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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Forever incapable of embarrassment, let alone sober reflection, Karl Rove is very well suited to his current roles as Fox News commentator and Crossroads Super PAC smear sponsor.  But he achieved a moment of near-perfection last Thursday when, appearing on a Fox morning news broadcast, he spoke up about President Obama’s invocation of executive privilege against a House committee subpoena of Justice Department documents.

“It’s one thing to exert executive privilege over the actions of the President, and his aides, and the White House,” he said. “It’s another thing to exercise executive privilege with regard to a Cabinet official, seemingly in a matter that — according to the President up until now — had no connections with, no contact with, no communications with the White House….”

Rove went on to complain that the president’s privilege claim over the “Operation Fast and Furious” documents demanded by Rep. Darrell Issa’s oversight committee “is a very long reach. I mean basically, if the President is allowed to take the privilege that goes to the Executive Office of the President and extend it to a Cabinet department, then he can extend it to any branch of the government for any matter, even if there was no presidential or White House involvement. And I’m not certain that that’s what the Founders thought about when they talked about executive privilege.”

For someone whose qualifications as a constitutional authority are nil,  Rove’s comments displayed an impressive degree of contempt for his listeners that is not seen every day, not even on Fox. Whatever he may know about executive privilege, he could only have learned when George W. Bush used it to protect him from various investigations, notably concerning his role as White House political boss in the partisan and lawless dismissal of seven United States Attorneys for partisan revenge.

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129 Responses to Fox’s Brazen Star: Karl Rove Rebukes Obama On Executive Privilege Claim

  1. It’s obvious that Eric Holder AND the White House have much to hide regarding their deep (and incompetent) involvement in the ill-conceived Fast & Furious project, and the resulting death of Border Agent Brian Terry. They will ultimately be held accountable for their deceit & ill-advised actions. This situation & high-level-directed Fast & Furious program will forever be a black mark on this inept administration.

    • There is nothing to hide BUT it is all about avoiding putting classified docs in the limelight. If you have ever worked in a place where confidential material are not treated the same like normal ones, you could understand this. Unless Holder and the rest don’t understand what it means by confidential material. If they do, they will not allow this to happen. No way!

      • You know they know this (all those clucks are political lawyers too).. it’s just another Pub scheme to bitch and slur because he won’t release these papers then if he does and one (or more) of our agents dies as a result then the GOP can blame Obama for releasing such sensitive documents.. A win-win scenario for the neo-cons.

    • Those are grand jury documents that Issa wants. It is illegal to release grand jury documents. Issa is trying to get to Holder because the AG is stopping the voter suppression in Florida.

      • I was wondering when someone would blame G W Bush….fact is, your man is covering up facts that not only link Holder to this tragedy/scandal, but also himself. Otherwise, why would president of US get involved in this??? Sure, he likes Holder, but not enough to get this seriously involved unless HE HIMSELF is also involved deeply. And one of our brave Border agents in dead because of it all.

    • Fast and Furious was initiated under GWB but Issa did not want to see any documents or hear any testimony regarding the Bush administrations involvement. He might have more credibility about getting at the truth if he did. Now it’s just another political witch hunt by the republicans. These committees are a joke. When it comes to investigating the financial CEO’s they practically slobbered all over Jamie Dimon making excuses for him after all if they piss him off no more megabuck contributions. Where was the outrage when Cheney outed CIA agent Valerie Plame and put not only her life at risk but other agents lives as well as our national security.

  2. This guy should be Homey, & Cellies. Right along with George Bush, and Cheney. As a matter of fact, everybody that served with those two except Colin Powell, should be on death row, awaiting their deaths by firing squad. They cost this country more than they could ever repay.

    • My answer would be to let them rot in jail , perhaps water boarding them once a week or so to break the monotony .

        • Water my ass hairs! Why waste up to fifty grand a year per dirt bag in taxpayers money to house these clucks.. Give ’em life but confine them to home with an ankle bracelet and make THEM spend their ill gotten gains in paying their own way.. I’m getting tired of these white collar freaks getting off, choosing early retirement or being incarcerated in their open house boy’s clubs that cost the taxpayer billions to operate. Piss on them and the Rolls Royce they rode into town in.

          • Durdy Dawg – I couldn’t have put it better myself. But, let’s not just put them on a home confinement ankle bracelet. Let’s make it a genuine ball & chain and loudly play Janis Joplin throughout their home.

          • Janis Joplin! ! Now you’re talking torture.. Whew! AND they can only get one channel on the TV tube.. Re-runs of Pee Wee’s playhouse (barf!). Thanks Don, got a kick out of your reply.

          • Not Janis. Yoko Ono has some excellent material and at the correct setting may actually encourage them to noble acts — sepuku comes to mind.

          • OMG!! I completely forgot about THAT songbird.. Now the nightmares will start all over again (more money for the analyst).. Did you see her new (so-called) art display recently? My advice? DON’T!

          • I stepped in some of Yoko Ono once.. Had a hell of a time trying to clean it out between my toes.. Seppuku? It’d serve’um right (in the bowels).

        • So you are saying Obama learned to cheat and lie from the Republicans. the problem with that is you can’t PEOVE that he has cheated and lied, but the rest of the world knows that Bush did.

          • Did he lie to me when he said he would reduce the national debt. Did he cheat when he snuck Obama Care through without even the Dem’s having a chance to read it. Don’t get me started, I can give you pages.

          • Fourteen months and 150 GOP amendments voted upon. That’s some ‘snuck’ job jimackerman. Don’t forget that the tax policies, two wars and the drug plan put forth by Bush are still not being paid for. And you wonder why the national debt is not going down? Lets not forget the Bush recession that hurt the country the most since the 1930’s. Do you really believe all of this is Obama fault?

          • To listen to you people, you would think that Bush was responsible for the original sin. It’s now Obama’s deal and he has to take responsibility for what ever is out there.

      • jimmacker(off) man is full of s—, they got re-elcted by again shady deals in Ohio, just like they got eleceted by shady deals in florida the first time. Plus they pushed the idea of “not changing horses while crossing a river” about their illegal wars in Iraq and in Afganistan. to Poppabear 42 and to Jim C, actually this one thing we can blame Obama for. The United States of American signed an international treaty on Board a battleship after WWII stateing that people who are wanted for questioning for WAr Crimes will be turned over to those countrys that want them. One hundred and Forty seven nations eventually signed this treaty. OUr signature also included the execution of two Japanesse Officers that were convicted of War crimes. ONe hundred forty five nations now have asked for Bush Chaney, and Rumsfield to stand for questioning in their involvement of torture, which Chaney and Bush brag about, in accordance with this treaty. Obama, has ignored those requests.

      • Unfortunately the American people are worrysome lot. They are afraid of almost everything fed to them by an ill directed media. The only media that did not fall into march step with the administrations lies and distortions was some of the alternate and seldom read print media. Rove and his ilk took advantage of a confused and fearful nation ripe for picking. Divide and conquer works well when times are bad and they still are working today. Working against the self-interest of the working man has nearly always been overly effective and that is certainly true today. Of course we should not forget the hatchet job done on Kerry by the Swiftboat twaddle. It worked, and the man who actually served in combat was painted as weak and the one who used political influence to get into the reserves became the national fighting hero. Strange isn’t it.

        • … & speaking of media, they’ve enabled this confederacy of traitors, after knowing FULL WELL the carnage brought on this nation & other’s across the planet. But something really bizarre happened to the Earth itself; beginning in 2002, the CO2 atmospheric levels began to spike, rising faster than than had been normally. One thing that seems to have gotten by most people is the blocking of a CA law that would have tightened air standard & led the way for alternative fuels & electric cars to become more competitively priced. We continue being preoccupied by the human tragedy, but fail to realize if we don’t get our act straight, there won’t be any life left – including & especially human lives – left to save! As just 1 example of vast damage done, what more need be considered in this election year?

          • [NOTE: this is not intended to castigate those, in on-average less-educated areas of the country, who ARE thoughtful and educated, regardless of their beliefs. ]

            …& speaking of media: I’ve heard FAR too often of the liberal bias displayed by the media. You know what? There is, indeed, a liberal bias exhibited by a few newspapers — I don’t need to bother to list them. They’re mostly on the coasts, and, for the most part, read by educated individuals who either agree with them or who sufficiently believe in their own opposing convictions to understand the differences.

            Mainstream television is a lot more centrist than the radical right wing would have us believe; but because the center is to their left they must be liberal.

            What’s left? Massive doses of talk radio whose sole purpose is to propagate the twaddle and claptrap espoused by Rove et al. Those of the model of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck hammer over and over to the unwashed, the uneducated, of this country, who have not been taught how to sustain and argue independent thought. If they’ve heard it so often on the radio, and the neighbor down the road actually called in and Glenn TALKED to him (!), the claptrap must be true.

            It’s unfortunate that the 1st Amendment allows this country little defense against public liars and cheats.

        • How can you sell something you don’t even own? Their not selling their souls to Satan, their giving it away to war mongering vampires who convince them they can become rich too.. Just sign on the dotted line. Satan? He don’t have to do a blessed thing, all he has to do is sit back, laugh at man’s folly and accept any of them with open arms and like the slime they are, they shove their way through trying to be the first to reach the head of the line.

      • That’s because television is their greatest propaganda machine. For some reason, people can’t break the habit that the media is NOT their honest friend. I mean, look at the general pop.. They see a made for TV movie, identify the actors as the bad guy then go out and spread hate toward them. It’s pathetic manipulation and politics knows just how to play us.

      • No competition. The Democraps put up a Romney-Lite mannequin whose answers were just short of a Faulknerian sentence. That and the Rethuglians know how to rig an election. The true travesty was the selection by the SC in 2000 — in Gore v. Bush the Supremes certainly underscored the importance for appointment of Justices as a sidebar of POTUS elections.

  3. If Rove and Norquist disappeared the Republican Party might become partially sane. Fox news would probably have to disappear also for this to happen.

  4. Obama has crafted his own “Watergate” with Fast and Furious. The Admin waited late in the Election cycle to spring the Exec. Priv. gambit in the hopes that they could weather the storm until after the Election . May be the case but will not prevent them losing big. The partisans on both sides will remain so but the middle of the road voters have see Mr. HOPE & CHANGE for the inexperienced political hack that he is. Mr HOPE you can live on spare CHANGE could very well be Mr. Pinstripe in Chains, breaking rocks at Leavenworth before this saga is over.

    • Just keep telling yourself that.. Obviously your relying on the Obama haters to enact this “Big Loss” not realizing that a great majority don’t believe the crackling of the do-nothing party and the haters, though reluctant, will take dumb over dumber any day. I see a squeak in either direction, then a recount THEN we’ve got to watch Florida (or which ever State draws the unpopular short straw) for criminal activities that will (AGAIN!) leave it in the hands of twelve goof balls whose majority belongs to the Pubs.. Watch out, this election is going to become blatant and highly questionable with civil unrest regardless of who becomes the head clown which will lead to?….. Martial law!! (why do you think people are seeing more and more military tanks riding about on our streets?) once we get used to seeing these monsters, time for phase two.

  5. Interesting isn’t it? How a Republican like Rove since his college days armed himself with college cronies like Eric Prince (Blackwater), Ralph Reed, the now disgraced former Self-Righteous Right Wing Revered and Ken Starr who cost taxpayers $12 million for a failed Whitewater intentional frame up to embarrass Clinton, whom they were on the hunt for since their days in the Young Republicans. Rove is obsessed. His entire premise for existence is to control this country. He knows his party, like Cheney, wouldn’t ever put him out there as a candidate because of his public verbalized extremisms like “One Party Rule”. So now, he’s using Republican billionaires to show all of the individual Middle Class voters whose really boss…he and his henchmen like Norquist, the Kochs and Adelson. These are the men who fight tooth and nail to pay a single dime more in taxes on incomes that are obscene and yet….they “wastefully spend” hundreds of millions to make sure they get the president puppet they want. Not the one the people of this country want. See? Works for them…showing us whose boss…and Rove is the Captain or should we call him “The Architect” who is dismantling democracy for an autocratic oligarchy.

    • I do like the autocratic oligarchy comment. It is interesting to note how much Obama has done that is under executive orders that are contrary to law. Autocracy is based upon the concept of supreme power, above any law. Now I think all presidents have exhibited that to some extent. But I am not so sure that anyone has taken it to the level that Obama has. His latest Executive Order for Immigrants did not garner him the political support he had hoped for. If you look at the polls, I think he is desperate, and so are the rest of the ultra liberals in that wing of the Democratic Party. So in that light, his executive order makes political sense as a gamble — one that may not pay off. If anything, it polarized Latinos and those who think they understand their plight into two more divergent camps of thought, splitting more out of the middle. Some, who are here legally, think that Obama has done them a disservice. Others, here legally or not, could care less. And the ones that benefit from this directly may praise him now, but when this executive order gets changed, (one of the first things Obama did when he came into power was issue an executive order that took protection away from doctors who refused to perform abortions on grounds of conscience — basically the equivalent of telling a conscientious objector that their conscience is not reason enough to get out of the military) as I am sure it could be in time, the song they will be singing will be different indeed.

      So you may think of Rove as “The Architect” with some good reason. But I think of Obama as the “Supreme Commander” attempting to dismantle democracy for an autocratic oligarchy. Both primary political parties seem to be bent upon making all Americans their Slaves or Thralls, each in their own fashion. I don’t like either flavor, but I dislike Obama’s more…

      • Mr. Miller I will go along with your premise that Executive Orders are to be used sparingly, and if an idea is for the benefit of the country it will likely pass muster through the legislative branch that is to represent the will of the voting public (at least in theory).

        I would put forth the idea that at this time nothing, is being passed. Both sides seem incapable of allowing even a vote on bills that their party stands against, and yes I include the democrats as well as the republicans in that indictment.

        Put the bills up for vote — then make your argument and stand by your vote as members of congress.

        The president made the decision with the executive order. Was it a political move, I have no doubt that at some level it was (it is an election year after all). Attempting to solidify the hispanic vote in some key states. Key here is that right, wrong or indifferent he stood up with his beliefs. Did it turn out the way he planned, we will see. I also believe that if the congress wants to go a different direction they can get serious about passing a law, that supercedes an executive order, concerning a long term solution to the immigration policies of this land.

        Oh yeah that would mean that they would have to work with those “other guys/gals” and that is simply impossible right???

        Point is that with the vacuum of action on this issue at the federal level, where it rightly belongs (Federal Government has the responsibility and authority to “Protect and regulate” the borders). States have been forced to come up with a hodge-podge of immigration reforms for their jurisdiction. Many have been chanllenged, and billions of tax payer dollars are being spent in legal battles that could be used elsewhere to meet other priorities within government, or heaven forbid, be returned to the taxpayer, or used to pay down the national debt.

      • Let’s say your correct and he’s ousted. Who do we have to replace him? I know that a majority of Pubs can’t belly Mittens so they fool themselves into believing he’s actually the lesser of two evils and say their doing it in order to assure the 2016 election.. FOUR YEARS of this rodeo clown to destroy what’s left of what you claim Obama is destroying.. It’s a tit for tat and your kind can belly it because there will not only be an “R” in the fun house but a WHITE “R”.. And if you think this is not about color then your the fool. Tell me, If the same things had come about with McCain as President, what would have made you hate him as much? Oh yeah, I forget.. He’d be a Pub.. Nevermind.

    • But 1 would think voters would “get it” when all that’s heard from their ilk are what this president is doing wrong – NOT any coherent, rational policy prescriptions which will create jobs, peace, prosperity & reduce the deficit that wasn’t there B4 2001, but has been a constant burden to recovery & investment in America & the American people ever since. Hate is their only initiative – against this president, the American people (in particular, Democrats & the working class) & the nations Constitution, representing the rule of law…

  6. If there is any mistake President Obama made when he first took office, it was not going after Bush, Cheney and Rove for the wrongs they were guilty of. In January 2009, it would have resolved a multitude of unresolved wrongs no one in the Bush Administration has yet to pay for.

    • While you are right Morally, the problems we would have run into would have been the final nails in our coffin. Look at the whineing that the right put up when watergate bit Nixon in hinney, My ex-mother-in-law actually said “All of them do it, he just got caught, they should leave him alone.” That was likely the reason Ford pardoned him cause the right wing uproar would have been deafing. The right as you know believes that their ENTITLEMENT is to do anything they want, thats why every time they open their mouths they are lying. What is amazing is that Obama has ignored the treaty to turn over personals involved in terriorist activities, which one hundred and forty five countries have asked for, Bush , Chaney and Rumsfield, and still was able to bring back a good reputation with them. And for the misinformed Republicans who are going to bitch about his bowing in curtisy to foreigh leaders, REmember W” kissed them.

  7. its only a matter of time before one and or please more GOP ding dongs start getting 9mm shots to thje head . how spupid are thy when thy are only 1an2% buddys thy have out there and 98to99% of the ppl. thy are trying to crush. give it time and kepp being idoits GOP and you will fall you can only push 98 to99 % of the ppl so far before thy react ///If there is any mistake President Obama made when he first took office, it was not going after Bush, Cheney and Rove for the wrongs they were guilty of/// as for them thy still should be going after them . stat of lims hasnt ran out jail these idiots thy care nothing for the ppl. of the country . thy hate too much . and for one to hate like thy do thy should be put to rest

    • Very insightful, Ivory,

      “9mm shots to the head”.. And to think – not too long ago, wasn’t it OBama himself that accused the Conservatives of having to rely on their “guns and religion”…

      And do you really suppose that 99% of the people think the way you do?

      I didn’t realize that assassination was a part of the gentler, liberal philosophy… So – how does that make you different than the people you malign? And you accuse THEM of hate? This is garden variety Statist-speak. So – tell me, Mr. Ivory – how are you different than the people you want to shoot? At least, many of them have not threatened their political opponents with assassination.

      “…professing to be wise, they became fools”…

      If OBama or Holder are guilty of a crime, they should be prosecuted. Period. Along with every other politician that commits a crime… Don’t forget – Clinton’s impeachment for perjury was thwarted with a straight party vote, so the “political favors” door swings both ways. Bush, Cheney, etc. may be guilty – but our Constitution guarantees their right to a fair trial, not a lynching or an assassination.

      When you realize that Republicans and Democrats are simply two different faces on the same coin, I hope you will look to the Constitution for the Truth…

      Not a “9mm”…

      Doesn’t that make you a terrorist? But – I thought only GOP Conservatives were “terrorists”…

      C’mon, Mr. Ivory, out of the closet! Are you a latent Republican?

  8. how many times did the bush exercise executive privilege ?? and that was times im sure that were closer to water-gate standards . the pres. is trying to save lifes now . and the GOP wants to have all that info out there and get ppl. killed for trying to help stop crimes . and if the GOP gets there info . thy will come out with it and ppl that tryed to help will be killed . then the GOP ding dongs will say OMG look what the pres. made happen . the gang of idiots . and F@F was started on bushes watch just a matter of time till the idiots get themself to fall

  9. I will agree that Rove is *not* the person that should be talking about this, given his status and background. However, there is one core point that he makes that you must understand, despite who he is.

    That is the fact that the President, expressly to this point, has said that there have been “no connections with, no contact with, no communications with the White House” over “Operation Fast and Furious” and because of that, he *expressly* has no standing to exert his executive privilege. President Obama’s previous statements and long standing position that he is *not* involved make this so.

    Executive Privilege is granted to the President for matters of diplomacy and security where he is involved. It is either for things that he is already involved in, or things that are prepared *expressly* for his (or her, sorry Hillary, I think you would have made a better president) use where international diplomacy and/or security are a primary concern. In such cases, Executive Privilege is sensible and fortunately, legal. That is *not* to say that past presidents have not invoked this privilege where they should not have. But where it was at least reasonable to assume that they were involved and that national security and/or international diplomacy issues were possibly concerned, they had wiggle room that this President himself, by prior representations and actions, has not left open.

    This likely will go to the Supreme Court, as it did with Richard Nixon, who tried to say that there was no compelling reason that he should share all the information that Congress asked of him. The Supreme Court Unanimously Disagreed, saying that President Richard Nixon had to surrender the tapes he was trying to withhold under executive privilege. Understand this: In that case, there conceivably could have been information that should be protected under executive privilege. But the smoking gun was enough to compel the Court to Unanimously find that he must turn over the evidence, citing constitutional rights of the people. In that case, the greatest initial crime that was trying to be covered up was culpability in the botched Watergate Burglary. In “Operation Fast and Furious”, we have the question of culpability in MURDER. Historically, the Moderate Members of the Supreme Court tend to favor the rights of the People over those of the Government. Even should every member of the Liberal Wing vote to let Obama have his privilege, (which would tarnish their reputation greatly) Obama has a slim to none chance to make this hold. This stinks as badly as Watergate did, and whistle-blowers are coming out, despite retaliation against them, just as they did to expose Nixon. If Obama has even one “Deep Throat” witness come forward, not only is Holder impeachable and subject to criminal prosecution, but Obama himself may have to hope for a Pardon like the one that President Ford gave to Nixon.

    • Well spoken, Lyle Miller.

      That is the truth. OBama, by his own assertions, has underscored the fact that he has no standing to exert his executive privilege. Period.

      You may find that the truth is quite unpalatable to many of the denizens that lurk about in this particular corner of cyber space.

      I, for one – appreciate it.

    • Thank you for a well expressed, and reasoned opinion. It brought into focus the pertinent information about Executive Privilege. Also noted the precarious position the president may be in if he has misrepresented any involvement by his office in the tragic operation.

    • Government documents are classified for a reason. The President is not involved in every operation that creates classified information, however, it is still classified. Do you understand that this was an undercover operation? Do you want to see covert operatives brutally murdered? Perhaps you think the Mexican drug organizations are too nice to do this. An unsuccessful operation does not become an illegal operation because it failed to accomplish its mission. I question the stability of the contempt charge against Holder because they are demanding documents from him that the President has said they cannot have. You must know the motivation behind this but still indulge in wishful thinking.

      P.S. have you read about the new Watergate evidence that indicates a much darker reason for the burglary? You might find it interesting.

    • The supreme court has no reputation left to tarnish. That was done in 2000 when instead of letting the votes count they gave the election to GWB. Then they ruled on Citizens United and unleashed a stream of super pacs that are trying to buy elections. No, the only reputation they have is corrupt.

  10. “Should be tried for teason. He certainly betrayed the USA.”

    The people who have betrayed the USA is the Republican Congress, in particular the leaders: Mitch McConnell, John Boener, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX), Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX), Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI), Rep. Dan Lungren (R-CA), Sen. Jim DeMint (SC-R), Sen. Jon Kyl (AZ-R), Sen. Tom Coburn (OK-R), Sen. John Ensign (NV-R) and Sen. Bob Corker (TN-R).

    These individual put Party before Country and are cowards who lack integrity and honor.

    • Hopefully they’ll all join the ranks of the unemployed soon. Perhaps they will develop a new perspective on life.

      • No, these bottom feeders will be like Karl Rove, and make millions off Amercia. they become lobbyists and Bribe congress to do what they get paid(bribed) to do!

  11. According to the Hill, and other media reports, the presidential breakdown for executive privilege is as follows:
    President Ronald Reagan: 3
    President George H.W. Bush: 1
    President Bill Clinton: 14
    President George W. Bush: 6
    President Barack Obama: 1

    • Thanks Lorraine for the information.

      Could I ask your source? I have no reason to doubt your information, but it is helpful to allay concerns by others.

  12. How can we stop this person? He has no conscience or morality. People with these traits are clinically classified as sociopathic and often characterize serial killers. He is truly evil.

  13. Rove and Cheney are the two most evil persons that are ruling the republicans still after the Bush eclipse on this US. Cheney’s days are numbered with that heart transplant . Rove is trying to be immortal with the help of Fox, Romney,Issa and others. Till this snake is not headless nothing can change. Democrats need to hurt him to the point that his own doing will hang him.

      • We have to give Obama four more years with overwhelming liberals in Congress. NOt just get rid of these bad elements, cause they actually wil never go away, but to actually save the country. The Republicans want to chop the head off the goose that gives the golden eggs.

  14. I struggle to find a way to describe what I really think of Karl Rove. He is a man of multiple contradictions. Then it comes to me. He’s just egg-sucking, chicken stealing gutter trash.

  15. There is nothing more dangerous to this country than un-elected power brokers. Karl Rove is probably the most dangerous man in America. He probably had a hand in the ‘fix’ that created the ‘citizens united’ decision, and is now making a mockery of the rule that prevents coordination of the Super Pac and the Romney’s election committee. He almost assuredly despises Romney, but that is a meaningless aside for this egomaniac.

  16. They are all hypocrites. Norquist was there when Reagan raised taxes. W used it to protect staff
    I blame the american people who watch this nonsense and believe it.

  17. Can someone educate us in a straight forward non-partisan manner exactly what happened with “Fast and Furious”.

    As I have heard it appears to have been a “sting” operation by the justice department or some other federal law enforcement agency.

    Something about selling “marked” weapons or gun runners along the border

    Was supposed to be able to trace these guns back to the cartels and violent gangs to identify their location and make sweeping arrests to “neutralize and mitigate” their influence.

    I believe it was in reaction to the violence along the border communities that have resulted in many deaths and loss of commerce.

    “Astonishingly” these violent groups actually used the weapons and a federal officer was killed.

    Anything I have missed, mistated, or any additional details that you have.

    Make like Detective Friday — “Just the Facts” — then maybe some of the back and forth can be based on what was done, and whether this is grounds for the president and the executive branch of government to impose Executive Privilege. Instead of how “Evil” the spokesman is, or what a “crook” the “supreme commander” is.

    • I think the mission was to identify those in the US selling guns to Mexican drug cartels. I don’t know how they could work it that way but the US would not be able to go into Mexico and arrest the gun buyers.

  18. Karl Rove is a revolting little man. He must have suffered a great deal while a young man in school. I seen his type all of my life. You know the ones who were chosen last in PE classes and grew up wanting revenge on those he perceived as his superiors. In college he perfected his skills at deceit, dishonesty and projection. He perceives himself a power broker and to some extent he has become one. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Giving this gentleman access to unlimited money it doing that very thing.

  19. What bothers me is not what a low-life like Rove says; it is the many ordinary people out here who lived through the Bush Administration and cheered him when he took the same executive privilege over and over again and yet will call this President pejorative names for doing the same. The extreme right wing rewrites history anytime it is convenient for them and their base follows behind them as if they have no ability to think on their own.

  20. If it truely is Bush’s fault, then allowing the release of documents would allow the blame to fall on the correct shoulders. But is should be obvious that the release of documents will ONLY incriminate Holder and the president, thus the continued stonewalling, lies and obfuscation of the truth. If Holder & the WH have nothing to hide, why the delaying tactics?????

    • This was an undercover operation and there were undercover operatives. Don’t you think their lives might be in danger if revealed?

  21. Fast and Furious was a sting operation that, like other similar operations, involved infiltrating the targeted criminal organization, pretending to cooperate with them to gain access or find out who was behind the criminal activities, and get enough evidence to convict. Unfortunately, the likely culprit is simply too powerful and influential to mess around with, even for the Federal government, and the operation was exposed to score political points by distorting reality and to ensure arms sales continue for as long as there are buyers willing to pay. What is a real shame is that the organization that exposed F&F continues to sell arms to the highest bidder, and their minions in Congress continue to tow the line for them.

  22. Rove, Norquist, And The Koch Brothers Are The Main Leaders In This American Taliban That’s In This Country So He Needs To STFU Lying With His Country And People Destroy Ass Terrorizing And Destroying People Lives For Profits!!

  23. We all know what Rove is Shill for the Bagger run GOP aka Bushs brain
    Jeb makes some sense ans GOP Baggers gets angry
    Truth Facts have NO place in this Bagger run GOP congress They vow more corp cuts NO regulations Gutting education SS Medicare Old sick disabled Students can go to hell
    Billionaires above people is the GOP motto

  24. The committee has no interest in outing agents, only in determining who authorized such an ill-advised scheme, whose only apparent goal was to justify restricting the private ownership of firearms to citizens. BATFE was directed by someone very high in authority (probably Holder at instruction of Obama) to engage in these illegal transfers in order to discredit the firearms industry, and “prove” that ordinary citizens cannot be “trusted” to keep and bear arms in the US. Both Holder & Obama have stated publicly (before going “under the radar”, as Obama quipped in reference to his gun-control initiatives) their disdain for private gun ownership in the US.

  25. Actually if this country was to become the greatest nation on earth, the libs would have to leave. You don’t want to look at facts, you have absolutely no critical thinking. And above all you are a bunch of racist. CONSERVATISM will take back this country and their is not a damn thing you can do about it. Face it Obummer is destroying the democratic socialist party

    • And exactly what facts do you have to prove this! Are you one of those Conservatives who “don’t look at the facts.”

      • This is really easy, Just go back to Ronald Reagan for starters, but there are many more examples on how if this country was ran right, by a conservative, then the free market and this country would prosper. Look at all the states having problems Most are ran by libs, the states prospering with low unemployment are ran by conservative governors. So again, there are so many facts out there which back me up. Also, look at the last 200 years, you can see the decline everytime a lib socialist gets into office. It happened when the dems took control of Congress in 2006 the economy started to tank. Facts are there you just have to think as a U.S. Citizen instead of a progressive stooge

        • Hmmmm, the only time in the past 30 years that the US government experienced a surplus is when Bill Clinton, was President! In case you forgot, Bill Clinton was a Democrat and for part of his tenure he had a Democratic Congress? It was the Bush tax breaks, which promised us “job creation”! Well, if the conservative government is so great, where the h*** are the jobs? Before Obama took over, we were losing jobs by the millions! He has a ways to go, but he has turned things around! You have no sense of history, boy!

          From: Disqus
          Sent: Sunday, June 24, 2012 11:50 PM
          Subject: [thenationalmemo] Re: Fox’ s Brazen Star: Karl Rove Rebukes Obama On Executive Privilege Claim

          dham69 wrote, in response to rmarqua2921:
          This is really easy, Just go back to Ronald Reagan for starters, but there are many more examples on how if this country was ran right, by a conservative, then the free market and this country would prosper. Look at all the states having problems Most are ran by libs, the states prospering with low unemployment are ran by conservative governors. So again, there are so many facts out there which back me up. Also, look at the last 200 years, you can see the decline everytime a lib socialist gets into office. It happened when the dems took control of Congress in 2006 the economy started to tank. Facts are there you just have to think as a U.S. Citizen instead of a progressive stooge Link to comment

          • Bill Clinton did, however, he did it because of the repubs repubs took congress and clinton declared that big government was over. besides they used the social security to balance the budget. Now then bush had 3.5% unemployment, the United states was attached by ruthless islam morons. However for the first 6 years bush was creating millions of jobs with his tax cuts which by the way everyone received. Now then when the dems took control of congress you will see a steady decline in our economy. Again facts are against you and obama who by the way keeps blaming bush. What a cry baby Silly those facts. also, looking back on what reagan did when you had carter a democrat, we had 25% interest rate. and Reagan didn’t bow to any king or other ruler, he also didn’t go around and apologize for the united states. This country became great again. and thats what we need now

  26. You have fallen for the Lib V con game GOP plan is We attack each other so we do not notice that Bagger run GOP has blocked everything even simple road repair bills to crush Obama GOP Has done ZIP for jobs Just passed many anti worker anti women anti education anti birth control anti equal pay bills
    while vowing to give more corp cuts Repeal ALL regulations….same fat cat policies that led to worst crash in 80 yrs Recall Bush disaster 2008 – Goldman man Paulsons TARP scam w/ NO safe guards for taxpayers
    Mismanaged Wars based on lies and Profits Wasting lives and trillions
    Once labor unions are wiped out Your wages come next GOP calls union workers THUGS That works great with loyal Fox followers – and Rushs Ditto heads

  27. Karl “Dr. Joseph Goebbels” Rove

    This guy hasn’t met a lie he didn’t like. His main reference book is Dr. Goebbels “If You Don’t Like the Truth, Tell Them A Lie About It.” He was heard saying that if Dr. Goebbels worked good for Hitler he will work well for the American Taliban Republicans.

    Do Karl Rove a favor and kick a Jew just for fun. It makes Karl laugh.

  28. Rove seems to conveniently leave out the part that “Fast and Furious” was another debacle that started under the Bush Administration…I wonder if he’d be yelling about the use of Executive Privelege if it came to good ol George and Dick?

  29. rove was jr bushes brain!! remember? now will he be romoney’s brain? I don’t think we could ever afford that. Where are the snipers from iraq and afganistan?chainy, bush and the rest of the war criminals, and war profiteers need water boarded daily. hanged like huesien would be better. no pensions for any of the greedy bastards.

  30. Accurate and concise. Fox “News” is an oxymoron. It is a disgraceful network that cares nothing about the truth and doesn’t mind lying to or misleading its listeners. It is nothing more or less than a propaganda machine for the Republican party.

  31. Valpe,
    If I were a member of the Republican Party I would be so ashame that I would refraine from telling people that I belong to this party. I ‘ve been listning to both Democrats and Republican leaders for many years and both of them are not without flaw, but the hypocrisy that now reigns among some of the Republican leaders is next to none. It seems to me that their hatred knows no bounds nor limit for our president ,what a pity. I must confess that I don’t feel sorry for the president, I feel sorry for them (the Republican leaders that is ) Because our President have demonstrated time and time again that he is more noble than they. God deliver us from this kind of conduct.

  32. Karl (What do you mean the Constitution says the President can/cannot do that, I say otherwise) Rove really proves he has absolutely no clue. This is a guy who’s job between 2000 and 2008 can only be described as “First Friend”. He is the Dark Mirror image of Martin Sheen’s character in “The American President” – someone with no moral character egging his best pal on to an office for which he was totally unqualified, as opposed to Sheen’s character.
    Also, as he runs “American Crossroads” how does Roger Ailes still get away with keeping him on his payroll over at Faux?

  33. What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander, but Republicians never see it that way. They never remember their own misdeads and we should remind them every chance we get.

  34. We know that lying under oath is crime , we know that taking bribes from the mafia is a crime we know that securing a no show job for your wife is a crime so why isn’t barak and holder both in jail??

  35. All the Democrats need to do is to keep Rove, Norquist, Rush and the Koch brothers in the forefront and remind the voters how dangerous to the American people and our democracy these people are and how important it is to stop them from getting control of all three branches of gvt. These people do not care about your or America. They only care about power and money. Their clever organization names are misleading…like “Americans for Properity”. The only prosperity they care about is theirs.

    They are buying this election thanks to the Robert’s court.

    Americans need to remember that and whatever is said is meant to distract you from what is really happening. Remember where we were 3 years ago and don’t forget how we got there and the policies that put us there.

    This is probably the most important election in a very long time.

    It amazes me how selective memories can be in such a short period of time. The Republicans have done zilch in this recovery and had they cared more about country and less about party, we may have been faring better but they blame Obama for not cleaning up fast enough the collousal mess they left behind and now they want to pick up where they left off and continue the same policies that have already been proven not to work.

    They want austerity for us but more tax breaks for people who do not need any relief. If you think austerity works, I believe we can look at Europe and see that is not going to work but will only exacerbate the pain here.

    They want to decimate any social safety nets for people their policies have thrown off a financial cliff. The Republican’s have reduced unemployment benefits, reduced food stamp help, interferring in a women’s right to choose, voter supression, want you to have no health care protection, no consumer protection, no regulation against dirty air or polluting clean water. How much more of your life do you want them to destroy?

    The Republicans are not your friend and don’t forget that for a second.


  37. Joe:
    You are amazing. It is one thing to point out the flaws and imperfections of someone; you offer factual support and often cite sources should anyone dispute your authenticity. I have read and howled over your columns for years, chasing you from one publication to the next. This may sound more stalker than fan, but I assure you it is the latter. Keep doing what you have done — championing the cause that we all might benefit. Thank you.

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