally believe that all the jobs that were shipped out during Bush’s Administration were just going to come back. All the devestated factories where just going to just start up again. All the small cities and towns that suffered under the Bush Recession where going to just wake up and go back to work. This is not an episode of DALLAS and we are not going to wake up and JR won’t be shot. No this is not all a dream. Its another of those “TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMIC LIES that was sold to America.

          And don’t tell me that your going to compare the inflation that Regan had to deal with by raising taxes to be the same thing as the “RECESSION” Bush left as his legacy. By the way. What happened to the SURPLUS Clinton left behind when BUSH became President? Do you know? He gave it to his rich friends as a TAX BREAK. Look it up. That money was supposed to go towards the deficit.

          Two. Most of Obamacare (as you like to call it) you wing nuts keep complaining about hasn’t even kicked in yet. You won’t see anything as far as bills or debt reduction for several years. Funny but Obamacare is strangely enough exactly the same as RomneyCare. The plan on which its based. But of course thats another story Republicans won’t talk about. Nor will they talk about Romneys term as Gov. of Mass. as a moderate Republican. Funny how he’s not running on his executive office expierence. But instead he brags about the success of BAIN Capital. His company where he and his rich friends got richer at the expense of the working class. LOOK THIS UP ALSO. Three.

          The DEBT you talk about over and over again if you research the budget deficits for the last 5 Administrations. What you might find surprise surprise is that the beloved Ronald Regan was the worst budget deficit President of all time. Followed quickly by the Bush’s. Before you continue to repeat lies look up the facts. I’m sure you know what FACTS are.

          • Just Like The Party Plznnn Vote For They Are Always With The LIES!!

          • didier croix

            Romney care, Mitt the Tax and Draft dodger, Google Romney Draft Dodger also Tax Dodger and Google Ryan took Bailout funds then lied about it. How can these creeps be even running for Office?

          • Ryan Took Bail Out Money Also Then He Forgot About It Also!! Plus Paul Ryan Lived On Social Security Now Wants To Privatizes It!! What A Bunch Of Low Life LIARS!!

          • Landsende

            Very well said. Unfortunately Plznn and others like him are so brainwashed by Faux news and Rush Limbag that they don’t know how to look up facts and think for themselves. Even when confronted with the facts they will still deny them just as they will deny they aren’t prejudiced because Obama is black. They seem to forget he is half white too but because his skin is black they ignore the white part because to admit it would make them bigots.

          • WOW, “STILL” blaming Bush after the last recession ended in June 2009. The Democrats had “complete ” control of both houses of Congress from Bush’s last 2 years and Obama’s first 2 years, and mostly control now as well.
            Our National debt increased over $5 Trillion in BO’s first 3 1/3 years with 42 straight months of unemployment over 8%, people have lower incomes during BO’s revovery that under tha last recession. 23 Million Americans are unemployed, Millions of Illegals are given Amnesty.

            Even Obama had said he is turning the corner a few years ago but when things still are terrible, he said it was worse than he thought. Something a high school kid would say as an excuse. If spending many Trillions of dollars are the answer why don’e he spend Trillions more. How long will you continue to deny and spin all of Obama’s failures?
            p.s. And don’t ignore Dodd/Frank subprime loan fiasco that started the “crisis” in the first place.

          • oldtack

            In the Bush Administration creative accounting was widely used and endorsed by GWB. t the National debt from soaring (paper-wise) none of the cost of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq was carried on the books. Those omitted debts were added under Obama and account for about 2.75 Trillion Dollars of that 5 Trillion.

            But I wouldn’t expect you to know this because to find these readily attainable facts one has to turn of the TV and the Radio Talk shows and do some research. You people are unable to think without the prompting of the Talking Heads of mass communication.

          • joyscarbo

            A ship as big as the US’s economy cannot possibly be turned around in 2-4 years, after the W run it aground. And YES, I will be blaming W for the war he sent our soldiers into in Iraq. Have you even thought about the cost of supporting our disabled surviving soldiers? More than 60% of soldiers are rightfully filing disabiity claims. They will collect checks for the rest of their lives, costing nearly $1.4 million per soldier. We OWE this money to our troops. Forget about the deficit—how will our country’s taxpayers pay for the 1.4 who have already filed for disability??? Republicans hate any kind of “entitlement” programs, and trust me- this will be no different.

          • plznn, Our economy is great. Employment is high. The debt has stabilized. How do I know? The Bush tax cuts of 2001 are still in place. I remember he said those tax cuts would fix the economy.

          • oldtack


            Good article – but – alas – totally wasted on the RWN’s They have devolved to the point of being bereft of cognitive reason and slaves to Mass Media.

            Good article though. Thanks

          • A most excellent and well thought out post! It’s refreshing to read a post from someone who has their facts straight.

          • If you think those are facts please contiuue to watch jersey Shore and Maury and please dont vote

          • Justin Napolitano

            Go away Michael no one is interested in your BS.

          • oldtack

            Typical Justin reply from a mindless Bass without the B.

          • Michael, great place to get intelligent.

          • I am voting. Be afraid, be very afraid.

            P.S. What is Jersey Shore and who is Maury? I’m not much of a t.v. watcher.

          • I just wanted to thank you for enlighting us. As you said, Most of those wingnuts will not do the research to find the answers for themself! I strongly feel that they don`t like the president because of his skin color. They can`t and won`t except a black person to lead this nation. But it won`t be long before they will be out number by people of color.

          • Work that race card …feel the dark side of the force …embrace it

          • Cairndance

            It’s good to see that some people can actually submitt facts! Thank you.

          • if you cite that as facts we are all in trouble …Please dont vote

          • vorpalraster

            WTF are the facts, dude. I’m asking for facts not your opinion.

          • You Nail It!! To Bad The Brainwashed Idiots Don’t The Truth Even If It Jumped Up Slap The Hell Out Of Them!! Thank You Keith!!

          • marcianito

            Well said Keith Saunders well said. For liers like “Plznnn” there are no facts like you had stated. They will kept on lying until the voters will beleived that their lies are the truth.

          • Keith: You keep repeating “look up the facts”. You would not recognize facts even if they hit you on the head.
            You say: “Look up this administrations budgets and you will be surprised at what you find.” And I ask you, Keith, WHAT “administration’s budgets”??!! They haven’t had one in 3-1/2 years !!! To use your own words, Keith, “LOOK IT UP” !!
            Obama has been a disaster and he will lose by a LANDSLIDE in November.

          • ExPAVIC


            You better watch what you wish for. The American Taliban Republicans could hand you a one way ticket back home on a banana boat.

          • ExPAVIC: You haven’t taken my (friendly) advice not to mess around with somebody like me who can “run rings” around you, baby.
            1) Liberal lefties like you are in favor of illegal immigrants because they can (potentially and illegally) vote for Odumbo.
            2) So, if you think that the Republicans would send me “back home”, then you must think I am an illegal immigrant. As such, why would you want me to go “back home”? Is it because you have (correctly) noticed that I am not in favor of the WORST President EVER?
            3) So, make up your mind, ExSMART: Do you want me to stay or leave on a “banana boat”?
            4) You are not being very “politically correct” when you assume that “Eduardo” MUST be some dumb Hispanic (Latino, as you like to call them). Then again, it befuddles the mind why so many Hispanic dummies actually believe that Odummer and his leftie minions are for them. I guess they haven’t realized (and, of course, you lefties are not about to tell them) that, instead of “spreading” whatever “wealth” will be left when Odummer is done with our economy, what Romney/Ryan want is to (brace yourself, ExSMART !) …. INCREASE the SIZE of the pie !!
            5) “Banana boat”?!! What kind of racist language is that?!! But then, coming from you, … I take no offense … Tsk, tsk, tsk …
            6) It is not important for me what a dumb Odumber useful idiot like you thinks (wow! the word “thinks” must sound strange to you) about my country of origin or citizenship status. But just out of the “goodness of my heart”, and to be purposely condescending towards you, I am a natural born citizen of the United States of America, and not a Kenyan like you know who …

          • ExPAVIC

            HOMBRE STUPIDO

            If you are so accomplished, why are you an American Taliban Republican? They are the party of people who do their thinking for them with only what the rich, old, bigoted white guys want. Since the Nixon days they have been running the country into the ground with no change in sight.

            And, you want to call yourself intelligent? An intelligent what? A worm?

            You would have to live two lifetimes to accomplish what this writer did in one lifetime. You want to talk net worth?

          • ExSMART: No, I DO NOT want to talk “net worth” for 2 reasons:
            1) You obviously are an ignoramus who confuses terms that have different meanings: a) being “wealthy”; b) having (plenty of) money; c) being (temporarily) broke; d) being “POOR”.
            2) As I told you before (listen to me, ExSMART, you’ll learn!!), should your net worth be something to write home about (yes, dummies CAN have plenty of money, but they’ll NEVER be rich !), then you would belong to what people of your (low) IQ refer to as “the 1 percenters”. And THAT would be a big problem to you, wouldn’t it?!!

          • ExPAVIC


            Find a bus to step in front of. The WORLD won’t miss you, really.

            You are a prime reason this country has gone to crap in the past few years. Stupid people like you make it easy for the American Taliban Republicans to try and take over.

            You are rather wordy too with your small college BA degree (only).

          • Cairndance

            Would it be possible for you to write even ONE statement without all of the sleazy name calling? You haven’t had an original thought in all the months that I have followed this blog!
            I will definately be voting for a true American, not one who hides his money overseas to avoid taxes!

          • oldtack

            Part of your first sentence in your reply to EXPAVIC. ” Haven’t taken my friendly advice not to mess around with somebody like me who can run rings around you baby”..

            And then you really show your great intelligence with 6 rambling statements – none of which make sense. The only clear thing from your rambling is that you are very limited on Intelligence in the art of logical dissertation.

            Now – how are we to know you are a Natural Born citizen? Do you have all the necessary proof?

            One word of advice “friend” – if you are Latino or Hispanic and you live in Alabama, Arizona or Texas you had better have good papers. In these States the people don’t care about papers. they judge you by the color of your skin. Out in west Texas they don’t have Latinos or Hispanics nor do they even have Mexicans. Down there all brown people are called Meskins. Now you would have to be in some of these small cow towns to hear this but it is the truth.

            In a serious note, Eduardo, I think there is a grave danger for our Natural born Hispanic citizens in parts of the Border States.

            Mass Media has managed to take the “”Undocumented Resident” problem and create a volatile situation that could erupt into unbridled violence against good innocent citizens.

            It is time for us all to stop listening to the media “talking heads” and do our own research and come to our OWN conclusions and then sit down together and solve our problems.

            In one of Abraham Lincoln’s speeches he said “… a Nation divided against itself cannot long endure” .

            That is where This Nation is today. We are totally divided and unless This Nation returns to reason it cannot long endure.

          • Justin Napolitano

            Here is a clue Eduardo brain dead. Congress makes the budget not the President. The president can make recommendations but not the actual budget. Since the Republicans loaded every budget with crap the Senate would not approve, everything has been done piecemeal. Everything is still being paid and the poison the Republicans wanted have not been passed, thank God.

          • Justin: Wow! You are smart !
            Not like me; I am (now I know) brain dead… but at least I am NOT a useful idiot like you (and Odumbo LOVES you that way).
            You are the kind of “smart” Democrap who is content with Pelosi’s statement to the effect that “Well, we are just going to have to wait until we approve it in order that we can get to know what’s in it, don’t we? ”
            You MUST be Janet’s little brother ….
            Oh, brother !

          • Eduardo, you sound so smart. I bet you even have double-digit I.Q.

          • Unfortunately, Keith, plznn does not know how to think. He cannot understand a word you said.

        • And You Ignoring The Fact That The GOP In The One Who Cause This Debt With The Trickle Down Bullshit And The Endless Wars They Keep Starting!! You Must Think You’re Talking To A Kid Or Some One Who Just Came To America!! You Are Sadly Mistaken!!!

          • Fern please explain to me how creating jobs increasing the GDP and lowering taxes Increased the debt …I’ll wait for my answer ..Oh never mind that would involve your reality conflicting with your other reality

          • Go Screw Yourself Michael You Are So Stupid It’s Sicking!!

          • Fern, you actually seem to be an intelligent person and I have agreed with you on more than one occasion. However, don’t let the tea party drag you down to their level of hate and name-calling.

        • The 716Billion is taken from the insurance companies, health care providers and from fraud detection and elimination. NOT from the recipeints. Thats why the whole “Obama took 716 Billion from medicare” tactic is not working….cause it is a LIE! Even Romney is abandoning it from his campaign speeches..he had to admit that it was ineffective and misleading…as is the whole “you didn’t build it” BS….

        • The Republicans are the one’s who created everything that you’re trying to pin on Obama. Either you have a very low IQ and a lack of common sense or someone is paying you to write the non-sense that you are spewing. We all lived through the Bush era, we all know what Republicans do when they are in charge, we all know who created the deficits and what party ran our economy off a cliff and what party wants to cut taxes and wipe out our social programs as they steal from the American people and ruin our country’s future. Your lies won’t change the truth. Tell your B.S. to someone dumber than yourself, maybe they’ll believe you.

          • Love it. Republican = rich or stupid

          • CPANY

            Republican = crook.

        • That’s all lies from the right! How can you, or anyone else be ignorant enough to buy into that bullshit. Obama’s policies only failed because the republicans blocked everything that he tried to do.

          • Exactly. We wouldn’t be in this mess if it weren’t for the obstructionism.

          • CPANY

            We wouldn’t be in this mess if it weren’t for Bush’s lies that got us into the second Iraq war and our continued presence in the Middle East.

        • didier croix

          You are Brain washed and buying into the Republican bull. Think for yourself! Vote your circumstance not your prejudice! Or mabe you are part of the 1% that Mitt the twitt cares about?

        • Bodine666

          —– And you ignore the trillions in new debt for our children, doing nothing to shore up Medicare & S.S. while taking $716 Billion from Medicare, higer taxes & regulations on businesses causing them to leave the U.S. and loss of jobs & tax revenue —–

          Can you provide any evidence for your right-wing talking points? Of course you can’t. They are all lies and you know it.

          Let’s look at the alleged $716 Billion. That is not money taken from Medicare. It’s the savings realizes by throwing the scam artists off the Medicare dole. It also comes from lower charges for medical procedures. Lower charges the medical providers agreed to. Why would they do this? Because they would no longer have to provide care for the tens of millions without insurance free of charge. With the additional tens of millions of patients with insurance, courtesy of the ACA, they will still make healthy profits. In addition, courtesy of the ACA, seniors also enjoy the benefits of free cancer screenings and closing the donut hole the repubs created to increase the wealth of their friends in big pharma.

          The savings also extends Medicare by another decade, giving plenty of time to come up with workable solutions. Of course, we know the repubs won’t help with this. They have been trying to destroy Medicare since the first day.

          While we’re on the subject, tell us what the repub plan is. I know, you won’t. It’s the height of hypocrisy. The repubs also plan to take the same $716 Billion. The difference is the repubs plan to make it up by forcing seniors to pay more out of their pockets. $6,400.00 more each year.

          Curious how right-wing nut jobs didn’t worry about the debt or deficit when dubya, and the repubs, were blowing the economy and borrowing $TRILLIONS$ from China to pay for their wars of choice instead of paying for them. One half of the debt is caused directly by the bush tax cuts and the repubs unfunded wars. The bills didn’t stop in 2009.

          Where does this BS about higher taxes come from? Unless you are one of the right-wing hate mongers living off food stamps and welfare or in the top 1% the tax rate is the lowest it has ever been. You’d know that if you had a job and actually paid taxes. The right-wing hypocrisy is beyond imagination. The repub states have the vast majority of folks getting welfare and food stamps. Do you not realize the welfare and food stamps they are talking about taking is the same welfare and food stamps you are getting? Won’t that be a shock? Right-wing leeches will actually have to start supporting themselves instead of living off the dole.

          The other things you claim are flat-out lies provided by the republican propaganda network, False News. If they weren’t lies you could provide some evidence.

          • Tom_D44

            Bodine, these savings – are they actually documented savings or are they projected, hopeful savings that will one day be generated through new policies and enforcement. As far as I know our Medicare system has not been miraculously fixed all of a sudden.

            So how do you take these savings when they are not yet realized and what happens in the event that we don’t actually realize them or that they are far less then ever projected? Kind of like playing with vodoo math and not real money.

          • metrognome3830

            Tom, that’s a lame answer. Bodine666 is one of a very small number of posters who gets the $716 Billion Republican distortion. It’s a new program and you are asking to see whether the savings are realized? How about you showing that there have been no savings. You want to know what happens if they are less than projected? What will you have to say if it is more successful than projected? Why don’t you explain how Romney and Ryan’s plan would provide savings to Medicare? They do claim to have a plan, you know. No one claimed Medicare was miraculously fixed all of a sudden. I know it’s difficult to be positive, Tom, but 100% negativity sure isn’t going to fix anything.

          • Tom_D44

            Wrong Metro, this is how we got into this whole mess to begin with – spending money we never had and going into debt. The government plays voodoo math with the public – Bush calculating budgets without counting the cost of wars, Clinton showing surpluses when most of it was coming from the timing for SS payments, Obama having no budget at all……..borrowing from one fund to pay for another and never paying it back. It’s always a dishonest depiction of what is really going on.

            I’m fine with taking savings generated by good policy and funding another program, but let’s see those savings first. Let’s be sure that the policies are actually working and that we can show there are savings to divert. And if the savings are larger than projected than lets pay down that debt rather than spend it on more programs. But I don’t have any confidence in our government that they can do this. I can’t think of one example where they get it right.

            I work with local governments all the time, looking at their construction estimates. They spend more money on studies than any private company does for the same kinds of projects, and inevitable they are always over budget. Why is that? We had a $1.5mill federal grant to clean up some local estuaries and our city spent $500k just on studies. They spent so much time on these studies that they lost the grant. Then they tried to go to the waterfront landowners and sell them on a special tax assessment district to get the project done. Total ineptness. They take so long to make decisions and get projects going that by the time they move forward all the costs have changed. Ever watch road construction? By the time a new project is done they are already over capacity and have to widen the road again. They do stupid things like spend money on things we don’t need because if they don’t spend it their budgets are reduced the next year. And to think that this doesn’t go on at the federal level is ignorant.

            So think with some common sense for a minute. Let’s say you wanted to buy a new $30,000 car and didn’t have the money – but you ran some numbers and figured that if you started turning your lights off everytime you left a room, and kept your AC at 78 instead of 75, you could save a couple hundred a month. Would you run right out and buy the car? Or would you want to see if you and your family could actually create that savings first? Because once you buy the car you are in, and if you can’t get your kids to turn off those lights you are screwed. That’s common sense and the government uses very little of it.

          • metrognome3830

            Tom, this is a much more reasoned answer than you gave previously. I actually agree with you on most of what you say, and have said so in posts in the past. However, the analogy you present re: buying a new car, I think is a little weak. An individual, buying a new car is not really like trying to solve a problem the magnitude of health care for the country. I believe that the administration has started cracking down on Medicare fraud. As far as reducing payments to providers, they have agreed to it. They are taking the chance that cracking down on fraud, concentrating on outcomes instead of fee-for-service and having more people insured will work. Are you going to wait and see if Ryan’s plan works before you vote for him? Or would you vote for him and hope his plan works? The problems you refer to on construction projects are real. But are they the fault of government or are they the fault of all of us. The studies have to be done because various segments of the population want them done. Does the government spend too much time and money on these studies? Yes. And there is probably fraud and bribery as well. The bottom line is, we elect these people. Unfortunately, the air in DC seems to bring out the worst in them shortly after they get there. Very few of them avoid the temptation. If you think Romney and Ryan will really solve these problems, then by all means, you should vote for them. I will not because I think they will conduct business as usual. I don’t see that we have much to choose from.

          • Wrong Paul Ryan said “we want the medicare debate it is a debate we will win.”. Do you think your DEMs can explain away their mess when Ryan shows real world math ? Do you think your media will cover the debate on that or talk about a dog in a crate ? By the way Dogs have formed a PAC …it’s called Dogs to defeat Obama …because in the crate is better then on the plate

          • metrognome3830

            “Wrong Paul Ryan?” Is that your new label for him? I like that. Gosh, Michael, it’s hard to come up with an answer to such a clearly thought out and reasoned response. I guess I will just ignore it.

          • Bodine666

            By the same token, how can you claim anything has been taken from Medicare? Nothing has yet happened. The savings are based on the projections over several years. If, for some reason they didn’t work out there is still time to come up with another solution.

            The bottom line is simple. Repubs want to destroy the program. They always have. No amount of claiming otherwise will convince anyone. The repubs claims to want to save Medicare are as believable as the claims of a serial rapist that he has seen the error of his ways. I am firmly convinced the repubs unfunded Part D plan is part of their long term goals of making Medicare too expensive. For starters the repubs didn’t fund it. More ‘borrow and spend’ from the ‘deficit hawks’ party? Have the repubs ever passed a bill they were willing to fund?

            Medicare is the largest, or in the top two, purchaser of prescription drugs. What idiot would specifically deny a group that size the ability to negotiate prices? The VA negotiates prices and their costs are much lower.

            Since you mention voodoo math explain how the repubs plan is going to work. Their plan also relies on the same projected savings but with one caveat — seniors will have to pay the difference out of their pockets. A voucher for seniors? Just as an exercise why don’t you call some insurance companies and get a quote for health insurance for someone 65 or older. I’ve done it. If you can find anyone willing to cover such a person the costs will be more than double what the voucher is and the amount of the voucher is no longer tied to inflation. Even if it were it still wouldn’t come close to the rising costs of medical care.

            Instead of working with the Democrats to find real solutions, the repubs have pulled every nasty trick they could conceive of to destroy Medicare. The Part D plan was the nastiest until now. The lies they are spreading have been completely denounced by every independent economist around. Only the repubs propaganda network, fox news, pushes their lies as fact.

            Repubs want to destroy Medicare. That is the overriding fact everyone should know before listening to what they have to say.

        • Your message said it all. Thank you very much, These evil right wingers wants to doom America for good and you can tell their lies on their faces all the time. Obama wants to do the right thing,but they won’t let him because they made it clear that they want him to fail. God always on obama side and thats why the they can’t take it, and they know that.

        • anyasnote

          OMG – get your head out of the sand and see the light. Why do you people even listen to Faux News, Rushies, Hannity etc.. Can you draw your own opinions based on your own research?? It’s so simple to use common sense, being open minded and not RACIST. Think of your country first and your future. Why do you say about the $716M being taken out of medicare?? It’s the savings from medicare by creating ACA. Why would you vote against self interest and your own healthcare(and your purse) by voting NO. Which part of the ACA and the budget you don’t understand??? Where are the money from Clinton ??? Oooops Bush blew it on 2 wars and Part D Prescription and never paid for it and was NEVER in the budget but Obama had to add to his and run with it. Did you pay off your old charges on CC or continue to charge to run your household???
          Hmmmmm. Put your blinders aside for a minute and THINK.
          Sad for your ignorance.

        • bigspender7

          Wow Plumbob — you are seriously confused.

        • garyls

          did you compare obama debt to w. bush debt? to reagan debt?

          if the 1930s govt incurred a lot of debt to get money to people to buy items to stimulate the economy. that was good then. why is it bad now?

          part of the obama debt is to put in the budget the wars that gwb kept off the budget and funded with separate authorizations. thus he could incur the debt without having it show up as a budget debt. neat trick but it is still debt.

          what higher taxes since 2008? what higher regulations? let us be specific. what proof is there that higher taxes and regs caused business to leave the usa? name some.

          the obama policies have not failed. congress has failed to enact them. so, we do not know if they work or not. we do know that doing nothing, the current congress, has not helped. it has hurt.

          • Name some GM bult 4 new plants in China and they got Billions of OUR tax dollars gifted them by Obama …They also are exe,mpt from having to pay taxes until 2016 and their stock is half of what it needs to be to pay back our money . GE also was gifted OUR money paid NO taxes and shipped 26,000 jobs to china .

        • Don

          You also have to look at Romney shipping goods to be made to China from his Bain Capital fund which is still going on today, if you read the above article.

        • pen h

          I’m a sensible Republican. Don’t believe everything you hear. Find out the truth by finding the true facts, not what someone is writing or saying. You can find what the $716 Billion is really coming from. Not anyone’s Medicare. Look at the new benefits seniors are getting in medicare to find conditions before you get sick. Don’t believe the mistruths flowing like water from a faucet out of the Romney Campaign.
          I’ll vote Republican again when the Republican Party comes forth with a candidate I can support, but my patience is running thin and I don’t have high hopes.

        • m1a0n3u0e1l2

          You have shown to be a good student of Limbaugh, Fox and Tea-baggers teachings.

        • S-3

          I liked you to poinmt out how stupid you are. You get my salute: for worst comment on this news report so far!

        • valnintee

          It fail with the true help by the bush presidency, stop blaming president Obama for what your past presidents has done ! should have spoken out and complain then!!!

        • herb walter

          Let’s face it – Bush’s recession did not end in 2009 – it only began. He pushed America into a deep deep hole and because of these moronic Republicans in the house who took a vow to say NO to everything Obama tried to do – this is what added to the slow recovery. The 2 wars that were not paid for and the tax cut to the rich raised our deficit to 14 trillions – but when BUSH took office – it was a huge surplus achieved by a Democratic president “Clinton”. and who gave us Medicare, Social Security — DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTS.

        • I wish you would think and stop listening to lies. On the Medicare issue – the AHCA saved 716Billion, no benefits were cut. Without that 716billion in savings solvency would be an issue (source AARP) . Taxes are at historic low (source Center for Budget and Policy).

          Yes – there is high unemployment but more jobs were created under President Obama than during any time during the past 30 years. Most people on welfare are white children and seniors.

          I do not know where you get the idea that the Bush’s recession was a recession and that it ended the year after he left office.

          The vast majority of the debt was run up under Bush, voted yes on by Ryan. The Gop’s budget does not balance the budget till after 2030. You are right to be worried about your children.

          Find a reputable NEWS source and vote for you and your children’s economic health.

          • wait a minute ..You are citing AARP which sold it’s soul because they also sell Insurance and are going to benefit from the CUTS in Medicare ??? then you tell others to find reputable news sources ..I’m going to copy amnd paste that to all the conservative sites I know just to show how uninformed and out of the loop Liberlas are …Thanks for the laugh I needed it … maybe we should all get our news and LIEs from AARP …That is so funny

          • Michael, the AARP position is based on the fact that MEDICARE is not getting enough funding from contributors and is using large amounts of money from general funds to cover expenses. If this continue the options are to let the program go broke or raise taxes. The reductions in projected expenses over the next 10 years involve reductions in what service providers can charge, elimination of expenditures made redundant by ACA, and focus on reducing unnecessary or redundant testing. Senior benefits have not been touched, and they are actually going to be expanded by reductions in RX copays brought about by ACA and the elimination of the doughnut hole. Bear in mind that the need to reduce the budget deficit is now a law (Cut, Cap and Balance Act) put in place at the insistence of Republican House members as a condition to raise the national debt ceiling. Rep. Ryan and House Republicans enthusiastically embraced and supported the $716B reduction in projected expenditures over the nest 10 years. Check the congressional records on line if you don’t believe it.

          • And then Obama and the DEMS counted those savings twice to try to make ObamaTAX look doable which it is not . Everytime the CBO looks at the cost projections they go up . Right now they are projecting triple the expenditures to run it . I concede the 1st line of your post but why is that ? And to cite AARP who has a vested interest in ObamaTAX and is going to profit in the billions off of it is inane …

          • Don’t confuse plznn with facts. His mind is made up. He has this primitive idea that the parties represent good and evil and he thinks he is in the good party. We still have the Bush tax cuts in place, so, yes, the economy is not moving fast enough.

        • marcianito

          You are a deadbet liar!

        • We have but you have not, the class warfare started when the conservatives lost the war in 1776 and you blaime Obama for the results.

          • What war did conservatives lose in 1776 ..The Revelutionary war was started and won by a group stirred to action by the original TEA PARTY

        • Im going to throw some math at you all and I know that scares and confuses Liberals
          Number of Billionaires In the US 403
          Avg Ammual Income of US Billionaires 106 mil
          Tax Revenue @ 70% rate that Obama would like 30 Bil
          Obama’s 2011 Budget DEFICIT 1.27 TRILLION
          % of DEFICIT paid by those Billionaires if Obama gets his Divide America through meaningless Class Warfare for his Political gain TAX 2 % Do you understand ? If Obama gets his way his Tax Increase will result in 700,000 fewer jobs ( Ernst and Young report ) and it will only cut HIS Record Deficit by 2% .Or to put it another way if he took it to run his regime at it’s current spending rate he would run out of money in 8 1/2 DAYS !!!!..It is the type of silliness to divide a Nation only an uninformed person would buy into …Seems there are a lot of them on this thread .

          You get that… he is dividing the Country for his own gain when any economist or anyone with a calculator can see that at the rate he is spending America into Bankruptcy that there isn’t enough GDP in America to pay for it . He is Bankrupting America to weaken this Nation

        • Bodine666

          —– Obama has you buying into the class warfare to take your minds off all his failed policies, please think about what is going on. —–

          Do any of you repubs actually think before posting? You chant ‘failed policies’ mindlessly over and over. I’ve challenged many of you to name just one failed policy. Not one of you has taken the challenge. And for good reason. You can’t.

          I clearly remember it was repubs that came up with the ‘class warfare’ BS. One of the major components of propaganda is to accuse your opponent of doing what you’re doing, or decide to do. This makes it easy to predict what repubs will do next. Just check and see what the repubs are accusing everyone else of doing.

          Before President Obama took office repubs decided to vote in lockstep against or filibuster anything and everything the Democratic party tried to do, regardless of how much it harmed the nation. How can there be any ‘failed’ policies when there have been none? There is a jobs bill that would have put millions to work last year. Repubs blocked it.

          Before you start the chant of ’30 jobs bills’ the repubs have (actually 27), I’ve seen them all. Some of them would cause severe jobs losses. None are to put anyone to work. Just more of the thoroughly debunked BS about ‘tax cuts for the rich create jobs’. Thoroughly discredited over the last three decades. As many tax cuts as the rich have gotten from repubs there should be two or three vacant jobs for every person in the nation.

          There was a huge budget surplus when dubya took office. Unemployment was at 4%. The repubs took unemployment to 7.8% the day President Obama took office and there was almost one million jobs lost that same month. By Feb, 2009 unemployment was 8.1%. I suppose that, since he had been in office for a week, is President Obama’s fault. He has a magic wand, according to the repubs, so why doesn’t he just wave it? Right?

          Dubya, and the repubs, kept the costs of the unfunded wars off the books. That way they could claim there was no deficit when, in fact, there was a $1.4 Trillion deficit the day President Obama took office.

          Here’s the problem with making claims about things that can be checked. Unlike repubs – cons – right wingers – baggers, who only check with the next repub they see as to the veracity of repub claims, us ‘libruals,’ as you so love to say, actually research the facts to determine the truth of things.

          You may throw the label of ‘liberal’ at me anytime you want. Liberals have a long, proud history of helping the nation. In 1776 conservatives, or tories as they were known at the time, fought against the revolution, on the side of the British. Conservatives fought to keep slaves, going so far as to declare war on the United States. It was liberals that fought for separation of church and state, voting rights, civil rights, womens rights, marriage equality, and the social safety net that keeps seniors out of poverty. Tell me, what brave accomplishments can conservatives lay claim to?

        • Justin Napolitano

          Sorry PLZNNN but nothing is being taken from Medicare; the cuts are to the health care providers, which agreed to the cuts in exchange for 30 million new customers.
          As for the debt you can count on Romney increasing it to pay for his tax cuts for the rich.
          Everybody but the rich will be screwed and Medicare and Social Security have nothing to do with our debt. SS has 2.8 trillion in special issue treasuries and is sound till 2038 Medicare will have no problem with the Obama plan in place until 2025. With the Ryan plan Medicare will be out of money in 4 years.

          • You are absolutely right. SS and Medicare come out of that trust fund. It is safer than putting Social Security and Medicare in the hands of Wall Street and the Insurance Companies. This is one of the only industrialized countries that think medical care is a status symbol.

        • Plznn, If there was manufacturing in this country, if overseas jobs were brought back, and employment was higher, the working people would pay down the national debt. If we have to spend more tax money to bring back the economy it will help everyone in the end.
          Trickle down does not work. The economy is like a tree, it grows from the bottom up and bottom is all those people who work for wages. Speculators like Bain Capital do not contribute to the economy. Banks who spend their time betting on derivatives hurt the economy.

      • Jim

        The 5% are already paying 65% of the income taxes. The rest of us should pay our fair share.

        • That’s Cause They Got Most Of The Money Fool And They Should Pay More !!! Jim You Just Another Tea Bagging Idiot So Save Your Bullshit For Other Tea Bagging Idiots Like Yourself!!!

        • If I make $75,000 I am going to pay more taxes than a person making $30,000. So why does the middle class pay 31% and the top 2% pay 14%?The top two percent actually gross 85% of the money earned in this country.

      • Don

        Yup that may be me and my wife, but not likely but I feel bad for my son, wife and her mother who all love Ryan and Romney. They may not have any sociasl security or Medicare to take care of them.

        • marcianito

          Maybe the are one of the 95% so they have a good reason to love them. they don’t have anything to worry about the future of this country as long as the pocket are full.

        • They sure won’t have Medicare with Obama …ObamaTAX raids it for over 700 Bil …The Ryan plan keeps it in place for anyone over 55 and allows those Younger to opt in or opt into a different type of Investment plan

          • Michael Briscoe

            My wife has a friend who is always putting down the Obama Health Care Plan. But now that the plan has started she can finally get preventive health care that she could not get before. She is now going to have a mammogram, a bone density test, and a colostomy done. My wife said that her friend is so happy to be able to get these test and others done. In spite this, if you ask my wife’s friend about the Obama Health Care Plan, she will tell you that it is totally worthless. Go figure!

          • Your Wife’s Freind is a Stupid ASS Dumb Cluts

          • Hey Wilfredo Mirabal, you are another REP/GOP/TEAPARTY/ASSDUMBOPIECEOFSHITBAGGER!!! OBAMA FOR AMERICA OLE!!!

          • oldtack

            Forum readers meet Alfredo Mirable – another mindless Right -Wing Nut Idiot that does not have the Innate abilities of reason and logic. Being totally bereft of these basic skills he does the only thing his weak brainwashed mind allows him to do and that is ATTACK. Very typical of the Tea Party Christians. Another good example of mindless Basses – without the B.

          • Wilfredo, your ugly outburt proves what I think about the tea party. They don’t research. They don’t think. they let Rush Limbaugh tell them what to think and they spew hate at anyone who has a different opinion.

          • wilfredo, wow that’s a brilliant observation. Do you belong to Mensa?

          • How does your friend qualify ? Illegal Alien ? Welfare recipient ? Old and would’ve gotten in thought their states Medicaid anyway ?

          • Justin Napolitano

            You can’t cure racism and stupid no matter what health care plan you have.

          • Obama’s Health Care Plan does more help than harm.

          • you’re an idiot if you still believe those lies after it’s been exposed as a complete lie…why are you Repigs so freakin’ stupid anyway?

          • Justin Napolitano

            Stop lying Michael, Obama didn’t take one GD dime from medicare. Health providers agreed to the cuts in exchange for the 30 million more customers they will have with the Affordable care ACT. Ryan would get rid of medicare, as we know it, and put in place a program seniors could not afford.
            How would you like to be 54 years old when the Ryan plan took effect knowing you are getting screwed while your friends 55 and older get full Medicare.
            They get the elevator and you get the shaft.

          • Edward53

            You’re a liar and you know it. Obama robbed medicare for $716 Billion. So stop with the BS.

          • oldtack

            You make a wild-eyed attack on Justin – but – where is your proof to back up your allegation that Justin is a liar and full of bull shit? Did you ever read the Bill? Do you know where the figure of $716 Billion came from? Do you know how to go into the net and find these Bills and proposals? Would you be able to comprehend the content if you could read the Bill?

            In a certain time of the year bass go on a feeding frenzy to the point that they will face upstream with mouth open swallowing anything that come their way. This is a good time for catching all the bass you want. We refer to them as mindless basses.

            Your replies on the forum remind me of the mindless basses – In you case – just eliminate the B from Bass.

          • Hey Asshole You Do Know It’s Your Mother Who Is The Tranny!! Honk Honk You Low Life Tea Bagging Bitch!!! You Are A Sad Excuse For A Man!! That Right You A Coward And A Chicken Shit Sneaky Little BITCH!!!

          • Ed

            What was that all about? His mother? Whose?

          • Edward53

            Damn, you’re a nasty bitch. LOL I love getting you commies all worked up. Did I make you mad, Vern? I really hope so. I bet you’ll really be mad when Bammy and Moochie get kicked out of the White House in November. LOL. I can’t wait. They’re gonna have to do alot of fumigating to clean that place up. They’ll have to set out a bunch of Roach Motels to get rid of the cockroaches they brought with them from their home in Chicago. See you later, Vern. I hope you have a wonderful day.

          • Your Mother is the Nasty Bitch She Had Your Stinking Ass You low Life Tea Bagging Bitch!! Go Back To Your Sucking Koch Brothers Asses And STFU Talking To Me Little BITCH!!!

          • Sorry, Edward. but you are ill informed.

          • AdamMos

            Wrong again Edward53,

            The $716 buillion are savings which were also proposed by Lying Ryan. In fact they reduce and eliminate overpayments to the providers and health carriers. Benefits have and will not be diminished. In fact, current beneficiaries will be paying less for the preventative services and prescription drugs they desperately need. This added an additional 8 years of solvenncy to the program according to the non partisan Congressional Budget Office. Romney sounds like an idiot for proposing to put this waste, abuse and fraud back into the system and Ryan is now avoiding the subject. Obama will school you guys in the debates.

          • Justin- I figured we’d better cover our bases and allow him the “complete imbecile” defense.

          • Michael, why don’t you do a little research from reliable entities. The money saved on Medicare by reducing overpayments is where the supposed raid came from. I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican. I am not an Independent. I can see the harm parties are doing to this country. However, I find the most repugnant people in the Republican Party. They don’t think. they let nuts do their thinking for them and they are so hateful.

          • AdamMos

            Wrong again Michael,
            The $716 buillion are savings which were also proposed by Lying Ryan. In fact they reduce and eliminate overpayments to the providers and health carriers. Benefits have and will not be diminished. In fact, current beneficiaries will be paying less for the preventative services and prescription drugs they desperately need. This added an additional 8 years of solvenncy to the program according to the non partisan Congressional Budget Office. Romney sounds like an idiot for proposing to put this waste, abuse and fraud back into the system and Ryan is now avoiding the subject. Obama will school you guys in the debates.

          • Del

            Read Paul Ryan’s Site……find the medicare plan. It doesn’t start at 55 plus. It will change medicare for all. Vouchers worth not enough to purchase health care for the elderly. Before speaking know your FACTS.

          • Dude, do you pay even the remotest speck of attention? R-squared, and Co. supported these very cuts.

            So either you’re fully aware of this and you’re lying, or your a complete imbecile who needs to have his computer taken away.

    • All My Years Of Voting I Never Heard A Person Running For President Having Money Hidden And Invested In Other Countries Like Romney Do!! This Is Shameful And Appalling!!!

    • Jim

      Why are you so envious of others’ success? Or, are you a failure and just trying to blame someone else (“Bush” is already taken)

      • roseharner

        Wow… You are screwed up!! What is success to you and how is it attained? Is it hard work at stealing, cheating, and lying or is it by gaining power and advantage through deceit, duplicity, collusion, and facades or is it to proclaim you are a “success” and then finding others to agree with you?? Or, is it simply to go with the team that looks the best.

        If you are not within the 5%, please know the Republican party really does not care about your condition. They only care about money, power, and self-indulgence….

      • ExPAVIC


        A lying, sleazeball by any other name is still a lying, sleazeball. Tell your story to the 72 people who approved my initial posting and watch how they vote on November 6th.

        Like the British in response to George W. Bush re-election in 2004, “how can so many American people can be so stupid.”

      • I bet none of us are envious of success. Tea party statement.

    • Lot of opinion with no basis in fact or Logic but that’s the way Liberals like it

      • ExPAVIC


        Read the postings here. Or don’t you read anything based on facts and truth like Karl Rove wishes?

        Read my initial posting for 72 likes from people smarter than you seem to be.

        • Michael Is Brainwashed And Full Of Brain Farts!! Stool Is A Tool And An Idiot

          • Fern is a reasoned and intelligent poster . her posts are full of logic and she cites fact that can be easily found out . The Math she uses is beyond reproach . She never devolves into personal attack and can debate on merit ….hahahahahahahah…when she talks dirty nouth it turns me on

          • Edward53

            Honk, honk said Fern the goose

        • Do you think I care how many like you get from other people who have the same indoctrinated views as yourself ? Do you think that gives your posts some weight ? That is so childish . If you had the balls to post on a Conservative site which I’m sure you wouldn’t your posts would get zero likes . Your argument is chidish and inane .

          • ExPAVIC


            You moronic moron. This is the vox populae “Voice of the People” something the American Taliban Republicans have ignored at their peril. Watch how it works on November 6th you looser.

          • Michael Stoll, Pot – kettle. Everything you have said is filtered through your preconceived notions and what you were taught when you were little. Instead of wondering why others think different from you – you attack them.

      • I am looking for the verified facts in your statement.

    • docb

      Passionate vacuity is NOT SWEET TALKING!
      Rolling stone his further proof of his duplicity! Fixing Bain with FED bailouts for a fee…Then we have the CRACKER BAY flying the Caymans flag for a secret fundraiser this morning! What the hell are they thinking? or are they just bought?

  • The only valuable lesson or information I’ve gleaned from this article is the importance of flushing our tax codes and starting anew from top to bottom.

  • WhutHeSaid

    All of this should warm the black little hearts of the Tax Evasion Artists (TEA) Party, but it just raises an obvious question for normal people: Did Mitt Romney take advantage of the government’s amnesty program for offshore tax cheats?

    It’s bad enough that Romney can’t figure out what decade he left Bain or what his tax policies would really look like (other than superficial ‘fluff’ descriptions). He’s clearly willing to lie and flip-flop to gain the Presidency, why should we trust him to not be a tax cheat? This issue isn’t going to go away — time to come clean, Willard!

  • You think Obama wouldn’t do the same? So what if Mitt could save his money from the tax in USA I say good for Mitt! if it is Legal so what? Uncle Sam has taken our savings they spend it where ever they want, Then tax us for loosing our money!

    • ExPAVIC


      Tax avoidance is cheating you and I because it causes the IRS to raise our taxes to pay the taxes crooked RoMoney avoids. Is that simple enough for you?

  • middleclasstaxpayer

    Well at least he’s NOT hiring lawyers to deny access to his personal records for over a year as Obama did with his birth records…What exactly WAS Obama afraid would surface in his birth records anyway?? Any normal person with nothing to hide would have released his birth records IMMEDIATELY!!!

    • ExPAVIC


      Obama DID PRODUCE a valid birth certificate. Where are RoMoney’s valid tax returns to show how much tax money he “avoided” (cheated us out of)?

      And, it was the middle class he screwed. Can’t you feel the twisting?

      • You are not required to produce any tax records. You do need a valid birth certificate – not one you made up with Photoshop. Obama’s so-called birth certificate shows him being born in a hospital that didn’t exist until after he was born.

        It also listed his father’s race as “African”. There is no “African” race, just like there is no “American” or “Canadian” race. At that time, the father’s race should have been listed as “negro”. Anybody filling out a birth certificate would most certainly know that.

        • old_blu

          You do know a sign of mental illness is repeating the same thing over and over, and thinking it will change and be true?

        • Cairndance

          I think that in 1960 Hawaii, anyone filling out a birth certificate would have noted “African”, since that is where the Father came from! If the Father was an American Negro, it probably would have been filled out as Negro!

        • ExPAVIC


          If you have a history of being a lying, sleazeball tax records are a vital indication that you paid your share of taxes.

          A valid birth certificate has been produced which satisfied everyone but that air head Donald Thump (sic).

          You sound and think like Karl Rove which is the worst epithet I can imagine assigned to you.

          Review my initial posting and its 72 likes which indicates how much you are in the minority.

    • sn77339

      I can pretty well guarantee that there is a whole army of lawyers behind Romney and the Great Tax Coverup. Why you so desperately want to believe that a tax cheating cult member is as innocent as a newborn babe is a mystery.

    • old_blu

      Another day of your verbal vomit? You do know Obama is already President?

      He don’t have to show anything.

  • They call them tax cheaters, It is legal if you have enough money to use the cheating method.

  • Peace: Criminal action do not give the candidate for President a leg up. How can anyone vote for this man knowing he is an outright lier, cheat, if they do then they are just as corrupt.

    • And Due To The Fact That His Whole Campaign Is Built On A Foundation Of Lies, Flip Flopping And Obama Bashing Also Hiding His Tax Returns, Romney Can Not Be Trusted To Run The USA!! NEVER!!! Plus His On Agenda Is Money Hoarding For Himself And His 5% Wealthy And Drilling And Fracking Which Will Destroy Our Land And Water !! I Say No To Mr. Strip And Ship And His American Taliban Members!!!

      • And a Community Organizer with no experience and a track record of ruining and downsizing the American economy can be trusted ? You notice DEAR LEADERis not running in his record right ? Look his loyal flock is chanting Fo Mo years ….does that mean you want Fo Mo years of Record Unemployment ,Unprecedented growth in Govt at Tax Payer Expense , Record Deficits , and Record Spending ?By the way Fraking has been used since the Forty’s with no ill effect . Socialist Europe has used fraking for decades and that is the model Obama wants for America so why don’t you want it ? Are you just like Obama and want to see America with no jobs and dependent on others for oil when we have it right here ?

        • Im going to throw some math at you all and I know that scares and cionfuses Liberals
          Number of Billionaires In the US 403
          Avg Ammual Income of US Billionaires 106 mil
          Tax Revenue @ 70% rate that Obama would like 30 Bil
          Obama’s 2011 Budget DEFICIT 1.27 TRILLIOM
          % of DEFICIT paid by those Billionaires if Obama gets his Divide America through meaningless Class Warfare for his Political gain TAX 2 %

          You get that… he is dividing the Country for his own gain when any economist or anyone with a calculator can see that at the rate he is spending America into Bankruptcy that there isn’t enough GDP in America to pay for it . He is Bankrupting America to weaken this Nation
          Ok Fern instead of considering a reasoned post that states facts and logic … and opening your eyes… feel free to start swearing at me and questioning my Parentage

          • Hey Liar You Not Convincing Nobody But Your Tea Bagging Koch Brothers Butt Kissing Troll Friends So You My Thug Needs To STFU!!!

          • herchato

            Mike, it’s just my opinion but I think you may need more reps (pratice) at writing and math. Fern, honey you have just got to start standing up for yourself. You guys are a delightful couple and you have made my Saturday more something special. Thank you!

          • I Rather Stick My Self In The Eye With An Icepick Than To Be Bother With A Tea Bagging Bitch Like Michael Stool!! His Last Name Says It All He A Piece of Shit!!! Stool Is A Turd!!

          • Fern don’t hold back your turning me on

          • Please STFU You Are Just So Stupid!! You Constance With Making A Fool Out Of Yourself!! Stoll You Are A Fool!!

          • Edward53

            Fern, have you ever been goosed? Honk, Honk.

          • old_blu

            I know you think you are funny, but you really are not.

          • Edward53

            I bet you think Barack Obama is a good President. But he really is not. He’s a Communist who is ruining our country. You will be able to say bye bye to him in November. He needs to be arrested and put in Gitmo for the rest of his miserable life or hung for committing treason.

          • Edward, as usual you show that you graduated summa cum laud from Harvard.

            I hop you are not a Christian because the Bible says “Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness.” It also says “If you have broken one of these commandments, you have broken them all.

            You sound like the queen of whack jobs, Michelle Bauchman who also professes to be a Christian.

        • You Come Back For More Cussing Out Asshole !! Take your Tea Bagging Ass Elsewhere!!

          • herchato

            Fern, you gotta quit holding back honey.

          • Don’t Worry I’ll Let It All Out On One Of These GOP/Tea Bagging Asshole That Keep Trying To Talk That Brainwashed Bullshit To Me!! I Keep Telling Them Not To Address Me With Their Dumb Ass Remarks I Don’t Want To Hear It!!

          • herchato

            You go girl!

            Subject: [thenationalmemo] Re: Foreign Affairs: How Romney’ s Millions Went Tax-Free Overseas

        • And Romney Who Made His Money On His Father’s Death And Invested In Stripping American Companies And Shipping Our American Jobs And Disposal Of Aborted Fetuses!! I Take The Community Organizer Any Day!!!

        • grammyjill

          carbon copy of the lies that spewed from romney. if you actually checked this shit out, you would find that northeast texas had 40 earthquakes due to fracking from the last week of may to the second week of july. i’m not even going to dignify the rest of that shit with an answer. can’t fix your stupid.

          • Your LIES are news to NOAA ..dont let reality get in your way Grammy

          • grammyjill

            The difference between you and I is that I don’t need to lie. Everything I say can be checked.

        • Michael, you must be wrong about unemployment. The Bush tax cuts that were enacted in 2001 are still in place, so everything is hunky dory. One way to tell if it is a lie is when someone is so presumptive to say what someone else is thinking or someone else wants.

    • eddie powell

      well said shabazz first of all my self i want a clean government the comment on obama birth certificate only shows the ignorance of a tyrant who can,t show his income taxes to the american people if i am audited i must show every practical dealing to the federal government and this dictator want to be is no exception to the rule how can you run a government when he can,t abide by the government rules a cheat and a lier he flip flop,s on abortion as well, picking on social security and medicare let,s see kill off the seniors and put america back to work building bombs to attack iran and the united states headed for another war based on the word of weapons of massive destruction where have i heard that comment. if obama is so wrong for this country than we need to examine our selves and say this how much have we supported him when the republicans could not agree on any thing and filli busted to shoot down any idea our president have when i say support i mean writing these so called senators and let them know we hired you and we won,t put you back in office the next election and i most certainly did write and i meant every word i said if we all did that and support our president perhaps thing,s would get better remember bush cost our country trillions on a senseless war now we are in it we must finish it a civil war in other countries

      • Landsende

        I have written to my representatives in TX all who are republicans. They send back a form letter spouting the party line and have no interest in listening to dissenting opinions. They couldn’t care less what you have to say unless you agree with them. By the way, my representatives are John Cornyn, Kay Bailey Hutchison and Jeff Wentworth. Unless you agree with them don’t vote for them as they don’t give a damn about you unless its to get your vote or campaign contribution.

  • Is anyone really surprised? Why do you think he doesn’t want any of us to know what he’s always been up to. by the way: you do know that as governor of Massachusetts, the state was 47th in job production – that’s 4th from the bottom folks. Think he’ll do any better as president? Think again. His only goal is to avoid paying USA taxes and pile up more billions for his buddies.

    • grammyjill

      and he left an 18 billion dollar deficit.

  • All you birthers go soak your heads. It was a disgusting attack on an educated, intelligent man to accuse him of being illegal as president. I AM sorry none of you know that Hawaii is a state of the United States. Also sorry you’re so bigoted and racist.

    • I agree with you ignore the facts …after all maybe he was born in Hawaii KENYA as that is the 58th State

      • grammyjill

        go back to school. start in the second grade. pay attention this time.

      • Michael, I bet you had a hard time in school.

  • middleclasstaxpayer

    Obama ONLY produced his “alleged” birth certificate after OVER A YEAR of avoiding the subject….probably to give him time to cover his tracks….WHY would any American take over a year to produce his birth certificate if he had nothing to hide????? There obviously is NO ANSWER that makes any sense, so the subject is always changed? LOL

    • sn77339

      I guess in your mind that justifies Romney dithering on supplying his tax info so e can cover his tracks and not be prosecuted for tax evasion.

      • I Hope Romney poses this to Obama …I’ll release my tax returns when you release your Visa’s, Passports , Foriegn Student # , a real Birth Certificate that doesn’t list his dad as African , The Fast and Furious Papers etc etc etc . I hope romney does that ..You guys will have a Rachel Madcow trying to defend Obama then ..Do you think Obama will take that deal ???Oh Hell to the NO . Now who do you think has something to hide ? I really don’t care what Romney did with HIS money . We should all be worried about what Obama is doing with OUR money . He is bankrupting you grand kids

        • So you worked for a Sherif Office what happened? and it appears your Guy and Your a Racist grow-up asshole. your statement only hurts yourself if a Morman get’s in office this county is done, back to supporting overseas assholes all over the world in the name of money thats what the rich want.

        • old_blu

          STOP, kicking that horse, jeeez grow up that horse is dead.

        • Michael the summa cum laud, Obama is not asking Romney for his tax returns. There are both Republicans and Democrats that think he should release them.

          If you will check Obama’s past school record you won’t need his transcripts. He served on the honor society, the college law review and the actual law review. He taught Constitutional Law in college so he had to be smart.

          So, whre does a dumb ass get off asking for such a brillieant man’s transcripts. I bet yours would be real interesting.

    • BDD1951

      Why should he have. No other president has been ask to show his birth certificate. No other president has been asked to show his college records. Why should he show his? Oh, I forgot he’s Democrat and he’s black. That explains it all.

      • Cairndance

        I’m still trying to figure out how Gov. Romney’s Father was able to run for President, after-all he was born in Mexico. Born in Mexico to a Father who had left the U.S. with 3 wives and then married another while in Mexico. George Romney was born while they lived in Mexico. Did we ever ask to see the Birth Certificate for George to see just which one of those 4 wives was the Mother?
        I know this is old news, but if people are still bringing up the Obama birth certificate, why is this never questioned?

    • nhpoet

      What makes no sense is your comment alleging something that has no importance to anyone (but lunatics). How does it feel being obsessed with something that has no meaning?

    • Because he and anyone running for President is NOT REQUIRED to show the US populace his birth certificate. All documentation is given to Congress whose job it is to certify a person is eligible to run for their offices.

      • Anyone running for President is not required to show ANY tax records, either. Zip. Zero. Nada. None.

        • old_blu

          Only the ones that want to win show them.

        • Cairndance

          Interesting that applying for the VP job required producing “several years” of tax returns, but applying for the Presidents job “requires” NONE!
          Candidates for the Supreme Court have to produce previous tax returns, but according to you … running for President, requires NONE!

    • Middlec lasstaxpayer and fringe lunatic. How do I know you are a citizen of this country? I haven’t seen your birth certificate. Could you have a bona fide one made for 800million people?

      photocopies of his birth certificate was on the internet and shown on television. I am sorry he couldn’t afford to get every citizen of this country one, but then that wouldn’t even convince you as you want to believe the fringe lunatic lie.

      • middleclasstaxpayer

        You have AVOIDED answering the OBVIOUS QUESTIONS: #1-WHY would Obama fail to supply his “birth certificate” for OVER a YEAR? #2-WHY would Obama spend millions of dollars in campaign funds to BLOCK HIS birth RECORDS in the interim?? #3-WHY would Obama have to send an entire contingent of his staff to Hawaii to retrieve his “birth certificate” when it could have been EASILY MAILED to him???

  • smittyray

    The real liar and the one distorting the truth is what Obama is allowing his puppets to go out and try to spread. He really has not earned the right nor the privilege to be our president. Biden is a sleezy little snake who needs a therapist by his side. Biden, Palosi, Reid, and even the idiot Debbie S. in Florida are sleezy little liars who will say anything, even knowing they are liars to the American public. Nothing but crap and it is time to clean up the mess. Vote them out. Tired of their BS, sleezy ads, and how they are trying to sway people to even listen to them anymore. We definitely want hope and change due to what we got four years ago. Send them all packing their bags.

    • oldibtgdy

      tax fraud —- is real. your pitiful rant is not.

  • And his exact strategy by bringing up the Birth Certificate issue was to distract from these latest Bain findings!

    • You Got That Right There’s Pain In Ryan There’s Pain In Those Tax Returns And There’s Even More Pain In Bain!!!LOL

      • Edward53

        Fern, I bet you could bite your stinky ass with that long neck of yours.

        • Edward, just another proof you are a liar. If you don’t know Fern personally, you have no idea what her gluteous prominance smells like. Did you day you graduated from Harvard, summa cum laud?

  • I wish I could have paid as little as 13% taxes when I was making $30,ooo.00 a year before I was disabled, it would have helped alot now that I can’t work and live on a fixed income with no hope of a better job.

  • nhpoet

    What your comment does is lower the quality of this public forum to a carnival show. Do you think anyone but the group of fringe political junkies you belong to believes in the tooth fairy?

    • 1guy2

      Poet,lets not get stupid. She’s entitle to her statements,and opinions.

  • I really wish the ‘birthers’ would go back to worrying about the Mayan calendar and give the birth certificate a rest. It’s funny that the government accepted one from me looking exactly like the President’s for my disability claim. My parents, my father serving in the U.S. navy at the time of my birth, had given me my original and I had misplaced it, and had to order a new one. Guess I’m not an American after all.

  • A liar and a man who has and will do anything to pad his wallet and others like him. He is out for himself and he is getting money which he will have to grant favors for if elected. This is not what America needs another Bush Chaney dua.

  • rockin_the_bay_in_Tampa

    Why are the races (all) so tight…after all their bullshit, corruption, tax evasion revelations, nasty rhetoric, out right proven lies about Medicare/Welfare, the abortion issues, etc. It tells a lot about the American population. The races should be so lopsided to the left it would be silly. The GOP should be at the bottom of a shit pit by now and stay there for years to come.

  • rodeo_man32

    Republican, Democrat, Black, white, Latin, or Green, AMERICA is falling fast. Its time for The Gov. to realize that WE the TAXPAYERS are there bosses. The moral of this country is nothing anymore. Its time the American people stand up and say were tired of it. The question for everyone right now, are you in better shape then you was 4 years ago? Were not ,my wife after 26 years lost her job. were hurting bad. Its not a Democrat or Republican issue, Its what has been done to work on this problem? My family has always been die hard Democrats, but this year were not sure who we will vote for. Right now it wont be for Obama.

  • old_blu

    Mr. Romney, I don’t want to see your birth certificate, but I do want to see your taxes, and I’ll tell you why cuz I think you would be a terrible President, and maybe it will open the eye of some of the people to not vote for you, I thought you picking Ryan would do it, but you still have a blind following.

    • Rodney Plat

      Ok…give me some facts…why would he be a “terrible president”? Tell me why i should vote for 4 more years of absolute failure?

      • old_blu

        I think you vote along party lines, and if Romney drown a bag full of puppies that were going to an orphanage on Chistmas eve you would still vote for him.

        So no amount of facts are changing anything for you.

      • grammyjill

        Romney doesn’t want any questions about Bane, “Saving Olympics,orhis time as Govenor. We are supose to trust him. I live within half an hour to Mass. I saw Gov. Romney close up. He almost distroyed Mass. There is no way I’d want him to be able to do that to the whole country. If you want facts, reply and I will give them to you.

  • rockin_the_bay_in_Tampa

    The only reason they “failed” was he has had NO support from the GOP run congress for the last 3 years…he has tried time and again to submit a jobs bill just to have it ignored, the farm bill-ignored, etc.

    • The Republicans thank the American people are too busy and/or too stupid to notice. Sometimes I thank they are right.

    • Rodney Plat

      he had both houses of Congress for two years…what happened?

      • frozen44


        • Frozen. you are leaning away from the Republican Party in the house, because it is no longer the Republican Party. It has been usurped by the tea party. Keep your faith in the Republican Party as it may rise again.

      • Check ou the word, filibuster. What was it originally intended for? How was it used during President Obama’s first two years? How many times was it invoked in the first two years?

  • middleclasstaxpayer

    Really no difference between my comments and those of liberals who are OBSESSED with someone else’s tax returns…..I don’t care what others pay in taxes, only what I pay!

  • middleclasstaxpayer

    Congratulations on your remarkable powers of observation!

  • Rodney Plat

    How about an article on Obama’s 8.3% unemployment for 42 straight months, or of almost $6T in NEW debt, or that he hasn’t passed a budget in the four years he’s been in office, or his gun running Fast and furious resulted in the death of an American border agent, or that Obamacare is taking $716B from Medicare to give to Obamacare, or that he hasn’t met with his “jobs council” in a year and that Immelt is bailing on him and voting for Romney….

    You have NOTHING to promote re/this horrific administration…the absolute worst president in American history

    This whole “tax” thing is such a sham and an attempt at diversion..just like the “war on women” (btw..i find it super ironic and HILARIOUS that Bill “I didn’t have sex with that woman” Clinton is the keynote speaker) and Sandra Fluke is speaking ..

    None of this will work….I smell a repeat of 2010….”shellacking squared”

    • jojo

      Tru dat!!! I have wondered the same thing. I guess because this is a liberal site they won’t bring these things up.

      • old_blu

        You can go blow up yor Rush doll and he will tell you what you want to hear too.

        • jojo

          Guess you can go and blow up that Rachel Maddow doll and she will tell you what you want to hear too.

          • old_blu

            Don’t know who she is, I watch Robin Meade.

          • jojo

            Well I guess a Robin Meade doll would be much better for you. 🙂

          • Not Rachel. She bats from the other side of the plate, so in order to blow up Rachel, you need to have a vajayjay.

  • Romney is nothing more than a white collar criminal. Just like Bush he’s out to raid the US Treasury by cutting taxes and giving all our country’s income to his rich country club friends, then he’ll whip out regulation that protects the middle class, our savings, our pensions and the world’s environmental protections so that they can legally steal from the rest of us and hide their ill-gotten-gains in off-shore accounts so they don’t have to pay taxes on the money they stole. Then as our country falls off an economic cliff and there’s no tax revenue to pay our obligations, they’ll try to blame it on government spending, they’ll fire more people and lower more wages, so the Rich make even more money and there’s even less tax revenue coming into the government and then they’ll defund unemployment compensation and other social safety nets from the American people so that we’ll all be forced to work for any wage, under any conditions. Yes, as Joe Biden correctly said, “they want to put us back in chains.” Someone needs a really low IQ and a lack of common sense if they look at Romney and think of his kind as being successful, religious, family oriented, business men. He’s a white collared, sociopathic criminal trying to get control of our country so he can rule over us and institute his twisted, self-serving, ideology towards stealing from the middle class, bankrupting America and wiping out the social programs that protect us all.

  • I am voting for Romney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! enough is enough.

    • jojo

      I’m voting for the white guy!

  • Rodney;
    You have such good observation skills,however it seems yyou refuse to believe the obvious.Where to start,it is true the Democrats had the majority in both houses for the first two years of O’Bama’s presidency but he still could not get much passed.You say that is bullc$$p,but just think a little instead of being closeminded ,the democrats did not have enough votes to stop the filibuster.There were more filibustering in the last four years than there was in the history of the United States.Does that tell you something?it tells me that O’Bama was a threat to the republicans way of stealing money,also for the last 3&1/2 years the racists have shown their faces in Congress.

  • BSB


  • BSB


  • Bodine666

    Why do journalists (I use the term loosely) keep using the euphemism ‘tax avoidance’? Call it what it is, TAX EVASION.

    Once upon a time, before the rich bought the the repub party, people went to jail for tax evasion. Now they run for the office of president.

  • “If challenged in court?” ha ha. Does anyone really think things like this would ever go to court? It would bring into question all the underhanded dealings of big business and lessen their stranglehold on America. It will never happen!

  • I think I see a storm brewing. If this author and his experts are correct–Romney–if elected–may find himself in Tax Court for his entire term as president. That would be a real problem for the USA. He wouldn’t credible and thus ineffective. Where do we get these guys anyway???

  • If the firm can somehow transform its management fees into capital investments, then it can avoid the 35 percent top federal income tax rate, and pay the 15 percent capital gains rate instead. That is what Bain evidently does to keep its partners’ taxes low – around the 13 percent rate that Romney admits to paying. But critics like Fleischer say this is an abusive tactic that cannot be justified by law, even though the IRS has never attempted to stop companies that use it./// well the IRS should work harder to find the loop holes and the crap that bains pulls to hide and sneak there way to not pay taxes . even if the IRS ordets companys that are lead to belive pulling this crap . have a whole team of the IRS to work all the time on uncovering this . do like the FBI would do for a bank robber . if the IRS has a team working of these dead beat companys. what thy find should cover what it cost to find the crap being pulled and then some . make the laws plan and simply so theres no wiggle room to slip into a loop hole or a dead beat tax paying company can find a way to screw the country and not pay their fair share of taxes. it takes away from the country and the ppl. of the country . and yes even at a point it takes away from the greedy bastards that are screwing the country from taxes . less work on roads and bridges and air ports thy use alot . and the schools for the ppl. of the country .. these greedy bastards got to think about ( maybe not in there time here ) but their childrens time . if thing get so bad that the country cant even pay to defend our selfs . of feed and house the ppl. that would protect the country . do thy think if china took over this country that thy let those greedy bastards live a better life because thy have money ? thy would take all there wealth and then put the greedy bastards in a grass house with every one else. better to make the place you live in at least better for urself . for if you was to be put in my house after you was striped of all ur riches ill tell you it wouldnt be a place you,d want to be . for the lower class as you once saW ands made would be the higher class that you once was. and ur life wouldnt be fun . the ppl. then would have one been greedy bastards 2% and now slaves of the middle class and thy would need a door mate to wipe the crap off there shoes and it would be you . WHAT A NICE THOUGHT 🙂

  • washbag

    Mr. Saunders says it best. I still don’t know why political ads don’t point these facts out in a matter of fact way and wait for the response. The only way to deny these facts is to lie about them and then we get to expose the lie. Besides , I still think George Bush looks like Alfred E. Neuman.The entire world was laughing at us for that guy.

  • 1TexasHoney27

    Well it’s a beautiful sunny morning outside Houston, Texas yet one could say same ‘ol sh*t different day in this country. Republi-pricks are still ruining our wonderful country, refusing to help repair the mess that the Bush debacle left us in, worrying only about themselves n their families, raping the middle class every way possible, lying, cheating n working hard to make President Obama a one term President. We continue to talk, talk, talk about how pathetic, sick, low class, no class, selfish, greedy, repugnant, etc… these S.O.B.’s are but We have the power to take away their lively hoods just like they’ve done to so many Americans in the past 10-11 years… VOTE DEMOCRAT IN Nov. n put a Stop to this B.S. life once n for all. ” United We Stand……”. Take their jobs n lively hoods from them without a second thought just like they’ve done to so many without remorse… DEMOCRATS WILL REPAIR THIS COUNTRY!!!!! OBAMA/BIDEN 2012

    • Rodney Plat

      what happened to the almost $1T Obama spent to create all those shovel ready jobs? Obama Biden, given 4 more years, will make America a banana republic

      Vote Romney/Ryan…the future of the American way of life is at stake

      • Rodney, here is another place you could check out the facts. When you go down those roads that have construction, where did you think the money came from? Some states did misuse those funds and some states are still sitting on them.

    • jojo

      You are so full of BS, Bull spit!

      Here is the Real story….

      Well it’s a beautiful sunny morning outside Dallas, Texas yet one could say same ‘ol sh*t different day in this country. The Obama Cartel are ruining our wonderful country worrying only about how to raise our taxes, raping the middle class every way possible, lying, cheating. Continues to keep blaming Bush for his own failures and broken promises. We continue to talk, talk, talk about how pathetic, sick, low class, no class, selfish, greedy, liberal left, etc… these S.O.B.’s are but We have the power to take away their lively hoods just like they’ve done to so many Americans in the past three and a half almost four years… VOTE ROMNEY IN Nov. n put a Stop to this B.S. life once n for all. ” United We Stand……”. Take their jobs n lively hoods from them without a second thought just like they’ve done to so many without remorse… REPUBLICANS WILL REPAIR THIS COUNTRY!!!!! ROMNEY/RYAN 2012

  • I would put my money over there too . then I can give Obama more. where can I do that?
    Please tell all my democrat friends too.

    • jojo

      The dems like the mouse house Harry Reid, Ms. Airhead Nancy the inside trader,and many more send their money overseas but it’s only wrong if republicans do it. They all have had a hand in writing the laws to make it legal to hide their money. Loopholes needs to be done away with, flat tax is what is needed to make it fair for everyone.

  • richnoo

    The Bush tax cuts for the rich was put in when he was in office with the Republicans word that it would create jobs. Well, it is 10 tears later . were are the jobs? Bush and the Republicans are to blame for the recession and the deficit . This year the housing market and economy is starting
    to recover from what was lost under Bush. Middle class and seniors please use your votes wisely
    and remove the politicians that want to end Social Security and Medicare.

  • joevyusi

    What robney was doing is not just an ordinary tax avoidance, if he could not clear up the cloud of doubts about his tax manipulations, he and his bain company may ended up being charged for tax evasion.

    • joevyusi says “he and his bain company may ended up being charged for tax evasion”.

      Really? And where did you come up with that information? Be sure and post it when he get indicted. I’ll bet that I become the next Pope and have group sex with all the Kardashians before that happens.

      If you have any facts about his IRS filings that show any impropriety, the IRS will pay for that information. Once you get that money, you may be able to move out of your parent’s basement.

  • Mitt Romney fills out the same tax forms that you do (If you have a job and pay taxes). He pays the tax rate that Congress has decided on. (You know – those Democrats back in Washington). He has money overseas, but so do millions and millions of other folks, like the Kennedys, John Kerry, and even me. I make $25K a year on Social Security.

    If you are aware of ANYTHING improper that Romney has done with his tax returns, you owe it to your country and all of us who live here to report it to the IRS. It’s the right thing to do, and the IRS will pay you a handsome reward if the information is correct.

    Otherwise, all of you whiners sound like a bunch of ignorant morons getting your information from the likes of Al Sharpton at MS-NBC. Keep in mind that Romney pays more in taxes in one year than the bulk of you whiners will make in a lifetime. But so does Alex Rodriguez as well as the Kardasian bimbos, and I don’t hear you complaining about them.

    I consider it a common variant of “penis envy”, where one worries about somebody elses good fortune instead of trying to make their own life better. Romney inherited millions of dollars from his father’s estate and donated all of it. Which ones of you have donated millions of dollars to anything? None? OK, then – how many of you have donated thousands of dollars? None? It figures.

    So get back down to your parent’s basement and stick with playing X-Box, and stay off the Internet. Otherwise, your folks may make you get a job and pay taxes. Perish the thought!

  • frank739

    No one has asked for his Birth Certificate, but when his, I think, Grandfather “self-deported” to Mexico did he renounce his US citizenship and/or apply for Mexican citizenship? This is important for when his father’s family returned did they reapply for US citizenship? If not, then Gov Romney is not qualified to run for President!

  • frank739

    Obviously, Gov Romney was aware of the story on Bain Capital and their various tax avoidance schemes were to be published, and to avoid that controlling the News, he made the “birther” comment to be the lead news rather the Bain. He knows that disclosure will be the nail in his candidacy and will do, or say, anything to prevent Americans from finding out how Entrepreuners make and retain their money.

  • None of this surprises me….and yet, this unscrupulous person is the only one that the Righties can come up with? Somebody somewhere must have slipped up and paid their fair share of taxes…No? This must be the “American-way” that the righties like to talk about–cheating the tax collector wherever and whenever they can….

  • bigspender7

    How’d it be if Romney sought election as POTUS in order to avoid or delay prosecution as a tax cheat. Reminds me of the Nixon watergate prosecution. Hope that no future president feels the need to pardon Romney. He could really benefit from the jail time.

  • 1TexasHoney27

    To Rodney Platt:::: I don’t hide my replies considering I’m not ashamed of what I say or my beliefs… You questioned Presidents expenditure of 1T in shovel ready jobs . Suppose all the jobs saved, the jobs created , the people he’s helped doesn’t account for much in your opinion. Without a doubt in my mind I figure you to be of the top 2% in this country so why would you care as to how or what it was spent on considering you like the rest of the Republi-pricks didn’t pay your fare share in taxes. You say 4 more years under Obama will kill the future of our country….. You say Romoney & Ryan is the answer…Well anyone with intelligence knows they are Bush-Chaney wannabe’s. One week under them will surely make us eqivilant to a 3rd world nation. With Obama/Biden there is hope of a future under the Republi-pricks it’as all about the 2%. At least with Obama we know he’s for the people, of the people n stands by the people… As American as Apple Pie n I don’t no anyone who doesn’t love Apple pie…Obama/Biden 2012

    • Rodney Plat

      There are 4M less people working today then when Obama took office. Small business, which represents the lionshare of hiring in this country is sitting on their bank accounts because they don’t know what to expect with Obamacare (remember Pelosi..”u have to pass it to know what’s in it”)

      Just so you know..I’m not part of the “2%”..I am middle class probably like you. I promise you this….if Romney is elected you will be amazed at what happens…those small business people will open the pocketbook floodgates and this economy will take off like a rocket.

      You are being naive to continue to believe that Obama/Biden will “fix” things…i’m not criticizing you, I’m only asking you to look at the facts….Obama has failed…miserably..its ok…lets give someone else a chance…normally I would say ‘what do you have to lose”…in this case “you have everything to lose”

      One more thing..I haven’t hidden any of my replises…I suspect bc this is a liberal site they have blocked them…God bless this country

      • grammyjill

        my brother says that if romney gets elected he will make history. the first president to be assasinated by a woman.

      • Rodney, let’s see your facts from a reliable source.

  • Joe Narusiewicz

    A vote for Romney/Ryan is like a vote for Dracula meets the wolfman ….This bloodsucker Romney with outsourcing jobs while laying off American workers then making millions off it and hiding the money in tax shelters joins with Ryan who wrote a bill with Todd Akin with a totally sexist perspective and ignorant stereotype on rape…He then writes a bill to give billionaires more tax breaks while busting the middle class and kicking the poor in the face, busting medicare and social security…They join together and want everyone else to sing while we clean their toilets. STAND UP and don’t let these shills for the filthy rich ruin this country!

  • garyls

    if what he did comports with existing tax laws, what is wrong with that? perhaps the tax laws should be changed.

    did not some supreme ct. justice say that no one should pay more tax than legally required? if he paid what was legally required, if we want those so situated to pay more, then change the tax code.

    • Do you feel comfortable voting for a man who has spent much of his life trying to figure out how to beat the system or making money by putting people out of work?

      • I feel comfortable voting for a man who has spent much of his life trying to figure out how to beat the system or making money by putting people out of work. That’s taught in “Business 101”.

        If you have enough work to keep 10 people busy, but have 25 employees, would you keep those extra 15 employees on the payroll? If so, it won’t take long for all 25 of you to be out of work and on the street.

  • While it is true that investing abroad is perfectly legal, and keeping large amounts of money in Swiss account and other tax shelters is fairly common among the super rich, what this issue highlights is Mitt Romney’s emphasis on avoiding responsibility. Perhaps not surprisingly, the party that advocates personal responsibility has as its standard bearer a man whose life has been dedicated to the accumulation of wealth, much of it overseas, and who has hidden much of it in tax shelters to avoid paying his fair share of taxes. The business experience his supporters are advertising is limited to plant closings in the USA, reductions in force and in benefits, outsourcings, investing overseas – including a tax free investment in that yielded a 28:1 ROI, and now putting together a plan that requires the elimination of the mortgage deduction and college expenses to implement. I don’t know how many people know where he was born – for all I know his birthplace was his grand daddy’s Mormon commune in Mexico – the only thing I know for sure is that this guy has done everything he could to take advantage of laxed laws and tax loopholes to avoid doing what most of us have to do, pay taxes on the money we earn.

    • You said “the only thing I know for sure is that this guy has done everything he could to take advantage of laxed laws and tax loopholes to avoid doing what most of us have to do, pay taxes on the money we earn.”

      What? You’re not smart enough to do what Romney did? If not, you should be voting for him, as you admit he is a smart businessman. He paid $2 million dollars in taxes last year. That’s probably more than you have made in your lifetime. He paid what the IRS forms said that he should pay. You expect him to throw in a few million extra just so the tax takers could get more free stuff?

      And who wrote those lax tax laws? Why, them damned Democrats! Obama had a majority in both houses for his first two years and didn’t address the problem. Maybe they don’t teach that stuff in Community Organizer school.

      Maybe Romney was born in Kenya – in the same hospital as Obama. Hey – it could have happened.

  • angloir

    Why is anyone so surprised that Romney avoids taxes. Isn’t this what he’s all about? And why is he so careful to avoid the fact that he’s a closeted gay..who cannot accept this fact either.

    • angloir, don’t say anthing you can’t prove. There is no proof Mitt Romney is a closet gay.

  • “Mitt” with the two T’s…has a “NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY”…he is a swindler..and a true con-artist to the inch degree…just sit back and watch the show….there is a saying in the Bible that whatever is hidden will come out to the light…he will be charged with tax evasion..believe me…he isn’t compassionate towards the middle class or the poor…he is only concerned about the “me” thing not the ”we” thing…he is a swindler from the word go…I have described his personality such as is…he is going to embarass his family…this is one reason his own sons don’t want him to become president…because they know all about how he makes his dirty monies…Bush was the cause of what America is going through right now…this one is even worse than Bush…believe me..and remember when he was a pastor at a mormon church…a female member got pregnant..and he told her to get an abortion…he thinks he is a god..believe me….God has mercy…he wasnt’ showing her or the baby..he killed any mercy…he is one of the most horrible people…but, I have described him to the fullest..I pray he and his family reads this comment about him..he is disgusting

  • this creep needs to get lost. how many more fools and braindead people are going to vote for this scumbag simple because he claims to be a concervitave? he is a nazi corprate welfare enemy of freedom.

  • 1TexasHoney27

    JoJo, I don’t hide my replies. I consider you one of the 2% as well and a little less fortunate than your cronies considering you did somewhat of a plagiarism by rewriting my opinion n incerted a few stupid words. However it was funny your way. I’ve heard some pathetics like you on tv but never had the misfortune to communicate with one personally. Whatever President Obama has done he’s done it to help our ( his ) country. Nobody is talking about hidden bank accounts no jobs lost because of him. You r about as smart as those that believe Dallas Cowboys are America’s team. Not…. From one Texan to another I’m waving a hand your way with my middle finger raised higher than the others. Have a Blessed Texas Day…. God Bless America n Obama/Biden 2012 The right way to vote n for the intelligent it’s the only way to vote.!!!!!!!!

  • mikey4912

    This article begins to show us the real reasons Mitt will not show us his taxes. The questions will not and should not go away. The more that comes out the more questions will be asked. Come on Mitt show us your taxes

  • howa4x

    Of course he won’t release his full ten years of returns. They would show emphatically that he is lying about his taxes and avoiding his federal responsibility. this will be the first time since president Harding that a person with questionable financial ethics has run for the nations highest office. The most interesting thing is the Republicans think this is ok. They don’t mind that he hid assets in different countries. This is a party that hides behind god while they let the richest members of the party steal cheat, and lie. their religion is to take for the people who have the least and give it to the people that have the most. This is how they interpert Christianity, far from what Jesus stood for and the life he led. I don’t know what spaceship brought Romneys eggs here according to his religion, but that must have been damaged in flight. If he is a repressentation of Mormonism since he is a church elder, then I don’t know what they are teaching buut it can’t be good!

  • Don

    Mitt is something else, but luckily he can’t take it with him to the grave, so he is really saving it for his wife and children. It is good to have money, butt what does it do to you in the long run. I hope he is still giving 10% to his church in Utah.

  • I do not think Romney should run for President. Romney is dishonest and has not paid taxes on Millions of dollars and the money is hidden oversseas tax free. How did he get away without paying. They should fine him. If any other middle class or Poor OR rich American would have been penalised and fined high. Romney should be out of this race. Santorium should be the New Nominee. Santorium is the right fit for Romney replacement.

  • I wonder if Bain Capital got the ” Foreign Investment Tax Credit” from the IRS for all it’s sneaky investments overseas?

  • Neil Armstrong, a great American, died today. His sense of patriotism, commitment, skills, honesty and humble demeanor are a rare commodity in a world consumed by greed, intolerance, lack of compassion, and a tendency to do whatever it takes, no matter how despicable, to achieve our personal goals.



  • ste

    What about Obama, Reid, and Pelosi and Congress DON’T THEY COUNT TOO!
    stop doing this PLEASE.

  • Teddy Parker

    Doesn’t matter at this point. During the ’08 elections, McCain garnered 45% of the votes even with that albatross of a buffoon Palin, slung around his neck and after the election, the Tea Party mission was solely to derail the Obama presidency at the expense of the American people. So robot Romney may be a tax cheat sleazeball or whatever but there are millions of Americans who want that black man out of that White House. That’s right I said it. Peace.

  • metrognome3830

    No, Bush already took us.

  • AlfredSonny

    Romney’s future home

  • Romney is beyond the Marcosses when it comes to FRAUD!with his wife,ÿou people oh yes Ann Imelda Marcos,in tow!

  • willard: Scum of the Earth!!

  • He ran on a plat form, he was elected by the people, he has implemented a lot of what we the people voted him in to do, for over 3 years republicans have done every thing possible to keep this country from prospering, your talk is cheap, pull up the voting records, on what has been attempted I bet you do not even no how, now you will vote for A TAX SHELTERED, jOB BUSTING, AMERICAN OUT SOURCING JOB KILLING , MOUTH, THAT CAN NOT AND WILL NOT RELEASE HIS TAX RECORDS BECAUSE WHAT THEY ALREADY HAVE RECEIVED HAS SHOWN A GREAT POSSIBILITY OF LEGAL RAMIFICATION LEADING TO WHAT SOME OF THE SMARTEST LAW PROFESSORS IN THIS COUNTRY SAY is illegal and HE WILL LOSE IN COURT, because it is against the law, but of course, the wealthy will put it off, make excuses, tell you he will walk on water, do you not understand that a persons history of years, shows you what he is, I am sorry that is good business, as a Republican, they all deserve full coverage insurance payed for by the people, but we can not have affordable health insurance, do I believe in all of Obama’s issues no, but I will not vote for any one who has puts his life and his rich buddies ahead of working families in America, say what you wont, make all of the excuses you will, we need people who believe in integrity, who believe in American workers and fight to make it happen, And you say hie record is ???????

  • greghilbert

    Ours is a government OF the wealthy, BY the wealthy, and FOR the wealthy.
    We live in the land of the indentured servants, and the home of 600 wealthies who have more wealth than 150 million others combined.
    The USA is a nation that maintains a taboo against class war, but not the decades-long and ongoing class war being waged by the wealthy against everyone else.
    How many leaders of the Democratic Party can you name who are screaming bloody murder about it? Raising the subject doesn’t count. Whimpering about it doesn’t count. Whining about it doesn’t count. Complaining about it doesn’t count. Only screaming bloody murder about it counts.

  • notworking

    This is just another diversion from the State Run Media rather than discussing the real issues of Jobs, the Deficit and our record casualties in Afghanistan.
    barak will never run on his record since he doesn’t have one

    • grammyjill

      doesn’t have one? over 4 million jobs back. yes that’s right 29 straight months of private sector job growth. new housing sales up 3.2%. paid down on the deficit 48.7 billion in may. obama care which will help every american. and he has a plan to bring the troops home as fast as he can. romney is the one who has no record and no plan.

  • Nobody has ever asked President Obama to declare his ten years tax returns. If Romney claims that he is not dubious as his character portrays and has no ulterior motives why he is running for president, let him declare his tax returns to the American people. Priod!

  • This is illegal-is anyone going to do somehting about it? He should have to show more Tax Reports, or he should NOT be President! He should NOT be allowed to be President anyway because of not paying taxes and off shore accounts.

  • Tom_D44

    And Obama is to blame for that road block in congress. Had he not taken such a “shove it down the peoples a$$” approach with healthcare, had he not made public statements like “the republicans should just get in the back seat while we clean up this mess”, had he actually been the uniter that he promised to be when he ran, the constituents wouldn’t have voted for republicans in 2010, by a landslide. The people voted in these conservatives to stop his agenda.

    I’m sorry, politics is a game of negotiations. Clinton figured it out and got quite a bit done with a republican congress – but not Obama. No he’s going to drive over them with a bulldozer and then when it doesn’t work he’s going to try to blame them for not working with him. Have you actually looked at the jobs bill?

    • Clinton didn’t have a bunch of republicans in the Senate and almost the entire house vowing to make their No. 1 objective denying him a 2nd term like they are doing to Obama. With them insisting on a 60% vote to pass anything in the senate, the majority party has its hands tied, so what’s the advantage of being the majority party when the Republicans have that to bank on? These republicans can’t stand a black man in the white house, even though he’s half white, his color doesn’t reflect it, and they just absolutely can’t stand it, and can’t stand the fact that he’s the C0mmander in Chief and the most powerful man in the world, they are jealous, jealous, jealous. That’s why they are cheating to try to win this next election by supressing the vote in all the states with newly elected Republican Governors. If Romney wins, it won’t be because of the people who voted for him, it will be because of the people who were prohibited from voting for Obama, even though they are legitimate American citizens. As for healthcare reform, Obama didn’t shove it down anyone’s throat. It’s what the American people need and want and should have, the same as every other civilized nation in this world. What’s keeping us from having it is the Republican GREED.

  • Tom_D44

    First of all he was working with a democratic legislature with democratic policies and lots of control. So Romney needed to be more moderate to get anything done at all. But really, have you looked at Mass? Their taxes are through the roof and their real estate is ridiculously expensive. Why in the world would any business relocate there – which is how jobs are created – when they could move to inexpensive states like Florida and Texas. So do you think that if Romney came into Mass with a proposal to reduce taxes and provide subsidies to incentivize businesses to come to their state, the legislature would go for it? How would they pay for their healthcare? Context is important if you are going to start throwing around the democratic talking points.

  • sabahdabby

    I continue to be amazed at Governor Romney’s advisors. Knowing that he is planning to run for President, I would have advised him to err on the other side when it comes to taxes — perhaps file a short form 1040 EZ. He would have paid about 40% in taxes and could have taken the stance that wealthy people such as himself should not take advantage of every deduction — particulary deductions that fall in gray areas. His father stated this concept elegnatly and he could have used the same words.

    Just think of it. If Romney had paid an additional 27% in taxes over the past 5 years, he could release his taxes and he would be beyond reproach. Assuming he earned 100 million over the past 5 years, the added tax burden would have been 27 million. This is a drop in the bucket.

    Again, going back to the issue of his advisors. Other than the tax issue, no one flagged the construction of a home with car elevators? Or a dancing horse in the Olympics? A 70,000 + tax deduction for the horse? And how about his wife wearing a $500 T-shirt?

    Perhaps Governor Romney and his wife live in a different world and that may be excusable. But those advisors around him have certainly screwed up.

  • Tom_D44

    Because tax evasion is a crime for which you have to be charged, tried and convicted. I sure hope that you never have a run in with the law and they just decide to label you as a felon because someone like Harry Ried said that some anonymous source said you were guilty of something but didn’t have proof. Now on that note Timothy Geightner was actually guilty of tax evasion but he’s not in jail – oh wait he’s not a republican. I guess the democrats are a little sleezy too. And there were a dozen others that would have been in Obama’s administration that all had the same problems and had to drop out.

    As to the parties being bought out by rich folks, why is it just the Republican party? Obama is beholden to lots and lots of rich folks. He is beholden to the large union leaders, and, in case you didn’t notice they are all rich. There’s lots of money in hollywood and those guys have all put their reputations and money behind him. And those environmentalists that want to push for cap and trade – yeah i’m sure they are just doing it to save the environment and not for the trillion dollar, soon to come, market for trading carbon credits. Really?

  • I’m telling you…He’s nothing more than a “Crook”, worse than we have seen in recent history!
    He has “NO” intentions at saving the American economy, he is only interested in “Stuffing” pockets for himself, his family and his wealthy friends.

    Where do you fit in Ameria, if you don’t meet his “Criteria”…..You Don’t…..!

    You’ll just assist him in achieving his plan….destroy the Middle Class and everything else that stands in his “Republican Way”……Mr. Obama has him pegged, this is the reason for his genuine concerns and approach to that “GOP Ticket”.

    Open your “Eyes and Ears”……America!!!!!!!!!

    He’s doing his “Tell All” everyday!

  • I’m so tired of Obamas birth certificate question. We all know that if you are born to an American citizen, and your birth is not in the U.S., you are still a citizen. His mother was born in the United States, Kansas, to be exact, thus making Obama an American Citizen. Didn’t anyone go to History and Civic classes?

  • Rommey is hiding his tax papers because he knows he was wrong. How can he lead anyone when he is a lier all around.

  • severance12

    IAgree I will not support Mitt or ryan

  • Bush/Cheney showed Republicans and the Tea Party the money. Americans would have jobs and would be working, the economy would be better and working Americans would be buying were it not for the blocking, filabustering, and childish blaming they are doing to stop Obama/Biden from proactively taking America out of its economic troubles. Republican and Tea Party governors are cutting education, health care and social services in their states, causing lay-offs and creating high unemployment in order to give tax breaks to their corporate friends who are sending American jobs overseas and/or refusing to hire to keep the unemployment rate even higher. They say Obama/Biden has failed to provide jobs and improve the economy, but they are doing every feasible thing to make sure of that. They care little that Americans are suffering, and once they get into office, Americans will suffer even more. They will continue what Bush/Cheney has shown them, and they will privatize Medicare and Social Security, unleash regulations on banking and lending institutions, and esculate the tensions between Israel and Iran, and convince a Rebublican and Tea Party dominated Congress to enter into the war using American tax-payers’ money and profiteer off of that war the same way Bush/Cheney profiteered off of the search for Osama bin-Laden, Iraq, and hurricane Katrina, and make trillions for themselves and their Super PACs. That is why we should VOTE for America, US, and not the tax cheating traitors pretending to be so patriotic and holier than thou. We should show the Republicans and the Tea Party in November who their employers are.

  • Plznnn: Don’t BOTHER these people with FACTS !!
    Don’t you realize that they DO NOT want facts and would not recognize facts if facts hit them on their (thick) heads.
    Just watch Romney/Ryan win by a LANDSLIDE in November !!

  • CPANY and charlesu: You guys are really, really smart and deep !!
    charlesu says that Republican = stupid and CPANY says that Republican = crook.
    I guess charlesu IS a Republican and CPANY IS a Republican too !!!
    Before you tell me that I AM the “stupid” and the “crook” (again, without realizing how ignorant that makes you seem), let me tell you this: I TRIED to get into the “Stupids & Crooks Club” but Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, George Clueless, Michael Moore, Bill Maher, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Joy Behar, Whoopie Goldberg, and others (too many to mention), ….. would NOT let me join them !!
    Go figure …

  • Tom-D44: Please don’t bother metrognome and others on this forum (to call it that is actually a -undeserved-compliment) with facts and common sense.
    Facts bore these people, and common sense goes over their heads….. so, don’t bother !

  • Michael: Don’t bother these people with FACTS. They do not understand facts, …. and Obama wants it that way …

  • Fern: Have your brain examined BEFORE Obamacare goes into effect ….
    and don’t get so angry, girl !!
    Tsk, tsk …

  • Fern: If you keep like that you are going to break a vein in your brain ….
    …. but, wait a minute, …. that could be it ! that could be the problem …. your veins to the brain are already severed and NO blood is flowing into your brain …

  • Michael: You see? Fern LIKES you !!
    (tsk, tsk, …. a very disturbed girl, that Fern ….)

  • Grammy: Thanks, but no thanks.
    Having read (I am not easily bored) some of your previous posts, I don’t think I want ANY “facts” from you…

  • ignore the facts??!!! WHAT kind of posting “name” is THAT !!
    Then again, that’s EXACTLY what you liberal retards are experts at: ignoring the facts …

    • Romney campaign slogan: “We’re Rich, We’re White, EFF You!”

  • EAT THE RICH: “… he claims to be a CONCERVITAVE” ??!!! CONCERVITAVE???!!!
    I almost broke a ligament in my chest LAUGHING !!
    You, sir, have to be a shethiad lirebal dambuss !!! Ha, ha, ha, haaaaa!!!

  • ayayaboy

    True, Romney is romoney. Romney is a liar for president. Why not IRS follow Romney the same way it pursues you and me? IRS must do something about Romney not paying his taxes correctly.

  • He should have to Pay Taxes, this is why we have a deficit–people like him. Most of all he is trying to make rules on his behalf to benefit him–because he is rich.

  • Instead of Federal and State IRS agents setting up offices that specialize in tracking the monies of the rich and famous, we pay them our tax dollars to hound low income and middle income earners for excess interest and penalties. This is a reflection on the people we employ and pay salaries. The IRS has failed to stand up to federal and state legislatures when they pass laws that allow these tax shelters. It’s a shame that these large companies receive tax returns when low and middle income earners are stressed out in paying taxes and monthly tax bills for amounts that have no comparison to what the rich and corporations pocket. Desertbrown.

  • Shows the Magnitude of Racism in this Country. Even though Obama has done everything in his Power to bring us back from the brink of a Depression. People will still Vote for the Party that was responsible for almost putting us there. Only because of the Color of his Skin

    • there are four categories of those that will vote for Romney:
      1) those who are “gray matter” challenged
      2) those who are completely ignorant of the issues
      3) racists
      4) Multi-millionaires (read: 1%).

      …opps, oh, and Michael Stoll (categories 1 thru 3)

  • bcarreiro

    its the republicans in congress who have stunted the growth to this economy by blocking bills that would create a level of stability for the american people, mitt will lead this country to a global depression. we the people need clarity in office not another george bush

  • before you hurl baseless and false accustaions with no knowledge of what yuou are talking about while calling others stupid , would you please explain what part of what i said is a complete lie and from which reality you get that from ? I mean if you live in the Liberla Universe and la la land of Unicorns Lollipops and rainbows maybe ….but not in reality and since yuou called me stupid I will see tha an d raise you and rightfully call you a MORON

  • Let me try this post again . Joseph which part do you think has been exposed and in what Universe do you thinkn it’s a lie ? Would that be in the Liberla la la Land of Unicorns Lollipops and rainbows ? It is all the truth if you have something to repute it and it is based on fact and not Liberla opinion you may call my post stupid . Since you can’t and resort to name calling I will respond in kind …You are a MORON …go see yo mommia she dropped you on yo stupid head


      Michael Stole in your world a lair, tax cheat, and phoney is to be commended. And before u start calling me names.
      Mitt used the amnesty program to bring some of his money back into the US w/o being prosecuted. By the way it was Obama’s efforts to get much of these hidden monies back in the US.
      Mitt claimed income as capital gains, reducing his tax burden.

  • Fern: It’s “SICKING”??!!
    You ARE funnnnny !!!

  • Michael: You “play” Fern Wood” like a fiddle …. and she is such a dummy that she doesn’t even notice.
    … Doesn’t even read her posts before she hits the “POST” key … Ha, ha, haaa!!

  • Hey, Robert: Right on !! But these lefties will never let facts stand in the way of their (pre-conceived, and vetted by Pelosi) opinions….

  • Robert: I guess this guy took such a beating from you that he must be still “licking” his “wounds”. LOL !!!


    If it’s legal whats the problem? if it’s illeagal prosecute him! It seems pretty simple to me. In the corporate world these are the things that happen. you have to change the rules. I’m sure everybody that has that kind of money does those things. If I had that kind of money, I would want to keep as much of it as possible. Everybody in this country has the same opportunity to amount to whatever they want to as long as they have the drive to do it. It is one of the only places in the world where one can do this.

  • Yes they have not passed a budget since Obama and the ones he put forth didn’t even get a single DEmocrat vote that’s how laughable they are ..Yet these Liberals think that Kieth is brilliant when what he posts is sophmoric …If you dont know what that means look it up Liberals …If you dont know how ask And I will tell you how to google for definitions

    • Prove that, too. It is easy to see how the vote went if you know where to look for it. You tell so many lies.

  • How is asking and politicing for lower taxes and smaller govt classwarfare? do you understand the english langauge beside swear words ?

  • We aren’t looking for the votes of Illegal Aliens and welfare recipients and paying those people to vote DEM …Paying them to do that with OUR tax dollars

    • Michael Stoll, the genius, prove that illegals have voted and that people were paid to vote Democratic. Your unfounded rhetoric is getting dull. You could be functionally illiterate. That means you can real and write but can’t process what you read or you could be so biased that you are proud of your ignorance.

  • All the more reasons Not to vote for Romney. He can not be trusted.


  • There’s a special place in HELL for romney and his co-horts / polititons of the Rep. kind

  • ExSMART: EXACTLY !! YOU said it: “Watch how it works on November 6th”.
    Yes, exactly, you liberal lefties dumbasses will get completely blindsided on November 6th. You will not realize what hit you until 5 or 6 days after the election. It won’t even be close !!

  • Fern: Would you like me to get you the ice pick?

  • Ronald: Shame on you for talking about yourself !!
    Come on now, Ronald, I know you can do better than that IDIOTIC statement …

  • Fran: What’s your beef with Romney, honey? Is he NOT paying you “child support”, babe? … you seem to know him so INTIMATELY …

  • WOW, RUKI ! “Mitt claimed income as capital gains, reducing his tax burden.”
    How did you find that out? Are you with the IRS? When are you guys planning to ARREST Romney? (I guess, with those charges, you ARE going to arrest him, aren’t you?
    RUKI: I have this refund from the IRS coming my way, would you be so kind to give me a hand here with your “higher-ups” (wink, wink …)

  • You can’t get rich without stepping on others toes and by being honest.

  • You do not elect a person that is a millionare to run this country,if you do you are all fools this guy ro-money is just telling the people what they want to here. Open your eyes to this person, this fool would be worst then GW(crooks)

  • HPVet

    This is like a scene from the Wall Street film: “GREED is GOOD”.
    Is there any limit for this type of greed? If you’re a multimillionaire or -billionaire, why can’t you afford to pay taxes? These guardians of (other people’s) morality are criminals even though they always state that “I did not do anything illegal”.

  • Romney’s campaign slogan: “We’re Rich, We’re White, EFF You!”

  • Ed

    An infamous woman once said “only the little people pay taxes”! And Romney heard her!

  • The american people are not suprised at this finding, Romney is just another
    crook who scamed to avoid taxes at the expense of the middle class who will
    should the tax burden for rich people like him, Warren Buffet was right !
    ( There are many rich people who are good : Bill Gate, Warren Buffet, Ted Turner … )

  • Thats why the German are smart like most northern European countries by
    having the modern Socialist system & a great economy. They do not allow
    Lobbysts to run around in Congress buying votes for special interests. They
    do not raid S. Security fund from the retired citizens who have worked +30
    years and paid into the system. They do not help the rich get richer by letting
    them export jobs and get tax loopoles at the same time. We must jail people
    who in the future rob from the S.Security fund. We should increase 2% more
    for the S.S fund, and bring all troops back, cut oil subsidies to save trillions
    on all these expenses.

  • nomaster

    Looks Willard the Rat man may have ran out of tricks to hide his true tax history. Doubt if he will admit it anytime soon. For Shame.

  • The use of ordinary stock transactions into overseas derivatives accounts for the highly suspect ratio of capital gains transactions to ordinary income on Mitt’s returns. Less widely publicized has been the fact that a US citizen is taxed on his worldwide income, including overseas accounts. The lure of these overseas accounts is in the fact that in some countries the host country does not report anything about the account to US authorities. This doesn’t make it legal, it just makes it harder to detect.

    Tex the CPA

  • Del

    The Ryan Plan is another bad plan for the USA. I hope all will know their facts before voting for anyone. One more span of a four year run with Republican’s like George Bush and having the rich pay nothing and the middle class carrying the burden will put this country UNDER SIX FOOT. We all know, well most of us, that have ever had a credit card and have a balance can’t pay it off in a short time paying just the minimum. All of the politicians there in Washington know this. I hope most middle class people know this as well. Only the RICH seem to play dumb to this. How can a man bail out a country after another gets it in debt so deep in eight years? In four years it can’t be done. AND having a no one helping or even trying to help this country is going to sink. It doesn’t matter whether it’s PUGS or DEMS in the office … if they won’t work together we’re doomed.

  • Polls show Romney and Obama neck and neck???!!! I don’t get it?….What are the Romney supporters thinking? What happened to moral high ground that the Republicans used to live on? I’m so proud of President Obama! Hurricanes close to Tampa?….Coincidence?…I think not.

  • Is Mitt short for Judas?

  • Is Mitt short for Judas?