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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Foreign-Born Parents Aren't Really Mooching Social Security

Despite claims to the contrary, foreign-born parents cannot receive Social Security payments. Tom Margenau writes in his new “Social Security And You” column:

As I’ve pointed out so often in this column, far too many people confuse SSI with Social Security. SSI is a federal welfare program that pays a very meager monthly check to about 6 million elderly and disabled poor people in this country. Even though the program is managed by the Social Security Administration, SSI is not a Social Security benefit, and SSI checks are not funded by Social Security taxes.

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One response to “Foreign-Born Parents Aren't Really Mooching Social Security”

  1. johnsonjjohnson says:

    Sooo really it is a net gain and NO drain to have foreign born immigrant here, legal or illegal to keep SSI afloat

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