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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fox News’ Hannity’s Post-Election Ratings Plummet

Right-wing Fox News host Sean Hannity has seen his ratings collapse in the wake of the 2012 election, suggesting that there may be some consequences for terrible punditry after all.

The New York Daily News reports that Hannity has lost roughly half of his audience since Election Day, according to Nielsen ratings. Among viewers between 25 and 54 years old — the most lucrative demographic for advertisers — Hannity’s losses were even greater.

There’s no way of telling exactly why viewers are fleeing Hannity’s show, but the most likely explanation for his ratings plunge is his outrageously inaccurate analysis of the 2012 presidential election. Many conservative pundits wrongly predicted that Mitt Romney would win the election, but few were as vehement as Hannity, whose show seemed to take place in an alternate right-wing reality. It was on Hannity’s show, for example, that Dick Morris infamously declared that Romney would win the popular vote by 4 or 5 percent, winning Florida, Ohio, Nevada, Virginia, and Pennsylvania on the way to a landslide; Morris later admitted that he was consciously lying to Hannity’s viewers in a failed effort to help Romney’s campaign. Hannity also frequently hosted Karl Rove, Peggy Noonan, and Ann Coulter, among other commentators who confidently declared that President Obama’s campaign was dead in the water.

Hannity’s more reality-based competitors in the 9pm timeslot have not suffered the same ratings decline. According to the Daily News, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow has hung on to most of her audience, and CNN’s Anderson Cooper has lost “almost none” of his viewers post-election. Making matters worse for Hannity, in December Maddow has been beating him in the ratings among the crucial 25-54 demographic.

The news isn’t all bad for Fox News, however. Bill O’Reilly has managed to keep almost 70 percent of his viewers from before Election Day, contributing to what has been — with the exception of Hannity’s collapse — another wildly successful ratings year for the right wing’s “Fair and Balanced” powerhouse.

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  • Sean who?

  • There is a guy I work with who actually believes that Hannity is the only truthful newsman on TV today. Funny thing is he has no use for Rush, and thinks Glenn Beck is all “smoke and mirrors”, even though he wanted to go to Beck’s DC ralley.

    • neeceoooo

      He surely has his head in the sand.

      • Reddiaperbaby

        Sand?? Up his ass is more like it!

    • Does your colleague also know that Morris admitted to deliberately lying on the Hannity show?

  • Hard to believe there are still people who listen to Hannity, Beck, Limbaugh, Coulter and the rest of that gang. Not only were their electoral predictions wrong, the policies they espouse were soundly rejected by a plurality of Americans. Their audience is now limited to Tea Party enthusiasts, the evangelicals, and the criminals that kill innocent people.

    • PhysicsCarlsh

      Are you certain – have you data? – that the audience is now limited to Tea party … criminals that kill innocent people. Or are you just writing that because it’s fun. You are critiquing a guy who did just that.

      • No, I do not have data to support my statement, and I admit the inclusion of criminals that kill innocent people was unnecessary hyperbole, but judging by what I see in my neck of the woods, I would say that the radicalism of the Tea Party appeals only to the far right.

        • PhysicsCarlsh

          Thanks. Just the scientist being careful. I do agree with you basically. And I worry a lot about that.

        • B

          Are you serious Dominick? The only radicals are on the left. How many arrests were there at the tea party rally’s? Or how many were there at the thousands of unemployed at the occupy wall street protests? What is the radicalism of the tea party? They want the budget to be balanced. Is that a a radical idea now?

          • latebloomingrandma

            I think it’s pretty radical when you want to dismantle government–the system by which our civil society is organized. Gov’t is necessary to provide for the common good and ensure domestic tranquility. We pay taxes—we get services. I don’t want my gov’t drowned in a bathtub. I don’t want stupid, unhealthy people running around with guns because educationn was cut, and they don’t know why they feel lousy because they have no money to see a doctor. I don’t want to see our elderly dying off like flies because 2 programs that have proven their worth—Medicare and Social Security have been stripped away to pay for the wealthy’s perks. Every gov’t dept has perks that can be reduced—start with generals and all the military bands and all the antiquated weapon systems that we no longer need. The way the teaparty wants to go about things, in a few generations our ancestors will be living The Hunger Games.

          • greywulf1064

            So tell me in your vast experience with military bands, how many are there? What antiquated systems are you talking about? And tell me, who is denied medical care because they don’t have money? Are you one of those that depends on government for you very existence?

          • awakenaustin

            You know what is really great is how so many of the ‘right’ thinking folks have these cool tough guy sounding screen names. Can you say self-esteem issues? Are you one of those band guys?
            Lots of people don’t get medical care because they can’t afford it. You should read a newspaper now and again or maybe listen to or watch a real news program once in awhile. Sure they can go to a hospital’s emergency room, but there is a reason why they are called emergency rooms. Poor folks who can’t afford medical insurance or pay for service do not go to the local Family Practice doctor (where they most certainly would not get medical attention if they could not pay for it) for minor ailments, vaccinations, well baby checks, physicals, and general preventive medicine health care. They, by circumstance, ignore these things and go to emergency rooms when their problems become emergencies. Any medical professional will tell you that just isn’t good way to give or get good basic medical care. Emergencies rooms are an inefficient and expensive way to deliver medical care.
            There was nothing in the post you responded to suggestive of the poster being on the government dole (if any such thing exists). Incidently your question in that regard isn’t an argument against her position. It is just a stupid attempt to answer by slandering the poster. The same thing I did for you.
            How about battleships and the entire Marine Corps for antiquated systems? As you rise to the defense of the Corps as I am sure you will, remember they do nothing the other service arms can’t do and do just as well. There is nothing the Corps does that is unique. BeforeI draw the wrath of the entire Marine Corps, I don’t have any issue with their continued existence.

          • greywulf1064

            Wassamatter princess did I hit a nerve? I wish I could tell you how sorry I am that your worthless self gets intimidated by a screen name. Ummm, no honey, I wasn’t a “band guy” I was in line units for most of my career.

            You’re the typical arrogant elitist libtard who automatically assumes that it’s smarter than everyone else around it. So sweetie, you’re the one with the esteem issues. For starters, there are NO battleships anymore. That point alone shows you’re ignorance. They’ve either been scrapped or are on display as floating museums.

            As for the Marine Corps, way to take a stand, you say they’re a relic but you’re afraid to draw their ire. Fact is, the Army cannot stand offshore ready to deploy with heavy equipment like the Marine Corps can and I say that as an Army veteran.

            And you didn’t address the point, tell me who is DENIED medical care in this country? You can’t can you?

            Next time you try to belittle someone, have an effing clue what you’re talking about. Dipshit.

          • latebloomingrandma

            I am a retired RN and people without insurance often don’t seek care because they cannot pay for it. If they collapse in the street, they are taken to to the ER and patched up. I volunteer at a free clinic, where the qualifications to get said care are very narrow—mostly the working poor. No $$ or dentist for dental care. People with painful conditions not able to get surgery of no Dr. willing to do it. Most people wait too long feeling lousy until they have the heart attack or discover cancer. It’s a lousy system until Obamacare kicks in. Regarding military bands—they are great and “nice ” to have. In these austere times, i don’t believe the USA should have more musicians in the DoD than State has diplomats. doesn’t make sense. Generals—a lot of perks; way too many layers in the Pentagon–one star and staff serving the 2 star; 2 star serving the 3 star. etc. A lot of this was reported in an article about Former DoD chief, Bob Gates.. And even though it’s none of your business, I live off an employee pension, a small social Security check and personal savings from 4 different vehicles. I have never been on the “dole.”

          • greywulf1064

            Yes, I’m sure your god Obama will make it all better. Got news for you, if you get Social Security, you’re on the dole.

          • Diana Bauer

            SS is an insurance that is funded by payroll deductions. It’s most certainly is NOT being “on the dole.” For someone who tells people to get their facts straight, you’re not doing a very good job yourself.

          • Frank Albert

            A dumb grunt who wasn’t smart enough to go the 20 years.

          • FactsAndReason

            With that one statement alone, your ignorance and political polemics stand in stark relief and pretty much remove your comments from serious consideration.

            SS is paid for by those who eventually get benefits; it is not “the dole”. And besides that, “the dole” is paid for by payroll taxes, so if I get unemployment insurance, part of that is what I paid in, part of that is what everybody else paid in; that’s how insurance systems work.

            Go read a book.

          • My Daughter was denied health care moron. BTW I served my country and they have so much antiquated equipment it’s ridiculous.

          • greywulf1064

            And why was she denied care? Dipshit Now name something that’s antiquated, if you can.

          • FactsAndReason

            The Ma Deuce. That’s what. Still in use, antiquated. Still deadly, too, but completely outperformed by weapons widely available.

          • You are the Dipshit, grey – and an ignorant one at that!

          • greywulf1064

            You say that as if I should care what you think Ms Stella. I’ll drink a beer named after you tonight. I know it will at least taste better.

          • naturally333

            After reading the back and forth responses above and putting all political beliefs aside, I find you to be quite an arrogant bully wulfy. It always astonishes me that people waste their time arguing with anonymous idiots online, so feel free to call me all sorts of names as I know you will. For some reason it seems to make you feel superior and that’s why others believe you are compensating for shall we say short comings. Have a spiteful new year wulfy.

          • greywulf1064

            I’m far from a bully, I haven’t threatened you. If anyone is the bully, it’s you with your condescension and arrogance. You calling me arrogant is actually quite laughable. You’re the one that has the need to feel superior, not me. I understand it’s the libtard way. You have to run around an pathetically attempt to convince others that you are somehow better and more intelligent than them. Funny how you all have the same arguments. You ALL resort to some sort of lame compensation issue. Short comings? Really? Are you that obsessed with male anatomy or are you projecting? Keep you “spiteful” wishes to yourself. My my, you sure are a mean spirited little creature aren’t you?

          • naturally333

            Just like Pablo’s dog, you perform on command. If ignorance is bliss you’re living in utopia. Funny you should mention the word pathetic since it describes you to a tee. You’re just an angry old fart lashing out at anyone who doesn’t share your substandard ideas. Pathetic describes you accurately.

          • FactsAndReason

            But nothing you write has content, neither facts nor rebuttals; just insults, polemics, and half-witted attempts at being a smartass.

            You actually make yourself look pretty stupid, but you’ll never believe that, either.

          • Guest

            Is that your pathetic attempt at facts and reason?

          • Frank Albert

            It’ll be one of the 30 beers he has every night.

          • Philip Quinn

            Stella is right. You are a moronic arse.

          • greywulf1064

            and you can go fuck.yourself, Merry Christmas

          • Philip Quinn

            I’ll leave the self gratification field clear for you and your ilk.

          • greywulf1064

            Need a tissue? You self-righteous, arrogant, elitist libtards get more pathetic with each passing day.

          • Philip Quinn

            Pot….. kettle…… black

          • greywulf1064

            Sorry dipshit, I don’t think I’m better than others like your ilk does. Nice try though.

          • awakenaustin

            Ooo! You even talk bad. How unexpected. As one Army vet to another ESAD. Next time you pull the vet card make sure you are the only one in the room. Are we now going to pretend we are baboons and play the game of who has the reddest ass? Got your panties in a wad, didn’t I? I have no problem with you attacking my un-toughness, I know you are just compensating. J
            My bad on the battleships, that’s what happens when you do things off the top of your head. As to the Marine Corps, just trying to avoid extraneous comments. If I am not afraid of a tough guy like you, why would I be afraid of the Marine Corps. You really think the Army cannot be trained to do every single thing the Corps does? It is an assignment/mission the Marine Corps has to make it seem relevant and necessary. There is nothing specific about what Marines do that cannot be done by the other services. Despite what they may think of themselves, there is nothing special or unique about Marines. (Wait, that isn’t exactly true, they have cool uniforms.) The British Royal Marines (from whom we got the idea) started out as nothing more than soldiers on ships. Because we have chosen to organize our military forces in the fashion we have isn’t a requirement of the tasks they perform and the unique characteristics or abilities of their personnel. We could easily have one combined service. Such a move would cut down on a lot of duplication. It doesn’t happen because of tradition, inter-service jealousy and rivalry, and numerous political, not military or economic considerations. Hell, it would be the end to the Army – Navy game. Couldn’t have that.
            It didn’t go unnoticed that you ignored the substance of my response and took issue with the meaningless sideshow. I could as easily have written your last sentence in regard to your response to the post which started this soiree.

          • greywulf1064

            It’s always the same with you libtards LOL, you always have to accuse others for “compensating” or try to convince yourself that you’re the smarter one in the room. You don’t need to afraid of me, I never threatened you and I wouldn’t waste my time either. You ooze so much arrogance and elitism it’s rather sad. You response had NO substance, that’s why I didn’t address it. You chose to ignore my question. So now here is where you accuse me of being a racist, overweight and live in a trailer park. It’s all you people ever have. Oh and I didn’t pull the so-called Vet card. You did by accusing me of being a “band guy”. I’m guessing that condescension and snobbery are you best qualities you have to offer.

          • awakenaustin

            What question? Your only question to me in your post to me was whether you hit a nerve? I think it is pretty clear you didn’t. It is also pretty clear I did.
            I haven’t accused you of anything other than an ego inflated screen name and made attendant remarks working off that basic theme. In regards to condescending, disparaging remarks you are no slacker in that area. You should maybe re-read your post which started this business. You weren’t exactly being sweet, kind and gentle. I am sorry to disabuse you of the notion you are free to crap on others without the worry of return fire. It is avoidance behavior to say you don’t have to address the substance of another’s argument because there is no substance. By the by, you are the one who keeps telling me, I am an arrogant elitist, who thinks he is smarter than everyone without me saying anything in that regard. If that isn’t projection and compensation on your part, what is it? Finally, I know of lots of people who disagree with me about the world who aren’t racist, overweight or living in trailer parks. J

          • greywulf1064

            So my fondness for gray wolves is some sort of ego inflation? I can’t even begin to comprehend that logic. So fine, you’re superior to me, does that make you feel better now Nancy? I hit the nail on the head by calling you and arrogant elitist. Deal with it, I understand you don’t like being called out for what you are. Too bad, oh so sad. You can run off to Starbucks now and tell your fellow Mother Jones readers that you one-upped some trailer trash. I understand, it’s what you do.

          • awakenaustin

            Oh, come on now! Really? Now you are trying to make my eco-nazi, knee-jerk, bleeding-heart liberalness feel bad because of my anti-grey wolfness. You really cannot read between the lines can you? Is everyone who disagrees with you an arrogant elitist, who drinks coffee at Starbucks and reads Mother Jones? Or, is it just the ones who get the upper hand. J I can tell though that you have calmed down a bit. Small point, you are the only one calling names and stereotyping. Since you have abused me so, I think I will have to have a good cry while I try to compose myself.
            Do you go out of state to visit your grey wolf friends? TPW says there aren’t any in Texas? If your screen name is a paean to grey wolves why did you misspell it?

          • greywulf1064

            I guess I really struck a chord with you didn’t I? Now you’re trying to get me on spelling LOL. You’re really do have a desperate need to feel superior to me don’t you 😀 You’re funny. Predictable, but funny. What’s up with the obsession with my screen name? It must REALLY REALLY bother you 😀 Oh and I thought you didn’t want to waste your time arguing with someone online. 😀 Time to go to Starbucks huh? LOL

          • awakenaustin

            Did I say I minded wasting your time? It is so much fun. I am available for a play date anytime.
            Yes, I think your screen name is funny. It is part of that false machismo guys try to project with their words. It is like giving yourself a nickname. Does it mean I believe you are trying to say something about yourself? Yes. It is what everyone does when they select a screen name other than their own name. It doesn’t bother me. It would be a mistake for you to think it does, but you are certainly welcome to think so. However, I believe you have finally caught on that it is really only a convenient way for me to tweak you and you are now finally refusing to be baited and drawn out. Good on ya, mate. J Starbucks coffee is really so overpriced and overrated. I prefer to hand grind my home roasted coffee (roasted in a handmade roaster in my liberal mansion) while I entertain Hollywood elites and effete northeastern liberals and snobs, all the while making derogatory comments about the “real” Americans who built this nation with their bare hands and the help of no one else. When I have tea, I sip it with my pinky extended. Hook’em.

          • greywulf1064

            It obviously it does bother you because you’re obsessed with it and keep bringing it up cupcake.

          • FactsAndReason

            What is really amusing is how your amazing insecurity is shown by your absolute requirement to have the last word; whatever someone else says, you must have a retort (even if it makes you look MORE foolish).

            Most people grow out of that behavior in early youth; I suggest you work on it.

          • naturally333

            God, your responses are boring. You say the same thing over and over again. It really shows your lack of intelligence.

            You can’t see yourself, but others can. You’re a rude, unkind, selfish bully. It’s more than obvious that your short comings go way past the length of your penis, Wulfy. The world will be a better place when “people” like you and I use the term loosely are no more.

            If you think what you’re providing is eloquent or intelligent argument you’re sadly mistaken. Any intelligible meaning in what you believe is lost in your level of anger. You’re good at name calling and bullying and it’s obvious you’re miserable in real life. On those two efforts I give you an A. Not surprisingly, I’m sure you’re so proud, hence your pathetic nature.

            Deuces old man.

          • greywulf1064

            LOL @ my pathetic nature from the person who runs around wishing others their demise. You’re obsession with male anatomy and the assumption that you’re more intelligent are laughable. Funny how all of your kind are the same and I see nothing but projection. You take your self-loathing to turn it back to others. I can see why you hate yourself. If anyone is the bully cupcake, it’s you. Run along now and tell your friends, what few you have, that you told that big bad conservative at thing or two HAHAHAHAHAHA

          • naturally333

            We can’t all be wrong. No one likes you on this thread, I’m sure much like no one likes you in real life. Your arguments are weak and repetitive, your mouth is foul and your pathetic little tantrums are boring. Your bark is bigger than your bite. You’re a sad excuse for a man, wulfy.

          • naturally333

            Yes, think about it. Total strangers can’t stand you. I feel for the people who have to have contact with you in real life. You’re a hostile little man. Trust and believe no one has an obsession with you. Sounds more like you’re obsessed with yourself. Like I said, your pathetic and your responses are proof of that fact.

          • Frank Albert

            At least you admit what you are.

          • Frank Albert

            We only have to talk to people like you to KNOW we’re the smartest ones in the room.

          • FactsAndReason

            amusing way to engender debate: insults, content-free notes, and attempts at “argument from authority” as in “I’m a vet”.

          • Why Wolfie, you obviously haven’t a clue. Uninsured people and underinsured people are denied care all the time. Obamacare is addressing that but it takes time and isn’t universal thanks to your cronies in Congress. The #1 cause of bankruptcy is from health care bills. Defend THAT asshat.

          • Frank Albert

            Line units…oh a dumb grunt. Now I understand your comments.

          • FactsAndReason

            You’ll get the care, then you get the bill(s) that drive you into bankruptcy, out of your home, and into the streets.

            If that’s your view of how America (or any civilized nation) should work, then please go somewhere else and built yourself that place. We’d rather live in a world where we help each other when help is necessary.

          • FrankBrady

            So you enjoy your comfortable slavery?

          • latebloomingrandma

            I’m afraid I don’t understand your question. I don’t feel enslaved at all. I live in a small town, where there were 2 homicides last year, in my section of town. There are drugs around. I walk freely in my neighborhood without a weapon. I don’t look for trouble and give none. I refuse to live in fear in my own neighborhood. Of course, I realize that my town is still relatively safe from outright gang warfare. Many people here own weapons for deer hunting. I just hate to see our country turn into a place whereby there are “checkpoints” or whenever large crowds gather you have to go through security checks to see a sporting event or a show or go to a park or go to school. It’s seems to be coming to pass, and I hate it. That’s not a free country to me.

          • The Journal News is Armed and Dangerous

            January 1st, 2013


            Armed guards from RGA Investigations have taken up post at the Journal News’ Rockland County headquarters


            Guns are good for the goose but NOT for the gander.

            A Clarkstown police report issued on December 28, 2012, confirmed that The Journal News has hired armed security guards from New City-based RGA Investigations and that they are manning the newspaper’s Rockland County headquarters at 1 Crosfield Ave., West Nyack, through at least tomorrow, Wednesday, January 2, 2013.

            According to police reports on public record, Journal News Rockland Editor Caryn A. McBride was alarmed by the volume of “negative correspondence,” namely an avalanche of phone calls and emails to the Journal News office, following the newspaper’s publishing of a map of all pistol permit holders in Rockland and Westchester.

            Due to apparent safety concerns, the newspaper then decided to hire RGA Investigations to provide armed personnel to man the location.

            Private investigator Richard Ayoob is the administrator of RGA. He told the Clarkstown Police on Friday, December 28 that there had been no problems on site at the Journal News headquarters despite the massive influx of phone calls and emails.

            McBride had filed at least two reports with the Clarkstown Police Department due to perceived threats. However, the police did not find the communications in question actually threatening. Incident-Report 2012-00033099 describes McBride telling police she was worried because an email writer wondered “what McBride would get in her mail now.”


          • latebloomingrandma

            What state is that?

          • Don

            Why didn’t the Tea Party pressure Bush to balance the budget?

          • Do you read the articles or do you just read the comments and then make sock puppet remarks?

          • B – the radicalism of the tea party is the pursuit of policies that are supported by a minority, are harmful to the majority and the country in general and have no chance of being supported by most Americans;

          • Budget balanced? Let’s be honest here. The GOP spends (look at Ronald Reagan & Bush Jr spending) and then the present Republican representatives lay it all on this present president. There are radicals on both sides of the political spectrum. Except I was thought (in that radical public school system) that it was the “reactionary right” and the “radical left.”

          • Well, for starters B, people on the Left don’t show up at political rallies with assault weapons strapped to their backs when a conservative is in the White House…..

          • FactsAndReason

            It’s only at Tea Party klaverns that you see signs “We came unarmed…THIS TIME”.

      • Reddiaperbaby

        Well, what other kind of sane and intelligent person with an IQ in double digits watches this garbage channel?

        • Mr

          Truly? Folks with double digit IQs watch Fox?
          I would hazard a guess that none of their viewers
          were in that catagory.
          But perhaps the ones I personally know that do are the exceptions.
          Were it not for the ocassional football game, Fox would have no worth in my household.

          • There are a few of these viewers on this posting board. One I can think of in particular just yesterday said that FOX was the only truthful media outlet. She is obviously one of those who loves all the dopes on this bogus network. Treats them with such reverence and awe. A real fruitcake.

        • greywulf1064

          Wow, you sure seem to be an elitist dickhead.

          • Reddiaperbaby

            Yes, I’m an elitist and see nothing wrong with it…as for being a “dickhead” (such an elegant vocabulary), you’d know more about that than I would, I’m sure.
            Sent from my iPad

          • Frank Albert

            I’d bet most people seem that way to you.

          • greywulf1064

            Most no, just ones like you.

          • FactsAndReason

            wow, you sure told HIM!

            again, you look like an idiot: nothing to say, just another juvenile round of “I got the last word in”.

    • Grouped together, they’re most accurately referred to as the “lunatic fringe”. Their creaky policies and lack of communications skills have rendered them totally irrelevant. Who talks about Sarah Palin anymore? Only this bunch, and that number has probably been cut in half.

  • Sean Hannty isn’t the only ratings loser post-election. So is Rush Limbaugh. The ratings for Limbaugh’s radio show have fallen by more than 30 percent since the election — further accelerating an already-steady decline in his audience numbers since Limbaugh slandered Sandra Fluke as a “prostitute.”

    • iowasteve

      I wonder what he is going to brag about this year now – he has always repeated over and over and over about how how great is is by saying things like – “I told you this a month ago” and so on. He hasn’t told shit that has actually be true or accurate in over 3 years now. Hannity, Beck, and the rest are just as guilty. If you wanna know why their ratings are dropping, it’s because America has finally taken THEIR advise and educated themselves and found out they have been lied to for decades by the GOP and their mouthpieces from and thru FOX. If the GOP wants to recover, their best strategy needs to be to distance themselves from FOX and the talk show hosts – every single one of them. And then start listening to the people and not hte corporations. Surprise Romney – Corporations are not people.

  • docb

    50%…that is good news but cnn has lost over 50% too! False equivalencies and lies do not seem to sell anymore!
    Hats off to the American people for seeing the light or lack there of!

  • bstockinger

    If you really want to hurt FOX, stop watching ALL of their network offerings. That includes their NFL programming. Its hard for about one Sunday, but there is a life other than football.

  • FredAppell

    This article tells me absolutely nothing. Without knowing the specifics it is nothing more than conjecture. The viewers had to have gone somewhere, they didn’t just suddenly decide to stop watching television nor did they flock to any alternative news outlets considering that no spike in the ratings anywhere else has been reported. Besides, unless the right-wing is completely fickle, it seems unlikely they would desert their buddy Sean Hannity simply because he was wrong about the election outcome. There are so many details not being reported here, it makes me view this article with much trepidation.

  • blyvl

    Perhaps a contributing factor in his “fall from grace” was the fact that his views on immigration totally changed (“evolved”) in one (election) night. Leading up to the election he was strongly opposed to any kind of “comprehensive immigration reform”. The morning after the election he thought it was okay. He and many others on “the right” are apparently willing to compromise their principles in order to pander for the “Hispanic vote”.

  • tman000

    Hannity and the other ‘right wing tabloid media types’ are looking at America, ‘tabloid radio’ has been an example of the ‘dream thinking’ of the ‘radical right’. Thats why we have ‘progressives’ (that look forward) and ‘conservatives (thats for no change rgardless the affect) These people mostly live in a “hate & fear” world.

    But, Mr. Hannity, Mr Limbough and the others are getting the affects from most Americans who seeing through these ‘Tabloid Media’ dudes. ‘my thoughts’

  • mea_mark

    I guess being lied to and believing those lies is not a pleasant reality to deal with. Hopefully the ex-veiwers of fox will decide to seek more truthful programming.

  • This is what happens when people lose sight of power corrupting. Man since day one has had this thing whereby he is left to lead and on being installed in the seat he stops the necessity of information and goes it alone. His opinion then becomes law. In this case he became a certified ignorant, unglamorous ass and now he pays. It’s like any leader in the world. He gets a taste. People get a taste and like it. He lets the power all go to his or her head. His laws and teachings then become ramblings, people begin to see the real HE and someone assassinates the new person he has become. In this case left him. He no longer served the people, he served himself. Now any person out there who doesn’t see the difference between a Democrat and Republican has to be a blind Republican.

    • mea_mark

      Your post can apply to the whole of the GOP. You summed it well.

    • Two characteristic of Republican orthodoxy are greed and their tendency to overreach. Let’s not forget that the same people who misdiagnosed the 2012 election are the same ones that edto have a mandate in 2000, after their candidate lost the popular vote and was selected president thanks to hanging and pregnant chads, and a bit of help from his younger brother in Tallahasse; and the same ones that turned the ambivalent president that ignored intelligence warnings before 9/11/01 and turned him into a “war President” after that horrible tragedy. Negative logic is an important ingredient in their rationalization process.

  • tunaman13212

    As people watch Maddow and Cooper they find out the real truth and then they know that they have been lied to on fox.

    • latebloomingrandma

      Rachel, in particular, really does her homework. I doubt Hannity know how to do any research. I think he’s a college drop-out like Rush. Rachel is a Rhodes scholar and has a PhD. (Of course, that’s only part of the package. After all Newt Gingrich has a Phd. and still can’t tell the truth.)

  • Ed

    There willalways be hatred! Thus there will always be an audience for “Fox News”. I still cannot fathom americans following an austrailian in attacking the AMERICAN PRESIDENT.

  • elw

    Oh yea, that is almost too good to believe. He have been lying to his followers for decades, it is about time they caught on. Let’s hope Limbaugh is next.

  • Good. I love witnessing the fall of America’s terrorist group!

  • Hannity is a disgusting American. So ONE-SIDED that he stinks when spewing his lies and hatred about America and the Middle class.
    This pathetic Coward and Liar cannot and never will be able to match UP to Rachel Maddow. Her education and research make him look/sound like the Moron he is.
    Hannity is a Self-Serving monster……….and only a shithouse like Fox would give him a job…..just look at idiot/drunk Glenn Beck. The Nazi Left-Over, Herr Krauthammer, is another disgusting Being………he hates America and the 98%.

  • hes a strange boy

  • jstsyn

    “Fair and Balanced” my a$$.

  • hannity, limbaugh, levin, beck, and their ilk have always been far to the right of the mainstream of america, and their continued idiocy has awoken all but the most robotic of their viewers/listeners. what we on the left have been telling their audience for years is finally sinking in.

  • So much for the “only media that allegedly reports the facts and the truth”! Good riddance to them and the rest of the loudmouthed liars such a Coulter and Limbaugh. They will also go down at some point.

  • Phil Johnson

    While the Repugnant Party is living in their impenetrable bubble, free from any true facts, the Democratic Party will continue to keep the US Senate and move toward taking the US House of Representatives back. Steve Schmidt, former campaign manager for McCain’s run for the White House, said when President Obama won his second term “the GOP will not win another national election”. From Mr. Schmidt’s lips to God’s ears.

  • dalnb

    Hannity is one of the most unethical talk show people in any media. He fabricates stories, manipulates information and prides himself on generating hate, discontent and confusion..

    I see him as a highly disgusting person. I boil when I see him talk about someone he has just interviewed on stage. He interrupts them when they are saying things he disagrees with and after they leave the stage when they can not defend their comments he bad mouths them!

    I would not be surprised to see video copies of Hannity’s radio and TV shows found in terrorist recruiting and training locations where they are used to convince the world that America does not like their government or leaders and that we would welcome both being overthrown.

  • Pamby50

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer person. How much longer before his show gets cancelled like Glenn Beck?

  • B

    Have you actually watched Fox ever?

  • B

    That is a lie Doctor T. Morris said that based on voter enthusiasm and the fact that black and latino employment participation was at an all time low they would not vote in Obama again. He admitted afterword that people are more interested in entitlements than freedom.

  • B

    You apparently have never watched either one. Rachel Maddow is the biggest liar I’ve ever watched. I watched her one time, and never again will I make that mistake.

  • B

    Glenn Beck didn’t get canceled. He got a 10 million dollar raise last year. Your ignorance is astounding.

    • He got fired! Your ignorance and Glenn Beck’s ignorance is disgusting!

  • I am 64 and never heard a news reporter show so much hatred and anger when delivery the news about a presidential candidate

    • jackooo41

      There is a reason.

  • @B You have to be an idiot to compare the tea partiers to the occupy wall street protestors who are not racist, bigots, or radicals. Any time you protest in America you have a certain amount of people that get arrested that’s normal but it ain’t normal to be a racist, bigot, or a radical.

    • jackoooo

      You must be young and dumb to say that.

  • Don

    Hannity needs to come clean. Admit he was wrong and that he will try to be more
    objective in the future. If not, HAVE A NICE FLIGHT SEAN.


    • jackoooo

      2/3 of kids drop out before their 3rd yr. in college.

      • Philip Quinn

        And how many get a political commentator’s job

  • onedonewong

    One thing is for certain they aren’t flocking to MSNBC or CNN

  • Sean Hannity,Russ Limbaugh& Ann Coulter are three ugly faces of the republican party.Their party can do no wrong. Everything Obama does is wrong in their way of thinking.All they do is spread hate & lies. Lets hope their ratings keep going down and their taken off the air. Bill O’Reilly is likeable and fair in judgement. Iwish him well,and that his rating stay solid.

    • Disagree about O’Reilly. He’s just as bad as the other clowns. O’Reilly keeps repeating the lie that we voted for Obama to get “free stuff.” That’s a lie, but O’Reilly is sticking to this assumption. He’s just as bad as Hannity, only nicer about it.

      • jackoooo

        Why did you vote for Obama?

        • Philip Quinn

          Did you listen to the numpty alternative?

          • jackooo41

            What’s numpty? Did u misspell something or is it an abbreviation or ??

    • jackooo41

      Obama is Lord!!!!

  • FrankBrady

    Hannity is a neocon buffoon–but anyone who thinks Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper are “reality based” needs to be medicated.

  • th1967

    Hannity by far is the biggest reject loser that TV has! he is if not the biggest the 2nd biggest lying, racist, assclown that this country has ever seen, aside from Limpdickbaugh, Beck, counter and that stupid, uneducated bitch Michele Malkin. Hannity does nothing but lie, devise LIES and tries to spread propaganda,especially during the election in hopes it would bring down the President. Hannity thought that he was so big and significant that he could affect the election, what an assclown!! remember when he tried to make a big deal out of the tape that President Obama was on saying that he wanted to redistribute wealth after Dim Wit Mit got caught talking about the “47%” like that was going to be a bigger deal than the 47% comments, what a complete LOSER!!

    if Hannity wasn’t trying to make up BS, he was on the Bengazi story EVERY night from the time it happened until after the election!.Missing get me wrong,what happened there was terrible, however there never was ANY cover- up and the President Damon sure hid NOTHING, but Hannity was so hell bent on it being Obama’ s fault and when it wasn’t he couldn’t accept that. Hannity is and will always be assclown of the decade!! I’m surprised that it’s taken this long for him to lose half of his audience, I guess it goes to show that the radical right wingers and psycho tea baggers really wanted all the BS he was spewing to be true!! That’s right I said psycho tea bagger s and that’s what they/you are. Any one that is willing to end Medicare, privatize Social Security, end Medicaid and are willing to default on the full faith and credit of the U.S. just to get your way are complete psycho, assclowns! My God they were willing to hold middle class Americans hostage unless they got tax cuts for the rich. Wait there’s more, they’ so concerned about the deficit that they fight to the death to keep the 2 billion dollar tax subsidies in place for the oil companies, the same oil companies that are bringing in over 40 billion dollars in profit per 1/4,that’s right per 1/4. oh but hey the deficit is out of control!! Short F’ ing memories!! Hannity your a loser and will always be a loser and just like Glen “psycho” Beck, you’ll be gone from fixed nnews soon enough!!

    • jackoooo

      What happened in Benghazi? Ask Hillary and u get, “What difference does it make”. Say what??

      Why don’t you fools ask her?

  • Fox news, we manipulate, you capitulate. Fox has taken a sharp and drastic left turn over the last four years. They even hired Jesse Jackson’s daughter for crying out loud. They can go to h e double l.

  • The hypocrisy of these Liberal turds never fails to present itself on a regular basis.

  • Take Hannity, Ann coulter, Carl Rove, and all the other right wing liars and banish them from all the airwaves. And confiscate the fox network and arrest leaders for treason!!!

  • Siralangrant

    This is NOT surprising news at all…………

  • What is the deal with Hannity, why did he lie??? I guess because a lot of very small minded people watch Fox and he knows it. I wonder what he will say when they start the work at Mt. Rushmore on President Obama,s Statue, the money has already been paid to contractors to begin.

    • jackoooo

      The King is trying to start a war and fools still support the clown!!!

  • naturally333

    Touché and nicely done.

  • naturally333

    Their viewers feed on hate and lies and alas the party’s over.

  • naturally333

    Good point. I also thought that was an asinine comparison from left field.

  • Diana Bauer

    Wow – projecting is something you righties sure do well. Accuse the other of doing what you are already doing. Class act there.

  • We won’t know until March whether Sean Hannity’s afternoon radio show has also seen a sharp ratings decline. Unlike the TV ratings, which are measured on a daily basis and reported overnight, radio ratings are measured on a weekly basis and reported quarterly.

  • Sierra111


  • Dunnyveg

    I don’t think Hannity’s loss of viewers has anything to do with his inaccurate election predictions. Anybody who only read Drudge would have thought that Obama was on his last leg, and Drudge hasn’t seen a collapse in his ratings.

    Hannity’s collapse is due to his advocating for amnesty for illegal aliens. Since this is obvious even to amateur observers of American politics, the real question is what the author thinks he gets from dissembling.

    • jackoooo

      Illegals should be deported but you can’t say that to Obama dunces.

      • Dunnyveg

        Obama dunces are liberals, just like Hannity. As bad as the Democrats are, I think the Republican Party is worse because it pretends to be a conservative party that represents the interests of the historic American nation when the reality is that it’s almost as liberal as the Democrats.

        Americans need to abandon not only scoundrels like Hannity, but the entire GOP in favor of a party that represents our interests. With friends like the Republicans, we don’t need enemies…..

        • jackoooo

          Give me a reason u have a problem with Hannity. Be specific.

          • Dunnyveg

            Gosh, is turning Americans into a despised minority in our own country through liberal open borders policies enough? Or are you looking for something really serious, genius?

          • jackoooo

            I know it is hard for you, but try not to be ignorant!! It does not help your cause.
            I do not understand what your reply means. Can u break it down more simply?

  • Looks like it may be time for what’s-his-name to retire to an AM radio station somewhere inside Buttcrack Trailer-park.

    • jackoooo

      Was wondering where you live!

  • grandbaby1

    The discussion was Hannity. He is over the top. Last election and this one too. Isn’t that why Combs left him?

  • ococoob

    Ha ha ha!

  • Barry Roope

    I used to listen to him,just to see how stupid he could be,and to see if people were buying into his ignorance, and for many years the dimwits believed this idiot, I literally cannot stand the sound of his voice, he sounds like the abusive neighbor, that everybody hates. His political knowledge is nonexistent, he is a paid liar, I hope there comes a day in America when children ask their parents, Why did people listen to this hateful, lying idiot? I wonder when he is on his deathbed if he will finally admit that he lied to the American people for years, causing weak minded people to believe every word this liar said, and causing untold suffering on the poor and Disabled. He claims to be a Christian, and I take him at his word, so he has to know that the lies he tells and will continue to tell, must offend God. He does not believe in the most basic tenets of Christianity, which is about helping the least among us, everything he says and does is in direct contradiction to the New Testament Teachings. Most of the Republican party take pride in hurting others, taking away money for nutrition programs, ending headstart for millions of children, denying healthcare to the sick and disabled, these actions are not those of people who believe in Jesus Christ, so come Judgement Day, a lot of Republicans are going to be surprized, that their hatred of the poor and doing things to make their suffering worse, was not very Christian, and I believe Jesus will be very disappointed that they used his name to cause suffering to others, the price may be very high for those that spread hate in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I honestly don’t know why other Christians have not boycotted Fox news, for their constant lies, that completely ignore the teachings of Jesus Christ. The Bible warns us of false prophets, and Fox news is an entire network of them, being led by the Prince of liars, Shawn Hannity.

    • jackoooo

      That’s why I watch Al Sharpton in Politics Nation. I enjoy his stupidity…. lol

      • Philip Quinn

        Try to find your own retorts but then “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”

    • jackoooo

      If you are worried about nutrition programs then double up on contributions.
      Quit whining for others to do it.

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