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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

When the reigning wordsmith of the Republican right says that he is “frightened to death” by Occupy Wall Street, there must be a compelling reason for him to admit his fear. Such was the confession of Frank Luntz, famed pollster and consultant whose advice has been sought by Fox News, Newt Gingrich and many other leaders in the political and corporate worlds. Speaking before the Republican Governors Association in Florida this week, Luntz went on to warn its members that the public wants to raise taxes on the wealthy, deeply distrusts Wall Street, and even thinks capitalism is “immoral.”

“I’m so scared of this anti-Wall Street effort. I’m frightened to death,” said Luntz, who has served as the brains behind much Republican messaging for two decades. “They’re having an impact on what the American people think of capitalism.”

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33 responses to “Fox Pollster Tells GOP Governors Why 'Occupy' Scares Him”

  1. J.M. Dillon says:

    These people had better heed what’s occurring “beneath’ them this country’s MAJORITY is better informed today and they are ready to vote the Wealthy supporters out of office. They know who and what is destroying this country.

  2. jussmartenuf says:

    Corporate billionaires move American jobs overseas and their fortunes grow exponentially; Then they have the lackey Republican and the Democratic legislators they own demean the unemployed they have fired as jobless bums. The Right wing voters who say only conservatism is American and Liberalism is Communism join their chorus to vote against the vast majority of Americas best interest. A terrible injustice perpetrated by very misguided people who will not listen to the truth. Very Sad Indeed. Capitalism does have many advantages, but there are disadvantages they refuse to understand and compromise is not part of their character. They are now saying the Soc Sec tax savings does not help the poor. Incredibly stupid people i wish there were someway to reach. Calling them stupid only deepens their commitment to their unjust cause.

  3. freethinker says:

    How about a study that compares the concentration of wealth with the growth of government? We might even be able to forecast the future by looking the distribution of wealth in highly socialistic countries. I suspect such a study wouldn’t provide solace to those nodding their heads in approval to the above article.

  4. pbillp65 says:

    Could it be that he sees the truth, and has run into a situation that defies his ability to ridicule or twist/spin with a one or two word response, like death tax instead of Inheritance Tax. Most people have no idea what it will be like to actually get an inheritance of any size, but everyone knows what DEATH is. I mean the only two constants in life are Death and Taxes right? The OWS Movement defies simplistic definition. No simple easy to understand definition, no ability to denigrate the movement.
    OWS is defaming Capitalism, but that is not true. OWS is turning the average person against Laissez Faire Capitalism. The average person knows something is wrong, look at the Tea Bag group, they just don’t understand what is wrong. OWS is showing them, and not with the use of spin doctor words, or rioting in the streets. On the contrary they are peacefully walking up to a building on Wall Street or Main Street and simply pointing a finger. There are no leaders, no list of issues, nothing for the Luntz’s of the world to sink their teeth into and twist out of context. So he is scared to death, and the people who have ridden him and his techniques to power should be just as scared to death.
    As for his response of “I get it” if confronted by OWS, it won’t work. Why? Because after you hear MIC CHECK they go into a list of the “PROGRAMS and BEHAVIORS” that the person they are confronted has inflicted upon the people of that City, County, State, or Country. They are not talking about nebulous ideas but about concrete actions that an individual took that were harmful to the average American Citizen. Check out the MIC CHECK of WI Gov Scott, and all the others political meetings that the OWS managed to get into, and listen to what they are saying. Obama told his crowds to let them speak, Listen. And that is the problem. America, the average American is listening and nodding their heads in agreement. And the Corporatist Party of America, the GOP or Republicans, are scared silly. Rightfully so.

  5. Art Mc Donald says:

    This talk certainly shows where Fox is politically (in case there was any question.) But I am heartened to see the right is shivering in their boots. They do not have a really good candidate for president, they can’t even support who they are running well. But it shows even more the divide between politicala and moral side of the issues. Romney is loosing support because of his religion and as everybody knows Gingrich plays fast and loose with morals as well as the truth, he is a —-bag. What kind of an animal goes to his then wife fighting cancer in hospital and asks for a divorce ??? He takes money left and right and lies that he is not a political operative, just an adviser and historian. He is a disgusting individual if that is the best the right can come up with, then heaven help us. And it shows just how corrupt they are.

  6. 1olderbutwiser1 says:

    I would like to relate an accurate and specific example of wall street activities.
    Several years ago I had about 2 million shares of Oneida, the flatware producer. If you look at your flatware, while eating, you may well see oneida stamped in it. I had traded numerous times to accumulate these shares. Oneida was valued at 160 million dollars, and there were 40 million shares outstanding. My stocks were worth 8 million, right? Well, Oneida filed bankruptcy, and a New York jusge allowed it. This broke the company, right? WRONG….the bankrupted company was then sold to an interest in Switzerland for 160 million dollars, and all the revenue went to lawyers and a select group of preferred stockholders….thay made a bundle, while all the common stock holders lost everything.

    Perhaps Switzerland and the Bilderbergers need nuked……not regulated out of existence, but physically nuked. The militant establishment needs to pool their money and get a few dirty bombs to wipe these thieving bums out.

    The press is covering OWS in a manner to gradually deface them, and manipulate public opinion to make them appear as a bunch of kooks, but as the curtain falls on all americans and the unemployment grows, and benefits run out, and more and more people are unemployed, the OWS protesters will have essentially been dismantled and their message “proven lost”. The “European contagion” as it’s referred to, will catch up with all working people who are not self-employed , as more and more regulations everywhere will crush employment possibilities. And more and more regulations make it virtually impossible to start your own business. we have a government with no restraints on denial of opportunity for it’s citizens but with the ability to create any new tax it wishes to create, and hires americans to overpower other americans by paying those they hire to do the dirty work with the
    taxes and fines for regulation violations imposed on those they are “prosecuting”.

    I look at the Jim Cramers of the world, and they encourage people to invest in stocks that don’t even pay a dividend, under the premise that they someday will, and it’s best to get in early. What a lie done in poor taste, and a joke as people are sucked into the easy money schemes of these people who make their money by essentally swindling the public at large.

    Switzerland is the coubtry holding all the secretly accumulated funds and is sworn to secrecy. A nuked Switerland will get rid of the secrecy and the funds. A nuked bilderberger conference would get rid of the decision makers who have grandiose personalities and restore the freedom of the shackles placed on every creative individusl. We currently expend american freedoms and lives to protect these cockroaches when we should not be doing that. We are being suckered into it by these cockroaches. They control the world’s money supply and therefore the politicians as well We now have governmental corruption on a worldwide scale, and organized to exploit the bottom 99% of humanity, not to enhance lifestyles of humanity, but rather to limit their opportunities and have all of us be serfs to their whims. Let’s face it… we can be manipulated to hate each other we will never see the grand scheme, as we will spend our mental resources in a perpetual state of hate, which can truly be all-consuming. And we then lose sight of the whole picture..

  7. Robert de Left says:

    He and his cohort of millionaires and billionaires without consciences have terrified the rest of us for as long as I can remember. Hopefully, the voices of the occupiers and the rest of us 99% will continue to be heard on election day and thereafter.

  8. DaleCuthbrtson says:

    Poverty in America

    A persuasive argument:

    I will touch upon but a few points here

    #1 poverty in america
    A: we have a Gov out of control

    C: Why statistics cannot be trusted
    #2 NAFTA
    A: where have the jobs gone
    B: why?
    C: T.A.R.P.

    What has happened to the American dream for millions of people?
    Unemployment up 140%
    Home Foreclosures up 120%
    Homelessness up 145%


    ( these figure taken from online and t.v. shows and statitics given online)

    :ECONOMIST predict this will be the first generation in 80 years where the children will not do better than their parents

    : This is so reminiscent of the Great Depression of the 1930’s and 1940’s
    What has happened to our country? We are in a 12 year recession? 


    My own opinion is we have a Government out of control congress /senate no longer
    concerned with the American people or the American dream.

    : Graff and corruption run rampant throughout the halls of Washington D.C.

    : Just look at the Charlie Rangel and Tom Delaney fiasco Old Good time Charlie and Tom they will be censured get a slap on the wrist and go Scott free!

    A.1:The good old boys watch out for each other the KINGS and Queens of Washington

    If this was one of us, we would still be in jail trying to prove our innocence

    We have an administration who refuses to listen to the American people

    This is my personal opinion. – But by reading the Blogs online many millions of
    American people share this same View.

    Below is one of my blogs placed on yahoo news and other blog sites (written 11 months ago)

    Put on the blogs 11 months ago I go 186,000 hits on my blog 97% were positive

    The Dems will pay the price come November for not fighting for the American people
    ½ measures avail them nothing

    Yet they all act like nothing is wrong Politics as usual!
    They figure to lie low in Washington hoping all this will blow over by November
    And constituents will forget?
    GET REAL! November we won’t get mad — But we will get even!

    FACE IT we are so deep into Debt it doesn’t matter who gets in,,
    no one can fix this mess Dem or Repub.

    Are on the eve of destruction perhaps not yet ?

    But the summer of discontent is upon us

    And it is very ugly out there! (RAGE)

    This Governments philosophy : Throw more money at it! (That fixes everything!) —– BIGGER GOV. WILL SAVE US ALL!

    2012 THE PEOPLE WILL SPEAK — throw the BUMS out!

    WAKE UP AMERICA ……………………!

    : This is my personal catch Phrase – I try to write common sense Blogs to get people to think!

    72% of Americans polled are against the 2 wars Iraq/Afghanistan


    A: These wars have drained our economy, country and America’s most precious resource young lives.

    The war is only one of the many problems we face in America – The other is NAFTA the north American free trade agreement

    2: Thousands of U.S. companies have left for china, Malaysia, Mexico
    and other foreign destinations seeking cheaper wages and higher corporate profits

    C3:A Finally We have the 787 billion dollars stimulus signed by G Bush and instituted by the democratic congress bailing out wall street, Big banks and the Auto industry While leaving main street stuck in the mud!

    C3:B My personal opinion and prediction is: within 8 years the truth will be revealed.
    T.A.R.P. was the BIGGEST give away to the Rich in the history of the U.S.A.

    I have touched upon just a few problems we face in America today.

    I ask you think on this question: ( Is America still a Democracy ?)

    In conclusion: I can only give you these facts/ideals and allow you to form your own opinions. It may differ from mine
    And that is all right because one of the things that has kept America great is the freedom of speech

    We can agree to disagree, – then walk away with our own values, opinions and beliefs intact.
    WAKE UP AMERICA……………………………………….!

    Some of the percentages where taken from P.B.S.
    Some from blogs and other economist and experts out there

    I feel they have a truer sense of the economy, and that the Government shades the facts to suit their needs.

    Many experts feel unemployment is closer to 48% than the 9.5% the government gives us– they do not count the millions who have lost benifits

  9. RonK says:

    The republicans have indeed totally missed the significance of the occupy wall street movement. This is a budding movement that can easily turn into a class warfare in which the republicans have zero chance of winning. And, as a metter of fact, they will face deep & grave losses. Namely, they will lose their ability to continue the white collar crime (THIEVERY) – which up to now – has placed them in a position of power. In the end, history has proven – that the 1% cannot never truely defeat the 99%. They (The 1% Thieves & their Republican Koolie’s) can only delay the inevitable – their own eventual downfall.

  10. DaleCuthbrtson says:


    Have we learned nothing in the past 10 years?
    While the Democrats / Republicans , Argue over who is right – who should be in control ?


    The real enemy of Democracy has shown it’s Ugly head – WHO ?

    These are the old men on the hill who have lost site of what America is all about

    Who have no vision for America , or the American dream !

    They wear the Disguise of public servants – while only serving themselves , and it does not matter what party they belong to !

    Americans crave – REAL change

    But will never have it until we clean house, and

    WAKE UP AMERICA……………………..!


  11. DaleCuthbrtson says:

    Washington is broken we need real and lasting change !
    Any senator or congress person running will sign a contract with America, Listing their goals, things he/she wants to change. At the end of 4 years if they have not met 35% of their goals they cannot run again for re- election. (They will be Ignored.)
    Any senator or congress member will not be considered for any type of pension until their second term in office.
    All senators and congress will pay 20% of their own health care.
    #4 Any senator or congress person who is discharged for less than honorable conditions forfeits any rights to a pension and health insurance.
    #5 Any
    senator congress person caught up in illegal activity will be summarily discharged And the Governor of their state will appoint a replacement FOR THE REMAINDER OF THEIR TERM.
    We the AMERICAN people are tired of the political infighting and demand these changes starting in 2012 election and there after. ( Every election.)
    The very first question we should ask any candidate running for office is
    HAVE YOU SIGNED a contract with AMERICA.
    IF NOT IGNORE THEM! Sorry we only support candidates who do sign a contract with America.
    We have the power folks , If we stick together.
    WAKE UP AMERICA………………………………………!
    yes i think they should be afraid very…………. AFRAID!

  12. Totenkatz says:

    It amazes me that people will use terms like Tea Bag, Tea Bagger etc. to describe the Tea Party, but OWS gets a pass. Of course OWS doesn’t need any other terms to describe it because it is well known by most everyday Americans as an anti-capitalist, anti-free market, anti-American, whinny, poor me, someone needs to pay, it’s not my fault movement. I’m not a Tea Party member, just an average working guy that spent 20 years as an enlisted men in the Army. However, I’ve seen communism and socialism up close while in the Army and I know that communism is an utter failure and that socialism has made Europe weak and whinny. Europeans has been sucking from the government tit so long they are incapable of self reliance. If all you OWS supporters want America, which is heading down this road, to be like that so be it. However I refuse to depend on the government to make my way in life and I refuse to blame others for my mistakes in life. I have wealthy brothers. I don’t condemn them for having money, they worked for it and earned it and they invested well and they took some big hits when the market fell, but they didn’t cry, they reassessed the situation and took charge and reset the ship so they wouldn’t lose all they worked for. And I don’t expect them to come and rescue if I don’t plan well, spent all my money foolishly and I’m out on the street dead broke. That’s my fault. As in the children Fairy Tales; you can be the chipmunk, I’ll be the squirrel, you all can be the pig in the straw house. I’ll be the pig in the brick house; and if you don’t know what that means. LOOK IT UP!

  13. Totenkatz says:

    Oh and I’m not afraid of the OWS movement I actually feel sorry for them and their misguided beliefs.

  14. 1olderbutwiser1 says:

    Ron Paul for president.
    No more overtaxation.
    No more over-regulation
    No more americans dying or having their lives ruined to appease the Bilderbergers
    No more losses of freedom under false pretenses. I will be the only guy with my hand in my wife’s pants…..not some airport flunky.
    My dollar will be recognized worldwide as a true store of value. My country will be the greatest and most free country anywhere. My education system will be the world model. My infrastructure will be rebuilt at a modest cost.My children will be the healthiest children in the world. My country will need the least lawyers in the world, and have the best engineers. My country will have the best and most affordable healthcare in the world. My country will lead the world to a truly free state everywhere, not by show of military strength, but rather by enlightening the rest of the world by educating their populace via the internet…..the roadway to academic freedom. Enough said. Defend our own borders, to whatever degree is necessary, including nuclear weapons. We can deliver in one hour, that’s the promise of modern engineering. And we can deliver however large or small a package necesary to within 50 feet of the desired spot. Engineering frees us of a need to put such a large part of our resources into the military. We can destroy the military-industrial complex that currently is stealing all our freedom and resources.

  15. Totenkatz says:

    Oh and I paid my off my students loans without whining about it or asking someone else to do it. Oh and I went to college before joining the Army so I couldn’t use the Vietnam era GI bill to pay for college. I took the loans and I paid them off.

  16. giannit109 says:

    Let’s hope that OWS has raised awareness enough to keep those who want to protect the wealthy while burdening those of us less fortunate will at the least not be re-elected, and at best will be recalled.

  17. BillS. says:

    The OWS people don’t say what they want to do after they’ve shut down Wall Street, shipped all the bankers off to the moon, all the rich-o’s to the knackerman, and all the capitalists to waste mountain. How do they propose to achieve Justice. They will still be stuck with a language that contains words like “money”, “profit”, “interest”, “welfare”, “kickback”, “insider”, “weak sex”, “you people”, “patriot”, and so on and on. I submit that before we have a political revolution we should have a “poetic”one in which nasty words disappear and loving ones take their place. Our language has to change, but the cruel fact is that we’ll probably kill each other off as a species before we can become “civilized”. Meanwhile the OWS people are giving the Right Wing a lovely excuse to further restrict our civil liberties which are badly bruised at the present time.

  18. Grady says:

    There are four reasons for the Occupy Wall Street Movement (1) The left (or at least the part that does not have good sense) feels the national angst but cannot clamor to turn the rascals out because the “rascals” we now have come from their team (In fairness I do not blame Obama for economic troubles, what idiocy that is, any more than I thought Bush was to blame. When will Americans actually became adults and realize there is not always someone you can blame to make yourself feel better. President Carter tried to be honest and tell us that and look where it got him. Obama is young enough to still believe in things but smart enough to try to avoid setting everyone off and that contradiction may ruin him politically. And frankly if there is anyone to blame it is all of us, the sacrosanct “people” Where do these intellectually challenged Luddites think little presidents and Wall Street bankers come from anyway – and look how many of them lately have nice “working class backgrounds” if you scratch the surface. Remember Pogo’s famous bit about who the enemy really was?) (2) The left felt like the right threw a party (a Tea Party) and the left were not invited so they had to hold their own – I think the left were especially hurt because for half a century Ludditism and cacophonous marches (not to mention a little rock throwing) have been their exclusive hallmark – bigotry being understood to be the hallmark of the other side. (3) It was time for a movement – for the young left to stand up and feel martyred before they inevitably go become exactly the kind of people they are screaming unprintable epithets about now (I am old enough to have seen this in practice) and (4) where else can you go out and shout any nasty thing you want at authority figures, insult them, slander them, maybe engage in a little scuffling with the cops (and being white you are “not” going to get shot or badly beaten like Rodney did) and maybe, just maybe, in more cases than I like to think, toy with a little rock throwing and looting and not only get away with it but have the said authority figures cower and supplicate (Well and then throw you out of the park- but hey it was a good run). An please no-one tell me about how the movement is completely zero tolerant for violence. It is only the threat of violence (and I saw it liberally acted upon in my younger days) that makes anyone listen to these people or even tolerate them for longer than it takes to march from one end of the street to the other. The only good thing I can say about this movement is that they seem less willing to get their heads bashed in than their predecessors and so there is somewhat less violence these days and due to lack of “any” apparent mental discipline – the old new left lacked it as well but they did not lack it in nearly such great quantities so to speak – that there is no clear consensus on who we are supposed to be hating. In the old days it was the sheriff of this or that racist southern town, VP Agnew, McNamara, Mayor Daley, Gen Westmoreland, etc etc. Nowadays, I have been following this business for some time but there does not seem to be a clear idea of who the rascals are (I have to admit some of those old time guys were pretty bad news – agree with the protestors or not – but we knew who they were. The protestors made sure we knew) Of course as an old barrister I know that when you finally get round to filing your complaint you always run the risk of it being dismissed if your are not careful of it being a complaint on the basis of which no relief can be granted. Or as grandmother said (paraphrasing Twain) Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. I admit the present bunch do have that going for them. But that never slowed the old movement types down. There was a certain amount of idealism then. In for a penny in for a pound. This crowd – do tell. They hate “capitalism”. They hate “unregulated capitalism”. What do they think human beings do when they get together at the end of the work day. They horse trade. Are any of these imbeciles really intellectually so bereft that they actually think capitalism is back in force in Saigon because of some nefarious CIA plot to reintroduce it there (which would have had to have been hatched on the watch of former peacenik and conscientious draft disliker Bill Clinton – good president though ). No less an old leftie than Jonathan Neale has admitted (in so many words) that it is because the liberated peasants shoved it down their erstwhile protectors political throats. You would have to ask him. I have the idea the top echelons in Vietnam know what the situation in the country is and are enthusiastic about the future. Capitalism and corruption are not among us because there is a secret overclass trying to prevent us from reaching our individual or collective potentials, to keep us in a secret thralldom if you will – all destine to work as floor clerks at minimum wage and without benefits at cruel superstores if we work at all. These practices (capitalism and sad to say the very different but ubiquitous corruption) are among us because these are what we do in our spare time. All of us. The Corporate fat cats, the religious right, the former Weathermen bombers, the Vietnamese (former VC, NVA and ARVN), the Chinese (who do you think first systematized capitalism on the silk road anyway) gay folk, rednecks, middle class people, ethnic minorities (let me let Y’all in on a little secret – ethnic minorities are better capitalists in the US than the ethnic majority) women (who do you think managed the salarium when men were off in phalanxes or legions whacking other people to death with stubby little swords) Muslims (other end of the silk road last I checked – these people – when they were called Phoenicians practically invented international trade and globalism) Africans (they only invented civilization lest we forget). And none of these people want a lot of regulators telling them how to make their deals or what risks are good for them. Now in hindsight, the regulators have not been altogether a bad thing. Buddha, Jesus and Marx all told us we should give up our natural inclination to become one of the 1% and we have ignored that part of their teachings to a man. Marx believed that when society’s internal contradictions reached a certain point – the utterly unfeeling exploitation of a literate labor force – history would turn a corner. He and Francis Fukuyama were wrong. MArx would have moved on. Fukuyama, so they say, has. Left to their own devices the one thing human beings will gravitate to even more than sin is capitalism. Why – because we all want “something for nothing” the “surplus” a “piece of the action”. So anti globalism? anti capitalism? occupy wall street? I don’t suppose very many of these young and young at heart people who know so much that the rest of us have missed could be prevailed upon to turn their energies to something really interesting – like finding technologies and non-ideological practical societal adjustments that reduce global warming, preserve biodiversity and still let the Americans, the Chinese and the Indians all enjoy the good life, or try to, at the same time (so poor long suffering Al Gore could go back to doing something everyone would appreciate him for)

  19. DianneLee says:

    The ideas of Occupy have been around for decades. I started writing letters, calling congressmen, attending meetings and rallies, etc as soon as I saw our Democracy disintegrating into a plutocracy in the 1980’s. No one paid any attention. If someone had just told me in 1985 that to get people to pay attention to you, you have to pitch a tent under the Gateway Arch, I would have been happy to do it and save everyone the last 25 years of having our Democracy slip away.

    Seriously, the straw that broke the camel’s back was Citizen’s United. which allows our government to be sold to the highest bidder, coupled with the greed of the
    1%ers. As long as we had our homes, our tvs, our cars, our jobs and a beer, everyone was content. But, that wasn’t enough for them, they had to have it all, which took away our jobs, etc, and that’s why we are in the streets– OUR STREETS. And, until we have all that stuff back, and have the laws to insure that the 1%ers can’t steal it from us again, and see that most of our neighbors do too ( we aren’t nice, we just figure that if everyone ain’t cool, we’re also in danger) we will be in the streets in growing numbers.

    As far as what we want: The constitutional amendment below, written by Move to Amend ( you can go to their website to learn more) would do nicely:

    The information below is a constitutional amendment being proposed by a group called “Move to Amend”. None of the currently proposed amendments address all of these issues:

    Corporate personhood, which gives corporations the rights of individual citizens, but with much more power

    The doctrine that money = speech, which allows rich individuals, including the candidates themselves, to donate huge amounts of money to buy our elections.

    Allows any organization other than a corporation to buy elections, which would essentiality allow business as usual among those whose have bought our government simply by setting up a noncorporate identity.

    The amendment below solves all of these problems, and this is the language that the amendment should contain:

    Section One
    Corporations are not people and can be regulated. The rights protected by the Constitution of the United States are the rights of natural persons only. Artificial entities, such as corporations, limited liability companies, and other entities, established by the laws of any State, the United States, or any foreign state shall have no rights under this Constitution and are subject to regulation by the People, through Federal, State, or local law.

    The privileges of artificial entities shall be determined by the People, through Federal, State, or local law, and shall not be construed to be inherent or inalienable.

    Section Two
    Money is not speech and can be regulated. Federal, State and local government shall regulate, limit, or prohibit contributions and expenditures, including a candidate’s own contributions and expenditures, for the purpose of influencing in any way the election of any candidate for public office or any ballot measure.

    Federal, State and local government shall require that any permissible contributions and expenditures be publicly disclosed. The judiciary shall not construe the spending of money to influence elections to be speech under the First Amendment.

    Section 3
    Nothing contained in this amendment shall be construed to abridge the freedom of the press.

  20. ike2371iris says:

    The Republican Party and Luntz are Expletive in their pants about Occupy Wall Street.
    They are so concerned that the politicians to avoid answering any question they get about Wall Street and the taxes the 1% are not paying. He directs them to answer “Ask the White House”. This is a direct lie because he knows that the Republicans in the Congress and Senate make a promise that the 1% of Americans will not have to pay any more taxes. In fact the Republicans in both Houses of Congress are trying to lower their taxes, even though many of them and big business pays little or NO taxes.

  21. rustacus21 says:

    …words have meaningful impact. What’s so scary to Lunz & Conservatives is the nation is finally dusting off or checking out (from the local library – those surviving the Conservative budget ax!) the Constitution, the Federalists & other related philosophy on Enlightenment theory. All that’s been lacking in our civic discourse since the 1970’s, when intellectualism, civic sophistication & thoughtful consideration of our place in civil society went underground. Replaced by 1-liners & skreetching Conservative whiners. As a result of the Social Contract being shredded by Conservative me-istic politics, those buying that crap understand they’ve been had & that the Liberal application of Democracy is the best solution to ALL the nation’s & for that matter – the world’s problems. What is it we & other nation’s of the world are suffering under? Conservative policies & it’s authoritarian, brute-force application. What are we & peoples of the world’s nation’s demanding? Transparent, unconflicted, uninhibited Democracy. Where Liberty eliminates the need for class, mobility-envy, greed & bigotry. It may not be utopia, but it sure as h#ll ain’t 1984…

  22. PRINCERAY says:

    To those Republicans who have been sleeping in their snake skins in a mud pit for far too long, it wasn’t Mr. Obama who created two bogus wars (and I am a Vet). It wasn’t Mr. Obama who created this deficit mess we’re in but rather, the Bush/Cheney team. The Wall Street Journal warned the american public during those elections that Al Gore couldn’t be bought, and that Bush, Jr. had already bankrupted three companies. So, is it any surprise that we are in the mess we’re in, with so many americans at that time and even now voting with their wallets not with ethical standards (including some of my own cousins). Some of the programs that were implemented so far with Mr. Obama have been a success, GM, Bank of America paid the taxpayers about $3 billion in interest, and so did J.P. Morgan Chase bank. But, of course Republicans are so used of lying even to themselves, they wouldn’t know the truth though it slaps them in the face. And let’s not forget my personal hero Mr. Bill Clinton, the greatest president we have had since JFK. He by the way left a surplus in the bank when he left office (unheard of). I know Republicans.. your snake skins are so thick you can’t even smell your coffee in the morning….. We need to be listening to Mr. Clinton and let him run us out of this mess.

  23. rustacus21 says:

    … to Conservative’s is Lunz’ job & due to the fact that Conservatives are wholly owned by corporations & rich donors, they have no CLUE what the “Occupy” initiative is all about anyway! Conservative’s, during the Revolutionary period, the Civil War, Reconstruction, the Union movement, robber barons, Civil (Human) Rights struggle, up to now, have betrayed Patriots (see tea bagger initiatives)! An earlier comment advocating for the simple-minded Rand Paul, forgot the fundamentals of taxation, as the Federalists elaborated on in great & comprehensible detail. & no one said it better than Jefferson, who wrote of the indespensible nature of taxation in civil society. Once all of our social ills are thus eliminated & the populace is self-sustaining & economically, socially, vocationally & most importantly, INTELLECTUALLY mobile, the NEED for taxation ceases! This is ALSO the fundamental importance of READING, 2 become immune to the idiological vacancy Conservative thought has bcome over the last 30-+ years. It’s clear then, why Public Education (also championed by Jefferson) is so high on Conservatives’ “HIT” list for killing. W/only the rich able 2 afford private schools & w/out quality public schools, only rich children learn the finer points of leadership. Thus, no competition from Middle Class students. But what U also get is a nepotistic, incestuous class of selfish, greedy, bigoted, money-obsessed tribalists, who believe America is a “capitalistocracy” instead of a Democracy. 4 this reason, Ron P., Gingrich, Perry, etc., tho intellectually inane, feed the “fear” of supporters, into selling their souls for pennies on the dollar (resulting in regulations stripping away the “affordability” of college education), instead of investing in their intellectual “capital”, & realizing “regulation” is a “safeguard” against current abuses by healthcare co.’s (who provide NO service than deciding life & death issues), banking (who charge loan-shark rates for student loans), corp media (incessant fear-framing) & farming (dangerous, untested GMO products) & investment (thief) house pimps, who have twisted & disfigured our politics into an unrecognizable monstrosity that only the Constitution can clarify. Mr. Conason pierces the heart of the issue yet again, by challenging WE, the people, to ask the hard questions of ourselves, on why, if its the govt.’s JOB (during 2001-2009) to protect us from that which we’re unable to protect against on our own, why are Conservative legislators (Left AND Right!) protecting the criminals? There is the simplest answer of what the “Occupy” initiative WILL get accomplished, upon the nation’s majority coming to the SAME sensible conclusions…

  24. Professor Curt says:

    I think I know what the Republicans are really afraid of: the next target of Occupy Wall Street will be OCCUPY THE ELECTION BOOTH!! The 99% versus The 1% – do the math 🙂

  25. dawnowens says:

    “Those who make nonviolent change impossible make violent revolution inevitable…”

  26. Lasbrey says:

    Luntz’s remarks to Republican governors is a futile attempt to distort the message of the Occupy Wall Street movement. The OWS movement continues to snowball into a formidable popular revolution that will restore the human face of capitalism. Luntz’s strategy to say they “get it” and evade and misdirect the issues confirms the shallowness and inanity of GOP approach to tough challenges of America at this time. It portrays the desperado that has engulfed the GOP camp. It is preposterous for Luntz to urge the governors to direct the attention of OWS to Washington and for OWS to Occupy the White House. That will surely boomerang. The OWS will eventually Occupy Fox and Occupy GOP. Luntz’s delusion will clear when the 99% will force the 1% to recognize its force, come November 2012.

  27. says:

    Big Business has cried in its milk for decades, ever since the end of freewheeling, unregulated capitalism’s joyride of the early 20th century. Big business complained incessantly about playing second fiddle to Labor, never getting the breaks, etc. etc. It’s taken almost a lifetime, but now Big Business — with the help of the Reagan Administration, the Bush dynasty, the Gingrich Contract on America, banking deregulation, and the lowest tax rate in living memory — feels that victory is so close they can taste it. No wonder OWS scares the daylights out of them.
    But is OWS the beginning of a second Bolshevik-style revolution? No way! Even though some serious Communists and Socialists are undoubtedly around the edges, OWS is revolutionary the way the Anti-War Movement was revolutionary — that is, NOT! What both movements wanted was not to take power for themselves but for those holding ultimate power to use it wisely and for the common good, for a change.
    But as with the slaveowners of old, any murmur or whimper from those they oppress — let alone a public speaking out — conjures up their worst nightmares. Their own guilt tripping them up, no doubt.

  28. says:

    Watch your language, Dale Cuthbrtson! I challenge you to make a study of House Speaker Gingrich’s so-called Contract with America that he rode to fame (or notoriety) on in 1994. As it emerged, it began to look more like a contract ON America. BTW, he was fired–yes, fired–as Speaker. Those were the good old days when there was still some honor in Congress.

  29. Dennis W says:

    It sounds like some people are beginning to come to their senses. FOX should not fear though. There will always be some looking under their beds for ghosts and goblins. There never be a shortage of the agitated and fearful to keep FOX in business.

  30. dr_carnival says:

    I admire the beliefs of the Occupy Wall Street movement but I feel that there is a much, much simpler way to make the changes they want to change. All they need to do is register as a Democrat then vote that way. I think it may be more glamorous to go out and make a big ruckus but it is not that difficult for the powers that be to discredit them. Simpler and more effective to vote the bastards out of office. There are those who would have all of us believe there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats but forget what they say and look at what either party is trying to do. Republicans are trying to protect the most wealthy and to do that they are going to sacrifice the rest of us. The Democrats are trying to help get this country going again and realize that the majority of us are not that wealthy 1%. The Republicans and their puppeteers have an advantage in the wealth they wield. This is a serious obstacle to overcome but we 99% have something to our advantage as well. Passion. To quote the character in that movie “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore” That will get much greater numbers of us to the polls than all the money the 1%’ers have. Want to see the Republicans really scared? Each protester should add to each sign they carry “I registered as a Democrat today and swear to vote the straight Democratic ticket”. The Republicans and their puppeteers will be soiling themselves in terror of what that could actually bring about.

  31. k.drone says:

    Actually they now have a voice, in reference to the millions, masses of Americans that are being represented which now have voiced opinions, or facts, in public. It now has a more tangible form for them. The “socialism” rebuke and supposed insult is petty and a detractor. A great many people are currently implying the political, social and monetary system is corrupted and has been-they just have never had a voice (prior to recent times). Luntz is a tad misplaced, possibly for years, as to thinking the majority of Americans support some of what he and or “they” facilitate.

  32. Hankk says:

    dr carnival has the best idea i’ve heard so far, not only the best but the right one. I put that on my sign just now in big blue letters, I also have a sign in the window of my car and it will be put there as well. That sign says AFTER 30 YEARS OF TAX BREAKS (WELFARE) FOR THE WEALTHY & CORPORATIONS BECAUSE THEY ARE THE ONES THAT CREATE JOBS AND KEEP OUR ECONOMY STRONG, I SAY SHOW US THE JOBS. Under that I put, I JUST REGISTERED AS A DEMOCRAT AND WILL VOTE A STRAIGHT TICKET. HANKK, MI

  33. Our Bill of Rights not the Governments says:

    It seems that we the people of OUR United States are finally standing up for ourselves. I was raised by my grandmother and learned alot by listening to my elders when they would speak of Government. We should go back to OUR ORIGINAL BILL OF RIGHTS and OUR ORIGINAL CONSTITUTION. Our Government should take care of OUR AMERICA 1st and foremost. No person should be appointed for the rest of their life, such as the UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT. Anyone holding a political office should only be able to be voted in for no more than 2 four year terms. We should not have Lobbiest! We should be able to have a voice in what happens to OUR UNITED STATES. We would NOT have a problem with THE GOOD OLE BOYS BACK DOOR DEALS! Lets DEFFEND OUR BORDERS! I beleive this is no longer the LAND OF THE FREE, but to quote a phrase from a movie that is so close to the truth it is enough to scare a person to death,” THIS IS THE LAND OF THE HAVE AND HAVE NOTS”! Watch the movie SHOOTER! It will enlighten you and show you exactly what OUR COUNTRY has come to. Why can’t we pray in our schools? Why take CHRIST out of Christmas? Why should we have to give up Our RIGHT TO BARE ARMS? Why should we have to give up any of our rights. Why does the Government have the RIGHT to set up honest people and send them to prison, break up a family, when there are enough CRIMINALS to Arrest that have commited crimes! I could go on and on, but I’m not! I say, ” LISTEN ” to the OWS and stand up for your RIGHTS.

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